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SPECIAL DAY It was a beautiful day of February in the city of La Paz and I decided to travel to Coroico with my friends

of linguistics. I went to my home in Las Americas Avenue, I walked to my room and I got my bag, I put summer clothes: short, tops and sendals. We took the bus of Minasa terminal, the ticket cost twenty bolivianos. We wanted to travel, the bought food to take and soft drink. Then the bus put on the move, we traveled for two hours, when the bus stopped in between the high way. Veronica said: what is happening? The chauffeur said: there is a landslide, we had to work, under the bus, the men worked very hard with their hands rising rocks for one hour, the tractor arrived and cleaned the high way. When we arrived to Coroico it was raining, the day was very ugly and we stay in the house of Mery.