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Catholic High School Religious Education

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I. Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture
Jesus Christ: God’s Revelation to the World introduces students to Sacred
Scriptures. Through their study of the Old Testament and New Testament,
they will encounter Christ and come to know him more personally.
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See page 4

II. Who Is Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ: His Mission and Ministry helps teens understand
more about the mystery of Christ, the second person of the
Trinity, while encountering him as he taught, healed, and
ministered throughout Galilee.
See page 5

III. The Mission of Jesus Christ

In Jesus Christ: Source of Our Salvation students explore the mean-
ing of God’s sacred and mysterious plan from creation, to the con-
sequences and promises of Original Sin, through his compassion-
ate and loving care, culminating in the Life, Passion, Death, and
Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
See page 5


Catholic Essentials provides an in-depth overview and synthesis of the
six required courses and the electives of the framework, making it
the perfect companion for the students’ four years of high school.
See pages 8 – 9
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IV. Jesus Christ Continues the Mission in the Church
The Church Our Story stresses that the Church that was founded by Christ through the Apostles is
the living Body of Christ today. The text traces the definitions of Church and expounds on them
by tracing their importance in key times in history.
See page 15

V. Sacraments as Privileged
Encounters with Jesus Christ
Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments details a Christocentric
presentation of the liturgy and sacraments. The text
roots the study of each sacrament in the life, words,
and actions of Jesus Christ.
See page 6

VI. Life in Jesus Christ

Your Life in Christ: Foundations of Catholic Morality
unpacks the concepts and precepts that direct the
life of disciples of Jesus.
See page 11

A. History of B. Ecumenical C. Living as a Disciple
the Catholic Church and Interreligious Issues of Jesus Christ in Society
This Is Our Church Exploring the (Social Justice)
See page 14 Religions of Our World Catholic Social Teaching
See page 19 See page 16

D. Responding to the Call of Jesus Christ E. Sacred Scriptures

Marriage and Holy Orders COMING SOON! Catholic Bible Study
See page 18
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Course I: Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture
Jesus Christ
God’s Revelation to the World
Michael Pennock
Jesus Christ: God’s Revelation to the World provides a map for high school
students to navigate the wonderful work of God—Father, Son, and Spirit—in
forming a People, giving a Law, and preparing for the Messiah. This one-
semester course is intended to give students a general knowledge and apprecia-
tion of Sacred Scripture while they encounter Jesus Christ.
Covering the basics of the Christian faith by tracing key stages of Salvation
History, this text introduces vocabulary, doctrine, events, and people that will
appear throughout a four-year curriculum. While this text is a study of both
the Old and New Testament, it begins by centering the study of Scripture on
a person’s natural instinct to search for God. Jesus Christ: God’s Revelation to
the World is a versatile text that follows the new curriculum framework but is
also suitable for schools teaching a one-semester Scripture course or an intro-
duction to the Catholic faith course in both high schools and parish religious
education programs.
(© 2010) This text has been found in conformity with the Cat-
echism of the Catholic Church.

1. Searching for God
STUDENT TEXT: 2. Introduction to the Sacred Scripture
ISBN: 9781594711855 / 8 ½" x 11" / 320 pages / $24.95 3. Surveying the Books of the Bible
*School Price: $19.96
4. The Pentateuch, Creation, Covenant, and the Exodus
ISBN: 9781594711855 / 8 ½" x 11" / 384 pages / $27.95 5. Kings and Prophets Awaiting the Messiah
*School Price: $22.36 6. The Synoptic Gospels
NEW! E-Text now available. Call for details. 7. Jesus’ Teaching
8. Jesus’ Miracles and the Paschal Mystery
9. Jesus in the Gospel of John
10. Who Do You Say That I Am?
Catholic Handbook for Faith

4 Go Online! for PowerPoint,

This new series offers
Course II: Who Is
Jesus Christ?
high school students
Jesus Christ
His Mission and Ministry
a thorough and
Michael Pennock
After a survey of Salvation History, Jesus engaging study of
Christ: His Mission and Ministry deepens the
study of Jesus, uncovering both his ministry and
mission while presenting the Church’s teachings
Jesus Christ!
about God the Father, the Trinity, Mary, and the Holy
Spirit. Students learn that the goal of discipleship is a life of
STUDENT TEXT: grace and holiness and a share of God’s everlasting Kingdom.

ISBN: 9781594711862 / 8 ½" x 11" / $24.95 These goals form the centerpiece of this semester-long course.
*School Price: $19.96
Jesus Christ: His Mission and Ministry highlights key vocabu-

ISBN: 9781594711879 / 8 ½" x 11" / $27.95 lary terms, explores relevant questions of faith, profiles famous
*School Price: $22.36 Christian disciples, and offers several applications to put the les-
sons to action. The text follows the new curriculum framework
and is suitable for a freshman or sophomore Christology course. DEMAND…
Pending review by the USCCB Subcommittee on the MANY REGULAR FEATURES OF OUR
Course III: The Mission of Jesus Christ • Opening reflective activities for each chapter
Jesus Christ focusing on the students’ own life experi-
Source of Our Salvation ences.
Michael Pennock • Chapter exercises that enhance the students’
The Paschal Mystery of Christ’s Cross and Resurrection stand practice of prayer, service, and study
at the center of the Good News. In Jesus Christ: Source of Our (minds, hearts, and hands).
Salvation, students learn in greater depth the saving actions of • Objective review questions to end each main
the Lord. More than a survey of the events of Salvation History, section of the chapter.
this text unpacks the meaning of God’s sacred and mysteri-
• Reflection starters for each section that can
ous plan from creation, to the consequences and promises of
be used for journal writing or discussion.
Original Sin, through his compassionate and loving care cul-
minating in the Life, Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus

