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Slavery brought about many disputes, economical issues, and possibly even the start of racism and many

problems that people now have today. During the time of slavery there was a lot of tension on whether or not slaves are needed. There was abolitionists and racism by whites that just about put our nation on a tee to become a racist country in the years after slavery and continues even today in some places. Slavery while it was a rough time for African Americans also was a very beneficial time for America as far as the economy. All of these were factors during and after slavery I discovered in my research. So first off the economics part. Slavery drove in a lot of revenue as more supply was able to be produced with more people working. It also created a class system in the south. The plantation owners would be about the highest in the system and the slaves and free African Americans at the bottom. America would also have a slave trade with other countries which drove in more profits. Americas slavery however I found out was much worse than any other country. It was more violent and had more hostile conditions for African Americans than in other countries. Now another economic value of slavery was that it allowed more inventions to be made like the cotton gin which could even more greatly speed up production and meet more demand. When slavery ended more machines were made to replace slaves so money could still be made and demand met. Now slavery also had many disputes and compromises. One of the biggest is being the Missouri compromise. This compromise made in 1820 made Maine a free state and Missouri a slave state. It regulated slavery in the western areas. It was later repealed as congress did not have the authority to address slavery in the territories. Another compromise was that of 1850which made California part of the union and a free state. Also some people felt that slaves should not learn Christianity while others thought the opposite. Slaves were reluctant to convert so they would try to keep in touch with the religion of their forefathers. Now the African American contributed greatly to the end of slavery and certain factors of slavery. During slavery African Americans would keep their traditions alive and use them for other purposes such as using the drum as a way to communicate. After

they were free they would try to be abolitionists in a fight to end slavery. Just like Frederick Douglas. After the war and slavery that faced challenges such as racism and segregation later on. So while it was a great economical period for the whites it was the darkest of times for African Americans. All of this explains why slavery was successful to a point but deserved to be abolished. Our nation struggled with all the tension but thrived with all the revenue. This is why it was such a hard decision to decide whether or not to have slavery. Many feel like me though that the right decision was made. Slavery is a monumental time in the history of the United States that live on through some but overall has vanished. This is based on all of my research.