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OljiRAT10bAL REPORT 6 JOO - 30 ,JUNE 1944
Regiment on alert status in Tidworth England prepared tomove to
Marahalling Area for transJX)rt OYel'Seas to .1"rance.
'., ,
7 June 1944: Regiment on alert status in 'l'idWorth England prepared to move to
Marshalling Area tor transport overseas to .n'ance. 3d Bn already

alerted to move to MarShalling Area. Regiment was split up for
transportation and call to llarshalling Area.
S'June 1944, Regiment less detactBents moved from Tidwort.h England at <:430 and
arrived at Marshalling Area mo, vicinity England. Remainder
ot day s pent in Marshalling Area. . 1
Regiment less detacbnents in Marshalline Area awaitinz orc:ers to load ,!I
onto ISl's and IC'l's for combat transport to "<Dahan invasion beach, coast. Yr!
ot 1'40nnand3r France. AIloved to area to await locding, and re
mained there allnight until next morning.
Regiment less detachments, lo.'lded on l.STs e.nd lC'l'a. Regimental Head
quarters loa.ded on I.eT. A1cNed out to join convoy on ,fay to r're.nce. ,
Convoy was composed o! about 12 I.eTs and two lSTs with screen escort.
was wry .ooth and trin was without unusual events. Traveled :; f,
, I
Reg:bnent less detachments arrived at "OrTl:lha" beach 1630 and
landed shortly thereafter. tToceeded iromediatel;/ to de'
area, moved to an assemblJr area about 1-1/2 niles West of FOREIGN":Z'
where the :iegiment assembled. LST Car!1.7ing "G" COlnf,E:' n:: and. re.rto! bJi;\f\
Hq. Co., 3d Bn. and "c" Comr,n nJ' struck floatinf, mine beach. S;dp
sunk within one hour with loss of lives, many injured, ane. carn':llcte
loss ot all vehicles and erlui on board. J.oii.oved in evenine to new
assembly area vicinity SouthWof (T644749).

1944: Regiment in ....e area SW of L\lIfNE, FRAi"CE, (T644749) alerted for canbat.
13 June 1944: ,Reciment in same area SW of LAMINE, FRANCE, (T64474-9) nlerted for combat. ';',
i ,;I
J4June 1944: Reg"iment in same area SW of LAMlNE, FRANCE, (T644749) :.lerted for combat. If!;
15 June 1944: ,Rig1Jnent in same area SW of LAMINE, F'IWlCE, alerted for combat. j.t
16 June 1944:, Regiment still in vicinity LAlONE, FRANCE. l.osses of personnel and '\J
vehicles from LST disaster almost canpletely repJ.D.ced. t' '
l7 June 1944: Regiment in same location with exception ot Head'"1l8.1"t;ers and Headouartext- i."
Company, moved to new location '1'641741 about 1 mile 80uth -:.ld loc<.'..tion. r
1 e June 19/:,4:
Regiment in same locat j.on alc1.ted for
-"r" j

.. ' I !1)
ri,l' /

; .
21 June 1944:
22 June 1944: Regiment.
23 June 1944:
June 1944:
1944: Same
ComJBD,Y each,

I 19 June 1944:
I ._
20 June 194L,:

Regiment in. same location alerted. for combat. Reconnaissance
received shelling between 0330 and 0500 which resulted in
sev:eral casualties and one l!4S Armored Car damaged beyund repair.
llegjJnental Headquarters Comrany also received several close shells,
no casualties or damage.
Regiment in same area. 2d ttattalion was bombed by an enenV aircraft
at 0400 ap1-roxioatelv, resulting in sevf;re casualties of lersonnel and
vehicular losses, (3 half-tracks, and 3 1/4 tons).
Reg:bnent in same general vicinity alerted for combat. .NO o}::erations.
ions carrying on combat training and occasional problems.
in sue general vicinity alerted for combat. 1'40 operations.
Organizations carrying oncombat training and occasional problems.
Regiment in sa1'!le general vicinity alerted for combat. 1'40 operations.
Qrjanizations carrying on combat training and occasional problems.
Several shells landed in our vicinity. No or
Regiment in same general vicinity alerted tor combat. .NO operations.
Organizations carrying on combat training and occassional problems.
liatta1ions started training with use ot tank dozers to cut hedprcms.
as 21 June.
Same as 21 June.
Same as 21 June.
as 21 June.
as 21 June .
Regjment in same general vicinity alerted for combat. NO operations.
Organizations carrying on combat training and occassioaal problema.
Regiment alerted tor movement South to CAUKONT sec;tor. lat, 2d, and
3d were reorganized into two Med1\D Coapaaies and. one J..igtrt.
oa the tolloring basis:
1st Bn.: 1st in. Sq. Co.; Co. "A"; Co. no"; Co. "Hn.
2t Bn.1 .2d Bn. Hq. Co. J Co. "I" J Co. ''E"; Co. "F".
3d !tn.: 3d Bn. Sq. Co., Co. IIC"; Co. "Gil; Co. nl".
ItAn" "B", &ad "C" .Companies. are the light tank Companies

. .) I; .. ,
6.75 4BIlOBED RlGIMElIT 'v I
A.P.o. 252, c/o Post.aeter Bew York, B.Y.
24 September 1944.
lD witb ArIq Begulations 31.6-145 the tollowing after operation
.. nport ot:tIIe 67th ArJK)red Regiment tor the period 1 to 31 1944, is submitted.
.For the Ccwmand1", Officer

Capta1n, Regiment,
; '--<,
... ".
.."-r" ..
..' ' ....... .. ......... ",..: ... .

. .

1 Jall 1,1JlIt
_!a_tal ....flU"-- leeateA !61a.llu.. 2 1111 .., I.a JTaIIe
ttreparel to _" to ar_.
010 .1 alIA ep__ ., f7C)6661 at 190GB. "l'II81 Ml'Oh. _ ..tin,,..
34 !attalio" 61'11 u.rel -ct-_t .......eI .. Dl ftlllOIl _.ono.....
_Tal to !72069o .ear Jall..,., haae
1.' la'taU _YeI .. ar_ 1 IIll. _.'Il of JIrcb-tal w.tqa.arten at f7125l16.
II _'W!o. _Te4 tie ar_ 1. the nolal'7 of
D .... II ODIipaap .,...... to In a'tall... 0 _ 34 .,taU &III
:B CDIlpU7 to 2t .'Wle
lleel-'" plaee4 , IIov alert tor eoaba
Becia-' 1... )I.'Wl.... clye .tlo. to retdtNe __at. of IQ.n
Ar_aoe4 IDfaaU7 Atcta-t _141.....I' oa troat 1tu _, ot aa....'.
24 B.,wl0...... pl... In .a,,'lo. AnDre4 ArtlU.,.
3a,..-..lon to u ...... 1. -..,port .t cUll..,. 1. iMi..t Ar
'4 lIattalto. 1. ooJuetton vi....., Anore4 Iatu.'Z'7 bela-' au. 11.
AJiIore4 1Dc1.....tWloa oo__t_ tut-latatl7 prebl. t.-1Tlc hole.zow
l!lr I''''
Iela-' ao.atu4 1.... --. Aoea"" Iaa .... "rial" PlateoM ta. 1.'
3.ttalloa -lac plaa. to ceol'd1.aa'. tlri11& vital un ___'a .t an., AnDrei
IAf..tl7' lllll1ll-' OA til. tre., 11_1' lleU 'b7 tile AnDr_ l)1Yl....
b..,. anlU8r7 uti" 4wl1lC til....-.lac 1. ,lie 24 .... 34 3.tWle. Ar_
-.p..., ill __ l tI Pl.... &1". lte111C ..... to ,r.s..l1c1&...... cr...
_.1It.. tak... I' .....' ..latol '" M.p...tIJor1t7 to replao. D. Uckt
.....t th. 1811 "'WI w1111l .u...... I ...." ..... neelftl ,_,
.. LI!'" ani"' ,.alltclaJlli a' ......"... wltll 6.'al....t ...
Jt...,.n.........1111101... ' .... 'tV .. kttalto. Ana.
- - .
..-....._----......rr""'---...T.... - -.--.- -.- --------.. - - ._- - ...
I hll 1,1f!!t
Rect...t r-.1A_ 111 the .... ar.... th. l.t Jat1ialioA Mortar Plat_A r.tunecl
.. l.t Battall.A, oae iDJu7 hanuc bee ....WAed. at the flooDt. bI. Battalion
JIortar Platooa repl._ 1 latUlloD PlatooD OD a.tor.
CeP,%. on _ID1lUOIl 0'1 GD_ter-attaak plaa b. beea C8lICellad. IDBpeottoll ....
oo":actel on nhtoa1ar ...1lflace. "BI ODIlpUT alerteclupoA receipt of
t_toratioD tJw.t -U1' ver. report... III the nciDi t7 ot '135560
...uataaazac8 COIlpUl ttlae.a OD )0 lIla.t. alert. '1\10 *'Out. ot leooDD&i.-u.nC8
OOllpaIIT ttarttot1tatel til a alcht patrol 1Il..,- t.rrt1lo17 with a of 26th
tat&llt17 ltc1a.'. 1.t -Illtat17 0.. mail parttotpate4 tn a 4a71tght
reooDDalasaDae patrol v1th \h. 26th IatantZ7 It-ct-.t. 2c1 BattalioD atraft_
bT - .. a1roan with one' oanalt7 re8l1l.t1ac.
9 ,
Jtec1...t rea1a_ s. the .... lecatioL At 21mB .lrtil181'7 Are tell lD 0
OolllpaDT area ldl1111C 2 tit.ted. .... aDd i"uri. oa. IIIlltatecl MIl. Sonn
:III118teet 11_ ot COIllpADT parttotpateel III a mcht ;.trol v1 th the
26th Iata.tZ7 :atlll...,. .
10 Julz 1,""
JltCia_t ramatD_ 1. til..... 10catloA. Bowl ' r heat ___i tl0D va. te.teel
iD taDk can nt tall... te p'rate tmDt alope plate of a OIIpture4 Puther
fa*."-_ 17 :po1Uld CUD peDe'rated the pl.te ia the .... teat. ll_JlD&i ...,.
0811pUl' oOlltlma.ed. '- 8ed patrol... tro., U w1\h the 26th Illt_tl7 :a._.t.
!Jae k' oolul:aet81 _1'-.1 co_at 'ra1a1ItC. belmeDt read"' S.c.p.
Oolibat 01....... ,1 OIL ..,lo,.eD' ot coa., co__D4 ill wo4ed ar...
B.ecSa-' reoet.nI t.a'zwatlou tor oa.UlactltC aollbat Jacket. u4 eheltar hal
Z-DUla... O8IIpaQ , patrola te .. :fI'ODt U with the 26th Iafut17
BaBio le._ et .-ut'tOD ver. checke4. !he lat .ttallOD .,ye4 it.
IIDr'ar Plateoa to til. tro U .. to apport the lat JattaUOD. It-la' AnDrei
Iat_t17 llIC1-'.
12 Jal.r
J.c!aent t. \he _. locatio.. th. attalto.a partiCipated. ta battl.
'ratDiIW. ltaooual.ance GaIIp&IIl' ..., It.t.l. to tile Ull wt til the 26'11
latu'l7 llCla-t. .
13 Jal.r
!II. ."alloa. par'taipat_ ill b."le JII. __'a 0'1 the 5th Iat..,r.r
DlnaOJl -"' ta.. ov ..tor. !Jut IIDrtar Itl.'oo. of 'he lat 'talt
' relt end .... the IIortar Plateo_ .t tile a Jat-.u oa
..attto... ae .-ad ooJl4uct8ll GloW...
_uat8eaao. ODIIp..,. -., pa'_l tio the _aba' IOn. v1til th-At::
, ,. Iatat- ,
' 't li\
13 NT 19114 Coat'd.,
ltC_ent. OIle III:U.ted MaD val rloua.1.7 wou.ncle4 '7 eIl8117 tire.
1'" Jal1 19",:
!he A888Dl. t P1atooa 01' the 34 :Battelioa .,ye4 into a ftrtllC p08ttio--.z' o....t.
B ot the 34 kttal10D val hea.tlT 1184 '7 the -eIV caudUC thr.e
oaqalU... !he lit Battalion reoei", &8a7 8helltllC 'but DO oanaltlel ver.
....ta1ne4. 24 BattalioD .. lIhelle4 with eae oanal t7 reported.
15 Jal1 1941h
1ran1JIc. 61' .,y._t 1'...."'. Jppmz1aatel.71m mu4. 01' arti11..,.
tire laDd_ t. the 1.t :BattallOD ar_ :taa 181&58 te lhel1. toad. to 'It.
150mt aDd. ... oalib.... ODe om... a4 t_ -.alt.,_ Kea. ".re kill_ ta actton
aDi An aalt.ted. Ilea _UDAl_ t. acUon. "- tank, were hit lnlt DOt Doeked.
out .1' actio.. .
16 J!ll194lft
:Reel-.t recel", J! ald Oreler " fJroa Collbat 00='114 lIB I. u1' floo
d.t.dye ...tol' t 01' o.aao.t. .. 1184. 01' mute. to .."
.....17 arM. llecomaaf.._ capmret 0 bl1.te4. IIaD ot tM ,a
(I...... Paraolmt. BIci-t ia _ t __ ,eb1_ O1lJ'liD
17 J!1r
Attach..,. ot , .. cClilpuie. wi thill the lattaliou to ton two M4.i1lll ad .u
licht coq,aDT per lattalio. "ere ad. perau_'. kttalioa. DO" ".1'. 01_'1_tea
a' tollo" 1., Ia,talt...., ao 1.t :Battalion. A CoII,PaD7. B J) eo.,..,..
24 l_ttaJ.101L, lit Ca 24 !attaliolL. 1 00 ..,., ., 0eapaIv', J' " JattaliOIl,
B'q Co ,d IatU1io.. C 0 Ce ...,., I o.p..,.. bela.t .. al.I". tor
_TeIIeD.t to the D....ellbl1 &1'_. !be 1.t lattalt ol"dere4 to' rMaia ill the
ar_ 1lIltil Nti"_ '1 oecap7111C 'nop.. the 34 _tt&1i_ va. oN"'" to ZO"ert
to CoDat CID..... IBI eo.'ml tt arriye4 i. 'M ..., ar-. Jlec1a-, _ zoe
1i"04 tJ'oa the 4e:tell.l" .,tol' _, 11051. !he rC!_.' U'Z'lftCl at ew leeatto.
!645737. at 08301. th. 24 la'talloA ... 010114 t. )1...,,... _t !6lJ57"", _, UOOJ.
MaillteD&lloe Oollp"" e1e.e4 1. _1W1I8O _t !651J75-. _t 095011 Sernc. 00.,..,. a'
!65276o. at 10301: ........uaat ..... _t 16-'7111, _t UOOI. .All Ia'tali
tart- rece1Y111C -. 11-4 tukl .,,.tiac 7'- cu.. It ttaate4 ,hat th"
.,1I1d b. f1" or liz per .....,.. .All orcaat._UO.1 aaA. iupecUo ucl te."
tor diapl..,. of n.zo.....t at...,.... 14.,ttl_ttoa pme1... .
11 J1lll 19lal1;
_111.' l''''u4 1. til. _. locatio.. !lle"., 4...,... .. -.t.,.......
34 lattalio_ 00":"'_ - hodeeh. _ttl. 4....tra'ioa wi tla _1Me. ta.tall...._
o_tal. tuk. 1a each ooapaq
. .
l' Ju].l 1944a
Recta_t r8lllB1nec1. in the .... locaUoa. 'e.t tiri. ot 'the '76- PDI ...
oo_ucted. !aDk drS"" "ere cl.ea pr_tloo lD u.c-ro" _t'l. 'Uk do ...
blade.. the Reda_tal stafl _. briot. tho o.-"1JIc Geural.. Ooab.t
CoMa"" lEI aDd "eDt o,"r plea. tor 00111.111 'nak-'hrovch operatloa, 100bl'&l.
lleaonnailsance CDlllpallT .1 uelle4 'b7 _eIQ' .nUl.., at 15313. !IlI'M ..U.tll
lIeD. "ere 1e1lD4ec1. aDd. oao JI-S Oar .. 4_tl'07t!&.
20 Jul., 1944:
Reta.t r-.1l1.... 111. 'tho .... locatioa. !anltl wi th heclc8l'G" _ttOl'8 weI'. ol'4or_
110' to be uled UD.til 'hCDC op.rat1oD .1' our1t7 1'_10". !h. kc1.oat
received CDllbat 0."'- 11)1 Ilelt 01'4_ flJ tor operatloa IODba
aDIl val alen_
t. execute operatioa oa 2l Jal7 19". ltNDuai ...oe Oolllp..,. ect to aew arM
to a-vo14 Ih.lli_.
a J1I11 1944:
Collibat OomaaD4 114
Bel4 OI'4.r f4 ... .Amr'" ll-cia_t lI..lA Oft.. , Ie.
"we i.ned. oonriltc lOperatioa 0.'ra
!he plaa ..... tolle...
1. CoDaeDtrate4 bombillC oa a lilll.'eel tnat ltao ar_ to op_ tor
paaaace of oU!' toro...
2. lbl1111& back ot tile .., flankl bl the 9til aDd 30th Iataatl7 Dlrialoaa.
3. Break throuch tho octor bl tU 1.t lataat17 ])iftllloll. aDd tho u4
3d Ar.-orecl Din.ion. folIo". el__'. 01 *he IJtla Iat"'17 I1n.ioa.
IJ. 3d :Ba,t.U.... ld.n Al'JION4 Iataat17 (I OollpaD;l')
5. 3d Platoon. 0 OelpaDT. 7021 !uk B.ttaUOA.
6. Debehlleat ot tho ltSth Ar.,rea. lIocU.oa1 kt$allOL
l.t Jattalion, 67th Al'IIOroI _1m.t (D OeIlJ)lUl7, ODIIpMl'. 34 Platooa,
.l 1'1111 A 00....,.. lQ..t .lIMr" Ialala'" llecl-'. 1st natooa,
OoIllpaD1', 67th .laor04 Btci-.t, In Pla... :I Ct..... 17* :lalla... "'tallo"
1IDdor 00--= of I.t. Cel. Il. K. Wel.1I. ......Ip04 _"'0 pa.ft lor ao
rich' oolaD .1 Gollba' 0.__ ....
)l ktUlloD. 67th AN)re4 lllSlaa' w ....iped flo tho Din.ioa ....rn.
MalnteDaJlc. CbIlpUT renrtei to 00.., 00 .. IJI !J:a1 ad 8...s... a. ..,..
to !rat.I. ll.,oDDal ....,. o.p-.1UI4.. Ooaba.' a. ...... I' OOD'z.,l
WI aael.ga04 a. IIpola,1 for riPt 001,...
BegiJl_' r--.tne4 1a th..... ar.... :IE..U.. of ICDbra" hald p.DdlDC e1ear
weather for all' operation. Black paint va- 114d_ to tank. e.-outlac.
purpt... PracUe. 1. 0&r17i1lC .a_ oa out.ide of Uak. for IDfaat17'
BUpport va8 oarrlecl out.
23 Jall 19114:
lleaa1ne4 1n the __ ar_. aak1-S laa' 1Il_'. of -.1\10., _ntaance,
n:PPU... "0.
Jall 19a.4.
_. plac_ .n a 0 hour alert aft.1' 0600B. II_V lao.ber. bee.. to
'bo.... floo.' U.... of _ .... _, operatloa belA,._
D aT for 'Oobra' Op.raUon. .1'8 thaD 8)00 lieav bollib... aatarat_ tile 81'_
a4Jac-' to It. J.o., JIruc., beclulAC at II Hour for ....t et at
110GB. III troop_ vere brief th. operaUoa. 01"488 .... 1'80_'nIl to eTe
to ....17 area 1111, IIOrtbof poat-JIerbert. haDce Oil 26 J1IlT.
My 19*'
Left aolDa preoe4e4 ..., riCht 00111.8 .,.,81 out at 14alB to to th.
a-17 81'_ at Poat-JI.rbert. JlNDoe. Olo.e4 11l ar_ a' 1ucm.
!l J\t1l
Se. ,.taUe4 operattoll I'lpOl't a'taolle4 .. npporiiltC papera.
.... )
67th MIloI'" _tela.,
1. 08lleral,Plan.
Op.ra'ion Oobra 'be_ tbr 'hl, llepll.nt, vIa_ aa pan ot Combat 0e1lllaD4 IJ', 24
"ftL')N4 DlYlclon. l' .... rel.lft'ec1 .. Brittu el __t. in a 180tor t aDd 84.1&0-'
te the CAtDCl! I.tor helt bT the 1" U. 8. IDtu'r.r D1"f"1lloa. Planni_ ._. bean
o. 15 lalT 19--. !he lllSis8Ilt _ftC! to,y areal W.s' of I.E aDd prepared
-fbr op.rationl. OJ"'.t 00..- ..' l1eld. Om.. 14, ad. -..s.-.tal J1 eld Order ,,,
t.r the oper.tlon " ... 1,._ 21 MT 19....... lbe to I14TW.. w_th.r Comit!oa. tor.
all' 'h. operatio d.e1qed tor .eTeral clqa, thi. in new ot fact ,hat .'tack "..
to Itart 'b7 a CODcatra'_ bet_biq attack Oil the ar_ ae1eoteel for the
con'apl.'eI!. ill tha pl... !hia p1...a .1 toUowa:
,1. Concen'r.ted bo_iDe OD limited boat 11.. area to ope cap tor paaaace
of 0111' tnop
2. BDlllac fluka bT 1llfat17' 9th aDd 30th Divia10a 011 'both ald
3. Jreak throuch oater bT la' Iataatl7 DiTl,ion aDd 24 aDd. 3d Al'IIOred
DiTta!oa. foUowed bT el __'a of 4'h Iat_troT Din.toa.
....QtntlD1IOu. air ''Upport oa oTerhead alert 1d. tIl air-croUDd oo..unlaatloa
te troa' llne e1. __ta. 110.,...' of .boTe 81...,. to .,1ltIl aDd ".., to pr.TC' U7
w1 th4rawal M .11.*. Iatol'll&'lon ot ,he - to ID41eat. that the -.Jor part
.t hi. tol'O " ... ill tron' 11 w1th tft r ..81"Y". !hi. In proT_ to b. Illb
...tiauT oonee'. altho. 1.1.t_ wer. ___terel.
2. o.tloaa of 67th .t.njr'" lelll... ntd1"Oe4 b.., Det&oha..'a).
Ia aooo1"4aDa. w1th pl.&a of Oo-.n41.. Qeaeral. Qta'ba' Co..... l:a
iato ,_ ao1....
ap' &lid. Left __....,. ftp4ter ".1'&1 I. D. IIl1 'e aDd Colonel. Paul ". Dl.a
1'8Ip.,'1n1.,.. OelpOaiUoa of Left ODlua (67tll .u.rel I.lIda.') ..... :toUowa:
67th AmDl'eI ....., 1
boouat...c. CbIlp&D1' - 1UMler 0..-"" Qtllb.t 11 coD'rol.
1., Ia,tall - Opezoat1ac ud.. 00.., 0.__ 'II oo.l1trol.
34 JJa"a1.1 - ,,',-bill ., ]) 1le.en
..In....... (1 D.,___"
6. JlelA Arttll8l7' Ia'talioa
at .,. '0', 231 WItclae't&1.10.
,4 Pl.'.... 0HIpaIV' O. 7024 !aU,.. a"aUoa
34 Ia'tall... _In Alwre4 !.:t.. llelm.' (1 G 0.,..,..,., .,t..heel '0
ao, 0...811 III)
Detach_' "'til JIecl1oall.'tallo..
J'ellovlllC tile ._ratio. 'cuib1JIC .t pl'...r1b_ ana aIIIl til. 1111'lal .,-na_,
.t '1Mp8 '=1ICh th.... tIal. ona'''' a.abat 0....4 IJI AlloviDC OD.., Co-,nd loll
...... i .... 001_ ..... ar 1. til. 01'4.. Bleh' 001...... Len &1..... a.
t." 110_ ,..- JP a' 1....,. - . _ ."'" of POll!"",
l 11
2. Operation. of 67th .11'11Or_ RSiJI.t".. (1 D.ta...,.) CoatlD1le4.
abo.' 26l.9itoll c1Ul7. !roop. ver. placet Oll 1/2 !ioU' .J,.rt, It 'It.,... ni4ct tbai
00...' Co_ad. 'll' _uld DOt _" 'b.fore earl7 oa 27 Jal7 19411. due .. ao.,..Uoa
., 'bl'eakthrovgh tfOOP. ia the 'breaktJuoo1alh Clip aid terraiD 41ttica1U.. pr_.te4
4 to boablzrc. aoa'bat 00 __ IIJI _rche4 1& oa. col.. on It. prriblCl ul. 11l
til. followlllC order to CaDi.,., thereaft.r .. col'UIU weN to be aplo,.e4 oriel
M1.17 pl&D.1l84.
liecoDDa1..... '7'. ,u..,1'....taeat oper.t1ac 11Dd.... nom.M
Gcel'al, Oo-bat 01_.- fIJI. .
Ml... Ga. - Bleb.' 0.1...
A4ft.JlO. Il'Oup - 1.eft 0.1
Jfaia ltoq - apt 001_
JIa1& .47 - Left 001..
!h. J.4ftDC. ha1"4. L.ft ODl'aa wi til J'o....... Qt. 67th rworeel ]lela..t pae4 IP
about 271000:8.1'o.l7. .,.101 var....04 oa til. _a4 .,uth. A4ftlaoo CIaal'd. L.n
Cltl-.- reacbe4 COl_ alto1l.t JulT. !h. JA... "b., 001,... va. __
cae. wi t;b. __ alollC *he JIa1A ui.. ad. It; .. IIDt 11.&'11 th.,. ht4 , .. Pl.Jae4 'b.ok
that tho AAft,1lO0 Gaad, Left Ooluu, o1ean1 -.ia at. oato .eatudaJ'7 , 110.'
2710 Jul7 aa4 .tarte4 .....0 1.t Ob.1eoU.,.. Oal7 Up' e,ppoe1t1oa ._..taNA;
raeIllCl 1.' Ob.1eoti.a .-..., 272000.. Cap.reel .'be.' .., prS.80UI'II 1Ipp&2'-t17 1ft.
170- Bo". 'batt.,.. IIorae-lran. _ 2lo<m J1I17', pr1aoa 181U"_e4. to &lie., 100
aalD17 b,. tva1JIC thet.,.. i.. lird .'b".U han. , taka. MftJlO. _ ....
0............ or4...84. .A4ft1loa to 24 O"'.1eotl to 'It. O. oNer f 0._
, ...N1, eo_ba' Ca.... 1.1. 1Ie.1. "q, Lon 0.1__ .81.. a l1iChtl,7 utter_'
tha, 'h. JfaiD 15047 anl..a. a' 1.' Ol".U" .110..., 2'118)0:1 la17 .... I'..s. 1...1..
0.. 1'e1l4 to at..... 24 0'".''' OI'4............tIl"' a' 2T2IOCD Jal7
fa. 00..,."'.. haen1, 00_1tat Co..... I." to tie 24 O'b"..U" tha, Jdpt.
'u'ftUl Iu.ziIl ...., .lIMe.... JA......... 'It___ , __ .YeZ' l'O.t. 1a41.t04
., MOO,,:e h17. 1e1q we au to tM 18fti...f .JId........ p1l111:ac I .......,
.. ulf III.... we 1'0114 wltll JdcJllub. Jtala W. ..a. it .ft- ....
uI 4t toll....ft. J. t. ftIale1.. 10.' titat ........ ''-1&: tU ole". a ..o
.... p1lll0l. n'. _ ... t!Iaa W,...... 'Nldd. feU ..., 4u to .. tho I'NI
.1' ..."."'.... taU__......... _til tQ1SP' .. "1"-.1.7 &1...... _ ep
,.dtt..... __,....... M.... c..a ........,,,_Uft , 2IOIOQJ .... '-- to
.,..,.... .............nI t1Ia, ....,. _ 4lalac 1........ I....... 1l9OliA ..
........ of I'aII1t7e a' 13551t51. M.... h.ut. ...... to ...... I..... .... ... ._
pa'_l to Ill ul ....., R ., 1l55lt57. .1.. we .u.' &v.I... at.cJa' .. tile,
......... 11.1.' ANIni 1a6a'17 -..,... alii ......f a......... 14 .'W.l, IQ..,
lafaav, -.-., .... _, 11... __ .,., we '*_. de
_'a .... 1o.t... uutw' alii 31 .'Wl... Ian ___ lataa.,. ....t. 1.. ...
- - AlII I 00.,"., pl. , 67'" .&n.NI .. odeal. to ..............n
_. 1...u.,ti1.7 ...tIt..f .'1'. _..c....... oM.......... ol"4eet ........
wut. " .,,,_U.,.. a' 1I1aaI. .....a...,.fall 1319511 to 1l15..
.,..u, IQ.., .....l"II lataau, ....., ... to t.1lo. M... __
to 31
!1M ,. BelA .un..,. .,tall_. ." ...... to Stlft .1..... ....1",... tU
., I a..., a.m... '.' .dClMl17. .,tally ... to ptal...... _nil .f ...,
to...-... the ___a .1 a..., Go. .. .'. lI .u.NI. ....... _Ull.,. ..tali
__ ____ .. __ " ___III 6a BelA .a.nt.U.,. .,w.t... ... hit.. ....
.... .. M... el'IG.7 .. ,..ltt.ou 1/1 IIll. _l"tIl_, .,-...............u,.
.... ........ 0"" a' 1111.... .. "'" _.-.1. ......0." .1, ......... ]I. ....
.1..u"... 'It.... wi tid. tbeo ...... a' M...had. W ....... a ,.iat
.-a. .
Ci:) we::: ""\:.1./ s!,.all urn!s 28l7h5S .jt'l,;;. c,or;lL,),:1":i:l
"3", ordtlrec tc' :u31t 3.nd outpost
: "::'t:; .. t.l ;;:; 3'.lttHliuu, Arn,')r,-:d_
t, :le 1::-) :-e ',: rc:tt.!).(']t. f r')l: :",,)lth OL! t;!'( -de-: em 11;1' Tn is
te:;rr," Jr, .. t'.'C r: :r. !.I.; I to trike tile of this
:")rC r, 18 .,1-, )','111 ;:>:1 C'o,'ntarattacf. was beaten off' before 'Jntered town.
:"'!;t.i!; W!;s n::>t C''Jr.'U.i into assembly :3 vf Notre-Dan;e-<ie-c",ailly a'nut 2l00B.
r ) nth An.;r:')C; :-',e bS'1t IJc<:tt(;-oCl a-l-; N7t:43;;; G1J?rd 'Jrderee. to held present
i tbr. &')r r:i:ht B'ld 'Jutpost CR T34E4.W, and about 28UOOB, cor;:l1.a!1d ing aeneral,
Cou.:r.and "3" ordered +.hat blocking of routes be pushed as far f;.S :Jbjective.
J..cvaDc>; '>lGro ':Olnfr.ander ''136 'Jroered '0,,; COIf'I!landing Officer, 67th ,Arrr,ored 4f'Jgiment to
11:.ui Ler.f'l"1.:(i to Dlack roaels. .Jrc.ers WGr6 from combat com:cand
"3", noC2;ri:lf; the wft (Cl1\lIllrl to ao.vance and siaze 4th objective over 'll;orth Route
i:.i ,;nt C olur.!l tc f, iilanc .wer Ej')uth end seize ;:)0. I)b jecti'Ie. Advb..lce was to
be::;in at c)OfOC') iuly AJ:;ut 2904303 July 1944, aLl attack was oe:;un a.:;ai!lst the
,b,C>:l.1C3 V1oi'ci::l ti1El at T;::4l47b T0624&4 by Gormans ca.ught in
the IT. was a"ttack ''!lith infe1l1try, armor, .and artillery. No
6r')lmci '1l8Si'oJcll !:lno d.b.1ati:m was reported as iJeinE in hand about G90500B Juljl
L144. ,,;1 3a.ttulbn, ':lsi; Arrn;)rbd Inf'e.""J Re;in.'mt teM; ordered to pass IP and ?ro
ceed 0'1 n::iv8:1CU CP m.:;ved to RcJ at T368474. Aci'vance Guard en
c-,untertlU resistlince 9.1.1':11'; r .. ute !'levin;; ;,oon ordered to continue adv'3.nce on 4th
O!) jec t;i v;;,;. :,;,d Yl-l.;, t .p.rmoreQ !::L'e.ntI"'.{ Reginient team was ordered to by-pass
ACV8.r.::e '}uard oy::-"oSS-Co'1:1-tr:; route as shown, to seize 3J T335446, and to advancl3
&bnr; route, ana hold 4th objective. Acti'Jn began 2909003 July. Tnis
a.'1c the tafi\J7' reached t:18 about 291800B July by overrunning
flU ti::n inc; hAded no te..:::.Y"s 'lr anti-tank;uns. 2d 3ettalion, 67th Armored
Re:;iment acti.nb as Advance Guard :'ollowec. onto the objective followed "by
ele:r.ents ')1' :-{eadquarters, 67th A,rrrored Regir,lent and infantry carriers plus
of the was according to plan and without
o,?p,dtiJn 13.11 elerrlnts did not close '.mtil 30 July 194:4 owing to being; cut orf east
of st Deni3-Le-Jast by an enemy coun.terattack from the "X>rth broke to
t.'1.e ':'he nec;irnental (:p was lOQatcd at T267475. A force (Advanoe GrOIlP under
Ring:) consisting of' COIr."?eny, 57th ,Armored Re;;1ment e,nd G Company, 41st Armored
2:nfantry r.e;;irrent. c on.:r.anded by 5-3 1st 3attalio:c, 67th Armored Regiment. came under
colurrr. control h!:ovin;,: arri.ved on the objective on 28 July 1944. At about 00153, 30
1944, to establishroAnt of tha outpost positions, Battal
ien '11',5 G,+;tarkYl by a large oomposite enemy foroe, in an attempt to break through the
line:;;f rctlcircleIJ'ent iN!',ich h8.d been cr'38.ted. The snemy force advancing in oolumn on
cr,p' 'JX', s .';, .lck a tank outpost and threatened a break-through in the oenter of tile
9attalion sector. The ta:.."lks wn ich had "been driven back were reinforced by additional
tanks. Tank and ITlOrtar fire was placed on the head of the oollllln effectively hal tillg
its progress. Infantry small arms fire and hand grenades oombined with hand to hand.
com;,at the tenks prevented a complete overrunning of the position although small
penetrati ns were effeoted. An artillery concentration was then placed on the entire
This actiJn killed an 460 of the including a colonel and
destroyed 'lOout 75 pieces of vehicular equiPJllent and guns. The success of the action
of the Battalion under the adverse conditions of darkness, unfamiliarity with terrain,
excessive deployment, and lack of opportunity for estaollShing a coordinated defense,
was instna.1ontal in insuring the success of the entire operation