ISBN: 9781594711886 / 8 ½" x 11" / $24.95
Christ. Written in accord with Course III of the U.S. Bishops’
doctrinal framework, this text will be published in advance of the NEW!
*School Price: $19.96
TEACHER’S WRAPAROUND EDITION: Pending review by the USCCB Subcommittee on the • A “Chapter Quick View” feature with page ref-
ISBN: 9781594711893 / 8 ½" x 11" / $27.95 Catechism. erences that allow students to scan the chapter
*School Price: $22.36
for main points.
Jesus Christ • In-text glossary definitions with a variety of
Video Collection activities to help students learn key terms.
For teens to deepen their knowledge of Jesus Christ, the experience must be • Several “Primary Source Quotations” from
relational. Created by Outside da Box Productions, a leader in Catholic youth the words of saints, Church Fathers, and the
ministry, this DVD offers award-winning short films, vignettes, music, and Church documents.
teaching frames that connect Scripture and doctrine to the real-life experience • Many “Ongoing Assignments” for each chap-
of teenagers. Organized around the topics of all three Jesus Christ courses, these ter that can be assigned as long-term projects,
films—averaging four to six minutes each—provide teachers and catechists vibrant examples of the faith in a extra credit, and follow-up to the lessons
media form guaranteed to attract teens’ attention and keep their interest. learned.
ISBN: 9781594712555 / Approximately 120 minutes / $24.95 • A prayer experience and reflection for each
*School Price: $19.96 chapter.
(*School price effective for orders over $300.)

study guides, puzzles, activities, and more! 5

Course V: Sacraments as Privileged Encounters with Jesus Christ

Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments
Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments roots the sacraments as the definitive way Jesus
remains present to the Church and the world today and expresses concrete ways
for understanding the sacraments, participating in their rites, and benefiting from
their graces. The text is organized around the traditional definition of sacrament
from the Catechism of the Catholic Church—an efficacious sign of grace, instituted
by Christ and entrusted to the Church, by which divine life is dispensed to us by
the work of the Holy Spirit. In the explanation of each of the seven sacraments,
this definition is clarified by organizing the chapters around four dimensions of
the sacrament: memorial, celebration, communion, and transformation. Each of
these elements offers the opportunity for students to further their relationships
with Christ and the Church.
Through regular placement of “For Reflection” panels and assignments that focus
on deeper research, developing a personal and communal prayer life, and active
transformation of self and society, this text allows students to come to know Jesus
through participation in the sacraments and the grace of their effects. Selections
from Catholic blogs and profiles of saints offer a practical application of each sac-
rament to students.
(© 2010) This text has been found in conformity with the Catechism
of the Catholic Church.

STUDENT TEXT: The Sacramental Nature of the Church
ISBN: 9781594711435 / 320 pages / $24.95
1. The Church and the Sacramental Economy of Salvation
*School Price: $19.96
TEACHER EDITION: 2. What Happens in the Sacraments
ISBN: 9781594711442 / 384 pages / $27.95 The Sacraments of Christian Initiation
*School Price: $22.36
3. The Sacrament of Baptism
4. The Sacrament of Confirmation
5. The Sacrament of the Eucharist

online The Sacraments of Healing

resources 6. The Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation

7. The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick
View a sample chapter and check out the online
resources and activities for this textbook @ The Sacraments at the Service of Communion 8. The Sacrament of Holy Orders
Including: 9. The Sacrament of Matrimony
• PowerPoint Presentation Epilogue: The Sacraments and You
• Study Guide Appendix: Catholic Handbook for Faith
• Crossword Puzzles
• Handouts
• and More!

6 TO OR DER , C AL L 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 8 2-1 8 6 5 OR SH OP ON LIN E AT m


The Catholic Spirit
An Anthology for Discovering Faith Through
Literature, Art, Film, and Music
Michel Bettigole, O.S.F., and James D. Childs
Pope John Paul II pointed out that it is through the arts that religious truths are made tan-
gible “making perceptible . . . the world of the spirit, of the invisible, of God.”
The Catholic Spirit: An Anthology for Discovering Faith Through Literature, Art, Film, and
Music takes up this charge and presents the truths of Catholicism in the context of the
arts: great artwork, literature, music, and Church writings. The Catholic Spirit sends teens
on a journey using classical works like Flannery O’Connor’s Parker’s Back, Gerard Manley
Hopkins’ God’s Grandeur, Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam,” and Gregorian chants,
along with contemporary classics like A Woman’s Prayer by Dorothy Day and films like Cool
Hand Luke and On the Waterfront.
Organized around chapters that follow the structure of the Catechism of the Catholic Church,
the text includes primary source material from varying periods of Church history with con-
textual and background text to help students understand their significance.
Several additional research opportunities are included to further the students’ study of the
key teachings of the Church through reading, viewing, and listening to classical period pieces.


ISBN: 9781594711824 / 480 pages / 6" x 9" / $19.95
Parker’s Back: Flannery O’Connor
Where God Is, Love Is: Leo Tolstoy
Our Lady’s Juggler: Anatole France
Marble Floor: Pope John Paul II
View a sample chapter and check out the online
Letters to Abbe Belliere: St. Therese of Lisieux
resources and activities for this textbook @
Welcome Morning: Anne Sexton
The Hint of an Explanation: Graham Greene Including:
God’s Grandeur: Gerard Manley Hopkins • Teacher Resource Guide
Les Miserables: Victor Hugo (translated by Isabel Florence Hapgood) • PowerPoint Presentation
The Merit of a Young Priest: Yaffa Eliach • Artwork from book
The Trouble: J. F. Powers
Meditation: John Henry Cardinal Newman
Hail Mary: John Fante “The textbooks come chock-full of ready-to-go activities and
A Woman’s Prayer: Dorothy Day assignments which are welcome tools for any ‘I have way too
And much, much more! much to do’ Catholic teacher. And the internet resources are
fabulous! The Ave Maria Press site gives you so many sup-
plemental resources, it could almost teach the class itself!”
Jeff Chardos
St. Anne Pacelli Catholic School, Columbus, GA

av e m a r i a pre ss – A M I N I ST RY O F T H E I N D I A N A P R OV I N C E O F H O LY C R O SS 7
Catholic Essentials is the FIRST Handbook
of Faith written to the new curriculum framework!

