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Issue 09 100 pages of everything electrical

Over 100
Clipsal Lighting solutions for
Check out our great your new home
new lighting range or renovation
New Slimline ImpressTM Energy Control
Push-Button Switches Save money on your power
The latest evolution in switching bills with our essential energy
management solutions
Stunning New Pure White 250V Clipsal SaturnTM
R.R.P. $8.75

Australia’s best electricians are only a click away.

Work through your Checklist Planner to complete
all the electrical solutions for your home.

Great rewards for a little planning.

Save money You’ll love it

Adding electrical products, like an extra power Beyond just switching lights on and off, your
point, during the planning stage can be relatively electrical installation can improve your lifestyle.
inexpensive. However, once the walls are up it's a Lighting can create moods, control can take over
lot messier and more expensive. routine tasks, security systems can give you
peace of mind, and entertainment units can be
integrated into home theatre systems. Take the
Save the environment time to explore what is affordable and possible in
Plan to include electrical products like dimmers, your home, and you will be pleasantly surprised.
motion sensors, energy efficient lighting, timers
and ceiling fans, and you’ll save money by
reducing your energy bills. As an added bonus, Security and safety
you’ll also reduce CO2 emissions, which is great You can’t put a price on your family’s safety! Which
for the environment. is why, it’s smart to invest in electrical products
that help keep everyone in your home safe and
secure. Clipsal has a wide range of products
Future proofing that give you that added peace of mind, such as
Don’t put up with ugly cords and power cables surge arrestors, which help protect your home
across rooms and along corridors! Pre-wiring appliances and expensive audio equipment, as
your home with data cabling or providing plenty of well as Infrascans to scare off burglars. And let’s
power points makes good sense. With the cabling not forget the famous Clipsal safety switch which
in place you can add new services whenever you reduces the risk of your family being in harm’s way
like, such as Pay TV in multiple rooms or have of a life threatening electric shock or fire.
every computer in the house access one printer.
That’s why it’s called “future proofing”.

2 Essential Checklist Issue 09

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Projec e Chec
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If your r is missing Planner
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3 3
$ MORE ¢
Saving energy in and around the home makes more cents, literally. And
come on let’s face it, who doesn’t want to save a few extra bucks whenever possible.
With Clipsal’s Essential Checklist, helping to reduce your energy bills is easy.

More than a magazine, the Checklist is an essential tool when

it comes to everything electrical for your home, helping you to find the right
solutions that are best for you. Whether building or renovating, the Checklist
highlights hundreds of innovative products for every area of your home, inside
and out. It also educates you on what products offer energy efficient solutions from
the clever use of motion sensors and ceiling sweep fans to Clipsal’s new range
of energy saving downlights, dimmer switches and the famous Cent-a-Meter –
altogether products that are designed to enhance your lifestyle and help you to cut
back on your energy usage.

With the right products and advice you can easily reduce
your annual power bill by 15%. You’ll notice the difference. The environment
will notice the difference. It’s a win, win situation for everyone. So, take the first
step towards leading a more energy efficient lifestyle and buy Clipsal. After all,
saving energy makes more cents!

20% of Australia’s greenhouse gas products and the help of the Essential Checklist offer to enhance your home and save you money.
emissions come from our homes making a 15% reduction to your electricity use is Such products are evident throughout the entire
very easy to do. Essential Checklist.
It’s not just cars and factories that are responsible
for producing greenhouse gases. You might be
surprised to learn that the average Australian
Small changes create a big difference Think about your impact
household produces 12,000kgs of all greenhouse We believe that by working together, we can It’s time to stop and think about the impact we’re
gas emissions annually – that makes up a massive start actively build a greener Australia. Any having on the environment every time we leave
20% of the countries total emissions. And the small contribution you make will have a positive unnecessary lights on or keep the TV on standby
rapid rate at which we are constantly adding new contribution for our future. If every household mode all day. Instead consider installing automated
technologies to our homes this number only were to reduce their energy use by 15% then it timers and sensors and speak to your electrician
continues to grow and grow. would also prevent a staggering 16.8 billion tonnes about the benefits of having a Cent-a-Meter in
of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the your home.
atmosphere. This equivalent to taking 3.36 million
Cut your electrical use by 15%, reduce As you work your way through the Checklist,
cars off the road permanently.
your energy bill by $270 think about what changes you can start initiating
It is even more staggering to know that in Australia throughout your home, just by installing a few
Support Clipsal, support change basic products. And remember that by buying
we spend around $1,800 on energy bills. With a
little effort, each household can cut their energy As years go by, the effects of global warming are Clipsal, you are productively being more energy
costs, simply by instigating a 15% reduction in becoming more and more evident. It is time for us efficient and supporting positive change.
their total energy use. This can save the average to act, as individuals and by working together.
By supporting Clipsal, you are already making
household $270 a year and prevent 1,500kgs of At Clipsal our commitment to the environment a difference.
greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. is demonstrated in the vast range of energy
Furthermore with Clipsal’s innovative range of efficient solutions and innovative products we

Your kitchen is an everyday room

- every day of the week.

40 Safety

42 CFL Downlights
44 Low Voltage Halogen Downlights
46 LEDs
47 Exterior Lights

48 Synergi Solutions


52 Colour and Finish

Lulling you to sleep with the knowledge
that you’re saving energy. 24 THE RANGE
Clipsal Saturn™ 250V Range
Impress Push-Button Selection
2000 Series™
59 Classic C2000 Series™
60 Slimline SC2000 Series™
61 Eclipse SL2000 Series™
62 Metal Plate Range
63 Heritage Range
64 Modena 800 Series™
66 Strato 800 Series™
67 Moduline™
68 Colour Selection Chart

Clipsal Saturn 250V enables you to match wall switches
and power points throughout the home.

Controlling your entire home’s
lighting from inside the front door. 10
Energy Management
Find the right solutions throughout
your Essential Checklist.

Your theatre room can be part of
your everyday life. 69 Living Technology
71 Home Networking Solutions
73 Define Your Lifestyle
74 Luxurious Living
75 Impressive Technology
76 Serving You More
79 Create the Perfect Harmony
80 Home Control that Makes Cents
82 Now There are Wiser Homes
84 The Core of a Wiser Home

86 C-Touch™ Colour Touch Screens

87 MKII B&W Touch Screens
Our brightest ideas give great savings.
89 Saturn™ Range
90 Modena Range
91 Neo® Range

ROOM SOLUTIONS 92 Reflection Range

93 Standard Range
10 Entrance and Home Security
12 Family Room
94 How to Make it Happen
16 Kitchen
20 Home Theatre 97 Display Centres

24 Bedroom 98 Index
26 Bathroom

30 Laundry
32 Study
34 Garage and Shed
Impress Push-Button
36 Outdoors Clipsal leading the way
with evolutionary push-
button switches 7
How to use your Essential Checklist and Project Planner
Take control! will help you find exactly what you need for Step 4 > Read through pages 69-93 to
every room in your home. It will also ensure discover the various home networking
The ‘Essential Checklist for Everything you’ll enjoy your home for years to come. and control options. Record your home
Electrical’ takes you on a tour of your new networking and control preferences
home or renovation before it is built. Inside, (C-Bus®, StarServe®, LexCom Home®) in
you will find smart ideas and electrical Step 1 > Tear out your Project Planner your Project Planner.
products for your home. It comes with a from the front of this book.
handy Project Planner that you can take to Step 5 > Take your Project Planner
Step 2 > Read pages 52-68 and decide to your Clipspec Consultant, licensed
your Clipspec® Consultant (refer to page 96)
your preferences on styles and colours. electrical contractor, builder or design
or electrical contractor, and work through
Page 68 has a colour chart so you can see professional. (See for a list of
your ideas. Your consultant will also offer
all the colours available for each style. licensed electrical contractors near you.)
some advice and further suggestions that
will help you customise your home to best Step 3 > Read through pages 10-47, taking
suit your lifestyle. you through all the electrical solutions for > Is your Planner already torn out?
every room in your home. Record your
With a little planning, you can meet all your product preferences in the Project Planner If the Project Planner has already been
electrical requirements without blowing the as you go, including style and colour removed from this magazine, simply call
budget. This Checklist and Project Planner preferences. 1300 66 99 25 and we will arrange for a new
Planner to be sent to you straight away.

Clipsal’s 2009 edition of the This process needn’t be difficult. Inside the
Essential Checklist delivers you Checklist you’ll find a very useful Project
Planner to help you plan and organise your
hundreds of electrical product electrical from start to finish. Take this to
solutions for your home, all of your Clipspec® Consultant (refer to page 96)
which have specifically been or electrical contractor (visit
designed to enhance your and work through your ideas. Your personal
lifestyle and embrace every consultant is there to provide you with
aspect of your home’s electrical practical advice and helpful ideas, so you can
customise your home to suit your lifestyle.
needs from safety, security,
convenience, style, and most Clipsal is proud to bring you the Essential
Checklist; your must-have magazine will
importantly energy efficiency. help turn your house into a home.
With hundreds of products,
ranges and designs, you can be
sure to find something that is
perfect for you, your home and
your budget.

Building, renovating or
improving your home
At Clipsal, we understand that building or
Published By
renovating your home is a daunting task Clipsal Communications
and there is always so much to do; so many 23 East Street, Brompton SA 5007
Consumer Hotline 1300 66 99 25
decisions to make. However, your electrical
requirements are one area that you truly can’t Art Direction
Tim Coleman
afford to overlook. Spending the time and
money to get everything right from the start Delvene Tolbert
will avoid a lot of expense, frustration and the Copy Editor
need to rewire later on down the track. Jodie Hansen

8 Essential Checklist Issue 09

electrical for the entrance & Home Security
Everything electrical is much easier than you think, in fact it’s just one Don’t risk using just any electrician for your electrical installations.
click away at By using to find a Clipsal endorsed installer (licensed
The redesigned intuitive website now includes many new features as electrician) in your area, be assured of the best possible service and
well as improving on existing ones. workmanship. Additional information in regards to their areas of
expertise is also available, along with contact details and a map of
VIRTUAL HOME their location.
Check out the new the virtual home in the homeowner’s section where
you can view the latest in energy solutions. A must for all new and 3D MODELS
existing homeowners. This ever expanding section now has more products shown in 3D. See
how easily the parts fit together, turn them around, view them upside
LATEST PRODUCTS down and change the colour. It is as close as you can get to you holding
Clipsal is regularly releasing exciting new products and you can read all them in your hands.
about them on the website.
LATEST BROCHURES has a sophisticated search function that allows you to
The Clipsal brochure library is constantly being updated with the easily find the product that you are looking for by product, content or
latest product or technical brochures which can be viewed online, group search. Just try it and see for yourself just how easy it is.
printed or downloaded. 9
Home Security
So how exactly do you make
your home safe and secure? This
can be a difficult task if you’re
not sure what to look for.
In this section you will find several
innovative Clipsal products and ideas that
will help you get your entrance area and
home security just right. There are also
several energy efficient solutions that will
show you how easy it is for you to reduce
your energy consumption by making a few
smart product choices.


1 Infrascan Motion Sensors

2 Compact Fluorescent Exterior inbuilt timer option which means you can

Lights that are left on unnecessarily are Lights (CFL) achieve even greater efficiency.
a huge offender when it comes to wasting CFLs are ideal for outdoor areas where
your electricity. Did you know a typical 250
watt security light that is left on all night
the lights may be required to stay on for
long periods. Due to their long lamp life of
4 Dimmer Switches
Believe it or not, having two-way
dimmer switches for your lights is actually a
can end up costing you over $124 per year. 10,000hrs, CFLs reduce your energy usage
great way to cut back on using electricity. In
Simply installing an Infrascan can reduce without compromising on style. For more
fact energy savings of over 60% are possible
your energy consumption significantly. information on CFLs refer to the lighting
with a combination of dimmer switches.
Remember this next time you go out for section on page 42.
Visit to use the
the night and leave the outside light on.
With an Infrascan you can still come home 3 Sunset Switch
Turns lights on only when you need
interactive dimmer savings calculator.

to the light coming on, the only difference them! These switches use a light sensor to
is it would only be on for five minutes, as turn on once natural light levels drop below
opposed to five hours. That’s a lot of energy the desired level. They automatically adjust
and money saved. to seasonal changes and some also have an

1  2  3  4 

10 Essential Checklist Issue 09

electrical for the entrance & Home Security

poWer poiNtS
1 Power
Power Points
points come in really handy near an entrance or hallway for when you need to use
the lamp, water feature or even to vacuum.

SWitcHeS/DimmerS 1  2 

2 When
Wall Switches
considering wall switches for your entrance area, hallways and stairs remember two-
way switches are a much more convenient and energy efficient option. Use our new Impress
LED push-button switches to show at a glance what outside lights are on.

3 Create
Dimmer Switches
the right mood to welcome friends and visitors.
3  4 

4 Downlights
Make your front door and home entrance more welcoming at night. Give your hall or

staircase a more open look. You can be sure to achieve whatever effect you desire with Clipsal’s
wide range of downlights. Gimble downlights in particular are a great way to put the spotlight
on wall recesses in stairways, feature paintings or to make that stunning pot plant the centre
of attention. Designed with an adjustable beam, they give you the freedom to create dramatic
accent lighting that can turn your entrance from bland to grand. To check out Clipsal’s current
styles and designs in downlights see page 42. electrical
   SAFety & Security
   
5 Fail Safe Home Emergency Light
Finding the front door can often be a hard task in the case of a power failure. Not with an
 emergency light, which automatically works for you when no other lights will.
 

  6 See
Surveillance Camera
who’s knocking at your door, from the comfort of inside your home. Perfect for the
security conscious and those with two storey homes, as it means you’re able to see the visitor on
 ENTRANCE  the TV screen first, meaning you never have to open the door to strangers again.

7 Your
Outdoor Infrascan ®

best, first line of defence, the famous Clipsal Infrascan should feature in every home.
  This is ideal when you come home at night. It will light up the driveway so you don’t trip over
things in the dark, welcoming friends and warding off intruders throughout the night. The light
can be either fluorescent or incandescent. Arguably the best sensor light money can buy due to
its superior electronics and weatherproof construction, the Infrascan is fully adjustable for light
level, sensitivity and time. It also has provision for up to two flood lamps.

