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Unit 6: Art and Literature: Grade 7

Writing (Formative Assessment)

Complete the text. Use a verb from the box in the correct form in each space. You can use the same verb more than once. (15 marks)

be started understand knew paint finish draw live

die have


Leonardo da Vinci

born in 1452 in the area of Florence, Italy. He did many things. He new things.

was a scientist, musician and mathematician. He was an inventor also, he Moreover, he was an architect; he

how to plan the construction of buildings. He knew

about animals. He knew about plants. He could do many things well. He was very talented. He famous for his painting. He the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper; they are his working on The Last Supper

most famous paintings. Many people know about them. He

in 1495 in Milan. He finished it in 1498. He started working on the Mona Lisa in 1503 in Italy. He it in a short time before he died, it is now in France. Leonardos paintings how bodies worked. He knew how happy or sad people looked. He knew

very good. He

how emotion looked on peoples faces. He understood nature, light, and shadow. His paintings looked real. Leonardo drew plans for a tank. He many ideas for inventions. He plans for a helicopter. He

an idea for a calculator. He had an idea for making solar at the same time as

power, which is power that comes from the sun. Leonardo

Michelangelo and Raphael. He was 27 years older than Michelangelo. He ______ 31 years older than Raphael. Leonardo in 1519.