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Conversation courses aim at improving the self-confidence and fluency by giving plenty of opportunity to practice in different real-life situations.

English Conversation course contents ( 16 levels ) divided into 4 stages

Elementary stage (4 levels)
We will give you a good start by teaching you essential useful vocabulary and grammar.

We will put you in simple real -life situations.

Intermediate stage (4 levels)

You will study a range of simple everyday English social expressions you can use for making simple conversation while shopping, on the telephone, at the airport and checking into a hotel.. etc. You will watch English -subtitled movies. You will have a free discussion section in your class to discuss general topics.

Upper Intermediate stage (4 levels)

You will be on the way to become a confident user of English. At this level, you will begin to express much more complex thoughts than before and pronounce using features of connected speech and intonation. You will have a free discussion section in your class to discuss controversial topics.
You will watch un subtitled movies.

Advanced level (4 levels)

You will develop your range of everyday English social expressions for adding emphasis, interrupting, contradicting, persuading and spontaneous speaking. You will study a range of grammar including perfect forms, participle clauses, articles, complex sentences and discourse, conditional sentences, and inversions. You will develop your vocabulary skills by guessing meaning from context, understanding subtleties in language, collocation, and multi -word verbs.

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It has 3 Main Branches (Dokii Nasser City Maadi)

Our aim
Our aim is to provide a high level of English language competence to all people of all levels and ages. We aim to specialize in helping individuals acquire the language skills they need for todays global market. We endeavor to provide a comfortable and specialized teaching platform following the renowned Oxford system.

Group Sessions
Our group sessions are intended to consist of a small number of students, which will enable teachers to concentrate on each student's strengths and weaknesses, which will in turn allow individuals to attain the greatest benefit from their language learning experience.

Each student who completes a course of learning will be provided with a completion certificate stating the level achieved. This certificate will have the logos of Oxford Training College and UK Training Association . Oxford training College is a private British College offering training and certificates or Diplomas of training, which can be added to your C.V.

Level Duration 1 Month and a week "10 sessions" 2 Sessions / week 2 hrs. / Session

Level price

235 L.E / Level

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