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The Articles of Confederation

HOMEWORK I.D’S pg.178-196

Robert Moris- He was a Philadelphian merchant. He personally pledged large

amounts of money for war effort. The confederation created a department of
finance under him.

John Jay- The American secretary of foreign affairs. He noted that Americans
accepted the idea tat it was their right to use to Mississippi River to transport

Right of Deposit- It was permission to put goods ashore for transfer to ocean
going ships. Westerners wanted this at New Orleans. When Spain refused this
request, westerners asked congress for a treaty with Spain for free navigation
across the Mississippi River.

Depression- A period where economic activity slowed and unemployment

increased. After the revolutionary war ended, the US went through a depression.
British closed the profitable Caribbean from US merchants.

Daniel Shays- A former continental army captain. At the time, state officials
seized farmer’s land to pay their own debts and threw many farmers into jail. He
led 1,000 farmers to force courts to not confiscate farmer’s lands, in a rebellion
called Shays’ rebellion.

James Madison- 1 of 2 Americans active in the movement for change. He was a

Virginia planter.

Alexander Hamilton- 1 of 2 Americans active in the movement for change. He

was a New York lawyer. He proposed calling a convention in Philadelphia to
discuss trading issues.

Inflation- A decline in the value of money caused by the increase in the

availability of money. Inflation rose following the American Revolution.

Foreclosure- Taking away property when payments are not made. Massachusetts
foreclosed on farms after the American Revolution.
Delegates- Representatives. They were sent to fix the Articles of Confederation.