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Business Research (BuR) is a semi-annual, academic journal in English that is published by the German Academic Association for Business

Research (VHB) and supported by theGerman Research Foundation (DFG). The major focus of the journal is the publishing of high quality empirical, theoretical, and methodological articles dealing with important scientific topics in the five major fields of business research, i.e., accounting, finance,management, marketing and operations & information systems. Editorin-chief is Soenke Albers, Christian-Albrechts-University at Kiel. To assure that only high quality papers are published, all research articles are subject topeer review before they appear in the journal. While the actual members of the board of editors are of German or Austrian nationality, the editorial review board represents 15 countries. The goal of the editors is to provide timely feedback within 70 days after submission. For the first three issues, the average review time was 46 days with an acceptance rate of 20%. BuR is an open access journal. Articles published in this electronic journal are made available to the public for free. In addition, articles published by BuR are listed in, and hence can be found and accessed by, databases like EBSCO, SSRN and others. A specific feature of BuR is the opportunity to publish online appendices (e.g., datasets, simulations etc.) along with the article itself. For this purpose, the German Academic Association for Business Research (VHB) cooperates with the City- and University Library Cologne and the Library Service Center for North Rhine-Westphalia (hbz) in technical and editorial issues