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Pakistan-Iran Gas pipeline agreement which took place during President Zardari's tenure in office is a prime case of Shia

weds Shia situation.Its not just an anti-state Agreement but also something which is going to put alot of pressure on the already bankrupt state treasury.It's also a very much one-sided fix considering that the gas received would be 10 times expensive and the high installation costs can be saved if we extract gas from Thar with relative ease and half the cost. The second worrisome aspect of the whole project is that Iran whose finances are currently enwined in the ongoing Sunni Massacre in Syria, and its open support of the Shiite Assad regime, besides funding Hezbush Shaytan and Iranian Revolutionary Guard thugs would get a major boost from the project. Its aim is to funnel petro-dollars in Iran and help it carry out the Sunni pogroms in Syria. Its impertinent to note that Zardari is a Shiite, and throughout his 5 year rule what relief did he give the masses, that now state propaganda is being thrown in favor of this Shiite-Iran biased project.Zardari has done this to aid his Shiite brethren. (The above is a translation of a post on the Pakistan Muslim League (N) facebook timeline)