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Course study matrix Area 1: Computational Sciences Semester SP 1197 SU 2001 FA 2001 FA 2002 FA 2002 Course Title INT

COLLEGE ALGEBRA (MAT1033) COMPUTER ORGANIZATION (CDA3103C) OBJ ORIENTED PROGRAMMING (COP3330) C PROGRAMMING (COP3223) UNIX PROGRAMMING (COP3346) Description Taught basic algebra skills. Taught logic design of computer circuits (i.e. combination, arithmetic, sequential, and finite state machine circuits) Taught high-level source code programing concepts for JAVA Taught high-level source code programing concepts for C Taught basic to intermediate command line system functions and batch file coding for UNIX based operating systems

Area 2: Engineering Semester SP 2002 SP 2003 SP 2003 Course Title INTRO TO LAN TECHNOLOGY (CET4483) CIRCUIT ANALYSIS (EEL3041) INFORMATION THEORY (EEL3531) Description Taught principles of Local Area Networks (i.e. topologies, protocols, OSI model, etc.) Taught principles of AC and DC electrical circuit design Taught various concepts and theories about different information data structures such as Huffman coding, data compression, channel capacity, and Gaussian channels Taught principles of design and administration of SQL databases Taught principles of Wide Area Networks (i.e. topologies, protocols, OSI model, etc.)

FA 2003 FA 2004


Minor: Business Administration Semester SU 1998 SP 2012 Course Title PRIN OF MACROECONOMICS (ECO2013) LEGAL AND ETHICAL ENVIRONMENT OF BUSINESS (BUL3130) PERSONAL FINANCE AND INVESTMENTS (FIN2100) MANAGEMENT OF ORGANIZATIONS (MAN3025) MARKETING (MAR3023) Description Taught basic principles of economics from a global or whole perspective. Taught fundamentals of law (i.e. contract law, torts, estate law, etc.) from a business perspective, as well as ethical behavior in a business environment Taught all aspects of financial planning from birth to death Taught theories, concepts , and structures of business organizations Taught fundamental principles of marketing goods and services.

FA 2012 SU 2012 SP 2012

Q: What has been the driving forces behind your scheduling? Explain how they are or are not the forces you wanted them to be, or how they are a combination of the two. You should not state time of day or day of week as your reasons. A: The major driving force of my scheduling has been availability. IDS is my third major at UCF since I first enrolled in 1998; with my first being Computer Science and second being Information Technology. I have always held a full time job and lived in Brevard County; making it harder to get class availability since originally all of the Computer Science/IT courses where only offered F2F at the main campus. And UCF does not schedule classes geared towards the working person. The second driving force would be my thirst for knowledge and firm belief in having a college degree. My selection of courses has been mainly that of program requirements combined with the availability of the course, I have not followed the suggested flow of classes from any of my majors. Hence the reason I have some basic (from my perspective) programing courses next to an advanced course like Information Theory. The one exception is the LAN and WAN courses which were considered free electives under the IT program. These courses are considered to me as core courses for my past and current line of work in the IT industry.