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Republic of the Philippines SULTAN KUDARAT STATE UNIVERSITY Kalamansig, Sultan Kudarat

TERESITA L. CAMBEL, Ed. D. SKSU-President ACCESS, EJC Montilla Tacurong City

Thru: VICTORINO M. LAVISTE Campus Director SKSU-Kalamansig Kalamansig, Sultan Kudarat


I am so grateful that the university through your able leadership had given me a chance to be with in the system as a Job Order Professor, especially in the Information Technology major in Computer Technology Program at Kalamansig Campus. Having given also the opportunity to be assigned as the Program Department Chairman is a privilege that I cannot simply ignore. All these experiences had made me realize the importance of service and fulfill the noble goals that each and everyone have to undertake while the chances are still at hand. However, all these things have come to a practical realization that becoming a faculty in the university requires a minimum qualification in order that personnel like me should become permanent in a given Plantilla Position.

Anent to this, I would like to inform your good office that beginning this first semester of school year 2013-2014, I will no longer renew my contract of service at SKSU-Kalamansig Campus. Currently, I am studying for my personality development in order for me to qualify in a plantilla position. By not renewing, fully I believed that on a full time study for two years would substantially enhance my educational qualification and meet the minimum qualification that the university requires.

Hence, I will be very happy should the university will still consider me for rehiring must I finally finished my graduate program in the Master of Engineering Program major in Electronics and Communication Engineering at the University of Southeastern Philippines, Davao City.

My appreciation and gratitude and best wishes.

Thanks and best regards,


B.S.I.T. Instructor, Kalamansig Campus