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Master Key of Civilization

Continue To Be A Economic And Social Slave, Owing To Lack Of Knowledge Of Your History And Science?
"Valuable Stones Come In Small Packages"
There Is Not Enough Money In The World To Pay For

Necessary Knowledge. So let Us Not Waste Our Mental Encrgy Arguing Over The Price Of This Book.




'l'hcre is not enough mystical "wine" or Christian religious doctrine in. "Rome" to make, u s drunk.
The Author and Associates.



C,M. Bey Ph. D . , L,L.D, 3rd 33rd 360 Degree Master Mason, Free Moorish Master Astrologer A n d Moorish Oonstitut i o n Law Giver.


( p h o t o g r a p h Oopyrighted 1973)


Rome a n d Khan in t h e Land of t h e Moors............ Page 8 The Effort of t h e J e h o v a h Witness, also t h e Code of t h e Republican P a r t y of Rome ............. P a g e 1 4 The Alphabet of t h e Cultured Moors ................. P a g e 17 The K. K. K. Obligation, also t h e Secrets of the Number 9 .................. P a g e 19 The Sun in t h e 1 2 Signs

..................................... P a g e


The Five Sons of Destiney .................................. P a g e 28

The Christian Celebrative Dates, and World .. ,. . . Conflict I11.................Pages 31 and 32

A Digram of the Zodiac


Page: 36

The Scientific Symbols of the Zodiac, and tho Dollar System .;........................ Page 3 9
Diseases which Medicine cannot Cure, also Experimentation the Scientific ~nirnayistiie of the Asiatic Scientist, Yaqub. ........ Pages 43 and 44

Knowledge of truth is mankind's highest attainment. "You :hall know the trcth and the truth will make you free." All evidence points toward the fact, t h a t had the', truth been $aught, there would have been no need for t h a t great statement to be recorded in literature,,-especially the Bible.
I a m a w a r e of t h e fact t h a t the category of Astrology, Global Georaphu, a n d the history of t'he Moorish Nation, will con-

flict with nine out of eve]? ten persons of t h e United States of A m e r i c a ; especially those often referred to a s Negroes, ranging hetween 20 and 50 years of age, owing to Christian education. Therefore, I concede t h a t the categorfy of science mentioneld will appeal to the youth of tomorrow, those who will approach the ages of 18 to 21 by 19.54. The, restoration of civilization relies upon the ability of t h i s group during the next s w e n years of global, economic a n d social revolution. The majority of those now ranging between 20 and 50 Years of age have been too deeply instilled with emotional religious doctrine3 and distorted history which has been written by prejudiced (European-American) educators during the past 93, years. This group emotionally rely upon t h a t which tihey hay*e been t.aught to believerfacts and twtimony are not the foundation of their faith-except in very rare cases. These people a&cept, without question, the beliefs of those among whom they a r e born and reared; and will disbelieve, even t h e evidences of i:llcir senses, rather t h a n disband with t h e impractical emotional religious beliefs which have grown in them. Persons who possess t h e applied knowledge of t h e science oi Astrology always employ t h e terms such as : science, t r u t h or facts: rather than t h e mystic magic terms employed in religious niystery ; namely: ."Allah" "God" "Jehovah" "Jesus?' and "Christ." These five magic religious terms .breed only false fea'r, mental confusion, conflicting opinions and secrek haterd. Astrologers are aware of the fact that thd fore-mentioned mystic magic phrases of emotional fear, employed in religious mystery, are laden with confusion, mental slavery, human hatred, jeal-

ousy, discrimination, human caste, economic and social degradation, human warfare, bloodshed, destruction! and starvation.
Today reIigious worshipers have proven Qo the entire world that they had rather resort to emotional human h a k e d , a n d fight, suffer and die over t h e name of t h e mystical "God" a n d religion, than reasonably agree with simplified and applied truth-facts o r science involving their economic and social'stride a 3 shown in t h e twelve signs of the ever-present Zodiac. KEYNOTE OF WISDOM:

In order that you might readily understand; the contents of this book, you are advised to momentarly lay aside a11 t h a t which you have been taught to believe, except mathematics, And as a I-csuIt; you will t~c.R L I ~ C I C C I by c o m m o n reason rnthct. t h n n I J ~ traditional emotional belief. I a m awarer of t h e fact t h a t both (Moslem and Christ) teachem have a moncrply on mystic re1Iigious superstition, but not on mathematics,-the science of Geometry envolving the 12 signs of t h e Zodiac,-the Universal Law,-Islam. ASTROLOGY AND ASTRONOMY
The difference between Astrology and Astrononry is t h a t Astrology treats of h u w n characteristics, talerot, action and rer action, sociology, economics and global geography o r space and time. Astronlonv is the Priest, Pope, Bishop, Rabbi, Preach'er, Duke, Dutchess, Queens, King and AngIo-Saxon Lord's code of the Christian World, of whom propagates t h e myth culture ovf heaven in the sky, and hell beIuw, aftor death.

The Christian Astronomers are the star-gazerg who go to "heaven" by way of an expeasivs telescope and p r o m u l g a h t h a t 1 which they imagine live on t h e planets: Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Japiter, Moon and Venus. Such philosophy definitely help solve our economic and social problems. The real Sun are under our feet, namely: (Earth). T h e pawe Maon and Sun dweIl in woman. Row yon can draw your concIusion as to why AstroIogy and A s t r o n o m ~ conflfct- Astrolnions of superstition, confusion, ogy erases a11 religioils mystery, false fear, and idol o r image worship. AS^ trofogy has always involved this u n i v e r s a ~ simple fact; namely :

Therefore, woman and s a w n sons comprise the supreme manifestat.ion of the whole of c r e a t i o n r a a c e and time -...-\vhich need no doctrine o stition, t o influence them to e the sciencs of Astrology-woman, Sons, Earth, water, air, Ee%t a ~ food d constitute the g r e a t force of creation; often1referred to in science as: electro-magnet, current, and voltage or Atomic energy.

Remember, the human body and mind and earth contain r~11 elements of nature. W e are what we eat, drink, inhale and exhale. Theref ore, all energy generates from our stomach, mind and earth. W e t h e human family, are the only supreme ~lloving plailets or heavenly bodies. Objects do not come to us; we go to all o b j e c b by way of walking, riding flying, sailing, observation, mathematics, vibration of sound and signal. O u r code of fact.., pearfcction,and the guidance of practical nlisdom comprise ( 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0)-(3, 6, 9, 12)---the universal standard rule of measurement and the letters of the alphabet.



civflization in which we now live.

(0 .1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0)-(3, 6, 9, and 12 the.60 seconds of the minute, 60 minutes of t h e hour, and also the letters of t h e
Arabic alphabet, all of which comprise the culture of the Moors)--our forefathers of t.he Moslem World who a r e often ref erred t o in Christian literature as Mohammedans o r heathens. THE CODE OF THE ROMAN CROSS ORDER (I, 11, XTT, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, a, X) and the Latin o r Span* iuh language comprise t h e Christian code of which was horn out of our: (Moorish) forefathers's code, in South America (Pat~gonia)-known today a s Argentina, the origin a1 region of t h e new masses of humanity who possesses ruddy or red, pale skin with greenish-blue eyes and long blond hair. Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Columbia and Venezula;' all of i~hich comprise tho spring-board of t h e Roman Nation of many

different races, c a s t e v a n d color guided by domas. Dogmas is a Latin phrase, which defines as: false doctrine.

ROME AND KHAN: T h e term Rome, implies t h e people d & o conq,uer by intrigue, force and violence and enslave thq' human mind through falsedoctrine of religious mystery and image, o r idol, w o e h i p of various mysticaI God phrases, mpst common of which ar I ~ o v a hGod, Chn'srt o r Buddha." Lkt ~ r 9 remember, t h a t they(* United States of North America, comprise avery so-called race t h e "lily white" family. The term Khan, implies the people who control t h e B!oard of Real Estate, Commerce, Production a n d Distribution of t,he O r d e r of Roman coIonization, which manifmted with-(Wall Street) in Amsterdam or Ne.w York, U. S. A., a n d J a v a , Dast India. Both of which a r e t h e headquarters of t h e Nobles, Duke$, Lords a n d t h e Dutchesscs of Rome and Kharl-the j u r y over tile w e d t h and cuIture of f h e (Moorish or Asiatic) Nation--our forefathers who were defeated by t h e Roman conquerers, after having undergone some 364 years intennittolt conflict f r o m 13ataponia to Alaska. Canada an y- t h e Rosa-n-tribes of So e&h.- R p m a n ~ ~ ~ - f ? , ~ L
1 . f

Q~&&ian, calendar year, ,whichd c&ndxx~a_t.. 1 4 5 3 - 1492 Chr lent t o 873 912 ~b-irishcnlendnr ycnr. T h e Roman conquerers acldad 580 years t o t h e Moorish czlendar. 1795 Christian calendar y e a r is equivalent to 1215> Moorish c a l e n d e r year: 1865 Christian c a l e i d a r year is equivalent to 1286 Moorish calendar year: 1946 (Ccy) is equivalent to 1366 (Mcy). (1946 and 1366 have cleared up t h e mystery of the (666). New York i s the Empire &ate of the' O r d e r of Rome and Khan,-the "lily white" p e o p l e of t h e world. Have you ever stop to think that among the AsiaXics o f : t h e 0. S. A., refemed t o as Negroes, t h e r e cad be had a sirnilariw of every so-called race of the entire world?

THE LAND OF MOORS THE CREST OF ASIA pen^, Mexico, ( l r s a b e l l ~or C u b a ) , U. S. A., C a n a d a and Alaska, all of which comprise t h e land of t h e c u k u r e d Meow

th*e descendants from t h e ancient Moabite Nation,-the fathers of civilization who inhabited this Hemisphere. Thus, t h e U. S% A., Aflaska and C a n a d a lie in t h e geographical region, ofi~the: (Crest of Asia) often referred t o as: The "Temple of! t h e Moon a n d Sun," of which scientifically imply t h e greatest inclination of t h e Earth's axis t o t h e Sun, during the months' of June, J u l y a n d August, in the Northern Hemisphere. W h a t our f o r d a t R ers were before this land of ours namely: (Amexem) was n a m e d Xorth, Central and South America, we are t h a t today; without a doubt of contradiction, namely: (Moor). The name ( M o o r ) 1 s derived from t h e n a m e (Moabite) . The "Crest of Asia" symbolizes the great pyramid, as ~hown on tk.e reverse, side of a United States One DolIar Bill, of


Names, such a s : Negroes, black, colored, Indian, red, Afri&&&j of the $gmSln Cross O r d ! ~ can, J e w and white-ve cf serreaation. hatred. slaverv a n d e x u l o i ~ i o n . T h e reconstruction period of 1 8 6 3 and 1865 resulted in t h e United Order of t h e Christian: "lily white" world oft organize labor, agricultural, industrial a n d commerical unionism a n d military procedure which made t h e Roman Nations the Mistress of t h e seven seas. T H E MANIFESTATION O F THE K. C. O F K. K. K. T h e Union of 1863-65 was t h e manifestation of the*(K. of C. and K. K. K.) of which involve s o m e Five Hundred Million people of red o r ruddy pale skin, with long hair; which: comprise one-fourth of the world's population of two billion one h u n d r e d a n d sixty million. Nation comprise three-fourths of the' world's population and t h e European N of "Christ and Mary" comprise

he Asiatic


T h e celebrative .(Magna C h a r t a ) is t h e document which granted economic, social and commeric,al freedom and equality t o all people of ruddy pale skin with long hair o r flaxm, reg less to race label and religiousism o r politicalism faith, T h e

cess is .

Bilbo of i~; 1946. T h e celebrative story of A b r a h a m Lincoln, involving t h e freedom of the(Moorish descendants) referred t o as: "Negroes," is played up falsely. T h e insignia on t h e


out-side looking in, universally, during the past 9 3 years o f Roman economic, social and commerical stride-"Father A'bbrad ham,"-the God of t h e Roman Union, involving t h e North and the South pole--JuIy 4th and J a n u a r y lst, "Lincoln."

M Y O U a r e skeptical, you might denounce t h e names such as

Kegro, colored, black a n d African, go t o t h e library ask f o r t h e history of the Moorish Empire,-your history, and carefully observe the "white servants" reactions. This is t h e h i d o r y .the European American has t h o u g h t you would never know. Nevertheless you have fhe fundamentals in this book, namely: Clock of Destiny. THE TWO EMPIRES DURING THE PAST 1367 YEARS. O F THE NEW ERA OF ISLAM. During t h e past 1367 y e a r s t h e r e have been only two World Empires, namely: t h e Moorish Empire of the Order of Islam and h e t h e Roman Empire of the O r d e r of "Christ and Mary.'' T Order of "Christ" is 173 y e a r s old, calculated from 1774, t h e e r a which resulted in t h e birth of t h e United States Marine force in colonial North America-the cream of the (German,Francisco o r French) legions, referred to as "pirates."

I j


During the Moorish world domination there was no Europe, England, France, Greece, Rome, Egypt, Africa, China, J a p a n or Russia across the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Therefore, United States history of the Chrbtia might be compared with that of the cdebrative story t o as "Santa C1aus"-rnflhofagy. Did yau ever stop tb t h h k that on the most sacred day of the Christian Order, nameIxTs: December 26th, t h e Chrigtian Nations promulgate the world's greatest false-the (myth) of "Santa Claus"? Rennember, December 26th is the foundation of the philosophy of "CSlrist



fcrred to a s : "white people." Therefore, t h e history of t h e hloorish Empire is not news to them f o r they have, been guided by the history of the Moors; under potent influence, of fear and hatred during t h e past 93 years, caIcuIated from 1865.

I t is impossibIe for the people of heavy olive, and live olivtb, hue of skin, commonIy known as dark-brown and light-brown, t o ever become a Christian, because of this fact. The Christians worship a "White Son o f God" a n d his "FVhita Mother Mary,"thc very i m a g e of themselves. The Christian "Cod" is dclinitcly (white or ruddy) pale, because, His onIr begotten Son is tangiable evidence. You might ask yourself this question: w h a t chance do I have to entar t h e gates of t h e Christian Heaven dominated by a "White God, His Son, and His Son's Mother Mary?" The very image of the woman who falsely cries "Rape," followed by Son's cross burning and lynching. Such is t h e Christian Nations (Heaven) dominated by the "white womanw-the God of hatred, fear, crime and corruption. On t h e contrary, there was a specific reason f o r the, new masses of humanity, referred t o as: "white people," to establish thechurch and false doctrine of "Christ and Mary;" so Iet us observe the reason, in o r d m t h a t w a might take a broad Yi!e)v tybich will enable us to erase thie hatred against them whicH is now dominating our nature.




, %

It haa already been stated elsewhere in this book that during the past 1367 years there h a s been only two World Empires, namely: t h e Moorish Empire of t h e Order of Islam and t h e Christian Empire of the Order of Christ. During t h e world domination of t h e Moorish Nation. T h e blond women of Patagonis*
South America,'had manifested their cultured height in t h e ~ociety of Islam; which qualified t h e m to establish t h e society of t h e Cross laden with mystery a n d emotional false doctrinw, -as a positive weapon of liberating themselves from the amalgamated iron handed rulers, o r dictators; who h a d shielded the

~ e ~ c r - eof t s n a t u r s as shown h t h e signs of t h e Zodiac and established a doctrine of mysterr a n d religious superstition by force. As a result the following amalgamated generation of Moorish fathers and blond mothers g r e w up in ignorance of t h e scjence of the twelve signs of t h e Zodiac and t h e applied principles of I s l a m ; which in t u r n resulted in the corruption of t h e Society of Islam, under the influcnce of Islamism of variable unreasona b l e procedures of religious worship, strenuous mysterious prayers and the restriction of .literary education to t h e c o m o n 'masses.


Thc\ coi-rupt process of t h e selfish, jeslbus amalgamated

rulers of t h e Moslem world converted the Society of Islam into 1.egirnentatioi1, human caste, slavery, economic and social degradation, crimo, bloodsher1 a n d hllman destruction: from which \ v a s born the A r m y of t h c Mvstic n a n n c r of t h e Cross,--+led bv m i l i t a n t " ~ v l i i l r , w o m c ~ i , " o r Pntagonian blonds, supported by m a n y wise Moslem women a n d sons, struggling, f o r freedrom; ~ v h i c hr e s l ~ l t e din some ,764 years of intermittent conflict f r o m 7cr.u to Alaska-and across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, in rlle Not-thrl-n TIcmisphere. A prcat battle between t w o difCt.rcnt tpycs of religious supcrstilions; namely: Islamism, a n d Crossism, rcfcrred to a s t h e g r e a t battle between t h e "Crescent and tho Cross" or " h l o l ~ a m m e d a n d Christ,"-the period of rrucifixion-lyrlching, burning a n d murderihg ohe another over 'ideas of i n ~ p r a c t i c a lisms a n d mystery of variety; which has domina!erl t h e world f o r some f o u r hundred years a n d has manifcstod with t h e racial a n d color scheme of corruption.


The bIoslemu with t h e i r strenuous ism of mystic religious worship ahd superstition are n o t guilty of t h e establishment of the race a n d color scheme. T h e y are guilty of t h e caste system rind segregation, according t o claw a n d rank a n d method of hlystic or s u p e ~ ~ t i t i o religious us worship in the institution called Mosque) from which was b o r n t h e institution of worship calle d (Church) and t h e race and color scheme with its marriage license l a u s established b y t h e Patagoninn blond women of South America. This system prohibib t h e Sssunnce of a mamiage license t o Moorish m e n or women, who desire to marry "*.vhiten women or men in North America--especially in t h e t'nited States. U p o q t h i s is founded the myth of "black and white" pe.ople's blood which was born out of t h e church system; *~iamely: t h e Catholics. Protestants. Baptists a n d the (Jury) or *JewishTemple. of the United States, in North America.


THE ERA O F THE FORMATION O F THE ROMAN REPUBLICAN P A R T Y 9 3 YEARS AGO (The Code of The Klans.) In the year 1854, t h e "white women" often referred to as the (Daughters of the Revolution) endorsed the artistic painting of themselves and sons, called "Christ and Mary" a n d establisheld the new doctrine of the onIy begotten "Son of God and its Mother Mary," by force, intrigue, ignorance, cruelty, seduction, bloodshed and destruction. Here, the foundation of the Order of "Christ" was wc.11 laid in the Union of 1866. This was followcd by well trained Mivionary workers carrying t h e banner of the image "Son" and its "Mother" d o c t i n e across t h e Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, supported by military force, of the Order crf Home. Thereby the false doctrine of t h e wh3e "Son Christ" was established in the four angles of the Earth. This enabled t h e "white" Daughters of the Revolution to remain neutral ; while t h e "white" men seduced the helpless (Maorish o r Asiatic) women at home, and abroad, so as to perpetuate t h e "lily white" Nations of Rome during t h e past 93 years.

Tho picture of t h e "White Son" image andl its "Mother" equal the power of ten thousand words in the name of t h e evil tradition of white superiority-when placed beifore t h e blond children (ranging between 6 and 9 years of age) gave them a fnlm conception of white supremacy, before they have been trrught to read which grows up in them.

