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traffic signs If a sign has a red circle

The shape of a sign gives you a clue with a red line through it,
about the information contained it always means NO. The
on the sign. Here are the common picture inside the circle shows what
shapes used. you cannot do. The sign may be
shown with or without words.
Eight-sided red STOP
signs mean you must STOP Circular signs mean you
make a full stop whenever are approaching a railroad
you see a STOP sign. Stop before crossing.
entering a crosswalk or at a white Five-sided signs mean
“limit line” which is a wide white you are near a school.
line painted on the street. If a cross- Stop if children are in
walk or limit line is not painted on the crosswalk.
the street, stop at the corner. Four-sided diamond-shaped signs
Three-sided red YIELD warn you of specific road conditions
signs mean you must and dangers ahead. Many warning
slow down and be ready signs are diamond-shaped. Obey all
to stop, if necessary, to let any ve- warning signs regardless of their
hicle, bicyclist, or pedestrian pass shape.

before you proceed. White rectangular signs mean you

Square red and white must obey important rules.

regulatory signs mean DO NOT See the following pages for addi-
you must follow the ENTER
tional examples.
sign’s instruction. For WRONG
example, the “DO NOT ENTER” WAY

sign means do not enter aDO road

off ramp where the sign isENTER posted,
usually on a freeway off ramp. The
may or may not be WAY

posted with the “DO NOT ENTER”

sign. If you see one or both of these
signs, drive to the side of the road and
stop. You are going against traffic.
When safe, back out or turn around
and return to the road you were on.
At night, if you are going the wrong
way, the road reflectors will shine
red in your headlights.

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