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MONTH/YEAR : Juny2013 (fashion style) TYPES OF ISSUE : Fashion Hijab Style Korean Style Casual Style Sport men Accecories

Dear : fanboy and fangirl

When I wrote this Redaksi, layout and desain team are fighting to finishrd contents about fashion. We have been finished a presentation for those topic. And now we are about to create a minimagazine. But there are some problem because the holiday. Because the topic that we discuss is simple and interesting enough, so what we can this mini magazine with (SEMANGAT). Back to the fashion, What do you think about fashion ??? fashion describe the habit from the people, when the people use casual style, means that people are an enjoyable person. But if the people get full dresess usually that people is shy, and hard to interact with other. The poin of the fashion is anything you wear, just make it comfortable and confidence and dont care about say people about your style . lets get back to school, to work, semangatt

From Redaksi Reza ayu febriana , mutia anugrah, firda nurmalida, ramdhan dan oren