8 AClipsal Digilant
great addition to your home’s overall security solution is the Clipsal Digilant® range of
surveillance cameras. If you become the unfortunate victim of a break-in, the Digilant will
5  6  capture and store images during the event, which can then be retrieved and given to the
authorities to aid in capturing thieves. Digilant can be used as a cost effective stand-alone
alternative to CCTV, or can be integrated to work with your Clipsal HomeSafeTM Security
System. This amazing camera can function for up to six weeks on batteries alone and store
around 60,000 images. Nothing beats Digilant!

7  8  9 Keyless Entry
Use a card or keyring to activate entry that can also be networked to your security system.
Also particularly useful if you are carrying groceries or other parcels, as you can open your door in
advance, rather than having to put everything down on the doorstep and hunt for your keys in your
pockets or handbag. Entering and leaving your house has never been so easy.

9 
10 Clipsal’s
Complete Home Security
HomeSafe™ Security Pack is the smart and flexible way to protect your family’s
home and belongings, in the fight against break-ins. Complete with detection devices, motion
sensors, battery backup, LCD keypad, audio and visual alarms and a telephone dialler, which
can alert any security monitoring station and call any landline or mobile phone to alert you to
the situation. It can even be upgraded to include special features like a panic button that can
switch on all the lights, sound an alarm, or even alert a security company. Your alarm system
can be integrated with your C-Bus® Home Control System. For more information on the Clipsal
10 
C-Bus systems available see page 80. 11
In today’s modern home, family rooms are used for just about
everything from dining, entertaining, reading and watching
television. To complement this you need a flexible electrical and
lighting scheme.

12 Essential Checklist Issue 09

family room

Incorporate a good mix of dimmers, low energy downlights, as well as enough power
points and audio sockets; doing so will ensure you enjoy the benefits of your living area
and have the best lighting and accessories to suit all possible applications. If you want to go
that one step further and really bring the room to life, get creative with a range of interior
lights and downlights to draw extra attention. After all the family room is the centre of
your home life, so you want to make sure you get it just right. For more family room
options visit 13
family room

   
 
 
 

 
 

 

   

energy management essentials

1 Wall Switches
Having two-way switches for different
lighting is an innovative solution that will
atmosphere, dimming your lights extends
the life of the lamp, which in turn generates
less energy, reduces greenhouse gases and
halogen lamp or CFL inside your downlights.
For more information on how downlights
can impact your energy efficiency around the
help reduce your power usage and those most importantly saves you money. Visit home, visit
nasty greenhouse gas emissions. for more

2 Dimmer Switches
information on calculating your savings. 4 Keep
Ceiling Sweep Fan
cool in the warmer months with

Adjust the lighting to suit whatever Downlight Kits a Clipsal Ceiling Fan. With a convenient
mood you’re in, with the clever use of Being energy efficient doesn’t mean you remote control, it provides the perfect energy
a dimmer switch. Provide just the right need to compromise on style. Significantly efficient means for cooling your living area.
ambience for hosting the perfect dinner
reduce your energy usage and save money
party or the ideal lighting to watch your
favourite movie. Besides creating the perfect every year by using a 35W high efficiency IRC

1  2  3  4 

14 Essential Checklist Issue 09

electrical for the Family room

poWer poiNtS

1 Power Points
Used in numbers power points allow the family room to become functional and easily
adaptable with any layout.

2 Powertainment® with TV Socket 1 

Hate the look of messy cords and cables behind your entertainment system? The solution is
Clipsal’s Powertainment Unit. It provides multiple power points and an antenna point for your
TV all in one tidy unit.

SWitcHeS/DimmerS 2 

3 Wall Switches
These days, family rooms now feature many light circuits, including downlights, alcove
lighting and wall lights. Using a separate switch for each major group of lights will provide
you with greater flexibility in control, so you only use the lights you want at any one time.
Add a modern sleek look by installing our Impress push-button switches with the optional
soft blue LED indicators. 3  4 

4 Dimmer Switches
Adjust the lighting to suit whatever mood you’re in, with the clever use of a dimmer
switch. Provide just the right ambience for hosting the perfect games night or the ideal lighting
to watch your favourite movie.
5 

5 Downlight Kits
These help you focus your light on your favourite piece of artwork or your favourite
reading spot on the couch.

Air movemeNt 6 

6 Ceiling Sweep Fan

Keep cool in the warmer months with a Clipsal ceiling fan. Combined with lights and
remote control, it provides the perfect energy efficient means for cooling your living area. Ceiling
fans can also be used in reverse during winter to circulate warm air away from the ceiling and

through the room.

SAFety & Security

7 Smoke Alarm
Feel safer in your own home. Be assured you get to safety in the case of a fire.

8 Infrared Indoor Alarm Sensor

The perfect tool for detecting intruders; link to an alarm for extra protection.

AuDio/viDeo SyStemS
 8 
9 Telephone/Data Sockets
There is an ever increasing need to have a laptop computer in the home, so make sure you
are well prepared and remember to install data sockets in your living room.

10 Audio Socket
No family room is complete without music, which is why you need to make sure you
9   10  have provision for speakers within the room.

11 Wall or Ceiling Flush Mounted Speakers

This is the perfect home accessory for listening to music in your family room. Aside
from looking neat and producing quality sound - so that even the person sitting in the back
corner of the room can hear the tunes as clear as day, they also eliminate unwanted speaker
11  cables running all over the floor. 15
Cook up extra savings
16 Essential Checklist Issue 09
In an area with so many different appliances, it makes sense to
ensure you have all the right electrical accessories to suit your needs.
Here we introduce a range of smart electrical accessories that will help your kitchen run
to the best of its potential, now, and in years to come. For more kitchen options visit 17

 
  

 
  DINE 

 

1 2  3  

   

  

   
 
  
4  5 

eNerGy mANAGemeNt eSSeNtiALS

1 ByCent-a-meter using electricity as needed, the Infrascan when you want – according to the time

altering your behaviour and energy is a great solution when building an energy you set. Perfect for controlling lights and
use, you can save up to 20% of your energy efficient home. appliances such as your exhaust fan.
costs with a cent-a-meter; an electricity
monitor that displays greenhouse gas
emissions, temperature and humidity, and
3 Dimmer Switches
Dimmers are the perfect solution for 5 Ceiling Sweep Fan
Dine in comfort with the use of an
has a peak power limit alarm function. adjusting lighting levels to suit any occasion. Airflow ceiling fan; a great energy efficient
Furthermore, they increase the life of the and cost effective solution. When operated
on medium speed for four hours on a 19c/
2 Passive Infrared Indoor Sensor
This cost effective accessory is designed
lamp; saving you money and reducing your
CO2 emissions. kWhr tariff, every day of the year, it can
cost you as little as $10 a year.
to make life easier used as a hands free
light switch. Ideal for your pantry, as it
can automatically turn on the light when
4 Timer Switch
A timer switch is a convenient solution to
saving electricity. It switches off automatically
your hands are full of groceries. By only

18 Essential Checklist Issue 09

electrical for the kitchen

poWer poiNtS
1 Gangbusters®
Are your oversized plugs or chargers taking up too much space on your regular power points?
Clipsal has the solution with Gangbusters® to give you extra space for bigger plugs, meaning you
1 no longer have to worry about covering a socket with an oversized plug or charger.

2 Power Points
Make sure you have enough power points to manage all the appliances needed to operate
in this area on a daily basis, also remember to have them installed in convenient locations.

2  3 
3 ThWallis isSwitches
a great area to start with when wanting to make your home more energy efficient.
Did you know that having more switches in your home actually saves you energy? Think about
putting a switch at either end of the kitchen so you can conveniently turn the lights off which
ever way you leave the room.
4  5 
4 Dimmer Switches
Dimmers are the perfect solution for adjusting lighting levels to suit any occasion.

5 Timer Switch
Automatically switches off after a time set by you. Great to control lights or appliances
such as the exhaust fan.
6 
6 Downlights
Clipsal Fixed Downlights provide an energy efficient solution to your kitchen’s general

electrical lighting, as it is five-star energy compliant. Square downlights are also a great option for above
kitchen benches, inside cabinets and along workspaces as they provide great feature lighting,

13 essentials helping to give you that extra light wherever you need it most.

Air movemeNt
7 Ceiling Sweep Fan
Dine in comfort with the use of an Airflow ceiling fan which is a great energy efficient and
cost effective solution for your dining room.

8 Ceiling Exhaust Fan

There’s nothing worse than the smell of a burnt dinner. To help you in those awkward
7 

kitchen moments, make sure you have an exhaust fan installed.

SAFety & Security

9 Fail Safe Home Emergency Light
Never be left in the dark during a power failure again. This battery operated emergency 8  9 
light means you no longer have to stumble around in the dark wondering where you put those
candles again.

10 Infrared 90 Alarm Sensor


The perfect tool for detecting intruders; link to an alarm for extra protection.

10  11 
AuDio/viDeo SyStemS
11 Telephone/Data Sockets
Increasingly, appliances are being developed to integrate with the Internet. To adapt
easily and future-proof your home, it is certainly worth installing a telephone/data socket in
your kitchen.

12 Prepare
TV Socket
for the future, place a TV in the kitchen so you don’t miss out on any of your
12 

favourite shows while cooking.

13 Wall or Ceiling Flush Mounted Speakers

Ensure you can listen to music in your kitchen whenever you want without a tangled
mess of cords. Audio system cabling is easy to install during the building stage and hides the
cabling inside the walls or ceiling. 13  19

Lighting and cabling are essential elements of your home   

theatre and with Clipsal’s multitude of products there is no  
 
need to take short cuts. They both work together to help
create the right mood and ambience in this room; you can’t
have one without the other. What is the point in generating 
 
the right atmosphere with great lighting, then having ugly   
cords running from your speakers and audio system? THEATRE  
Matching your theatre room with your home lifestyle is important. A well

designed home theatre has the power to take us out of our living rooms and   
transplant us to the animated world of Ice Age. With a little forethought and  
careful planning you can be certain to purchase the right electrical and lighting   
to meet your needs and avoid costly mistakes. For more home theatre ideas visit

energy management essentials

1 Wall Switches
Every little bit counts in the fight to save 3 Low Voltage Downlights
What a bright way to save up
the planet. Make your mark by installing a wall to $30 a year on your energy bill.
switch at every entrance to your home theatre. 1  2 
4 LED Recessed
Wall Lights
2 AsDimmer Switches
the movie starts the lights go down. What a product! With a lamp-
life that exceeds 50,000 hours and
Did you know every time you dim the lights
to set the right mood, you are having a hand a power consumption of next to
in reducing the environment’s greenhouse nothing. If you want real energy
gases? Not to mention, dimming the lights by efficiency, these are the way to go.
30% can save you up to $53 over five years.

3  4

20 Essential Checklist Issue 09

electrical for the Home theatre

poWer poiNtS
1 Epic Organiser
Thanks to the Epic Organiser you no longer have to get on your hands and knees and
fumble around behind the TV when plugging in your video camera or game console to audio
and video outlets. This sleek unit is the ultimate home theatre solution; neatly wall or desk
1 mounted it sits below your entertainment unit perfectly and can be individually configured to
suit your lifestyle. It includes a wide variety of outlets for easy connection at your fingertips. Pick
and mix from 240V power supply sockets, phone connections to USB ports, and so much more.
It also features a changeable faceplate, so if you decide to change your décor, you can change
the faceplate to match. For more information visit
brochures and search for Epic.

2 ThPower
2  Points
is room is the hub of technology, so make sure you incorporate enough outlets to power
up everything from your set top box to the games console.

3 Powertainment®
Behind many TVs is a frightening tangle of cords. In your home theatre you need to
consider the TV, set-top box, DVD player, VCR, games console and the stereo system. With
3  multiple power points and an antenna point for your TV, the Powertainment units is a simple
solution, designed to keep everything behind your TV in order.

4 Wall Switches
Avoid having one switch that controls your entire lighting. Using a different wall switch
4  5  for your lighting enables greater flexibility and will give you more freedom to create different

5 Dimmers
Dimmer Switches
are an essential addition to any home theatre. Dim the lights to set the perfect
scene for watching your favourite movie in total comfort, while also reducing screen reflection.

6 ThLEDere’sRecessed Wall Lights electrical
nothing more frustrating than the reflection of glistening lights on your TV screen
to detract from the enjoyment of watching your favourite movie. Recessed wall lights add a
touch of sophistication to your home theatre, providing just the right level of light. Adding a
blue or white LED strip light inside your entertainment cabinet can turn any DVD collection
into a feature cabinet that friends will envy. Even go that extra mile and add strip lights to the
ends of seats to create an aisle or along your skirting boards. Either way helps light a convenient
exit path without interrupting everyone’s cinema experience by turning on the lights.

SAFety & Security

7 With
Passive Infrared Indoor Alarm Sensor
so much expensive equipment, home theatres only mean one thing to thieves –
target. Remain one step ahead with an alarm sensor to prevent intruders walking away with
your belongings.

8 Smoke Alarm
When the sounds blaring through an action packed scene of 007, the last thing on your
mind is what’s going on in other rooms of your home. Keep your wits about you and feel safe with
a smoke alarm installed in your theatre. In the case of a fire, you don’t want to be zoned out.

AuDio/viDeo 7  8 

9 Telephone/Data Socket
Access the Internet and other multimedia services.

10 Banana Plug
Designing your home theatre so that it is hi-fi friendly is an absolute must. Banana
plug sockets allow you to plug in your surround speakers and subwoofer with minimal fuss
and mess. Available in 1–6 socket configurations so you can customise the room to suit your 9  10 
specific needs.

11 Wall or Ceiling Flush Mounted Speakers

Surround sound is one of the basic elements of a first class home theatre. If you’ve gone
to the trouble of having one of these very vogue rooms in your home, it is really worth going the
extra mile to make sure you don’t cut corners. That said, whilst creating a look that is truly high-
11 
class, flush mount speakers provide exceptional quality sound. 21
Want insight on how to create the perfect bedroom haven? These next
two pages will give you key energy management solutions and all of
your must have electrical accessories.

