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Travel: Text Response Rubric Write an essay of at least five paragraphs. Your essay should include an introduction, three to four body paragraphs and a conclusion. Advanced Competent Developing Beginning Relevance of response All parts of essay relevant Most of essay relevant Some of essay relevant Little of essay relevant 5 4 3 2 /5 Structure of essay Uses TEEL: paragraphs, topic Shows awareness of TEEL: Some attempt to use Paragraphs not used; does not sentences, evidence paragraphs, topic sentences structure: paragraphs, but develop ideas in logical /10 introduction and conclusion; and evidence used possibly not internal manner all linked 7-8 structure (topic sentences 3-4 9-10 etc) 5-6 Complexity Complex ideas explored and Ideas explored and developed Some details; ideas are being Very simple response to developed thoroughly explored question /10 9-10 7-8 5-6 3-4 Length 700 + words in length, more About 600 words in length, 5 About 500 words in length, 4 Fewer than 500 words; only a than 5 paragraphs or 5 very paragraphs paragraphs couple of paragraphs /5 detailed paragraphs 4 3 2 5 Mechanics: spelling, Spelling and grammar are Few spelling and grammatical Some spelling and grammar Many spelling and/or fluency, grammar accurate and language is problems problems, but meaning is grammatical mistakes that highly literate 4 clear make the meaning difficult to /5 5 3 understand 2 Planning Plan clearly shows structure, Plan clearly shows intended Some evidence of planning Little or no evidence of including evidence and structure 3 planning /5 quotations 4 2 5