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Authentic Assessment

Year 4 KBSR End of Year Test

Lecturer: Dr. Rafiah Bt. Abd. Rahman Presenter: Siti Hajar Bt. Zaid @ Sahid Siti Nabihah Bt. mustaffa

1. Study some commercially produced test and evaluate the authenticity of these tests/test items. 2. Discuss the importance of authenticity in testing.

(look for the learning outcomes and year of the test takers ,how is the test presented? in isolation or contextual ) * give suggestion

Sample test -MCQ.pdf

It is authentic as it involves real life situations. Student have experienced the situations as dialogues are used widely in the daily life. It is a year 4 KBSR test items. The learning outcome is: 2.3 Give relevant information politely in response to enquiries made. It is contextual items as there are pictures and dialogues that students can refer to. Suggestion: - The answer may not be in the form of MCQ, but in the form of filling in the blank so students can come out with their own answers.

Sample test-sentence construction.pdf


It is authentic as test items are connected in real life. As it is sentence construction, authentically it involves students prior knowledge in completing the task. It is a year 4 KBSR test items. The learning outcome is: 4.5 Construct simple and compound sentences with guidance and independently. It is contextual items as there are situation picture that students can refer to. Suggestion: -To make it more authentic, maybe the word clues may not be given in the item, so students can construct the sentence freely.


Emphasizes what students know, rather than what they do not know. Requires students to develop responses instead of selecting them from predetermined options. Elicits higher order thinking. Relates more closely to classroom learning.
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