22 Essential Checklist Issue 09


This is your personal space, so design a room that is comfortable and functional. The perfect
sanctuary to relax and unwind. Take the time out and give it some extra special attention.
You need to consider everything including the lighting, temperature and mood. For more
bedroom options visit 23
   
 
eNerGy mANAGemeNt eSSeNtiALS   
1 Downlights
Modern and convenient. Highlight 3 Dimmer Switches
Besides creating the perfect ambience,  
certain focus areas, such as a dressing table, dimming your lights actually generates less 
reading area or wardrobe. energy, extending the life of the lamp and 
reducing greenhouse gases, which in turn  
2 Passive Infrared Indoor Sensor -
Hands Free Switch saves you money.
  

What could be more convenient than a light
that turns on automatically when you enter 4 Ceiling Sweep Fan
Assist the ventilation and your cash flow  
a walk-in robe? Best of all, it switches the by installing a ceiling fan. Cheaper and more
light off again when you leave with your energy efficient than an air-conditioner this 
hands full. will help you to save money on your heating
  
and cooling bills. 

  

1  2  3  4 

24 Essential Checklist Issue 09

electrical for the bedroom

poWer poiNtS
1 Power Points
In numbers, power points allow the room to become functional and easily adaptable with
any layout.

1  2  SWitcHeS/DimmerS
2 Wall Switches
All Clipsal switches are free of ozone depleting substances, such as PVC and halogen
materials. An extra switch or two beside the bed is really convenient when you are already
tucked up in bed and have forgotten to turn off the light. Our push-button switches are available
with a soft blue LED indicator, which makes a great switch locator for your kids.
3  4 

3 Whilst
Dimmer Switches
you may want the lights up bright when getting ready to go out on the town,
jumping into your pyjamas and getting ready for bed is easily done with softer lighting.

4 Passive Infrared Indoor Sensor - Hands Free Switch

What could be more convenient than a light that turns on automatically when you enter a
walk-in robe? Best of all, it switches the light off again when you leave with your hands full.
5 
5 Highlight
certain focus areas, such as a dressing table, reading area or wardrobe. Refer to
page 42 or for more ideas from our range of lighting.

Air movemeNt
6 Ceiling Sweep Fan
Assist ventilation and keep a comfortable sleeping temperature by installing a ceiling fan. A
convenient remote control ceiling fan allows you to operate the fan without getting out of bed.

SAFety & Security

6 
7 Smoke Alarm
Answers to smoke with a shrill alarm, assuring you get to safety in the case of a fire.
Upgrade to the photoelectric model and you’ll sleep safe knowing you’re using environmentally
friendly products.

8 Will
Passive Infrared Indoor Alarm Sensor
help prevent any unwanted guests walking off with your valuable jewellery.
7  8 
AuDio/viDeo SyStemS
9 IfAudio Distribution
you enjoy listening to music, have an iPod, MP3 player or have your music stored on a com-
puter then having an audio zone in the master bedroom can add some real value to your lifestyle.

10 TVLet’sSocket
face it most homes now have a television in each bedroom. Be prepared - no
one uses the old rabbit ear antennas anymore! Refer to the Living Technology section for
information on networking your digital cabling.

11 Telephone/Data Sockets
Have a phone base station in the bedroom. Extra sockets allow access to technologies
10  11
such as the Internet, which is especially handy when the kids need to study from home.  25
The bathroom is used for a wide variety of activities and must be
able to adapt accordingly; from a relaxing retreat one minute to a fast
paced, action packed space the next.

26 Essential Checklist Issue 09


In this section we’ll explore a few electrical necessities that will help you to make the
most of your bathroom space. With so much that goes on in this room and often at high
risk with the combination of water and electricity, there is a lot to consider in the pre-
planning stages. Ensure that you design your bathroom to be practical, comfortable, but
most importantly safe. For more information on Clipsal products for your bathroom visit 27
eNerGy mANAGemeNt eSSeNtiALS

1 Compact Fluorescent
Waterproof Downlights
Reduce your energy usage without
2 Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Fans
with Backdraft Shutter
Reduce your energy con-
compromising on style with Clipsal’s sumption by installing an exhaust
new CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) fan with a backdraft shutter. Did
downlights. Currently the most energy you know up to 25% of the home’s
efficient form of lighting for households warmth is lost in winter? And
available on the market, CFLs provide the 10% of the home’s heat is gained
same light level as incandescent bulbs, but in summer? This is primarily due
only use about one quarter of the energy. to poor seals and openings found
Aside from cheaper running costs and in the home and could equate
being better for the environment, CFLs also to several hundred dollars being
have an extremely long lamp life of 10,000 wasted on power bills every year.
hours, which means you don’t have the
hassle of changing their globes as often. 1  2 

28 Essential Checklist Issue 09

electrical for the bathroom

essentials 1  2  3  4 

poWer poiNtS
1 Shaver,
Power Points
electric toothbrush, hair dryer, straightener, the list goes on. There are so many
electrical appliances required in the modern day bathroom that it’s hard to keep up. Not to
mention this is a room where almost everything you do requires water, so personal safety must
be of the utmost importance to remain protected from risk of electrocution.

2 Waterproof Switches
You can’t put a price on your family’s safety. So when considering the right switches for wet
areas in your home, make sure you opt for those that are waterproof, so you can enjoy the peace
of mind next time you flick on the lights with soapy hands.

3 Passive Infrared Indoor Sensor - Hands Free Switch

With movement of your body the lights will switch themselves on. Then, in time, turn off
again all without the flick of a switch.

4 ThWaterproof Downlights
ese downlights provide a practical solution and a touch of style to your bathroom.

5  6  7  8 

Air movemeNt
5 Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Fans
This is one item you can’t do without in your bathroom. The humble exhaust fan will
preserve your bathroom or toilet walls and ceilings for years, as it removes moisture and
unwanted odours from the air. The added bonus is they are inexpensive to buy, cheap to
install and virtually whisper quiet to run. The new CEF40 Exhaust Fan collects 80% less dust
and it includes a backdraft shutter which reduces chilly drafts or warm air escaping.

6 Bathroom Fan/Light/Heater
This is the quintessential accessory for your bathroom. These amazing 3-in-1s have
BATHROOM everything you could possibly want in a bathroom light, from a built-in heater to help you to
thaw out in the cool winter months and an exhaust fan to remove excess moisture from the air.

    AuDio/viDeo SyStemS
   7 Audio Distribution
Listen to the morning news whilst in the shower. Ceiling speakers are designed for added
 style, convenience and believe it or not safety. After all this room is small enough without
cluttering it with unnecessary items, such as portable stereos and CD players.
wc 

 8 TV Socket
Have a TV in the bathroom so you don’t miss out on any of your favourite shows while
soaking in the tub. 29
The laundry is the one room inside your house, where relaxing

lAuNDRy with a book isn’t really an option. It is the workhorse of the

home, where all the hard yakka is done - washing, ironing, and
all that fun stuff.
Quite often the laundry can be disregarded because of its association to all things
uninspiring. It is the big closet in the home, almost always hidden behind closed
doors in order to hide all the stuff you need to do, but don’t want to. Don’t be fooled
by its limited space though, the laundry needs to work just as efficiently for you
as any other room in your home and it can be really easy to get it right, by simply
remembering to install a few extra electrical accessories, such as those listed on
these pages.

eNerGy mANAGemeNt eSSeNtiALS

1 Passive Infrared Indoor Sensor
Activating your laundry lights via 3 Timer Switch
Electronic timers will automatically
movement sensors not only gives you more turn the load off after a preset time period
freedom to use both hands at anytime, it also of between 15 seconds and 254 minutes. So
provides you with greater control over your when the lights are left on, the switch will
electricity usage. No more leaving the lights turn them off for you. The results are real
on unnecessarily means no more wasted energy and cost savings.
power or cash, equating to a sustainable
solution for you and the environment.

2 Window/Wall Exhaust Fans with

Backdraft Shutter
Reduce your energy consumption by
installing an exhaust fan with a backdraft
shutter. Did you know up to 25% of the
home’s warmth is lost in winter? And 10%
of the home’s heat is gained in summer?
This is primarily due to poor seals and
openings found in the home and could
equate to several hundred dollars being
wasted on power bills every year. 1  2  3 

30 Essential Checklist Issue 09

electrical for the Laundry

poWer poiNtS LiGHtiNG
1 Quad Power Points
Okay, so there’s the necessities such 5 Waterproof Downlights
These downlights provide a safe and
as washing machine, dryer and iron, then practical solution to your laundry’s lighting,
there’s other appliances that you may want to without compromising on a look that is
use in the laundry, such as the chest freezer, consistent throughout the rest of your home.
bar fridge and vacuum cleaner – although
the latter is probably one appliance you’d Air movemeNt
rather not use. That said, need we go into any
more detail as to why the quad power point 6 In-Line Ducted Exhaust Fan
There is nothing worse than musty
is an essential addition to the laundry? odours and unhealthy mould as a result of bad
ventilation in wet areas, such as the laundry.
This can be easy to avoid by installing an
SWitcHeS/DimmerS axial in-line ducted exhaust fan. These fans
2 Waterproof Switches
In a room that uses a lot of water and
are an inexpensive means to keep the room
fresh and free of condensation - particularly
electricity combined, safety is a massive in the winter when your clothes dryer is the
issue. Normally touching any electrical biggest culprit of building up condensation
appliance with wet hands would be a big on the walls and ceiling.

“no, no”. Unlike ordinary switches, the Window/Wall Exhaust Fan with
waterproof range is made with a special Backdraft Shutter
built-in rubber gasket, so water can’t reach For multi-storey homes, a window or wall
any live parts - perfect for wet areas! mounted exhaust fan is ideal for removing
moist air from the laundry or bathroom
3 Timer Switch
Automatically switches off after a
caused by the clothes dryer or a hot shower.
It also is great for overcoming problem with
time set by you. Great to control lights or shallow ceiling cavities.
appliances such as your exhaust fan.
SAFety & Security
4 Passive Infrared Indoor Sensor -
Hands Free Switch
Nursing the washing basket in one arm,
whilst trying to open the door and control
8 RCD Protected Power Points
Electrocution. Make sure you and
your family are protected and request to
the light switch, as well as watching where have a Clipsal RCD Protected Power point
you’re going, can be a bit of a balancing act. installed in your laundry.
Not anymore. With Clipsal’s Passive Infrared
Indoor Sensor you no longer need to risk a
back injury or a nasty slide on the suds, as
 it detects movement and instantaneously
activates the lights for you. A recessed version
is now available.

 

 1  2  3  4 
 

5  6  7  8  31
Whether you’re working full-time from home, or it’s mainly for
personal use, you’ll probably spend quite a few hours in your study,
so it must be well equipped. A good study relies heavily on the design
and layout of the electrical and lighting. Here are some helpful ideas
to help make this area a more enjoyable and productive space.
Although the study is usually small, don’t underestimate it’s potential to really save you some
extra cash, when it comes to possible energy efficiency solutions. This is a busy area within
the home and if designed properly the study could save you thousands of dollars over time.
For more information on products for your study visit

eNerGy mANAGemeNt eSSeNtiALS

1 Dimmer Switches
This is the perfect accessory to help

control your lighting and that nasty electricity
bill. Turning down the lights will really help
you to conserve energy.   

2 Downlights
provide you with a practical
 

lighting solution that look great, but more
importantly can really help you to reduce 1  2  
your energy. Save thousands of dollars over
a lifetime, by simply replacing 50W lamps
  

with 35W high efficiency halogen lamps.
 
3 Ceiling Sweep Fan
Save up to $300 a year on your heating  
and air conditioning costs, with Clipsal’s
Ceiling Sweep Fans.
  

3  

32 Essential Checklist Issue 09

Electrical for the Study

1 Power Points
Say ‘no’ to messy cords and cables. Having enough power points in the study is the first step to
keeping the room neat and tidy. The next is where to have them installed Placing them in enough
convenient positions helps to avoid the ugly mess of cords all over the floor.
1 
2 Gangbusters®
Are you familiar with oversized plugs, often the ones that come in the form of phone and
laptop chargers? They take up way too much room on the power board. Clipsal has just the
solution – Gangbusters. Gangbusters not only provide you with extra space for bigger plugs, they
can be configured in different ways to suit individual requirements; meaning any problems you
had with those oversized plugs can become a thing of the past.
2 
3 Wall Switches
Studies now feature many light circuits; including downlights, alcove lighting and wall
lights. Ask your electrician to install a separate switch for each group of lights, this will provide
you with greater flexibility in control, so you only use the lights you want at any one time – saving
you both energy and running costs. 3  4 

4 Dimmer Switches
This is the perfect addition to any study, helping to control your lighting and create the
perfect working environment.

5 Want
a practical solution to your study lighting without compromising on looks? Then you
5 

can’t go passed Clipsal’s stunning range of downlights. To check out the entire range, go to page 42.

6 Ceiling Sweep Fan
The most productive work is done in a comfortable environment - which is where ceiling 6 
fans come into the picture. They allow for better temperature control by assisting a room’s heating,
cooling and general ventilation.


7 Surface Mount Smoke Alarm
Remember all your important data, documents, files, software and equipment are stored in 7  8 
this room. Imagine how stressful it would be, if you were to lose everything due to fire damage.

8 Surge Protected Power Outlet

Can you put a price on irreplaceable photos of your family? What about those important
work files? Private documents? Of course not. So what about all the hard work and time that
would be wasted down the drain, if you ever lost your computer or expensive IT equipment?
Don’t leave yourself vulnerable of such situations ever becoming reality. Make sure your study 9 
has a Clipsal Surge Protected Power Point incorporated from the very beginning of the building
process. See page 41 for more safety ideas around the home.

9 Infrared 90 Alarm Sensor


This neat accessory helps to protect your computer and other valuable equipment from
being stolen by intruders.