Catholic Essentials
An Overview of the Faith
Michael Amodei
Catholic Essentials: An Overview of the Faith is a source of knowledge about Jesus,
the Holy Trinity, the Catholic Church, the Sacraments, and ways those who believe
in Jesus live out their faith. Organized around the U.S. Bishops’ High School
Curriculum Framework, this book is an essential resource to accompany a full study
of Jesus Christ. Catholic Essentials provides an in-depth overview and synthesis of the
eight courses of a high school theology curriculum making it perfect as a companion
for the students’ four years of high school or as a primary text for an introductory or
review course. It can also easily be used in a parish youth ministry program.
The text follows each course outline of the new curriculum framework. Each
required course is covered by a complete chapter; each elective course is summarized
in the appendix section. Several essential prayers, glossary terms, and the frequently
asked questions named in the framework are included in the text.
(© 2009) This text has been found in conformity with the
Catechism of the Catholic Church.

1. The Revelation of Jesus Christ
in Scripture
STUDENT TEXT: 2. Who Is Jesus?
ISBN: 9781594711459 / 6" x 9" / 256 pages / $19.95 3. Paschal Mystery:
*School Price: $15.96 The Mission of Jesus Christ
TEACHER EDITION: 4. The Church: Christ’s Mission
ISBN: 9781594711466 / 8 ½" x 11"/ 384 pages / $27.95 Continues in the World Today
*School Price: $22.36
5. The Sacraments of Christ
6. Our Life in Christ
“I like the Student Text and am a
fan of the Teacher’s Manual. The
Teacher’s Manual is easy to read, invit-
ing, and is usable in the classroom as it
exists today. That same inviting warmth “The colorful presentation was a hit right
permeates the Student Text. If the goal away. As a DRE, I am excited to find a format that
is to make Jesus approachable so that appeals to our high school students while cover-
the students may develop a relationship ing the material recommended by the U.S. Bishops’
with him, you have succeeded.”
High School Curriculum Framework.”
Maria Steen Susan Moore
Department Chairperson, Archbishop Chapelle High
St. Ferdinand Parish, Blanco, TX
School, Metarie, LA

8 TO OR DER , C AL L 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 8 2-1 8 6 5 OR SH OP ON LIN E AT m

Catholic Essentials

Hopes and Dreams

out of hiding and began
ered from throughout
to address the Jews
the region in the street
who had gath-
He recounted for them
ing with Jesus the Messi
ah and everything that
s of Jerusalem.
the entire story of salva
tion, conclud-
had happened
to him. The crowds were
Apologetics: bewildered

by what they heard.
For one thing,
S even though they spoke several lan- • Review Questions to help summarize each
guages, each was able
Peter. Many thought
others were drunk,
to understand
Peter and the
even though it
main section
was only nine in the
about how you look forward
to the morning!
We are built to look outward
end of a term, summe
to a positive future. Think
r vacation, graduation,
better future for our
and life after school.
family and ourselves
Our dreams are positive
than we have now. Ulti-
before God where what
 What is Heaven like? The result, however,
about three thousand
was that • Write or Discuss prompts offer ways to
ones as we imagine a
mately, these hopes and
dreams lead us to strive for a presence  When will Jesus come baptized that day. Throu
people were
hope and dream for,
and more besides, will
come true.
ing of the Holy Spirit,
gh the com-
the first Chris- reflect on material and apply it to the
Beauty and Awe the life of Jesus in a new
tians were able to look
back and see
No matter what region
expressed in the world
eness and
you live in, or if you
cannot be dismissed.
live in the country or
How can the seasona
ty not lead you to God?
city, God’s beauty as
l color and both the dently that “Jesus is
Father, true God from
light. They were able
Lord” and that Jesus
to preach confi-
was equal with the
students’ lives
immens true God.
1. What was the first
sign of the Resurrectio
• Vocabulary terms are defined in the Glossary
2. Why is it more likely
that the first desciples
claimed Jesus had risen
in response to a histor
of Selected Terms
In the end, we best know fact?
is the
because of love. Love
all. We 3. What was Jesus like
greatest reality of
marvel at the uncond
dimension of love (e.g.,
a parent can still love
a child
4. What does Jesus’ Resur
5. What happened on
after the Resurrectio
rection mean for us? • “Jesus: Friend and Savior” feature includes
d of Pentecost?
who has been convicte
murder). We rack our
to underst and where
came from and where
practical applications for furthering study,
no con-
take us. That there is
crete answer leads us
a God who is Love.
to name • How strong is your
belief that Jesus is risen? including activities, questions and answers
apologetic in nature, and a prayer.

Check out our video @

Catholic Essentials

Jesus is the absolute, e, final, and full-

od. The invisible
Apologetics: est Revelation of God.
ss of hiss love, be-
CATHOLIC FAQS God, from the fullneess
came a human being ng and iinvites us
Who Is Jesus?
love him, and d befriend
to know him,
he ange e s words :
him. These were the
ity of Da a sav- Catholics believe about Jesus. It will also address some
“For today in the city of what
Use this chapter and
other or you whow is Mes- we are called to when we say, “I believe in Jesus Christ.”
your own ior has been born for

formula te
sources to 2:11).
k 2:11) ) How you
answers to these questio
ns. Then siah and Lord” (Lk WRITE OR DISCUSS
“Catholic c announce-
check your answers at respond to that angeli • How is learning about Jesus
FAQs” at www.avemariapr faith.. While we different from really
Religious Education. ment defines yourr faith knowing Jesus?
believe in thiss Good d News only

know that
 How can we
through the p
help of God’s
G grace,
God really exists? mainsns a an authenti-
having faith remai
n we come to
 Is Jesus God? cally human act. When “I BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST,
we o
coo ate with
n the believe in Christ,
 Is Jesus huma
same way I am huma
n? the grace of the Holy Sp
veals to us who esus
p , who re-
The Good News was shared early
View a sample chapter and check out the online
the Apostles’ in the morning on the first
The titles and names
for Jesus confessed in
rs to his identity and
help u us answer the
Christmas. An angel of the Lord
herds camping in the fields near
preached the Gospel to shep- resources and activities for this textbook @
Creed provide answe
believ v e. Bethlehem, a small village
and why we should just south of Jerusalem. The message
questions of who he is was essentially this:

