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of Tamil Nadu Enterprise) INSTRUCTIONS

I.How to access content? 1.Go to Computer Icon. 2.Select C drive 3.Select Customer Media Dump (I).Select Tamil virtual Academy folder a.Create Shortcut for Thirukkural and click to open b.Create Shortcut for Dictionary and click to open c.Create Shortcut for Glossary and click to open (II).School Edu-NIC folder Select Text book,Books,11 folder , create shortcut and click to open Select Text book,Books,12 folder , create shortcut and click to open II.How to Type in Tamil 1.Create Shortcut for Tamil keyboard from Start, All programmes,TN Govt Keyboard Interface,Select 4th of TN Govt Keyboard Interface 2.Disable Scroll lock 3.Double click Tamil keyboard Interface Icon 4.Click on the keyboard screen 5.You can see Unicode Bilingual Tamil 99 Keyboard 6.Select keyboard from Keyboard Layout either Tamil 99 Unicode (TAU) or Typewriter Unicode (TAU) from Keyboard layout Menu 7.Minimize the Keyboard ,

8.Open Microsoft word 9.Go to, font 10.Select TAU font and Press enter 11.Now you can start typing

III How to Go to Word or Excel ? 1.Go to Start 2.Select All programme 3.Select Microsoft office 4.Then select Microsoft word or Excel IV.How to Disable Scroll lock Press Fn key and F12 simultaneously Or Go to Start, All programmes, Ease of Access,On screen keyboard then click Scroll lock (Disable)