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Bhadra Vichaar and Parihaar

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Bhadra Vichaar and Parihaar

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One Hindu tithi comprises of two karna. The presence of Vishti karna is known as Bhadra. Bhadra occurs four times in one Paksha of a month. Bhadra occurs in the eastern half of Purnima and Ashtami in the Shukla Paksha. In the same way, it occurs in the northern half of Chaturthi and Ekadashi. In Krishna Paksha, Bhadra occurs in the northern half of Tritiya and Dashami. In the same way, it occurs in the eastern half of Saptami and Chaturdashi.

Restrictions during Bhadra

According to Muhurat Chintamani and other scriptures, many activities are prohibited during Bhadra. These include Mundan ceremony, shifting to a new home, marriage ceremony, raksha bandhan (rakhi), an auspicious journey, starting with a new business etc. In fact, all kinds of auspicious activities are prohibited in Bhadra. According to Muhurat Martand, auspicious activities carried out in Bhadra give inauspicious results. Saint Kashyap talks about the ill effects of Bhadra. According to him, no auspicious activity should be carried out during Bhadra. All the auspicious results related to an auspicious activity are absent during Bhadra.

Activities that can be carried out during Bhadra

Many activities can be carried out during Bhadra. These include fire works, going to war, capturing a prisoner, use of poison, arguments, use of weapons, activities related to animals, beginning a court case, defeating enemies etc.

Bhadras residence
According to Muhurat Chintamani, Bhadra resides on Earth when Moon is in Cancer, Leo, Aquarius or Pisces sign. Bhadra resides in Swarg Lok (heaven) when Moon is in Aries, Taurus, Gemini or Scorpio sign. When Moon is in Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius or Capricorn sign, Bhadra resides in Paatal Lok (underworld). Bhadra is influential wherever it resides. Therefore, it will only affect the Earth when it resides in it. Bhadra gives auspicious results when it is in Paatal or Swarg Lok.

Avoidance of Bhadra
If days Bhadra arrives during night time and vice versa, the ill effects would be avoided. Bhadra which does not affect the Earth is considered to be auspicious. According to another opinion, it is auspicious if Bhadra of the northern half arrives in day time and Bhadra of the eastern half arrives in night time. If any auspicious activity may not be avoided during Bhadra, you may carry out with it during Swarg or Paatal Lok Bhadra.

Procedure to know about Bhadra Pucch and Bhadra Mukh

Bhadra Mukh
According to Muhurat Chintamani, Bhadra mukh occurs on the 20 minutes of Chaturthi tithis fifth prahars during the Shukla Paksha. It also occurs on the 20 minutes of Ashtami tithis second prahar. In the same way, it occurs on the 20 minutes of Ekadashis seventh prahar and on the 20


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Bhadra Vichaar and Parihaar


Going by the same order, Bhadra mukh occurs on the 20 minutes of Tritiyas eighth prahar during the Krishna Paksha. It also occurs on the 20 minutes of Saptamis third prahar. In the same way, it occurs on the 20 minutes of Dashamis sixth prahar and on the 20 minutes of Chaturdashis first prahar.

Bhadra Pucch
Bhadra Pucch occurs on the last 12 minutes of Chaturthis eighth prahar and on the last 12 minutes of Purnimas third prahar. Readers should remember that Bhadras total time when divided by 4 gives one prahar. Dividing it by 6 gives Shashtansh and dividing it by 10 given Dashmansh.

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Bhadra Vichaar and Parihaar

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Bhadra Vichaar and Parihaar

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Bhadra Vichaar and Parihaar

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