- 3 -


..-- .--..
2. Operations of 67th ArIf:::lred Regirrent
Enemy material losses r:!ounted are as
Tanks, 1'1' VI
1;:' V
TaM-s, lY III l'/7f.mrn Gun
Gun, 170rraI1 Towed
Guns, 1COimil SP
Guns, 150rrm
c',ms, 88mm Towed
Glms. 88mm SF
Guns. 75ITar. Towed
Guns, fOmm Towed
Juns. 20mn. SP
,Ap.munit ion Carriers
Reconnaissance verlicles
Cars, 1/4 Ton class
Cars, Staft'
Truclrs. cergo
Ambl.. lances
Trai lars

small anns. 9JIl:;mnition mnes. hcrscs I wa!::ons etc., in sub stantia 1 qU!:inti ties
but uncounted. Enemy personr-el losses were as follows:
'Nouaded and e\-acuated

Prisonerc captured
Ol!r losses both in personr:.e 1 anc. material were liGht:
1 Officer wounded
1 Off.icer s1i&htly wounded
6 Enli st ed ki lled
2 Enlisted seriousl:;' wounded
12 :Men slightly wounded
I Man slightly injured.
1 M4A5 tank destroyed.
1 15-3 Pali'-track destro:;l'8d.
1 1/4 ton truck destroyed.
1 motorcycle destroyed.
2. Operations of 67th Armored Regiment reinforced (less Detachments) continued.
1.!uch ve luable eq'Jipment of all categories was oaptured intaot, the enemy having
retreated too fast to destroy or carry it away. ]lUch ammunition and gaa
protective SJIlall arms, personal equipment, and clothing were taken.
oaplet. battery supply or otfice wagon of horse-drawn artillery unit waa captured
which inc lu!ied m'!ioh intelligence informat ion. A very large sum ot money was captured.
- .. boxes of Bank of France notes, turned into Division Gil, artillery horses were
left these we turned loose to graze.
Bombing missions were flown on call with aocuracy in mast cases within 10 minutes
of call. Planes practically denied the use of .ain roads it the enemy. Timely warning
- was given of approaching c:>lurans in daylight. Our tanka displayed red flourescent
panels on rear deak for identification by f'riemly aircraft. Only a few enany planea
,.ere seen in daylight. one group of 10 FW 190'& approached the column on the eveniDg
ot 28 July but were driven off. EnEmY aircraft was aotive -during darkness were uaed
which for the most part had no effect.
- s
A. P. O. I 252'-'
Sl 1944
!be operat1on tor tile period 1-S1 A'Wust 1944 CaD be div1c1ed. iIlto 4 phues:
(11 2-6 'lb. adYance to _ecun Objective. v101D1V VIRE.
(2 '1-14 .1,.,.t. 1Iov__t to B.ARDI!OJJ-JI)RTADI ar.a aDd act10n ill tbat. area.
't"', 18-26 AugUlt.. liDYeMDt to v1c1za1V SEES aDd .l.1bslquaat. 1;0 the
D NEUBOURG-1lB1UI' area.
1 Iri
C.) 27-Sl. , t.. lIov__t to vio1ld:t;7 Il.Al!ES GASSIOOURT and orossinC ot the
... ,".
'. :. SEINE r1..... aDd to til. S>MD r1ver.
':> ,,'
1 AZUlt.
Jleg:blent 1D v1c1n1V 1 1I1J.. SE BOTRE DAD LE CarILLI. J)q spent Oil aa1Dtenmce,
_tow... of vehloi11ar loads ancl zoehab1l1t.aUoD ot troop
& 41Kusf..
"':bIent lass let. and Srd BattalioDl, lleooDDa1SS8Dce an4 II&1D.telLance C.-pllD1es,
pl. det.aobaeny toned. lett Col..,. of CC"B" ill llOY_ent to vlc1D1t7 Sf. Sgill
CALV.ADOS noJI lomE DAD laB CIJIILLY ria YIlJ.I ..... paesq tbro'Ugh
tb.e 28th lDt. D1Y1a101l aIId at.t.ack1Dc ill 28 .... D1T1PoD ... to a1eaa DI corp. Ob-
Jectiv. in vlobJ:t.7 Sf. SAWElIl DE CUULDU. Attacllaents .... k4 Batt.l1_ 41at W.
00 118- ..til ... Bn., CoIIbat !ra1n8. Left Col_ tollowed the B1cht Cw... SDlU.1l7.0
At, Perc7 the CO.. CoaaeDcl d..a1opecl SDto tw c0'!1mlII. Lett. Colan IIG9'K to the (>
.ut. _ seourallich po1Dly101pf. Left Col_ halted for the about VJ
1 1/2 alla. aut of perq.
l.t. Battallon wu all' COIfS" oontrol aDd was ill tJae Jdw'ace Guard of the 00." 0
JUcht Ool.n. .0 -1IJ7 ccmtact. was aade 'UDt1l the AdYanoe Guard 1st Bat.tal to. 67th
(-J) Co.) Pl111 att&alllent. naahed a ca ..t.of lu'luerBl". At tble poJat. t.Iae7
oontacted the ... 1dl1oJa 00DI18ted of _..erueff.tIler- tok.. Co. npported
b7 lPfuV7 deplo7'14 but. oould POt "eDCe clue to he.,. IIoJot.azo aDd t.eU: t1n. -D" Co
joSucl AdYBC. Guard but. ... IIDt .-1tt.ed. "JI. Co loat i 1Ied1_ tuk. ill the relNlt
1zW operation .... booked oat; 1 ID8IV' taU. SJrd BIl.... m r ...... aDd U4 _ OPII"
at1au OIl tlaat. clq, but. .... &Ia'ted. lIW__t. IeooDDdce ec.p-. pr.ce.ded
tIla CO"B ............. LI CBIftlISD, nttll'iDc auualtl Wled
aDd wolJDdec1 eD4 lea. I Jnored Car
At.tack OOllua.. at, tir.t, ]Jellt. !Aft c.1- oc.poaed of 17. JIl 1s lat ad
Srd Bat.tal.1oIla, Jeoonneilaao. Gnpa., ad ec.p..,., re.... IdCllpt01lld
'v101D1V JW)1JSSrng at _out oeca. Proer...... a1R cl. to baA terl'da...........
'aloncl b7 ad _.,.. JUcht. ad left Cel-. Jotud at Jl)ftlRAX at. 01101.
I.:Iabt. Col_ prooMded ....... tow... ft. __ CDADOS. eft 0.1.. t.n-.4 ...
1ZiI. leachecl vWaS.., CO.... tat. .1&. . "
1.t. Bat.te
Ja CO"- ri&lIt Col.. "'''''P'' 'tie tIae f10ea II) V ad __
'. ._ben .... I'ednaoe la the yioDiv' SIP! 1IlIDS. Bel4 podUGa t.1da
._-_.'-- riG.'. J-t, Weft f4. 8IPI .... I ....... 1ddl'. S1"Cl BatW'1R, 1Ull_.......
. .wecl to _ ....11' ana viet-
"'_'1 ..... Oawrnv' -eda _ pnoU. co..- .......eel _ II'" ndn

ad .11I't.... _ualu... '

- .
.'. --__-=c ,_". ,et?' I
) p.....'1rf I

4 August.
Attack continued with same Column of Forces in conjunction with
110th Inf. Regiment on the right and l12th Inf. 28th Inf.
Division to the left. 67th AR Left Column attacked down the main axis
2d Battalion encountered heavy enemy infantry armed with "gazooka"
rocket launchers. Also heavy Mortar and Artillery fire coming trom high
ground BE of ST. CALVADOS. Infantry was brought up to support the
advanced elements. Enemy laid down heavy artillery fire on the town and
all roads leading into the town.
One of the 28th Division Inf. Regiments advanced on the town to mop
it up. Heavy shelling did not stop 2d Battalion advance. 2dBattalion
consolidated a posit10n on hlgh ground about 1 mile SE of town. Enemy.
attempted to dislodge thls position by Artillery and Mortar fire and
brought up Mark V Panther tanks. our mission was to hold ground at this
'polnt while' another force developed from the left flank.
During this action, Col. Roberts, Division Artillery Commander, was
killed in action while directing artillery fire from one of the 2d
Battalion tanks. Also, Captain L.A. 2d Battalion medical officer
and 2 ald men, were captured by the enemy when they went forward to evac
uate a knocked-out tank. 2d Battalion Air support accounted for a number
of enemy tanks, AT guns and Infantry. Enemy subsequently withdrew and
2d Batta110n conso11dated this posit10n for the night. Estimated enemy'
losses were 5 Mark V tanks and 150 killed or wounded. 2d Battalion lost
3 Med1um and'2 light tanks and suffered casualties in killed and wounded.
1st Battal10n was ordered to CC"B" Reserve in vicinity of SEPT FRERSS
wlth orders to be able to move to support any element of Ce"B" engaged in
. combat. 1st Battalion lost.l tank due to enemy mine field. 3d Battalion

