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Time To Failure Estimation (TTFE) Worksheet Time To Failure Estimation (TTFE) Worksheet Equipment ID: Evaluation Performed By:

Date: Evaluation Determined By: Estimation Information from CMMS Estimation Information from Industry Estimation Information from Analyst Number of Faults Evaluated (A) Total Hours of All Faults Evaluated from fault detection to fault correction (B): Failure Rate (): Time for Evaluation (t): Chance of Survival (R): Chance of Failure (1 - R)

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Note 1: Enter information in grey boxes. Select Evaluation Determined by. If no information is entered into the Time for Evaluation box, then the average total hours will be used. Note 2: After entering number of faults and total hours, press the 'Calculate Failure Rate' button Note 3: After entering time for evaluation, press the 'Calculate Survival' button Note 4: Tab out of box before pressing buttons.