Tfie 93 years old act of t h e Daughters of the Revolution has disqualified the English speaking "white women" a t home a n d . w World Order which

ruddy pale skin.

- 14 -

Today, it is the white aornen's desire to tdl the truth and

a l t e r the Roman system of mgregation but 99.76 of the Asiatic masses of humanity will not believe in t h e m ; owing to t h e long trend of economic and social suffering. This p a d of the s t o r y is referred to as "A view of t h e promise land, but cannot enter."

Nine out. of every ten of the so-called "white people" of the world today have either black o r brown eyos, or black hair, jvhich represent the stamp of the (Moorish or Asiatic Mothers). T h e people rofcrred t o as Japanese (Latin) Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Turk, Indian, Arabian, Syrian, Russiah, Eskimo and all other similar island people are t h e generations of kinky-haired (Moorish or Asiatic) fathers and Patagonian blond mothers, during thc early iise of t h e Order of Islam, 1367 y e a r s :\go.

Had not the selfish Moslems of t h e Order of Tslam established thr, superstitious religious system contrary to the universal economic and social science as shown in t h e twelve signs of the Zodiac and Mathematics, there would have been no supersti'lious religious order of "Christ: and Mary." Therefore. the delinite f a c t is t h a t both, namaly: the Moslems and the Christians ( o r Asiatics and.Europeans) of the entire earth a r e equally guilt y f o r violation of the Law of Nature as shown in t b twelve signs of tho ever-present Zodiac, which has caused them to undergo the grim Law of Retribution.

Tjle Moorish Nation submitted d t-he Roman Cr

the image of thelrise;lves nnd race and color.

Ci1;ilization i 5 founded upon practical wisdom and the morals of woman. T h e (Moorish or Asiatic women).' have undergone everything which could h a v ~ been imposed upon them; yet they hove retained their morals. You m y empane the a c t

of the kinky-haired (Moorish o r Asiafic) women of the United States, and abroad, with t h e acts of t h e European o r b'lond women of the United States, a n d a b r o a d ; and thereby draw y o u r own concIusion during t h e next seven years of gIobal e c m o m i c and social revoIution. Thousands of blond women and s o n s wiIl resort to suicide while undergoing t h e seven: years of economic and social revolution. The kinky-haired women of t h e United States anrI abroad zre the ones who will restore civilization and peace tu the world (luring the next seven years. Geometry and the tweIve signs of the Zodiac constitute t h e Prophetic L a w ; which h a s never told 2 lie. The economic suffering of the blond women of Rome, England, France, Germany and Greece, and t h e mythicaI Palestine will fulfill with f i e blond women of the United States. Canada and Australia, during t h e next seven years. Nature has a just law. I t is t h e grim Law of RetributionJVishful thinking, lip-senice, hypoc1-itical prayer, wealth, atomic bombs. universinl military training and the wooden or stone image "white God" definitely cannoQ offset the grim Law of ICettribution during t h e next seven years. Economic chaos will make the blond people of the U. S. A., Kate t h e name such as "white peiople." After t h e cycle of retribution had fuIfiIled with t h e Asiatics of t h e United States, t h e kinky-haired women began to give birth t o children who have become champions of t h e world in every important department of human sbcie.ty. (Remember, champions of t h e world do not have t o beg for social recognition. The Daughetrs of t h e Rexolution will end, begging the Asiatics of the United States f o r social recognition. The Law of Retribution cannot be altered, We r e a p t h a t which h a s been sown-in the past.








The Greek, Hebrew and Latin of the Roman Cross Order clefinitely cannot go beyond t h e Arabic alphabet. Our Moorish forefathers' code of alphabet and mathematics have proven that t h e "white people" have no culture of their own. The Moorish Color Code in electronics, which describes the unit of resistance, current and voltage, the magnetic law, atomic energy is as follows: ~olizes-Black ~olizes--Brown 3olizes-Red 3olizes-Orange 3olize+-Yellow 2olizes-Green bolizes-Blue Solizea--Violet bolize&rey bolizes-Light or White.

Our Moorish forefathws had harnessed atomic energy, and


employed it f o r both gaod and ill many centuries be;fme! the (Red Skinned) blonds of Patagonia had ,become educated by the cultured Moors. Atomic energy is new Co the " w h i b people," but not t o the moor^, The Christian race and color scheme was founded upon t h e Moorish color code of electronics,

It is definitely impossible for a nation that is dbminated by

various secret orderism to solve its economic and social problems in the atomic age. You might auk youmlf this questpon:

IIow can one help himseIf and other without exposing his secrets? The code of mathematic (0 9, a n d 3, 6 . 9 . and 12) constitutes the everof l a w which newer grows old o r ancient. Neither earth, water, a@ a n d heat--light or electrici1;y-will ever grow old o r ancient. Neither woman, sons and t h e Ietters of the alphabet will ever grow old o r ancient. 'I'l~ewhole of which comprise t h e one g r e a t body of t h e everpresent living t r u t h which, therefore, i s not a mystmy and neithe r a secret. Do you agree ?
% ."

A l l secret orderisms involving religion, syboIism and mystic pass-wordism a r o o u r own ignorance of the realities which dwell d t h i n u s and about us. T h a t which individuals have in their minds unexpressed is a secret. Having expressed to another, t h a t in mind, then t h e great secret has been exposed t o !he outer worltl. T h e inner ~ilorld is our universal sub-conscious mind which .dictates t o our reasoning mind. Thus, o u r sub-conscious mind is t h e inner world referred to as t h e ''All Seeing Eye." OUT reasoning mind is t h e outer world r e f e r r e x t o as "The light of t h e world," all of which derive f r o m woman, t h e creator of all sons in t h e course of 9 months, f r o m conception t o birth. Thus, (woman) is the Grand Master ~ r c h i t e c t u r e ra n d Carpenter of t h e h u m a n b o d y and mind. w h i c h m a k e s all once (Moslcxns) regardless t o t h e shade of skin a n d color of the eyes. All m8le babies a r e sons of nine-9 months f r o m conception to birth. In Christian Mythology, t h e number n i n e have many names, most common of which a r e : Nin, Nim, Nirnrud, Nimrod a n d "Nunm-(Catholicism.)

EVERY CHILD IS BORN ON THE SQUARE, AN ANGLE OF 90 DEGRE-9 MONTHS FROM CONCEPTION TO BIRTH,-ISLAM. . The term (Moslem) implies t h e work8 of nature involving
the human body, f r o m conception t o birth, on t h e right angle motion or s q u a r e of 90 degrees. The great circle of thk e a r t h comprise 560 degrees, squared by the n u m b e r 9. 9 goes into 360 dcgrees 40 times. This is t h e n u m b e r "40" which involves th.e Christian Order o r t h e (Klannish) society of the "lily white" world, which Senator Bilbo of Mississippi, had referred to o v e r t h e "Meet t h e Press" program in 1946.

(Clan or IClan) implies t h e people who have agreed by oath, 01- secret obligation, to protcct their society so as to prevent legal marriage 01. socj;tlfzaiion with ~ , c o p l c of heavy olive hue of skin, referrod to a s tlarli-bro~vn. Should any of the women and j:t.own sons violate Ihe (Iclannish) code, they a r e subject to become a social outcast of t h e Klan society; especially if t h e vioIiitioll involves marriage to any of t h e women and sons of dat-kt~i.ou.11?]<in. This is :r m a j o r violation of t h e Klannish society of !hi> "lily white'' worId; although the grown sons of tha Klan >80ciet:ra r e a t liberty to slip arourld with the Asiatic women of t h e unit&! Stales d u e t o t h e fnet t h a t there is usually seproduclion ol' the Klannish t y p e ; t ~ a m e l y : rucldy pale, skin. The story is somewhat different urith t h e "white women" a n d t h e Asiatic s:.rrb, a1;c.l their rcpt.otiuction of 9 months sons and daughters. 7'h1:: part of the story has caused t h e people of white socielties of I I l c Unit(-d States to l i \ c u n d e ~ such . s:renuous influence of f e a r , that apparently they h a v e lost a11 powers of common sense.


MATHEMATTCS AND THE ZODIAC R e Earth's nsis to its orbit, evolves about the Sun at the rote of one degree per day, and thirty dcgrees a month. Itcom&&tes its annual revolution of 360 degrees every year on March 20, in thcl twelfth sign Pisces. the sun pass through twelve different regio called signs in the course of a year', calculated from the sign Aries to the sign Piaces. ~ W O D ~ A N KNOW YOURSELF.) THE FOLLOWING IS TI1E SECRETS 0 THE No. 9.


chiId and the, sec'rets of the number 9 is insportant a s t h e Ietters of the alphabet which qualify them t o r e a d a n d write. (CONCEPTION) Oonception aIways occurs while t h e rays of t h e Sun is in a certain sign of t h e Zodiac a n d t h e child is born: 9 months l a t e r ivhile t h e rays of the, Sun is irl another sign of t h e Zodiac. For csample :

If conception occurs while t h e raysqof t h e Sun is in t h e sign Aries. Iictwecn March 21 a n d April I f ) , t h e child is bonil when Lllc, 1.aj.s of t,he Sun enter t h e sign Sagittarius (between Ypvember 22 and December 20.)
If conception occLirs while t h e Sun is in t h e sign T ~ I I ~ I beIS, tween April 20 a n d May 20, t h e child is born when t h e Sun enters t h r sign Cal~ricorn(between December 21, and J a n u a r y I S ) .
T f concention occurs while the Sun is in t h e sign Gemini, hetween May 21 a n d June 21, t h e child is born when t h e S u n enters the sign Aquarius ( b e i ~ v e e n J a n u a r y 19 and F e b r u a r y 1 9 ) .

If conception occras ~ v h i l c t h e Sun is in t h e sign Cancer, between J u n e 22 and J u l y 22, t h e child is born when thel S u n emtclrs the sign Pisces (between February 20 a n d March 2 0 ) .
If conceptioll occurs while t h e Sun is in t h e sign Leo,; b'etwecn .July 23 and Augilst 23. the child i s horn when t h e S u n ent.ers thc sign Aries (between March 21 a n d April 1 9 ) .

If concept.ion occurs while t h e Sun is in t h e sign Virgo, bctween August 24 a n d September 23, t h e child is born when t,hc Sun enters t h e sign T a u r u s (between April 20 a n d May 2 0 ) . If conception occurs while the, Sum is in t h e sign Libra, between September 24 and Ocbober 22, t h e chiId is borri w h e n t h e Sun enters t h e sign Genlini (between M a y 21 and J u n e 21 ) . conceptibn occurs whiIe t h e Sun is in t h o sign Scorpio, 1,etuYcen October 23 a n d November 21, t h e child is born w h e n t h e SUJI enters t h e sign Cancer (between J u n e 22 and J u l y 2 2 ) .

. If

If conception occurs while t h e S u n is in t h e sign Sagittarius between November 22 a n d Decomber 20, t h e child is born w h e n the Sun enters the sign Leo (between JuIy 23 a n d A u g u s t 2 3 ) .
If conception occurs while, t h e Sun is in t h e sign Capricorn, between December 21 a n d J a n u a r y 18, t h e child is born w h e n t h e Sun enters t h e sign Virgo (between August 24 a n d Septenlber 2 3 ) .

- 20 -

occurs while the Sun is in the sign Aquarius, between January 19 a n d February 19, t h e child is born when the Sun enters t h e sign Libra (between S e p t e m b e r 24 and October 22nd.)

If conception

If conception occurs while t h e Sun is in t h e sign Pisces, between F e b r u a r y 20 a n d &larch 20, t h e child is born when t h e Sun tiiters t h e sign Srol-pio (between October 23 a n d November 21.)
This concludes in brief t h e applied key of the 1 2 s i p s of t h e Zodiac invoIving woman, child and t h e n u m b e r 9-9 months from conception to birth. This process of simple scientific uni~iemal f a c t s h a s proven t h a t eve1-y child is born while t h e Sun is passing t h r o u r ~ hone of t h e 1 2 signs of t h e Zodiac, and t h a t t h e sign under ~irllichchildren are born governs their lives from the cradle to the grave. T h a t which cannot be proven by mathen ~ a t i c s ;reasoning is definitely dangerous to human pirogress. During t h e 9 rnorltJls from conception to birth, t h e child in it3 creator's womb ; namely: ( m o t h e r ) , h a s passed t h r o u g h the 9 cosmic regions or- signs of t h e e a r t h , iri harmony with t h e Sun, from which it m o l d s its physical form, mifld, rnernory and ~1131-acteristics, qualified f o r cultivation as it slowly grows u p durin~ life.

If women on national scales possesse~dt h e applied knowledge of t h e secrets of t h e number 9. t h e y wouId be supremely clualificd t o educate their children to the, practical s i d e of life d u r i n g its 9 rnoriths maturity f r o m conceptiol~t o binh.. Then, t h e r e would be no need f o r t h e institutions of rkligious mystery w o r s h i p , itlo1 01- image God. Jail houses, prisons a n d insane institutions ~ v o ~ r not l d bc needed f o r t h e r e would b e no racial hatred or crime. The s e c r e t s of the nurnber 9 a n d t h e 12 signs of t h e Zodiac involving woman and child, f r o m conception t o bixth, is referrt:d to in t h e Book of John, Revelations, acu--the o p e ~ ~ i n of g thc "Seven Seals9'-from which has rnnrked t h e very end of Christixn Theology and the rise of women, with civilizat.ion. narnelly: t h e (Moorish o r Asiatic) women of t h e United States w h o have been labeled Negro (colored people) by t h e sociologivtv ~f the Kornan Cross Order.

I am sorry t o asse1.t that the present grown-ups, e s p ~ c i n l ! ~ 95 :'; of both (European a r ~ d Asiatic Amei.icans) will no: turn

loose the, ~ v h i t e image "Christ" doctrine and the church, with ifs i.-arious denominations, until t h e United States of America has a n d q g o n e its blood bath, which is now in t h e making-the most crucial blood bath that t h e world has ever known. The, doctrine of t h e white image w a s born in the United o r colonial North Anxerica, through bloodStates of shed ; and will vanish a f t e r bloodshed which cannot he describect in words. This destruction is necessary in q d e r lthat the, onc c n d n g generation mighty escape mental boxldage and dead idol, or image worship, which is denfinitely contrcvy to: truth, wisdonl and economic a n d social progress.

The followirig is t h e interpretation of t h e Suri in the 12 signs of the Zodiac during t h e Earth's annual sevolution of7 360 degrees. Yoir are advised to a l w a y s r e a d the i n t e r p ~ e t a t i o nof t h e Sun in each sign of t h e Zodiac during t h e 9 months maturity of !,our child a n d concentrate upon realities, equality, unity and economic a n d social progress, peace and justice, Them y o u r child will b t born well eclucated, endowed with practical downto-earth ~nol-alsand p ~ o g r e s s i v ewisdom, and will fear no evil. The interpretation of t h e Sun in the 12 signs wiIl aIso'help you ~ v e l lunderstand yourself and friends, according to t h e sign u n d e r which you and they were born. This scielitific procevs o f t h e Universal Lam of N a t u r e definitely grants first h a n d Itnowledge of cause and effect. lNTERPRETATION OF THE SUN I N THE 12 SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC INVO,!QVING H U M A N - CHARA4C?'ERISTICSAND MONTHLJY ACTI'IqTY. 1.-30 Degrees. The Sun in Aries: G-ives good health, strength, n7ill power, indopendent of thought. Person born w h i l e the Sun js in Aries are endowed with leadership. They a r e also rnusicnlly and inteIlectually inclined. The Sun enters Aries every y e a r on March 21, a n d remains until ApriJ 1 9th. The Sun is exalted in Aries. (Head).
Degrces. T h e Sun in T a u r u s : Gives kindlzeartedness, filcrnriess, determination a n d ambition t o rise above common levels. Peasons born while the Sun is in Taurus are very talented and, therefore, will follow more t h a n one occupation. They usually gain in money or property through relatives. T h e S u n enters Taurus evcry year on April 20, and remains until May 20. (Neck).

3.--90 Degrees, The S t ~ nin Gemini: Gives aj strong flexible

a n d the ability to adapt their talents to many lines. T h e y are aIso fond of travel and dealings with the public. Femoles born under this sign show t w o marriages a n d the birth of twins. The Sun enters Gemini every year on May 21, and remains until June 21. (Lungs.) 9.-121) Degrees. The Sun in Cancerr: Give3 love for home and family, old age security and desire for music and pleasure. Persons born under this sign make qualified lawyem, nursos and political leaders. They usually create their own difficuIties and disappointments unless impatience and restlessness are over come. The Sun enter Cancer every year on June 22, and remains until July 22. (Breast), 5.--151) Degrees. The Sun in Leo: Gives fondness for authority, generous, sympathetic and ambitious. Persons born under this sign a r e endowed with many capabilities. They m a k e fino actors, teachers o r instructors. The S u n enters thls sign every year on July 28 and remains until August 23. (Heart). (i.-180 Degrees. The Sun in Virgo : Gives many talents and 'love of detail. Persons bonl under this sign are musically a n d artistically inclined and are also fond of money and mati\rial gain. Unless careful they are usually unfornate in love and marriage owing to their critical tendencies. They must have someone to encourage them, constantly. The. Sun enters Virgo every year on August 21 and remains until September 22. (Intestines). THE TROPIC ,OFCAPRICORN. 7.-210 Degrees; The Sun in Libra: Gives a sociable, romatic and affectionate nature and a great lover of beauty, art, music. Persons born under this sign are subject to trouble in courtshi and disappointment in m n r r i a g ~They have a powerfu imagination and a strong attachment f o r parents and relatives. They m a also fond of many short journeys. The Sun enters this sign evAly year on September 23, and remains until October 25. (Kidneys), 8.-240 Dagrees. The Sun in Scorpio: Gives pride, A r m mikind and strong character. Persons born under this s i g n will assume many obligations and usually gain money or property through marriage late in life. They are slightly jealous and also aro very sarcastic a t times. They are fond of mysterious investigation. Thc, Sun entcrs this s:gn every year an October 24 and remains until November 22. (Sex).


Degrees. The Sun in Sagittarius: Gives a generous, a lert mind a merry disposition. Pervons born under this sign have many problems t o solve; rather impatient a t times. They a r e f o n d of travel over land and sea. The Sun enters this sign every year on November 23 a n d remains until December 22. (Hips).