'1:(' still in Reserve vicinity MONTBRAY. Reconnaissance company elements sent
5 August. .
. Attack cont1nued early 1n the morning. Left 'Column under Regimental
control and wlth same attachments attacked on the right as the Rlght Force
passing through ST. SEVER CALVADOS and SE of town about 2 miles
where enemy contact was made. Resistance overcome and attack continued
i :<
toward CHAMP DE BOULT. 2d Batta110n proceeded about one mile and en
countered the main enemy force defending a bridge with mortar tire, AT
guns and dug-ln intantr;y. Flghting was very tierce and 2d Battalion
could not advance.
1st Battalion, still in Reserve, followed the advance of CC"B" and
moved up to reinforce the 3d Battalion 41st Int. and secure and outpost
blgh ground at ST. MANVlEU BOCAGE. 1st Battalion mission was accomplish
3d Battallon still in Reserve and had no operatlons for the day.
Reconnaissance CompaDr participated in the 41st Inf. attack during
the da,._
A:tack continued at 08008 and met the same resistance of MG,
Mortar, AT and artl11er;y tlre. 2d Bn., with elements of 1st Battalion
41st Int. 'moved SW under cover ot woods to draw North of CHAMP DU BOULT
and aS8lsted elements ot 9th Int. Dlv18lon the town. It continued
advance east to ObJectlves vlcln1ty T550290.
:,"'1' -. .-.--.- ..._".
... ,,{
. ... "
I .:
; .:\ :'
1st Battalion released f'rom CC"B" control and ordered into Division Reserve.
IUght march was made to vicin1ty MJNTBRAY. Enemy air activity on column but no
duage.resulted. .
.:' . ''f'; 3d Battalion was relieved from Division Reserve' and placed under CC"B" control'
:>. .. alerted to move up the next morning. .
Lili. ,;: Reconna1aaance CoIIpaIV' -engaged eneDJ7 in same vicin1tq while conducting patrols.
"-., At 18008 Regiment, as part of CC".'B'!. force, was relieved in this sector by
fL.,:' ts at the 2Sth Int. D1v1e1on. Regiaental .torce (Right Jl'Qrce) was relieved
Int. Regiment. Relief was completed ab9ut 20SlB and Regiment DIOved back to
(a...1ble in the general v1c1n1V mams aDd ordered to be prepared tor lDOvement
morning at 7 August 1944.
less -3d BIl., JIOved 88 part of CC"B" ColUlln to the T.l.cin1t;y of BAREN'l'ON
HILAIRE W HAROOURT - roAIS - TEILLmL - BAREN'l'ON. Reg:laent less 1st and M
.:Battalions, Reconnaissance Company, marched in the laatll body. Sd Battalion JlUU"ched
as part at CC"B" advance guard. .M Battalion as part ot advance guard encountered
heavy AT, Mortar, and artillery' tire in vicinity CIfERlillCE LE K)USSE. Main bodT,
UDder Regimental control by-passed this resistance, loing to the right at S'1' POlS,
. through LE MESNIL GILBERT, alVES, REUFtE-vIELLE and then turned lett towards .&111
. az1s. Elements at 3d Armored Division were met in vicinity REO,':tEVIELLE. Jrrived
ncin1ty south at BAP..ENTON that afternoon and went into usembq are.., and. ade
.' contact with TASK 10M,!: "X" Battle Group #2, !d .A1'IlOred D1vi8lon &lid -the h.,
Int. R.1aent. .($Oth Int. Div.) which held southern part at the WwD ot
-BARENTON. Plans were made tor th1'ouch town to _cure the high ground
to the North on the IJOrniDi at 8 August 1944.
1st Battalion still in Divia10D ReserYe .,veci to aD erea SW ot BA.RENWN
. at 2d and 3d Battf1l1one in ccns" attack to secure hiah
. cround at BARm'l'ON to the __st of the GER road (h1ll. at i'6550Sli, 'l'61.S098,
, ,'l'69!(75). ..',.
Sci Battalion elalets SJ,lpported the 18t Battal10n 4181; lilt. in the. attack on
"!,:: - I
the high ground at 'l'69S).75 aDd 1'67109$. . "
. 2d Batt&l1on el_ents alpported .the attack at the 3d Battalion 41.t'I"'_ b
attack on the !dcblround at'l'660015 .d lett' of .h1U T8'7a098.
,+.+."1 Group "X", SdAmored Div1aiDn ..cured h:lch pound crt -aDd, the Set
l20th Int. Regiment held the ton ot BAl\Ilt'l'ON. .
67th Armored Reg1aent 18ss cletacluaenta WIlt mwpoa1Uon abo1rt;l 1/2.u.s
ot BARENTON in CC"B" reHrY8 prepared w :niDtoree et:ther 00111111. tore.. .
J.Dcu.ucied 2d and leas 1D1iUppQr.t, of Battaliou
Int. in the attaCk. oedt_ t.aDk platoOricif "I" 00.$&1' l_tW1o* 81th,AR'
WUoII..I.V supporting the &dYaDce ot. 1.t 41..' IDt.. .. ....aa-eat .at
with torces and dfatro7ecl ,2-aa.iI A't PIlI,. .CQIIil_.. 2 .ra-"
(trl1ftJlr.. This was accoap11ahed without ." ,.1tie. :.....: . .
lst Battalion waa atUlia D1da1on tt........... .'.' .
LE TEILLEUL where the;y out posted tor the ___-'- ____
",:JU a t.Dlt patrol. to sr. oo.ti'f.ic! I,
tank struck an ..,... abe aDIl... lri
;OoiIP8lV 'Iioved duriqr the . to aa ....8IIbll'.......s.;,utll '
. . ,
.. '

Regent was in support of the 41st In!. advance North to the next high ground
at T670l00 with elements of 3d Battalion is direct support of the attack. Objectives
was secured with slight opposition. 2d Battalion remained in 00 ItB" resem about 1
JIile west of Barenton protecting the left fiank and engaged eneJV vehicles and personn
el. at long range. 3d Battalion engaged enemy armored vehicles aPProaching trom the
iorth on the GEHr-BARENTON highwq, in cOnjunction with eleaents of 702d Tn Bn. nYe
<'5) vehicles were observed burning. 3d Battalion elements in conjunction with
120th Int. Hegiment moved to secure road on left flank of Bill T673098. contact
was mads and d1.1ling the engagement enemy was routed learlng large lIDIber of dead and
wounded. Three (3) armored personnel carriers were also destroyed..
1st Battalion remai ned in Division Reserve vicinity LE DITJ.EJJL and outposted.
Reconnaissance COIIIp8lq" took position in DeW asseably area just south of
giiDBn in salle general vicinity as part of C(; "BIt force with mission ot hold1Dg
ground taken 9 August 1944. About O600B a large ellMlY torce of tanks and intantr,y,
supported by attUlery, JIOrtar, and "nebelwemrs" the lett flank
beld b1 elements of the 2d Bn. The enemy attack was launcbed trom the hi&h ground at
T653084 and. T643084. The morning was very and visibUit7 .... poor. 2d Battalion
engaged the enem.Y and about 0800B the enemy withdrew, after suftering bea.". casualties
in killed, wou.nded and captured. Later in the morning 2d Battalion encased an eDllDt1'
colwm vicinity T655074 by direct tire frQll tanks and assault guu. BalaDCe ot dq
.as spent mopping up.
3d Battalion r-ai ned in support ot the 41st lDf. and was ooDtiml.oue17 shelled
dIlrini the dq by eDeJIV artUlery and aortars. 3d Battalion spent dq in nreDgthea
iDg positions and sending patrols out.
DiY1sion Reserve and element8 of 35th In! Division reliewd us in the sector
&eneral.l.y to the left ot the high groUDd at T651a084. Reali nder ot dq was spat;
IIOppiDg up and further securing our positiona.
1st Battalion still in Division Reserve vicinity LE mJ.J.EtJ1, aaiDtaiDed outposts
for the dq. BiYouac area was heano..y bcJIm)ed at night by planes and 1
kUled, 22 1IOWIded personnel.. and 2 halt-tracks aDd 3 114 ton trucks de8'tro7ed.
Becozmaissance COlipalV' IIOved to AUliAr aDd J.ate at night .wed again to CIIltpo&t
in vicinity OHP LIVET.

le8s detaclllent8... part ot CC -B- torce contiD1ed to hold ita
positions. Vigorous patrol.l.iJJg was coDdDcted to Borth aDd BortihW8st. BeHrn
elements were on an alert status read;y for JIIOVeaent on 8'l1T counterattack 1I18810n.
3d Battalion coDt1m1ed to receift .DeII1' sbelli Di dIlr1D& the dq.
1st Battalion &tw. in Division Reserve ll&intaiDed outposts and receiyed orders
to JIIOve to area ::. ot BA.BDlTO)l to take O'f'er s.curi't7 ot left tlaDk. -D CGIIp8'l1T wu
attached to Task Force "X., 3d Amored Division.
Reconnaissance COIIp8DT eleMDta ude coDtact with e-.y aDd eDgaged in ca.bat
tor a short tiae. Rema:'nder ot Ca.p&1V' wre on llissions to obsern .D8IV' terrlto17.
- 4
, ,...
II!.' ...
. . 1",' "

12 !!it .
iue artlllar.y fire 11&8 active dIIr1ng the D1gb1;. II8Dl' 1"OUDds of large caliber
17 aDd. D8bal.wrfers landing in vicinity of Headquarters 67th Armd.. Regt. At
an attack was launched to the North by 1st and 3. BattaJ.ioDS Inf'. with 3d
Ia1;W, on 67th .lea. in support. This attack 1rB8 ccwaanded by c.o. 67th A.R. 2d BD.
L .. rea' "'d in CO B reserve pfepared to aawt the attack1Dg force in aecuring the
f1DaJ. objective which was the GlBItIJR!AD Jd.cbwal', ceneral viciDit.Y!66Sl3O. At
J.W)OB el.a.ents of 2d Battalion .and to secure OR a1; 't664077. JIade CODtaCt with
at 1'66.$098. Eza;r entrenched with AT PD8 in support. 2d Bn-, ntfered ODe Officer
killed, several 1IOUDded aDd ODe tank dest.roJed. KDIIV waa dI'1nn fraa their posit1cm.
. At lSlOOB 2d b., .,-qcl 1;0 v:1ciD1ty !668079 with II1ssion 01' detendiDg the l1De T6S408h
!66b098. 2d BD. .wed UDder enav artille1'7 and aortal' fire to take up Dew positions.
3d Battalion waa in direct InIppOrt of' the lDtaal;1'7 attack aDd took up naDk
positioD8 to repel. &fIT e..,. iDtUtration or attack 1'rca either flank. Attack pro
aressed alowlT wben earlY in the eveD1Dg orders were received to bo1d present posiUos
1st Batt&1.1nn (le....D Co.) aoYed to areaf61707S with lI1aaion to be prepared
to attack either tl.aDk. 18t Battalion was later ordered back to area South 01'
, .'
BecoDDaiaNDCe ec.p., carried on pa.trolliDg aDd engapd eDSIV .everal tiM.
dIarina the dq.

ant less detacm.nta, held positions dnr1D& the clq. 2d Battal10D 1IU in
c:l8tenaive positions rlc1D1ty!6680'79. Sector 1IU ve17 QUiet. 17 PW' s wre taken
dIIriDg the dq. 10 detinite 8DIIV' contact JUde. At 18101, two P-h7' s d1"opped 3 boms by
lliatake Dear 2d Bn. area which reaalted 111 onq damqe 1;0 a balt-track wldel
3d Ba"-l.1oD was placed in re.erve 1d.tll lIia.ion 01' bei na pnp&N4 to
.,.. to repel. ." CGIIIlter attack. 3d Bn. AaslDlt Platoon rea'.d in d1Z'ect
aapport 01' 41st lDf'. aDd 1'ired several aisslone wh1l.e UDdef art1l.le17 tire tra the
...,.. At l800B 3d BD. .. rel.1eTed frca Bep.tntal Be.8l"Y8 aDd placed in DiT1aion
1st Battal10n reu:1JJ8d ill ... PDBral area. -D Co. was attached to 82Dd Ben.
for recoDDa1sNDCe in torce towards DOII"BOII'r.
14 t .
tM D1.gbt 13-14 AIIpat, 61th a.ored Beg1Mnt as part; of CC -B" ...
rel.1eved in tb8 line by DiT1aion Reaern. 3d Battalion passed to Division Besern
oontrol at thi. t1M. le,s aoftd to .. -a.bl1' area between
B&RIH1'OI aDd at 0i0B0IS JlOUII',I.I.. P1aDa aDd reoouna:I.aaDCe tor operatioDa in tb8
direction of IDOBOB! AID I'.LBBS are 1D1t1ated and later suapaded when the Cc.l8Ild
.. liven ord8ra to bepn a period 01' .ae_l_1I&1ataIIaDce.
. 3d Battalion .. part of DiT1aiOD ieaern, held front l1De posit1cma UDt;U 10CKll
when the7 were releiTed by 99th Int Batt&1.1oD. 3d Battalion .wed to v101D1t7 T68301S
&Del was releaaed trca D1'ria1OD Re_rn &lid placed ill OC 1- oon1z'ol at l.2lX8. Beea1 nc1er
of dq spent 1a rehabilit&tion aDd JI&1DteDaDCe 01' fthiole
lst Battalion wu relined 01' III oa.tpoata at lOOC8. -D Co. :reu1ned with 82Dd
. Ben. 111 riciDiV JXIII'B(IJ!. B-a'JIder of' .,. d8Yoted to rebabUltation &lid IIa1DteDallCe.
&econna1aaaDCe Cc.palV' .:we4 to T1ciD1:t7 Borth 01' 1.1 WE in tbe IIOmiDg aDd
ooDdacted senl"al. reooDDa1&llCe II18sioll8.
I' .
16 -E.t
.iiiI_t. ae part ot CC"S" torce. remained in .... g_erd- area and II&de
. prepara'tioal tor f\lrther operation.. Day 'pent 111 reh..bll1tatiOIl udo maiatenanCfh
lIt Battalie-. al,o 'peat day for rehabl1i'tatiOl1 and mailltenance. "D" Co. retumed
to Batta110a oaatrol tro. vioinity DOUFBONT.
1leoCl111a1uanoe Cc:apuy remained in bivouac and alao oonducted rehabillt'.tlcm and
1e Aut;lt
" ",il...t. le.. deta.chllentl. r--.ined 18 biTO\lac: 8De genera.1 are... Day speut
<. aaiat...o.. Wo OperatiOll'.
lec1aeat. Ie.' detaChment, preparatione to .ove under CC"B" control
0 Operat10111.
18 Aupst
lIjaeat.le,s 1st ID. 'received CC"B" orders tor aCV8ment to the vioinity SXES
'(Q4'28) prepared to operate ea un.,...l to the Ilorth ad east ot SKIS in the V Corp.
'eotor. Itarted lar11". the aom1JlC. Route. ST GIORGBS 1I11LL1 -DalPRONT
La ntrrI - Be. - CARROJGBS - CR ..t 29SX>4 - SEES. Iloved in one Col'Ulm behind
tri ...417 treat U.... 10 _aay ooataot. Ari,d ...._bly area nota1ty SIBS about
l.t IattaliOil WlOT'!d ..s Guard tor D1' ReeeMe ColUlUl to 8Ull C_eral
...rea "Y1oil1ity ..d a,ble4 at Q-MB193 about 2 1/2 Jailea' SW ot Be''''. BlrOl.lte to Ile.
are... Il__t. ot I'I"_oh 2d .lraol"ed 1)1vi.toa .oto
19 AuGite \.
iii-.t. 1 la:t Battal1oa. a. part ot CO"S" toree moved 1m one columl to
'.,' 'rioin1t1' ST. ANNI. Ioute. 9DS RJ at Q4'70291 - CAPREE (626297) .. COORTOllER
", IICJ7LIlIS LAB BRCH... 81 ot interseotic. ot railro..d (Q'708271) - TOCTiOOVRB .. to als_bly
....... 81 ot 8t.ANNB. Outpoata _1"8 seoured tor the night. No en_y contaot.
l.t BattaHoa a' part ot Dlrll10a iese!"'''e ...rched to new aSI.bly are.. vicinity
Q'7S2l0. , sewral reconnaissance mi.aions in new area toards
1.& IfRlNBUI, 8tMartta 1)I !PRES .. StlR AVRB. C"ptured 6 prismera.
'. 10
" ,hii-.t le.a clet .. oha_t., tonaed tight Co1lD111 tor ..ttack north OIl VBHNICIL
tl'ca $T .ANNI Ar.... C.O. 67th iI right Colwm 1ttloh wa. cOJ!'poaed as tollows.
"e7tb AR (-lit 24 Im'a Baa. Co.). l.t an., 4llt lilt (-000 B). 1 Plat. B Co.
, 17th IIlgr 92nd f", ia support. 2d Battalloa ill lett under OC"B" control.
<leNt., . l1&bt '001,... MOOLICSI! .. IWtCIU.mVILLI - BOISST LIS PERCH! - SOISSON. RiVlt
',Col,.. (67th ...) r ..ohed 'doiaity LI BUISSOI 1Ihere __y artillery, AT and 1ntantI'J
""W" _oouatered. ad BattaliClll _p.&e4 1a h_"Y f'iFting abo\lt 3 aile. 80Uth ot
''dllJUIL aad .ewNd poaitlcaa tor the !Lipt f'or ... riftr 01"08l1ag and attao1l next
.. .".i.,. .
24 Battali_a 11&" of' CC"B- lett oolu.n, o_taot with _eay about 2 ailea
of VIJIL _ the IIa1a 8'1' .ANNI - VIIlfIUIL. 2d Satta1ica deployed in.
ty Q88U66 ..d t. the D. Villt\&.' CIa LA CHARVIIRGNY.
'C84IBATIDI ..4 JlUIU.T. All roau leadis, t;o the Weet ud SW f'r. VllINlVIL Wftre
, .. ......l"J' ..d'is g!'Hi; .tr.cth 1Jl thia a.otor. !ad Batta11ca
:.,,_.- 11" All' """on ,1... to cnat a4,.....,..
\/ .
I' ....
20 August .ont'd
. Known damage to enemy was 5 Mark V tanks and 5 tOwed 75mm AT guns and 8 trucks.
It. was estiJllated that 150 enemy k11led and WOUIlded. 2nd Battalion casual.t1es were
, men wounded, no vehicles damaged. .
1st &l., as part of Division Reserve force, moved to vic1n1ty 1. mil.e SIr of
YBRNEIUL late in _the afternoon and general.1y were behind' the right co1.umn.
RecOlUl&issance CQIlpany generally was. on reconnaissance m18&.1ODS ,to the flanks.
2nd Plat. was bombed and straffed by mistake by allied planes vicinity I.E URILS
and sutfered 1 killed and 6 wounded.
':':' Regiment (less 1st and 2d lkl's., and Ren. Co.) plus attachments,
..(CGIltinued the attack early in the morning &8 CC"B right col)llll1. Col.umn crossed
...:'" . bridge vicinity 11)5636S in the face of light enemy resistance and by-passed VERNBIUL
""W."' the right (EAST). Continued Cro&S-COlmtry advance against strcmg enemy dela11Dg
. actiOn by enemy artillery, A.T, 'wnebelwrfer", and small. arms fire
.' . 5d Battalion leading the right column advance cilDtinued the advanC4f and deepite
stiff enemy opposition was able to cut and block all roads into BRETUIL tnm the East
and Northeast and to consolidate these positions before night. Enemy counterattacked
3d Battalion position about 2300B but were repelled with artillery fire aS8istance.
Positions were held throughout the night.
2d BattallGll as part of CC"B" left column,' COIltinued ita attack fl"Wl the ri.ciD1ty
of PULLAYagainst strcmg enemy pos1t1G1ls GIl t4e LAIGLB-VDBEUIL road. 2d Batt.11on
.... w.s releived fram its position vic1n1ty PUIUY by elements o:t Dlvis1G1l Beaane at
. about 1450B and moved via ST. VICTOR SUR AVEE-OOISSY' LB SB.CBU.UCHII, tbe.
. reat of CC"B" into an us_bly area SI o:t BRE'l'EUIL.
1st Battalion still in Divisiol'l' Reserve moved to ana' South of GRABO'l'S. Battalion
was part of main body of DivisiGll Beserve. Outpo8ted 'rioin1ty that night.
22 August.
Regiment (leas 1st and 2d &1'a., aDd Ren. C.) with atW+=ts .c&*1daue4 tbe'
attack as the right torce in the The right foroi cro8eed the MOaB
: ad ITml rivera, bloc
ng rom. between the ITCIr RIVER CCllCBIS to PNnDt __
" .ovaaent to the _t. ad BatwU. advaoe as ude dt.bGat 1Dc1dc'l; ..,..'1; t_
eccass1GDa1 art1lleZ'7 tire. . ..
. 2d. Battal1CID aa part ot CC"!- force ude the u.1D CI'08a-couat17
to the REOLOIR riTer in the vic1D1t7 RJ8I&IO. 1'h1s twoe tabliWhed block. to
the North. Bast and 'Sot1tb ot ,CCllaIBS, ac1 ..tabU... mi4c-""" _ the qrib
dele of the REULOIR aver in tbe dcd.D1't7 flit Sf &DR.>....... fJDPIe4 north
of CCIlCHES but miss1ClD was hal'd.t1lhUDc. Id. Batt.al1___
........ 1. Officer killed, fa .. 1NNDCIed, 1 __ __ 18111; (QW 0..). ad Bat.".
m 'teak 250 pri...r. -" JauJaked\_t ll1uk n, . 8:".', ad 6'.illS ......
l.t BattaliGll as Jdvmae.G1ardtor DL'T,l1l&. .-v.,.-.nd. tz. .. ".
8RABCJ.[S. -..cie ccmtact nth -IIV .anate .a4 m.oad .. 1 JIuok ,....... BL.......
'"1II1d GUtposted at BO'laMS. BItaGaDd_..... 1d.8d .r ftH'NI.___d a.Jl'
.eour1't7 t .. CC"BW force. act ..... tIle .....a1- tait.CI&Ui.DI the. ut. ;
13 4PSl1ft,. .,'
Regiment (less 1st and Sd Ib' and Ran r..) plUII the i'
attack early in the 1IOnWiI' .. .aT .. 'liiJi1P\ ?orce fj_L_.
CO"!-.' Objeotive ... I.E "JIIUBIIIIG aD4 to .'blIICIt, ail .... ....., '., ' .
: tea Ro. 2 tolls4 o..t !.- 10. 1 ..................:... .tiu'tW.tIae ! '.,
........ 1IOl"th_bT NW ad ...... .. ... ,..1... .. f:l
UIJ'l' Cl4JCIIIR POllDS ....
... ....
to tbe Y1G11a1t;t fl. __ .

' ....\ : .
. . .' ..... .,,,,' ."
II" <'1" I
23 AuGst COO1t'd
Battilian was part ot Ccabat Tuaa No. 2 and advanoed al.ost without 1110id..t.
p eIlemy oolumn .a observed preoeeding NW ed the leati., el._ta opell8d tire aIld
return tire. Enemy there arter was -.iDly oroll-couatr,y.
3d Battalion suooeeded in working arOUlld LB NlilOBOORG to the ...t and aut and. blocked
all road_ leading to eut North and Northeast of ta..Ue _gaging stifi' _say
resistanoe by artillery ri re and taak tire. 3d BattaliOll loat :5 tanks ia thil op.ratloa.
C. o. Id Rattali on orzanlr.:ed a mall t"lk toroe to a"aok _.y. Atta lauaohed
wi th artlll.ry support. and enellY wal ctri ve11 baok. Shortly after thia, 2 _.-, llark V
tanks attempted tc .soap.. One was booked out, the othezo .a1\ag.d to get a-.y.
Sd BattaBon destroyed a total of' 7 GIlamy tankl, truck., a Halt-track whiole.. 76
_emy killed, 130 prisonerl were taka. .A.t 2400B a large foroe of' el'1eJ!1y baab.ra dropped
flares over 3d :9attaLoa area and bombed ill theizo vioinity. 3d Battalioa luti'ezoe4 .0
2d Battalioe as part ot CC"B" Coabat Teaa 11, I.t a patrol into CONCRBS '!Nt
I enemy had wi thdram. Mond to vioinity I.E NI1JBOO RG (11):5t82 '). ' 2d. Battal ioa j oim..d
torces with Tuk Foroe f'zo<a 28th Int. DiuaiOll ad out and blooked all roadl l.adia,
South ..nd SW fr(31 LE NWBOORG. 2d Battalion allO ... i. vioinity ot CT8ftiWl Air Foroe
bombing that night and reoeived no c .. aualti Reported that _1' bomba l.aaded ca the
Geman politiOBS. 2d BIL., had no carualt1e. and de.troyed 2 Jlark III Sp 1"- gwal,
1 Mark.; IV tank, :3 and took .S prilOilerl. 1at Battaliea ....adi_, 81__t ot
Dinaim Reserve Main body ill their ad'ftAce ....roll to the 'IB 11)126" towarda
LB NtliSWRG. 20 prisoners _re taken atter aearoh ot woodl 1_ bi'9OUao area.
Se78ral outposts established that a1gBt reoeiv.d ....y baabinc but DO
1 c .. sualties. Reoonnailsance Caapaay contiaued DB CCB adion. ot reoaaaal....o
. i:
.ecm.c.aissance Canpany c .. ptured 166 pri.CIIl." duzoia, thi. aotiaa ..4
, I
later O'.lt!?osted with 3d BIl. 61th for the night. '
24 August
_ , lI.eDta of the 28th Int. Diw.aioa .oYed up cluriag aipt 21-2. Augu.t ..d be..
rel1e7.l:n.g us .. t firlt light taking over all zooad. bloak.... po.i1;1C11.. Repa..t. 1...
l.t end 2d BI1 f , and li,cIl. co.. with attaoba_t, ooati.uec! the ad.,... abaa" 1000.
with the Bai ioa to d ecure. and cOIllo11d..te the li.e 11>1'888 .. to .x"88
lfozotheast to TCURVIL1& U CCUP!GNI. 1 Platoea 6'th .&.R lea. Co. atta*ect to Bepuat.
A s.all ta.k tozoce preoe.ded the CO"B" ao. "I 81th AR ..d 1 platoaa Iftb 1aR.
Co. wre ill tht. ta.k toro.. Taak toree adftJlced .. LDIIJBClJRG to t1a. ...t ..4
",aahed and held a poaitioa 111 ,.eral doinity lI>"9,' OOT.ri., th. lett t1aak ot the
right oolumn. At 06SOB. 3 Geraan tJ"l1oka approaobe4 a roa4 blotk aailltalaed b7 el___
at 3d BIl. 67th ARe "Iault Plat.CII ope_ up at 0108. raag. M4 dtr07e4 all wldel
and killed all en..,- 1, who tak_ prir. At 10101 14 BIL. aowd ot Regim_tal oolumn (Cct'B" !llpt 001__) 1a a beav' nia. aoute...
oountry trca Vioinity CROSVILtB LAS VIEILLB, bet._ DOTCI(UI ..4 LA taC -
U Cc.wP.A.GNi. stubbol"ll 1Il.-y ....i.tao. 1Il0OUll:t.Nct diaria& .... .trn ado..
24 aattalica a. part ot CC"J" lett 001.. (ccabat 1'e. fl.) &4...08d _til Idiaa of
tald.g BClJRG'MEB.a1LDI. 1tliGD __,ed at 1010 ..4 2d BII. a...oed to ana 11111
I ot LI NmiBCCRG (11)21855) aacl took up detive poaiti.1 ,rewat D7 ...plaa
to the ealt. Consid.rable _..,- ",.-it1ca ..4 a4 Ill. booked oat I Ma. m'
, S, 1m. gull" 1, SP 88. 8 tN.' 21 pri.aca.". 1.15 1a.,.:U_ .. 1.
, .... area al preuou.. aay aad aata-.a.. CNt,oaU. ..0.-.1....0. 0Qap&Il1 ..
,.. ,.. cllaria, dq 011' reoClllll&1....c...4 ftak CNd" atiea.... 01_. up til. ,;'.5;;
. Jl!PUVILLB - a&MPJ.GlB.' ..,." ' , '.,,';
. ..-- --_.

