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Dear One, Tripura is the ultimate, primordial Shakti, the light of manifestation. She, the pile of letters of the alphabet, gave birth to the three worlds. At dissolution, She is the abode of all tattvas, still remaining Herself Vamakeshvara Tantra Tripura Sundari is triple because she represents the sun, moon and fire , she is the Goddess of all the

sidereal constellations and planets, and of Time itself. She is triple, representing the power of Will (Iccha), Knowledge (Jnana) and Action (Kriya). She is threefold as intellect, feelings, physical sensations at the same time, Shakti is triple as the three states of mind: wake-dream-deep sleep. What is called the Fourth state, is the state beyond deep sleep, the witness, and is represented by Shiva, the male counterpart of Shakti , who pervades the whole cosmos just as heat pervades the fire. She is threefold beautiful, in form, heart and mind.



Lalita or Tripurasundari 's symbol or magical diagram is called the Shri Yantra. ( above) The tantrik tradition views its symbols as having a gross aspect, a subtle aspect, and a supreme aspect. In terms of Lalita, the gross form is the image of the goddess ( an image of her body) the subtle form is as yantra, and the supreme form is her mantra, all three, being the goddess in different aspects, or in different levels of reality, as percieved by human mind. The divinity of the yantra always occupies the centre or apex. The different parts or petals, triangles and lines of the yantra are usually arranged in concentric circles (mandalas) and contain rays or better said, different sub-aspects of Devi, which represent her different powers and qualities. The Shri Yantra has nine of these mandals, each filled with various aspects of the Devi. In Shri Yantra there are 111 aspects. The Shri Yantra is to be viewed as the subtle and powerful geometric form of the human body, which implies that Goddess as Macrocosm is one with human being as Microcosm, thus the individual being a potential Shri Chakra at any time he desire to be.


The daily ritual or puja of Lalita's Shri Yantra as described in Vamakeshvara Tantra is based on nondualiism, providing the yogi with the realisation of the intrinsic oneness of macrocosm and microcosm, in this case the finite I is united and identified with the cosmic GoddessTripura Sundari, aquairing all her powers and qualities. The puja is intended to banish all thoughts of difference between finite and infinite, outside and inside, the Devi is first felt or visualised in the heart, and then drawn out via the breath and installed in the yantra. She is then worshipped as actually residing there, a clear link been made between subject Iand the object of worship. However the true home of Goddess, as Cosmo-Creatrix it is in the heart of the yogi, of the one who worships her, and that's how she can interact with our reality, acting and changingin events and hearts, through the human form of the worshiper, all her qualities being transfered upon the yogi., being her carrier, her right hand Lalita Tripura Sundari may be installed by the Guru in a disciple, a yantra, or an image. All the methods essentially follow a similar form, but the right time must be selected. A disciple must have the necessary qualifications and potential in order to receive, and be able to perform and continue the practice wich will develop within himself the many qualities and powers of the Goddess. After initiation, the initiated yogi/ni is to perform a Tapas to endue the mantra vidya or the seed mantra, with energy or life. This implies the recitation of the root vidya or seed mantra a specified large number of times, generally not less than 100.000 times, sometimes more. Only then, after reciting the mantra as described, it can be said that the yogi has attained the mantrika siddhi, ie the power of mantra of the Goddess is alive within his heart, mind and body. The daily recitation of mantra must be accompanied by gazing at her yantra and visualsing it into the heart, or mind as desired.


As it was said already, the root mantra of a cosmic power is her true essence, her highest form of existence, and as such reciting or chanting it, will call upon that cosmic power to take form within the mind of the worshiper, and into the mystical symbol which reperesent her the Yantra. The bija mantra or seed mantra of the great cosmic power of beauty, love and delight, is KLIM, pronounced Kleem,

a double E ( a long E) At morning after bath, or in the evening after the sun setting, remember/think of the Guru with two arms and two eyes ( ie in human form of yourself) beautiful, peaceful, bestowing boons and removing fear, seated on the top of your head on a white lotus , in Shahashrara chakra. Guru represents the very own Self, the Supreme Self, the knower, the witness, the embodiment of wisdom and power, the most sacred and powerful force that exist within your own consciousness as I, You at superlative. Meditate breathing in and out, on the bija mantra from the Muladhara to the Shahashrara, 18 times. Taking up your position, assume a steady yoga posture. Meditating, (seeing ) yourself as peaceful, beautiful, filled with love, free of evil and feel that the effulgent circle of the sun diffuses around your body, protecting and nurishing your being. Meditating on the Yantra ( gazing) with the Devi at its centre, and into your heart, you should repeat the bija mantra 108 times, or 360 times, or 1008 times. ( closing the eyes when tired, and continuing to see the Devi into your own heart Anahata Chakra ). A voice calling the Devi's name should be gentle, soft, even a whisper at times. Worship the Shakti as consisting of your own Self in the form of Consciousness, asking that your desires are accomplised, seeing it as being already granted. Make an offering of light, incense, flowers. When the work is done, smell the flower prepared special for this rite, and put it in a vase with water in front of Yantra. For indepth details on Japa mantra meditation, methods of practice and its effects upon mind and consciousness, please visit our website. Love and peace to you