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Directions: Choose the best answer among the choices given. 1. ) Let ( ( ). Which of the following is equal to f(2)? a. 10-2^3 b. 10+2^3 c. Cannot be solved d. 1 What is the units digit of ? a. I dont know what to do b. 6 c. 4 d. 0 A man moves downstream at a rate of 5mph and upstream at a rate of 2mph. How far downstream should he go if he is to return in 7/4 hours after leaving? a. 2 mi b. 3.5 mi c. 3 mi d. 2.5 mi True/false: 99.999999999999999.=100 a. False b. True c. Both a & b d. Slightly true If f(n+1)f(n)=n for all positive integer n, what is f(8) given that f(1)=2? a. 35/33 b. 72.029501 c. 64/35 d. 1.093751 A pipe can fill up a tank with the drain open in 3 hours. If the pipe runs with the drain open for 1 hr and then the drain is closed, it will take 45 more minutes for the pipe to fill the tank. If the drain will be closed right at the start of the filling, how long will it take for the pipe to fill the tank? 7.

a. 1.15 hrs b. 1.125 hrs c. 1.325 hrs d. 1.525 hrs Arrange the following in descending order:


a. b. c. d. 8. ( ) a. b. c. 9.

is equal to



d. Mary is 24 years old. Mary is twice as old as Ana was when Mary was as old as Ana is now. How old is Ana? a. 16 b. 18 c. 19 d. 20 10. Evaluate:



a. b. c. d.

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11. What is the root of the quadratic equation : ( ) a. b. c. d. Impossible since k is not given 12. At what temperature do Kelvin and Rankine scales coincide? a. 180 b. 273 c. -0.775 d. None of the above 13. Solve the Diphantines equation for x: a. 1.2589 b. 2.4156 c. 1.1745 d. Cannot be solved 14. What is the sum of the coefficients in the expansion of ( ) ( ) a. 524288 b. 65536 c. 131072 d. 262144 15. A man left his home past 3pm. Between 2 to 3 hrs, he returned home and noticed that the hands of the clock interchanged. At what time did he left his home? a. 3:27.27 b. 3:31.47 c. 3:22.22 d. 3:44.44 16. How many terms of the sequence -9(n+1), -6(n+1), -3(n+1),,(where n is the number of terms of the sequence), must be taken so that the sum is 108? a. 8 b. 7 c. 10 d. 6

17. If the sum of the first 13 terms of two arithmetic progressions are in the ratio 7:3, find the th ratio of their corresponding 7 term. a. 3:7 b. 1:3 c. 7:3 d. 6:7 st th th 18. What is the common ratio of the geometric progression formed from the 1 , 4 and 8 term of the arithmetic progression? a. 4/3 b. 5/3 c. 2 d. 7/3 19. The sum of the three numbers in arithmetical progression is 45. If 2 is added to the first number, 3 to the second, and 7 to the third, the new numbers will be in geometrical progression. Find the common difference in A.P. a. -5 b. 10 c. 6 d. 5 20. Equal volume of different liquids evaporate at different but constant rates. If the first is totally evaporated in 6 weeks and the second in 5 weeks, when will the second be 50% the volume of the first? a. 27/7 b. 29/7 c. 33/7 d. 30/7 21. If x:y:z = 2:5:7 and 4x y +2z = 51, find z. a. 21 b. 6 c. 15 d. 8

22. Find the term free of x in the expansion of ( ) a. 64 b. 84 c. 96 d. 48 23. If n is a perfect square, what is the next larger perfect square? a. b. c. d. 24. Transform the logarithmic equation to its equivalent Cartesian form: ( )( ( ) ( ) ) a. b. c. d. 2x=3y 25. If , what is the value of ?

a. 0.75 b. 0.355 c. 0.5 d. 1 26. Let f(x) be a function defined by f(-x)+2f(x)= cos x. What is the value of f(/4)? a. b. c.

28. A housewife adds 5 cups of water for every 4 cups of uncooked rice. How many cups of water are added to make 10 cups of cooked rice assuming each cup of uncooked rice results to 2 cups of cooked rice? a. 6 b. 8 c. 4-1/4 d. None of these 29. The factors of 84 are how many? a. 20 b. 12 c. 21 d. 25 30. A man bought 24 boxes of screw for Php 2,200. There were three types of screw bought. Screw A costs Php 300.00 per box, Screw B costs Php 150.00 per box and Screw C costs Php 50.00 per box. How many boxes of each screw did he buy? a. A=3, b=4, C=17 b. A=2, B=5, C=17 c. A=5, B=6, C=13 d. A=4, B=10, C=10

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d. 27. The price of an item is reduced by 27%. By what percentage must the price increase to return to its original value? a. 27% b. 23% c. 73% d. 77%

Note: 2 points for every correct answer; 0 point for no answer; -1 point for every incorrect answer.


Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, Bearing and Analytic Trigonometry

Directions: Choose the best answer among the choices given. 1. Consider the angles of a triangle ABC. Let 5.

b. 2 c. -2 d. -8 Solve for x from the given trigonometric equation: ( ) ( )

What is the value of a. b. c. d. 2. 180 Tan A tan B tan C 1 0.5



If and what is the value of in terms of x and y? a. b. ( ( ) ) 8.


c. /2 d. none of the above What is the radius of the circle where the coordinates are given by the following relations: xcos + ysin = 1 xsin ycos = 3 a. 2 b. c. d. 10 , what is the value of ( ) ? 8

a. 4 b. 6 c. 8 d. None of the above Find the angle in mils subtended by a line 10 yards long at a distance of 5000 yards. a. 205 mils b. 2 mils c. 4 mils d. 1mil The sides of a right triangle is an arithmetic progression whose common difference is 6 cm. Its area is a. 216 sq cm b. 270 sq cm c. 360 sq cm d. 144 sq cm Points A and B 1000 m apart are plotted on a straight highway running east & west. From A, the bearing of a tower C is 32: North of West and from B the bearing of C is 26: North of East. Approximate the shortest distance of tower C to the highway. a. 264 m b. 274 m c. 284 m d. 294 m Let a. b. c. d. ( , what is ( ) ) in terms of y?



Suppose that a.

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10. Find the length s in terms of x, a and b. C x x b a s B A

a. L b. L c. L d. L 11. A rectangular piece of wood 4cm x 12cm tall is tilted at an angle of 45:. Find the vertical distance between the lower corner and the upper corner. a. b.

d. 41.6 14. A water tower 30 m tall is located at the top of a hill. From a distance of 120 m down the hill, it is observed that the angle formed between the top and base of the tower is 8:. Find the angle of inclination of the hill. a. L b. L c. L d. L 15. If = 12:, find the length of the guy wire that supports the tower.

200 ft.

c. d. 12. Find the area of the shaded figure if the width of the diagonal is 5m. 40 m

58: a. L b. L c. L d. l 16. A tree on a hillside casts a shadow 215 ft down the hill. If the angle of inclination of the hillside is 22: to the horizontal and the angle of elevation of the sun is 52:, find the height of the tree.


a. L b. L c. L d. l 13. A truck travels from point M northward for 30 min, then eastward for 1 hr, then shifted N 30: W. If the constant speed is 40kph, how far directly from M, in km will be it after 2 hrs? a. 43.5 b. 45.2 c. 47.9

22: 52:

a. L b. P c. O d. p 17. Express the length x in terms of the trigonometric ratios of . 10

a. 0 b. 1 c. 2 d. 3 21. Evaluate:

a. L b. L c. L d. l 18. If rcos x sin y = a rcos x cos y = b rsin x = c find r. a. b. c. d. =?

a. L b. O c. P d. I 22. An equilateral triangle is inscribed in a 4x4 in square as shown. What is the length of each side of the triangle?

19. If tan 35: = y, then a. b. c. d. 20. Evaluate:

a. 4.14 b. 3.14 c. 2.14 d. 7.5 23. From a point outside a triangle, the distances to the vertices are 10m, 10, and 18 m. Find the dimension of the triangle. a. 25.63 b. 45.68 c. 19.94 d. 12.25

24. In the spherical triangle ABC, A=116:19, B=55:30 and C=80:37. What is the value of side a? a. 115.57: b. 113.21: c. 119.64: d. 115.65: 25. The sides of the triangle are 18cm, 24cm, 34 cm respectively. Find the length of the median to the 24 cm side. a. 24.4 b. 21.9 c. 23.4 d. 20.4 26. The sides of the triangle ABC are AB=15 cm, BC=18 cm, CA=24 cm. Determine the distance from the point of intersection of the angular bisectors to side AB. a. 5.21 cm b. 3.78 cm c. 4.73 cm d. 6.25 cm 27. From the top of a building 100m high, the angle of depression of a point A due East of it is 30:. From a point B due south of the building, the angle of depression of the top is 60:. Find the distance between the two points. a. b. c. /3

cos C = sin D cos E = sin F .. cos W = sin X cos Y = sin Z what is the value of A+B+C+D++X+Y+Z? a. b. c. d. /4 2 6.5 3.5

d. 28. A pole casts a shadow of 15m long when the angle of elevation of the sun is 61:. If the pole has leaned 15: from the vertical directly toward the sun, what is the length of the pole? a. 52.43 m b. 54.23 m c. 53.25 m d. 53.24 m 29. Consider the following: cos A = sin B