Degrees. The Sun in Capricorn: Gives a serious a n d determined nature. Practical and qualified t o direct others. They are fond of t h e psacttical side ,of life, which m a k e s them very prominent. They are also fond of music, d s n cing and entertaining. The Sun e n t e r s this sigh every y e a r on December 23 and ramains until J a n u a r y 19. (Knees). 11.--330 Degrees. The Snn in Aquarius: Gives broad rnindedness, deep sympathies, cautious ,and wisdom in practical affairs of life. They a r e libera1 and gemerous. They are nlways helping relatives or friends. They a r e fond of universal science such as Astrology a n d like extensive travel. The Sun enters this sign every y e a r on J a n u m 20 a n d re-mains until February 19. (Ankles). i2.-360 Degrees. The S u n in Pisces: Gives a restless, changeabIe disposition and a tendency t o g o t o e.utreme in feelings or actions. Parsons born u n d e r this sign a r e very pyschic t o hidden conditions. T h e y are also fond of succe.a and have many responsibilities, b u t they aIso have much hostility through their Iife. T h e Sun enters this sign every year on February 20 and remains until March 20. (Feet). This concludes t h e 12 gates of Iife. As the Sun is the giver of life, w e a r e born into t h e w p ~ l d c-ndowed with wisdom ready f o r cultivation as we slowly. advance. Therefore, t h e interpretation of the Sun in the 12 signs apply to o u r daiIy activities as well-as at birth. The f a c t r e m a i n s that the human body wnstifkltes the 12 signs of the Zod'iacs p a c e and time, Mankind is mind, matter, motion and1 f o m , that measurubly perfects from past memory of its many manifestation in 1ifao Note: George Washington Carver (an Asiatic) p e a n u t genius of Tuskegee Institute, Alabama, wals one of thd g r e a t e s t scientist in the world. Me.mory o r mind never forgets. Mind is the cause of a'lr things; which, therefore, mnites woman the Law of Cause a n d Effect or Evolution. She is responsible f o r the a c h of h e r child.


- 24 0

The more kno\vledge, woman possesses of t h e Zodiac, the wiser t h e child t o be born will be. Woman is t h e great creator of both good a n d evil. THE INTELLZCTUAL ZODICAC.

Bear in mind t h a t the interpretation of t h e Moon, passing through t h e 1 2 signs applies to daily activities as we11 as b i r t h . T h e interpretation of the Moon in each sign is also as i m p a r t a n t to woman as the interpretation of t h e Sun. HEAD I .--.30 Degroes. Moon in Arics :--A Fire Sign : At t h e tim.e of birth, influence.^ a pc~l-sont o be impulsive and extrerncly enthusiastic. ?'hey detest; submitting the~nselvest o s u g e riors. They are susceptible t o fcwer o r h e a d complai~;ts a n d also trouble which rnay corrie through secret affairs. (The Moor) p a ~ s c through ~ 1 2 signs in the course 05 30 d a y s , r e m a i n i n g in one sigll f r o r r ~2 t o 3 days. I t requires seven and one-fourth d a y s f o r the M o o n t o evolve 9 0 cieg;l-ecs-3 sig~ls of t h e Zodiac). Aries is t h e region of steel i n d u s t r y and force of arms. NECK


Degrees. Moon in Taurus:-An Earth Sign: At t h e time of birth gives a persbn a quiet disposition; determination, a n d ambition t o excel in all undel-t-&kings.. They are, usually interested in .music, painting and romance. T h e Moon is exalted in Taurus. Taunua is the region of agriculture, also t h o rnonataxy. or banking system, a x * and science. L;UNGS 3.-90 Degreas. Moon in Gemini:-An Air Sign: A . t h e time of birth gives n person an inclination for all intellectual things. T h e y are very active mentally skillful with their hands and lovers of writing, dmiging, journalism, sculpturing, engraving, salesmanshi y and ts-avel. Gemini is t h e region of social evolution. BREAST CAbiCER IS THE REGION OF ECONOMIC SECURITY 4.-120 Dcgrces. Moon in Cancer:-.-A W a t w Sign: A t t h e tinlc

of birth gives a person love for home, and a powerfuI imagination, emotional, changable, ~ympathe~tic and proud determination. Usually they are interested in drama and intellectual studies. HEART SECOND FIXED ANGLE-MID SUMMER 5.-150 Degrees. Moon in L e o :-A Fire Sign: At the time of birth gives a high mind, good managerial ability and great honest in all business transactions. They are sincere em, favored with t h a opposite sex and loverb of luxury auch as perfumes and fine clothing. They are also capable of assuming authority and responsibility. Leo is the region of atomic power, gold and oil, iron, granite and copper.



6.-180 Degrees. Moon in Virgo :-An Earth Sign : At the time of birth gives a person a p o w 6 1 memory, aidfu19friends and w n y journeys. Th.ey are witty, pemeven'ng and have an inclination towards the, science of metlicinc, auch as

i d 1 uf nations. . (Mid Fall) T h e "Swasttika." HIPS. fl.-270 Degrees. Moon in Sagittarius:-A Fire Sign: A t the time of birth gives a person a tendency f o r quick action and decision, restlmttness. They,are unsettled although kind-hearted. They are faithful workers. They are also

Degrees. Moon in Libra:-An Air Sign: At the time of birth gives a person a talent f o r music and art;. They are very popular, affectionate, and undergo strong friendship. Libra i s the region of the jury and'judges 0%naMons, SEXUAL ORGANS THIRD FIXED ANGZE-MID FALL 8.-240 Degrees. Moon in Scorpio : A W&er Sign :At the time of birth gives a person, great courage and fondness f o r qaterial things of life. They are hard Oo fnffuence against their o w n will. They are very out-epoken, and at times very extravagant which causes ditl.icnlty in courtship o r marriage. They are also subject to trouble aver legacies. scorpfo it3 the &on of surgery, biology, botsny, ohernisw, milita?ry and eplfbaling, atso pavigation-sex and 7.-210

fond of sport, travel, and have an inclination towards mysticism. Sagittarius is t h e region of physical manifestation upon the plane o$lif&number 9, CAPRICORN IS THE REGION O F THE BIRTH OF UNTON O F ROME. 10.-300 Degrees. Moon in Capricorn:-An Earth Sign: At the time of birth gives a perrson administrative ability, good reasoning powers and they are ideali~t~ic. They usually undergo some difficulty in connection with associates or marriage. ANKLES FOURTH FIXED ANGLE--MID WINTER 11.-330 Degrees. Moon in Aquarius:-An Aiy Sign: A t the time of birth give a parson good imagination and institution and broadmindedneas. They are fond of luxury and t r a w l and also interested in national affairs, good company, and have inclination toward the science of Astrology. At times, they usually undergo slight nervous derangements. Aquarius is the region of electronics and uranium, often referred to as "Fourth Dimention"-the Rise of Civilization. 12.-360 Degrees. Moon in Pisces : A Water Sign : At the timp of birth gives a person a retiring and pleasant disposition. At times they are easily discouraged, restltss, and impatient; they a r e fond of scientific study and romance. They are also endowed with the power to offaet the aim of secrat enemies. Pisces is the region which completes the circle of creation, and shows how the law of unity works universarlly. You may refer to an up-to-date Almanac in ordeir to And what sign thel Moon is in during'each month lihroughout thel year.

THE L A W OF HARMONY,-THE FOUR TJUNITIES OF CREATION. Fire, Air, Water and Earth are the four Trinities of Creation. Air and Fire Signs h a m o n i z e ; Water and Earth S g n s harmonize, Always. And out pemons birth sign in order % see their sign is in harmony with your sign. You are advised t o see what sign the Moon is in when conception taken place; then read the interpretation of the Moon while it is in each sign, until t h e child is barn. Thei influence of the Sun and Moon in the 12 signs molds. the general character of your child. Therefore, your knowledge of t h e influence of tbe

Sun and Moon in t h a 12 signs of the Zodiac, from conception to birth, enables you to help your child rnolld greater character through your power of thought^ a d concentration ; often referred to as the "power of mind over matter."-wisdom. KnowIedge of t h e Zodiac envolving Women, Children, Moon, Sun or k a r t h might, therefore, be t e r m 4 "Clock of Destiny." Thc. great span of ones active life lies between woman and Earth,-from birth to disintegration, reiferred to as: death. All children come into t h e world! by way of woman and pass out by way of t h e Earth. Do you agree? THE FNE SONS O F DESTINY 1.--Joseph S t d i n : Conception occured while the Sun w a s in Aries, which resultod in the birth of Stalin when the Sun entered Sagittarius with the Moon in Aries (1879). 2.-BeniCo Musolini: . Conception occured while t h e Sun was in Sagittarius, which resultred in t h e birth of Musolini when the Sun entered Leo, with the Moon in Gemini (1883). 3.-Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Conception occured while the Sun was in Gemini. which resulted in the bii-th of Rooskvelt when the Sun entcred Aquarius, with t h e Moon in Cancer. (1882) 4.-Emperor Hirohito: Conception occured while the Sun n t # ~ ebirth of Hirohi4.a when t h e was in Virgo, which resulted i Sun entcred Tauru8,-'with the Moon in Virgo (1901). 5.-Adolf Hitler: Conception occured while the Sun was in Virgo, which reeulted in t h e birth of Hit& when the Sun enter ed Taurus, with the Moon in Capridorn (1889). The women who created those five Rons possessed scientific knowledge of the' 12 signs of the Zodiac, which enabled them to educate t h d r son3 during their 9 months maturity by studying the science of Astrology; thereby freeing the world of t of nature false doctrines, f e a r and hypocracy. The g ~ e a cycle was closed on all fiction, mythology, theology and hypocracy commonly known as: Democr~y-"Our way of Life," in 1941. Musolini, Hitler and Hkohito mere born into the world with tne same asslgnmont, T h a t fa t h e basic rerreon why t h e y son of t h e "Roman Axw-the formed the Axis triangle-the son of the German "Hatchet and Iron Cross"--and the son of the "Sword," Hi*, convwted the Christian m & i c "Iron Cross" Into the rnyiffic "Swatika," a n d forced t h e CM$tiian nations of the world to derestroy their own economic and social foundations through f e a r and the lack of knowledge and understanding Roosevelt and Stalin were endowed with the same assignmknt, Sltalia re-educated t h e massea of Russia t o the reali-

:.ation t h a t the Earth is a community; and tQlatequal and practical education, production and distribution, food, clothing, shelter, human equality, social freedom, malrriage according to ones choice and desire, and recreation are the highest attainment of Ilu~nanexistnnce. While the peoyie of the United Stakes of Arneil'crt concentrated upon race, color, class, creed, t h e myth of "white and black" people blood, and the fear of Russia Redism. Roosevelt took advaatage of bheir ignorance and put us all o n an equal economic basis by issuing Ration Books Nos. 1, 2, 3 a n d 4. During which period every person could practically tell w h a t the other had to eat. You arc, advJsed to read the interpretation of t h e Sun a n d 3Ioon in the Birth Sign of each of t h e Five Sons, namely: Joseph Stalin, Benito Musolini, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Emperor Ilirohito and Adolf Hitler. You and I were also born into the world. endowed with :in assignment. I am on duty now. W h a t are you dbing to m a k e t h e world a better place in which to live? ONE NEVER KNOW BY BEING TOLD SO TAKE TIME OUT, FIGURE FOR' YOURSELF Minutes, de.qreeu or Meridians involving global geography a s shown in the 12 signs of the Zodiac (from Aries to P i ~ c e s )which describe the measurement of time, 1. The Earrth's axis to its orbit, rotates a t t h e rate of 1 degree every 4 minutes; which equals a geographical span of 60 niiles. Sixty rninutcl3 (or 1 hour) equals 15 degrees, a geographical span of 900 milres. 120 minutes (or 2 hours) equals 30 deFrees a geographical span of 1800 miles. Each sign of the Zodiac from Aries to Pisces constitutes 30 degrees each. The Sun remains in each sign of t h e Zodiac a duration of 2 h o u ~ s .12 hours a day equals 180 degrees and 1 2 hours a n k h t also equals 180 degrees. Thus, a day and night equal 360 degrees. Time changes (:very 1 5 degrees during the 24 hours of the d a y andl night24 x 16 equals 360. T h e numb@ 60 is t h e key geagraphy, therefore, you a r e advised t o always multiply degreeri ( . o r Meridians) of geography by t h e figure 60, f o r accuracy.
Example :
16 degretm)

x 60 900 miles


The second motion of the Earth in harmony with t h e Sun, rising in t h e Northern Hemis phere and setting in t h e Southern, which

- 29 -

marks t h e months, the four seasons, and years during its annual revolution of 360 degrees. The Vernal Equinos or the Summer Solstice (March 2 1 and June 21.) 2. The Earth's axis to its orbit evolves about the Sun at the rate of 1 degree per day, 30 degrecs per mon$h, 90 degrees in the course of 3 months, 120 degrees in the crourse of 4 months. I50 degrees in the course of 5 months, and 180 de&ees in the course of 6 months; which governs the Spring and Summer seasons on the Tropic of c a n c e r in the Northern Helmisplhere. The signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo, govern the Northern Hemisphere-the top of the world--called the "Crest of AsiaH-180 degrees on t h e as Oriental (or East) in Islam, t h e Order of the Asiatic Nation. THE FALL EQUINOX AND THE] WINTER SOLSTICE SEPTEMBER 23 AND DECEMBER 21. The Earth's axis to its orbit in hmmony with the s u n , crosses the Equator in the ~ e ~ v e n t sign h Libra, on the Tr'opic of Capricorn, in the Southern Hemisphere to complete the circle of 360 degrees. The signs: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn Aquarius a n d Pisces govern t h e Southern Hemisphere (called t h e Trouth of Europa or Occidental the bottom of the world, referred to as (West) in Christianity, the order of the Europoan Nations, There are only two ends t o a pole. Thus, the North Pole is East, which is always Up, duri5lg t h e Earth's annual revolution of 360 degrees, and t h e South Pole is always Down, during t h e Earth's annual revolution 'of 360 degreea. All of which equal a geog~aphical span of 21,600 miles. 860 degrees, multiplied by 60 equals 21,600 miles. (10,800 milw i n t h e Nptthern Hemisphere, 180 degree$ and 10,800 miles in the Sout$~en?Hkmisphere, 180 degree&) (Fod accuracy multiply t h e degrees by 60.)


On March 21, t h e Sun crossea t h e Equator into t h e sign of Aries, on t h e Tropic of Cancer in the Northern H e m i ~ p h e ~ ra et , Sumatra, East India. On J u n e 21, the Eax%h's a& h a s its greatest inclination t o t h e Sun at right angle of 90 degrees. T h e Arst Full Moon a f t e r March 21, t h e Christian Nations celebrate Eas1 days after June 21, ter, referred to as: the Great Passover. 1 the Sun is in the sign Cancer, which culIIllinates 1 0 1 degrees.

Here the Christian Order celebrates its Day of Independence, July 4th. On September 23 the Sun crosses the Equator into the seventh sign, Libra on t h e Tropic of Capricorn, in the Southern Hemisphere at a point in Brazil, nearly due North of Obidos on the Amazon River. Thus, on September 26, t h e Founders of the Order of the Cross ( o r Chri~tianit~y) celebrate their New Year. The,y a r e called "Jews" and it was they who control'ed world commerce of t h e R o m a i Order until 1941. THE CHRISTIAN CELEBRAT;CVE DATES WAS ESTABLISHED BY THE "JEWS." On November 21, the rays of the Sun have cuqlminated i n i h e eighth sign, Scorpio, 240 degrees of the Zodiac. Thus, on Novemher 21st o r 25tlh, t h e "Eagle" L e g i m a ~ yCaslte-4he head of the Christian Order--celebrate Thajlksgiving. The first Thanksgiving ever held occured on November 26, 1795, after Ihe decisivo victory of t h e Battle of Lake Erie. From which res;lted in t h e fall of t h e Moorish Navy on the Great Lakes. On December 20, t h e Earbh's axis to f s obit, in h a r m o n y with the Sun, has declined 270 degrees of th'e Zodiac, which culminates in t h e ninth sign, Sagittarius, the sign which s q u a r e s the aurface of t h e Earth. T h e rays of the Sun enters the, t e n t h sign, C a p r i c m , on December 21sL at a point on the Tropic of Capricorn, South of Windhock, in Southwest Africa (X). T h u s , 011 December 26th, t h e various castes of the Roman Order c e l e Lrate the Birth of the mythical "Chriet" and "Santa Claus." On March 17, t h e Earth's axis has evolved its 367 d e g r e e s in t h e twelfth sign, Pisces. Thus. on March 17, t h e Arm G u a r d s "Saints" of t h e Roman Cr0~1s. Order, celebrates its "Saints" Day. which occulg three days, or degreea before t h e 9 u ; n crosses t h e Equator into t h e aign Aries, on the Tropic of Cancer, in tHe Northern Hemisphers. Thus, on March 20, t h e Earth h a s completed its annual revolution of 860 degrees, which culminate in the geographical rogion of t h e Indian Ocean and Java, Es& India. The celebrative datee of t h e Roman Order was established by t h e Jury ( o r Jows) f o r p ~ l i t i c a l and commerical purposes. None of the Roman Ckoss caste can sell the "Jewe" anything for their New T e a r celebration, on September 26th, sad neither on their Paas-Over celebration and their Christmas.




The measurement of time and geography was shifted f r o m the United State8 t o Greenwich, England in 1884. S t a n d a r d

-- 81

time is measured from Denver, Colorado, United States of America. ON THE EQUATOR. And the upper half of the one world which. has caused much bloodshed, destruction and sorrow over since the fuddy skin Patagonian blond people has dominated the world. Ri.ver Ncgro, 0bidos, o r , Manaos, in South America ; Belgian Congo; Kenya, Africa; Sumatra and Borneo, East India, lies on shortest distance between two pointa is s the Equator,-"The ,straight line." 15 DEGREES NORTH LATITUDE.