Titles of Jesus A baby was born nearby to a Jewish

savess ” Jesus’ name This baby came from
Jesus means “God saves.
In Hebrew, the name
is also his mission. Jesus saves all of manit
huma y from sin. This He descende
d from Heaven.
birth. Thee angel
before his He is the eternal Son of God made
task was expressed even man.
told Joseph that Mary
“will bear a son and
you are to name His name is Jesus.
ople ffrom their sins”
he will save his people
• PowerPoint Presentation • Study Guide
him Jesus, because The birth of Jesus was the wonderfu
(Mt 1:21).
The Redemption of
the entire huma n ra
an race— times His birth fulfilled
ac for all tament.
l end to the Old Tes-
the prophecy made to Abraham • Crossword Puzzles • Review Questions
the work of Jesus. OnlyOnll God canand his descendants. As the Letter
of Paul to the Galatians
and all places—was name is
people from sins. The
name Jesus shows ws tha a
that God’s recounte d:
• Prayer Services • And More!
But when the fullness of time had
come, God sent
his Son, born of a woman, born
under the law, to
ransom those under the law, so
that we might
receive adoption. (Gal 4:4)

av e m a r i a pre ss – A M I N I ST RY O F T H E I N D I A N A P R OV I N C E O F H O LY C R O SS 9

The Ten Commandments
Case Studies in Catholic Morality
Eileen P. Flynn
The Ten Commandments: Case Studies in Catholic Morality is a single source that summa-
rizes Catholic teaching around the Ten Commandments. Thirty case studies related to real-
life issues and dilemmas addressed by each commandment make up the heart of this text.
It reminds students of the central importance of the Ten Commandments as a source for
moral decision-making along with contemporary ways the commandments can be applied
in their own lives.
The text addresses everyday moral issues faced by teens, such as cheating on exams, using
alcohol and drugs, sex before marriage—along with wider and new societal issues including
the use of embryonic stem cells for medical research, responsibility for environmental prob-
lems, and the proper use of money.
The Ten Commandments: Case Studies in Catholic Morality is intended as an ancillary
resource for students to accompany their study of Catholic morality. The text is also a help-
ful partner to any theology class to help students review current applications of the Ten
Commandments. The book is also applicable as a resource for teens participating in a high
school youth ministry program.

View a sample case study from

The Ten Commandments online @
ISBN: 9781594712234 / 160 pages / $9.95
*School Price: $7.96

DON’T FORGET Tough Choices

Issues Home
Sean Lynch and Brian O’Brien
A resource for Catholic high schools
NAB St. Joseph and parish religious education,
Medium Size teaching teenagers about many
ISBN: 9781899429502 current and practical moral issues.
5 ½" x 8 1/8" / $8.95 Offers innovative ways for teens
*School Price: $7.16 and their parents to discuss these
dilemmas. Some issues covered are:
abortion, capital punishment, child
abuse/domestic violence, divorce,
drugs/alcohol, eating disorders,
NAB World euthanasia, homosexuality, honesty,
Medium Size sexuality, and suicide.
ISBN: 9780529064844 ISBN: 9780877939931
5 ½" x 8 1/8" / $6.95 192 pages / $19.95
*School Price: $5.56

10 TO OR DER , C AL L 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 8 2-1 8 6 5 OR SH OP ON LIN E AT m

Course VI: Life in Jesus Christ

Your Life in Christ
Foundations of Catholic Morality
Michael Pennock
Your Life in Christ: Foundations of Catholic Morality focuses on the essential message
of Christ’s moral teaching, the importance of love of God and love of neighbor, and
presents it in a way that is clear and applicable to the lives of today’s teenagers. The
text covers the major points of the “Life in Christ” section of the Catechism of the
Catholic Church. It pulls together these elements by developing nine essential steps
for living a Christian moral life in the Catholic tradition.
This revised edition builds on the solid and thorough presentation of Catholic
moral teaching from its best-selling earlier edition.
(© 2008) This textbook has been found in conformity with the
Catechism of the Catholic Church.


• Selections from Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical on love “Deus Cartias Est”
• New journaling topics
• Group activities
• Updated Internet links and research from the social sciences
• New “Minds, Hearts, and Hands” activities in each chapter STUDENT TEXT:
• Innovative Catholic Life in Action component for each ISBN: 9781594711237 / 288 pages / 8 ½" x 11"/ $24.95
*School Price: $19.96
• Updated online resources
ISBN: 9781594711244 / 336 pages / 8 ½" x 11" / $27.95
*School Price: $22.36

resources “Our teachers at Muskegon Catholic use AMP
texts for several reasons. First, we know they
View a sample chapter and check out the online
are in compliance with the USCCB standards.
resources and activities for this textbook @
Second, the online support and resources are terrific! Finally, we know that the writers and
editors at AMP really listen to us. They solicit
• PowerPoint Presentation • Case Studies
our feedback, and use it to strengthen the texts
• Study Guide • Review Questions
we use. We’ve seen positive changes based on
• Prayer Services • Additional Handouts
discussions we’ve had with them.”
Elise Hilton
Muskegon Catholic High School, Muskegon, MI

av e m a r i a pre ss – A M I N I ST RY O F T H E I N D I A N A P R OV I N C E O F H O LY C R O SS 11
Our Best-Selling Textbook Just Got Better!

Encountering Jesus
in the New Testament
Michael Pennock
“Who is Jesus of Nazareth?”
“Who is the person people of faith call ‘Christ, the Son of God?’”
These questions form the central focus of Encountering Jesus in the New Testament.
The text is intended to provide a scriptural and ecclesial foundation to answer the
question of why Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. It explores how
the New Testament offers evidence and faith testimony to the Life, Death, and
Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It encourages students’ growth in a personal and
ecclesial relationship with Christ through an in-depth presentation of Jesus’ histori-
cal, cultural, and religious background. Encountering Jesus in the New Testament
successfully combines Christology—a complete study of the person and divinity of
Jesus Christ with an overview of the books of the New Testament.
The content and detail in Encountering Jesus in the New Testament is unparalleled for
introductory high school Scripture courses and offers support for the introductory
courses of the new high school curriculum framework approved by the U.S. Bishops.
(© 2009) This text has been found in conformity with the
Catechism of the Catholic Church.
ISBN: 9781594711657 / 8 ½" x 11" / 352 pages / $24.95
*School Price: $19.96
ISBN: 9781594711664 / 8 ½" x 11" / $27.95
*School Price: $22.36

