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Auxiliaries DO / DOES

* Write do or does on the lines.

1. ________ Arthur plays soccer? 2. ________ I have to do all my homework? 3. ________ they play in the school yard on every break. 4. ________ the teacher like chocolates? 5. ________ Martin and Lester ride their bikes after school? 6. ________ she help her mother at home? 7. ________ the girl likes to walk her dog? 8. ________ the family goes to the zoo once a month? 9. ________ all your friends wear fashionable clothes? 10. ________ Americans drinks more coffee than tea? Fill in the blanks with DO DOES- DID 1. He ______________ not revise his lesson today. 2. She _____________ her work yesterday. 3. Most of the time she __________ like to eat her breakfast 3. Want __________ your sister do?
Exercise 1 1. I ___ understand, do you? doesn't don't

Worksheet Ex by Shirley Castillo is licensed under aCreative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercialSinObraDerivada 2.5 Mxico License.

2. Dr. Watson ___ smoke, does he? doesn't don't

3. We ___ like country music very much. doesn't don't

4. Janet said she ___ want it anymore. doesn't don't

5. Mr Johnson ___ live in New York. He lives in Boston. doesn't don't