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Date: Dear Sir / Madam, Re: Show Cause Letter


It has been reported that on (date) at (time). you (give details of the alleged offence/s in clear and simple terms) .

The allegation mentioned above is a (serious) misconduct under the Companys Rules & Regulations (or as specified in the Officers Handbook) and attracts a (major) punishment. (Quote the relevant sections, clauses, articles of the rules / regulations whenever possible)

You are hereby required to submit your explanation in writing within (period). days of the receipt of this letter as to why disciplinary action should not be taken against you. Should we not receive any explanation from you within the stipulated time, it will be presumed that you have no explanation to offer in which case the appropriate action will be taken on this matter.

Since the allegation(s) / charge(s) levied against you is / are of a serious nature, you are hereby suspended on half / full pay for a period of . Days pending further investigation. During the period of suspension, you must be available at your house awaiting further instructions (delete if not required). Please acknowledge receipt on the duplicate of this letter and return to my attention. Yours faithfully,

(Name) (Designation)