25 AUl;st 1944.
egtment less detachment8, still as part of CC ItBIt foroe oontinued the mission
blooking all roads and the area.. Some patrol activity. 'Janadian and
Br! t1 sh troops passed through our area as advance elements towards ELBEAUP'.
26 August 1944.
Regiment less detachments. still holding same area, l'faiting to be relieved in
thia .ector by elements of the Canadian 7th Brigade, 3d Inf'. Div. Regiment pre
paHd for movement to the area SW of MANTES GASSICOURT.
27 AUlist 1944. .
iament (- 1st Bn.) moved as part of CO "Bit to the area SW c: MANTES GASSICOURT
, SUR EURE - PAOY SUR BUR! and assembled generally in vioini ty R463644. No enemy
moved, as part of Divisior Reserve, to area east of PACY (R636480).
28 August 1944. .
Regiment, less 1st and 3d Battalions, R(lonnaissanoe Company, was alerted to be
prepared to oross the SEINE RIVER and assemb.Le in the area ST. N.ARTIN LA GARENNE
PA.LL.UNVILLE - GUERNES and be prepared to continue advanoe to the north and Northeast.
Route. Vio. R463644 - R470390 - ROSNEY SUR SEINE. did not oross this day.
2d Battalion a8' part ot CO ItBIt oontrolled foroe, crossed SEINE RIVER about
DOon and went into an assembly area in rear 79th Int. Div. front line..
1st Battalion remained same location and was relieved trom Division Reserve
oommand and was attached to CO ItBIt as reserve.
29 AugU8t 1944.
Regiment waa in support of the CO "sit Intantry attack on this day.'
3d Battalion was ordered to attack on lett flank ot 99th Int. Bn., NW to the
hard road vioini ty R5874. 3d Battalion seoured objeotive at 164OB.
Regiment (- 1st and 3d Battalions and RecoJmaissanoe moved late that
afternoon to an area about two (2) miles South ot LA. EN VEnN.
18t Battalion, 67th AI moved duriD& the evening to aBsembly area just West
Reoonna.18anoe Oompany moved ahead of 3d Battalion to vioinity of MAGNY EN VEnN
.. and held this position in the taoe of 8tubborn enemy resista,noe until elementa of
3d Battalion, 67th AR arriwd to reinf"orce them.
- 1st and 3d Battalions and ReooDDAiasanoe Company) plus attaohments,
00 - Lett OolWllll aDd resUlD8d the attaak early in the aorning.
2d Battalion, as leading element at lert OolUIID, atter overoomng initial
"ai_taDOe in the 't'1.cinity of JIOITAGJY Ell VIUII pushed rapidly forward to the vioinity
, at OH1UMOllT EN VEnN, where it .._ held up b! .. 814tt hOltile reaijtanoe at the river
orossing in that viohd.ty. .
. 1st Battalion. 67th.All pushed aor08S the _treua emir 8. bridge about ODe (1)
II1le We.t .of 'AY (Il7788) aIld seaured the bigi:& groUDd to the north. Regi_nt tollowed
tbe l.t Battalion, uros. ud 1RcmId to rtoiDi ty R8996.
3d Battalion. as part ot 00 "9- i1pt" Columa, ad_Med through I'LEURY and
ODPlI to the 'rioinity ot DBLUGB. BMm,y rest.,taaa.e .WUIU-t-ud At
rlltI8US-, .3d BRt-al1oil lie&-.y e .,. H8lstanee. Town.... captured along
tiTe (6) tOaci Ilea guu, MTeral Ugbt vehiale. and T8ra1
.. _-}-'_.....:........ ... ...:........ .. .. '"
, -<'
. .
51 August 1944. ......
Regiment (- 1st and 5d Ins and Ben Co.) plus attachments continued tne u1vrulce
asoo -B- Left Column and was delayed by poor roads anc:i reached the THERAIN RIVER
about noon light enemy resistance was met.
2d Battalion, as part of Left Column, advanced lDltil. enemy encountered at
BRESLES. Enemy was taken under fire and withdrew. Leading elements surprised a
-nebelwerfer- group at REMERARCHES and destro,yed it.
Lack of suitable crossing forced the Left Column to .follow the Right Column over
the bridge just north of VILLERS ST SEPULCRE. Left Column again turned north passing
west of BRESLES Totrard FAY ST QUENTIN to aboid the AT fire coming from vicinity BP:ESLES.
()ice past BRESLES, Regimental Left Column advanced rapidly via EULLES - C/.TILLION _
ANSHUVILLES - CANNES - WELLES where it bivouaced, outposted and roads
.for the night.
1st Battalion passed to DivisiGll P.eserve with mission of advancing between CC "A"
an the right and CC tlB- em the left. No enemy contact was made.
NOTE: This operation continued through 2 September 1944. liurther details will be
found in DBport, this HeadQ.uarters, tor month of' September 1944.
Breakdown. of enemy equipment and persamel losses claimed by 67th Armored Regiment
tC1r operations for the month of August 1944.
&1. I &1! I 3d :&1! I Ren. Co. Total
150Dm GlDl HOif. 0 0 6 0 6
liODm ROlf. 0 0 0 0 0
88mmGun 2 6 4 6
75mm Gun 2 5 2 0 7
- I
0 0 0 r 0 0
20mn Gun 5 0 0 0 5
5 .2 0 0 5
5Qom Gun 0- 0 0 0 0
17Dmn Glm 0 C

0 0
l.05mm Gun 0
0 C 0
4Qnm Gun 0 0
2 0 2
Gun, rocket 0 0
0 0 0
Bazooka 0 0 0 0 0
, ,
Light )I) 0 0

0 0
Caissons 0 0

0 0
AT Guns (towed) 0 0 1 0
JIlt VI Tanks 0 0 1. 0
Mk V Tanks 1 12 4 6
Mk IV Tanks 0 2 15 2
Ilk III Tanks 0 6

Half tracks 7 S 9

Trucks, large 6 51 19
AlDbul.ances 1. 0 0

Sedans 4
0 0 0
1/4 Tm Trucks 5
0 0 5
Motorcycles 0 0 2 7
Trucks, small 0 0 0 4
Volkswagen 0 0 0
Armd Cars 0 0 0

jrt;y Pieces 0 0 0 1.
..:. 10
, \

. _.
~ J i ''''''.
claimedby' 67th Armd Re'tt contfd.
1 . f
, ~ s t En. , 2d En. I 3d En.
I Ren. Co. ' Total
Mk II Tanks o
I 0 r 1
Bicycles o
I 0 I 185
o 185
Trail.ers o
, 0
o 2 2
Launcher, Rocket o o o 1 1
JDemy killed
, 15
r 575
Captured or wounded 50 I 385
.. /; ...
" ,
.. ...


I 0 \'
.._----r- ,_;""1<-::---. .---- ___.--.
,. --.-,-- - ... ,,

". .. ,....
Ottioo or the Dimi_
APO 252
15 oetobel" 1944
S'OBJICf. fran..itta1 ot Aftor Aotiol1 Report ot S'uborcUnflte Unit
to C..-zLd1llg Goneral. XIX COrpi.
APO .'10. lit. ArI9'
1. frauaittec1 herewith is .ftor .aetiOll .port ot 6fth Armored
.Cia. tOI" aa:ath or Sop'_ber. 1944_
'01" tho C__nd Goneral.
Uter AGtiOlll Report - e1th Araored Reg_at
370 (AG) 1st Ind.
HQ. XIX. COHPS, APO 270, US Army, 17 Oc t 44.
TO: CG, First US Army, APO 230, US Army.
For the Commanding al:
I (.. 4,c..{ jift.tH .
Lt. Col AOO
Adj utant Genera 1
"R/' .
i", .1 JP 0

' I , .., l' , \T' ,. ,
fl.. 0 : ,,'
Incl: oJ
... '- .. , . i After Action Report
67th Armd Regt (Quad)
- -

_. ,__ ...-..-. ._ _.. 1._-_."-"- __ .
.- ... "
.'.... ,.
APO 252. FOO'DUSTm H. Y., N. Y.
10 October 19JJ.
In general, the operations tor the 67th Armd Regt;. during the month ot
1944 was the advance, as part; of ccnBn torce. through Belgi_, and to the
1 67th A:iwl Regt. begaa. operations at O73OB as lett. co11all ot CCRBII in accord
ance with F.0. #2S. Force consisted ot Res:t-ntal Hq. and Hq. Co. 67th AR.; 2nd
Bn 67th AR.; let an 41st Int.; Co. nc
702 T.D. Bn.; with 62Dd F.A. Bn in support.
A.ctvance started from general vicinit7 FERRIERRES (S.W. lDll'DIDIER). InitialJ.
the attack was slolr in getting started due to enem.y AT guna covering the axia ot
adV&JlCe, aDi mortar tire. In addition, gasoline trucks d1d not get up to the
area in time to gas all tanka and vehicles, and this Caused scme delay in 2nd Bn
67th All being reac17 to move out. on time. P.rior to time ot attack, lst Bn 41st DF
was torced to move trcm their assembly positions due to heavy mort;ar fire 8Ii AT
gun". Advame elements moved out at 091 SB. They engaged the enelD strong-point
am forced him to withdraw. The advance progressed in good order, and when enem.r
was engaged by the advance guard, the column coiled ott the axis. In some in
stance. it was possible to see .the ccnBn rifPt column moving on our right. They
seemed to be the same type ot enemy as this force. In the advance, DI&1\V'
eDeIl' infantry were seen moviDg oft to our tlanks, and into the woods. Succeecling
elements were notifiec1. The enem.,y to the tlanks ottered no opposition and were
not pursued, as our mission was to advance and take the objectives prescribed.
By mid-da,y the column was advancing almost without. opposition. Axis ot advance
EN SANTERHE - FONTAINE LES CAPPY. At 14308, leading elements 2nd Bn began coil
ing up T1c:Ln1ty 455S65 (DOJa>IERHE) on order C.O. 67th AR. Received intormatioft
that right column had advanced about as far as this column, and were reported to
have reached ''UBP }ilase line on their axia, in the v1cinity A.SSEVILLER8. Ben.
elMnents working ahead ot advance reported on bridges crossing canal to our north.
They were also meeting eneDV opposition in form of road-blocks, and dug-in WaDtry
strong points. Ren. eleJDIm.s succeeded in clearing bridge suitable for our cross
ing, and took same prisoners. Column moved out again to crose CANAL DE LA SOI4ME.
Column cleared bridge at 2200B at 452602. Ren. elements had previousl de.tended
this bridge by heavy tighting, and cleared it .tor passage ot the armored column.
Column moved on and arrived in assembly area tor the night, at about 233<E
vicinity 534688 (HE. COMBIES). preparations tor attack next day were started
1mmediatel and Operational Memorandum dated 020Q45B was issued in place ot a
Field Order. Memo issued also showring areas and sections ot responsibility.
2 Sept,.: Regiment with same troops as on previous day moved outaga1n as left column
of CC"B" advance. Difficulty was experienced with getting sufticient F & L
up to the tanks and other vehicles, so they coufd be filled prior to daylight.
Due to the rapid advance, the supply route was long and much of the advance was
cross-country. Available F & L was distributed evenly', with priorit7 to the tank
and other combat vehicltfs. Shortly after moving out leading elements contacted
triendl,y Ren. elements. Order of march same as previous (see F.0.#25). Advance
ot column WaS almost without any enem.y contact, until ,mid-atternoon when leading
elements 01' 2nd Bn, Ren. Co. platoon and T.D. 's in advance guard engaged an
enemy column. Artillery was in support. 35 enemy vehicles knocked-out and approx.
1matela' 150 dead. Ren. elements working ahead, made enermy contact, but .
enemy forces were evidentl3' withdrawing ahead of our advance. .A.xis ot advance was.
generall7 initial area vicinity 534688 (HE CamIF,s) - BERl'IHCOURl' .. II>UVRES - nlCHY -
- - AUBICJrr - FRESSAIN - assembl1' area vic1l1ity 766008 (2 1/2
miles S.W. AUBERCHICOURT). Gasoline shoart:.age was becoming very serious. Reason
-1-' (J 'Y
was given that supply- was far behind the tront. Possibility that advance would have
to be stopped until the gasoline situation was normal. No g"cl.soline was available
at this time to refuel any of the vehicles. Tanks had an average of about 10-15 operation left on fuel. OVerlay dated /J224I'/$ issued for defense of area for
the night 2-3 Sept.. 1st Bn 41st had been detached from Reg_ntal control and
moved up under CC"B" take over defense ot river bridge at IlARCHIENNES.
:3 Sep:..: Regiment, less 1st am 3rd Ens., Rcn. and )It. Cos. remain ed same location with
orders to clear adjacent wooded areas and set up road blocks to our rear and take
the precautions to prevent infiltration through our lines by erLelq groups, Who were
kllOW'n to be to our South and West. These small enemy forces had been by-passed aDd
were attemptjng to get back through to the German lines. They were disorganized
groups, travelling mostq at night and hiding during the day. Gasoline situation
still remained critical. Defense plan was continued for the area.
4 Sept..: Regiment, less 1st and 3rd Bn., Rcn. Co., Mt. Co., remained in same location.
Maintenance of vehicles and rehabilitation of personnel ordered for the day. During
the night 3-4 2nd En 61th AR took about 15 P.W.'s, who had been in the woods
East of them. All road blocks were ordered to trepare necklace typs mines tar
quick use in event. of approach of enelI\Y vehicles. "I & R" Platoon, Hq. Co. made
several missions to the :f1anks to clear areas and pick up information. Friendly
French Marquis reported enell\Y group 1n the vicinity.
5 SeJi..: less and 3rd Bns., Rcn. Co., and Mt. Co. remained in same loca
tion conducting maintenance and preparations for resuming combat. Enough gasoline
received am distributed for about 60 miles operation.. Field Order #41 CC"B" re
ceived for operati0n8 starting 6 SeJ*.. RegWnt issued Field Order #25 dated 5
Sept;. for this 0J:eration.
6 Sept..: Regiment,less lst and 3rd Ren. Co., and Mt. Co.,with let Jan 41st Int.
1 Platoon 702 T.D. Bn. attached, and 78 th F.A. in support, advanced at (ffOCJJ to
wards East on route as the right column force ot CC"B". Axis ot advance
generall3 assembls area 76bOOO - AUBERCHICOURT - ABSCON - DENAlN - VALENCJENNES
CHASTRE - 870263 - to vicinity 908305 (vicinity ORBAIS). No eneIIV comact made.
Halt was made due to tanks running out ot fuel. Column coiled at about 1300 for
defense ani a.waited gasoline supJ>l. Refueling was later accomplished and head
of column moved out at 2000B. March continued with no ell8ll\V' opposition and
assemb13 area vicinity 906304 (mOREMBAIS; JI'. TRONO) was reached short.13 mid
night. Overlay designating area ot responsibility issued at 2<XXm. F.0. 1/26 for
o}.'erations 7 were issued at l700B during the hal. 1n the aft.ernoOD. No eneJV'
activity during the night.
7 Sept..: Reg1m!rt., less 1st and Jrd Ens., Rcn. Co., and lit. Co., with detachments as
stated remained in same area. Gasoline was not yet avail&ble tor 1'8
fuel.illg aJi was not expected untU aft.ernoon. Orders were issued to all suD
ordinate units to camouflage complete13 and take all around security measures.
Adjacent areas were to be cleared of possible enelD7. Road blocks already established
to be maintained. Enemy air was reported active and orders were issued to units
tor continuous air lookout. Several reports received by friend13 French ciyilja
ot groups in vicinity. C.O. ordered Rcn. and tank elements outl.but no eD8IV
were lDcated. Orders receivecl CC"B" th at same securit1lD8asUl'es woUl.Cl be maiD
tained in area overnight. Plans tor def ense submitted to CC''B". Alerted at 2.3JQB
for movement next dq, F.0. to tollDw. Also redeived report that triend:q infantry
(assumed to be 30th Int. Div) would be moving up on our rigbt during the nigbt..
CCIIIDalld No activity dur1ng the n.1gbt.
- 2
8 Regiment less 1st and 3rd Bns., Ren. Co., Itt. Co., withlst Bn 41st Int.,
platoon "B" Co. 17th Engrs., Platoon 702 T.D. Bn., and 78th F.A. Bn in support
or at 0806 as CC"B" right, collllln to advance to the north and east on
route prescribed to an initial 8ssembl area East of YORK. Route of advance
generall CR at 943344 - GLIMES - HUPPAIE - NODUWEZ - IJNSMEAU - LANDEN - sr
TRam - area vicinity 244552 (Regimental C.P.). Rcn. elements pre
ceeded column by some distance. Jlarch was normal, and no eDeDV contact made.
Just East ot St. Trond, several 1/4 tons belol'lgUlg to J..JJth Cav. Squadron and
2 TeD.'s belonging to 803rd T.D. Bn were passed. These vehicles had been des
troyed in combat and iii waa evident that UDits bad been in this
v1ciDity ahead of QI. Coharl closed in area about 1300B. Orders were issued
:immed1.ateJ,y for hmlediate diapersion, camouflage ot all vehicles, and air
look-oul; .Hel.g1an civiljans very tr1end17 during entire advance as on pre
viou Road blocks were sent out and cordiact made with adjacent troops.
Patrols were ordered out to Soulih and East tlank. (See F.0. HZ! tor opera
tions S Sept). lBt Bn 418t Int reverted to CC"B" control.
9 Sept.: RegimeDt leas 1st and 3rd &s., Ren. Co., )ft. Co., remained 1nnaam8 area
and set up detensive read blocks, Pltrolling and reconnausance. Adjacent
units contacted. Engr. Platoon "Bn Co. 17th EDgr. Bn. reverted to 17th Engr.
contro. T.D. platoon reverted to 702 T .D. Bn control. As other units ot CC"BtI
and D:H.iaion moved :into this vicinity orders were issued tor sectors ot re
sponsibUity aM ratrol. .. EneDV in vicinity, reported North ot the AIJ3ERT
CANAL. Dil:ision Ren. "Bn. "and other elements of the Division were -.king con
tact and reconnoitering for crossUtgs. No contact. No operations.
10 Sept..: Regiment same as on Sept. 9. Day s}:8nt on maintenance and rehabilitation.
Patrolling carried out during hours ot darkness.
11 Sept.: Regiment with same troops remained in bivouac. liaintenance and rehabili
tation continued.
1 2Sept.: Reg1mlnl; with same troops remained in bivouac. One medium taJlk Co. 2Dd
Bn 67th placed on one hour alert, and. one light tank platoon placed on 20 min
ute alert for possible the front to support 3rd Bn 41st Inf'. engaged
vicinity ALBERr CANAL. Received. orders at 16388 to send the light tank plat.
up to 3rd. .l:Sn 41st. Also the medium tank com}:aDl' was to iollow as soon as
poasiblJit. Tanks arrived to support Infantry at 221SB, but were not engaged.
C.O. al.erted Forward C.P. to be read1' to awe out; at 0800B 13 Sepl;. in til!
event of operatieu by eur tanks supporting the Infantry.
13 Sept.: Reghart. less 1st and 3rd Bns., Ren. Co., and lit. Co., remained in bivouac
morniDg 13 Sept on one hour alert. to move. Alerted to begin movement at 1430B
to new assembl1' area at vicinity 40552'7 (vicinity HCImROEK). Tentative opera
tional plane were to put 67th Taelc Force across bridge being built by engineers
onto the "Island" West of l4A&S'l'RICHl', the ATBERt' CANAL, and MEUSE river.
ljridge was constructed under enem.y tire at 545475. This plan was to be carried
out in COnjunction with a prorl.eional Bn. ot the l2Ot.h Int' (30th Int. Div).
The Provisional Int. Bn. hact alread1' crosaeci iDl;o the Southern pP.rt ot the
'IIsland". 67th Task Force was to cross and attack North on the West, abreast
ot the PreY. Int. Bn. and clean out the "Island", and secure croea1ngs tor
cenA", who wre tigbtiDc their wq East on the Barth sUle f4 the AI:aE9!l' CANAl
ce"A- .as -et.1I3& fierce eD8JD7 res18tance. Reg1ma1lt; was alert tar combat
to eDcute the CC." plan, and .aitins tor t1naJ. CCnB' F.0. Reg:1D8nt.
xw.1Ded OIl ODe hour alart. D1tt1culty at the bridge cancelled movement plaDa
tor the ciq. Ia the _aat._, the ProviaioDILl Infantry Bn. l2Ot.h Int. attacked
North up the "Islas" aa:l were well on the wq in clNn1ag the South halt of
eJl8JQ'. Onr],q 1.88" at 202<8 tar deteue ot the area tor the n1&bt, and