THE LIFE.BELTO F TH'E ASIATIC NATION, WORLD CONFLICT 111. Guatemala, Central America and the Caribbean Sea: Snegal, Africa ; AngIo ; Egyptian; Makalla, Arabia ; the Arabian Sea ; Danglore, India ; Siam ; Philippine Islands and across the Pacific Ocean to Central America, lie on the circie of 15 degrees,


La pazo, Lower California; Tampico, Mexico; Havana, Clubs (or Isabdla) ; Wadi Haifa, Egypt; Mecca, Arabia ; CaIcutta, India ; Burma ; Canton, China ; Wake Island ; Hawaii Island and across the Pacific Ocead to the outllek of the California Gulf, lie on the Tropic of Cancer. 30 DEGREES NORTH LATITUDE. THE LIFE BELT OF THE ASIATIC NATION Hermosillo, Mexico ; New Orland, Louisiana) Tallahaasw, Filorida; Cairo, Egypt; Delhi, India; Mt. Ever&$; Hanchow, China; Pearl Idland (in the 'Pacific Ocean) and across to California, United Statea, lie on the circle, of 30 degtrees, No* Latitude. 40 DEGJ%EXB NORTH LATITUDE. THIS GEOGRAPHICAL BELT ENVOLVES THE "CROWN" O F THE ROMAN NATIONS OF THE WORWD TODAY. Fresno, California ;Denver, Colorad" ;SpringAeJd, IIIinois ; Columbus, Ohio ; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Wheeling, West Virginia and acroaJ t h e Atlantic Ocean to Madrid, Spain; Flens, France; Larissa, Greece; Turkey and Korea; the Sea of Japan and across the PaciAc Ocean to Horth California, United States. lie on the circle of 40 degrees, Nodh Latitude. Thm geographical circle line of 40 degrees North Latitude envolvm World War 111,-the last conflict of the Roman World fro&..yhich will mark the very end of human warfare, and the restomtion of

civilization. (Islam) o r " IAM," the ever present Son of woman. 45 DEGREES NORTH LATITUDE

Yellow Stone National Park;St. Paul, Minnesota; Ottawa, Canada; Nova Scoria; across the Atlantic Ocean ta Bergemce, France ; Milan, Italy; Jugoslavia; Neuchatel, Austria ; t h e Black Sea ; t h e Caspian Sea ; Mongolia ; Harbin ; Manchuria ; Wakknnai; the Empire of J a p a n ; and across t h e Pacific Ocean; t o Portland, Oregon, North America, lie, orq the Circle of 45 degrees, North Latitude. 54 DEGREES NORTH LATITUDE THE BELT O F WORLD CONFLICT 111 Labrador, North Canada; across the Atlantic Ocean to t h e Eritish Isles; Dnnzig, Germany; ~ o l a n ' d ; U. S. S. R.; Bearing S e a ; the Alaskan Gulf; and t h e Cascade Mountains in North Canada lie on the Circle of 54 65 DEGREES NORTH LATITUDE (ARCWC CIRCLE) THE BELT OF WORLD CONFLICT I11 Greenland; Iceland ; Norway; Finland ; U. S. S. R., ; Alaska and Northern Canada lie on the Circle of 65 degrees, North Latitude. 80 DEGREES NORTH LATITUDE Grantland, North Canada and Greenland lie on the Circle of 80 degrees, North Latitude, a u n d t h e Magnet North Pola From the Equator (in South America) t o the top of Greenland equals 80 degrees. This multiplied by 60, equal a geographical span of 4,800 miles. Fresno, California: Denver, Colorado; Springfield, Illinois ; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania lie 16 degrees apart. Time changes every 16 degrees or evejry hour. THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE, BELOW THE EQUATOR THE BASIN OF WORLD CONFLICT I11 Peru; Bolivia; Brazil; North Rhodessia, South Africa; Madagasca; Darwin, Australia; the Coral Sea and acroaa the Pacific Ocean to Bolivia, South America lie on thel Circle of 1 6 degrees, South Latitude. TROPIC O F CAPRICORN 24 DEGREES, SOUTH LATITUDE THE BASIN OF WORLD CONFLXCT 111 Oran (Patagonia) o r Argentina ;P u a q u a y ;Rio de Janeiro ; Southwest Africa, F'r., Madagasca; Queenland, Australia; a n d across t h e Pacific Ocean, back to Patagonia lie o n #e n o p i c of Capricorn, 24 degrees South Latitude.
-- 3s

40 DEGREES SOUTH LAmTUDE THE BASIN OF WORLD CONFLICT In. Patagonia or Argentina and Melbourne, Australia, lie on t h e Circle of 40 degrees South Latitude.
45 DEGREES SOUTH LATITUDE New Zealand and Argentina or Patagonia lie on the Circle 45 degrees South Latitude.


Cape Horn, Patagonia lies on t h e Circld of 55 d,egt-ees South Latitude. From the top of Greenland to the bottom of Patagonia, comprise 135 degrees; which covers a geographical span of 8,100 miles. Ramember, always multiply deg'rees in Geography and Astrology by the figure 60, which is your madter key of civilization. This concludes in brief the geographical locations8of t h e lower half of tlhe world, which is composed of more water than land. On the contrary, the upper half of the world is cbmposed of more land than water. You now have A n t hand sciehtific knowledge of t h e direct cause of human warfme, bloodshed and destruction. THE ANCLENT BLUE NILE, AND THE: WHITE N D RIVER The Pacific Ocean is the ancient "Blue Nile River" referred to a s the Sea of t h e "Rising Sun.'-Spring and summer temperatures. The Atlantic Ocean is the ancient "White Nile River" and Winter referred to as t h e Sea of the, "Setking! Sun,"-Fall h ' e Gulf of Mexicd is t h e fountain of air and temperatures. T water current supply or circulation. Thus, the knowledge of the 12 signs of the Zodiac is often ref erred W as the ''3'0untain of Youth," because such knowledge preveata one from growing old in d n d , or ensIaved to impradical traditions involving emotional religious fear and superstition, refierred to as drunk off "winec'VVhe symbolizes f aIse doctrine and water m b o l i z e s humanity. The science of the 12 signs of the Zodiac has proven .that the sun shines eqnany upoa the earth fn the c o m e of 12 monthb, which deajgnatea one world, one race--the human far~lilyis equa??y dependent upbn the other for exkstance, p~ogr8ssand the pursuit of happinem. Thus, the earth is a great community f o r the human family from which is derived the. terknt (Communist) the oldest phrase of creadon. "Let US commune together." The science of the 12 signs of t h e Zoaac have also pmven that the philosophy of Christ and the place e d l d "l?algat.ina"

....... .

are together t h e greatest and most detrimental fallacy t h a t t h e world has ever known. EGYPT The t e r n "Egypt" implies productive soil in t h e Northern Hemisphere, especially United States of America and Canada--Upper and Lower Egypt. The "white" sons and daughters went t o Egypt by t h e stroke of t h e pen. THE HEAD-DRESS O F OUR MOORISH FOREFATHERS The red "Fez" with t h e symbol of t h e S t a r a n d Crescent, or Moon, without t h e symbol of the sword, i,s t h e head-dress of t h e Moors in this hemisphere. The Moorish "Fez" represent! t h e supreme height of wisdom and practical knowledge of t h e science of t h e 12 signs of the, Zodiac--the Universal Law and Constitution upon which civilization is founded. Today, t h e r e d "Fez" of the cultured Moors is worn by t h e "white sons" wizards of the Order of Christ, namely : t h e Protestants, Methodist, Baptists and t h e "Jury" or Jewish, of t h e United States of America. The red "Fea" worn by', these sons have the S t a r and Crescent, with t h e symbol of a sword on top, which represents t h e subjugation of t h e Moorish women. T h e Christian Bible is the book of t h e "deadM--dead image worship The t e r m "Mason" implies master, (messen) or mesenger, which simply means one who possesses scientific knowledge of t h e works of n a t u r e a s shown in t h e 12 signs of t h e Zodiac. Such knowledge makes one conscious of t h e f a c t t h a t his universal mind makes him f r e e to propagate truth contrary to s?crets, falsehood and impe~rialism.




or North and South. THE LAW OF GRAVITATION, WHAT GOES UP ALSO COMES DOWN. In Christian religious mythology, the Earth is referr& t o a~the "Appl&'*
8 6 -

The above C u t constitutes the real book,-the "Holy Koran" adso the real picture of Mohammed. The Mosfaans have never painted the picture of Mohammed in the likeness of a son of a woman. S ~ c h painting fg of the.Chrftlan zrtists of deception. Having read the complete geography of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, the above symbols of the eaath, revolving about the Sun g i v e s you a tangfable ilfuartrstjorm o f LstSade North ahd South of the Equator. The curved I b n ~ as shown leading from the North Pole to the Sonth Pols describe the honrIy rotation of the Earth which measures the 24 h o w of thedgg, and are referred to a8 "Longitude"-Ea& and Wed or Sp&g and Fan. The circled lines aa shown connecting with rsys of the'sun, describe the m o n t h and seasons of the year and are referred to as "Latitude Nosth an$ ]Latitude South*'umrntw and Winter

1st slice constitutes the Spring Season, March 2 1 to J u n e 21-90 degrees. T h e 2nd slice constitutes the summer season, June 22 to September 22-180 degrees. The 3rd slice constitutes degrees. the Fall Season, September 23 t o December 20-270 T h e 4th slice constitutes the Winter Season, December 21 t o March 20-360 degrees. The myth of "Adam and Eve" and the "Tree of Forbidden Fruit" is also founded upon the Earth's annual revolution of 360 degrees. T h e circling Earth, crossing the Equator, into t h e Northern Hemisphere on t h e Tropic of Cancer, on March 21, and recrossing the Equated, into t h e Southern Hemisphere on the Tropic of Capricorn on September 23, is referred to in Christian mythology as "Snake or Serpent." And in science as "Sorpentine." Be wise as the Serpent." The above digram speaks one ~miversallanguage, also equals the power of ton thousand words i l l terms of concrete facts. Where do we go from here? The preceding diagram has proven t h a t the: Earth is all there is in life for t h e human family. It is both Moon and S u n ; and because of this fact, contains all t h e elements of na.ture. Thereforo, it is the great atomic power house and cannot be destroyed by atomic bombs. The atomic bomb h a s already done its constructive work by destroying the mysthical doctrine of t h e Christian Nations of the world, involving t h e "whito" son "Christ" upon the cross. I t is not t h e atomic bomb which t h e Christians f e a r ; but t h e scientific truth. Tktus, t h a t which t h e Christians of the United States of America h a v s dreaded t h e most, has a t last come upon them. You might ask yourself this question: Where do the Christains go from here? Remdmber, t h e dead "white" son idol is t h e last political God weapon of the "lily white" world. Scientific facts, o r truth, is sharper than a two-edged sword: so give back to t h e Christians, that which belongs t o them; namely: t h e Bible, the Church, t h e "Christ and Mary" idol, a n d names such as Negro, colored, black, -can, Indian, Yellow and Red race, or people, and accept Pour own culture 6 s shown in this book. You will then go down in global h h t o r y as winning t h e greate& victory over t h o evil tradition of white supremacy that the world has ever known. I t is t r u e that the, Christians control commerce, the atomic bomb, industry, production, distribution; munition plants, l a b o r unions a n d a powerful military force; a 1 1 of which cannot compete with t h a t great Body of Truth as shown in the illustrated 12 signs of the Z o d i a w h a r p e r than a two-edged sword. Let

us win the victory of peace, justice and human equality, without firing a gun.. Remember, we a r e "Asiatics," t h e majority of t h e
human family; and the "white people" are "E~opeans"-the minority of the human family, who have urrfortunately dkclined to an a11 time low, mentally, morally and physicaIly. This h a s made' them blind tx~truth, and are murdem, criminals, otheirwise, by trade. Sixty percent of their cdlture over t h e radio involves crime and murder. The other forty percent irs shown in actual reality, involving color, racial prejudice, dkkrirnhation, segregation and human injustice. Therefore, they badly need our help and the onIy way t h a t we can help them is t o denouce t h a t which thev have, t a u g h t us to believe, and accept o u own ~ cult;ure, (Science). We! gebt out of life as good as we create. Whdn we rely upon others to study the smlteb of nature, and think and act f o r us, t h e n w e have created in life for ourseIves thaQ which is termed "hell." So study science, and support your constructive thoughts by positive action. Thereby solve your own economic prbblems. As it ,stands today t h e Asiatics of t h e U. S. A,, a r e begging a n d aelying upon t h e "white people" to solve their economic problemsRemember, beggers have no choice. So, "let the dead bury t h e ticad Thereby realize t h e fact t h a t you me one among the living Asiatic Nation-the fathcra of civilization-Warn.


T h e foundation of the Dollar System, of the[ U. S. A., was handed down by the Moorish Nation. That is the basic reason why the U. S. Dollar has ranked superior over all other m,oney uf the Christian nations of the world today. The picture of the. Satagonian blond woman on U. S Money, automatically made the "white woman" the head "God" of the Christian dorld of corruption and crime. "In God We Trust" on the U. S. Money is tangiable evidence. T~arte Blanche" (French) which defines in English as: Full Permission, "En Masse" (French) which is

defined in Engll~h as : One Body-'CE-pluribus-'~num,~ oppbse to 'truth, human justice and moral prlnciples,-Chriatianity.

The above cut constitntes the scientific symbol of the, 12 signs of the Zodiac. Thy are often &erred tu as the 'Tools o! 'the Ma8t-e~'Builders" of civilization: which simply implies Y'w~mem and aonsW-you and me, Islam or "I Am" the 'eve? Dresent Law of oral principle and perfection.

The inalterable fact is thalt all relfgioua supemtition and

secret order superstition of the entire hum= family of the world

of today is founded upon the above scientific sym4ols. The universal truth has been crucifie,d by falsehood. Iq other words secret ordor and religious superstition, (Christianity) or isms. SYMBOL No. 1 UNIVERSAL (ISLAM.) angle of 90 deSymbol No. 1, represents the square-an gress--or the 4th part of a circle. The Levell and! Plbmb are symbols of the three basic principles of our being. They (enter) into everything of a phy~icalnature, and a*: namely: (Spirit or Life). (Mind or wotion) and (Substance, Form or Matter). (Life, Mind and Form) symbolizes the great Mangle. The number 9 represents t h e law of fulfillment, also universal physical manifestation on the plane of life. 3 h t o 9 equals 3 times. This division of 9 envolves the 3rd and the 33rd de.grees, all of which boils down to t h e (THREE) or 3 degrees of (Life, Mind apd Form.;) Here is Wow the 33rd degrees are built:, (3x3). We omit t h e time sign, which results in f 3 3 ) , all there is (3x3 equals 9). This process h'as cleares up th'a mystery, of the Christian 33rd degrees SYMBOLS Nos. 2 and 3 UNJ'VERSAL (ISLA M.) Symbol No. 2 represents t h a Level or Negative. Symbol No. 3 represents the, Line or Positive. As we a r e Negative whem sleeping on the Level, and are Positive when a w a k e and standing erect, it is important we understand these principles of our being, and what our thoughts are doing for us when we go from the, Level t o the perpendicular or the Negative to the Positive. They have made u s what we are now, manifesting in t h e age of universal truth-the atomic age. SYMBOL No. 4 UNIVERSAL (ISLAM.) Symbol No. 4 represents the great triangle,-the .supreme height of our universal mind and wisdom, perfection and moral principles. often referred to in our rdllgion of Islarn mystery a s "Mecca;" and in tlhe European, or "white people" religion of Golgotha-thel Christian mystery as "Vblcan, Calvary-Mount place of the skull o r pyramid, The preced'mg triangular symbol is on t h e reverse aide of a United State One Dollar Bill of 1928. The following is the Arabic language of the kinky-haired Moorish wornan who founded the ordeq of Islam upon mathematics, the Square, an Angle, t h e Level and the Plumb and t h e Great Triangle, thirteen hundred and sixty-seven years ago.

."Jaal Haqqu

W u


"The Truth has

Come." "Aria'] Haqq" : translation :-"I Am the Truth." "Inni AnalIahu La Iliaha I11a Ana"-translation: "Truly I Am "God" .&sides h.le There is no Other." Yes, the kinky-haired Asiatic woman is the GOD of humanity. The following is t h e great phrase on the Dollar of the Moorish woman prior to the rise of t l?e order of Rome. Allah Tau Ka1t"-translation : " 1 n God 'Have I Trusted" hamely : self with moral principle. ZERO REPRESENT THE CIRCLE OF 360 DEGREES ZERO IS THE SYMDOL OF THE EARTH, "OUT OF

1. One into 360 degrees equals 360 times. This division makes the penny tho master of the Dollar System, universally. 2. T w o into 360 degreos equals 180 times, This division represent t h n scales of weight in the category of commerce and distribution. 2. Three into 360 degrees equals 120 times. This division represent the great triangle,--the height of economic and social progress. 2. Four into 360 degrees equals 90 times. This division regresent tho square ah angle of 90 degrees or the fourth part of the Earth, and the Dollar--the wheel of progress. 6. Six into 360 degrees equals 60 times. This division represent the G O minutes of the hour, also organized labor. 7. Swen into 360 degrees equals 5 1 times and 3 over. This divinasion represent the brain trust of organized labor-the tion, ''wom rtzl ." F. Eight into 360 degrees equals 45 tjmes. This division represcat the 8 b u r s per day envolving labor unions, also t h e angle of events envolving economics and military procedure --the sobs of war death and destruction, Christanity, 8. Nine into 360 degrees equals 40 times. This division represent the mamlifetrtation tof the higher mind on, the, physical and mental plane of being-the highest Law of Islam, which simply means "I Am'' the Univepal Moral' Law,'namely: You and Me-the sons of the Asiatic woman, the great God of tho humah family, who declared some thirteen hundred and sixtyseven years ago: ''Inhi Anallahw Lru Illaha Illa Ana"-Truly I Am God-Allah, Be~idelsMe There is no Other. The Asiatic woman is definitely not a secret nor mystery. She i s a reality,-the living God of humanity,

-- 41

12. Twelve info 860 d e a e e s equaIs 30 times. This division represent t h e 12 divisions of the year, referred to as: months. Twelve completes t h e circle of creation on' this planet, namely: Earth, aqd shows. how t h e Law of Agreement o r anity worlra UNIVERSALLY. T h e number twelve reduces t o thrae as: (1) and (2) equals (3). Three into nine equals three times. And three into twelve equals four times. T h u s three represcats the three months of each season. And four represents t h e four seasons of t h e y e a r d p r i n g , Summer, Fall and Winter-all these is. Having obeerved t h e diagram of t h e Earth's axis to its orbit, reflecting 1 2 diffwent Cresc e n t or Moon shape Iight and, darkness during its annual re.volutlon of 360 degreea. You shouId by reason become awaken t o this fact: You youl-self are t h e so-caIIed g r e a t secret, and "Pass-word," and mystery. T h e daughters and sons of t h e "lily white" nations of the Roman Order+ h a s been obligated to die beifo~othey awaken the\ Asiatics of the U. S. A., to t h e scientific rudiments of t h e for'egone Islamic Law. The writer as an Asiath'c in harmony with his Law. The preceding division of nine and' 1 2 by t h e figure three represcantt h e (Circle Seven) of t h e science of ISLAM. (3) and ( 4 ) equals (7). Thus the great mystery of t h e world has past away to never return. (IsIam or I Am). W h e n we ernpIoy t h e phrase "I Am," we have expressed t h e highest phrase' of creation, n a m e I ~ :OurseIves which symbolizes t h e letter one (1) o r (.I). L& us f a c e facts as follows: THE ASIATIC WOMAN IS "GOD" AND I AM T m SON OF "GOD."
0 1 2 8 6 6
7 8 9 0

If you should attempt t o eatablhh an argument against this ab~olute code of mathematical and alphabetica1 facts, then you might be considered as t h e Iiving dead, t h a t is mentally dead, o r insane. Welf, dne t o religious mystery 95% of t h e popuIation of the U. S. A., wit1 attempt t o establish an argument against t h e preceding absolute facts. The powcr of religious auperatition has unfortunately made t h e U. S. A., an insane institution. Highfy educated holding utles of degrees such as: A. B., A. M., PHD., LLD., S. B. & S. M. But unfortunataly lo& f o r lack of common sense o r rational reaspning. Have you ever stop to:think t h a t common sense is the very height of science?



y o u r house, and hvish t o I;nov~t11.ecor-rect m~:a.sitr.en~cnt of pa:>:irn e e d e d ; all you h a v e t o d o is 1ne;'isure t h e f l o o ~ on ~ I i i c h:yvc;l: ' atand, So also, if you vvish to know thd cc~.~,ri:tct rr~easurerr!.:r:k: c ~ fthe c n t i y e u n i v e r s ~ ,the whcilo of cr;cntio.n-.-.-.s~!ncc >.nd tin-i?:b. (:, All you I I ~ V Cto ? d o is mc:lsur-0 t h e E a ~ t h on M " ! ! i ; : ! ~ Y O U IIvc. q' . 'number ten represent t h e letter ( X ) : the 1et:c-r (X)r?pl.-esefit the Earth's axis t o its orbit cjurilag its annua.1 ~-e\:olut,ion of 3 6 ? r l cgrees--.--the "Level and t h e Plusijb," !'CVkile t h e stipcrstit io:i;<'hloalen~generations w ero fighting and dcstrouilsg one arzolhe: ct\:er superst;itious r e l i ~ i o u : title& ~ oje ~[aiomhip. The r u d d y yn.1;. s k i n daughters slid solis resorted t,o science- -.the posi.ti\:e r:ui..i.:.., be'r (10)--(X) and rose to wor41d!-r: as a ~ e s u l of t tlr::: 'Moslems ignorance of their owxi Sciel~tificUnivel-ual IJ~~'i. L r.13 positive (10) or (X)symbolizes the "@ro~s"-.,--the Earth's axis 'kt) .its orbit all there is-,-.positive - - plus.

or enr: t;oa?th, 01.1~ f r o m ten eqr~als nine. HOW TO S01,VE ? ' M I ! : RIT'>DI,E O F 'n"l:EF.l 'I_JI?'X'lrEl"lSE;:. : Fo? inutanco if yo11 wrtre to -paper t h e ceiling of a .rfic)ri?(::?

