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Fill in the missing words & find the right order of the dialogue A couple comes to the restaurant 3 A: A coke please. Waiter: Good evening. Take this table next to the window, please. Waiter: B: B: A: Waiter: What would you like to _______? Do you also want to _______ something? I am so thirsty. Ill have a ________ of mineral water, please. Yes. Could you bring us the menu? Good evening. A _______ for two please. Of course. Just a minute.

The waiter gets the menu and comes back A: Yes, I will take the tomato soup as ________, and as main dish fish and chips. Waiter: Are you ready to ________? B: For main dish, just a mixed salad please.

After a while A: Waiter: Waiter: A: Okay, we will take two pieces of chocolate cake then. I can recommend our chocolate cake. Would you also like some _________? Yes, I would like a cup of coffee and maybe some cake. Can you recommend anything to me?


After theyve finished their delicious cake B: The bill please. Waiter: Here you are. Its 40 Pound.