:1 ' "
,.. :
..- ) ,...
patroll1D&. Regiment remained in aase vicinity 405527 (East ot
for the night;. No o.-ration8.
14 Sept..: Reg:lmalt remained in a88embly area at 40552'lalerted for combat and awaiting
CC"B" Field Order for operationa. CC"B" Field Order receiVed in afternoon.
Keg:lmes iasued F.0. #28 at .l.6ooB. which na for the opeationa ot a 67th AR Task
Force to cross into the "Isl.aDd" and attack Nort.h abreast the l20th Int Pro
Tiaional Bn. Task Force composed ot 67th Aft less 1st and 3rd .tSM., Rcn. Co.,
" )ft.. Co., with "G" Co. 4lat Int. and one platoon "B" Co. 17th Engrs. attached.
Arrangement8 made to attach one medium. tank: platoon to 8UPport the Provisional
Intantry Bn. Information was received that the bridge would not be completed
untU next morning. No operations this date.
15 Sept.: le88 1st and 3rd Bna., Ren. and }.ft;s. Cos., with previous attach
ment. 8tamingby on l/2 hour alert. to move across bridge and attack North in
III8land" (See F.O. #28, l4 Sept). Bridge construction still going slow. 1201;h
Int. Provisional BIl. proceeding with the:1r attack t40rth up the II Islandll and had
cleared the IIIsland" to a point. East ot MAASTRICHT by 1300B. They were to con
tinue on without 67th Aft Ta8k Force. Est:imated bridge would be readJ' at about;
l6OOB. C.O. ordered leading eleMDts 2nd Bn. 67th Aft to move out at 15<X>.tJ to
C1'088 bridge. Regimental C.P.- moved to intermediate assembly area vicinity
K 473476 and moved out at 2030B to tollow Div. Artillery acrOS8 bridge. Regi
Dalt crossed bric:lge without between 2300B and 2400ts. Regimental C.P.
at 545500 about 1 l/2 miles S.W. IIAAS'l'RICH'l'. Unita alerted to be ready' to
move out at 0530B in the morning.
16 Sept..: le8s let and 3rd BA8., Ren. Co llt. Co.,with the 8ame attachments
moved at Q6oo,t; and closed in new area a t C1730B at K 598525. pa8Sing through
llAASl'RICH'l' 2nd Bn leading element8 had advanced to vicinity 625535 and
ed to reconaoiter tor a crossing over the GEUL river. .!:fridges had been blOll'll
aDd ell8lQ' were in detenaive poaitioll8 on North aide The terrain made it
vinuall3' impossible for anyone to approach to croas without being under ellUlT
observation and tire. Engineers decided. to throw treadW'ay across the double
stream at 639540 where original bridges were blown. Sa. delq was caused wait
ing for the engineer equipoent to arrive. The br:1tige construction waa done by
IIBn Co. 17th Engrs. arter the Infantry CompaDl" attached to 2nd .tlD (IIGII Co. 41st
Int) had secured a bridgehead. The Engineers worked UDder continuous mortar
ani art; Ulery tire, aM the bridgehead was not too great. 2nd Bn had tank
elements placed in strategic positions to cover the bridgehead, and was in
colltinuoua f:ire contact with the eD8JDT dug in on the North side. Air support
and art.ille17 support were directed on en... positions. This concentrated tire
Caused the eDem1' to start a withdrawal late in the afternoon and the air and
artUle17 support was continued. The air worked the targeta over continuouaq
aDd theSr support was excellent. At 1930B the Engineers had completed
the first bridge aM were able to on the second. l"irat bridge had a span
ot about 40 teet aM the second bridge about 25 teet. Complete bridge was
in tile earll' eveDiDg but it waa too late to IIOve &l\Y ot the tank
elaneDts across. .!:fridgeb.ead was held by the IntaDtr;y for the n1gbt
1t1th all other weapuB 111 BUpporli. Regimental C.P. remained at K 598525. ccnBn
F.0. #4S received tor operations on 17th Sept. Reg:lmeat d:lA not issue a F .0., the consn '.0. with a JD8JIOrand-, to C.0. 2nd Bn that one _eli.
tank compaq would remi.1n on our side ot the bridge a8 reserve, and would
move aero.s OIl order C.O. 67th AR.
17 Sept.: Reg:1me1lli les. 1st & 3rd Bne, Ren Co Mt. Co., with a_ attachmerxt.s pre
Pared to pub acree. the stNail aa:l attack tlw en.,.. Report received trca
C.O. 2Dd BIl 6'/t;h Aft at CIlO4B that Ren. was out teel1n& out the eDIIV aIJd that
--_." .- ---. .'.
_ . .....&:___ ..:..: . .. ... ..... .. .. ----.--:..

the tank elements were ready' to move across. The bridgehead area was still re
ceiving 170 to 24Qw eneJQ' tire. ,t 0826B the first of the tanks began moving
across. Rcn. out in tront was drawing considerable small arms tire. At
09OOB, 2 platoons ot ''E'' Co. medium ta nks were across and moving to their pos
itions for the attack. 'J.'he tanks moved out to cover the intantl7'. At 093(8,
one platoon of light. tanks were aleo across and moved to }rotect the flanks.
En.. was organ:1siDg a detenee along the RR tracks about halt-mUe
North ot the crossing. The attack advanced with the intant17 support
ing the advaree of the tanka. t;jy llOOH all ot "E" Co. was acroas and a short
time later, all ot ''B
Co. light tanks ( - 1 Plat.) were aCI'OSs. The tanks
had reached a line along the main road just South ot the RR tracks, at about
1145l:S. They were under constant en8ll\Y fire and had started to receive direct
tire !rom guns on the right fiar1k:. The air-ground tank was working with the
fonrard elements, and the fighter-bombers were doing an excellent. job ot
close-in support. ',l'he air was stratting and bombing the enem.y aa close as
300 yards trom our laading elements. The infantry' moved to the lett to clean
out woods on the lett flank of the advance. At 12000, C.b. 2nd Bn reported
that the elJ8ml' showed signs of withdrawal. At 12508, tank elementa had reach
ed the main eneDV detense line, am reporlied killing lII&I\Y eneDV during the ad
vance, alii taking q.te a number or prisoners. The advance was slow due to the
tact that :it. was necess&17 to do a lot ot mopping ip ot all houses and
ings before attacking on. Had. there been more ini'antry availab18, the attack
would have been able to Jrogress IDlI3h more The attacking force up to
this. time was composed ot : one Canpany MediUJ tanks; two platoons light tanks,
ani one COlllpaI\Y 41st Int., with the assault guns and mortars of Hq. Co. 2nd Bn..
67th AR, am artillery in 8Upp:>rli. By 1503B, 2nd Bn 67th report:.ed reaching
their objective, which was the high ground vicinity 644573. c.o. 2nd
Bn. reported that his force had shot up a lot ot ell8JDl' infantry, vicinity the
second objective. Regi.mBntal Forward C.P. DIOved to the crossing site and took
an O.P. on the top tloor ot a large hotel building, where observation on FO
gress of the attack was tairJ good up to the 18t objective. 2nd Bn 67th re
ported that they were consolidating on the 2nd objective, betore moving on.
c;.0. received order trom CC"B" to push the attack to objective 3, and secure
there. At 1735B, objective #3 was reached (vicinity KRUIS). Contact was estab
lished with CC"B" left torce, in this vicinity. Regimental C.P. and Headqu&rt
ersmoved to orchard at 630563. c.o. report.ed to CC"B" that force was conso]j,.
dating on objective #3, aM would secure for the night.. Contact was alread1'
established on laft aDd J8trols were out to cont.act ccnA", on the right. C.O.,
Bit Co. sem. light tank }l!ltrol to clear highway through RAAR TO MEEBSEN and con
tact friendlT troops there. Aft interesting may be mentioned at this this.
A determine. elWJV gun crew had remained in hiding, vic1n1t7 RAAR, and SOlll8
time after the attack had passed them, they set up their AT gun, and shot a
ntllJi)er ot rounds at the tanks and other targets, which are visible to thea.
Not one of their shots hit al\1fihing, and the gun was nuickq kmcked out by
our tank fire and art illery. 'the detense ot the area was set up tor the night; ,
aD:i road blocks placed. CC"B" F.0. #46 was received and copies P181Mt4 on to
the subordinate unita without. 1esu1ng a separate Reg1m.ental F.0., since the
attack was to be continued. No UDWnBl events during the DigbI;, ..ept; tor a
tn P I s taken.
lS Sept.: _ Reg:lment with 88118 orgaDisatioDB .. on prevloWl dq .t,arted the attack at
0655A, with a torce ot one Jl8di_ tank Co., 1 l.igIIt tank Co., and 1 Platoon
41st Int., UDder the control ot C.O. 2IId Sa 67th All. First objecti" tor the
day' was high ground at 66060S. F:irst ob .,ecti" was reached at, 08051, aDd
attack continuld. C.P. IIIQY8d up to y1c1n1t7 BUIS, where re88m
torce Was in u..m:q area. In oi"der to keep one _diaa taDk Co. iD l'Uern
C.O. 2nd Bn. alternated the two .edi\D CClilpanies trca 0.. objective to tbe
uexIi. Three el8.,. figbter planes Ca1D8 ewer, but; did DO damage. Reoonaa1saaDCe
- 5
was pushed out ahead to determine if bridge across stream, vicinity 678625,
was blown. Reports later indicated bridge could not be used. Reconnaissance
pushed to crossing at 668634, and this bridge tound to be intact. C.O. order
ed advance eleJl8nts to rout.e the attack over this bridge and then attack East
objective #3 (vicinity pur). Objective #2 taken at l5l8A, and reconn
al.Ssance pushed out.. iVoods in vicinity 2m objective were thorough13 mopped
up. Received information that our tighter-bomber support would be available
at about. 1645A, and. information reJ.a..ved to air-ground tank. Attacldng toree
on our lett. along same general line as our leading elements. Regimental C.P.
at l550A to move up to 682630 (2nd Obj.). 2nd Bn 67th Aft toree , bY'
thl.S time, lBd secured 3rd objective, and were appr;-oaching 5th objective, which
was .ilNTRAKEN. 4th objective, vicinity 705635, was visible from #3, .and 0b
served to be clear, am was covered by tlank ele_nts. At l620J., 2nd BD
67th Aft reported that he WaS ..DUng a patrol up ahead to objective #6 (7l5665
just inside the German border). ThiB crossed into German territory
shortly' later, ani was the first element ot the 2nd Armored Division to enter
uerman soil. Objective 5 secured at about. l6OOA, and the torward elements
continued to move on objective #6. Reg:t.ntal C.P. and Headquarl#ers arrived
new C.P. at 682630, at 1630A. Tank block was sent. back to secure and hold the
bridge at 668633. At l700A, C.O. 2nd Bn 67th AR reported that forward tank
elements had reached objective #6, ani patrols were pushing out to #7 ( Town
of WEHR, GERl4ANY). En8Jlt3' force seemed to be w:i1ihdrawing in front of our ad
vance. Several Xl gun positions had to be cleared out, and. most ot the oppos
ition was enem.Y infantry-, who were killed, capt.ured, or driven ott. (;.0. 67th
Aft ordered a securing force lef't on objective #6, and the advance to continue
.t'latoon of "B" Co. 702 T.D. Bn attached was ordered to move out to objective
#4, secure there, protect the right flank. C.O. 2nd Bn 67th Aft reported
an elllu1I3' force in the vicinity JABEEK, to the right ot theadvance. 2nd Bn
succeeded in tak1Dg objective #7 (WEHR) at aboul; 1900A, and secured there,
after cutting the main highway SlTTARD - GANGElll', with road blocks. Situation
for the remained as to11011's; a holding force was lett on objective 5;
a security force was left to bold objective #6, and the remainder of the combat
ferce secured objective #7. The T.D. block was moved up to secure GROOTDOIIIJWJI,
and one tank section was sent to secure the CR at RAAT, and w:a:Ui
for a contacting toree frcm CC"A" to make contact there. 'rOll. posit:1ons vicin
ity WDm, enemy vehicles and horse-drawn guns or carts could be heard, and
artillery fire was placed. 'l'mre was some sniper fire in WEHR. Civ'J 1'Jans
occupied the tOllfn, but rema1nsd in hiding. ReB'1-ntal C.P. rema1necl lIlorcbarA
at 682630, for tilt nighl;. ccns" Field Order 1147 received late at night. , with
plans for our '.1'ask Force #1 to seize aDd secure objectives 18 (Borth edge ot
woods at 79CJ740); #9 (GANGEl!l'); alii #lJJ (H.ASTENRATH). 1st Bn 41st AIR, which .
had been in combat in the drive on SMARD was to be relieved and move to WBHa
(objective #7), aDi come under Task Force 11 control there. Rep.ntal OYer
la1' 1ss.d at 19Qle.OOA covering the plans tor attack tor 19 Sept. GeMrau.v,
2nd 67th Aft was to contiJlue holding present ground aDi attack 1'4orth through
the woods to secure objective #8. lst Bn 41st AIR upon arrival at WEHR would
attack generalJ.,y East down the WEHR - GANGELT road, dropping ott a torce t. taka
HASTENRA'l'H, on the way. No WlU81Bl occurrences during the n1gbt. 2Dd Sa 67th All
called for arliille17 fire on various e JDOYemeaI;s heard 1D the wocb tenrd8
objective #8, bat tire was DOtobservecl. ED8IIl' &1't1lle17 was tair:" active clur1D&
the day, but otfered no serious trouble. 00"'- on our richt had progressed. te
a line a little ftorth of the OORSBEEK - HJi!&RlBN h1ghwq, and tt. right tlaDk at
'task Farce #1, as sc:aewhat exposed.
19 Sept..: Infantry Co. (-G" 41st AD), with 2nd Bn 67th Aft j-J*l ott at (1100A. to
attack North through the woods aa:l secure objective #8. BaaIII' resistance was
_ almest iDaec1U.tel1'. F.ELeIv was well dug-in lAd ,used clHp world War 1 t;rpe
trenchea. Iloat:t, ..11 a1"II8 and 80M III tire. C.O. 2nd _ 67th reported tbat
a frieDd13 JBtrol had OWl" frca 1& J1Il 67th, operat1q v1c:1nti;y 8lftJBD
ard had made coat&et at WDIIl. At J.OaIA heaV7 .... artUlery luIdecl bet_en
objectivea 6 aai 7. 30 P.W.'a were taken, vicinity IA.B. ot Objective #6. At
117 .
.... ....
1115A infantry had onl,y advanced t. Sout.h edge of woods and entire vic1nitT WaS
receiving heav'7 enelD3' a!"tilleIT. Radio contact was establiahed. with 1st Ba 4l8t
Int. as thaT were approaching WEHR. C.O. 1st Bn. 41st AIR was iDstructed to _et;
U.O. 67th AR in wmR, to go over attack plana. lBt 4lst WaS delayed scme in
JIOY1ng to as they had to pass around South of SITTABD in territory that was
taken, but not yet cleared ot the eDelV. Cd:> plane ordered up to locate the
ell8JlV' artille17 poait1one tiriag 011 us. At ll30A the Wantry had made some pr0.
gress. ''(he el8l7 was showing s18ne of w:l:ttdraring. All, supporting weapons were
being called tor to help the attack. At l43OA, lst Bn 4lat AIR was nearina WEHR
ari C.O. 67th Aft nnt tonard to contact them. received that (;C"J,"
I ,
on OUl" right ... nearing their objective, which was about. 1 mils East of GAtOEUr.
I C.O. 67th AR ordere. one medium taDk platOQD to advance towards GANGEI:r frail
.." iVJ!Bl ari to cont,inue until e .,. contact was made. This platoon did not get tar
betore it was engaged bT the elll8lV, 111 the 1ft)ocls near StETJmSEET.. Regimental
C.P. JIIOV8d to 1705651 (WlR'l'RAKEI). lst!:m 41st Int. starled advance East f'rQlll
WBm at abo\& lh2!/A, and ran into road-blocke in the tom ot trees tel.led. across
the road. ',l'he. blocks were by-passed. In tbl JIIIIanliil8, the 2nd !In 67th Aft
attack on objective #8 was progreesig sat1stactoriq, ard the Want17 WaS be1q
reWorced by tank ele_alis. jjY 1800A the Intant.17 and one medium tank UOiI.}lIUJ1'
bad reached the Borth edge of the woods and were engaging a group of e1'l8JQ' heaV7
cal1ber gWI8 te their front, with the artille17 supporting. Objective #8 was
consolidated. At 1800A; sa 41st J.nt reported that they had reached GAlIZU'
(Objective "9) and had sent. torce to secure HASTENRATH (Objective #10). At
1955A objectives 119 &J'I1 IIlD were secured and outpctsted. At 20l2A, objective
#8 Was seCUl"e. lst Bn 4lat sent; towards objective #8 to make contact.
2nd lSn 67th All had visual contact with tr1sDllq elements of the lett. (let BD 67
Aft with Task ',Force 12) aut selll; 11 p,.trel over to make contact at TWDEBIi. Re
received that Task Force #2 OIl our left. hac:l secured their objective IIBIt
(JaUEH) and nCR (high ground v:i.ciDit7 72C1105). 1st BA 41st IDt established
contact on the r1ght at 2035A. All objectives were secured tor the night. r.o
unusual eveni;s during tor a large nlJDber ot planes believed to
have been friendl.y bombers, Plssed overhead going
20 Sep;.: Reg1meni; received CC"B" Fiald urder #48, ordering the relief ot Task Force
III by elements of Division Rosem. lst dl 41st; bad been reintorcecl in GARGII.:l'
by one madi_ t&Dks troa 2Dd lID 61th AR. Upen reliet 2Id Dn 67th Aft and
1st BIl 4lat Ult would Poss rr. 67th AR control to Div1sion Resem contrel, and
1st; &ad 3rcl DU. 61th Aft would c... uader Regimental control. Reliet .... effect
ed. ab01& l200A and 61th All was relieved ot tbl connaDd ot the sector by OO,oo"B".
Upon examjnatioll ot Jart ot the battlaground North ot ma, it was discovered that
quite a number ot e.... art.1ller7 gUD8 had been kDocked 0&, aDd appl"GJdaate:q
187 e .,. dead were counted. UDder pl"OYUioDS .r CCIIS" F.O. 148, Ilop.nt, less
2ad i;;Il, w.. to ..s_18 in CC." as.OJIbq area, v1c1Dit7 n.DII4II:M (I680S48) &8
by \lCltB" werlay attached, prep-red to exploit a break-thro\1lb.
Division break-through agaiAst. LIRE). 1st andd 3rd a.. .,yecl ..par
atel3' to new area. Reg_ntal Sq. and Bq. Ccwpa"l' JIOYftd rr.. lecatlon at wna
TRAJOiiR J4O()A over rose WIHTllAKlQI - BJ at 6786'13 - S... _ aiA te
- KLIGDUIlU1' - KRUIS - SCJIJWIRT - AAl.B1iR - BllMAJDQI;. - Hr!D - Roga.Dkl
lecation at K683546. 1st J:Il assSlbq area v:1c1D1t7 )[682547; 3m Ba a___
bq area v:ic1D1tT 1692561, ReD. Ce. vicildt7 DOUBEIX (1705548). Ile,:1Mr&al
Headquarters arrivecl D8Ir area at 1552H. Colltil11J8_ a1r.leokout _1ata1aed ..
march. No unusual events c1ur1na the march. celli".rd.erecl 4 react bCk. t. the
North, placed 1a 67th AR sect.. d\11"1Dg hours of .e UDSual ..,.nt.
. ,
during the n1sbt. Ie .,...t1oDa

;J; 2l Sept..: Rep-at, leu 2Dd BD 1D biyouac :l.A __ areaa. Ma1&eDaDCe aid
rehabUit.at1oD start.ed. ,Beacl blAlou ap:iA .rclered. o. at. Ne epera
tions. J, I11IIiMtr of reUll4a et Jarp cal1ber eMiIIIIF .. la...., _ vic1D1t7 dur1atc

............._"_.. ,, ., ...

the night. &\l1eved to have been from German Railroad gun near
GEDJOO<:DWHa. No damage resulted.. No operations this date.
22 Sept.: Reg1ment remained in bivouac area same location. CC"B" F.0. #49 re
ceived. designating a Task Force to be under cOllllDaJ'Jl ot C.O. 61th AR to be
on one hour alart. to move to resist any possible ene". counter-attack from
the Nerth or East. issued F.O. #29 for operations ot the Task
Farce. Jleeting or C.O.' s ot all. organizations ot Task Force was called. by
C.O. 61th AR. Troop! in Task Farce were 61th AR Hq. &: Hq. Co. J 3rd Bn 67th
AR; 1 3rd tin 41st AIR ("I" Co.); Co. "B" 702 T.D. Bn.; Battery "A"
78th !FA Bn.; Co. "A" 82nd Rcn. Bn.; Platoon Co. "B", 17 Engr. Bn. Reg1ment
conducted. extenaive maintenance during NO operatons tor the day and
DO unusual events during the night.
23 Sept.: RegiMnt (-2nd Bn) remained in I!I8JDe area conduct1Jlg maintenance and pre_
par1Dg tor cClDbat. Reconnaillaance conducted for assembll' areas in which to
move Task Force, in the event ot Task Force operation. overlay dated
iesued to units of Task Force showing assemb13 areas and route. No operations
tor the dq. 140 unusual events during the night. C.O. received a tentative
plan trcm ccnBn tor the coming operation.
24 Sept.: Reg:t.nt; (-2nd Bn) realained in 8IUIIB location prePiring tor combat and
alerted tor poss:1bla mov..1di under Task Force CClllJDand.. Reg:1ment issued a:
Teldiative F.O. dated 24 Sept based on CC"B" tentative F.O. dated 23 Sept. fa-
the comiDg operation ot exploiting a break-through by the 30th Infant.ry Division
through the SIEGmoo LINE. Copies issued to subordinate units together with
poss:1bla plan. No operations for the day and no unusual events during the nigH;.
2S Sepl;.: Reg:lmeldi (-2nd Bn) remained in S81118 location prepared for combat. Task
Force organization remained on one hour alert.. No operations tor the day and
no unusual everdis during the night.
26 Sepl;.: Reg:lment (-2nd Bn) remained in same location prepared for combat. Task
Force organization remained on one hour alert.. Enemy planes over short.13 atter
dark, but did not attack. No operations tor the day and no unusual events
d\1l'ing the night.
27 SePi.: Reg:1mlnt (-2nd SA) rema1Dad in same location prepared for combat. Task
Force orgaDization r.ained onone hour alert.. operations tor the day and
.. unu-.l eveDlis during tb.e night.
28 Sepl;.: Reg_at. (-2nd. Bn) remained in s.- location. Task Force organization
NllBined en 0118 hour alert. status. 140 operations tor the dq and no unusual
events during jabe n1&ht.
29 Begu.DIi (-2Dd BA) remained in sa. location prepared tor ccm:iAa oper
at1Gn. Task Feroe organisation reained on one hour alert. status. Secret
Operation )lamoram_ received !rca 00 liB" designating 1st Bn 61th AR and Rcn.
Co. 61th Aft to lIW'e to .. assembJ, area tor the cGIIdJIg eperat:lana under
cens" control. o. platoon lIB- Co. 17th EDgrs. c_ under Reg:J.ntal control
aJXl was attached t. 3rd BIl 61th AR. No operations tor the da7 and no unusual
events during the DiiPt.
30 Sept;.: Reg1ant, less 1st and 2nd Bns., Ren. Co. and. )It. Co,; with Platoon "B"
Co. 17th Eqr BIl. attached remained in same 'location prepared tor coming oper
atioaa. CCIlS" FUld Order ISo received at' 1900A tor the attack aDd exploit
atioa ot t .. break-tbre1l&b b7 t.he 3Ot;h Int&Dtiry Division through the SIEGftUED
LlNE. 61th All, le8S 1st and 2nd BIl., Rcn. Co., 'and Mt;. Co.; with 3rd Bn 41st
1Jll(-"I" Co) ,platooa "B" Ce. l?t,b EDgr. Bn at.t.ached and with ODe plat..
- ~ -
I .-
.' . .
- - ~ -