“I strive to make Jesus relevant and View a sameple chapter and check out the online
current in the lives of my students. I resources and activities for this textbook @
tell them that Jesus is ‘RIGHT HERE,
RIGHT NOW.’ Encountering Jesus does Including:
• PowerPoint Presentation • Study Guides
the best job of revealing Jesus as a
• Crossword Puzzles • Over 30 Bible-related
‘right now’ force…and helps students • Prayer Services activity pages
build a current and lasting relation- • And More!
ship with Jesus.”
Joe Moss
Theology Teacher, Hill Murray High School, Maplewood, MN

12 TO OR DER , C AL L 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 8 2-1 8 6 5 OR SH OP ON LIN E AT m

The Old Testament
Our Call to Faith & Justice
Daniel Smith-Christopher
The Old Testament: Our Call to Faith and Justice offers high school students a comprehensive overview of
the major themes, lessons, and people of the Old Testament. It covers the story of salvation from many
perspectives including both the Catholic understanding of the Scripture and how the original hearers of
God’s Word understood its meaning. The text shows how Jesus prefigured in the Old Testament, espe-
cially as Messiah and Savior, and chronicles the role of the Church in interpretation of Scripture. Students
will learn about the origins and history of the Hebrew people, relevant archaeological studies related to
the Old Testament, and the geography and culture of the Near East region in times past and present.
(© 2005) This textbook has been found in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic

online resources
View a sample chapter and check out the online resources and
ISBN: 9780877937210 / 288 pages / 8 ½" x 11" / $24.95 activities for this textbook @
*School Price: $19.96
TEACHER’S WRAPAROUND EDITION: • PowerPoint Presentation • Study Guide • Long-Term Projects
ISBN: 9780877936046 / 352 pages / 8 ½" x 11" / $27.95
• Game Show • Prayer Services • Puzzles
*School Price: $22.36

Our Catholic Faith
Living What We Believe
Michael Pennock
Our Catholic Faith: Living What We Believe, written as an introduction to Catholicism, provides an over-
view of the faith using basic principles and teachings contained in the four pillars of the Catechism of the
Catholic Church. It offers an in-depth resource for building religious literacy and provides a synthesis
of the Catholic faith as outlined in the Catechism. The text challenges students to accept Jesus, commit
themselves to him through the Church, and to live lives of loving service.
(© 2006) This textbook has been found in conformity with the Catechism of the
Catholic Church.

“We use Ave Maria Press textbooks because they are very
STUDENT TEXT: user friendly for our students. The content is well written
ISBN: 9781594710223 / 288 pages / 8 ½" x 11" / $24.95 to appropriate grade levels, gives the students a great ‘taste’
*School Price: $19.96 of the CCC, and makes fantastic parallels to the information
TEACHER’S WRAPAROUND EDITION: they are reading. I have also heard many positive comments
ISBN: 9781594710322 / 336 pages / 8 ½" x 11" / $27.95 from parents at conferences regarding the texts we use!”
*School Price: $22.36
Christina Odom
Bishop Heelan Catholic High School, Sioux City, IA

av e m a r i a pre ss – A M I N I ST RY O F T H E I N D I A N A P R OV I N C E O F H O LY C R O SS 13
Elective A: History of the Catholic Church

This Is Our Church

A History of Catholicism
Michael Pennock
This Is Our Church: A History of Catholicism is a comprehensive, readable, and faith-filled
portrait of two thousand years of Catholic history that highlights important events, people,
trends, and teachings. Complete with photos, charts, and chronologies, This Is Our Church
is a rich resource for high school students learning about the history of the Catholic Church.
Following a traditional chronological look at Church history and setting the context of
Church in a mystery that reveals the hidden presence of God, This Is Our Church uncov-
ers glimpses of this mystery from the Church’s earliest roots in the original covenant made
between God and Israel, through its institution by Christ, and onward in human history
from the apostolic age to the present. The text challenges students to develop a chronologi-
cal sense of the important trends and people throughout its long history.
(© 2008) This text has been found in conformity with the Catechism of the
Catholic Church.

1. The Mystery of the Church in Salvation History
2. Christianity Takes Root
3. The Spread of Christianity
4. The Church in the Middle Ages
STUDENT TEXT: 5. Schism, Reform, and Renewal
ISBN: 9781594711695 / 6"x 9" / 320 pages /
$19.95 6. The Church in an Era of Change
*School Price: $15.96 7. The Catholic Church in Modern Times
TEACHER EDITION: 8. The Church in America
ISBN: 9781594711596 / 8 ½" x 11" / $27.95
*School Price: $22.36
9. Pope John Paul II Ushers in the Church NEW 6" X 9" SIZE!
of the Twenty-First Century
Afterword, Glossary, End Notes
Catholic Handbook for Faith

View a sample chapter and check out the online resources and
activities for this textbook @
• PowerPoint Presentation • Study Guides
• Crossword Puzzles • Web Links • And More!


