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British English university holiday fortnight autumn public toilet ground floor trousers pants waistcoat vest trainers/sports

shoes chips crisps sweets buiscuits bonnet boots number plate car park queue taxi underground/tube subway rubbish rubbish bin/dustbin pavement/footpath petrol motorway, main road single ticket return trip crossroads windscreen (on a car) railway aeroplane lorry

American English college vacation two weeks fall rest room first floor pants under pants vest undershirt sneakers French fries chips candy cookies engine hood trunk license plate parking lot stand in line taxi/cab subway underpass trash/gabage trashcan/gabage can sidewalk gas highway, freeway one way ticket round trip intersection windshield railroad airplane truck

flat/apartment lift fridge engaged bill centre rubber/eraser post shop tin/can guy, bloke lift driving licence postcode cinema headteacher/headmaster curriculum vitae independent school state school/public school bank holiday posgraduate course reception mobile phone sellotape nappy to let

apartment elevator refrigerator busy check/bill downtown eraser mail store can guy ride drivers license zipcode movie theater principal resume private school public school national holiday graduate studies front desk cell phone scotsh tape diaper to rent