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iPod Touch Acceptable Use in the Classroom and Guidelines Student/Parent Agreement

Students may not use the iPod Touch for non-academic purposes when using in class with teacher The Computer Acceptable Use Policy and the Code of Conduct as outlined for the use of the districts laptop computers apply to the use of the iPods. Student are not allowed to change any settings on the iPod including, but not limited to, the background and home page images. Students are not allowed to load programs or music onto the iPods while in their care during class. The devices will be password protected to avoid downloading of apps. Care must be taken to be sure that the iPod Touch is not dropped or damaged. The iPods issued for classroom use under this program are designed to enhance and enrich learning. Students are expected to demonstrate good judgment in the use of technology. Any time a student is in violation of this agreement, they will not be allowed to use the iPod Touches for a period of time. Further violations will lead to more serious consequences. Your signature on this policy indicates that you have read the policy, and that you agree to abide by the guidelines. This will need to be returned prior to your student being allowed the use the iPod Touch under the supervision of their teacher. _____We, the undersigned, agree to the above terms for the use of any iPod Touch issued. _____I do not wish for my child to be responsible for the care of the iPod Touch or to have access to the iPod Touch for instructional support during the school day. (* please email me before making this decision.)

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