12 Essentials 10 

11  12 

sounding obvious, the more we rely on

computers, the more good data connection
10 TV Socket
In this day and age, making sure and cabling becomes essential in any study.
your home office is equipped for a TV goes
without saying. 12 Audio Distribution
With Clipsal’s multi-room audio
solutions, listening to your music in the
11 According
Telephone/Data Sockets
to the Australian Govern- study or any room in the house, is as easy as
connecting your computer or iPod to one of
ment, in the eight years to 2006-07, Internet
connections jumped fourfold - from 16% these innovative audio systems.
to 64% in Australian homes. So, without 33

Today’s garage is a versatile place. Make sure you have plenty of     

power outlets for every occasion and remember a power point will be
   
needed if installing a remote controlled roller door. 
The shed - a man’s refuge and home of half finished projects. No matter how large or small 
the humble garden shed is, it’s worth running underground power to the site. You’ll be able GARAGE/SHED
to power up a light, plug in a power tool or fire up the bug zapper. Included over the next two   
pages Clipsal have got your garage or shed electrical and lighting covered. Incorporating a mix

of ideas, suggestions and solutions to make sure your garage and shed is equipped to handle
any project you decide to start. For more garage ideas visit  

eNerGy mANAGemeNt eSSeNtiALS

1 Wall Switches
All Clipsal Switches are free of ozone depleting substances, such as PVC and
halogen materials. Want to go one step further to increase your home’s energy
efficiency? Speak to your electrician about installing double gang switches. More
control equals better efficiency – it’s really that simple.

2 Passive Infrared Indoor Sensor - Hands Free Switch

Don’t leave the security lights on all night. Use an Infrascan to switch lights on and
1  2 
off automatically. This will really help to reduce your home’s energy consumption.

3 Fluorescent
Weatherproof Fluorescent Lights
lights are great for garages as they use less electricity and provide
more adequate lighting than incandescent. In addition, fluorescent lamps last a lot

4 Infrascan Outdoor Motion Detector

Did you know a typical 250Watt security light that is left on all night costs over
$124 per year to operate? Simply installing an Infrascan can make all the difference 3  4 
by reducing your energy consumption significantly. It soon adds up.

34 Essential Checklist Issue 09

Electrical for the Garage & Shed

1 Weather Protected Power Points
Don’t allow your garage to become a danger zone by scrimping on power points or
installing ones that won’t do the job right. Extension cords all over the floor are an accident
waiting to happen. Don’t forget to install two twin outlets on your workbench to power up
all those handyman tools. 1  2 

2 Weatherproof Power Outlets

When vacuuming the car it’s handy to have an outlet close by to plug into, especially one
that is protected from the elements.

3 APendant Outlet
great innovation for the shed or garage is the suspended, adjustable pendant outlet. 3  4 

4 This
Weatherproof Switches
innovative product allows you to control the lighting, in any weather. Located on and
around the exterior of the garage, means the switch will not short out when exposed to rain.
5  6 

5 Wall Switches
Having a two gang switch allows you to separately turn the lights on over the workbench
or in the main garage area.

6 Passive Infrared Indoor Sensor - Hands Free Switch

Helps you to save electricity, with movement of your body the lights will switch
themselves on, then turn off again automatically after a pre-set time. 7

7 Sleek,
Surface or Flush Mounted Switchboard
robust and good-looking. A switchboard doesn’t have to be ugly! No matter

where your switchboard is located, it makes sense to install a model that is as compact and
unobtrusive as possible. Clipsal has met this challenge with a range of streamlined designs
for all applications, that don’t compromise on quality.

8 AWeatherproof Fluorescent Lights
great way to light a large area with a constant level of light.

9 Halogen Floodlight
Weatherproof design ideal for outdoor areas. A floodlight outside the garage or shed
can be a useful addition to your home’s lighting. Whether you’re working on the car, shooting
some hoops in the driveway at dusk, or simply want some extra light to boost security, a
quality, weatherproof floodlight will brighten your space after dark.

8  9  10 Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Fan
A high performance fan helps keep odours and fumes out of your workplace, brings
fresh air into the shed and helps control the temperature.


10  11 
11 Safety Switched Power Points
With so much electrical gear in the garage, safeguarding yourself and your family from
electrocution goes without saying.

12 Portable RCD Protected Power Outlet

A portable power outlet offers a safe and flexible solution for when you need to run
power to those not so easily accessible areas inside the shed or garage.

12 13 Infrascan Outdoor Motion Detector

Make your way to the garage or shed safely with your hands full. As this light doesn’t
require you to flick a switch in order for it to activate. Pure genius.


13  14 
14 Telephone/Data Sockets
Providing a means of seeing the latest sporting updates, and visiting the best DIY
Internet sites while you’re out in the shed. 35
Australia is blessed with fabulous weather for most of the year, which
could only mean one thing - most free time is enjoyed in the great
outdoors accompanied by great mates enjoying a good old Aussie BBQ.

36 Essential Checklist Issue 09

However adapting to this great way of life has seen a huge development over the years, with
pergolas becoming more like an outside extension of the house; incorporating ceiling fans,
weatherproof accessories, downlights, home audio systems and BBQs that are more like
outdoor kitchens. It is essential to install weatherproof switches and power points when
planning the outside area of your home. This will ensure that you will be prepared to safely
and conveniently power up the party lights and mozzie zapper and altogether enjoy more in
the great outdoors. 37
ouTDoorS 

 
eNerGy mANAGemeNt eSSeNtiALS  

1 Infrascan Outdoor
Motion Detector
It is a cost effective product that you will
   

 
get value from time and time again; from
simply welcoming guests at the front door,  
without leaving them in the dark to deterring
intruders or even lighting the way when your   
hands are full. 
2 Weatherproof Fluorescent Lights
Again, this is one more amazing
product from Clipsal that provides you with
another electrical solution to help cut back
on unnecessary energy usage and reducing
those nasty electricity bills.

3 Sunset Switch
A sunset switch is activated by the
changes in natural light, so it will only
switch lights on after it gets dark. You
don’t even need to reprogram to allow for
changing seasons or daylight savings. 1  2  3 

38 Essential Checklist Issue 09

electrical for the outdoors

poWer poiNtS
1 Weatherproof Outdoor Power Points
Australians still have a bad habit of running extension cords through doorways to
access mains power outside. This is a hazardous problem that can easily be prevented by
making sure you have adequate weatherproof power points installed outside your home.
1 
Placed in easily accessible areas, they provide the ideal solution when needing to power up
items such as the outdoor heater, party lights or vacuum for cleaning the car.

2 Sunset Switch
Activated by fading light, this switch is the perfect way to save on using excess electricity
2 
outdoors as it automatically turns the lights on outside once it detects nightfall. You don’t even
need to reprogram to allow for changing seasons or daylight savings.

3 Weatherproof Outdoor Switches

Outside lights need outside switches. Clipsal’s weather protected accessories are rain
proof and won’t corrode or allow dust to affect the switching mechanism. They are available in
single and twin configurations and a choice of colours. 3 

4 Weatherproof Fluorescent Lights
Proven to be an economical and “easy on the eye” lighting solution. Weatherproof fluoro
light fittings are great for outdoor entertaining areas.

5 Downlights 4 
These downlights provide a safe and practical solution to your laundry’s lighting, without
compromising on a look that is consistent throughout the rest of your home.

5 

Air movemeNt
6 Ceiling Sweep Fan
Aussie summers can be extremely hot outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to
remain indoors under the air conditioner all day long. A ceiling sweep fan is a great way
to stay cool outside under the pergola whilst entertaining friends in the warmer months.
A remote control adds extra convenience.
6 
SAFety & Security
7 Infrascan Outdoor Motion Detector
Hate coming home in the dark and spending ages at the front door fumbling for your
keys? With an outdoor motion detector this doesn’t have to be the case. As the name suggests,
this must have accessory detects motion in order to turn on the light at night. It is a cost effective
7  product that you will get value from time and time again; from simply welcoming guests at the
front door to deterring intruders or even lighting the way when your hands are full.

8 Security Camera
Protect your home from intruders. Keep an eye on the kids whilst they are playing in
the pool. Better still, when connected to your home network system, they can be continually
watched from any TV within your home. Whatever the application, security cameras are a
8  fabulous addition to any outdoor area.

AuDio/viDeo SyStemS
9 Audio Distribution
Love to entertain? Mounted speakers are perfect for listening to music outside, without
having any messy and unwanted speaker cables running all over the floor.
9  39
Electrical for Safety

1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8

1 Safety Switch
Clipsal’s well-known safety switches
source. As soon as something trips you can
reset it from the power point straight away,
switches on upon detecting a power failure.
Now that’s much safer than racing around the
are also available in twin power outlets. They rather than having to go outside to the mains house in the hunt for a box of candles.
are perfect for existing homes and although switchboard. How convenient!
only one safety switch is compulsory in new 7 Smoke Alarms
homes, it is a wise decision to use separate
safety switches for each circuit. That way, one
4 Portable RCD Power Outlet
Clipsal’s portable RCD Power Outlets
Every year people die as a result of
fires in their homes; the majority of which
are great for that short-term DIY project could be prevented. A smoke alarm alerts
incident won’t cut the power to your whole
or your next pool party. Offering you a you before it’s too late. Correctly located,
house. Imagine if one appliance caused a
portable solution that is flexible and won’t Clipsal smoke alarms give early warning
power cut while your weren’t home, only of fire and provide you with precious time
to arrive home and find out that it has also compromise on safety. Protect your family
from potentially being electrocuted the next to safely escape before the house fills with
affected your fridge. What a disaster that toxic smoke.
time the CD player gets knocked into the
would be!
pool, the extension cord gets attacked by the

2 Surge Protector
Power surges are unavoidable in the
lawn mower, or the hedge trimmer carves
through the power cord.
8 Surveillance Camera
A fabulous addition to any indoor or
outdoor area, Clipsal surveillance cameras
delivery of electricity to your home. Caused have been keeping families safe for years.
by accidents or electrical storms, surges
often damage expensive electronic circuitry 5 Circuit Protection
Nobody plans on being electrocuted.
Helping scare off potential burglars, as well
as helping you to keep an extra eye on the
in equipment such as televisions, computers However you can plan to protect yourself
kids. Perfect for watching them playing
and videos. Insurance generally doesn’t cover from electrical hazards and there is no better
in the pool when you can’t leave the living
damage caused by power surges, so protection protection than a famous Clipsal Safety
room or observe your baby asleep whilst
is essential. Individual surge protected power Switch; an innovation that has been saving
entertaining friends outside. Whatever the
outlets are available to separately control lives since the 70’s. Clipsal’s well-known
application, for peace of mind make sure
devices. However to protect every power switchboard version offers protection to
your home has the comfort and convenience
point in your home against surges and every power point in the home.
of a Clipsal Surveillance Camera.
possible over-voltages, ask your electrician Although compulsory when a new home is
for a switchboard-mounted option. Ask your electrician about how you can
built, it pays to check if your existing home
link your surveillance cameras to a home
has one installed.
3 Thermal Trip GPO networking system, such as StarServe,
Switched Socket
The PDL Thermal Trip GPO is an innovative 6 Fail Safe Home
Emergency Light
which enables you to program a devoted
security channel into your TV for complete
new power point that comes loaded with In the case of a power failure, your home monitoring of any area of your home via
benefits. Designed to shutdown power to a needn’t become a hazardous area. Stumbling remote control.
device if overheating is detected, it protects around in the dark is not fun and can be
your wiring, prevents fires from starting potentially dangerous, like walking into
and avoids any further damage to the device something or worse still falling down stairs.
if there is a fault or problem. The thermal Avoid any nasty mishaps with Clipsal’s
trip GPO socket stops overloading at the emergency light, which automatically

40 Essential Checklist Issue 09

From break-ins and intruders to
house fires, drowning and shocking
electrical accidents, whatever the
situation, you can’t put a price tag
on your family. Which is why, when
planning to build or renovate your
home, safety is one area that must not
be compromised.
Fortunately Clipsal’s comprehensive range of safety
products include everything from state of the
art smoke alarms and our famous Clipsal safety
switches, through to surge protected power outlets
to name just a few. Installing these products will
save you money in the long run and can potentially
save lives, meaning you can sleep better at night,
knowing you and your family are protected. 41
Half the battle with lighting is making sure you choose the right
type and with so many styles to choose from these days, it can easily
complicate the issue.
General lighting is needed for general illumination. Task lighting is used to illuminate a
certain area like benches, bars and desks. Accent lighting creates a decorative and dramatic
effect. Pendant or surface-mounted light fittings provide general lighting and fluorescent
lights are ideal where lighting is required for long periods of time, as well as utility areas and
the exterior of your home.
Whatever you want to achieve, Clipsal has a solution for all indoor, outdoor and landscape
lighting applications. Combining both functionality and stylish designs into every product,
Clipsal really makes your home come alive.

