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April 22nd

This week
¥ Unit 10 finishing up this week
¥ Homework for Thursday:
¥ Pg 126 and 127

¥ Talking about children

¥ Comprehension

¥ Fingerspelling

¥ Quiz on Thursday
¥ Interviews on the 27th/ 28th
Earth Day
¥ Happy Earth Day
¥ Recycle

¥ Environment
¥ Howold are you /she/ they/ three of

¥ Do you have a part time job?

¥ Howlong have you two/ two of them

been dating/ together?

¥ When did you get your licence?

¥ What courses are you taking next

¥ Do they get along?

¥ Have you ever been to place name ?

Getting to know you
¥ You will be paired and will have to
interview each other.
You must ask 6 questions:
Questions should be about:
¥ Hobbies
¥ Dislikes/likes
¥ Future career/school plans
¥ Family vacations, what they did over
¥ First time they did something
¥ One follow up question