360 degrees equals 36 times. This d'ivisioa repyysent t h e 36 incho-3 of t h e yard of the' measurement of m a L terial and geographical sj:lace. Threle times 12 equa!s 3 6 . which reduces t;o the n n r ~ ~ nine h e ~ as : (3) and ( 6 ) eqtaii!; (9). The rlurnber ten ritprccent t h e rna~~ifi?~;ta.tion of ti;<: Negative and t h e Posi-Live forces of n a t u r e . No ten';E~~ a::..)

DISEASE WHICI-1 ME:%)ICTK;:E CAN NOT CtIUE . A n a l g a r n a t i o n is the orlly cure f o r the "white peoples" disease. Had not t'he:Daught;ers of the Revolution esJcablisl.lci2. the Romah Code of isolatior~fiom t h e Moorish, o r Asiatic s o : ! : ; ,

d a t e the "lily w11it;e" people. Ncitlrer h ~ n~edical g science discovered a cure for the three diseases. here fore, the (D. A . Ft. 'Codo) has cn-used thc "lily whitcl" people of the world t o decline t o a n all time low ment,ally, muril.lly and pI.~y~ic:illy, (CRT?vf 12) . l.,cprosy is ref orred t o as "'Lasn:r*uu" in the Christian Bible, TITE DISEASES SUCH AS I,EPROSY, T.B., A N D SYPHIl.,TS WAS UNICNOWN 1'lZIC)Tr TO T31E CRTJATION OF' TI113 I>'I,CjND T E ' 0 l'I&J. Ehi: creation of tho r u d d y skin blond hairy boi!iiz.c.! bons, The disc:iscs ~ ~ m ~ ll c yp'~:o s y T. , B., R I I ~syp11'ili~ w c ~ : ~ . . unknowu to the khky-:h-nircd laoxivy olivp hue o r darli.-i.xilr::,; s l r l n Asiatic ~~qt!:oal,

the di.stnscs such 3s: lepi-c:jiiy, tuhct~culrruiu :ind syphilis wc, Favo been cIestx*oyed th.roug).1 amalga.xrtation. T o d a y , there arci not enough hospital$, I n ~ t i t u ~ ior* r ~p ~r s isor~ to ~ XCCOYYI:KLIC:..



% .

KnowIedge of bioIogy, anatomy, organic chemistry, Pigmentation, B o h n ~ and Electronics,-the Magnet Law of oppcsite attraction e;n~*oIving steel and iron elements. Influenced the Asiatic Scientist: bearing t h e name. of (YAQUB KUSH OR CLjSH) to creato the ruddy skin .sons through animalistic experimentation so as to manifest the great human (Boquct) through a measurable process of global amalgamation uvi h t h e Asiatic nation. Yaqub's creative human and animalistic experimentation had its beginning in t h e geographical mountian regions of Yenezula, Yucatan and Hunduras of Central America, embracdng the Gulf of Mexico, t h e Caribbean Sea and the: Pacific Ocean. Which resulted in t h e fall of civilizakion to rise again through ignorance, superstition, human hatred, amalgamation, medical science, human.warfare, bloodshed, destruction, starvation and sorrow. Such is t h e great price humanity has paid f o r the human (Boquet). . THE ASIATIC WOMEN SCIENTISTS ARE RESPONSIBLZ FOR YAQUB'S SUCCESS. T h e Asiatic women scientists agreed to amalgamate with Yaqub's first m a t i o n of ruddy skin sons, from which resulted in t h s reproduction of both ruddy blond sons and fetninie, .which proved to be good and very good, in harmony with Yaqub's dream. Althoughait required a long pdocess of medical care and surgery to develop t h e physical form and mind of t h e blond sons and feminine. Yaqub and staff acientista discovered t h a t amalgamation between t h e Asiatic sons, a n d blond feminie was the p e a t e s t weapon to comb* t h e new distlases, namely: Leprosy, T. B., Syphilis, d u e to mass reproduction of Asiatic children. And as a result id was. necessary f o r t h e blond sons to become socia! isolates on the islands of the high s e b in order t o p b v e n t the ayread of the new diseases. During which period the blond women had lost their identity a s t h e results of lodg prucessl of amalgamation. The diseases also h a d disappeared with .the ruddy &ade of skin on global scalea All of which resulted in t h e light olive hue skin Asiatics with straight a n d cwlly black hair, and black eyes, endowed with cunning wisdom, This group resorted Ea amalgamation with the (out caste blohd sons) of t h e ielands, which

resuIteld in mass reproduction of blond children who paved t h e way f o r t h e g r e q t rise of t h e (out-caste sons of leprosy) through the powerful intriguing influence of t h e ruddy skin blond daughters, referred to as: the "Red Queen Tribal Rulers" with their Red Son Chieftians of vandalism in t h e Northern Hemisphere, -"The Indian Trail." The white people ade t h e Indians. h q u b AS .referrgd,-to _in,-. the, t h e sons and their daughters y caught up with civilization on August 6, 1945,-the era of the Atomic Bomb. NAMES O F DECEPTION AND CONFUSION Yaqub's sons and d a u g h t e ~ have s given themselves many names most common of which are "Afcan" or African, Indian, Spanish, Negro, Egyptians, Ethiopian, "Graco" or Greek, Red men, Jew and the last of which is "China" or "white people"t h e myth of white supremacy referred to a s the "Walls of China"-the world of make-belief. When conversing with the so-called white people. If t h e subject of race, blood, color and nationality should animate from their lips. All you have to do is ask them this question: Have you read t h e history of Yaqub? And a s a result t h e subject of blood, color and race will come to an a b r u p t close without and argument of confusion. The question envolves t h e history which t h e white people has thought you would never know. WARNING : Above all, do not emotionally resort to hatred against the children of (Yaqub) Otherwise you will UP of hatred against yourself, due t o the, long global amalgamation. The a n family have a s1igX.t percentage of t h e new drea namely: Leprosy, T.B., . S ~ p h i l i s . After world conflict 1 1 1 , there will not be e n o u g h . t h e forementioned dist o face t h e long evaded mation with thef Asiatic sons from which will destroy the cherished "white" skin p e ~ l j i ~ a n d their disease in t h e coutrse of 90 years-three generations of SO yearn each. THE ERA O F THE GREAT BATTLE ON T H E GULF O F MEX-KO, BETWEEN THE MOSLEMS AND THE CHRISTIANS : 1685 Christian calendar year, equivdent to 1006 Moorish calendar-the era which resulted in the destruction of the

Moorish (Fleet and Fort) in t h e Gulf of Mexico and the land of t~lowers" known-.. to ---- day as.Floridg!., a n d the Island of "IsabelJg" $nown today a s C u b . . l_(i4_6_a-risti,an calendar year, equiv-aknt (to L - -1066 Moorish calendar y e a d The e r a of the onward rush of vandalism,-that is burning Moorish cities and destroying everything else in t h e category of Moorish culture and design. Tlle Chr.stian educators have taught t h a t those, forementioned events oceured in @gland --.acroJs-thee-" Oc ving the destruction of t h e _Sp-asish__Aramadad Well, d u r i n g $+hatd a ; the Island of Albine had n o t . - b g w a m e d - E n g l a n d Therefore, there could-not have been an English nation-an M ) Island, namely: A-lbine.. - T h a t Island was u n d e r t h e Q e Moslems, not only t h a t Island, but t h e whole land known today as Europe.


& -

It has already been stated else where in this book t h a t t h e Latin phrase namely: "Anglice" is the, phrase from which t h e phrase English was coined in t h e geographical regions of Va., and New Jersey-the region of England of the "lily whjte" world---covering from t h e Atlantic to the Pacific, and f r Equator t o Alaska and Greenland, referred t o as "Royal of England,'-dominating over t h e land of t h e ~oors,*:the head of the Moroccan Empire of t h e Moalem world, Islam.


After the formation of t h e United Republic of Rome in The statue of t h e . & ~ n eGod f8Christ'was ereckedin
e ~ t i a )-in-the q

calendar year. t of the Andes," t h e stbne God of t h e Roman nations of t h e world-(Dead Culture). "Dry bones in t h e valley," of ign u a n c e in the Christian world.

so as to perpetuate t h e reproduction

false education in

dead culturel. Let us r pillow of t h e K . K . K. its nine months matu she might remain t h e woman's scientific s months maturity is r ones,"-the code of tian died on t h e cross of ignorance, violence and human warfare. The foregone conclusion has fully explained the "white son" image-the "CHRIST of the ANDES," also t h e God of Love and Wisdom, and t h e God of hatred and destruction. CONCLUSION Through scientific knowledge of t h e Universal Law of Nature a s shown in t h e 1 2 signs of the Zodiac, and t h e square angle of 90 degrees. The mpnetary or Dollar System was founded by the cult.urendMoors. Money has not and never will u p lift falling humanity or nations. I t requires a national and international mass education of t h e Universal Law of Nature, a s s h o w in t h e 12 signs of the Zodiac t o egtablish peace and up lift humanity. Moral principles generates from the science of t h e 12 signs of t h e Zodiac, a s shown by tha..four quarters o f n i n t y degrees each which represent th.e f o u r quqrtew of, t h e Ee,rth~i. also the four quarters of the ~ o l l a r as , a medium.of~x&ha~ge. on global scales. In order for t h e common masses on global scales to understand t h e applied moral principle3 of t h e Dollar System, i t is necessary t o temperary destroy t h e Dollar System until t h e science of the 1 2 siygns of t h e Zodiac h a s been t a u g h t on global scales. Then t h e Dollar System can immediately be re-established with moral principle, equality, justice, peace a n d progreas minus t h e slave institutions known as "Mosque" "Church" a n d "~emple." The Mooraof the U. S. A. are t h e only on& qualified t o teach the science a n d principles of the 12 eigns of the Zodiac.

C. M. Bey.



Especially for Jnitiatcd Masons, and Easlcr.n Stars - 3 r d ) 32nd and 33r.d Dcgrccs


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1 / ( - I ! \ . :I;c i 7 n : , . ~ o f t h c \\' ( l o t 'I'l\cir N:\{rrcs.




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Nsnasses i s t h e l a s t trlbe of isg&:g&, !Phl,e lss.4; tribo ~ ~ m p t i sBbe e lish *e&@%vj t h o white people of the U.S.A. -4 ilwtralia, t i l o Frc!lch t ~ n dt h e so o a l l e d p l u s t h e " ~ o g r o ' of the U.S.A. Koslema and Muslims.
.#I of t h i s d i v i d o d people are iaolatry God w o r s h i p p e r s of Mystioism and 24ythology. They oppose the K ~ a b l t eand Mooriah Scienue o f t h e Twelve (12) signs o f the Zodiao as a r e s u l t of t h i e r b e l l e f s In Mythology, I s m and

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F r e e Moorish Master Astrologer And Moorish O o n s t i t u t i o n Law Giver, C o p y r i g h t e d 1947 R e v i s e d 1951 1973
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3rd 33rd, 360 Degree M a s t e r m

~ e y ~ h ,D , , L . L . D , @

CoM. Bey Ph. D . , L . L . D . 3rd 33rd 360 Degree Master Mason, Pree Moorish MBeter A s t r o l o g e r a d Moorish Oonst i t u t ion Law Giver.



Trtlth Cannot Nc A l t e r e d , and T h e r c f o r c Ncetl No Apology A I I Neither ~ Doctrine, So Fear Not. E p l u r i l ) ~m ~u ~ m , Latin, meaning o n c nation o f many races. " \ Y h i ~ e hfen" M o o r s : CYlief Tall h t a n Dan, Chief Black 'l'hunrler Chief T w o Gutls M hite Calf w e r e (Eric's) the Red Skinned "1 rish, G e r r t ~ n, a Dutch, Scotts, and English, and Frnnch," ( m e ) of t h e A t ~ ~ a z oValley. n Chief T1r.o Guns \l'l.~itcCalf, on the I)utf a l o rlickle wore the hloorish Star and Crescent and t h e Circle of thc Zodiac \\-it11 t h e h l o o r i ~ h.$\I-nstikn. The s w ; \ ~ t i k arel)teserits the s q u a r e of a n ntlglc o i 30 dcji~,ccs--E;l.zt, \I'cs~. North an:1 S o u t h . T h c narllcs 31rcll a.; : .IlOT? 3IC)S. hlOl-f . l X l .\I !?I2 and h l 0 I-IAlVK, u 3 c r c cieri\.crl frc:rn t h e tiarnc (AJOOH.) I*lie Afitoriqh n n t i o r ~and tlic :im:rzt n r t t l skitrncri "u.hite" peoples has bee11 ~ v e l lblendctl, iln\.ot-ccl n t l c t I)cn~rtific~l tn ~)crf'ec~ion t h r o u g h a Inny: t iorl. 'I t ~ e r c ( o r c ,r h e 150.090,T)(10 f r e e process I ,i c.r.cqqct > . r . s \ r ; ~ l rcl:~ irlh:jl,ir;i11ts o t t l ~ cI . . 5 . .4. c t r n s t l t ~ l t ctl\c 5looricti nntirwl o i t h c

t o crl;lct :i l a \ \ . I I J force its t 1[< !(I sccog,vr~ixc a n d equally r t s p e c t the loyal dark ant1 I)ro\\,n > L I I ; I I C ( I lnahscs of h t ~ n i a n i t y;\s etlu;~Ihultian I~ei1ig.slrke t h c r n ~ e l ~ ct1lc11 > , t h e citizens of that go\,crn~ncr~ suciety t are t l c ~ i ~ ~ r t e 11ot l y cr\.~lizctl. Itacts callnot l)e a l teretl a l ~ t lr h c ~ c i t ) s crtcetl 111) upolog).. \ i r h c n 111c etlucators o f the said go\.el rlmclltal r~rlionsociciy a l e ; ~ f r n ~1(0l t e a t n tile Iiccessar.>. trt~tli, then t l ~ ceducnturs n r ~ d citizcns a r e tleiit~itelyeconomic anti socia1 slaves, and tllcreforc calintrt he F r c e h l a s t e r >lasons a~rcl I<:~stern S t a r s . 'I'hercl'ure, i t i s my moral tlilty as a F r e e (hlOOR1Sl-I Amcric-nn--Al:isrer .\lason t o clcnrly e s l ) l a ~ nt h e necessary t r u t h in o:.d c r t h a t the uniortrlnate slaves oi this g r e a t hloorish nation, mrght I x set frec ai~clrhlrs 1)ccolne i l l reality F r e e h l a s t e r hlasons ant1 E a s t e r n S [ ; ~ r s . I>v j.uu k n o \ v oi :any 1)citig that is s ~ ~ p e r i o t r( you ~ atld your mot h e r ? M'cll. !,ou nlight ncqu:lii~t i\.o~lrhclfwit11 t h e (33.1). 3 1 1 1 t o 0 goes .3 tlliiCs, \\liic.h eq11:~ls tlic ~ r t l nnrl 33rd clegrecs, rllearlin;; ! , ~ ~ ~ o t l tirtrni l l s c-onception t n l)irth, 3 . tintes J eclunls 0 , ( t h e t h r c c t l ~ r c e s . ) 'l'lic l e t t c r I ctrrrcsl)or~cls\ + . i ~ h t h c golden numl)cy 9 \\*hicll rilnkcs J O I I a n d rne rhc gr-eat I. first sill)relnc Ian\\ a1111 3rd .3.3r(l a11rl ,360 tlcgrre> 1:recI)orn h l a s t e r . \ t a \ o ~ i \ a n d I l a s t e ~ : ~ S t a r 5 a11(1 t h c r e i o r c c-ont~ot J)e n~:ldc c r a g a i n . "IS1 S", ccl11;11<( \\.oman. m(J(Jl1 ;LII(I c;tr[h)--tlic grcir I trinngic ( 3 i r l one-l)r,\vcrs) of i r ~ i i n i t cc r e a t i o n oi children, w a t e r ;tiid platit l i f c - f o o ~ l ~ t u f i - l i f c ;inrl e s i s ~ c r i c e .'The t l o u l ~ l r heatlctl c;~gIe rcpr ~ ~ e ~the lls ( S U I I 011 ) tlic ecl1t;itc r , 29 tlegreei in t h c 6 sign VII'\C,C) (ti tllr Zotlinc ; i r i t l I , o tlcgrre3 ill I he 7 Sign 1.1 l l ]:A. 0 1 1 Sept. 2.Zr.l i ~ - c ~e ~vr cs r y y e a r in ; ~ n t l 21th \ ~ l ~ i c - l c . Brazil. S o u t h America, 180 (Ic*,nrc.r. I<:isl I ( I I ~ I ~ I ~ (; 4 l 1 1 (c 1 xcro. I hrii, tlic '. S. ,4., ( ' ; i ~ i : \ i l : ~ ; 1 1 i 1 l


' I l~ilicslie ill t l ~ c(I:Al( li;\S'i') ;~cr.l,r(li~lg 10 lltc Z~nliilc11111\.crsal tllall o f tllc hfoorisli t~atioil-the m c n s t r r c n ~ c r ~of t tnnn'? [lrt tgrc-s, 'I'l11is, illstcad of t ~ scspcctilrg the \Vise hletl c , f llic ~iticl I;;lr EI~ al)ro;rcl I t o come llerc to Iil~crateor rcdectn tllc n.orltl, it i.< ~ I r I C ; ~ l i t v rhc l)c.ol,les ill t l ~ c U.S.A.-~IIC Far East, wlln shall re(lrrm o i r t thernaelvcr 1 tlic 12 Signs qf the Zodiac. They tllelr \\.oulil liberate tlic rest ()I' Iiutnnnity ol)road l)y it ratl\cr t h a n I)!. !lie force o f arms, tn:ll;s, ntc)lnic I)ornl,s, jet platlcs and tltc ~nissiolla ry ( I t ~ tcrille of religion \\.hicll has alrcatly servctl its ptrrJ J ~ I S C i t r ~ c i zcrrr. I:orc.c o f a r m s : ~ n t l the American religion sj)cll ~ 0 r : l I (lc(c:lt.