42 Essential Checklist Issue 09


Energy efficient lighting.
Clipsal’s new range of CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) downlights
is the most energy efficient form of lighting for households available
on the market, as they provide the same light level as incandescent
globes, but only use about one quarter of the energy. This means you
can care for the environment without impacting on the aesthetics of
your home.
CFLs are best suited to living areas, kitchens and dining rooms or outdoors; basically any
area where you require the lights on for long periods of time. Due to their long lamp life of
10,000hrs, CFLs reduce your energy usage without compromising on style.
Fittings are available in white chrome and brushed chrome, and lamps are available in warm
white colour or cool white. 43
44 Essential Checklist Issue 09

Low Voltage halogen

Clipsal’s low voltage halogen to reduce UV radiation and are therefore
suitable for lighting sensitive artworks.
downlights provide great general
and task lighting, and have a IRC for energy efficiency
unique finish that enhances the Another alternative to conventional
natural beauty of any home. downlight globes is the new IRC lamp.
Durable and stylish, they come Perfect if you are after something that is
energy efficient, without having to sacrifice
in a variety of modern designs your level of lighting. Did you know an IRC
for every room of your home; lamp or a 35Watt lamp provides the same
light as a regular 50Watt halogen lamp? It’s
from white, brushed chrome, that simple.
chrome silver, bathroom frosted
glass and bathroom arctic silver Splash out in the bathroom
finishes – Clipsal has downlights When it comes to the bathroom or other
to suit every décor. Adding wet areas in your home, don’t let a little
water get in the way of good design. These
significant value to your home, rooms needn’t be left in the dark. Clipsal
now and in years to come. has low voltage downlight models that
incorporate IP54 ratings, meaning they are
perfectly safe in areas of high humidity and
They are also available in fixed or adjustable water exposure.
designs and come with a high quality
electronic transformer, which has been Hip to be square
tested and approved to Australian standards.
The electronic transformers are compatible Love downlights, but want something a little
with Clipsal control products, which include different. For a design with an edge, you can’t
C-Bus® and Clipsal C-Thru® dimmers. go past Clipsal’s striking square downlights.
Ideal for creating an ultra-modern feel
inside your home, square downlights with
Highlight your best features unique identical square lamps are a real
Do you have a favourite photo or piece of talking point when featured above bars and
artwork that deserves special attention? inside cabinets. Or think outside the square
Consider the creative effects that can be and install them in spaces such as staircases,
achieved with a gimble downlight; its hallways and inside wall recesses.
rotatable design has the ability to move the
light beam and highlight certain features of Set the mood
your home.
The soft tones of downlights are an effective
Various lamp beam angles also make Clipsal way of creating the perfect mood, particularly
downlights an attractive lighting option. when teamed with dimming controls. As the
EXT lamps offer a 14-degree angle and are lamp is dimmed the colour shifts changing
especially effective over bench tops, kitchen from a white cool light to a soft warm light.
benches and bars, where as EXN lamps
provide a 38-degree angle and FNV lamps 60
degrees, both of which are more suitable for
Saturn downlights
general-purpose lighting. Attention to detail makes the Clipsal Saturn
downlight range the most stunning and
Alternatively, install fixed straight-down fashionable downlights available on the
styles in bulkheads for a look that is market. Available in white, brushed chrome
really impressive. However you use them, and chrome, the Saturn range of downlights,
BRIGHT IDEA: Reducing the downlights are one of the most stylish ways to with their modern and stylish floating glass
brightness of your downlights shed some light on your home’s best features. fascia turn any downlight installation from a
with dimmers, reduces your Now an integral part of any well designed function into a feature. Check out the range
energy consumption, which in interior, they not only illuminate a room but to suit any application.
turn also lowers the cost of your can also be used to create dramatic lighting
electricity bill. effects in the home, giving it that extra wow Speak to a friendly Clipspec consultant about
factor and filling your guests with envy. how you can calculate the correct spacing
Clipsal downlights have glass-covered facias and design of Clipsal’s downlights into your
building plans. 45

Okay, so you are probably the reason they stay cool to the touch) and So next time you knock the light in an effort
give a pure intense light. to get that stray wine glass out from the back
familiar with LED lighting being of the cabinet it won’t be a problem; another
typically used in torches, remote Also when compared to that of regular reason as to why they make the perfect lighting
incandescent bulbs, LED light bulbs last an solution for inside units and on shelves.
controls, Christmas lights and incredibly long time and cost next to nothing
solar or mains powered garden in running, maintenance and replacement
Vibrant and colourful
costs. With lower energy consumption
lighting. However, did you know comes less wasted electricity and a reduction Another dimension that compact home LED
that home LED lighting is now in greenhouse gas emissions being created – lighting adds to the home is mood lighting,
not only possible, but very much and that’s just the beginning of what LEDs bringing a whole new array of special effects
have to offer. that existing lighting technology cannot begin
the future of domestic household to emulate. Clipsal’s LED lights introduce a
lighting? LEDs offer so many Cool, calm and collected stunning vibrant blue, ideal when wanting
architectural advantages, it’s hard Clipsal’s LED lights are a natural choice for
to produce wonderful, eye-catching effects
through out your home. Take your creativity
to go past them when it comes illuminating unconventional spaces such to new heights and use these bright options
to accent lighting in your home. as display units, beneath kitchen units, either as a focal point or cast against floors,
benches and shelves or inside cupboards and ceilings and walls to modify the ambience of
Cool, focused, energy efficient…. wardrobes etc. As they run at extremely low any room in your house.
the advantages are endless! operating temperatures it means they can
be easily installed adjacent to objects and Clipsal’s fabulous range of coloured LED strip
Energy efficient surfaces without any danger of causing heat lights are available in blue and white. Strip
damage and often give a much better light lights are designed to fit snugly in areas you
The essential difference between traditional than regular light bulbs in such applications. wouldn’t normally dream of, such as the bar,
incandescent light bulbs and LED lights drinks cabinet, under the kitchen bench or in
is that the former wastes the majority of LEDs also have no filaments, making them the floor of your home theatre.
electricity as heat, whereas LED light sources resistant to shock and vibrations, therefore
convert all their electricity into light (hence knocking the lamps won’t cause any damage.

46 Essential Checklist Issue 09

exterior lighting
When it comes to the exterior
areas of your home, you can
really let your imagination run
wild with lighting ideas for every
kind of application possible.
From task to general lighting,
with Clipsal’s wide range of
exterior lights there is no reason
why the outside of your home
needn’t look just as eye-catching
as the inside.

Accentuate outdoors with

accent lighting
Clipsal’s stainless steel outdoor wall lights
are perfect for illuminating a wall, perhaps
near the pool or pergola. Love to entertain
outdoors? Don’t keep your guests in the
dark. Stainless steel high quality, marine
grade exterior up-downlights are a fabulous
touch to any decking area, pathway or set of
steps; creating a warm look that is simple but
very attractive.
Want to renovate your home, but can’t afford
a full overhaul? Why not consider adding
some new Clipsal wall lights, low voltage or
CFLs outside, giving your home a modern
touch, without costing you a fortune.

General lighting whatever

the weather
The exterior of your home is often exposed
to many elements such as dust, wind, rain
and even the harsh sun. So it is no doubt
ordinary lights just won’t cut it, when
it comes to providing sufficient general
lighting for your outdoor areas. To overcome
this problem Clipsal have designed several
contemporary weatherproof ranges from
fluorescents, bulkheads, floodlights and
downlights; helping entertainment areas to
shine in any condition.
If you are considering leaving certain outdoor
lights on for long periods of time then perhaps
Clipsal’s range of CFLs may be the most
effective and energy efficient way to go, as
they have a very long lamp life of 10,000hrs,
allowing you to reduce your energy usage
without compromising on style. 47
48 Essential Checklist Issue 09
Take the hard work out of interior selection

Synergi Solutions The Synergi Solutions Advantage

Synergi Solutions is a unique and impressive partnership Choosing the best quality tap ware, door furniture, electrical
from Australian household interior brands Clipsal, Caroma accessories and home control products can be confusing
and Gainsborough. Designed to take the hard work out of and time consuming. Synergi Solutions removes this
your interior selection process, each partner has released inconvenience for new home builders and renovators alike,
a range of coordinated products that combine perfectly to by giving you all the coordinated information you need on
ensure complementary styles, seamless colour matching the latest interior product ranges.
and unrivalled quality throughout your home.

Environmental Focus
In bringing you this premium offering, Synergi Solutions
is committed to partnering with companies that utilize
environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and
offer energy efficient products. When you choose from the
Synergi Solutions range, you can be assured that you’re
playing a part in ensuring a sustainable future.

Product Style Features

A team of interior design specialists have worked closely
with each Synergi Solutions partner to ensure there
are clear ‘synergies’ linking a selected range of partner
products, in a pre-coordinated, aesthetically matched
package across the portfolio.
Key corresponding features in the range include a
combination of:
• Defining colour options that are visible on key elements of Viewing the Synergi Solutions Range
the range including ‘Ocean Mist’ giving you the superior
Log on to to view
look of glass, ‘Espresso Black’, or the new ‘Pure White’
the entire range and see for yourself how simple it is to
providing a smart, sophisticated look
seamlessly integrate your interior design.
• Premium stainless steel finishes
Details for accessing all product is available on the
• Popular square and round architectural design features. ‘Contact Us’ page. 49
Synergi Solutions creates Clipsal Saturn is a premium range of architecturally designed electrical accessories. The entire
range has set new standards in home electrical accessories and is unlike any other standard
stylish possibilities for every home wiring solution. The Clipsal Saturn 250V range appeals to anyone who desires the latest
styles and fashions in their home. It offers a sleek, easy to clean glass-look switch, plus data
room of your home. point and power outlet options. Available in Ocean Mist, Espresso Black and Pure White colour
variants to blend in beautifully with any home environment.
Saturn fits perfectly with the Synergi Solutions range because each and every component
has been designed and selected to blend seamlessly with the latest in premium home design
trends. Providing greater holistic benefits of style, shape, colour and material coordination with
the added visual appeal of chrome and glass-like finishes.
Clipsal Australia continues to look toward the future as a proven leader in electrical innovation,
providing electrical solutions for homes throughout Australia and the world.

50 Essential Checklist Issue 09

Caroma, the trusted name in bathroom accessories has joined the Synergi Solutions Gainsborough have created an exclusive range of premium door furniture that encompasses,
partnership with a premium range of stainless steel and square architectural design Ocean Mist and Espresso Black coloured rosettes accenting timeless bright chrome. Made
features for your bathroom. This range is extensive to ensure you’ll be able to find the to our premium architectural specifications, the shapes, styles and colours blend seamlessly
perfect solution for your bathroom design, and furthermore, has been specifically designed with our other partners in the Synergi Solutions Collection.
to coordinate with other products in the Synergi Solutions range. Renowned for their fine quality door furniture, Gainsborough Hardware have been designing,
Today, households are looking for innovative new ways to help save our precious water manufacturing and supplying door hardware in Australia and to the world for over 30 years.
resources and the environment and Smartflush is the smart choice in toilet suites using Whether you’re an architect designing a unique residence or commercial building, planning to
only 4.5L of water for a full flush and 3L for a half flush. By installing a Smartflush you will build a modern residential home or about to give your place a classic renovation, Gainsborough
save up to 35,000L of water per year* without sacrificing on stylish design and ensuring provides real security with unmatched style, offering a complete range of levers, decorative
proven performance. door handles, security locks, entrance sets and complementary accessories.
The Caroma range selected offers a total bathroom solution including a toilet suite,
basin, tap ware and accessories designed to complement all the ranges available from
Synergi Solutions.
*compared to 11L single flush toilet suites. Toilet Suite WELS 4 star rated and Wall Basin Mixer WELS 5 star rated 51
Clipsal SaturnTM 250V pg 54

Impress Push-Button pg 57

Choose the colour and finish to 2000 SeriesTM pg 58

suit any room of your home.
There are a thousand and one
decisions to be made when Classic C2000 SeriesTM pg 59
building or renovating your
home. Deciding on wall and
carpet colours, tile designs and
tap styles can be quite time Slimline SC2000 Series® pg 60
consuming, however many
people won’t give a second
thought to the look and style Eclipse SL2000 Series® pg 61
of their electrical installation.
It is assumed that there are no options
outside the standard white plastic switch.
With Clipsal, nothing could be further Metal Plate Range pg 62
from the truth! Gone are the days where a
switch had to be a boring white rectangle
fixed by a screw top and bottom! Today, Heritage Range pg 63
there are colours and styles to enhance any
décor. You can also have colours and styles
for your power points. No matter if your
home is federation, colonial, contemporary Modena 800 SeriesTM pg 64
or ultra modern, there is a style and colour
to suit.
Architects and builders will tell you that Strato 800 SeriesTM pg 66
when it comes to décor, it’s the detail that
sets the best homes apart.

Moduline® pg 67

Selection Chart pg 68

52 Essential Checklist Issue 09

colours & Styles

pure white ocean mist espresso black white (WE) cream (CM) beige (BG) desert sand
(PW) (OM) (EB) (DS)

red (RD) brown (BR) black (BK) soft grey dove grey
(SG) (DO)

polished brass antique brass

(BS) (AB)

gold (GD) polished brass brushed brass

(BS) (BB)

florentine bronze chrome (CH)


chrome (CH) brushed stainless steel chrome shadow gun metal

aluminium (SS) (3S) (GM)

blue (BL) red (RD) white (WH) black (BK) charcoal (CC)

chrome (CH) gunmetal grey platinum (PT) champagne (CE)

(GM) 53
Clipsal SaturnTM 250V Range

A seamless look and an enviable style.

The unique Clipsal Saturn 250V collection offers a range of popular electrical accessories that are
perfectly matched to each other and products from the C-Bus® Saturn home control range. Clipsal
makes it easy to give your home a seamless look and an enviable style.
The Clipsal Saturn 250V range is manufactured from premium quality materials. You’d be forgiven
for thinking that this impressive looking finish was pure glass. The elegant glass-look, available in
Ocean Mist, Espresso Black and now Pure White, complements popular modern surfaces, and the
hardwearing finish makes these products ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and family areas.
Clipsal Australia has successfully incorporated LED indication technology into the innovative
design of the Clipsal Saturn 250V range. The soft blue glowing LED offers a stand out point of
difference for your switches.

54 Essential Checklist Issue 09

Clipsal Saturn Dimmer Switches can help to set the perfect amount of light for any time of the day
or night. Clipsal Saturn Dimmer Switches will create the mood you desire and give you complete
lighting control, while maintaining the sleek, stylish look of Saturn throughout your home.
The Clipsal Saturn Universal Dimmer also gives you the advantage of energy efficiency, saving you
money on your power bills, while helping to save our environment.
Clipsal has cleverly teamed up with some of Australia’s leading home accessory brands such as
Caroma, and Gainsborough to create Synergi SolutionsTM. Now the premium look of Clipsal Saturn
can be achieved throughout your entire home by installing this pre coordinated portfolio of electrical
accessories, bathroom accessories, and door furniture (see page 48). 55
Clipsal SaturnTM 250V Range

Stands out from the crowd, blends in with the home

The Clipsal Saturn 250V Switched Socket outlet allows the operation of all 250V electrical
devices, the same as a standard power outlet. These complement Clipsal Saturn Wall Switches
extending the 250V family to create the perfect match in switches and sockets.
Clipsal Saturn Data wall plates are the perfect option for anywhere you require data
connectivity around the home in areas such as bedrooms, family rooms, lounge rooms and
the home office without compromising your home’s great looks.
The Clipsal Saturn 250V Switched Socket also matches perfectly with the C-Bus Saturn range if
you are thinking about home control. See page 80 for more information.

