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Conflict Theory of Crime

Sellin (1938)
Culture conflict-Conflict of conduct norms Each culture has its own norms Rules of behavior to be instilled In homogeneous Society-norms enacted They are followed- They are considered right In heterogeneous Society, culture conflict arises.

Different groups-incompatible interests They give rise to conflicts Groups with similar strength, resolve conflicts by compromise Groups with differing strength, the weaker group gets discontent This leads to Crimes

Social Organization-three main groups 1. Supporting criminal activities. 2. Remaining neutral to crime. 3. Acting anti criminal. Differential association- learning by association.

Conflict Theory
Crime as a minority group behaviour Juvenile gangs, prostitutes, gambling Political offenders- political crimes, sabotage, rebellion, riots. Industrialization- clashes between management and labour. Deep Rooted caste differences. Communal hatred- Hindu-Muslim Riots.

Conflict Theory
Ideological, Communal differences Psychological by nature LTTE, Tamil rebels in Sri Lanka Regional and linguistic consideration. Sati incident in Rajasthan in 1987- Religious conflict Once conflicts arise, not resolved leads to violence and crime.

Conflict Theory

It leads to social instability. Causes of tension and conflict to be eliminated. This is the best way to mitigate crimes.

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