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Contents: An Overview
Six Facets of Germany
The Culture The Festivals The Cars The Football (Fuball) The Cuisines The Tourism

The Culture
Religious Sciences Music

Traditions : Christian domination

: Einstein and Planck

: Bethoven
: Antiquity & Modern



Spring Festival (Berlin) Easter celebrations Dresden Music Festival Rock am Ring und Rock im Park Oktoberfest Christmas

The Cars

is considered to be the birthplace of the Automobiles BMW , Porche , Mercedes Benz , Volkswagen and Audi : Major German Car Manufacturers Luxury for the world , domestically used as Taxi Cabs

A Football Frenzy Nation


: The Famous domestic league A 3-time FIFA World Cup Champions and 4-time runner up Controlled by the German Football Association , the governing body of football in Germany.

German cuisine
Potatoes, while a major part of the German cuisine, are usually not counted among vegetables by Germans. Fish Trout is the most common freshwater fish on the German menu Desserts A popular dessert in northern Germany is "Rote Grtze"

Typical German Breakfast Buffet

Tourism in Germany

According to Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Reports, Germany is rated as one of the safest travel destinations worldwide. Germany is also the fifth most visited country in Europe, with a total of 369.6 million overnights during 2010. More than 30% of Germans spend their holiday in their own country. Germany is home to several of the world's largest trade fairgrounds.

Lets imbibe the Spirit of Germany