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1. From the following electrode coding E50 4 B 160 20 H5, the compulsory part is: a. b. c. d. E50 4 B 160 20 H5.

B 160 20 H5. E50 4 B. None of the above.

2. Which of the following is applicable for the HAZ on a C/Mn steel weld if the heat input increases: a. Both hardness and width is increased. b. Hardness decreases, width increases. c. Both hardness and width decreases. d. Hardness increases, width decreases. 3. Which of the following materials are the most susceptible to HICC in the weld zone a. Carbon Manganese steel b. Micro alloyed steel (HSLA). c. Austenitic steel d. Both a and b e. All of the above 4. What are the advantages of fused fluxes? i. ii. iii. iv. v. A. B. C. D. E. Theyre homogeneous Theyre less hygroscopic than other types There are no limits to their composition Fine particles can be removed easily Theyre easily recycled Statements i & ii are correct Answer i and iii are correct Answer iii and iv are correct Statements i, ii.iii and v are correct All of the above are correct

5. Which of the following is applicable to the heat treatment process of normalising on carbon-manganese steel a. b. c. It is always carried out below the lower critical limit. It is carried out to ensure the material has maximum tensile strength. It is carried out to ensure the material is of maximum ductility and malleability in preparation for extensive cold working operations.

6. The HAZ associated with a fusion weld: a. Can not be avoided. b. Usually has the highest tensile strength. c. Is usually martensitic. d. Both a and b. e. All of the above. 7. Which of the following additions may be added to an electrodes flux to act as a stabilizer? a. Sodium silicate b. Silicon c. Manganese d. Titanium dioxide. 8. Which of the following is applicable to electrode efficiency? a. The mass of metal deposited as a percentage of the mass of core wire melted. b. Iron powder electrodes have efficiencies above 100%. c. Electrodes of high efficiencies tend to produce welds of a smooth flat profile. d. Both a and b. e. All of the above.

9. Proof stress is used when non-ferrous metals are undergoing tensile tests to determine the equivalent: a. Tenacity b. Elasticity c. Yield strength d. Tensile strength 10. To test a component for vibrational loading, a suitable mechanical test would be: a. Impact b. Tensile

c. Compressive d. Fatigue 11. In the welding of a butt joint from one side, the profile of the root bead is controlled by: a. Root face b. Bevel angle c. Root gap d. All of the above 12. A steel described as QT will have improved tensile properties because it has: a. Had control of chemical composition b. Been heat-treated c. Been quality tested d. Been vacuum melted 13. In submerged arc welding excessive arc voltage may cause: a. Excessive penetration b. Change in weld metal composition c. Narrow weld width d. Excessive bead profile

14. Austenitic stainless steel electrodes are generally smaller in length than mild steel electrodes because: a. High amperage is used b. Shelf life will be decreased c. Their electrical conductivity is less than that of steel d. They are more expensive 15. When MMA welding low carbon steel which electrode will give the greatest deposition rate? a. Hydrogen controlled b. Cellulosic c. Rutile d. Iron powder 16. Inherent rectification of the electrical output is produced in the arc when TIG welding using: a. AC with a suppressor b. AC without a suppressor c. DC with reverse polarity d. DC with straight polarity

17. Gamma rays and X-rays are part of a family of waves called: a. Acoustic waves

b. Light waves c. Electromagnetic waves d. Transverse waves 18. Submerged arc utilises: a. Deep penetration characteristic. b. High deposition rates on DC+. c. Flat (PA) welding only. d. None of the above. 19. You suspect that ferritic steel plates contain cracks in the prepared edges. What NDT method would you use to check this? a. Radiography. b. Magnetic particle inspection. c. Penetrant inspection. d. Ultrasonic flaw detection. 20. An eutectoid mixture in steel is: (Thep cung tich) a. A mixture of ferrite and austenite. b. A mixture comprising a substitutinal solid solution. c. Called pearlite. d. Called ledeburite. 21. The purpose of pre-heating low alloy steel pipes before electric arc welding is to: a. Refine grain structure. b. Relieve internal stress. c. Retard rapid cooling. d. Regulate excessive expansion.

22. Cold cracking is most likely to occur in a weldment if: a. The rate of cooling is too fast. b. The rate of cooling is too slow. c. It lacks ductility at high temperatures. d. Impurities are present at its grain boundaries. 23. Percentage elongation of a metal undergoing a tensile test is a measure of: a. Elasticity. b. Plasticity. c. Ductility. d. Malleability. 24. When a longitudinal load is put on a lap joint, the stress set up is normally: a. Shear stress. (Usuat cat)

b. c. d.

Tensile stress. Compressive stress. Residual stress.

25. Columnar growth takes place when a metal is: a. Cold. b. Losing heat. c. Being heated. d. Being rolled. 26. The type of crystal normally found in a single run arc weld in the as welded condition is: a. Equi-axed. b. Polycrystalline. c. Dendritic. d. Columnar. 27. A root bend test is used to test the amount of weld: a. Ductility. b. Elongation. c. Hardness. d. Penetration. 28. What would be observed if a fillet weld were sectioned and macro-etched? a. The grain of the other beads is coarser than the final bead. b. The penetration and fusion into the root is very deep. c. Each bead appears to be distinctly separated from the adjoining beads. d. The grain structure remains the same in all passes.