J ~ I ~ I . I ( ; I O NIS F0Jt IC;NOlCANT PEOPJJE 14'IIQ GINhQT READ, I A h l A N I NFI=QJ'<I\J UK, l'l l l< 'I'HU'T1.f IVI Id1, RNAlZJ,)S ' r J1 1 ; l<iC:\I)l~I<TO J<E1'01<31I i I h l S I ~ l ~ F ' 1 7 3 ~ cyclc of ,?l:ir~ ;111(1 J u ~ ~ i t c the r , ~3s-13011 ( l i i t r ~ ~ o ~ CIL*IIICII/S l(f

rlrc of creation. . . oltfc..: ; i ~ ~ (t ll ~ chn~-(lest .4to11cs I llc /'\r~l;tzoi\I<ctl Skiii~~ccl "~vllite" ( h l o c ~ s ) 1)rogrcss


b::li(lccl 1)). tlic c!.tlc O i 111c t)Ia~let-1r1l)itcr ant1 rile pl;tnct hlars. f ram 1780 to 193,3. A I) of 13-4 !.ears. hf nrs passes through tllc 12 Siglls tri tl:e Zo(li;ic 72 tirnc5 in the course c ~ f144 !.cars.

.111tl .)l~l)itcar 1 1 n q t ~ k t111r1t1~:h the 12 h i g n s 12 timcs i t 1 rlro courac or 1-14 ).cal.:;. ~'IIL~.., {~.onl1780 to 10.31, sjxlIc(1 the rise ;rnd fall c ~ f liornc 011 ;I 1111i\.cr\;rlsc;\le---(17omance.) F. D. R. \\.as a\vare, of Ili, l)ci~lg t h e l a a t j~rc.;iclc.~lt o f the 134 !-ear progrcssivc c ~ . c l eof t llc l<omari C r ~ i v e r s a l ir; flr~crlcc. \\'hell hc estaldishcd t hc X c \ v Or tlcr o r Sc\\- Ileal itlcn ai~cl I)rt k e t h e R o m a n ortlcr recorrl I)? ru!iilg 13 !.cnrs-the rnc,:rx~rrcrnent o i rnan. 1, the \\.ritcr, \\.as T h c ern tl~c o n I r tI I i l i e 0 r h 6 7 victor), ;ige. l ! r r ~ l i ~ i x t l l i q Jittlc 1)ook \\.as r n ! , Ijir-th a s s i g ~ ~ r i ~i c r rr ~ 111is t life ~\.llir.hI collld ~ i o te\*n(le. So fear not ;111(l rca(1 t l ~ i sI)oc?k to t11c ellti :incl (huz 1,ccon;c a Frcc Ylaster hlasorl anrl T:;~.;tern S t a r , ~ t ~ i ( ? c11! c. l ~ ) ~ . n c t i c n \\.iqtlorn l of thc r ~ l ~ i \ - c r s la\\* a l of the T \ I ( ~ ~ r i s l l 11atin11 ~i;cmel!-, t h e Zotli;\c. 3l;irr ~O\.C1111\ t h e ic1rc.c o f ;~ctioilit~lde\loJtltior~ a11t1 Jupitcr p-~\.c.r.ri~ thr 11ciyJit oi hirrn;~rlprogres.: cverl\. 1-44 !-ears, s ~ i l q , o r t c ~ l I , \ JI;\rs tlic ),lanet o f :iCtitrn, Ijut t l r i i l ~ h c l ~ n. o t for w a r ; ~ t i l o l ~ g c - i \ ilizcrl nlnq.;cs of I ~ r l r l l n n i t ! - as yo11 lia\.e I,cen t a ~ r g h tto Iwlie\.c. l ' ~ l c . i \ ~ i l ni:l*cc\ i ~ ~ ~ l n f I l ~ r n ~ n r i i11ar.c t ~ - tc, fight and ciestrn!. O I ~ C 211other. Stc f;r i c t h e i;lc.t : t r ~ ( l ; ~ s k voursrlf this ilrlcst ion : lie\\. c*;i!l n 11:1tio11 j)r~,tcct tlic ircccloln anti ci\.~liz;~titrl~ ~\.liic.hi t ]ins r;c\.cr 11:1(J ?
IlOOT: 1511 R 1:D 1:1+:% ' 1 ' 1 1 ~ l : c h t l J-cz ,i >roori\li nal i l ~ n rc1)rcscrlt . : .jtl;~~--llie Ir1111i:rll Ilr;1(1;111,1 t b . l l 111. Tlle tn.;.;el o i the I:cz rcprc.crlt\ lllc c.crller tllc t~rii\cr.c. ~!aincl! t l ~ c Ilr~rnn~r hentl ; \ r l t i tlrc iorc-c oi cr;r\it!. nlliclt ;rttrnrt. ; i l l ol)icrts ~ I I ~rlr;l\\. I thcnl 1 0 rlre centcl. o f I1 t i I I c i J Jerc !-ou arc rcfcrrc(1 to the sirr11 \.irco. : I I I , ~ I l i t * . i K l l l1i,t.c-. i l l t IIC tIi;~gr:rn~ t,i t I I C ZtttIia(, O I I I ) ; I ~ O.\.j
I I ~

\Yl~ilc rcnfling lllis tmok, you are nrlviaetl to enrlenvl~rto be guided by coinnlon s o u n d reasot~it~g rather than by enlotions as thc rcsult of yorlr t r a d i t i o n ~ helicf l in the doctrine o f religion. nrn a\vare of the fact that the illnstmtion af the science of t lrc 12 signs of t h e Zoriiac, and the history of t h e MOARlTE nat icln, the MOOR IS13 na tion a n d t h e 1-ANCISCAN ANGLOS A X O N n a t i n n , :ire confusing to t h e reader owing to limited edui 3 arion of t hc majority of the masses-since the FRANCISCAN Iltlion S I , I ~ U S of N o r t h A n ~ ~ e r j cin a 186.3. The true history is thus: t!rc. hlix')j:l5iJ 11;!tiii11 rose o u t of corrtlptinn of t h e hf0ABITE ).;,ti011 illis lie~i~i\jlttcrc artc thousant1 t h r c c hur~tlrcdand scvetl1y ~ 1 1 1 c c.t.15 ngo ; the 1:RANCISCAN natiotis rose out of corruption o i t h e hIOORlS1-I nation of this llemisphere in 1863, the e r a f I r . '1"he only t r u e history d u r i n g t h e past one thousnntl three I i r ~ r ~ t f r c !.cars. d is tllnt of tlic hlOORISN nation.

1 I



Thc hictory of t h c 3100RISH nation of this hemisphere has

Gccn hidden o r s u ~ , p r c s s c dever since t h c union. And now the app r O ; \ c h i ~ lW ~ o r l i i \17ar ' I I r . 2nd w i t h t h c atomic I,ornh on both sides of t h e c.:{rth, tlic tin;e is ripe for thc rel'elation of MOORISH hist n r p . 111 all of m y writings, it h a s s h o w n t o I>e very clear that I arn n o t a heatheti by condemrling a11 religions il~cludingm y ow11 r c l i ~ i o nof fslnnlisn. J3ccn11se I aljvays have something construct i \ f e t o o f f e r in place of m y universal condemnation ahsolutc science of tllc la\\' of n a t u r e as shown in t

t h e Zodiac. I a m not interested in religi has e v e r scen. 1 a m interested only i nnmic pro1,lcrn a n d helping orhers to so 111051 rca~.nnnl,lea ~ i t li t ~ t c l l i g c ~ manner, tt i ~ order i ti1111ct o solye n1y 1)rol>lc1n eco~iomicnlly. I n ot clnl!. intercstc<l i n qcli ; t l i t l liumallity l)e 1)c1~15 trpori clnc a r ~ o t h c rfnr cxiqtence. I t h e v have n e v e r sccn, atltl critc. I l n w can trne love "GOD" I \ - l ~ o m 1r;lt c h ~ i m n n llcings like ~ I ~ C ~ T I S ~ r ~ c r i . ; Ijn - its higlic\t f o r n i . . to f i r s t 1)ernrne scli ensln\.rrl C:III i i i ( l o c ~ r i ~ otl>crc. ~:~~e

t l ~ eSegroes had a 150 year old artificial culturc from which prcvcrltcd them from being qualified to dcmnnd rcspcct and equality from rhc U'hite people of the Unitcd States of North A m c r i c ~ . I fully agrce with Talmadgc's assertion, but Talrnadge appeared to bc ignorant of thc fact that he was a member of the Unitcd States. A nation wbish unfortunately became self enslaved to the said artificial cultuscr bcfure they could force the defeated hlOORISH nation's dcscentl;ii~tsrcferred to as Negroes to accept thc doctrine of the i t t ~ n g cof the Whitc woman and the White man, referred to as hlAKY and CI-IRIST.

t h c cr-a ,,."of the MOORISH - -~y_*n~~,t.~ - which rrrultcd in.the faH Gr.c:!t L.qf;c.$' * T ~ Lth,c I S , ~IQOBXSI~: &st~~~j~x~~l~~
* "




e * ' = * . r *



At1 N a t i o r ~ i ~ a ; r ~ I I=h_ f A*_ ci~<~~~dii t *h ~.R", X ;~;CTSC~'N-A NG,LO. ,c I + **" -'* M."<6*-*m union of 1854 i r l PhiIadclp11 *.* ,* -.'* o f tFhe pol211fation *,-".* - of -". the U. , rnslavcd -I. - , ~)cop!c - -". !la,\.thp~,s~y,e,rLde sc~ous *c-nsl:.vcn-icnt of this gr-cat n a t i o n , the U. S. A., has rnadc J o e Stalin's proccss look like "Ned" in the First Reader. If you a r c douhtf111 of the history and scier~ceof the Moorish nation your forefathers, as s l ~ o w n in this book, you might ask some edut a t e d "\.Vhitel' person or school .teacher this $64.00 question: "\Yhat was the correct name of the peoples of North America prior to the Revolution a n d the Union of 1845.3, before they were named 'Indian,' 'African' and 'Negro?"' Thc correct answer is:
w%.J a * v < ++



2 .




, \ , ,



* i n " ii







this l i t t l c Imnk. CT-OCK OF DESTINY.




F.idd& 0.f tls.jS,-sig&s,,iag

% % .

$J;P!!S~ ctb~~~&ia+x~f trx +esLB

ciitii~rls. Tllis* - rt;~uIjsin con dc >-< ' " " 7 ;i e s an2 f i l i b u s t e r i ~ gover ,*p5 p * ,mwS,t*.*.** b . .WW,**% ~vron& iw a ' c c ~ q & g ~ t .'o state .+S*#l,y ,




STON. R house divided against itself cannot stand.

'I'welvc is a . ucliversal' standard of measurement and h u m a n moral . principle'. s tandsld 'of law,-of living, minus customs and

Light means KNOWLEDGE.

FIIEEDOM. sal scale.

Knowledge is power, it spells FREEDOM IS EVERYBODY'S JOB, on a univer'

I '

For instance, i f a card shark was cheating you in a game of cards, it would be unintelligent to resort to force'against him. Your rnost intelligent act is to s,cek one w h o teaches the art of card cheating. Have l ~ i r nto teach'.you all angles of card cheating. IIerc you arc \vclI equipped with the necessary kno~vledge by which it will enable you to protect your lnoncy while engaged in a game of cards with cardslra~~ks.. And as soon as they discover that you a r c wise t o all of.their tricks, the card sharks will automntically respect you a s .their equal thereafter. And as t h e result-the old garne of cards,bctwecn you and thetri will be played on the square minus violence . o r lhatred or fear. Ignorance

c r c a t c s violcncc, brrltc I(trcc and dcsiruction. I3ut wisdom, corm rect krlowledge and understanding creates unity, peace of mind, freccicrm, progress and t h e pursuit of happiness. FREEDOM IS EVERYBODY'S JOB. The contents of this book will free you fro111 the name "Negro" slave.

The follo~vingarc thc five symbols of the twelve signs of the Zodiac which represent the universal law and CONSTITUTION U ~ K ' I I\\'hich CIV1I,IZArI'IQN is founded.
Vulvsr@aI llymbolr Or Tho t2
3 1 t u a O f Thb ZoPlro Tho S n l r z c r O f rhr ~ o o r f r hh t l o n Cf 4 t e Order O f I a l a Rortb Oat*.

X R t mID


1t)gers srdc nf thc I a ~ v .

T h c s c scic~ltific\ ~ ~ i i \ . c r qsynl1)ols sl of tllc \sarbspf natttr+$, arc -C . s t n t l l r e s of tlcad wol!~c,?,~k t l c f i ~ ~ i t not c l ~ i(lol Gocl \\.orshil,. 0 1 1 1 ~ tllc S : l i l ~ t s a n d p r o p l ~ c t s ,a r c idol God yor: , :III(I I I I C I I r c f e r r c d ~2 sliij)--tlcnd cult lire.
r , & ~

Ilousc) D. C. And Ben Bey i a r e f e r r e d tb in Oisnde histary books as "Denjatnin Bannicar,"


U :S . A.

XYou jrc what yr-~uknow, not w I. nurvr by b e i ~ i gtold 01- ' p G ~; L ~ S I ~ alypliyd'u[i ~ i- c < v l e d Ir ~

, ~ .

h i



=*4 -


ascs, signs a n d r r

crct c l a n ~ s rn ,+*'


\\'e, the pcopIe o f N o r t h America h4ve t h e Univctsal Constit u t i o n which definitcly e c ~ i t ~ l lreprcscnts y each individual of the* c'ntire hurltan family, some t w o billion onc hundred and sixty milliorl upoil this ball of m u d terrilcd earth. Thus in o r d e r for each i ~ i d i v i d u a lof t h e U. S. A. to urlderstaricl the five great principles o f (31ir U I I ~ V C ~ Constittttion, SBI it is necessary t h a t they be t a u g h t ' every degree of the science of Astrology, the 12 signs of t h e Zodiac, the complete circle of 360 degrecs which represent the \vhole of Creation--space a n d time and the MASTER KEY OaFb

Yes, t h e Universal constitution has, and always will, rernain in N o r t h America, referred t o as the N o r t h G a t e or t h e HUB df the 'Universe-180 degrees east longitude, rind therefore definitely cannot be destroyed by foreign powers, a n d nei tlier us. @ Freedom is everybody's business.
T h c majority of t h e peoples of the U. S. A. have a n education superior t o that of the majority o f t h e masses of humanity in f o r e i g n lands. \Ire ]lave mastered every category of science. Now ive h a v e tlle I n s t category of science t o m a s t e r ; namely-the science of Astro1og-y-the 12 signs of t h e Zodiac which is the f a t h e r of sciences. O w i n g t o the education of t h e majority o f t h e rr~asscsof the U. S. A . ; they, o n a nationaI scale, could coinpletc the necessary course of Astrology in six months. It has a!-


o n e n.ho p ~ ~ s s c s s eknowleclae s of



o--kr~otv and !,rove that w h i c h you know in a oractit

gress. B U T
s n l pcrf'cctiol~of tlle science of geometry. Geomctry has n e v e r tul(l 3 lie. 93 is not 3 Inyslery ancl neither a theory. 12 is not a tn~~ste an ~d ~y tleitl-ier opinion, belief or theory. These two figi?res
sljcn k
O T I C \111i\rcrs;11 I n ~ ~ { : \ ~ nig ncterms

of facts.

Y c s , t h c 11un1l)c'rs 9 or !XI and 12 :Lre tlcfinitely riot tlctat,tiblc. The scicncc of t h e Zodiac \ \ i l l a ~ i t ~ ~ m a t i c a expose lly every u4dcrcovcr a c t of rnnnkill(1 ul~iversally. i n c l t ~ d i n gt h e so-called minral t l o c t r i r l c o f ory:nrli;.r(l cIictatc~rshi]>over the h ~ ~ r n nniinds n 1~;:rl

fcrrctl to as thc hlnsons. Yes, w e m u s t increase our liberty by sc,l\,ir~gt l l c ~iatiori's crrlcial p r o l , l c i by t l ~ csqt~arc-an angle of 90 ctcf;rccs.

l ' h c t c n c l ~ i n go f tlic s r i c r ~ c cof thc 12 signs. of t!ic Zo(linc is rapidly sprcncli~lgin t h c A S I A T I C ~ ~ o r l d to, fulfill wit11 the majority of t h e c o r n l n o n masses in t h c course of titne. (krcryl)(uly'.: joh. The pop~tlat inn of tile U. S. A. ar,

-... :--"

tinuc to rctcl against the sciencc of the 12 signs of the Zodiac t -1:. f . 1 , * * ,*

4 9

conc1usion by reason.

I.. I I I. I I

Knowledge is Ijower. Frcedorn is everybody's job,

'i'I:c %citli;~ci s a n u ~ l c l ~ a d of .tlic universe which com-n g crrliip j ~ r i s e360 dcgrecs. +-. tl'hc ....-- Zodiiic , , . . , is ......... cyl~ally ........... divit1e.d -..--, ...,......into ir,F.. ............. four atlglcs . -..,, s \\.hici~ rcyrcscttt East, West, ......... North a n d ~ i *-.* , .................. alr a n d e a r t h ; and spring, summer fall I,.. .... ..._ ..*.< .... '".&".". .*.% ....... ..A ....,.... ...... -"..*... . . . . . . . .

. % -

x i , . . . . s


me..,".qw. 4 -*


, * * . , s . * , ,



LS&"'~.L!.~J,,S-.~XE lvr,..-%:'os!~"~"G.~ ..; irlto twelve zorles of. . .thirty . . . . . . . ......... degrees...... ~ t ~ c l !wb.i~.h , .,


a year ..... I . . . and t h e 12 ~ i ~ n s . . . . b ~ m . . . ) .................... - - tajent, action a n d .reactjgn- a~irJ+; ch ---.- rcvcals -- --- h u m a n charayter, Qhe great L la\v of cause and effect i l n i v e r s a l ~ . I

- -

b -

l l ' l ~ a tis Astrology ?

I I I I I :I 1I

Revelation :

The t e r m ~ e v e l n t i o ~ ~ ~ to ~ ~r e v a ena s l p r to ,make known to 3 ~11ich has bcen suppresse$or ghielded by selfish l>cople OL q r g a n k e d dictatorial n a t u r e d Well, in the book o T ~ o h n Revela-, , Ition. ttic Zodiac is referrr-ion~. the 12 Gates, w c v e n se:r?sgthe foiir s g u a r c s 9 n d the h e n s u r e m e n t of m a g e Zodiac The t e r m , ~ I ~ N E means ~ H , the ~ 0 -. . [IS, t h m RfiatSqn of 3 C 1 0 dcgrccs is squared by t h e nurnl)cr 9. Thus,>L~s n=s the \ y y e d of the of w y , rn&oIogy,*and o r g a n i z e d ,tl~eological d i c t a t o r s h i b a n d the rise of humanity with ; n c n a m T y l 'the science of Astrology--the 12 s i g n s of the Zodiac. H c r e the e n t i r e e a r t h will I>ecome t11nt grcnt City,


The evil act of the AlOORS and the AMAZON FRANC1 CANS of South America, contrary to the Zodiac, automatically converted tkc entire world--the minds of humanity, in that whic is termed a Jivirlg "hcll" during the past rlOO years.
The Fathers of Civilization and Offsprings:



T h c dark skinned, kinky-haired, thick-lippctl MOABITE :lation are the fathers of civilization--North, Central and South America.