14 TO OR DER , C AL L 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 8 2-1 8 6 5 OR SH OP ON LIN E AT m

Course IV: Jesus Christ Continues the Mission in the Church

The Church: Our Story

Catholic Tradition, Mission, and Practice
Patricia Morrison Driedger
The Church: Our Story provides a means for understanding the interrelationship
of the various components of the Catholic Church. While acknowledging the
importance of the historical perspective, this course emphasizes the living Church
and what it is in the present moment. The course is constructed around those
themes that represent Church practice and belief, such as the People of God, the
Church as servant, and the Church as sacrament. Each theme has a historical
component tracing the theme through major periods of Church history and pro-
viding insight as to how the Church has come to its contemporary expression.
(© 2006) This textbook has been found in conformity with the
Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Foreword by Avery Cardinal Dulles
Unit 1: What Is Church?
A House on a Rock
Unit 2: The Church Is Mystery
Enduring and Developing
Permanent and Unchanging
Unit 3: The Church Is the People of God
Together as One STUDENT TEXT:
Who is Catholic? ISBN: 9781594710575 / 336 pages / 8 ½" x 11" / $24.95
Unit 4: The Church Is Teacher *School Price: $19.96
Creeds, Laws, Dogmas, and Doctrines TEACHER’S WRAPAROUND EDITION:
The Good News Proclaimed ISBN: 9781594710582 / 384 pages / 8 ½" x 11" / $27.95
Unit 5: The Church Is Sacrament *School Price: $22.36
A Sign and Source of God’s Grace
Sacraments for God’s Faithful
Unit 6: The Church Is Servant
The Social Doctrine of the Church
Responding to Those in Need
Unit 7: The Church Is a Communion of Saints
Who are the Saints?
Mary: Model and Mother of the Church “I use AMP books because THEY
Unit 8: The Church Is… WORK! The text does not ‘talk down’
Review and Practice to students. The students are taken
Appendix: Catholic Handbook for Faith seriously and truly being on a journey
or path to faith, justice, and a deep
relationship with the divine.”
online resources Eleanor Yavarone
Check out the online resources, activities, and a sample
chapter for this textbook @ Mayfield Senior High School, Pasadena, CA

av e m a r i a pre ss – A M I N I ST RY O F T H E I N D I A N A P R OV I N C E O F H O LY C R O SS 15
Elective C: Living as a Disciple of Jesus Christ in Society

Catholic Social Teaching

Learning & Living Justice
Michael Pennock
Catholic Social Teaching: Learning and Living Justice introduces high school stu-
dents to issues surrounding the key principles of the Church’s rich body of social
teaching that comes to us from the strong tradition of the writings of the popes,
especially since Pope Leo XIII. Catholic Social Teaching attempts to understand
how societies work and the values that ought to guide them.
This text provides the latest up-to-date applications of the Church’s social teach-
ing as it draws on the Compedium of the Social Doctrine of the Church and is
organized around the U.S. Bishops’ document Sharing Catholic Social Teaching.
The text highlights two important principles—the life and dignity of the human
person and respect for life—as foundational principles that support concepts like
the common good, the preferential option for the poor, solidarity among all the
people, and the stewardship of resources.
This REVISED EDITION also addresses morality related to current issues such
as war on terror, global warming, the rights of United States immigrants and
“aliens,” and stem cell research.
(© 2007) This textbook has been found in conformity with the Cat-
echism of the Catholic Church.

STUDENT TEXT: Catholic Social Justice: Overview Justice and Poverty
ISBN: 9781594711022 / 288 pages / 8 ½" x 11" / $24.95 Justice and Virtues Justice and Peace
*School Price: $19.96 Justice and Society Justice and Work
TEACHER’S WRAPROUND EDITION: Justice and the Right to Life Justice and the Environment
ISBN: 9781594711039 / 224 pages / 8 ½" x 11" / $27.95
*School Price: $22.36 Justice and Prejudice Catholic Handbook for Faith
Justice and Racism Index


• A link between the principle covered and Scripture
• A case study to allow for student debate on real-life situations related to the
• Profiles of saints and Christian heroes who have modeled social justice in

es dramatic ways

View a sample chapter online and check

out the online resources and activities for this textbook @ “I absolutely love the textbook Catholic Social
Teaching. I think it is beautifully organized, well
written, and has wonderful references and an
• PowerPoint Presentation • Prayer Services • Study Guides
activity book by James McGinnis that is fabulous.
• Current Events Lessons • Puzzles • Web Links
It is interactive and thought-provoking, and is
not intimidating for students.”
Elizabeth Gregory
St. Joseph High School, Lakewood, CA

16 TO OR DER , C AL L 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 8 2-1 8 6 5 OR SH OP ON LIN E AT m

Coordinates with the Catholic Social Teaching textbook

Activities for Catholic Social Teaching

A Resource Guide for Teachers and Youth Ministers
James McGinnis
Providing unique hands-on applications for students, Activities for Catholic Social Teaching:
A Resource Guide for Teachers and Youth Ministers offers a chance for teens to put into action
the Church’s body of social teaching. Consistent with the formula that action as a part of
justice is a Gospel value, each unit involves activities that motivate teenagers to do some-
thing to effect change.
Through a variety of methods and styles, teenagers will learn to live out Catholic social
teaching. Some of the activities are personal and reflective, while others are more hands-on,
including story-telling, role plays, interviews, and analysis of contemporary media.
Activities for Catholic Social Teaching provides teachers with clear references, concise intro-
ductions, and step-by-step directions which allow for easy explanation. Handouts from
the book are available at in the classroom resources section on the
religious education homepage.
• Virtues • The body of Catholic social teaching
• Right to life • Racism
• Society • Prejudice ISBN: 9781594710674 / 224 pages / $19.95

• Poverty • Environment


This Flowing Toward Me
A Story of God Arriving in Strangers
Marilyn Lacey, R.S.M.
Foreword by Helen Prejean, C.S.J.
What began in 1979 as a response to a random bulletin board posting would ultimately change
Sister Marilyn Lacey’s life—and the lives of countless refugees. In vivid prose, Sister Lacey nar-
rates her twenty-five year spiritual journey of work with those displaced by conflict and disaster.
In the spirit of Dead Man Walking, she invites us to solidarity with some of the world’s most
Timely and engaging, This Flowing Toward Me offers fresh, personal insights into the world of
refugees and international immigrants. More importantly, it stirs our hearts to remember the
Gospel mandate to welcome the stranger.