29. You could determine that an electrode is cellulosic by its: a. BS 639 coding. b. Colour. c. Trade name. d. BS 499 coding.

30. The main reason why all adhering scale should be removed when the pipe end preparation is made by oxy-gas cutting is? a. Oxidisation of the weld metal is minimised. b. The speed of welding is increased. c. Pipe bore alignment is made easier. d. Reduction of the weld deposit is prevented.

31. In submerged arc welding excessive arc voltage may cause A excessive penetration B change in weld metal properties C narrow weld width D excessive bead profile 32. Which of the following is likely to give the highest impact strength in ferritic weld metal? a) b) c) d) Cellulosic electrodes Submerged arc with acid flux Spray transfer Co-2-welding Basic coated normal metal arc electrodes

33. What two functions in arc welding must be in equilibrium to enable a stable arc to be established? (seek advide) a) b) c) d) Arc voltage Current Wire/electrode feed rate Metal burn-off rate

34. What destructive test would be required to ascertain the likelihood of cracking in the HAZ of a weld? (seek advide) a) b) c) d) Nick break Side bend test Charpy input Macro test

35. When visually inspecting a fillet weld, it would normally be sized by: a) b) c) d) The leg lengths The actual throat thickness The design throat thickness Both A & C

36. The planar defect is: (seek advide) a) b) c) Incomplete fusion defects Slag inclusion Incomplete penetration


Both A & C

37. Defects outside of the limits specified in a standard should always be: (seek advide) a) b) c) d) Repaired Reported to a senior person Assessed along with other defects All of the above

38. A large grain structure in steels is said to produce: a) b) c) d) Low ductility values Low fracture toughness values High fracture toughness values High tensile strength

39. The likelihood of brittle fracture in steels will increase with: (seek advide) a) b) c) d) A large grain formation A reduction of in service temperature to sub zero levels Ferritic rather than austenitic steels All of the above

40. The use of cobalt as an isotope would generally be used on: (seek advide) a) b) c) d) Thin materials Tee joints Plate thickness greater than 25mm None of the above

41. The correct term for cap height is: (seek advide) a) b) c) d) Reinforcement Cap profile height Excessive weld metal All of the above

42. The important point if high temperature steel is that: (seek advide) a) b) c) d) They can withstand creep failure They may suffer re-heat cracking problems They may suffer loss of toughness All of the above

43. An austenitic stainless steel may suffer: a) Weld decay b) Sensitization c) Solidification cracking d) All of the above 44. Ultrasonic would be prefer over radiography due to: (seek advide) a) b) c) d) Ability to find more defects Lowest skill requirements Ability to detect laminations Both a) and c)

45. Which form of NDT could be used on a fillet weld on aluminum? a) b) c) d) e) f) g) Dye penetrant testing Ultrasonic testing Radiography MPI a, b and c D only All of the above

46. Fish eyes, chevron cracks and fissures are: (seek advide) a) b) c) d) Not associated with welding Types of cracks Only encountered in MMA welds Hydrogen related problems

47. The toes of the cap on a butt weld:

a) b) c) d)

Must overlap on the external surface of a pipe or plate by at least 1.5mm Must be grounded Must never be grounded None of the above

48. Quality assurance is: (seek advide) a) b) c) d) The inspection of a product or service A management system designed only to ensure material compatibility Not solely related to planning and inspection The implementation of quality control

49. Which NDT method would never be use on a 6 Aluminum pipe weld? a) b) c) d) Radiography Magnetic particle inspection Ultrasonic testing Dye penetrant testing

50. Why is hot pass so-called? a) b) c) d) Because it is applied at a high amperage Because it is applied when the root is still hot Because it could cause hot shortness Because it heat treats the root

51. Generally speaking a welding inspector, as a minimum requirement: (seek advide) a) b) c) d) e) Must have at a thorough knowledge of NDT Must know how to interpret radiographs Must have a thorough knowledge of welding metallurgy None of the above All of the above

52. A welding Inspector: a) b) c) d) e) Must know how to interpret radiographs May be required to interpret radiographs on certain contracts Should be able to weld Both b and c All of the above

53. Which electrodes are very susceptible to causing porosity in the deposited welds if long arc employed? a) b) c) d) Basic Cellulosic Rutile None of the above

54. Which mechanical test (s) can be used to make an assessment of surfacing breaking defects? a) b) c) d) e) Bend test Nick break test Macro test None of the above All of the above

55. What is the purpose of a tensile test? a) b) c) d) To assess tensile strength To assess ductility To assess yield strength All of the above could be assessed

56. Stress is equal to: a) b) c) d) Stress Load divided by cross sectional area Extension of gauge length divided by original gauge length Toughness

57. Strain is equal to: a) b) c) d) Stress Load divide by cross sectional are Extension of gauge length divided by the original gauge length Toughness

58. Stress can be measured in: (seek advide) a) N/mm

b) c) d) e)

PSI mm Both a and b

59. Herringbone porosity is: a) b) c) d) e) A particular pattern of porosity Made up of wormholes Made up of piping All the above are correct None of the above

60. Distortion: (seek advide) a) b) c) d) e) Is plastic deformation Is elastic deformation Is another term for stress May be elastic or plastic deformation All of the above