Plane mensuration

Directions: Choose the best answer among the choices given. 1. The sides of a triangle is in a ratio of 3:4:6 with a semiperimeter of 100 meter. What is the area of the triangle? a. A b. A c. A d. a What is the perimeter of a triangle with sides measure 25 m and 10 m? a. 72 m b. 70 m c. 69 m d. 71 m In the figure shown, ABCD is a square and PDC is an equilateral triangle. Find A B 6.





a. S 35: E b. S 45: E c. S 30: E d. S 40: E A rectangle ABCD which measures 18 by 24 units is folded once, perpendicular to diagonal AC, so that the opposite vertices A and C coincide. Find the length of the fold. a. 2 b. 3.5 c. 54/2 d. 45/2 A quadrilateral with consecutive vertices at (8, -2), (5x, 6), (4, 1) and (-7x, 4), has an area of 22x sq. units. Find x. a. 0 b. 1 c. 2 d. 3 Find the area of the shaded figure:

1 D C 4



a. 5: b. 15: c. 20: d. 25: A polygon has 273/n diagonals where n is the number of sides. Find n. a. 6 b. 9 c. 5 d. 7 Lot ABCDEFA is a closed traverse in the form of a regular hexagon with each side equal to 100 m. The bearing of AB is N 25: E. What is the bearing of CD?


a. 50 b. 25 c. 20 d. 30 A goat is tied to a corner of a 30 ft by 35 ft building. If the rope is 40 ft long and the goat can reach 1 ft farther than the rope length, what is the maximum area the goat can cover? a. 5281 sq ft b. 4084 sq ft

c. 3961 sq ft d. 3970 sq ft 10. Given a 4m by 4m square, form a new square by connecting each vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side. What is the area of the new square?



13. The perimeter of a right triangle is units. The sum of the squares of all its sides is 396. Find the area of the triangle. a. 2194.28 b. 1924.82 c. 2914.28 d. 1294.28 14. Semicircles are erected on the legs of an isosceles right triangle inscribed in a circle with diameter = 8 as shown. Find the sum of the areas of the shaded regions.

a. 3.2 sq m b. 3.3 sq m c. I cannot solve d. 3 sq m 11. A rectangle remains after an isosceles right triangle is removed from each corner of a square piece of paper. If the sum of the areas of the cut-off pieces is 800 sq. units, what is the length of the diagonal of the rectangle? a. 16 b. 25 c. 64 d. 9 15. What is the ratio of the area of a square that is inscribed in a regular octagon to the area of the regular octagon? a. 0.71 b. 0.61 c. 0.51 d. 0.42 16. A 5 in x 6 in x 12 in box is to have an equal increase to each edge to increase its capacity by 1080 cu. In. Find the increase. a. 4 in b. 5 in c. 3 in

a. 40 b. 30 c. 20 d. 10 12. In a right triangle ABC, CD is an altitude. The circles centered at P and Q are inscribed in triangles ACD and BCD, respectively. If AC = 16 and BC = 30, compute PQ. a. 9 b. 9.93 c. 99.3

d. 9 in 17. Find the area of the region outside the smaller circle inside the bigger circle. Given that AB = DE = 5 cm and CG = 9 cm. A B

19. When a circle of radius 10 cm is squeezed between two parallel line 10 cm apart, as shown, its area changes but its perimeter remains constant. What fraction of the old area is the new area if the ends are semicircles?

r=10 C D E a. 40 b. 30 c. 20 d. 10 18. Given that AB is perpendicular to BC, BD = 8, BE = 6, AD = 10 and CE = 10, find the area of quadrilateral DBEF. A 10 D 8 B a. b. c. d. 34 35 53 43 F 6 E 10 C a. 64.5 b. 63.5 c. 60.5 d. 40.3 21. What is the ratio of a chord of a circle that is halfway up the height of the semicircle, to the diameter of the circle? a. b. c. d. 2 a. 3/4 b. 3/5 c. 5/3 d. 4/3 20. Find the area contained between three circles of radius 20, each of which is externally tangent to the other two. Refer to the figure below. d=5 d=5

22. A circle of radius 2 intersects a circle of radius 7. Find the difference in the areas of the nonoverlapping regions. a. 45pi b. 50pi c. 65pi d. 53pi 23. In the diagram, BD = 18 km, AB = 2 km, and DE = 7 km. What is the total area? A C B D

E a. b. c. d. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. IV. V. VI. VII. L L L l Plane and Solid Analytic Geometry Differential Calculus Integral Calculus Multivariable Calculus 50 km 51 km 53 km The problem is understated