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Set your cards up like so: side A side B You can study from the front or back of the

card. At first, it might be easier to look at the sentence and guess the missing word. Then, later, you can look at the word and try to remember the entire sentence. For spaced repetition of cards: Get at least seven boxes. Put the new cards in box #1. Study them frequently. When you feel you have learned a card, move it to box #2 study these cards LESS frequently, once a week, month--whatever works for you. Any card that you do not remember when studying box #2 put that card back in box #1, move the words you remembered from box #2 into box #3. Repeat the process and advance the cards you remember to the next box. Any words from any box that you can't remember goes back to box #1. When your card reaches box #7, wait for a month or more and go back and make sure you remember them.