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Altair HyperWorks Version 11.0 A Platform for Innovation Copyright 1986-2011 Altair Engineering Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Listed below are HyperWorks applications. Copyright Altair Engineering Inc. All Rights Reserved for:

HyperMesh 1990-2011; HyperCrash 2001-2011; OptiStruct 1996-2011; RADIOSS1986-2011; H yperView1999-2011; HyperView Player 2001-2011; HyperStudy 1999-2011; HyperGraph19952011; MotionView 1993-2011; MotionSolve 2002-2011; HyperForm 1998-2011; HyperXtrude 1999-2011; Process Manager 2003-2011; Templex 1990-2011; Data Manager 2005-2011; Me diaView 1999-2011; BatchMesher 2003-2011; TextView 1996-2011; HyperMath 2007-2011; S criptView 2007-2011; Manufacturing Solutions 2005-2011; HyperWeld 2009-2011; HyperM old 2009-2011; solidThinking 1993-2011; solidThinking Inspired 2009-2011; Durabilit y Director 2009-2011; Suspension Director 2009-2011; AcuSolve 1997-2011; and AcuCon sole 2006-2011.

In addition to HyperWorks trademarks noted above, GridWorks , PBS GridWorks, PBS Profe ssional, PBS and Portable Batch System are trademarks of ALTAIR ENGINEERING INC. Pa tent #6,859,792 and other patents pending. All are protected under U.S. and inte rnational laws and treaties. Copyright 1994-2011.

All other marks are the property of their respective owners.

ALTAIR ENGINEERING INC. Proprietary and Confidential. Contains Trade Secret Inf ormation. Not for use or disclosure outside of ALTAIR and its licensed clients. Information contained herein shall not be decompiled, disassembled, duplicated , or disclosed in whole or in part for any purpose. Usage of the software is on ly as explicitly permitted in the end user software license agreement.

Copyright notice does not imply publication.