56 Essential Checklist Issue 09

Impress Push-Button Selection

One touch
The contemporary IMPRESS switch is stylish, practical and sleek, bringing a whole new innovation to
your electrical installation. With the main features being the smooth reliable action, large switching
capacity, and its compatibility with all 30 Series Clipsal switch plates including Slimline, Eclipse,
Standard, 2000, Metal Plate and C2000 ranges. The IMPRESS push-button switch is perfect for new
homes and renovations. Also available with a soft blue LED on/off indicator.
76mm 57
2000 SeriesTM

The power and the fashion

The 2000 Series is Australia’s best selling switch. Manufactured in high gloss, impact resistant material,
the 2000 Series incorporates surrounds that simply clip on and are totally interchangeable to create
lots of colour combinations.
The 2000 Series Multigang Surrounds provide endless options when either switches or sockets are
required under the one surround, and Gangbusters® is the multigang solution for oversized plugs and
chargers that need extra space.
The surrounds can be easily removed to enable painting or papering right up to the edge. This makes
decorating a breeze, as you don’t need to fuss over painting too close to the edges. Available in a full
range of decorator colours and metallic surrounds, there’s one to suit every colour scheme.

58 Essential Checklist Issue 09

Classic C2000 SeriesTM

Nothing outclasses a classic

The smooth curves and sleek lines of the Classic range reflect the latest interior design trends.
116mm Remarkable and affordable, the Classic range features a level of quality and elegance that you would
expect from electrical switches and power points costing much more.
The choice of colours and finishes available with the Classic range is quite outstanding. There are
even metal cover finishes and moulded covers such as the Arctic Silver and Chrome Shadow finishes
13mm in the Classic quad power points. As covers and grid plates are easily interchangeable, you can create
combinations to match any décor theme. 59
Slimline SC2000 Series®

A classic, sliced extra thin

At first glance, Slimline® looks exactly like our Classic switches and sockets. Viewed from the side
however, it’s a completely different story. Clipsal has taken the Classic and sliced it extra thin! The
result is Slimline, a range of switches and sockets that are only 4mm thick (or should we say thin)
making them the thinnest switch plates in the world.
With Slimline, you have a comprehensive range that is unique, but still looks at home when used
4mm with the Classic range. A range of metal plate covers and the outstanding Chrome Shadow finish are
available in the Slimline range too. Featuring a full metal look and finger print resistant finish, they
are sure to add a touch of class at a fraction of what you’d expect to pay.

60 Essential Checklist Issue 09

Eclipse SL2000 Series®

A work of art
The Eclipse range of switches and sockets offers the thinnest switch plates in the world. With a wafer
thin 4mm profile, they are up to 60% thinner than others.
Its understated design truly distinguishes the Eclipse range from any other product on offer. The sleek
elegance of Eclipse rests smoothly on any surface to ensure a slim and highly fashionable finish. As
with Slimline®, a range of metal plate covers and the outstanding Chrome Shadow finish are available.
4mm They are sure to add a touch of class at a fraction of the cost. Switch and socket innovation has never
76mm looked this good. 61
Metal Plate Range

Elements of a beautiful design

The Clipsal Metal Plate range offers almost unlimited possibilities. The stainless steel switches
85mm and power outlets look superb in today’s stainless steel kitchens, while brass models beautifully
complement a more traditional décor.
Boasting stunning design and durability, Clipsal offers the largest metal plate range in Australia. A
130mm choice of lacquered polished brass, anodized aluminium and stainless steel finishes are available in
1.2mm two plate styles, including curved and flat.
The BSL and BBSL style metal plate ranges, available in stainless steel or brass finishes, are the lowest
profile switches at only 1.2mm, which means they blend in perfectly.

62 Essential Checklist Issue 09

Heritage Range

Golden oldies in tune with today

The Heritage range brings together old world charm with the benefits of today’s technology. These
switches and sockets are the perfect solution for those wishing to renovate an older style home or to
57mm complement the décor of a new federation style dwelling.
Unlike toggle switches of the past, Clipsal Heritage offers the safety standards and reliability of
modern materials. They are even adaptable to suit TV antennas, faxes and computers.
All metal features have been lacquered to withstand moisture and maintain their lustre. Heritage
covers are available in exquisite Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Florentine Bronze, and the art deco
chic of classic Chrome. All models are available with smooth or ribbed covers, with porcelain or metal
23mm 19mm 19mm 11mm shallow base versions and can be complemented by using pre-drilled cedar, pine or undercoated
(ready-to-paint) mounting blocks if required. 63
Modena 800 SeriesTM

Innovative, with features you should expect.

Introducing a new range of sophisticated automatic integrally switched socket outlets and standard
switch combinations to add style and a contemporary edge to any modern room. Modular in design
and combined to meet your requirements for audio visual, data, TV and lighting control needs whilst
looking great. Available in nine clip-on coloured picture surrounds and in either White or Black
124mm interior colour options.
All switches in the Modena 800 Series are compatible with C-Bus and LexCom Home Control. For
more information, please refer to page 69.

64 Essential Checklist Issue 09

A triumph of form and function
When it comes to surrounding yourself with style, comfort and flexibility, you can’t go past the
popular Modena 800 Series.
Truly compatible with contemporary living, this classic range comes with large switches and easy
to view indicators, offering a minimalist look that is unobtrusive amongst any modern interior.
Catering for all applications the Modena 800 Series is designed with nothing but the best form,
function and safety features in mind. 65
Strato 800 SeriesTM

Pretty as a picture or expand your horizons

Thanks to the Strato 800 Series range of premium wallplates, wanting to hide your homes
switches and sockets is a thing of the past.
Combining flat-metal picture frame surrounds with attractive modular components, the 800
Series provides an elegant and versatile design that is completely unique and deserves to be
9mm showed off. Also capable of incorporating new push-button switch modules, they allow up to
six switches per plate, each with cool blue LED On/Off indication.
A feature in their own right, Strato’s 800 Series adds a sophisticated finish to modern décor.

Expand your horizons

66 Essential Checklist Issue 09


Spring loaded with benefits

Do away with messy cords and impress guests at your next social event, with Moduline’s Soho range of
innovative pop up power outlets. Their neat and compact design allows outlets to be hidden when not
in use, ideal for areas such as the kitchen, home office and home theatre, providing you with power
in the most convenient of locations including mounted on bench tops, desks and tabletops, even on
floors and in ceilings. Pop up outlets offer a disscrete solution for all applications including power,
data, voice and video/audio.
Easy to install and use, Moduline’s pop up range of outlets is the ideal solution for when you need to
combine practicality with style in your home. Ask your electrician or ClipSpec consultant about the
range of hydraulic pop up outlets also available. 67
ColouR SeLectioN

d br ium (B
ss ( B )





met ss (BS
ze (
AB )


ress OM)





an m O)
d (D

chro l (GM)




inum )
mpa )


ist (

r (8



o bl

l (C
y (1

y (S
d al

ey (
s st

d br

a te

crea E)
d al




beig )

te (W



e (B

k (B
g re

g re
r pl

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er t






sof t






st ai


g re
r ed
# # # # #

classic ~ # # # # # # # ~

# # # # #

# # # # # # # #

# # # # #


plateTM * * *

heritageTM ^ ^ ^ ^

# # #





Home Control

Supplied with either white, black or brown grids. Available in flat (B style) or traditional (A style) thickness.
^ White or black porcelain bases supplied separately. Also available in smooth or ribbed finishes.
Neo inner surround only
# Outer surround only
~ Classic Chrome Shadow and Arctic Silver available in Quad Power point only
PLEASE NOTE: PDL Modena colour codes may vary. Please speak with your electrician for more information.

68 Essential Checklist Issue 09


Technology to
enhance your lifestyle
Home Networking
Total House Audio
Home Control 69
70 Essential Checklist Issue 09
Home Networking

to suit every budget

Want a structured network for High speed Internet access

the home that keeps pace with Home networking creates a data network
your family? within your home, allowing you to share files
amongst the various personal computers
Clipsal’s digital home networking products in your home. You can also centralise the
provide a structured wiring solution that storage and management of content such as
integrates and distributes home entertain- movies, music, family photos and slide shows
ment, computer networking, audio/video, and distribute them conveniently to multiple
digital and pay TV throughout the home. rooms throughout the home. When you add
Smart home networking connects items a broadband Internet connection to your
such as your TV, audio systems, computers home network, it will allow simultaneous
and home security, in order to provide high speed web surfing and downloading
you and your family with a lifestyle that is from all the computers in your home.
convenient and organised. It gives you the
freedom to use a number of products and Phone lines
latest technologies in any room of the house, You can manage the various phone lines
and all from one easy-to-use central hub. needed in your home and have dedicated
Simply put, it means you have the option to lines for your home office phone and fax, or
use whatever you want, wherever you want, even a separate personal line for a teenager.
whenever - throughout your entire home.
Whatever you’re after, Clipsal’s home net-
Here’s a run down of just some of the working solutions can cater to your
wonderful benefits you can expect from your individual requirements and include several
Clipsal home networking system: product ranges to help get you started, such
as StarServe®, Delta 8 and LexCom Home®
Multi-room entertainment Networking.
Our solution gives you the flexibility to view Enjoy the benefits of advanced networking
television signals in any room of your home. technology today, so your home is equipped
You can even create your own in-home for tomorrow.
television channels allowing you to watch the
movie playing on your DVD player from a
TV in another room. Similarly, video signals
from other sources such as security cameras,
personal video recorders and pay TV set
top boxes, can be distributed to televisions
throughout your home. 71
72 Essential Checklist Issue 09
Home Networking

DeFiNe your LiFeStyLe

We live in a digital age Are you digital ready? let the kids have their own phone in each
bedroom. By having your digital cabling
TVs and cameras are just some examples of It is not uncommon for families to have more installed during the building process, it
how digital compatible technology is being than three televisions in the one household. allows you to move in and start enjoying the
used to deliver unprecedented quality in Many of which now also enjoy the benefits full benefits of your TV, Internet and phone
every way imaginable. However the digital of the digital age for entertainment and being completely accessible straight away.
realm stretches so much further than crisp education. Digital TV has many benefits No mess, no fuss and no need to organise
picture quality for your TV. These days, with over the old analogue system, including a another contractor to come in later when
the correct wiring you can design a home sharper picture, clearer sound, wide screen you’re already settled.
so smart, you would think it had a masters viewing, extra channels (including radio
degree. Clipsal’s smart solutions range from channels) and electronic program guides; When installing your TV’s cabling, take
StarServe®, which is the essential in home the list goes on. the initiative to also include a high quality
networking to C-Bus®, which delivers the digital ready antenna. Not only can you
ultimate in home control. So ask yourself. Wouldn’t it be nice to move enjoy perfect reception immediately, but
into your new home and have perfect picture you can also avoid the hassle of having to
quality in every room from day one? Or, re-cable later on. 73
Delta 8

luxuRIous lIvINg
WitHout tHe LAviSH price tAG
Want the freedom and flexibility the core unit, you can access Renovating? Delta 8 is perfect, as it comes
ready for installation and can be easily
of home networking, without all supported services from the rewired into an existing home, giving you
the expense that is typically LexCom outlet. Add a triple play eight telecommunication outlets from one
associated with traditional splitter to any of these LexCom attractive unit, without requiring cross-
systems? Delta 8 is an attractive connection. Aside from easy installation,
outlets and you’ve instantly got this also means that future upgrades and/or
and affordable solution that can a multimedia hub with full and expansions to Delta 8 are inexpensive and
be easily integrated into your simultaneous access to all three trouble-free.
new or existing home. Once services: voice, data and TV.
your services are connected to

74 Essential Checklist Issue 09

Lexcom Home Networking

Impressive technology
that grows with the family
Introducing the PDL LexCom This advanced flexible home network quick, simple use for almost anyone, making
system never fails to impress with dazzling your home even smarter.
Home® Network - a unique entertainment functions, Internet and
system that gives you access communication capabilities. With LexCom A PDL LexCom Home Network can greatly
Home Network your home is set to enhance resale value of your home and this
to all your entertainment, grow as you grow, change as you need to unique new system will provide a convincing
communication and data services change and advance as entertainment and edge when it comes time to sell.
from any room in your home. communications advance.
You can’t beat the PDL LexCom Home®
Another great thing about LexCom is that it’s Network system.
so simple – just connect and go, designed for 75
Keep the family connected Incorporating a StarServe home networking Multiple-user Internet access
system into your building plans makes it
Clipsal StarServe® keeps your family possible to distribute TV, phone and data The Internet provides a wealth of information
connected to the phone, TV and Internet, to any room of your home, removing any and with StarServe you have the flexibility to
all at the same time. It avoids household unnecessary cables and providing you with distribute broadband connections to multiple
arguments as the kids can research school the ultimate in convenience. rooms at the same time. It can even network
projects on the net in the study while you computers together for gaming and sharing
shop on Ebay® in your bedroom; your partner Designing a home office, an entertainer’s printers or scanners. Fast, reliable and easy
can be watching the sports highlights in the paradise or simply a home that is versatile and to manage, this flexible cabling system is like
shed while the kids play with their latest safe? Whatever you want from your home the data networks used in businesses.
games console in the family room – everyone networking, you’ll certainly be impressed
is content. with what StarServe has to offer. Separate phone lines
Clipsal StarServe provides multiple phone
Saves time. Saves hassles. Saves Picture perfect TV in any room lines, ideal for including a fax machine in the
family wars. Have multiple TVs in your household? home office or to give the kids some privacy
Say goodbye to messy cords draped across StarServe allows you to watch TV, videos, by having a separate line in their bedroom.
the floors. StarServe home networking also pay TV or DVDs in any room of the home at
keeps your home neat and tidy; pre-wired the flick of a switch. And because it all runs Added security
during the building process so your TV, data off the one network, it means that you only
need one central DVD and better still the If you have a surveillance camera at your
and phone outlets are fitted straight into front door, you can watch it from any TV
the wall, just like a power point. Altogether, picture quality of your TV won’t diminish,
no matter how many TVs you connect. connected to the StarServe system. It is just
this provides you with a great networking like having another channel to watch. You
solution that will add significant value to may be upstairs and it is late, the doorbell
your house.

