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Advantages of the ultrasonic Doppler flowmeter easy to install on existing pipelines (clamp-on versions) non-invasive, no moving parts, no wear

ar Drawbacks and limitations of the ultrasonic Doppler flowmeter The measuring method needs a sufficient number of reflecting particles in the medium on a continuous basis. The particles must be large enough to provide sufficiently good reflections (>/4). The sound velocity of the particulate material must be distinctly different from that of the liquid. The sound velocity of the medium is directly included in the measurement result. The particle velocity often differs noticeably from the velocity of the liquid. Usually, the ultrasonic field extends only into the peripheral flow. That is why indication is heavily dependent on the flow profile. The velocity needs to be far higher than the critical velocity at which particles settle. Very long unimpeded inlet runs (20 x D) are needed to allow conclusions to be drawn from the flow rate. S funciona para escoamentos reflexivos