__ I
nBn Co 702 T.D. Bn in support 11'&8 designated as Task Force 1. Reg:1memal F:lald
order #30 issued at 2000A to subordinate organization- -By ftrbal order CG,
CC"B" one battelT 78th !FA Bn was to jo:iD Task Force 1 cohal enroute. No oper
ations for the cia,. aDd. no UIlUSWll events during the night.
- .
( ~ f )
- -
. ,
_", ':.
i% I
,t---- Fir:'o----

Road "A"
Lt. Lee .
: Fire at 1510
a.s8d Fire 1630
De.troyed Vehicle Block!'ng Road

Direction of U.S.
otor1zed Col
which Preceded Ell
... ColUJBD.
COYered Genan Wi thdra 1
( ot Drawn to Scale)
(Inclosure 1)
__ Intel1ir.:ence -#1835, 9Se, 30 .ar 1945
(, __ ,,::- .... ..,.,f''''''
0- - "'"" .......
J , .: .': .' " "4 V
Technical Report
SUIJeCT fInk - archie.. FraDOe
MO, 1'1;. D2nIPlA,. Utah REPORT NO_._ .. ___DATE SO March 1946
THEATER OF OPERATIONI__ _________________
SOURCE: W11118 ,.- Salth. Lt. Col., ArIIored Foroe, ASH 0-24315&, aened aa ooa
.uadlDC otr10er ot .. let BIl., 87th Armd. Regt., 2nd Armel. D1v., attached to
the let in combat aalnet the Germane until January 1946, returned ae a
__1010_1 officerJ preaeD'tq realding at 180"1 5th Lo, Ange1ee, Ca1itor-
SUMMARY OF REPORT: Baled upon perlona1 experienoe ooamaDding offloer ot the
1.10 Battal10D. 81th Armored Regiment, 2nd I,raored DivialOll, Source deaoribed
0.-10 operat1ona againlt the OIl 2 Sept_ber 1944 at Orabiea, France, in
*ioh 128 Yehio1ee ot the enemy were destroyed without the 1081 of any perlormel
or vehlolel in our toroel.
__ . _, ..._ ____________________________....J
.. (21; - (5); OperetioDS iJivision, WDGS - 12+;
C &G School* -
L-__________________________________________________ __
Enclosurea: 1 - sketch
,. .... _---------
h .
, ,A
Souroe atated OIl 2,.. 19M.. tho let Ba1;taliOll. ot 1Ib1ob. be ... aadsne
ottlow .. prooeed1Dg dam RoM "'A" (a.. Batoh, 1Dcla.ure'l) with the ate.aion
or tuna1Jag left OD load "B". A. the battaliGD roaohecl :he iae....ot1.GIl. 1.ta tol'WUd
prog......... halted by the aw..... of a -'arued oolUIID of the 1JD1.1;ed state a UWtf
Which .. north on Road "BII aDd t\ll"lWai ri..pj; OIl Ro&cl nC". Souroe.. vpoIl
ob.enill& thi... ordere4 h1a UD1t to tUI"IL aroUDCl CD IoU A" ud. prOoHcl back to.
Road. -an.. 1Bm'1De along Road "a"'.. a dirt road.. towaN th8 tc.l pt archi....
Frace. At a poiDt & abon d1.tanoe tria Orohie... PraDOe. 80ur0e fta1te4.... ....
tal10n rm6 8eDt platO<lll ot t&Db oODll8ilded by Lt. Lee to reoCIIIDo11;er t_ tClllm..
Approximately 5 mnut after the fir.t 001.... heel tUl"DlCl ott
Road 1IB" 011 to RO&ci "C". a Gera.n ':aGtorlaecl oolwm tollG1MCl OIl Road "B". It ...
Source'. op1n1.anthat the oolwawu retreat1D& t-.N. Liep.. ,....... .. aDd
... 1u a ......t coat_eel oGll41tlOD. 80ur0e OHWYM that the ...... be4 Dft 111;
O\d; "aDDed guards to reoODD01ter RCMUl nAn 01" lload. "en aD4 wall apparentq '..-ret
of tt. ...rioan Foroe. OR Road. ..c.. aDd Road "F}f.
. .... :
o....nd1& the ,let Intantry Ar.aoI"ecl to 1Ih1ob t_ ,ln Ba1J
talion of the 67th Anaored Rec1atDt 1IU attaohed, ha4 r mdDe4l at the 1aterMOtiOD
ot Road A" aDd Road "B" 'tIben the l8t had r ....rMd. It. ooune. Co1..1
'U1nd .. ill.a hldd.n position otf:t,.. ,1Dt;erM01:1Gl u4 obHrn4 the ..or1Mcl
colUlMl PUB by. lie t..diat.l,. DOtif'iM SCNI"Oe the ...... atpr"'.
ordered Lt. Lee to hi. platoon Dear the jUDOtioa the' raU,ria.4 mel I.oad
"B" b1.t1,r.e pcMIer -dlreottJid. dOWll. tbf
d.e'tuhecl ,... 'be .rear. ... Roacl 1Dt .. '"
. Roacl ",.- .Dd,Road "8" ,to pNftm; &11)'. the .
the OIMNI a. they _r. detilade 0Il1dle41.rt. ', ..
.. 1600. the fiN aga1ut the !tie ...., ,'.
.. at:t..,.,tad to. t\U'Jl a1! Jloa4 "P" .in aD attempt; to orOll. :tl"llOb .
&D4 ,.thu get 00UDt17. wdt
ht,cle. croa.u.g the .demoli.he4 ....t.;.
aeoondaJ:7 of t!.le...., 001... ..
road track loolc'1Dc tor .. pIaCM to oro... It 1. to be Doi;ecl 1:II&t ... railroU traok
.... a plly &lid that ,the oould be oZU,.-4 ..
illbeNeotecl it. !he tanka lDSouroe'l battaUOD.... t1r.1Dc at ia..lUp- ot
to th8y MeNl i;o . .w. Mr0l8 tho cpn,fleid.
unit,wh1ob by 'bhl. tt. ...'2!UlU
.ehie1.... att8lllPted to hide ,to the
ti... of. oW" machine guna thea down. 'l'ba Gel'lllalla ticl ..tteapii to eet up.
two oS's, but _r. "'.1' aucoetul in firlDg a 1:"0UDd.
Thi. aCtion tor ODe IltId bo.-a. tho 1ut IhOt'beiuct1red ..
A oh.ok-up aft.r the action NYealed tha'b 128 ....., ..-.hiol ..,.. .. .
........1:.1. ,,_,
aud ,two hOtdtseraf .. ...
_zoe taDn and.. turDed OYer to the .Free FrelJCh in thetOllD' or .Orch1... J'r.anCe., !here
_re ,oa8ualt1e. in oUr un1'b, ei'bber uumi p.,ra011lWl '
SoUrce obaerved that the eDeJQ' in thia part10ular .......ral
r.atpeota. They had no adYance. &\Iarcis . the ..,QUa, thelr voi--
tiona wereap!\8.roritly poor, securit)r p.......- a ...qrpna
attack such a8 this. . .. .
. . ' .. " ..'
'....... , I'
'.:-. /. .. /' '.' I \- ,. :.
( f .... " '..
I "...,,.," /,.( ., I .' ....' , , I' '.1 ..
, ..... ,/t ...*'........"" u"''-l_.
',,'. LTJCY j';." ....;"
. 'Infantry //
Encutlva O!'ficer."
"". J V
. ..
3 November 1944
The operations for the period 1 - 31 Oct. 1944 can be divided into 3
t 1 - 3 Oct: for operation against SIEnFRIm LlNE.
4 - 7 Oct: Operations through the SIEGFRlED LIRE.
8 -31 Oct: Detense ot sector l& ot UBACB, Gl!mLANI.
1 Oct.: 67th A1wl Regt" less let and 2nd Bns. and Ren. Co., remained in the viciD
it:r 1682547 (JO.DQ4EN, HOLLAND) on a one hour alert to move into coni>at against
the m::m.J'RlED LIKE. less detachments and plus attached troops was
,to operate as directed in CCnB" F.0. #50 and Regimental F.0. #30.
TbM.,,(eroe .asdes1gaated as Task Foree #1 with Troop list and Jlarch order as
.... Guard: Furnished by 3rei En 67th AR plus one plat. ''B'' Co 702 TD
BIl. attached.
11&111 Bo<V': 3rei Bn 67th AR(-) plus "I" Co 41st Am, and lat Plat liBIt
Co 11th Engrs., attached. "A" Battery 78th !FA Bn (joins
column at K57681O), Fwd C.P. and COllIIBIld Group 67th AR.
3rei Bn 41st AIR (- Companies "GU and II I" ), Hq. Company
67th Armd Regt.
The mission of Task Force #1 WaS to move on order, cross the WURJ4 river
at MARIENBURG em. prepared bridges and attack through the 30th Int.., Division
and sieze objectives indicated through the s:rIiGFRIED LINE. The attack was
to move generall3' through UBACH, GERMANY. The entire assault on the SJ::EDiA
FRIED LINE was to be preceeded bY' a saturation bombing by the Air Corps OD
an area just East of the WURJl river and South of GEIlENKIRCHr.::N, Task Force
til was to move from. assembly area vicinity KLIMMEN along the route KT.TJ.6MEN
- WAUBACH" RIMBURG, UBACH. Th e operation had been scheduled to
si""art the morning of 1 Oct. 1944. At 0800A Regiment received infonnation
that there would be a dela.y due to bad f13'ing weather and Task Force #1
.as relieved from alert status until 0600A the following morniDg.
2 Oct.: Task Force #1 remained in same location on one hour alert to move to
attack after 0600A. Placed on one-half hour alert at lOOOA. Large number
of medium bombers passed over the area during the morning towards the sat
uration area. RegjJnent received infor mation that the 30th In!. Division
would begin their attack at llOOA and that Task Force #1 would on
order, as soon as btidges were completed and the 30th Division had estab
lished a bridgehead deep enough to bring the armor across. At 1700A Task
Force #1 was taken off alert status to be prepared to move next morning
from 0500A on. . At 1930A this was changed unt i1 0800A next morning.
:3 Oct.: Task Force #1 remained sane location and was placed on alert status to
move at 0800A. EleJDlHrt,s of the 30th Division that Task Force was to folJ.ow
were meeting considerable resistance. Information received that the eneJD1'
was well dug-in with large numbers of "bazookas". BY' llOOA the ll7th Inf.
Regt. <30th DiT) were mopping up in PAlENBUBG. Bridge across WUlU( River,
East ot J4ARIENBEHG was in but. not strong enough to carry tanks. Task Force
#1 was ordered to be prepared to change route from. WAUBACH through SCHER
and cross the bridge constructed East of 1lARIENBERG, follaw'ing Task
Force #2. It became evident that Task Force #1 would. not be able to cross
- 1


(Atter-Action Report tor Hq. 67th Armd Regt. Page 2)
em 3rd. Oct. Alert status was called ott. In the late afternoon orders
were received that Task Force #1 would move to the attack with head of
Advance Guard to pass SCHERPFBSEEL at C1700A morning ot 4. Oct. Orders
were issued to all Organizations Task Force #1 and Regimental I.P. t:im8
4 Oct.: AdVance Guard. Task Force #1 crossed IP vicinit7 KI.TVUEN at 0535A
and proceeded along route previouslT designated to cross the l4ARIIilmUBG
bridge fol.lowing Task Force #2. llc:wemem. was very slolr as ele.,nts cross
ing ahead were noli JDBking good progress. 3rd. an 67th AR plus 'attachments
was ordered to continua and proceed through PAIaBtJRG towards the
1st objective. Regimental C.P. and Headquarters went :into assemblJ' area
at K828600. 3I'd Bn 41st AIR( -) was ordered to assemble vicinity
SBZL ana to move d1amounted across through PA.lENBERG and to go into an
assemblT position iA the Sout.h part of UBACH viciDity K865590. B.at1re area
vicinity b:bidge, PAIDBElG, aDd UBACH was under constant ell8llV artillery
tiN. The eDellPI' intam.ry had not been entirely mopped up were still
iJ1 large groups on the East eDd of UBACH. By mid-dq the 3rd :an 67th was
t1&htiag throup UBACH with the aission of objective #1 which was
the nigh ground about. one mile East of (1885590). The 2nd BA 67th
All in Task Force #2 was also across and was attacking general.lT North irca
UBACH t(Wf&rde Task Force #2 tirst objective, which was the high ground
rl.ciAit7 187060S. 3rd Bn 67th Aft was Nceiving direct tire as the
leading e__=s were breakina out.o UBACH objective 11. C.O.
Task Force 1F&S forward with C.O. 3rd Bn and. it was decidecl to have the
tanks attack in 3 columns towards objective #1. This entire bridgehead
area was c:iongested with vehicles, troops, and houses and it was 1mposs1bla
to maneuver. Objective #1 had to be taken at all costs in order to re
lieve the bottlaMck and al.lGlr the fou.c.-U troops to PLss throush UBM:B
and attack. All 3 attacldng forces or 3rd. Bn 67th Ali had jumped oft b7
13301 against fierce 8D8V rea1stanc8. At l400A - aft. attacking' torce
ot tanka had broken tllitoup and reached a v1c1A1t7 18'74595. '!'he
at,her two tank forces ot 3rd Bn 67th were attack1ag S oat ot UBJCR with
the miaaion of sw:tnpng back toward.e the II em objecti" #L At ]""Ol'
C.O. 3rci BD 67th AR reported that attacking torces S bad gain
ed abo,* Four _d1ui1 tank8 ot the 3rd III had been-lost 111 action
up to this t_. At lSOOl the 3rd an 4l8t AD(-2 Coap&D1e.) -bad -reached
their as"'1I' area in the Sout.h pari; ot UBACH &D4 preparicl to
the aciYaDCe, of tbe twa 011 order Task Force /11 cOllDlDder. At. 1.6l8l C.O.
3rd Bn 67th .All reported the leac:l1Dc eJ..e.nts had almost reacb8cl the Korth
South main road about 1000 J8l'd8 East ot UBACR -aDd are f1&ht1D& on to
wa.rd8 the first objectin. BT 17SOl the 3N Bn 67th a bad taaa the 1st,
objective aDd were ordered to consolidate aDd holA that poa1t1aD tor the
zd&bt'. Task Forc. 11 C.P. aDd Headquarters JIIOA4 by _'] aroupe t'rca
SJlBRPENSL &ad clDeed at 1863592 (UBACS) at -lSSSA. coa:t.act .... _de bY'
3rd Bn 67th AI 1r1tb task Foroe 12 OIl the. cc.- are to COD
tinua the attack at (flOOA of 5 Oct. .,ut Fone r1 ... to attack
the h1gh gI'OUDd YioiDit,. 1887605 iD1t1all7 &Del tbta t.o .-cure objeot1'n
113 (high. groUDd T1c 1903610). ftalcl Ord8r '31 iI4 at 2l3Ol tor attack
D8lLt dq, :ma III 4la ,*-2 Coapurl.) ... .mMI 1:Q) With 3rd lID 67th a
em objectift '1: to'Mlp belcl tbe gro1IIII. !be. pa.ral plaD tor the tou.
1Dg da7'" \bat b_b!uk Forces 118114#2 wo1l14 001&1-. to attack. lA
67th 8 iDee.. woul4 be .vM throwlti 'UIWII t.o attack in a
sector t .... * Nt__ the ta fa. Pero... CC'- ... to be coa
dted t ...... tbe Idpt of !uk r..11. .r.r... _
!h. riAiaD,. of U.!uk , ... C.P. rl 1peel 1IIlCIIIr coast....]]1'18
throqbcntt the Jdabt.
," )' ..
. f
I ......
(After-Action Report for October, Hq. 67th Armd Hegt., page 3)
5 Oct.: Task Force #1 prepared to continue the attack. 3rd Bn 67th AR report':'
ed ready to attack at WOOA. 3rd Bn 4 1st AIR(-2 Cos.) were to remain on
objective #1 and hold. that ground. At 0700A 3rd Bn 67th Aft moved out with
"I" Co 41st Inf in close support. The leading elements met strong e n e ~
opposition almost immediately from the North. Enem,v tanka were also moving
down from the North. Report received that 1st Bn 67th All was moving through
UBACH at 09001 prepared to attack towards WAURICHEN on the left of 3rd Bn
67th AR. Fierce enemy opposition started from the North and East which in
cluded AT guns, S.p. guns, and a few tanks. Enem.y artillery was heavy mak
ing it almost impossible for the Infantry eomJ:8llY' to keep up with the 3rd
Bn 67th Aft tanks. Visibility was poor and the gwmers could. not locate the
enemy gun positions. At 0940A the leading elements ot 1st Bn 67th Aft moved
up on the left ot 3rd Bn 67th AR. Jrci Bn was unable to advance at l200A
due to territic enem.r artillery tire and the e n e ~ direct fire coming from
the NE. The direction of the attack of 3rd Bn 67th AR waa changed towards
NW to take advantage ot the ground. By 1345A the leading elements had ad
vanced to K8856lO and were engaging the enelDJT guns and tanks. The leading
ele.menta ot eC-A" were also moving through UBACH towards BEGGENDORF and
area to the BE ot UBACH. The attack waa pushed relentlessJ,y and by 1430A
the hading elements ot 3rd Bn 67th AR had almost reached. objective #,.
(high ground vic. K8966l2). The 1st Bn 67th Aft had been placed under com
mand ot Task Force #1 at 1300A. At 153M e.O. 3rd Bn 67th withdrew his
leading elements trom objective #3 to take advantage of the terrain. N"ine
(9) medi1lll tanks ot 3rd Bn had been lost up to this t iDle and it was not
practical to hold on the 3rd objective with the remainaer ot the force.
Infantry could not. give close moving support due to the terrific e n ~
artillery concentrations. 1st Bn on the left was also unable to advance.
As soon aa ee"An had cleared through objective #1, 3rd Bn 41st AJR(-2 Cos.)
waa ordered to move up to support the advance ot 3rd Bn 67th AR. Fierce
tight ing continued the entire remainder ot the afternoon with maneuvering
torces working continuously to locate and knock out the enem.v guns and
tanka. At 1700A the attack was ordered to halt in order tJlat positions.
could. be consolidated tor the night. The general line was 1st Bn 67th AR
OIl the left. and 3rd Bn 67th AR on the right, ext.ending !'ran K874608 to
K882S95. Just previousJ,y to this time a last eftort was to be made by
both 1st and 3rd Bns 67th AR, but 1st Bn 67th AR was unable to reorganize
in t:1me. Heavy friendly artillerl .fire was placed on the en8ll\Y positions
whila the elements ot Task Force #1 consolidated the positions for the
night . It was planned to continue the attack next morning to take object
ives #3 and WAURICHEN with three attacking forces; lst Bn 67th reinforced
. with intant17, to attack on the left J 3rd Bn 41st AIR reinforced with tanks,
to attack in the center; and 3rd Bn 67th AR re:i.ntorced with :i.ntantry to
attack on the right. Task Force issued Field. Order #32 at 1930A for the
attack next day.
Task Force C.P. vicinitT remained under constant enemy artillery fire.
The tollolriDg tank los"s were reported. tor .the day's caobat:
lst Bn 67th Aft - 1 light and 9 medium tanks.
3rd Bn 67th AR - 9 _dium tanka.
6 Oct.: Task Force #1 attack started at C1l35A with artille17 concentrations.
Visibility continued to be poor. ,rd Bn 67th tanks moved out at OSl8A and
ene., opposition waa met with illlDediatell'. 1st Bn 67th was very slalr in
atart1q and did not, move out UDt;U about .1O'Ol. The 3rd Bn 41st Int. in
the ceDl;er was held. up by the heavy en.,. artil.l8ry fire. Task Force #2 on
the lett could not. advam:. until 1st Bn 67th moTed. The fighting continued
to be heaVT and the 3rd Bn 67th Aft was the onl3' torce gai ning ground. By
123M the lead1ng elements ot 3rd Bn 67th were back on objective #3. TheT
, i
-- ---- .. --...----.... --.------------- ..
(After-Action Report for October, Hq. 67th Armd Regt., page 4)
had by-passed large numbers of dug-in eneDl3' Wantry which they left for the
supporting infantry to clean out. 1st Bn 67th had ilot yet made &n1'
progress, and reported they were law on &IIIJlunition and fuel. The 3rd. Bn 67th,
after being had been ordered to make a frontal attack at
full speed. Light tanks led the attack and the enem"y positions. The,
medium tanks supported this attack and secured the objective :in rear of the
light tanks. This bold offensive action took the ellSlV by surprise and the
liJ1t tanks cog.tinued the attack while the remainder of the 3rd. Bn 67th moved
up on objective #3. SOID9 of the light taDks advanced as far as the D&mDORF
PUFFENDORF highway where they continued to engage all visible enemy guns while
continuing to move tast to avoid being hit. The light tanka were ordered
back at 1300A to the high ground vicinity objective #3 as they were too strung
out to hold the ground they had taken. Three light tanka were lost in this
}Xlase of the action. The attached Infantry following the medium.
tanks mopped up dug-in eneDl3' infantry' 'Which had been overrun by tanks. The
1st Bn, 67th was making some progress by this time towards the gro1;lDd [II ot
WAURICHUI. Message received fran CC"B" that WAURICl-I.m must be taken. Due to
the difficulty the lBt Bn 67th was having in reaching their holding line it
was decided to wait until the following morning and have the 3rd an 41st (-)
with some tanks attached attack WAURICHEN and clean it out. 1st Bn 67th did
nat completel3' consolidate their ground untU about. 2200A. 3rd Bn 4lst(-)
generalJ,y held the ground to the rear of and just South of the 1st and 3rd
Bns 67th AR. It was evident that the eneDl3' Was still in WAURICID and would
attempt. to hold the tCllll'n. Task Force #1 line for the nigbt was as follows:
lst Bn 67th AR held along the SN ot WAURICHEN along an EAST-WEST line. 3rc1
Bn 67th AR held from the BE edge ot WAURICHEN - K8976l5 - KS97608 - KS9S6ar..
For the days action, 3rd. Bn 67th AR reported knocking out 4 eneDl3' S.p. guoa,
2 tanks, and artillery positions 'Wc:tre overrun by the light. tanks. An
unknown number of enemy were killed and about- 200 prisoners were taken. Al
though both the 1st and 3rd Bns 67th suffered almost a tank loss during
the action ot the past 3 days fighting, only about 12 or l3 tanks were des
troyed. The were all evacuated for repair.
CC"B" F.0. #51 received which generall,y ordered that posit1oDa be secured
and consolidated for defense. Task Force F.0. #33 issued at 193OA. which 111
general directed that 1st and 3rd Bns 67th Aft would consolidate on the high
ground and that 3rd Bn 41st AIR would attack through WAURICHEN and clean it
7 Oct.: During the earls morning hours 3rd an 67th. AR sent a dismounted }:atrojJ.
of I.ntant17 and Engineers forward to lay mines along the ll4ImflXEF-PUFFENDORF
highway. Patrol was successful and later on explosions were heard. EneJlV'
artillery was veryaetive during the earll" morning hours. 3rd Bn 41st AIll(-)
was delayed in starting their attack due to poor visibility. One platoon
medium. tanks moved over from 3rd Bn 67th Aft to support the attack. The
attack progressed slDlrJ..:r as all the houses had to be mopped up ot hidden
infantry. By llOOA the tOlrn Was almost cleared ot all ene,iv. 1st and
3rd Bna 67th AR were consolidating their positions and digging in. The 3rd
Bn 41st AIR took about ]DO prisoners and knocked oul; 2 enem.y guns during their
attack on WAURICIa. At about. 1300l, Bn 67th Aft begu moving over into
WAtlRICHl!2i as directed by Task Force F.0.#34 and consolidate position. 2I.Id
Bn 67th AR in Task Force '2 moved iDto the sector beiDg vacated by let Bn 67th
AR. This movement progressed "17 sJ.owq as oJ'llT _11 ele_nts could be moved
at a t:1me. !he area was under constaDt ene.,. tire. As soon as most of the l.a'\
} :.-.