“Welcoming the stranger is a key component to our Catholic

Values and even more important element to our Mercy heritage
and mission. This Flowing Towards Me offers an excellent start-
ing point of understanding and looking at who is the stranger
in our school community, our families and in our society.”
Angie Simonetti
ISBN: 9781594711978 / 224 pages / $15.95 Mercy High School, Burlingame
*School Price: $12.76 Campus Minister, Religious Studies Department Chair

av e m a r i a pre ss – A M I N I ST RY O F T H E I N D I A N A P R OV I N C E O F H O LY C R O SS 17
Elective D: Responding to the Call of Jesus Christ

Marriage and Holy Orders

Your Call to Love and Serve
Michael Amodei
Marriage and Holy Orders: Your Call to Love and Serve is designed to help students
“address the vocational question directly and study the possibilities thoroughly”
(NDC, 7) through an exploration of what it means to live the fruits of their
Christian and human vocation of Baptism.
The textbook focuses on adult vocations in the two sacraments at the service of
communion: marriage and priesthood. Considering these vocations also involves
preparation through living a chaste single life, which may translate into a permanent
single vocation. Also, for both women and men, lay and ordained, careful delibera-
tion must also be given to the various callings of the consecrated life. Chapter Two of
the text—God’s Plan for Your Life: Single Life, Consecrated Life, Marriage, and Holy
Orders—provides a thorough presentation of each of these permanent vocations.
(© 2007) This text has been found in conformity with the
Catechism of the Catholic Church.

“We can count on the soundness of what

our students read and the resources that we
STUDENT TEXT: as teachers have….this would be difficult to
ISBN: 9781594710414 / 352 pages / 8 ½" x 11" / $24.95
*School Price: $19.96
match using any other single source. But
what keeps us coming back is the service
ISBN: 9781594710568 / 400 pages / 8 ½" x 11" / $27.95 that we receive. We are never more than
*School Price: $22.36 an email or phone call away from having our
needs satisfied or our questions answered.”
Larry Coe
St. Joseph High School, Kenosha, WI
View a sampel chapter and check out the online resources THE LEADING CATHOLIC MARRIAGE-PLANNING BOOKLET!
and activities for this textbook @ Together for Life
Including: Rev. Joseph M. Champlin
• PowerPoint Presentation • Study Guides Contains the complete marriage rite with all variant
prayers, blessings, and scripture texts. Includes a four-
• Long-Term Marriage Ceremony Binder Project
page-tear-out selection sheet for choosing readings,
• Current Events Lessons • Puzzles prayers, and blessings to be used in the ceremony.
Contains the scripture text from the revised lectionary
ISBN: 9780877936169 / 96 pages / $3.95
*School Price: $3.16

View a sample project outline @

18 TO OR DER , C AL L 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 8 2-1 8 6 5 OR SH OP ON LIN E AT m

Elective B: Ecumenical and Interreligious Issues

Exploring the Religions of Our World

Nancy Clemmons, S.N.J.M
Exploring the Religions of Our World builds on students’ understanding and experience
of their own Catholic Christian faith to study different religious traditions. The text
begins with a study of Judeo-Christian history, practice, and tradition before expanding
to the study of other ancient religions including Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism,
Confucianism, and Shintoism that are now more prevalent than ever throughout North
The text moves on to uncover a variety of religious traditions that sprang from America’s
Protestant roots including Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the Church of Christ,
Each chapter begins with an introduction that connects the religion to a contemporary
person, practice, or teaching. A brief history follows, including information on the founder
and other major figures. Other sections include those on scripture or major writings, beliefs
and practices, and sacred places and sacred times.
Additionally, each chapter ends with a Catholic apologetic focus including ecumenical
dialogue between the Catholic Church and the particular religion while pointing out differ-
ences and similarities in doctrine, tradition, and practice. Besides being unique in its com-
parisons of major religions beginning with the experience and knowledge most common
among Catholic high school students, each section that specifically refers to the Christianity
and Catholicism has been granted a Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur.


1. Beginning the Journey 7. Chinese Religions ISBN: 9781594711251 / 416 pages / 6" x 9"/ $22.95
2. Judaism 8. Japanese Religions *School Price: $18.36

3. Christianity Afterword TEACHER EDITION:

ISBN: 9781594711268 / 240 pages / 8 ½" x 11" / $27.95
4. Islam Religions with Christian and American Roots *School Price: $22.36
5. Hinduism Catholic Handbook for Faith
6. Buddhism

“Exploring the Religions of Our World

online helps students appreciate the
many faiths of our world, gives
resources them an ecumenical awareness,
View a sample chapter and check out the online resources and
and encourages thought and reflec-
activities for this textbook @
tion about the blessings and chal-
• PowerPoint Presentation • Crossword Puzzles lenges of being Catholic in the world
• Web Links • And More! today.”
Leigh Svajko
Theology Teacher, Father Lopez High School, Daytona, FL

av e m a r i a pre ss – A M I N I ST RY O F T H E I N D I A N A P R OV I N C E O F H O LY C R O SS 19
Sex and the Teenager
Choices and Decisions
Kieran Sawyer, S.S.N.D
Designed for use in a classroom, youth group, or retreat setting, the Sex and the Teenager:
Choices and Decisions program allows students to feel comfortable talking about and reflect-
ing on sensitive questions connected with their sexual maturing. Rooted in Judeo-Christian
and Catholic Church moral teaching, the program has a clear, straightforward goal: to
encourage teens to make their own decisions to say “NO” to premarital sexual activity.
The program deals with a variety of topics including: what to do on a date; how to tell the
difference between love, infatuation, and exploitation; the risks of teenage sexual activity
with or without contraceptives; the necessity of setting personal moral limits and sticking
to them; and many more important topics. Sex and the Teenager: Choices and Decisions also
helps teenagers become aware of the many difficult decisions they would have should an
unplanned pregnancy occur.
Includes discussion and plans of action for dealing with some of the recent challenges in the
area of sexual activity now faced by teens, including practices of “hooking up” with a part-
ner with little if any emotional investment and the increase in oral sexual activity.
ISBN: 9781594711619 / 128 pages / $9.95
ISBN: 9781594711688 / 8 ½" x 11" / 192 pages / $24.95

View a sample online @

Sex, Love, and You

Making the Right Decision
Tom and Judy Lickona with William Boudreau, M.D.
Strongly rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition, Sex, Love, and You: Making the Right
Decision promotes the value of chastity and tells teens how their lives will be better if they
refrain from sex before marriage. In a direct, no-nonsense fashion, authors Tom and Judy
Lickona examine the dangers of sexual activity and the rewards of abstinence. It’s a perfect
follow-up resource to give to teens who have just heard a presentation on sexually trans-
mitted diseases, participated in a program on sexuality, or are taking a course on Christian
lifestyles and vocations.
ISBN: 9780877939870 / 192 pages / $13.95

FREE Leader's Guide available online @

20 TO OR DER , C AL L 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 8 2-1 8 6 5 OR SH OP ON LIN E AT m

Send Out Your Spirit
A Confirmation Candidate’s Handbook for Faith
Michael Amodei
Send Out Your Spirit leads teens through the major tenets of their faith—the Trinity, Jesus, Scripture, Church,
sacraments, morality, and more—specifically structured for the context of preparing for confirmation. This
program is rooted in the idea that high school-aged candidates want the necessary information on the Catholic
faith in hand as they commit personally to the promises of faith originally made for them at baptism.
Candidate Handbook: Each chapter of the candidate’s handbook includes a relevant story or short lesson,
journal or discussion questions, and concludes with:

Catholic Apologetics: A series of questions and answers on the faith.

