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1450-1100 BCE

SOCIETY The people of Mycenae were ruled by a warrior aristocracy. Myceneans acquired most of their goods through trade and conquest. Society had a warrior attitude, which led to civil wars among their colonies.

CULTURE Mycenaean culture left behind frescoes and pottery depicting plants, animals, and myths. There is little evidence of written language and religion. However, elaborate tombs have been discovered shaped like beehives (Also, burial masks made of gold). Much of the Mycenaean culture was adopted/stolen from the Minoans.

DECLINE/RECOVERY Around 1100 BCE, the Mycenaeans were forced to flee Athens and abroad. During this Dark Age, their culture and traditions had to be passed through oral language. In 800 BCE, the Ionians migrated to Athens and spread their Phoenician Alphabet/Ionic dialect. The Ionians helped build ports and cities, which expanded trade again. Greece was reborn.

1450-1100 BCE

Use the previous pages and the Mycenaean Webpage link to complete the following. Write complete sentences with specific details and analytical explanations from the texts. DO NOT PLAGARIZE. PARAPHRASE USING YOUR OWN VOCABULARY. Be thorough in your answers. Input Charts are the primary source for Unit Exams (30% HISTORY category), use as study guide. PROMPT 1.) Between what time period did the Mycenaean thrive? 2.) How were the Mycenaean ruled? 3.) How did the Mycenaean obtain their needs goods? 4.) Where did Mycenaean culture emerge? 5.) Using the map graphic, compare and contrast the Mycenaean and Minoan geographic regions. 6.) Using the collective of still images, explain how Mycenaean architecture (gate, tomb, acropolis, buildings) reveals the values of the culture. 7.) According to the video, Professor Spyros Iakovidis suggests that the road network which radiates out from the Mycenae citadel indicates what? And, why is that important? 8.) According to the video, Louise Schofield states that the main reason why the Mycenaean would go to war in Troy was what? And, why is that important? 9.) According to the video, Professor Manfred Korffman believes that Troy became a wealthy city because of what reason? And why is that important? YOUR ANSWER 1450-1100 B.C.E A warrior and an aristocracy ruled the people of Mycenae. Society had a warrior attitude, which led to civil wars among their province. Myceneans acquired most of their goods through trade and conquest. The culture began in southern Greece. The Minoan region is located on the Island of Crete, whereas Mycenae is on the mainland. Crete is drier than Mycenae but has more opportunity for shipping for doing trade and military efforts. Because the pottery, the architecture, the works in gold, the sculptures show an evolved technology and value of beauty and abstract patterns. Their spiritual world and the dead were important to them. It shows a central rule or administration.

Troy was important for trade and was located in a strategic place in Asia Minor or ancient Turkey. Troy has a big natural harbor.