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Programme Course code Title Test no. Diploma in Civil Engineering CC 203 : Concrete Technology Slump Test 7

Specific objective (SO) : Upon completion of this laboratory, student should able to: Explain the standard testing of concrete Carry out standard testing in teams to determine the strength and workability of mixtures Follow the standard procedure for handling the test Accomplish the laboratory work within the given time frame Produce full report of the laboratory test Objective:

To measure the workability of sample from batch of fresh concrete of a given mix ( as
recommended by BS 1881: PART 102: 1983)

Theory: Concrete is tested during its fresh and harden state mainly to ensure that concrete mix satisfies the specification of works. In its fresh state, concrete is tested for its consistency so as to achieve the desired workability. Workability is important property in concrete since a workable mix will produce concrete, which can be well compacted, transported and placed without segregation. A well compacted concrete will produce a good strength concrete. unsupport concrete, when it is fresh, will flow to the site and sinking in height will take place. This vertical settlement is known as slump. In this test fresh concrete is filled into a mould of specified shape and the settlement or slump is measure when the supporting mould is removed. Slump increases as water cement ratio increases and for different work different slump values are suitable.

Description of workability and magnitude of slump ( BS1881: Part 102: 1983) Description Of Workability No slump Very low Low Medium High Very high Slump Value (Mm) 0 5-10 15-30 35-75 80-155 160 to collapse


1. Standard slump cone (100 mm top diameter x 200 mm bottom diameter x 300 mm high)

2. Bullet-nosed rod (600 mm long x 16 mm diameter)

3. Slump plate (500 mm x 500 mm

4. Small scoop

5. ruler

6. Weighing machine

7. cement

8. Fine Aggregates

9. Course Aggregates

10. Water

Safety precautions : 1. 2. 3. Wear safety equipment Practice safety habits Comply to all instructions and regulations


PREPARATION OF CONCRETE MIX 1. Mix cement, fine and course aggregate in a mixture in one minute for concrete grade 20 and 25. 2. 3. Add in water and mix approximately for another one minute. When the mix is ready, proceed with the workability test (slump test).

SLUMP TEST 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Place the cone on a smooth, flat and clean surface. Fill the mould with three layers of concrete approximately of the same thickness each. Compact each layer of concrete by tamping it 25 times with the standard steel rod. Level the top surface of the concrete with a trowel.. Lift the cone slowly vertically to allow concrete to subside. Measure the difference in level between the height of the mould and that of the highest of the subsided concrete. This difference in height in mm is taken as slump of concrete.

Result: 1. 2. 3. Type and brand of cement = Ordinary Portland Cement Ratio cement 1:2:4 Quantities of ingredients required for each sample slump: cement = 1kg standard sand = 2kg coarse aggregate = 4kg grade = 20 and 25 4. Water cement 0.88 2kg cement = 1.76 L


Slump 0.8 (water ratio)

Grade 20 Grade 25

From the test that have done, collapse slump as shown in figure 1

Figure 1

Discussion: 1. Explain THREE( 3) factors affecting concrete workability

-consistency -Mobility -Compactability. 2. Explain the importance of slump test in concrete work The impoertance of slump test in concrete work is to determine workability of fresh concrete. Then its useful in detecting variation in mixes of given propeties. 3. Explain workabilit of the sample that we have done Workability of the sample that we have done is collapse slump. The collapse slumpe slump shows that the mix is too wet and produce low quality concrete because its contains excessive amount of water. 4. Give the definition of segregation and bleeding in concrete mixture The difinition of segregation is separation all the heavy materials and bleeding is separation water from heavy material water comes out to the surface of concrete mix. 5. Sketch THREE (3) standard types of slump test.. Explain as it happens and suitability of the concrete mix to be use

Type of slump

True slump
Quality concrete is concrete which experiences true slump. true slump happen because of its cohesiveness and rich mixes. Rich mix is a mixture that has more cement content High quality concrete with high cohesiveness and rich mix.

Shear slump
The shear slump happens due to inadequate mix. Inadequate mix means a mixture which has less cement. Shear slump shows lack of cohesiveness in the concrete mix. Mix with less cement and less cohesive.

Collapse slump
The collapse slump shows that the mix is too wet and produces low qual.ity concrete

Suitability of concrete mix to be used

Low quality concrete because its contains excessive amount of water.

Conclusion: The workability of given concrete sample is found ________ and __________.

Reference: Civil Engineering Studies Text Book form 4 / Yusop bin Paal, Werdah binti Abd Halim, Sarifah binti Daud / Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka 2008.