For You: An enrichment assignment that allows the candidates to apply the material in the chapter.
Prayers and Reflections: Quotations, meditations, scripture passages, and traditional prayers. Glossary
definitions of key words are also included with each chapter.
Leader’s Manual: Provides several “how to use” tips for catechists and other adult leaders to share the monthly
lessons in diverse groups and settings. CANDIDATE’S HANDBOOK:
ISBN: 9780877939528 / 256 pages / $9.95
Offers three flexible models for confirmation preparation:
• Ten 3-Hour Sessions • Twenty 1-Hour Sessions LEADER’S MANUAL:
• Ten 90-Minute Sessions for Concentrated Small Group Preparation ISBN: 9780877939511 / 224 pages / $22.95

Sponsor’s Handbook: Offers helpful background on the sponsor’s role, tips on communicating with teens, SPONSOR HANDBOOK:
and information on the sponsor’s role in the celebration of the sacrament. Most importantly, it provides an ISBN: 9781594710216 / 48 pages / $22.95
overview of the ten chapters in Send out Your Spirit with questions for discussion and activities that sponsors
and teens can do together.
(© 2010) The Candidate’s Handbook and the doctrinal material in the Leader’s Manual have
been found in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.



This Is Our Faith Questions of Faith The Seeker’s Catechism

A Catholic Catechism for Adults A Workbook Companion to the The Basics of Catholicism
Michael Pennock Catechism of the Catholic Church Michael Pennock
This popular faith primer and handy compan- Michael Amodei A readable and concise introduction to the
ion for all who wish to know more about the A workbook consisting of 160 questions, riches of the Catholic faith for those seeking
Catholic faith corresponds with the Catechism of Questions of Faith asks participants to explore to begin their journey or for those return-
the Catholic Church. It is arranged along the four the main teachings of the Catholic Church. Each ing to it with little or no prior formation.
pillars of the Catechism. Questions for discus- question has been referenced to a paragraph Particularly valuable for use in evangelization,
sion are presented and prayer exercises are also number in the Catechism of the Catholic Church this up-to-date resource is equally well suited
included. This catechism is specifically designed and to page numbers in the popular catechism in RCIA, campus ministry, adult education,
for Catholic high school students, those journey- This Is Our Faith. and for personal teaching.
ing through RCIA, or those new to the Church. ISBN: 9780877936893 / 96 pages / $6.95 ISBN: 9780877935391 / 132 pages / $5.95
ISBN: 9780877936534 / 368 pages / 6" x 9" / $16.95

av e m a r i a pre ss – A M I N I ST RY O F T H E I N D I A N A P R OV I N C E O F H O LY C R O SS 21
NEW! Questions from
Dare to Dream Seventh Period
Stories of 16 People Doc Pennock Answers
Who Became Teens’ Questions on
Somebody Life, Love, and the
William O’Malley, S.J. Catholic Faith
There is no better way to be formed in good
Michael Pennock
character than to learn by example. Dare
to Dream tells the stories of sixteen people Best-selling textbook author Michael
whose lives began as typical and average, but through their cooperation Pennock—“Doc”
“ as he is affectionately called—knows that to connect with
with God-given virtues, along with courage and perseverance, achieved a youth, you have to connect to their most heartfelt concerns. In Questions
status that truly made them somebodies—that is, people to inspire others from Seventh Period, Pennock gives clear, concrete answers to the tough
to reach their own full human potential. questions about love, life, and faith that concern Catholic teens the most.
He answers questions such as “The DaVinci Code claims that Jesus was
Perfect as a supplement to high school theology courses or as a personal
married. Is that true?” “What’s so wrong with drinking a few beers or
gift, Dare to Dream is an ideal source to elicit questions, spur action, and
smoking pot?” and more. This book will inspire teens with prayers, fun
inspire teens, leading them to a clearer understanding of how God’s virtue
factoids, and stories, while sharing wise answers and sound guidance.
and grace builds from the routine of their lives to allow for lasting charac-
ter and worth. ISBN: 9781594711015 / 288 pages / $15.95
ISBN: 978594712012 / 180 pages / 51/2" x 81/2" / $12.95

View a sample pages online @



A Teen’s Ready for College
Day by Day Game Plan for Life Everything You Need to Know
The Notre Dame Prayerbook for Students Lou Holtz Michael Pennock
Edited by William G. Storey and Thomas Lou Holtz, ESPN sports analyst and former head What first-time college students need to succeed;
McNally, C.S.C. football coach of Notre Dame, delivers a common- more than the basics, spirituality is intertwined with
With half a million copies sold since its inception, Day sense message for teens, a game plan for life. His doing laundry, exercising, and studying.
by Day is the beloved prayerbook that Notre Dame stu- motivational message is geared toward teens seeking ISBN: 9781893732926 / 160 pages / $13.95
dents, alumni, and friends trust to deepen their prayer not only athletic success, but success in life.
lives and expand their understanding of God. This col-
ISBN: 9781933495095 / 128 pages / $10.95
lection of prayers is the perfect gift for college students,
high school graduates, and Confirmation celebrants.
ISBN: 9781594710186 / 224 pages / $8.95

22 TO OR DER , C AL L 1 - 8 0 0 - 2 8 2-1 8 6 5 OR SH OP ON LIN E AT m

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