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800 Type Truck Mounted Coal Bed Methane Drilling Rig

800 CBM drilling rig is a crawler type full hydraulic drilling rigs for coalbed methane drilling, with 3200m drill capacity. Main Features: 1. The main machine of truck mounted CBM drill rig adopts the full hydraulic pressure as its drive, the automobile chassis. This makes the drilling rig move fast and easy. This also reduces the transportation cost.

2. The mast jacking wire line triple speed mechanism of the drill boom shortens the transportation length and increases the travel stroke. With its top dive 15m long, the truck mounted coalbed methane drilling rig (truck mounted CBM drill rig) is suitable

for various drilling techniques. 3. The tile structure of the unit head with its tile angle of 85facilitates the breaking out of the drilling rod. 4. The coal bed methane drilling rig's rotary is driven by the efficient motor with large torque at low speed. The maximum torque of the truck mounted CBM drill rig can reach to 20kNm and the highest rotary speed is 170r/min. What's more, the torque of the unit head can be changed into larger one to meet the requirement of different drilling techniques.

Specification of Coal Bed Methane Drilling Rig

1 2 3 Automobile Chassis Type Driving Pattern Driving Power Torque/ Rotary Speed 10kNm/85rpm 4 Unit head of truck mounted CBM drill rig Inclination Angle Travel Thru-hole Diameter Lifting Force/ Speed 5 Feeding System Feeding Force/ Speed 160Kn,55m/min 89mm/3200m 6 Drilling Capacity (for Reference) Diameter of Drilling Rod/ Drilling Depth 114m/2200m 127mm/1600m Rotary Diameter 800mm 085 15m 75mm 800Kn,22m/min WS5545H 106 276Kw 20kNm/85rpm

7 8

Auxiliary Winch Diesel Engine

Lifting Force Model Power/Rotary Speed Form

40Kn KTA19-P700 522Kw/1800rpm Open 2130+2100+260(L) 32Mpa 22m 13.8m 30 70km/h 1300028504250 51t

Hydraulic System

Output Volume Pressure Highest


Working Height Lowest


Travel Capacity of truck mounted CBM drill rig Dimension for Transportation Overall Weight

Max. Climbing Angle Fastest Speed LWH

12 13