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One Mic: Identity Formation through Music 2013 Summer Academy Upward Bound Math and Science Instructor:

Email: Class Times: Location: Teresa Hamilton Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 1:00-2:30 Forest Resource 001

They [students] develop the ability to analyze the perspectives of several people involved in a situation from the viewpoint of an objective bystander, and they can even imagine how different cultural or social values influence the perceptions of the bystander. (Woolfolk) Course Description: The main focus of this course is to not only recognize our own identity and uniqueness but also see the factors that influence it specifically through the music we listen to --as a means of understanding ourselves. Note: We are in a computer lab. Please do not log on computers until I give you instructions. Successful students in this class Come to class prepared Actively participate Are open to learning new things Ask questions Listen attentively to others Take good care of their belongings and ALWAYS RESPECT each other Course objectives: By the end of the course, students should demonstrate the ability to: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Recognize his/her own identity and acknowledge and learn about other identities Connect music to identity formation Understand music lyrics based on themes: Love, Power, Justice, and Contradiction Create multimodial Narrative Presentations representative of their identity Identify new vocabulary words and apply strategies to incorporate them into writing and speaking 6. Discuss difficult questions concerning personalities and behavior linked to music 7. Learn and ask questions about the world around us 8. Elements and skills set of the memoir (ss for skills set) Class Schedule: May be adjusted depending on needs of the class. ***We will not examine the complete lyrics to some songs due to content***

Week 1
June 19

One Mic: Love--What roles does music play life, career, etc?
Intro to course: What does music teach us About us? Expectations, class ground rules Class Themes any suggestions? Songs (How we select themes and songs?) Introductions The Show 6 minutes youre on Who Am I? (I Am Not), superwoman, "That's Not My Name" The Ting Tings, "I'll Bee That" Redman? explicit Break Identity (Julio Noboa Polanco) Memoir over view... What only you can say: through the music. Soundtrack Narrative HandoutOptions of presenting UNSUNG or Soundtrack ex

June 21

"Whats Going On?" Marvin Gaye, Course Questions and Objectives Themes and Lead in Songs (Request Line, Hey Mr. DJ) Song Analysis Assignment Guide (handout) "What Y'all Really Want" DMX chorus only --The Assignment will tell you Memoir Assignment UNSUNG or SOUNDTRACK (options consider themes) The Cipher- (transforming a text in order to conceal its meaning) Love (Will It Keep Us Together? Is It All We Need To Get By? Stronger? I Just Called to say it and These Three Words) Summary and Analysis (whats the difference? TANCH example Use the TP-CASTT Analysis and/or Song Analysis to analyze songs Create Blogs--

Week 2
June 24

Power--When Music and Storytelling Makes a Difference

How powerful do you think music can be as part of identity? Is music seen as a positive marker of identity? "Money" OJays, "Ive Got The Power" Snap "Bully" Shinedown (Address bully situation) (ss) Elements of the Memoir ppt (Art of Memoir) Course Questions and Power Discussion --What's it all about Collaborations that Changed Music "Walk this Way" Run DMC/Aerosmith "Change the World" Eric Clapton/Babyface "We Are the World" USA for Africa- Then Haiti remix "This or That" Black Sheep Types of Memoirs/Narratives What category will yours fall? (handout) (ss) Authentic Language, Voice, Pace Blog Assignment Write for 20 minutes upload on blogs

June 26

June 28

Week 3
July 1

Justice--What music/stories lend insight into what it means to be Human?

"Societys Child" Janis Ian, "Hurricane" Bob Dylan, "The Revolution" Gil ScottHeron Active Voice Identity Questionnaire (Handout) How do I define others? The "Types" Stereo, Arche, Archetypes in Songs that suggest Themes Love and Power (Handout) (ss) Setting, Mood, and Mystery Project Draft--"What yall Really Want?" DMX (chorus only) Assignment "Let's Get it Started" Black Eyed Peas, Workshop possible ideas (ss) Sensory Details and Dialogue Blog Assignment Write for 20 minutes upload on blogs

July 3

July 5

Week 4
July 8

Contradiction--Pathos driven to create a mood

The Questions Common and Mos Def & Why Jadakiss[parts], Waterfalls TLC, Its Cray in Paris and Louisiana, Ni#@@ in Poorest, Nola Clap and Katrina Clap "Things that make you go Hmmm" C&C Music Factory What's good and bad music? This might not be a good idea... Start collecting songs that represent identities for project

(ss) Rhetorical Appeals (ss) Characterization, and Delayed Reveal Wednesday

July 10

No Class Arts Fest Blog Assignment Write for 20 minutes on blogs (absent) Theme (w)Rap-Up Introduction to Final Project post on blog/angel DRAFTS "True Colors" Cyndi Lauper, "Hall of Fame" The Script w

July 12

Week 5

My Intro Just to Let You Know--What single event music memory from your life offers an emotional gift to the reader? The Big Identity Reveal
Lab (Multimodial Project)

July 15

July 17

Lab (Work on Project)


July 19

Lab (sub) Work on Project

Week 6
July 22

Wrap up/Celebrate Successes!!!

Subject to change due date What do you know now that you didnt know 6 weeks ago?!? Final projects should be posted on Angel by 5:00 p.m. "Celebrate" Kool and The Gang

*************************************************************************************************** Notes: Changes in the syllabus