(After-Action .deport. for October, Ho. 67th Armd H.egt., page 5)

Bn 67th AR had taken up the new position, Jrd Bn 41st AIR(-2 Co's) with "H"
Co. 67th AR(-l Plat. attached to Task Force i12) and one Flat. "A" Co 67th AR,
was ordere4 to move to the rear as the Reserve Force and aS3emble vicinity
K875605. 1st Bn 67th AR took up a l.jJle along the ID'l and'NE edges of WAURICHEN.
Contact on the left with 2nd Bn 67th AR in Task Force ';;2. 3rd. Bn 67thAR
moved their left flank up to contact the 1st Bn 67th AR on the NE edge of
./AUP.ICHEN. "Gil Co. 41st Inf. and 1 plat. "B" Co 17th Engineers remained attach
ed to 1st Bn 67th AR and "I" Co. 41st Am and one Plat "B" Co. 17th Engrs.
remained attached to 3rd Dn 67th AR. Two Platoons "B" Co. T.D. Bn remained
in general support. A$. 2050A C.O. 1st Bn 67th AR reported that the position .
was completed. 3rd Bn 41st AIR was not complete4r in position unti+ about 2400A.
continued to shell our positions. Fwd C.P. 1st Bn 67th AR wa's at K890617
Rear C.P. 1st Bn 67th AR at K871598; ltWd C.P. 3rd Bn 67th AB. at K8926J3 Rear C.P
3rd Bn 67th at K872595; C.P. 3rd Bn 41st AIR at KB76598. Task Force'C.p.
remained at K863592 (UBACH).
8 Oct.: Task Force #1 remained' in same positions. The day was spent by all Units
in consolidating positions, digging in, and preparing defense plans' in event of
an eneDV counter-attack. Bull-dozers were used to dig in the tanks. All
Assault guns, Mortars, and othi;;I' supr-orting weapons were placed in defensive
positions. Several tanks lost in the previous days fighting were returned
from repair. Enemy artillery was still active throughout the day and night.
Also fire was received t'.roa enem.y direct fire guns. At 2lOOA 3rd Bn 67th AR
again sent out a patrol to lay m:ines along the Dr;:MENOORF - road.
Patrol returned at 2300A. No results reported. Enemy vehicular traffic heard
along this road every night.
9 Oct.: Task ill remained in same positions in active defense of the sector.
Units were engazed in completine dieging in and organizing. liB" Co. 17th Engrs
of which two pJatoons were already attached, Was placed under Task' Force con.
trol. Plans were made to lay wire and mines in front of ,positions. This work
would have to be done during darkness due to enem.v observation and artillery
fire. Several enemy dug-in direct fire guns still active on'the front. Vis
ibility was poor and exact locations could not be detenni.ned. Units warned to
be alert for en8lD counter-a.ttack.
10 Oct.: Task Force III remained in positions in active defense ot the sector.
Positions were improved where necessary. Enem,y artillery WaS still very active
in spite of our heavy counter-battery.
II Oct.: Task Force #1 remained in active defense of the sector. Plans were made
to establish a rest center in UBACH and rotate front line troops for rehabil..
itat ion. It was almost impossible to give good maintenance on the front
line vehicles due to the enemy shel.:!-ing. Any movement or noise from. our vehi
cles brought down additional enEmij" concentrations. Our artillery observer con
tinued to place fire on eneID3' positions.
12 Oct.: Task Force #1 remained in active defense of the sector. Rehabilitation
Center for Task l"orce troops was established in UBACH and troops were sent
back on a. daily' scheduls for rehabilitation. Enem.,y shelling was sOllllBllhat leS8
due to better weather and ability of Artillery Cubs to direct COWlter-battelT.
"B" Co. 17th Engrs.(less one Platoon remaining in WAURIaD attache4 to 1st Bn
67th AR) were ordered to move back to tig in and establ1eh a secondary deteruse
line vicinitY' K883603. One Platoon "I" Co. 67th AR from 3rd Bn 67th Aft was
moved back to Task Force reserve and attached to ",11 Co. 67th Aft (Reserve in
command ot 3rd Bn 41st Am). Additional wire and mines were laid during dark
- S ,

(After-Action Report for. October, Hq. 67th Armd Begt., Page 6)
13 Oct.: Task Force #1 remained in active deteDBe ot the sector.' "B" Co. 17th Engrs
(-1 Plat) completed digging in as secondary line of defense. One platoon liB"
Co. 702 T .D. Bn were plaCed in better positions in support of the Task Force
line. At 1lOOA Task Force was alerted of reports of eneuur tank activity vic
inity GElLENKOOHEN. All men at Rehabilitation Center were ordered to rejoin
thejr organizations. Enemy continued our positions periodicalJ,y.
14 Oct.: Task Force #1 remained in active defense of the sector. Enemy shelling
continued throughout. the day. Task Force Forward observers continued to dir
ect fire on enemy positions and counter-battery. All Assault Guns and Mortars
in Task Force #1 were ordered to be prepared to mass fires on call from a.ny ot
the units. Task Force overlay issued for planned defensive fires covering the
sector. Communication by cOJJmOn radio nets or over Task Force Command. Channel.
15 Oct.: Task Force #1 remained in active defense of the sector. Operational Memo
randum issued at 1900A covering plan to relieve 1st Bn 67th AR with the 3rd
Bn 41st AIR, in addition to moving some of the tanks from 3rd Br1 67th AR right
sector. Mo-rement to begin in early morning
1.6 Oct.: Task Force #1 remained in active defense of the sector. :Movement started
prior to first light to relieve 1st Bn 67th AR by 3rd Bn 41st AIR. Upon com
pletion of the change, Troop list was to be as follOW's:
(CommandC.O. 3rd Bn 41st AIR) (CommandC.O. 3rd Bn 67th AR)
Hq. & Hq. Co. 3rd Bn 41st AIR Hq. & Hq. Co. 3rrt Bn 67th AR
"G" Co. 41st AIR "Gn 67th AR
"H" Co. 41st AIR "I" 41st AIR
"I" Co. 67th AR( -1 Plat) 1 Plat: "I" Co. 67th AR
1 Plat. "All Co 67th AR "C" Co. 67th AR
1 Plat. "B" Co. 17th Engrs.
(C.O. liB" Co. 17tiiEngrs)
JIB" Co. 17th Engr&(- 1 Plat)
},{ovement was continued throughout. the da. Upon being relieved from the
sector, 1st Bn 67th Aft (less one plat. "A" Co. remaining in ViAtJRICHEN) was
released from Task Force #1 control and placed under CC-BJI control and as....
bled in vicinit7 K8646oa. Shortl,y after l400A tour eneDV planes fliDg low
across the sector shot down an Artillery Cub plane. 1st Bn 67th AR completed
their .",..nt. at about 1700A and were officialq released trom Task Force 1/1
control at 17lOA. The entire movement was carried out. without aD7 unusual
enemy activit1', poss1bl,y due to the tact that all enemy positions were cosin
ualJ, covered b1' fire during the movement, and Cubs were in the air all dQ" to
direct fire against. any enem.v batterJH. .
17 Oct.: Task Force #1 remained in active detense ot the sector. Due to cODt.inuOU8
eneJDl' activit1' beard Y1cinit1' DIMENlX'IlP-FWVERICB area, all units were ordered
to place additional supplies of all types of' 8J111rnn1tion at gun positicma. All
Infantry along front l1De were ordered to have Iispider holes" to be used in
event, of ena. armor attack. EneID3' shell1na continued. IIore enem.y mortar tire
was be1J.lg received. .
18 Oct.: TaskPoree #1 rs active defense of the sector. Pl.ans were being
drawn up to relieve the 3rd Bn 67th .AR in the right sector by 1st Bn 67th All
from 00.. reserve. It was planned to make this change over a period ot 3
dQ'a to a..-oid too much AI1& Orders were received to relieve "H" Co.
4lat Am with "C Co.
( .....
'." .

: ..7
... ;.
(After-Action Heport for October, Ho.)7th ii.rud
page 7)
41st AlR from Division 20emy contiuued h3.raS.3inG shelling throut;h
out the day and night.
19 Oct.: Task Force 1,1 remained in active defense of the sector. "C" Co. 41st ALB.
started reJ.ievinr; "H" Co. 41st AIR earJ..:r morning. co;;,pleted by llOOA.
"cn Co. plnced under C.0. jrd Bn hlst AIR control. "HI! Co A.I:l returned
to UBACH and was placed under Division H.eserve. Task Force Operc:.tional !-.femo
randum issued covering plan of relieving 3rd Bn 67th i\R with 1st Bn 67th AR.
was planned over 3 day period but Was amended to 2 cl:,.ys. move
ment to start before first lieht. Enem artillery fairly active throUf.:;hout
the day and nieht.
20 Oct.: Task Force ill remained in active defense of the sector. lIovement of re
lieving 3rd Bn 67th AR by 1st Bn 67th AR st<Jrted before first liGht. !.:ovement
to be conducted under support of planned artillery fires and Cub observation.
lLovement carried out during the day in accordance with the schedule. All move
ment for the day was completed by 1800A. The following relief was completed
during the day;
"G" Co 67th AR relieved by liD" Co 67th AR
Hq "I" Co (/- 1 Plat) 67th AR relieved by "II:' Co. Hq. (,t 1 Plat ) 67th AR.
1 Platoon IIC" Co. 67th AR relieved. .
All elements of 3rd Bn 67th AR moved back into the CC"B" reserve ".i.rea being
vacated by 1st Bn 67th AR. During the ai'ternoon an M-12 l55mm gun from the
238th FA Bn was broue;ht forward to fire direct at a high water to-Her in ThlMEN
OORF thought to be an enEmll' O.P. Mission accomplished at l630A. No unusual
activity occurred during the days m,ovements.
21 Oct.: Task torce 1il remained in active defense of the sector. Remaining move
ments of relieving 3rd Bn 67th AR by 1st Bn 67th AR in the ri[j1t sector con
tinued during day. C.O. 1st Bn 67th AR assumed command of the right sector
at CY'/OOA. 3rd Bn relieved and reverted to CC"B" control as reserve in the
same area vacated by 1st Bn 67th AR (vic. KB64608). Plans were made to relieve
the lIB" Co. platoon (attached to 2nd Bn 41st AIR. in Task iorce 112) with a
platoon from "I" Co (3rd Bn 67th AR). Upon completion of the relief at l5lOA,
the troop list for Task Force Til remained as follows:
(Commanded by C.O. 3rd Bn 41st AIR) (Conunanded by C.O. Bn 67th A.q)
Hq. & Hq. Co 3rd Bn 41st AIR Hq. & Hq. Co. 1st Bn 67th An
"Gil Co. 41st AIR liD" Co. 67th AR
"C" Co. 41st AIR "m Co. 41st AIR
"H" Co. 67th AR{- 1 Plat) "A" Co. 67th AR(- 1 Plat)
1 Plat. "A" Co. 67th AR 1 Plat. "I" Co. 67th AR
1 Plat. "B" Co. 17th Engr. Bn
(Ccmnanded by C.O. "B" Co:17th Engrs)
"B" Co. 17th Engr. Bn (- 1 Plat)
One platoon "B" Co. 702 T.D. Bn remained in general support of the sector.
78th AiA Bn in support;.
22 Oct.: Task Forc'e #1 remained in active defense of the sector. Additional AT mines
were laid in front of the 3rd Bn 41st AIR sector Enemy harassing
shelliDg increased, probablJ due to poor visib1l1ty for counter-battery or
Cub observation. All Mortar and Assault Gun Platoons Task Force made
radio contact with the 78th AFA Bn Cub plane for l.n using the plane
- 7
(After-Action Report .for October, Hq. 67th Armd Hegt., page 8)
to adjust fire o.f any one platoon or massed fire. Due to poor visibility no
firing was carried out. Unusual enemy activity heard in vicinity of l";RICH
during early evening. Request was made for heavy Corps artillery. All units
alerted for siens of enemy movement.
23 Oct.: Task Force ffl remained in active defense of the sector. Plans were made
to relie1l'e the "A" Co 67th AR platoon in with a "C" Co. platoon from
3rd Bn 67th .An in CC"B" Reserve. Plans also made to la,y more mines in front of
the 3rd Bn 41st AIR positions in WAURICHEN. activity again noted vicin
ity ,i"l.OVEHICH. Movement was neutralized with artillery fire.
24 Oct.: Task l"orce 111 remained in active de fense of the sector. One Plat. "c"
Co. 67th ARrelieved the "A" Co. Platoon in WAURICHEN. It!ovement was completed
at l030A. All Mortar and Assault Gun platoons again made radio contact with
the Cub plane for fire' adjustment. C.0. 3rd Bn 41st AIR was ordered to send a
patrol out during the night to probe enelI\V positions tOKards Patrol
was out between 2l00A and 2230A. Report.ed enemy in strength dug in along Rail
road SE ot D4LiENDORF. Also enemy O.P. discovered.
25 Oct.: Task Force #1 remained in active defense of the sector. 1st Bn 67th AR
(also 2nd .l;3n 67th AR in Task Force #2) completed t'ast firing the new 105nm
Assault Gun issued to replace the M-8 75mm Assault Gun. Personnel from 78th
AFA Bn served as instructors. 1st Bn 67th AR ordered to send a patrol out
after dark to probe enemy in vicinity FlOV'".l!JUCH. Patrol report.ed eneD\V' activ
ity in FlOVERICH as enemy horse-drawn wagons and kitchen vehicles. Plans
were being made to relieve Task Force iil fran the sector by the 3rd Bn 405th
I' Inf.(102nd Int. Div.). CC"B" F.O. #53 ordering this relief received at 2000A.
Plans were made to conduct the Commande rs of the 3rd Bn 405th In!. on aD
orientation of the Task Force sector prior to the actual relief.
26 Oct.: Task Force #1 remained in active defense ot the sector. Otficers of the
3rd Bn 405th Int. were conducted on an orientation tour of the sector to be
famj liar with the ground prior to taking over atter dark. Task Force til F.0.
135 issued at 1300A covering the movements. The.3rd Bn 405th Int. began arriv
ing at 2000A by truck convoy and detrucked vicinity K876596. From there relief
Was started one platoon at a time. By OlOOA all ot the Task Force #1 1ntant17
was relieved by the 3rd Bn 405th Inf. Task Force #1 to remain in cOIlllll&lUl ot
sector until relief was completed.
, 27 Oct.: The remaining elements of Task Force #1 began leaving the front lines (as
directed in Annex ill to F.O. #35) just before first light. 3rd Bn 41st AIR was
relieved from control ot Task Force til at 0900A and revert.ed to control ot 41st
AIR. All Company CODID&Ilders and Platoon N.C.OIS ot Task Force #1 were to re
main in the sector with the 405th Inf Comnanders tor an additional 24 hours_.
to help them get oriented. "B" Co 17th Engrs. relieved at lOOOA and reverted
to control ot 17th Engr. Bn. All of 1st Bn 67th AR was relieved with the ex,..
ception ot "D" Co. One platoon "C" Co. 67th AR remained in WAURICHEN to be
under control of 3rd Bn 405th Int. All movement was completed without &1fT un
. eneDl3' activity.
28 Oct.: The remainder ot 1st Bn 67th All was relieved from the sector durirll the
mol'Ding. All elements ot Task Force #1 were clear at c:J745A, with the
except;ion ot one Platoon "C" Co. 67th All which remained in WAURICHIII attached
to 3rd Bn 405th Int. C.O. Task Force #1 relieved ot cOJ'llJ18.nd ot the sector b7
CG,CC"B" at 08001.. 67th Armd Regt.(les8 3rd Bn and Ren. Co) was placed in
CC"B" reserve. 2nd Bn 67th All (less one platoon "Bit Co attached to 2nd Bn
405th Int) reverted to Regimental control upon reliet tram line. at. l800l
(After-Action Report for October, Hq. 67th Annd R.egt., page 9)
F.0. #36 was issued covering plan for movement to counterattack. Training
Directive also planned to rehabilitate personnel, prepare vehicles for cam
bat, anIl train all newly assigned Regimental C. P. remained at
K863592. 1st Bn 67th AR assembled in vicinity K852596. 2nd Bn 67th AR
assembled in vicinity K846611.
29 Oct.: 67th Arm.d Regt (less 3rd Bn and Hen Co) remained in CCIIB" Reserve. lIaint
enance and training was conducted during the day. One platoon "All Co 67th Aft
(1st Bn) remained attached to IIC" Co 67th AR (3rd Bn 67th AR).
30 Oct.: 67th Armd Regt. (less 3rd' Bn and Rcn Co) r8JD8.ined in CC"Btl reserve. CCliB"
#54 received for plans to employ 67th Aft in event of a counter-attack.
Regimental F.0. #37 issued covering attack plans for 1st and 2nd Bns.
31 Oct.: Regiment (less 3rd Bn and Rcn Co) remained in CC"B" Maintenance
and training was conducted during the day.
i r
APO 252
3 November 1944.
The following is an account of the damage inflicted on the enelD3' as
cla_d by 67th Armd R.egt. less 2nd Bn and Rcn Co., with 3rd Bn 41st AIR
attached. Figures shown are for the month of October, 1944.
1st Bn 6 ~ h AR 3rd Bn 61th AR 3rd Bn !:t1st AIR TarAL
88mm Gun
1 1
75DD1l Gun
sip Guns (cal.
14k V Tanks
1 3 4
l&k 'N Tanks
2 2
233 158 583
The following
image( s) may be of
poor quality due to
. the poor quality of
the original.
ltegWntlll CoFo {.n1 rh. Co. UBACR
1st (Regt'l COL'!-rol) K852596
2nd En (f.egt'l GotItrol) - ., 1t-""lJ K8fe66ll
Jrd an (CCIID" Control) ...iest SlF..QH 064610
ncn "0 . :.1::;;;' U:nl K881S98 ." n V 'J ' '.JC:' .. ".I
:...:Int.. ',", ";.:G !(S5J&..')()
i.!'<.in:inp. ':nd "'.' :":' . nile on alert st"taa
in the evert. of un ent'J"'1 .'lttack
,i.I!c,r"'Jfl: linea. 1 a,ct. 'r Co
6'1th Aft <1M 1 FL..t. "ii" Go 6?th :J . .' t.. eler.r nts ot 405t1l Inf
(102nd ;)iY) on l'ront line.
:3 Lew: 6?tL..:."[iO (1{'B5 Jru unc Co., Im(wr CC"BU control) rellt'!illo-i
in' , o("ndw:tlng training IT'':l.intcnance,, bns beirW OOcla to
the j':.:..;s:.:,cj fires ot ..11 the ult Gun '":-"i : .Q:.:t:.:r : l,:'.toons
,,: ,.:i.r.p.nt, 1,1ua let aM 3rd 41st 'i'hu to be done under
,:> ,;" . ,:'viBion :,nd control in everrt. 0 o ,lttu..--e c...
:'('I' ....,....;..1411 nbS 'ed l'ire
:. :.c:;:iL-ent. (lD::;R 3ru En und t!';.inirl6 .n.:! r.uintenunce..
'.II t _I, (' t.. 'r'''' ." l... indo at .,. 4 .....
c::....urn : lit All 'l:l.8S 0 .. :n.. "n " _I. ..:t COn.llC ... C.! ' ... l.r-.. OD
.. :,:., .l'.;a .. ;.t.b. ir "''''3uvation., .:esults highly s:.ti:Jt.::.ct.ory-" l'U'M
co; ,plated .. .!) ,J... ,.as.:..ult Gun !'LJ.toons.
.. tc :;Uj .... -.':t.;e fil"EH3 b:; ol.iservetion. .
:(,,' (: :"1t
'It .:'.i!>:.
;" :l (, , . . :; .. ,. c !,' :., ;e... .'JJ
.. :1: '. :";,.: vvcr t. nj.: !.'.' :1[. '.. :'1'''.. ;:.:,1. t 0 (.4l11
t.O c.. ,), . ,',-e: tt "nd r:ort .';::;un<.i o .01, .. Jtokes to
. .tc t.:;<e c.orrJ".cnn iu:inr ts;:-:or' roy i.llness oJ.' . iDoey. ;"00..115(.,
C".II);,. ,'\Ul"se r)f 2 t;.nk pl;,toons of :{; .:r'Cnt, 1.hieh
:;ere . i"tuch"t: t,) !,05th (102d.iv) on !"rom
n ',...,
vii (J u ct J.n .::;+ .. t 113 0 ';i:";,'/ :'oG./57 b'/tll
Ilu8 ;3 :':ask /oree, 1:it' the co:.;in-; or-er'.t:;',-.ns -="J.'
t: tk . ]/0 .:. line 0f ciep.!rture r.t ;.'
.e;.,;.,(-), no,', ...ak :'orce :r1 plu,s ,-tt:'chc"': c):" ":.n
,'!' ,.: . '''.. ': ';n', --:1'1' t ions. J:'oC
#3C 13';:1> d '.::y
9 i.C1Vt
j(' .
...... .. .........:.. , .. ",oS ..':,
- .

