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Soup Cans, Cambell’s Tomato

Soup Box, and his Brilla Soap Box
Abstract art originally Monroe
sculptures. Here’s one example:
started in 1910 with artwork from
by Andy
Wassily Kandinsky. Kandinsky “The
believed that you should portray Warhol
the spiritual realm of art instead
Pop art came about in the of Memory”
of just the visual world. Abstract
late 1900’s. Pop art is all about
art can be created in many ways. by Salvador
mass-producing an image from Surrealism began in the
Some artists apply paint rapidly,
pop culture and altering one early 1900’s and was Dali
some throw paint on the canvas,
aspect of the artwork, such as popular in the Dada movement.
and some artists let paint drip
color. It “shattered the divide Surrealism focuses on the images
onto the canvas in an unorganized
between the commercial arts and of the subconscious mind and the
pattern. Abstract art may appear
the fine arts” ( Pop art fantasies one has while dreaming.
as accidental, but it is actually
challenges the artist’s capability Surrealists were influenced by the
veryplanned. One wrong line or
to reproduce images. The images dream studies of Sigmund Freud
color can cause the painting to
are usually created with a and the political ideas of Karl
take on another tone. A cheerful
combination of humor, criticism, Marx. Surrealists believed that the
piece can become angry, and vice
and irony. Pop art mainly focuses long, hard work of painting an
versa. Here’s
“Sing It, one example of
on familiar images such as item takes away from the
abstract art:
Dance It,
celebrities or advertised products. spontaneity that they believed in.
Play It” by Product logos appear a lot in pop They also believed in allowing the
art. For example, Andy Warhol painter to paint random images
was famous for his Cambell’s that are tied together in order to
strip away any planning, leaving
the artwork to be decided by
chance. Some famous surrealists
are Alberto Giacometti, Salvador
Dalí, and Joan Miró. Here’s one
example of surrealism: