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Sahil Pal


Problem Statement: How does a busy business executive organize their desk to increase
organization and in response increase productivity?
Design Statement: Create a desk organizer which is to be marketed to busy business
professionals such as secretaries and CEOs.
– The organizer must be under one foot in length, width, and depth
– The organizer must weigh under 10 pounds when empty while it must weigh under 30
pounds when full
The organizers must include:
– 6-10 containers of varying size to make it a simple task to determine where to place each
– A solid container made with normal plastic and several wooden handles for each
container to allow comfortable grip
– All copies are to be presented for mass production before June 26, 2009.
Required Outputs:
– Isometric and orthographic sketches of the product assembled in a standard .idw file
– An explanation of how to assemble the product within an .idw file
– A standard assembly which has been animated with a paragraph accompanying the
– A power point presentation which explains budget for the product, materials used, the
cost of labor, and the process of assembly clearly divided into multiple steps