2. "' dark-ski~ined,'~ink~-l~aired hIOORIS,H nation are the*clirect dekcendants, of the MOABlTE nation.' The 1 - t e r m DlOOR m e a n s n nvi~stor o f the SEII ~ s guided , 4-=?11)~ tlie N ~ G & I p & hfoorish natlorl c )rial- to the Ite\?c~l~rtiori r:nd t h e IJnion of 1@'I in N l m ! t h , 1 A-icn, is ~-rcd $ a&: ~ ~ m n i 3 . -

. " 1 3 ,

V W *


a 3



r\~citb, or red-skinned "lYhitc", Ahl AZON PRAN%-----* * - -" CISC.AN n a t i o G , a r e a t h..I7 e erp?r/rnentat~on descendant;


T:-PI.-URIRIJS n~caning, o~e,=_o,ut,--~f_ -.,-.....--, _ UNUhi .- is -I-atin l n a n.& v..-. r,.l..c c s l-c a s t -e ,.. color ,"r!a.!,i-or~.s~,: Tile great; 'u--. .*.*.! , . . . . . - ,and._s,u!?, S c a l on a U. S. O I I ~ dollar h i l l is that of the Moorish -.."*


-__ of t l 1 ; - ~ 1 0 6 ~ 1 1 ~ ~ 1 . 1 ? ~ t j ~ n .


& ,

n:!t ion.

i'; I t i s ct-~ntrnryf o r a victorious n a t i o n to p11t o n its cilrrellcy ! : t h e liead of the defeated nation. \!'elll the head with the featbe* 'i I : . $ LO" a U. S. early p e n n y refxrred i o as lndran, IS h a t ot the $1 j "White" A h l A Z O N woman.. &I t h e head with t h e feather 03 , . he t h c a l nickel ~ is t h a t o j a ?hi$" AMAZON pan. IT F The (featlier) and the (eagle) s ~ ~ E b o l i zthe e helght an3T;tic R-I Crown a t t e top of ti;e \~dl


* The

term ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l ~ ~ ~ . ? ' * m e : ~ n r , : ' of r FRENCHMAN, cemcn


to 360 degrcrs 4 0 times. Thus, thc nunlber 9 represents the nine judgcs of the suyrernc court--fecieral gov't. Masonry or (ls1nrn.)----I A h l , the witlnw son of 9,the first law.

1 I


S"1'ATES OF NORTH A M T<RICi4--11(63 IVas i s t i t t c n by Francis Scott Key (scott free) d u r i n g the tlccicivc w;rr t,cewectl the FI-;trlcisenns and the falling ~ ~ O C ~ R S in r l )*car ~ iF14, v;lticti is ccltlivaIent to the y e a r 1,234 Aioorish (*:,Icr~(t:ir J'cnr. For tnany y e a r s thc IJs~isnS c a t c s of 1Xd 1a;k.ltI lie oi firla1 X ; c ; r t t : t * 1 1 ,4r1thtrm, I:irinl!y i t ~ v a sndc);;f c d ns tlrc Nnt i ( ' l ) < ~ l; I ) ~ I T I J I .

holcli, n r ~ t lprcscnted by the ( F r n t \ c l ~ i s c ) it1 the year 1881 in h o n o r of t h c \-icrr>iior\scC;iughters of t h e Arncl-ican R c \ ~ o l u t i o nwho overt l l r . c \ v t h e h!oorit-h Socicty of Islnrn. 'The s t a t u t e \.;;is c o ~ r ~ p l e t e d i n IFtfl6. On Ellis Iclnr.rd all " \ l r l ~ i t c " forcigrrcrs a r e t a l l g h t t o \rl-~l;oldt11c L:rlion S t n t c s r i g h t ~ n y t hof white S U ~ ) S C I ~ I1;cfore ~ C ~ I ! I ~ C : ~ I I c j \ ~ : l l i f > . f ( j ~ .citizcl?.ship i n p ~ old d U. S. A .



i ~ 1'i.c~: r pc,c.,l:]c o f tllc Union States

in tile y e a r 15Q2 in Ilonur of t h e Frcc (ITrnncisc a n ) s o n s of the Union Arlny of t h c X o r t h America RepuLlic of \ v h o clcfcntcd t l ~ clast of t h e I.'alling h l o o ~ i s hNation from 1 % ,3 rul,n t o t h e I s l a n d s of IIav,.aii ancl t h e I'hillipincs Letwecn 1863, a n d 1838. 7 7 1 e falling 3loorisl1 nation a r c I-efcr-I-cd to in U. S. A . I,rktfiry 11oc;L: ; I < : SPANJ.C;T-.I.
\\'as crcctccl

hood.'Thus, t-aah t h e great., (I A M )

O'BEYS. Islam mearlr (I Ahl) you G d ~ e - w o m a n apd


o f Yfodern ha~nsnity,

(lifftrcnt shades of skin or colors.> C


Tllc 17r.a.ncisr:nn union st;:tcs


right society of

Arncr-ica a n d :il~rc-jad i s guidcd Ily the

t l ~ c(:~~istitrltion. I hc fc>llo\i.irlg rcveals llow the Lal-bariar~s of Nortll Arnerica, the tribe of the (AX) ancl the tribc of the (SPEhli) allied togcther and became the ruler of the \\lorltl ant1 t h c s e v e n s t a s , b e t \ v e c n 18.28 ~ r l c t 1898. '

I R 2 3 North MAGNA CIJAHTER, ant1

Th~,.&k~l El ~ LI-~ l?,~asr?d. :kng 1 . 0 \v 5 %-f-r Q t $ r i n Saxon . was fraincd ---.-* - . from Ax. about t h e ~lrliio-~Salrul3s_jn N o r t h a;ld language war framed in tf;;'t,iith-Zihe new wor I,. ? R A N, C tribcs were a e a k - ISC~N %&.*%<-~&.swza*lang~mge of the MOORISI-I n q hus, the Anglia or English language is the rna~lifeslatio~l -y? l&iti6-%~l~ts wl~icllmgkes ii tfie timplifierl u n i v q la_ ng human race. _u-a g e f o r the one race-tllc _ _ _ ___ _ _ - d
/w_ I I

c ? .

re. e r,m s:. Anglia rneans Sf ~ c , .t . . * . . .. . . . . .. -.... . . a rand


Sakai means Ax-Latirl.





a + ? .


a * -

- - ^

r : -


The 11istory of t h c 12 signs oi the Zodiac reveals that humanity o n a global scale has t e e n totally cut off from t r l ~ t hfor fouq huilrlred years.

skinned, kinky-haired, thick-lipped


ilic scientific t r u t h of t h e worfis of trature envolving-- t h e iri,irr 11:lt111c, a n d nt:tioli and r ~ a c t i o r of ~ h\~n~R bcirlgs n as :++&~y,~,in t f ~ c1% siL1ls of t h e %orliar, r-csults in 9 c o ~ i f ~ ~ s st:~tr: c d of t ; ~ i r l ( i and 11-,e171;il i l f ~ dc c i ~ l l o n ~ i ;\rl(i c sc)cir?l suffcrjtng--referred to, *. , -.. -, - * ," * .

" Irtlor-ancc of '**. .' z




'1'1117 R13,II. 1113/\VJ<N, FRIIJ<J->Oh1/ I N D I'r3.4CE (SAT.AAhl) Kno\\,lctlb:c of t h c 7,otlinc g i v c s onc n pc'rfci-t s t a t e of nlirrd nntl rtnsorl I I ~ O I t ~ h a t r~;lniclj,, t11c iorccs of n a t u r e ~ v l ~ i cd\\qcll h zvithin tl-1crnsc1i.c~ant1 nl)o~it t h c m a11 of \\~hich is r c f c r r c d to A S "I1 I<A\'I3N" n r ~ d 1 1 : 1 l ) p i n c ~ n~ r~ , t l p c n c c of rnind \\*it11 orles self:

"1Vc h;,\.e r l o t ) l i l ~ gt o fcnr e s c c p l f e a r itself." So scek ~ c i e r ~ t i f i c k n o ~ v l e d g e o f t h e 12 signs of 111c Zodiac. T h e n you will be s e t f r c c of ;~rtificial c u l t t ~ r ca n d f c n r . (S.4T.ArZRI) means pcncc in t h e XIOORJS13 I n n g ~ r n g eo f 1.ntilr.

, i
a t


N e g r o c s , :\re tllc n.orldls g r e a t e s t slaves. T h e y Iiave becrl edycilted t o I)clic\~ct h a t t l ~ c "White" people b r o u g h t t h e i r f o r e f n t l ~ c l - s f r o m A f r i c a a s S c ~ ; r oslaves, 2 n d t h a t A b r a h a m Lincoln s e t t l ~ c r n f r c e in lE4.3. :I11 o l whicll is t h e g r e a t e s t inllncy t h a t t h c ~ v o s l d

~ l3-s! -&f,ri5;3J$gy1~jJ nr11n1cd and Ethiopia are -, , . h ? c l s c a n D u t c h Pries t r , pirate masters of the iron cross .I-l~&sburg legions of BI-axil, Soutl~~ m c r i c n ,between the Franfisci~n -- . . , . @evolution -.r+of 1789 and the union of 186.3, North America,, Thc hloorish nation, namely, the kinky-haired, dirk-&inned, thicklipl>etl pcople h a d rto hiohnmmed ns their propltct, and neither Gorl tlor religion. 'The ki~~J<)p-llairetl h i o o r i s h nation's l a w i s gcomr t 1.y and the 12 s i g n s o f tlle %odiac--liEAIaI1'lES, of \vl~ich is dcscribecl irt this tmok, CI.OCK OF I))I:S~'INY--T~IC secrets of tltc Great ,C;

re&"". :

''TI e Ha

1 1 1 ,s ~ :y



u i _

. l i . .

l .



I I O I I ; I ~ ~ ~ I 111cli:i11 I I ~ : ( I: ; ~ I~ I (I II A, f r i c ; ~:IS ~ ~t1111>>:\1\ l)ci~~j.;s, 10-j is i r ~ l y t i ~ of , tlkl~l~ilpuql'~c or f s [ h e 1 7 r : i ~ ~ c i h $1'1-ic2ta~~ hood-'"~~f ille , Ticvolution rid thc u n i c n , 2 n d . t h e ~ . e f o r c , haac hi := *<.a,% pn nllsi ,t i c i : ~ ~ In ~ \~ v,~ c r s h hi story$ \Vhctlcvcr tllc so-called i ~ ~ t c l l c c ~ t ~ ;lrld r c l ~ r c . s c r ~ ~ a ~ i ~ ~ c ~ - . s - l-;" ~N vc ~> ~,y rc ol" cl)~*;i~ "h'cgt-o" c Iri\tot'y w e e k , a n d I)onst o f I x i n g - proud of I ) c i l ~ ga N e g r o , t h e "M'l~ite" j .haughty I:~ugl~ u p their slecvc, 1 ~ peoi)lcs ~i the u n i o n e ~ ~ j o a cause tl~c!, k ~ l o \ vt h ; ~ t t h c so-called K c g r o slave Icndcrs rcprcscllt
~'Jc{;I-o, , *

* ~ : I C T



n ~ n t h r m n t i ct r i p ~ ~ ( J U tI hI e~ ~ ~ f o rby l d \yay of the 12 signs of the Zotli;rc ;ire rcfcrreci t o in l l a s o n ~ n y t t ~ o l o g as y "I a m t r a v e l ing Enst."



171t0hi 1 0 5 TO 1965.

[ I > c I.;().% o i [ I I C st111: i r C i l l tI\e f i r s t ( ! C ~ I . C C c,l tlic .si;;ri Cl;!;ictr. 1-lerc t1:e c a r . r h is a t right arrglc c:f 93 d c g r c c s ---tiic i ~ ; ; g c s tc l 2 j ~ci tile )-car. 'I'l~is C A I degree a1.1glc of tlie cart11 tct tlic s u n oi(:tirs n t I1.,,';ikc lslrrr~di r l tlie. Pacific Ocean, and is the ]::is', C;:IIC o f t l ; ~ %i.jdiac, ~ . c f c r r c c lto as tlie thrcc in tllc ]F=kist, ~;:c.:~r>irig tllc 114~i.c siyris (.I[ !Ilc %odi:ic----"I J i g 1 1 noon.''
~ ! I I I S ,G I I



a . ' "

and tncfs ($11 r \ u g u s t 22nd on the line of h'ew Orlenna; St. Louis, hio.; Chicago, lltinoia and North West Canada, Thus, all of the land from Alaska to Mexico, and fnrm Calilornin to St. I.orris, hlo., lies in the region or the sign 1-m. Iimc is rncnstircd i - _-.-,*._ fro~~,~.D~u~cx;~.~olorario ,2 ". II measurement of cci froa.j.he'LJ, S. X. 'tomilie -_ . TsErid" . -" 3 n l , ,t,!hc : _.__ i s h Isle o r ~ n ~ i a n . : dI (, Greenwich. l'htii; on -.* August -" , . . 2 Virgo, and endson Septenl-rays , , . of !he sun c l ~ t c r sthe sixth'sigr~, . . l " ,,. " ( I ~ e r23rd a t t h e A rcli of (;recnlantI, the d e e p waters q f I)O?{J)JI, B ~ ~ ~ , n n c ~ . tE ll ae s i e r n roast *of:t7orids. Oh Sipternber..21rd, the': *** sun is in its lasf d c g r r e of Virgo, the last SIGN of the Nu'R%'Gii?c . , , *"*f ." --thc srxth sign of " t e e Zi$iac-Li*f@ degrees: -HGc'you are rcfer"* tlic iodiac. f h u s , on September 24th, ille -1-cd'to*iliCdi.igra11-i e a r t h ttarr~sTrvtil t1,z 51111 i t t {lie Nclrth to the stln in t2ic sot~thcrll 1ie111i::phcrei r l t l ~ t . sijyr~r,1 .it)~.rl,a t OY{IDOS, Eraicil, South ilmr ricn, a r ~ dus1it.r~i n tlrr fall :.c:lt.on i t ] t h e h'orthtrrl Wcnnispl~erc, a n d the r i g s I 1 I ~ i I f e r e ; . t l ~ cd ; c j , q ~ I I A tiigllt s ;\re \tni\.crsnil!, ccltlal - - ( l ~ ef:iII F:F;:OI_IJNOX.

sign 1-CO,





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" * * " . a -


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+ ,+ F .


'rl-? I? TCl3


SIGNS 0 1 ' '1'1-jl:


sigll, Capricortl, the 10th rnotlth n. ark t he be ginn ! ~ g . f . ~ f i h _ e ~ ! ~ f %here, ar~tlthe be

, , ' . " & * c * -



I-icre the j)eople enjoy summer in the South-South America, Africa and Australia and New Zealand, while the people in the Northern Hcmisphcre undergo icy winter. h d in July-the peopic in thc Southerrl Hemisphere undergo winter, while thc people in the Northern enjoy surl~rncr. T h u s ,on January 19th the rays of the surr enter the sign Aquarius-the 11th inonth and 8ig-n of thc Zodiac-mid-winter. T h u s , on February 20th, the rays of thc surl enter Pisces----the 12th rnonth and thc 12th sfgn and last sign of the year a n d the end of ttae winter season.


I t rcciulres 84 vears f o r the

la net Uranus

to Dass through

crossed the Equator i n t o t h e sign, Aries, the first sign of the ~ a s t Gate of t h e N o r t h e r n IJernisphere, and remained in Aries until 1935. T h a t position of U r a t l ~ ~ influenced s thc masses of Asia a n d ~ n o d ~ rEurope n t o revolu t i ~ n a r yaction to frcc thcmsclves from undcr t h e i n f l ~ t e n c cof the iron-hnntled rtilers of the Franciscan prics thc)od.


1935, the planct U r a n u s crltcr"c(I t lie -.tlic Northern TIIC sign

. * .

Wake Island in 1949.

age, of corruption v,-hich was born out o brcecls h t o o r i s l ~society ~ of ESI-AhlISM,


All of the atomic bombs and t h e military forces of the U. S. A. a n d abroad, dciinitely cannot check the positive Revolutionary forces of the planct, Urartus, in the North Gate of the Zodiac-the Htlb of the Universe---North America. Thus, in 1956, the planet Urarlus will enter the sign I,eo, t o remain in L e o until 1963. Leo governs the western half of Canada, U. S A., and all of hlexico. This urcstern half of thcNorth American continent governs our eco~~omi systcrn--the c bread basket, and oil, iron, silver and gold, a n d atomic elements Uranus. influerlce in

the culture of the Zodiac-the universal constitution, to keomc the grc:ltcst cco~lomic and social and moral potvcr on Earth, minus atotnic bombs, and nlilitary forces of corruption.

T h e g r c a t planet Sztur-n, is t h e sc!,aal n ~ a s t e rof the ttnircrst ( c a r t h ) , Thtrs, S a t u r n govctns tlie products oi the earth, econornics, restrictions, sorrow, and the destiny of mankind and thc rise a n d fall of nations. I t re uires 30 ears for Saturn to pass t h r o u g h t h e 12 signs of the Zo iac, and 433 years to colnplett his r i ~ n j o r revolutions of ( h e great walls o f the Zodiac Thus, 3QO y e a r s o f S a t u r n m a j o r revolutions of t h e g r e a t walls of ,the Zodiac -suLrracted from 1965 equals 1605, the era which began with hlOc3)iJS13 astrologers \vho predicted the rise and fall of.nation, w h i c h had its h e g i n n i n g w i t h the Dutch pirate Priests of the Kapsb u r g legions Iron Cross Society of Brazil, South America.

a t u r n will pass through t h e three signs of the IYest Gate during t h e n e x t s e v e n years from 1950 to 1957.

planets passing t h r c u g h the 12 has llcvcr told a lie.

