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3rd June- Death of Khomeini, the Prophet & Sahaba Abuser

This century saw the rise of the father of the Iranian Revolution Ayatollah Khomeini a High-ranking Shiite cleric who swept aside the secular and western-backed Shah of Iran with the support of the Shiite Masses, and Muslims of Iran. But soon enough Khomeinis charade of an Islamic Revolution was torn to pieces, and masses saw for what it was: A Shiite dictatorial aka Russian Muslim Genocidal revolution which oversaw the execution and pogroms of thousands of Sunni woman, children, men whose sole crime was No to Khomeini. Similarly scores of Students, Ulama, workers, Mujahideen of the Ahlus Sunnah were put to sword and sprayed with bullets. This blatant in-your face Brutality and Heart-less terror is known as the Iranian Revolution. Khomeinis will had charted that the law of Iran must be in accordance with Twelver Shiism where no Sunni male is eligible to contest/run/stand for the slot of President, Prime Minister and any other High ranking position in Irans Government. Tehran, the Iranian Capital to-date does not sport a Sunni Masjid, similarly there is a complete ban on the distribution of Sunni Religious literature and proselytization which is a Human rights violation besides being a direct testimony to Shiite Government System. Khomeini has at length uttered filth against the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his Sahaba: Umar bin Khattab was a true Kafir & Zindiq (Kashf-ul-Asrar, pg119) It is one of the essential beliefs of our ShiI school that no one can attain the spiritual status of the Imams, not even the cherubim or the Prophets. (Islamic Government, pg64) I can with utmost determination claim that todays Iranian People are better than the Arab people of Muhammads time i.e. Sahaba (Khomeinis Last Will and Testament,pg42) The guide of the Shiites, Khomeini in death saw a fate similar to that of Musailma (the liar-Prophet), Yusuf and Qadiani (both Prophet Claimants) when his coffin fell from the helicopter, which was about to transport his body to his burial ground. Khomeinis corpse was ripped off its funeral-cloth by Khomeinis die-hard fans: the Iranian Revolutionary Guard corps.

Revolt against Islam Hatred of the Prophets Companions An epitome of Shirk