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Am I good at communication?

1. I take time to give people the information they need and want. 2. I look forward to feed back about my communication. 3. I try to exclude personal liking and grievances when judging others. 4. I make my reports accurate, clear, brief and well structured. 5. I do not waste time in analyzing how all relevant persons might react. 6. I explore and research thoroughly before a written proposal. 7. I feel it is waste of time to communicate regularly with employees. 8. I think carefully about a message before I decide how to communicate. 9. I listen intently and check what I have understood before I reply. 10. I do not delay communication, rather try to communicate the right message to the right person. N O F A NEVER OCCASIONALLY FREQUENTLY ALWAYS

Am I a good listener?
1.Prepare myself physically by facing the speaker and making sure I can hear. 2. Watch the speaker and listen to him. 3. Decide from the speakers appearance and delivery whether or not what he says is worthwhile. 4. Listen primarily for ideas and underlying feelings. 5. Determine my own bias, if any, and try to allow for it. 6. Keep my mind on what the speaker is saying. 7. I interrupt immediately if I hear a statement I feel is wrong. 8. Make sure before ensuring that I have taken in the other persons point of view. 9. Try to have the last word. 10. Make a conscious effort to evaluate the logic and credibility of what I hear. U S R USUALLY SOMETIMES RARELY