TIic 11anlc uf tllc Ilcacl scientists o f the 3IOOHISIi nation t l t ~ r il~g t l l ; j t era is J'ahul), which means in English, Jacob. Were was the Iwginnit~gof thc 22 tribes of Itun~anity and global trmalgamation t o rr1a:rifest the tiifTtsent roiors or shades of the human skin, ,I~,d tlie c o ~ ~ v c t s i o of n t i ~ einasses of huxnanity'into caste systems :ci a s to t ~ l j r ~ i f e s 3t s (Iiffert:'l:t jt~oples from each group of t h e c;i: t cs. A group of people w i t h the sarne shade of skin and hair 11:1t irlto a c n s t c so 3s t o preve~lt them from contlucting sexti;~l r r l n t i o n s h i p 15,ith a n o t h e r caste s l i ~ h t l y different.

this took is I n r d lor tbe reader to.tu~dcrrtad otvir~gto tbcir Jtsire to endcavor to protect the false dktrine which the^^^^&^^; ral~glltto.believe, but by the time the pt&kt ~ r ~ n u s . p a C@Uu ~ the signs Car~ccrand Leo, during the next 14 y a r e ,01 thtkw$hlr Gate, U. S. A., every living person in the U S A, will tiam.lwrc t h a t which they have heen taught to tklieve and protect, Thcn, tire co~ltentsof this book will LC just right for them to ttndcrstand orrd clrcrish and to endeavor to apply the law of nature.
?-Ilc great planet Satrrrn is still the school master of the universe, ~ c . t ~ has o never failed t o tnuke one understand thc differcncc b ~ * t t v r eright ~l ar~d &on or the real and the unreal--or fic:ic,rl id facts. Yes, t ! ~ eind \lenses of the great planet, Saturn, ::rrcI t h e rtvolutionary or radical plnnct, Uranus, will makc the in~ c l l c ~ . ~ tmr-i:rsscs ~;ll of the iJ. S. A. forget all about thel ficticious Iircriiturc rtr. h i s tory' involving the rrtythisal or ficticious races and rl;itic,ns 51tch a s A f ~ i c a r ~ Indian, , Negro, Egyptian, and the ficticious s t o r y of 5fnscs ant! tllc' plight of t h e Jews, and the myth of ~ J c r u z a l c m ,arid ttrc m y t h of the hirth s f Christ by I-Ioly Virgin And t11ercl)y face the fact of the history of the MOABITE ? 1 1 n i o n arid the h1001iISI.I nation and thc Amazon Vnllcy, South Alnericnn Franciscan I)lond nation, of t h e union of name in 1863 PJorth America. 'I'1:c "wliite" red-skinned people are only one t h o ~ ~ s a ny de a r s old. 1,000years suhtractecl from hfoorish 1371 c q t i n l s ,371 !*cars--3Toorish Calentlar Year.

Yes, thc inflticr~cesof t h c great planet Saturn and the radical planct L'ratlus, definitely ,do not debate and neither ar tnasscs of Ilurr~anityw*hoare relying upon falsehood f ance rather than facts of life-existence and realities. These two forces of n a t u r e , namely, Saturn and Uranus, makes humanity yield to (realities-life and existence right) or destroy themselves

the I:I\v of cause

, . . . , , ~ m ~ ~

~ -

sade (Dutch-German priests) mathematicians adiled 580 mythical y e a r s to t h e correct Moorish calcndar y e a r of 1025. 580 added Z 3 ' Xfoorish calendar t o 11% equals 1776. 580 years atlrlcrl to J ?car equals 1W.
Thl~s, the I ~ c a d~f thc livirli: hI0C)RISI.I n a t i r ) ~fiibclctl ~, as Nc&roes arc referred to as "Dry ljoncs in the Vallcy," meaning they arc r ~ ~ e n t s l l (Itad y f c r lack cf Icnorvltrdge of t r u t h . And the "white" crl~~caor as r c a f r a i d to tcncll t l i ~ r 1 1t h c trrtth. Arld i f the "whitc" people would a t t e r n ) t to reveal to the ~ n c n t a l l yclcad MOORS tlic truth of t l ~ e i r h i 0 RISIi history, they would rebel against acceping i t because t h c y believe t h e "white" people have taught t h e m the t r u t h a n d as thc r e s u l t t h e rncntally cleat1 h100RS from the preachers on down to their followers will conccive the thougllt o r idea t h a t t h e "white" people a r e endeavor-ing t o trick them.

have * the "\\.hileu educators on a "NO-WAY S o this t e n t l e r ~ c ~ OUT" spot. Therefore, the positions o f the g r c a t planet S a t u r n and the radical planet, Uranus, ruling t h e N o r t h , West, and the universe, (luring t11c S o u t h Gates of t h e walls of t l ~ cZodiac-the next seven years will arise t h e m from t h e i r m e n t a l death of ignorance to a living conscious beings-the head of t h e MOORISII nation. The influer~cesof S a t u r n and Urarlus will raisc tile pcoplc from their mental death w h e t h e r I rnysclf wr-itc it o r not, because it has already been written in the universal I ~ o o ko f n a t u r e o111)-cspressing i t on paper in or(ler nnrncly, the % h u s L e c o n ~ cretlecrnctl fronl thci r n1c11that those 1\-1iu tal tieath of igrlorancc and t h c r c l y rise \ \ , i t l ~ i r ~ t c l l i g c ~ ~tc~ cn , ity, wisdom, kno\vletlgc and undcrsar~dingin o r d c r t h a t the grcat cconomic and social clla~igein the U. S. A. tlie N o r t h G a t e migilt IJC brought about m o r e rapidly and pcaccfully, c o n t r a r y t o the approaching blood bath owing to ignorance----nan~cly, rcligiolrs, ras t a t e tr;\(litinn i ~ n ~ r a r l ~ c . cial, color ; I I I ( ~


tiorla1 scale. \Veil, the u e a : planet, Saturn, ia bound by a great

circle which rcprcscnts "NO-WAY-OUT." .Even if I did not write i t , the 171-eatring around the planet, Saturn shall bring about this relatioil regardless of cost. The greaf planet, Saturn, recognixes only two tliiierent ~jcoplein the wt~oleof creation, namely, fcn.!;llc iI:?ci r ~ i a l e ,or \rc!rnan z i l l t l man. Yes, Saturn is the school rliaurcr clf t h e utlivcx-se. 0 1 1 e race, the human race, and one ail11 arid o r ~ e dcs t ins---psogrcss amid pence,




T 1 1 e in fluencc o f the g m ~planet, t Saturn, on the weather conirt t h e Northern Hemisphere from 1950 until 1965. P0.r

Nov, 21st in 1950, and will remain ~011thuntil 1965. T h i s position floods, and of S a t u r n r e s t ~ l t s in frillir~gweather, cold wintera, cl-,illb- springs 2nd stirl.lmcrs in the Northern Hcrnisphert u.nti1 1955. 'I"l~crc~ v i l Ialso t c rlumcrous earthquakes,

if t,etrc,Togy, the 12 signs of the Zodiac, is' everyl,c:c!)~'s lair for. I!:C t r ~tc:, cuoperatc with the works of nature, and

., .i iirl ccit i l c c

t I i c ) , have t o e ~ n p l o y t h e mystic Gad names such as ALLAH, GOD, Cl l i ? lS'T, arid h l o l ~ n r n r n c da s their prophet. .The term, nature, is !lot c ~ . , n f l ~ ~ % Onc i r ~ gdocs . n o t h a v e to bow in prayer to th~c.supremc ] a \ v (if~ ~ ; i l i ~ to i.c g a i n benefit. The only way for one to gain supr c l n c bcneFil in life is s t u d y t h e works of nature as shown in tllc 12 signs of t h e Zodiac. The sign, Virgo, governs our industri

This tlingrnni t l f the s).mtoI of the earth revolving around tlic bun h a s proven that the 12 signs of the Zotliac, and.the natural philosophy of Astrology involving human character,, intelligcncc, and action and reaction and human destiny, is definite 1 1 o t ? myth, a superstition as the Christian reli Icaders, itlcluciing .those refcrred t o as Mason have t a u g h t t h e uqiortunate rnasses to believe You are advised to hegin rrvith the sign nf Aries, and count the lines of the e a r t h i n harmony \ v i t l ~the rays oi the ' S L I ~ and , en P i s c e s . J-Iere t,y reason you \vill agree that the Zod versa1 ' law sand consti~utionupon \vhich civi Kn3~\vlctlgc of the science of t h e 12 signs of th the g r e a t l,ass\vort! and signs qualification. Your belief in the tloctriAe of priesthood religious ni~.thology \vill defir~itely not 5 ta11d up' againif the' illustrat.ed above diagram of the earth anti r i l l \ , c l e c t r i c n l l ~roi~nected ~ ~ n d reflecting !noon slmped light and

.=Ciiada.,raJNorth: Coriadn, is the origin~l S - ~ g ~ l a f r ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ d & ~ 2nd the Sii~ts,,;nd "the Anglia,.and
> .

;(&$ediaJ.. is *&A,&




~ 4 s ~ c sri illRIGHT i KI.ANISMH'

S[J,&s bS:,s, t i c pI~ra,sds rx~~pLuy~ad~ t n t e g r L3,,idts LS,) , ~ L , ~ i i YYni~n , c ~ .of 1

~ ~ ~ ~ C ~ ~ p le h s1 5 n ce ~ of ~ x t ~ ~ ~ ~ 6 i ~ ~ r a s a l !,ay a ; ~ $ ~ ~ , q ~ ~ n , ~of t ~th uet t o n is blindfoldcti sc

i i li




thc ,rny?*tic o r d c I!t~o~q~lly o \ s i n i 'it$ itieir:ljlin calle~~sccr* ~ 't: " ~I,l e 1,lind disgrace. agairist the perfect signs of t h e Zodiac. Our bays a r e paying the price on the battlefields, today.

possess ur~iversalknowledge of thezodiac.

Thc ( J a p a n e s e or Spanish) are the product o f the undefeated 1IOOI<ISJ I . \ I ; L I . ~ 1:orc-c ~ I c i l l the year 1273 Moorish Calendar Year, \r-hich is r q ~ r i r . a l c n tt o 181.3 (Cr~t.snrle-Croix) or Cl~ristinnCalendar

1. "I<illg Solurnon" is t l ~ ce a r t h \vhic.h cotltiri~is all of thc eleoiet~ts,we:tltl~ and the forces of nature. Thus, the earth is the store house o r all of the wealth of creation which makes it the \visest "man" 01planet. So, also, t h e l~urraanbody contains all of t h c clcr:~c.rlt.sof ttlc c ~ th. r 2. "lJir-;~r~ A!>if"is tlic SunJ \vhicti nrarks tlic tr~ot~th.s, seasons, sigrls a n d t l ~ cme;isurerr>cnt o f tirnc arid spacc during t l ~ c earth's n1111ualrcvnlution of 3E4l dcgrees. The "Grand hlaster" is the Fall Season, Oct., Nov. and Dec. The F a t a l Blow is .Det. 21st o r J a n . l s t , \vhcn the Sun cntcrs the sign, Capricorn, a r ~ d ~ l s l ~ c irn s the winter ssnsotl ir. the Northcrrr Jlc~nisj)hcre. I-fcrc tllc cold \\.c;ltlier strike3 its fatal I ~ l o wt o plant life. And in mid-Fcbrt~;~r the y earth evolving o r arising from the slumber o f the winc r scason to\vnrd the Spring season for reviving o r risercction of \v;krm \\*eatllcr;111(1 pli~lltlife. T h u s , the apl)rorrc.l~irlg grip o f t h c s j u i ~ l gseason against the winter season is referred to as "the s t r o n g g r i p of the Idion's Paw," meaning the spring season has raised plant life from its death bed of frozen e a r t h to a living per.

(a) The Vcrnnl Eq~linnx.



The fern1 hlnson ing tvo'nan . and snn. ppsitivc, tpca~~ji~g 111% ~,i,iblc Tor the crcat;cm
I~:;LECVS \ Y O I I C I> $ \ ~ r i li tlit tfi'l~teiCr i* . " ., f r a t s .unforn~cd r n a t f e f . pL2 n t q a ,,t2tra sed. t c ~ p ~ kn; ig spells 5Zfaa~b <>LN 1h l~ + % " . * , ! . 1 @&*SJ: phrased \\.it h ( s o n ) w cllild rcprocfriction corrrprise t h e grea vcr.sal s u p r e m e cr e a t i - s e ~ t b e rhusbwnd,.,f,or. all rllalc , s i x ' k . o r ~ ~ c $ ~no f ~o ~nren >knoy:s, , ,TlGs,*
V L k .
I % '

6 .







w n

T h c CROSS is in Rcalitj- the Positivc N ~ ~ n t b c r

Tllus, t h e I.e\.el, ~ l e g a t i \ . e ,a n d the I'lumb, positive, represent the rlcgntive arid t h e positive forces of nature, namcly, female a ~ male, ~ d upon hvhicll the 11.or1d took fnrm.

thcr*efore, h ~ i dt o pay the penalty through war, blmdsh~d and fall

fi1.c-l)oin[ctl s t a r ~ v i t h thcir fcct f a r a p a r t . Their hcntl No. ( I ) , tllcir right a r m No. .(2), tllcir l e f t arni No. (3), their r i ~ h tfoot

' I . }I(:

1 .;,;:<I

) ~ ~: i . t~ :;ii$j\\,il ~ ! ~ lj i \


crirnc, war, I~loodshed a91d hunia~land property Jestrlrction. As tllc result of n e g n t ~ v e ,culture, contrary to unity, peace, justice, truth and economic and social progress. The tcachcrr and followers bf all' religions are referred to in Bible mystery as the children of "Abcl" and Seth, meaning Priesthood St11 tanate dictatorshipKings and Queens--at the Royal Family.


' T h e women a n ~ lsons w5o rel)cllctl against ,the negativc sysI,ct\vcen 1789 rind 186.3 Nortli Atnerica, arc rc{erred to as tllc children of "Cain",.or the sons and daughters light, meaning scisrlt ific kno~vtctlge of the u r r i v c ~ a l l a y of the hloorisil r1;ttintl a s s h o ~ v r r in the 12 signs of the Zrdinc.
t e m of Cachotlism


J ~ J O S RA i x i ; l z ~ s"\vhitslj ~ :{qs sq!;bml-il d'ir~ljc~ica, &r+c rcfcirccl tu as t h e rnysti * k ~ l i ~ l l r so " r "Cnin"' \\,fro SICII. ''AI,cI''- ant1 "nvent to the fancl of * . * .=
, ,


r l % , Y l l l r

jijs--?-i6(e 1 1 ~ j ci~ncI~~nf\;~~g,a.p_n.yct t ~~3-b~~g~d.g,a.qhp , o t l ~ c r $ i V ~ e ~ ~ , . < ~ a i n ' ~ ~ ~ s~ i , ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ s & ~ tlic Zodiac, IIJC l i a l f ~ v x y sign o f the stomach -". t (lc_grccs .* .C;LSS l u ~ 1 g i . t ~ ~ d ~ ~ ~ t . i 1i,j&!,q., c,,-~art1~ tlcep w a t e r s of Uostrm, hlnss., U. S. A. Anode of Nod. (G) Geornctry has lJc\lcrtold a lie the square ant1 angle oi (5'0 d c g r c c s o r tile s c l ~ ~ n r - nrld e cornl)ass, which is the univtrs;~l la\\. o f t h e 11(1oris11 , ~ ; ~ t i o r . ircfcrrerl . tn as Negroes.

Tad." ,<
. L




, + ,,a*r-

% . , A *




-13q:ilrt *

l<lCY O F i ~ l ~ ~ J l ~ l Z A ~ ~ l O N
s * l l t r f ~)eriectitrn-tl~c science of Gc! ,met r ~ is . 11ic ~ : ~ ) i v ~ r 1a\v t11c c~llturctl.IIoors, wllich h a s , arltl nl\vays will, be in the 1i;lntJs of t h e kinky-hairccl hloors o f Yorth America. Thus, the hloorish ;lation oi Sc)rth A1ncric:i. refcrred to as Negroes cannot I)e dcstro>.cn. The cycle of g1ol)nl war gctieratetl by C a t l ~ c ~ l Priestc hood dicta t o r s ~ l /11chi1,d ~ rlored ~ l w r swill redeem the _hicori:h. nnrion of North America, c11lr-ing glol)al w a r 111. Thc s o

1 c . r ~o f Unirl II;\YC licl(l ~ h c i r o\\.11 tn\\-nr(l r;,zfc 611 A.q for t h i s a c t , ( h e sons and daughters i l l ullit). \vil11 the 3lnclrish nation to never fall again. "TUBAL ~'t\iS"--If@ (lcgrces-tllc I A h l , the ~ r e o tI AM-the ~vidorvs ~011so f !).---North America.

J-at in o r A r;~I)ic



Symbols of the

in Ar:rl)ic

Names of in E~~glish

.1.l ~ c r t : is ]lo nll)l~:t)et

c n l sj*rnl)ols of

t h a t car1 go 1)eyond the almve a1l)hnl)etithe Moabite and tlie h?loorish nation-The fathers

o i ci\filizntion.

The iollowi~ig l l o o r i s h color code of electronics \\-llic-h - is t l ~ c clcsciiLes the linit of r-csis~:~nce, currellt and voltage: 0-syrnbolizcs Black I--sy rnl>olizes Bro1l.n ,, --symbolizes Rcd 3-syml)olizc~ 0 r ; l n g e 4--syrnI)olizes Ycllnw 5--s).n1l)olizcs Green G-syml)olizes Hlue 7-sy ml>olizes Violet 8--syml)olizcs Gray 9-svm1,olizes W h i t e or 1-igh t

'I'his i s t hc fo\~~l(Iatiori oi c r e a t i o n of the worltl a11tl the 1111i\,;~l crodc wtiicl~c~inLIes\ \ - o m n n , the \\*icio\v ; ~ n d sons to harness t h e invisil)le iorces o f n a t t i r c n n r ~ ~ c l j .electricity, , a t o m i c energy, rirtlio ; \ ~ l t l tclcvision. tlci!. tllc la\\.s of grn\~iration1)y floating ill ~ l ) ; ~ c ;lnct c ; ~ l t ; oc.onclt:er the clcl)tl~s~ ) ft h e high seas, ilnd all o f the. c l c m c ~ i t sof t h c e;\rrh, 11l;int, n l ~ i m ; ~ itisect, l. fish, fo~\.I,rcptile

nrld the human body. woman w h ~ . father tinlc.

z4erg s y ~ ~ l m i i z c tl~c s ~ u~~i~ccsql tnind *of


and tinw or ,

%*a<. fi


Frcsno, L'n liforni;i ; L l c ~ ~ v c rG~ltn-adu , ; Springfield, Illinois ; CoIurnL~us,Ohic:,; Philatlclphis, I'ct~!lsyivatlin; M'iiccling, West Virginia; and a c r o s s tlre Atlantic Ocean to hlncIrid, Spain; Flers, of J;\l)an,



\ \ , i > l ~ * ; '-01)y ~


ortler for $.3.a) 31. Bey.


( I I C 19-47 l ) ~ ~ l ) l i c ; ~ ~ t i Io)~ I~ ~ I li ~ i 111:iiI ~ l ~ :\ t 263.3 Jl. 51s; St., Clcvclat~tl 4, Ohio, C.

a t ~ ( l ~ r o \ , i ( l c .'1'11;11 ) i~ t o s;I!-, l ) c g~~i,lc-f realit?. a n d s h ; ~ r c i t \\,irh tlrc ~ ~ n i o r t t ~ ~ l ; ~ 1,hcorne clu;llifiecl t o lil,cr;ttc t h e m s c l v e s

The dc\.il i s rcligiolis ~n!.~llr~ln

The Graat Pyrabnid Xe The Emblem O f Tbs Muori~jhNation (~ho Great ~ e n a )

It R e q u i r e s Only A Small Book To Explain The Necessary T r u t h Of Scienoe and History, On The Oontrary, It Requires A Very Large Book T o Cover Up The T r u t h Of Science And
History By Way Of Mytholbgy, Theology, Isms, Gods, Races And Nations Fiction.

Cleveland, Ohio

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