76 Essential Checklist Issue 09


rings, but it’s a bit late for visitors. Turn to the

surveillance camera channel on your TV and
see who it is without getting out of bed. Or
use the TV outlet in the baby’s room to set
up a camera. It makes a great baby monitor,
so you can watch the baby from any room
with a TV connected to the Clipsal StarServe
system and it can be removed at any time.

How do I control my DVD, pay

TV and video in the other rooms
without going back to the
lounge room?
With the Clipsal StarServe system you can
remotely control all of these things from
any other location in your home fitted with
a Clipsal Remote Control Target. This target
combined with an emitter lead in your
lounge room can change the device you want
to control. Simply use all the functions of the
remote control as if you were in the same
room as the device you are controlling. 77
78 Essential Checklist Issue 09
Multi Room Audio: Clipsal Audio Solutions, LexCom Home Audio

Total home audio solutions Example 1: Listen to your music play
outdoors under the patio, while you are
Whether you are building your first, second, having a barbeque and entertaining friends.
third or maybe even your dream home,
Clipsal has a multi-room audio solution to Example 2: The kids want to listen to their
suit every budget and lifestyle. Now there’s favourite music but you’re entertaining
no excuse not to enjoy music throughout friends. The kids simply plug in their iPod
your home with either a Clipsal Audio to the local music source in their room and
Solution, LexCom Home Audio, or C-Bus they can listen to their own music while you
Multi Room Audio system. listen to something more appropriate with
your friends at the barbeque.
Gone are the days where you need to drag
the portable stereo and its bulky speakers There is a system to suit any budget or
around the house, in order to move music home type, from the affordable Clipsal
from one room to another or even outdoors. Audio Solution with multi-zone system and
Now you can listen to your favourite tracks multi-source input, stylish wall switches
in any room, but still control them from one and handy remote controls, to LexCom
convenient location - such as your living Home Audio that incorporates 5.1 surround
room. Simply connect your computer, iPod sound for home cinemas. Further to that,
or MP3 player to one of our audio systems if you’re including C-Bus in your home,
and voilá. then the C-Bus Multi Room Audio system
is an absolute must. This elegant solution
Each music location (Music Zone) can have provides total control of music from
its own local source, so everyone can listen to anywhere in the home and can be controlled
his or her favourite music in separate rooms by the same wall switches, touch screens
without affecting the rest of the family; or remotes that control your lights. C-Bus
simply plug your iPod or computer in and Multi Room Audio can even change radio
away you go. stations, skip CD tracks, or change songs
It is easy for anyone to use from the novice to on your MP3 player without getting up and
the most technically minded person. leaving the room and without the need for
extra controllers on the wall.

1 LexCom Home Audio Single

Source Remote Control

2 LexCom Home Audio Multi

Source Learning Remote
1 2
Control 79
Home Control

HOME Control

Your home is about living and with a Clipsal C-Bus® home control
system, it can be about living wisely - providing an enhanced
lifestyle of entertainment, convenience, comfort and security.

Those who live with C-Bus will often of their lighting and electrical devices and
explain to their friends and family that as a result, significantly reduce their energy
living without it would be like giving up consumption around the home. This can be
their remote control TVs, microwave achieved through the use of clever occupancy
ovens, or remote garage doors. The level of sensors which turn off the lights when a room
convenience is hard to imagine until you becomes vacant. Lighting sensors are also
have experienced the ultimate in home used to turn off and dim lights when they’re
lifestyle benefits for yourself. not needed, or to even open and close blinds
and curtains, which ultimately reduces the
Imagine driving home from work in peak heat and cold transfer.
hour traffic and turning on the espresso
machine from the drivers seat of your car,
all because you sent a message through The benefits are endless
your mobile. With C-Bus the possibilities Dimmers are also commonly used to reduce
are endless. You can turn things on and energy consumption, not only extending
off automatically through the clever use the life of lamps, but also that of our planet.
of schedules and timers. Picture yourself Saving the environment is one thing, but
pressing a “welcome home” button on don’t forget, less energy consumption also
a remote control as you pull into your means a cheaper energy bill, which gives you
driveway and having your pathway, front more money for other things. It doesn’t get
porch and hallway lights turn on. Your air much better than that.
conditioner begins to warm or cool your
living room and your favourite music starts Any home can be a smart home
playing throughout your house.
With a Clipsal C-Bus control system your
house can become smart and energy efficient,
That’s a smart home providing you with a more enhanced lifestyle.
C-Bus also enables users to set personalised Start small and add to the system as your
scenes and modes, such as a “goodnight” lifestyle changes.
button that turns everything off when you
go to bed, and a “watch DVD” button that
activates your home cinema and dims your Add a touch of style to your home
lights when you watch a movie. Press a Stylish, touch sensitive LCD screens replace
“goodbye” button upon leaving the home, the need to have multiple wall switches 1 C-Bus C-TouchTM Colour Touch Screen
and you can be rest assured that all power is and add a touch of enviable style and 2 C-Bus Modena Wall Switch, Black
“off ”. It’s that easy. functionality to any home. The C-Touch
Colour Touch Screens can be personalised 3 C-Bus DLTTM Wall Switch,
Whether you are building or want to enhance with your own photographs or graphics and Stainless Steel
your existing home, with Clipsal C-Bus and can perform a huge range of programmable 4 C-Bus Desktop Black and White
C-Bus Wireless, anyone can enjoy the benefits functions, all with the touch of a finger. Use Touch Screen MKII
of a smart home. You can even start small and a C-Touch Colour Touch Screen to control
add to the system as your lifestyle changes. 5 C-Bus Thermostat, 4 Zone
your entire home’s lighting, home theatre, air
conditioning, security, watering system and 6 C-Bus Enabled Alarm Panel
Smart living solutions almost anything else you can imagine. To
7 C-Bus Wireless Remote Control
that make cents check out Clipsal’s stunning range of touch
screens go to page 86. 8 C-Bus Infrared Remote Control
However that’s just the beginning, there’s
also the minimal impact that C-Bus has on For more information on these, or any other 9 C-Bus Universal Hand Held Infrared
the environment. With so many advanced C-Bus home control products, please visit Remote Control
features, the Clipsal C-Bus home control 10 LexCom Home Control
system allows people to take complete control Remote Control

80 Essential Checklist Issue 09

1 2 3 4 5

6 7 8 9 10 81
Once there were Smart Homes
Now there are Wiser Homes
Clipsal’s new C-Bus Wiser Wiser is the missing piece of the smart home How does Wiser make life simpler?
puzzle, bringing electrical, multimedia and
makes using the technology telecommunications technology together In the past, you’ve needed to learn how to
in your home easier and more into a single solution that is user friendly. operate a whole lot of different and sometimes
complicated equipment. You needed one
convenient by providing The Wiser Home Controller seamlessly controller for your air conditioner, another
seamless control of music, connects many different technologies such one for your security system, another one for
as lighting control, security, air conditioning, your irrigation system, and loads of remote
home cinemas, air conditioning, audiovisual equipment, media players, controls for your TV and audio equipment. It
lighting, sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, motorised blinds and was all too hard!
security - you name it. curtains, and a whole lot more, creating a
Wiser provides one consistent and intuitive
seamless solution that the whole family can
use and enjoy. control for everything you want to control.
You get the same look and feel on every
What is Wiser? You can turn on your air conditioner from device, any time, anywhere; from a light
Wiser is the latest range of products to join your mobile phone on the way home, or switch, a touch screen, a home computer, or
the Clipsal C-Bus family, bringing a whole check that everything is turned off over the even from your digital TV. For example, lights
new level of functionality and connectivity Internet when you get to work. are operated with a light bulb icon, sound
throughout the home. systems by a speaker icon, and irrigation by a
tap icon… it can’t get any simpler than that.

82 Essential Checklist Issue 09

Wiser Home control

How does Wiser bring convenience? How will Wiser save me

With Wiser, you can operate nearly anything, from almost anywhere: time and money?
touch screens, wall switches, web tablets, remote controls, mobile phones, Wiser allows your installer to make any
computers, even your TV! And you can do it when you’re home… or via changes or adjustments you may want over
the Internet or a mobile phone when you’re out. Whatever you want, the Internet. That means no more waiting
whenever you want it, wherever you are. around for a technician, you’ll get the job
For example… you’re outside cooking a barbeque and want to listen to done sooner, more conveniently, with no call
some music, simply grab your mobile phone out of your pocket and turn out fee! Wiser by name, Wiser by nature!
on your multi-room audio system. Or if you’re sitting down to watch
a movie, and decide that you’re too cold, use your remote control, and
adjust the temperature via a Microsoft™ media centre menu on your TV.
But it’s not just about you controlling it… with Wiser, your home can
make things happen automatically according to your lifestyle and
routine. You can be gently woken on week days to your bed lamps and
music fading up slowly, followed by curtains opening, and your alarm
system deactivating from night mode. And when you leave for work,
simply press the “goodbye” button and your lights will turn off, blinds
close, music fade and air conditioner power down.



How does Wiser bring added security?


As Wiser connects devices such as your lights, your alarm, web cameras,
mobile phones and the Internet, you can go about your life and know

that your home and family are protected. If your alarm is activated,
Wiser will turn on your lights to deter any would-be intruders, send you
a priority email to alert you, then allow you to check your web cameras
via your mobile phone or computer. If it’s a false alarm you can simply
turn off your lights and reset your alarm with peace of mind and very
little disruption to your day.

Is Wiser for any home?

Wiser is an affordable addition for anyone considering home
automation. Whether a simple entry-level system, to a full-blown
high-end system, Wiser offers a whole new level of convenience and
functionality for any lifestyle. However it is far more than just bringing
out the best in your C-Bus system; with Wiser all of your technology
will be easier to use, which means you’ll use it more often and get
better bang for your buck! 83
the core of a
wiser home
Lighting Control
Lighting control is a fundamental part of any home automation
system, providing some of the most user-friendly, convenient
benefits including an “all off ” button that can turn every light off from
next to your bed, or a “welcome home” button that can be operated by
remote control in your car, turning on garage, pathway and hallway lights.
There are also many energy saving benefits to be gained from lighting
control systems including utilising sensors and timers to turn off lights
automatically, and dimmers to reduce the amount of power consumed.

Home Theatre
Flat screen TVs, video projectors, surround sound systems,
DVD players, Blue Ray recorders, hard disk recorders, pay TV,
digital TV and gaming consoles; is it any wonder people find the home
theatre a complicated room to operate? Simplify operation and replace
multiple remote controls with a universal remote, furthermore, integrated
into a home automation system a universal remote can also activate the
room’s lighting and curtains. HOME CONTROL
C-Bus Home Automation and PDL LexCom Home Control

Keyless Entry Home automation is as the name suggests, automating events within
the home. By definition, it can be something as basic as a remote
We use remotes to lock and unlock our cars, so why at home,
do we still fumble around with our keys to open the door. In a controlled garage door, however a more apt description is the
smart home, keyless entry takes on a whole new level of functionality simplified or automatic control of devices from a single technology
with the ability to trigger other events such as turning on the lights, within the home – such as that of your lights and irrigation to security
music and air conditioning. and curtains. Home automation can be achieved through one-touch
control, scheduled events that take place at a preset time, or automatic
activities triggered by movement, temperature and light levels.
Did you know an automated irrigation system reduces water
wastage far beyond that of a standalone irrigation system?
Even then, efficiencies can be further maximised by taking other
variables into consideration such as daytime temperature, rainfall,
wind speed, and ground moisture, and all conveniently controlled via
a touch screen or web tablet inside the home, as well as a mobile phone
or Internet.

Air Conditioning
One of the most power-hungry devices in our home. However,
integrated into a home automation system with timers and
sensors it can operate far more efficiently. Including automatic opening
and closing of your windows and blinds will further reduce your thermal
transfer. User-friendly operation using the same switches and touch screens
as your lights or can be controlled via the Internet or your mobile phone.

84 Essential Checklist Issue 09

‘Wiser’ Premise Gateway

HOME NETWORKING Home security is a must these days and a system integrated into
a smart home provides far greater security benefits, including
StarServe Home Network, Delta 8, PDL LexCom Home Network turning on lights as a deterrent, alerting you via your email or SMS if there
is an intrusion and allowing you to view cameras from your mobile phone.
Home networking, often referred to as “smart wiring”, is the cabling
The C-Bus Wiser Home Controller can easily arm and disarm via one
infrastructure that delivers your Internet, free to air TV, pay TV, button that can also control your lighting, curtains and air conditioner as
DVDs and telephone throughout your home. We live in an on- you come and go.
demand world packed full of information, entertainment and
communication; all of which plays a vital role in our busy day-to-
day lives. Home networking ensures that all of these technologies
can be utilised right throughout the house, therefore maximising Multi Room Audio
the potential and value of this feature-rich content. A multi room audio system allows you to listen to music
throughout your home, without the need for big bulky speakers
and electronic components. With the choice of either the same music or
various sources in different rooms your whole family will be happy. You
can even plug your kids’ iPods into the system in their bedrooms!

Media Centre
Want to make the most of your “digital content” and eliminate
the need to store videos, music and digital photos onto hundreds
of disks? Media centres are a new addition to the home, whereby they
provide a central location for the storage and playback of any type of digital
information, ultimately supplying glitch-free media anywhere in the home
through home networking.

