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A Corn

Husk Doll

by Naomi Miller illustrated by Carolyn VIbbert

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A Corn
Husk Doll

by Naomi Miller illustrated by Carolyn VIbbert

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T h a t i s a n o dd d o ll. W h e re did yo u b u y it, M o m?


I did n ot b u y it a t a ll. My mom handed that d o ll d o w n to m e.


C a s s lo o ke d a t t h e d o ll o n t h e t a ll s h e l f.

A m I to o s m a ll fo r t h a t d o ll? a s ke d C a s s.

Yo u a re n ot to o s m a ll. T h a t d o ll i s v e r y o ld.

We c a n m a ke o n e fo r yo u. We c a n m a ke it t a ll.

J a ck like d t h e d o ll. He a s ke d, W h e re did yo u b u y it?


Think and Respond

1 Where did Casss mother get the doll? 2 Who played with the doll first? 3 Why cant Cass play with her mothers corn husk doll? 4 How is Casss new doll different from her mothers doll? 5 Would you like to have a corn husk
doll? Why or why not?

Learn About Corn Find out what other

uses corn has. Talk with a friend: Is any part of the corn plant thrown away? How is oil made from corn? How is syrup made from corn? School-Home Connection What toys did your parents or grandparents play with? Find out more from them. Write down what you learn.
Word Count: 80