Video Intercom
Rapidly replacing the front door bell, video intercoms are far
more powerful when integrated into a smart home together
with keyless and automated entry systems. The intercom rings, your
visitor appears on the TV, you give a verbal welcome via cordless phone
and press the “open door” button on your remote, all without even
HOME GATEWAY moving from the couch.
Wiser Home Controller
A home controller is a device that manages equipment across Windows and Blinds
multiple technologies, even beyond the home environment.
Motorised windows, blinds and curtain dressings are incredibly
Providing you with a wealth of feature-rich benefits, such as the practical. Most importantly though, they improve living
ability to turn on lights and check web cameras via your TV, a environments by automatically adjusting according to the surroundings, so
secure mobile phone or Internet browser. It will even send you you will always be living with the perfect amount of ambient light, airflow,
an email or SMS if an intrusion is detected so you can check your and temperature. Imagine it’s summer; in the morning the windows and
curtains automatically open to allow air flow and light, as the outside
home immediately. temperature increases the windows close, then as sunlight increases the
blinds close. 85
C-Touch Colour Touch Screens TM

Red, blue and green with envy

The C-Touch™ Colour Touch Screen is the latest in C-Bus wall mounted, touch sensitive LCD screens.
The stylish touch screen can display pages of graphical items. Buttons, sliders and images on the
screen all perform programmable functions, simply at the touch of your finger. Control your entire
home’s lighting, home theatre, air conditioning, security, watering system and almost anything else
you can imagine.
A C-Touch Colour Touch Screen can replace large, multiple wall switches and dimmers to add a
touch of enviable style to any home. In fact, the C-Touch Colour Touch Screen is so sophisticated, you
can even personalise the screen with your own colour scheme, photographs or screensavers. So no
matter how often you change your décor, your C-Touch Colour Touch Screen can change with you.
Matching Clipsal SaturnTM 250V
glass look power points now
available. See page 54.

86 Essential Checklist Issue 09

MKII B&W Touch Screens

Total control
Clipsal’s MKII Black and White Touch Screen provides total control of your entire C-Bus control
system - making it perfect for main living areas, entrance halls or home theatres. The large
graphical interface can be customised to suit your needs. In fact it will control anything you
decide to include as part of your smart home environment.
Available in a range of styles and colours the MKII Black and White Touch Screen is also available
with a free standing swivel base, making it great for kitchen benches, bedside tables or on top of
entertainment units.

Matching Clipsal SaturnTM 250V

glass look power points now
available. See page 54. 87
DLT Range TM

The ultimate smart switch

One of the biggest problems people find with home control is the difficulty in remembering which
buttons do what. Clipsal have now solved that problem with user friendly Dynamic Labelling
Technology™ (DLT).
An Australian first, Clipsal’s DLT is available in the C-Bus Saturn™ and Neo® wall switches and allows
the buttons to be electronically labelled according to your needs. The units have eight function
buttons over two pages, a backlight for easy viewing, and support up to eight languages, making DLT
wall switches simple for anyone to use.

Matching Clipsal SaturnTM 250V

glass look power points now
available. See page 54.

88 Essential Checklist Issue 09

Saturn Range TM

All switches in the Saturn™ range A beautifully crafted switch - in pure glass
are available in C-Bus® and C-Bus®
Wireless products. For more The C-Bus Saturn™ range boasts a luxurious glass face and distinctive illuminated round buttons. It is
information refer to pages 80-85. arguably the most beautiful switch range available. The pure glass finish is not only stylish but makes
it durable and easy to clean. Now also available with a very sophisticated looking stainless steel face.
But Saturn is not just a pretty face. It is fully programmable and can go beyond simple on/off
C-Bus Saturn functions, delivering unlimited dimming, switching and other control functions as part of a C-Bus
switches are also smart home system.
available with the
option of handy
labelled buttons,
making it easy to
know what each Matching Clipsal SaturnTM 250V glass look
button does. power points now available. See page 54. 89
Modena Range

Available in either C-Bus or LexCom Stylish control

Home Control, and also compatible
with C-Bus Wireless. For more The elegant range of C-Bus Modena home control wall switches replace your regular wall switches
information refer to pages 80-85. and feature an ultra modern soft touch for on/off control and dimming of lights. Additionally they
can also activate your custom scenes and act as timers if you require. The stylish European inspired
design features large switches for ease of operation, not to mention colour options that are available
to match any modern décor.

Matching Modena 800Series power

points now available. See page 64.

90 Essential Checklist Issue 09

Neo® Range

All switches in the Neo® range are Face the future

available in C-Bus® and C-Bus®
Wireless products. For more Neo® is a smart C-Bus wall switch featuring sleek lines and distinctive styling. Neo provides an
information refer to pages 80-85. alternative to the standard look of electrical wall switches. The large rocker covers blend beautifully
into the fascia.
Available in a wide range of mix and match colour combinations. 91
Reflection Range TM

Reflection™ - Expression without words

Reflection is the sleek, contemporary design that is constructed from smooth stainless steel and
boasts a flat rectangular switch plate without unsightly screws. The metal-look buttons on the C-Bus
Reflection wall switches can also be removed for engraving if needed. The switches feature an inbuilt
‘cool blue’ LED status indicator.
For more information visit

92 Essential Checklist Issue 09

Standard Range

Switched on to C-Bus®
If you’re keen on keeping the same style of switches throughout your entire home, Clipsal have the
most popular switch styles to incorporate home automation controls, giving you greater choice
than ever before.
You can now choose from the popular 2000 range, or the beautifully streamlined Eclipse® and
Slimline® ranges. Clipsal’s striking metal switches also incorporate C-Bus control, and are available
in high quality stainless steel or polished brass. With such a huge range of C-Bus® switches available,
there’s something to suit every taste and budget. 93
94 Essential Checklist Issue 09

how to make it happen

Now that you’ve worked through the ‘Essential Checklist’ and have
some great ideas on how to make your electrical installation work for
you, you’ll need to know who to talk to in order to make it happen.
Your next step depends on how you have arranged to build or renovate your home. There are
four possible scenarios.

1> You’ve contracted 2> You’ve engaged a 4> You’re making some
a builder to build design professional improvements to your
your home to design and build existing home
You’ve found your dream home and have your home If you’ve looked through the ‘Essential
contracted the builder. The builder may A design professional will design, and may Checklist’, there are probably lots of
already have a licensed electrical contractor supervise the building of your home or ways you’d like to improve your home
to do their electrical work. If not, you will renovation. They’ll talk with you about your environment. Approved Clipsal licensed
need to find a licensed electrical contractor. lifestyle and the location of your rooms. electrical contractors have their own copy
They will provide your licensed electrical of the ‘Essential Checklist’, so they’ll know
contractor with a plan. The contractor will exactly what you want.
The basic wiring plan
In most cases, the builder will have a complete the wiring installation that best
standard electrical plan of your home. suits your new home or renovation.
Important things to
Design professionals with excellent
Expanding the wiring plan to
electrical knowledge look for: Why Clipsal?
meet your needs
They’ll discuss the options with you (room by For more than 85 years, this proud company
Having worked through the Essential has been manufacturing products in
Checklist, you’ll have ideas on how you room), including items you’ve selected from
the ‘Essential Checklist’. You may find it useful Australia to the world’s best practice. Quality
want to tailor your home’s electrical plan. and safety go hand in hand. Don’t settle for
to include your licensed electrical contractor
in the discussions. Your licensed electrical cheap imports; insist on Clipsal products
The next step is to speak to your builder;
contractor will then draw up the electrical and know that you’re getting quality.
they may handle the process in one of
four ways. plan based on your needs and preferences.

1 They may refer you to a licensed Design professionals with limited

electrical contractor who will walk you Ask for a Clipsal
electrical knowledge
through the plan and tailor it to suit your Preferred Installer
If your design professional is not familiar
lifestyle and needs. Ensuring that you get a top quality installation
with what’s available, ask to get a licensed
electrical contractor involved. This can really is as easy as a visit to Simply use
2 They may have a selection centre where
save you time in the long run. the Installer Locator to access our nation
you can see lots of different electrical
wide network of Clipsal preferred electrical
products and solutions. Ask to go through
contractors, data installers and systems
the Essential Checklist with the Selection
integrators. There’s one near you.
Centre Consultant.
Alternatively call us on 1300 66 99 25. All
3 They may not encourage changes to 3> You’re taking on the installers listed are up to speed with the
the plan. If you’d like changes, you can challenging role of Clipsal product range and attend regular
ask to speak to their licensed electrical Clipsal hosted workshops and professional
contractor to find out the costs of a owner / builder
development training sessions – assuring
tailored plan. So you’ve decided to supervise your building you of the best possible service and top
project yourself. If this is the case you will quality workmanship.
4 They might use Clipspec®, Clipsal’s easy need to find a licensed electrical contractor.
to use software program. Clipspec, together Visit and use the installer
with a licensed electrical contractor locator. All electrical contractors listed here
can easily tailor an electrical plan with are Clipsal approved so you know you can For more information
everything you need. trust them. visit 95
Clipsal has again redefined the wall switch with the introduction of the IMPRESS push-button
switch. The contemporary IMPRESS switch is stylish, practical and sleek bringing a whole
new innovation to your electrical installation. With the main features being the smooth reliable
action, large switching capacity, and its suitability for all 30 Series Clipsal switch plates
including Slimline, Eclipse, Standard, 2000, Metal Plate and C2000 ranges. The IMPRESS
push-button switch is perfect for new homes and renovations. For more information regarding
Clipsal’s IMPRESS series or to receive a brochure, call 1300 202 525 or visit

96 Essential Checklist Issue 09

Display centres

oN DIsplAy
There is no better way to understand the benefits of Clipsal electrical
products than seeing them in action at a Clipsal Powerhouse Display
Centre. Each Clipsal Powerhouse offers the very latest in Clipsal
products and the C-Bus® home control experience.

Clipsal Powerhouse Display Centres are Alternatively for something more personalised, make an appointment for a full consultation,
open between 9am and 5pm Monday to whereby you bring in your building/renovating floorplans and actually map out all of your
Friday. During opening hours, customers electrical requirements in detail with one of our highly trained Clipspec consultants.
are welcome to show themselves around Even if you’re only renovating or your builder doesn’t provide the Clipspec service, you are
the Powerhouses at anytime so you can still able to make an appointment for a Clipspec consultation at any Powerhouse around
experience first-hand our touch screens the country. Also look out for our Clipsal ‘Living Electrical’ display at the many home
and wireless technology, the stunning shows held throughout Australia.
range of finishes, and let us show you how
we can create that cinema experience in
your home.

Clipsal Powerhouse What is Clipspec®?

Display Centres At your Clipspec consultation you’ll have the opportunity to plan your home’s electrical
needs with a trained consultant. After your consultation, you’ll get a copy of your house
SA plans showing which products you’ve chosen and where everything needs to go – ready
6/69 Sir Donald Bradman Drive to hand straight to your electrician or builder. It even shows a running tally on the price
HILTON SA 5033 of your chosen products so you know exactly where you stand and can easily make
Ph: (08) 8269 0751 amendments where necessary.
Ask your builder if they are one of the growing number of participating builders in
the Clipspec network nationally. Your consultation is free of charge when referred by a
4/142 James Ruse Drive
participating Clipspec builder.
Ph: (02) 9891 6522

55 Salvado Road
(located in Home Base Expo)
Ph: (08) 9347 3570

83-89 Queens Parade
Ph: (03) 9207 3200

262 York Street
(located in Home Ideas Centre)
Ph: (03) 6333 0660

80 Schneider Road
Ph: (07) 3635 7486 97
2000 Series Range 58 Ducted Fans 30

Bathroom Heater 26 Eclipse® Range 61

Cameras 10, 36, 40 Emergency Lights 10, 18, 24

Exhaust Fans 15, 17, 19,

C-Bus® 70
21, 23, 25

C-Bus Standard Range 92 Gangbusters® 18

Hands Free Switches 18, 24,

Ceiling Fans 14, 18, 24, 32, 36
26, 30

Classic Range 59 Heritage Range 63 9 Home Control 70

Clipsal SaturnTM 54 Home Theatre 20

Colour Selection Chart 68 Impress Push-Button 57

Exterior Lighting 47 Infrascan® - Outdoor 10, 36

Infrascan® 360o 10, 14, 18,

Display Centres 96
20, 24, 32

DLT™ 88 PDL LexComHome® 75

Downlights 42 Metal Finish 53

98 Essential Checklist Issue 09


Metal PlateTM Range 62 Security System 10

Slimline® Range 60
Touch Screens 87

Modena 64 Smoke Alarms 14, 20, 24, 32

Moduline Range 67 StarServe® 76

Neo® Range 90 Strato Range 66

Outdoor Power Points 36, 38 Sunset Switches 36

Outdoor Switches 36, 38 Surge Arrestor 33

Portable RCD
Suspended Power Point 38
Protected Power Point 38

Powertainment® 14 Switchboards 38

Quad Power Points 30 Synergi SolutionsTM 48

Reflection™ Range 91 Timer Switches 18, 30

Remote Controls 93 Touchscreens 86

Safety Switches 40 Waterproof Switches 26, 30

C-Bus Saturn™ 89

Clipsal Australia would like to acknowledge and thank Scott Salisbury Homes for the generous use of
their ‘Wentworth’ display home at Blackwood Park, and Serenity Homes also for the generous use of their
display house ‘Soraya’ at Mawson Lakes. Both stunning homes were used for portions of the photography
in this Essential Checklist. We would also like to thank City Holden and Thunderbird Slot Racing. 99
Clipsal Powerhouse Display Centres
Clipsal Powerhouses are open 9am SA WA TAS
to 5pm Monday to Friday. Visit 6/69 Sir Donald Bradman Drive 55 Salvado Road 262 York Street
and walk through the showroom Ph: (08) 8269 0751 (located in Home Base Expo) (located in Home Ideas Centre)
or call now for a Clipspec Ph: (08) 9347 3570 Ph: (03) 6333 0660
consultation appointment. NSW
4/142 James Ruse Drive VIC QLD
ROSEHILL NSW 2142 83-89 Queens Parade 80 Schneider Road
Ph: (02) 9891 6522 NORTH FITZROY VIC 3068 EAGLE FARM QLD 4009
Ph: (03) 9207 3200 Ph: (07) 3635 7486

CLIPCOM16228 © Clipsal Australia Pty Ltd. The identified trademarks and copyrights are the property of Clipsal Australia Pty Ltd unless otherwise noted. O/N 5069