j-, ......
-- ....... L
. r',
. .
, .
... i
( .",'. 11, n .) (e.Ci, 1st Bn 6?th
, st I',n :-h
.n.... n ''-:':1 __ , "':;' 1,1-- d. t) _ . ),,,, ..... -
,Ii OJ
11,::11 "o!..t - :t 1 i l' t. "; iI 11th ,n:'1'. Ln
l .... ;: ,I .0 :::;'th ;:n 1 i'Lt. liB" Co ?r:tl. 'j'"" lJn{support)
f'Cl. !.:..::>t .':.GD
'; .\). :-:r:i !.; lst T::)
3,-',; tJn 1. _"UII co
1 i'}.: 'i.,. T' nka
3 .:.,; flO . hrowsr :.. I'eW8 17th Ln.::r. Hn,
':i:h-.) ':1. n ':1" '" ' "'01101.'/3: l,:!.':li'l' to ttt.!.ck d H-P.our
to S0Cu.."'e ; , Ivii, c:
b'r 3rd 41st I\,I.R. /D,:CZ unu
.;nf'inecrs" /}' ,C.:G;:: to North p zt &tkck and secure i,
:..i.';' .1;..'.1.1" w:a.h fir<3 SUPlort tram L:!t un 67th hU trom l;ast edec oi' L01J!:;i.JX:H.
to DIOp up LOWRlDH aM Engineers to clellr roods cmd to\'lllJ ot
mires, 7ah F.A, Da 111 dlreot, aupI-Ort of Task Farae :11. Upoa securing
l'UP;'.]lJORFI to be prepared to at tack North towarda GERSctJS,lEnER in oon
junctioD W1tb Task FOl'N 112 .. the lett, Task lo'orce iiI to move iat.o
aaseJIb17 area 0J1 Jdabt ot 9 Hw. aocord:1ng to CC"B" schedule, Aaaamll'
area as rollc.8'
lA Bn 67tb Ai - Vicinity or ZU UBACH
2M BIl 67tb Ali - IJortb halt or lEGQ;}llJOHF
3rei Bn 41st 'm - South halt' or IGillNOOm'
UBII Co 17th !..;ng{_) _ ;)R1NHJ.U.D
P:Wt. Co 702. 'l'.lJ,_ B.E. edge or
.HQ 67th ;.R moved out for their are.. 1'ol.lGRd b7
hD 67ti' :,n at At 2)f1f fjk nrders reccbed traa <.;C"B" that 111)11
d.:!.7 was del'J,yed und Battalions to !lYV8 baok to or!ginnl . i:'e"'8. lat aad
2nd IlattuJion8 returned to their oM..p,in:Ll areas with the exce{.tion or
IIf)ll Co(lst bn 67th :.R) ordered to 11. ZU UBACH us an all'lrt. roroe.
HS3.son for D-fm.y due to adverse weather rar 01_rat1ona and air
ferce sUPJX>rt,
, ,
10 llcwi 1':lSk iOl"Ce (1 renl4lined on st.tus pl' to lIIO'I'8 to esseubJ.T areaa
tor iJ.uc." att"ck. At 1st Bn 67tb ARC....J)II aDd ." Cos) 1l@1D .",.d
out tor a88cmblT nratl, followed at b7 2Ad Be 6'/t.b AR. .iClZ'd nce1ved
trom CC"B" at 2345' tDat D..Dq was again aDd Bnttal10aw ... ard8r
ed to mum te orig1Dal areas. Vue tCl delay 1A ward ....aohlnc COli. tbr1&
ohannels t'rom ArrtfI. 1st and 2nd sa. had out. at Il18Iat 1'. their
areaS betGN word waa received t4 o.Dq delq,
11 Newl
A.. HI" .. 67th tor IIIIOdth ot NGt'Ulber 1944 (cont'd)
\M RlIJlT rURCE was uaable to bold tbl h1sb Nortb ot PUFrENOORi ..
tbl .111*"'_ ......r eJlllll,f tene taak. &DClt.M,r elDlrq .".d back t.o
a dale.1... liM &1.. tbe Nort.b ed. ,.. Task tone nA- of
OO-Aw 1188 .able to ..n Jrogre ap1Dst tM hei.:VY e... to
tile Ealt of r'UFiEIlOORP'. U. 810118 tbl $ and Solt.h ot tho aad th.,. bl1d s
t..... It...... applre& that the IIt,reeg .auv alWll' terce was attemJ:ting
to Make fUF:EUDORF'. T. sitetiOll at tb1l tt. was "r1 oritical d. to
the a-. 'rau Foroe 61 had taRD., ()rct.n were asu.d to bold e
Ibo geDll"al plan 1ft'S tor Task Fore. #1 to bold to thl Ncrth and HE aD! for
!'ask l"Ol'M nA " of ce"A- to hold to tbl $ and South., The RIWT l-UiCE coo
1I01idated. tbeir positions 9.nd tbl lCilCE reorgaa1wed tNt tho left. of
1utHr FtIICI alao along tbl Nortb ed&o of town. Task Force iJ2 to 0111" lett.
aJ,., .. baaY7 .Mq amDl" aad were \lDable to saia ground. art1l.1.ln7
ccmtimlld WIT tbrougboW. tbl dnTo B7 lJfIIM ear terce., wre holding
tbl ben.,.,. e..., attack at a lIt,3J1d8t,ill, and the sitaatioa beCaml leas crit
ical. our toreos to .M1Iftr sl18lltJ, t. COMOlldat. tbob' poej,.
U At 15l3A
BattaH_ C.....,.. wre reoal1ed to t. Task Porco t.d
C.P. to ,.. OWl" pwls tor the dltea. ot PUFrEBIXm' 1a cODJuact. with
Teak F.,. -A- of C_JIl .. alel'ted. t. t .. ar.cItIIII.......,
oowstor-attau 1a till earlT.mdIIc. At. 2",. All .... pstrol ot a.boIi
a platOOll stroacUa atteaq::.t.d t .....trate oar U. ud ro drDeIl but
b.r fire. &-. artDJ.ry oont.iAuIcl wry actin. 'uIIl.oao. autt.rod .p
te thia t_ Ity Ta. ,..... 11 _.,-- (21) -.cU._ tanks aad e].nea
en) UaIR taab, .ost ot -.biela, howner, were .. daetroyed. Posjiiw
op1a1011 of ov It adln was that. ... .-41_ tub --iDe .,,.. guM _re
.. _t_ tor t_ III VI ad )I( , ....... tam 18 a \uk slwgS. batt. '1lIII
...t.:ha taakI 1IOUt. t_ "- g\U .... taulT .tteotiw. aM the lJ,Jtt
taaD Wl.. __tab !it all, ... t .. ap1nst smauer
.DIIV ... am Wa&1'7o Tbe ,- sa 1'.0.'_ attaollad t. Taak FCII"OO #l_ro
_re en.cti..- tbl UI VI ud III' InIIIIIF tukI. T. T.D" mowd;lAI
" ... ,.... 11m wen "1'7 o.ttoctiw.
18 HCWi !'ask Foree 11 ooat.1nu8d te bold tho gcnac:l alOlll tM Ncrtta .ida ot
lX)BF. Thlre .. DID uaasual ... actiTity ciar1Da Ta.l'Ol'aO ax
was to attaek AP,.EnER .Ab an at.taok b7 Ta. 'orco 12 OIl 0.. lett."
attack t.o Mal8 at Task For. III was ordRoc:l to nppart, tbia attack
itT _ d IIertu &lid Aaa1l1t Ga tiN _ t_ bJ.&b crtlalld :B of .msna
n.1adt,T Qal62,.:o !'uk F01'OO #1 laA flaK was to .... tIP db tbe attack
et ,_'one 12 1a ClI"dIr to _1&da oaatact o Ccxt,ut Po1at at KCf,2l6lS"
!'lie ,_F.... II1II ataelr wa.,..M. ... artUlo1'7 tins were
reooiwd t!i:ro the eect... AMIIJa ft. IIOOlINd at l825A aDd poe1ticms
... all al.. tbo lUIo Tut Poroe #1 1188 0l"derM t.o eoad
tbrw e,) patrela .. te roc__1ter po.1t1aae at. <BDQlS'JEIl1!2.
Patrala _re t. aart. .... 21*,!.A aDd MA. 0al.1" (1) patrol
was ab18 te NMIa a po1l& dIWa yarde of GF.RS<IISWEIIBJl aad repefted
DO LU"BI or loree. bet_e. PUPDIXEF lad GEBEOOS"liEnER,
alaag it! rout. wbS.h wU to t. _a. It .... obri.cNa bowner that tM
.......e bold:Ln.! ..nm 1a atrenetta, both 1a 1a.tUlt.1"J' aad"o
..l.d. ....':'J\ 'Ncrri.h aDd East .t FtFl'::W<H'. In addition
...... was still sotift wito rd.:- !'ttLery. A lara- IWIIIber ot eDUV batteriu
_re tSria fro. Ea. of "the .:!'7ER. Coasidllrable enuw
actiT:!ty wa.e Clbson.d 1.8 LDrnICH. lS....,. t rJ'-:3 ObMrftd. mon.. ttlrougn..
0& the day ill tho IlSR - LlNNIaI area.
19 )lWI
Tuk leroe #1 corrtinuad to in actiw detenN of t"' trant line
positions. F.0. #40 iIs",d at 191400A tor the pln.n or attaek towarda
Oil 20 N_. Ta.k "-oree #1 wee to be divided into two torces
aa tol.l.Glrs I
IAfo9f FOBCE :'U:!CE
(CO! 2d Bn., 6?th XoR.,> '{"CO, 3d En., A.I.E.,)
2d BIl., 67th AJi. 3d :'nu, 41st .\oI... (- "Gil Coo)
DGD Co 41st A.I.,Ro 1st I,n.. ., 67th AeR., (- "U"
2d Flato DB" Co.. , 17th Sng. Dna 1st 1;0., J.7th Snio En"
1st F).at. "Ell Co... 700d T0:\' 3n"
TbI 78th AJ.A. Bno was to be in direct suprort; ot Ta.k torce
I '
.... i
20 I ...
C.O. Tnslc !o'orce 1.. 1 beld ..1 con!ereace with the l?:lttaliOll 'o..;-:;&lu.:ers ,-"
over the F ;md details for the attack t.h" rext ...'{u lorc6
"A" ot CC"Au lltt;:CIllled. ]:;nst out. of rUt' &bout llofQL :;nu r.t'lt hc::v:r
em1il7 ree1st&JlC<> from i,T gune. t.aDlra aDi art.llleryo ,.s:. result of the
hall.'Y,Y' .t;1re being placod en Ce"A" Task lore., lst lin .//th An lost two (;2)
lrediulll t.anka nnd one (1) l' 1,;" The ).fiI[t il:J.nk of the (X;'"II .."oree
heM their posit.ioIl ..t the cor&.sct (.011& wti.h TOof.Jk , 1 Ttl 1tT :Olls..'"?
o.1r 1928612. The I' f,'1 t!ck was swinging mowtn(irr';. :.'r the ri,":ht l'1cmk
a.nd center of the line towcrds the ;";:1st" ':",1' ":\.1 lln "me
to remove nll Illirll's !'rGll11 .i:' /orcs ,>1
positions dur1ns the in fNI ;rr' tion for, thl1l :i.t . ek.
There were no _U8Wll r\Ul"inp: t.he ni'ilt 19-..:C .'" a"cept. for the
UlSWll bal"'olSS in.- d .. "'e3 ..11 ol.a':'l):' nt s were ri' to jump 01 at Co.
K-liour, i9fJfA, tu initi.Uy take thp hir:h ';rou.nd I,' .1 I ::nd
t";>'Dt.'C'' , "'TY:"U (HUl ,""" L) -d (" t... l T I .'1:-" .-! 10 d
, .. ""-", .. ('I,, ..........., ... OJ/ '" 1 . , ,", .. .. 0 .. 'il, ",,).'.
at lLIIU:JUCH (1913602) vt pJ82t1h., Or:"rs "'\He thnt H..uOC' be dela,ed 2 hours unt 1J llJJ0,., :l.n or ,;aT' t (J ,iVt.> the we:tther ;'it
oboDce to clear. Il',owcl out "It L..M. iJ"l CO:l.junctiaa with
't.k Porce "A ot cenA" stt:;ck1Qg an our, .md 112 and
'ta. !"orce "X- attack1l'lg on our lett. i.., h1P,hlT
eat!atnctory mD"l" <lnd I't tlle hiRl iV"und(I!Ul 102,,6) between
alii Ell':::," 'ltl!.$ ttu.n. 1.l::,r.'T i"(\liCE or Ta'*: i"orce ttl was
..dared to mar'. OIl .:, L wbila the . wpported trw. the
b1.tP grauad tllDn" llii<'l' .,Yjl!.t.:l!,; l"aucbtd the So,*"h '.':ga of n.
till leading eleMAta 01 'Lak ;o'orce 112 were entAring the town !'rot! the JeA.
'tba attack J4'0gNued HE thru the tGllll.. t."lJ1ks were knocked out em
the aM & e.a ot the town. Up to this t:lJle 'Tnslc i"oroo j'tl bad not lost
a aingle W'::utt..ry iMtallnt10ns were shot. up during the ad.
vance nnd about. 150-200 P .. i'i's were tnken to the l'e<:lr. B;r 123$ the tam
was 'fbi JUCIIT _flS ordGntd to lenve a force CIA t.
bi3l move up ulonr, the East side ot town nnd OIl the 1'-. ot
tbl ..'OtQ; sec.-ing the high p,round neWty 137 15. aU
objeotive. had MeD taD.o Orden iMued to consolidate the poeithae
t .. tla D1gtlt. D1apoeitiOil at toree. "'ere N toU-l.
a. lEP'l' r'ad held line g8n1rallT bet-wee 19f.5635 aai 191.66.32. 0....
ta.o\ wit.h Task Foro. #2 OIl l.- fto
b. RlGH'l' tUD blld line Mt.... I9466S2 C...
tact w1th'l'alde Fcrc. "A" of CC-A" oa I'iat&.
O. O. lntaatr7 p.i at-oOA and 0IIt _d1_ t.aak platOOtd _14 aa a torce on Ell at ecl{lJl of CERlCltSEIl.SR.
do A 1IolcH.Dg taroe at 1 Inhnto17 Platooa _ .. l.1,JIt t.a* plato.
OIl the higb ground(H1ll lO2.,6) at QJ26200
e. '1_ 't.D. pl.&tooa w.a ill diftot ..apport, f// the l1Iw.
All poa1t.1aaa oOllMlidated aad ta-lae with UIdt. were 00..
pl.etecl ta,. 11".. flaM bad al.Nady be-. t.o lay mines and oODOU\_
.1da a 1ftIIt, of ,.St.1OM daJtr. on...,. opnatiou were e.xt.zoe.q
..,e.N. .. wlas.le lMMa _re ........ 111 'tag Force U1 8111 cal.r ..u.
.. 1....... ntrerecl. A ..-l.r of ....,. taJIb .re IrDookacl _
.. eanalt,. was 1DtlSct.ed Oil tbe 11.. dead; lIOUDdecl &Ael
J. ' .' .. ---..
L ''r
:' t ,
..... ,f
u." 1."Jt f.r, 41&t !,lR on lett. surrorter! b:, 2nd lin . :
b .., 31'd 'I") Am on right surrorted by .. ,st Lr. t 1 :.(.,1 ,;0),
C'VI3r the lst Bn 67th AR(-) to m.,ve ',')8 .:]:; l)f .: .
.... ;'
a .;:ck "l':;,;ed off at llClf0;\ in con.1unc',:on.;Hh :,tc ;.G t .0 rort.b l;y '; :,k
". II on cur .J:! t't. and :Jtt;Jck b'T 'l'lu:.k ;.")rce 11/.:: of ,;.;;1 . " \..le .'.
: . NS ::>n rJ.f'ht" Heavy eoellV ;""rt.1.11er,'f firf:t'J ll1f:lC(L' t( .Y
The ground to be--gained by t.he lEi''"1' Io'mcE; ot Tusk Pc;-c. il rl.. o <.bout hOll..
700 Jc,rds. 'l'he rigtlt haU" of the line '11;',8 nerely to :J/lv::nce
enou.r:h r.:,iJ1t.dn cent, ct. .hc tt: ci- O'oiJ..y. dlfl irlf.utry
;-l:.:: int,!).'i ::-,(., :"oant .;' .. : .. 11 l'l:',z f'11"nu .hr
p: t.he . q.:t '.' :'" ,.'t, '.: 'LO 'Ii;:i.n' ho losition.:;.
. . . , ' . t' . . t.. 1 .; 'f'''_ l'
:(\ to y ;,.inc '.' . n' .:.... ':., ; ,"r.L ... ; i''' '!. ,111'::11" :.r.: lC n....' "". 1&";j A
now lX'.;.:! ,',,' .. "k . O:.'<f. :. .; :Oc. LUit..r
C\. lnt ?U[ rortc\.i. ;r :n:: . n !,':th : ill;> from KC)l.b645 to,

; ...
31'.: ,E .lld i'rO! :,,; .. 5.
'':: ".":.:::: in r '3
.1''''C '_0 0:.:0
(U;;II r'C the' :-:tt, ,.; i. Lt'
d. '1" .). ::.:.toon vr; ,; in :JUr ty::rt d' the line .
. .. .:C'C .. j.n S ;'r-; :Jl " C" ':'rr, r" c.":' ':.hc lu,l' 'l .
2.'2 ::CN:
on ,?J. . (lV .. ::0 .. r'<J",y ct :i.vit{ t.h.: Cone' i'L:i.!l',
hc:c r. in l'ront f) r)t' the 1x itl;)rm __:.:" :':1 <ur ir:.(-
:C.'!'I)S3 r();,'f' 'hin. .,ur }f"r1:.. j. "I,,:. ,:It!1 (:.nrh..
rO'J': to : I': .n'., : " 'l:l ,er thek. to :'clk-ve : . .:'\
Lr: 4J.(f., 1\ :tncl .1rd ;':1... the "y i -,rt: "Q L.06t.h Int.
'. I' t - '" '
( 102d ...."
0 Or e:" t:..on '.", .. " I:'.UM :L..,:'lleu " '. ',"lYJ ':';;n:i . or'
reI.:'.;:'. to, j . ,"t :: t , , ')'; , 'T" ak 'O!'Cf; ";;" on !)\l!' :i.e:t.. M Jo..t c ' ..
r:ref:si'lre <:-rmr)l' C' ..... !. ;:frin;' t.he In the Tnslc L"Ol"Ce ; 1 ! t::1 " ."
c-;nsi(l'!':,ble e1'1!t1t1Y :ot. ;;. 'J I'\()tul c,)"t,j.nuollsJ;r ir. ..; .:;: ,. nd .. .
fit'>;!' '. ..cti:ve d') ,') . t!1.' '!' .
".:.:"l.n:;;;Il"II")\lt the .j., r : n:i
. d' 't' 1'''' . ' ... -", ' ...
k "'oret;, 1 1'el!l'1:tne. Ull,J;.) ...,:tn :la.M!l ,OSl.u.L0W'J lr. :::".}ve .)'.
23 L::N:
sector heldo ] '3t !In 67ttl f.F.i ordered to J'f..0V6 lX'ck t,) IT'.Yf ;
vic :l.nity Ji'.':1I6H nt 13M.. IInlf-tl'.. ck3 of 1st M !:.lot . J:. Ilj
hroup-ht. Uf: to vicinity , Ur':'dliJOHF to h ck the tr'.>;)I G Loc::
Wt:.ll'G Y.'f'0 ievcf1 :'rom the} -:.tIc t,lj' t d,'itt. 2nd Bn 67th AR, "B" cQ 17th
i,n(-) :,ll<i T.11. 'f;re to I'ft!'lHin :in Sur'IX>rt of too ac-.::Lor until
'cd thf> next d1.Y. lRt In :/:t.h '.. I{ closed in new S\SS'J! area at '
... ocatec: i'i900S". Jrd I'n 6?th ..R (OI1g1nnl.l in Task force I. 2) .:'ovt:d
to row ,rea. and rev'3rted to control of 67th t.R upon closing in tivCI'::c
.:'.t CoP. K9ffl567. Relief ot 19t and 3rt! Bn., 4lnt ,1R
at :l.Bi progresoed on scho.iu1,e. Reliet WliS conpl.cted at. 24l0;, dnd
the torce Ifl infantry comfaniee marched to l'UFi'EULORF where they en
in '!:oheir vehl.CJ.C5 (; 0:1 r.roceedod to new s" G C\ .
406th In.('. ,:.eM;.. as'i_d con::\'nd 0:' the '1'[ <:'lie 'oree ::u:ct;)i:' i.':-r.;: :::, "., (./'th
,:''':{" 232342f. !l'te:r t:.e ! .t lin 1,06thInt hc.d cOIUrletely. take:! :.,; fer t!',e Jj ..,
2nd Ln 67th f1.'"i.. "BII Co 17th ;:;ngr. Bn(-) and P"...ctOoIl "B" C.702 T.:J. :'.:'e!:.::ined
in BUPport to be relieved by "0" Co T'{l:Jt Tank sa (?til A.D) and T.;:"1 ot
the 406tb inf. 'rtus relief w s to ti:n place, of 24 t:av. 3:M
En 41st ;;lli n-ached their as!laobl,y 8 rea " 24t15TA aDel was :"od .from
att: ch.-:ent to 67th lst Bn 4lA ADl reached their assellblT ;ree. at .
24if2ttz., aDi W38 rele:.. sed tl"Oll. uttacUint te 67th loR.
24 HWI 67th J'uw! Regt. remaimd iU.tiaJ..q in aupport or the..wr-. Flat. "B" Co
7C1l T.D. Ba ..., relined bT 1'.1)" ot till 406t1a W. Beat. tee . .",
1l\CIl"nin8 aDd rnert.od back to et 702 TeD.... 'N'1'/tIl
Eqr. Sa(-) mcned baok to tbl1r aat.t.alJ.Aa afta ..... re)M""- .
troc control ot 61th a. Otria& t ....".. -c.'c....IIn...Sa
and relJayed 2Id .. 67th AR .w. taMe of JiIII,.161Ili.....ot ...

lJewd et ..,... of tla 12,. HAllet. ..jf.,);
" ,
_---'__ .. __ .._"_. __ ___... __.___ . ___. .J
,I', ' .. 1 -'GI/'.1 i'rO;;l .. 11 1.t to fJrOa in .;.:r.u:;:i. ':;"1".
. f"" ""1.1. lJ t .. ,,). t 14"'" U 'I' 1
LJ;.' t .\0 .. :4.,... .. 014 ....,'A. :; ' .. " ..... , 1Io/ICM',. n""h ,.... e OJ-3t..
....11i:,'.4 :;'",,,::.ion in .:t. l41S' ',', entire H8L_nt 1::::' r.;w
,<:.) ,4' t,OO , H:lt.t 1 sOp.!r.. t.o Comptlniel lre:'i! Ul1dot'
.. i.;; . .:()Ilt.l'OJ..... ;::,,1" J j ci.,;,i
1 ,H(":o lIr - i'. j(.,)<,:,'l
.In:, '.,nj'itb AR ... h
.'ill. 67ta All -
;l"1.l ::0 67th Ai iI/)C'!l567
J. Il" CL. ; 563
.J.D'" 1(91;.;:;63
St.:"V '';0..
o'j .. r-j :U"I:!U 1'lC:_ tt-": ill .8 c ).:1.: :."<:> :..n .' ".' '1. He-
il.:i;.i' . .i.on ul' t rooT'&) ..... nd. ,,.,j.r en .[1"':' ,," .; ',: I, :';..:' '-":,.. y ...
2(. New. 67til ,.rOO :i.:ci.?t.lx,:tod l.D OFt: ,.
.. ' ..
en'.Li<.1if .i:.o'3 \,;.Jncht ....-=O' ;1urU1r the 'J ,.
v:'th 'c(II(: i'.t;,:l;, ' .. 01;. .ttFl :iJ. ()] ... J ' .. i ... :
. ""'. . .l. -;".J"!II.
-'Ii) Nov.. Ui't.h ., ...rue. lie/.to .. ;'oc.:.ted .; .. ::. \I:fj; ('.;,j'.lcted t'nd
l//t.h ;,rIll';' l<..v_.:ted in ..;';R.. lj.. conducted miatemnce and '
h",tL1.t<l'c,ion une conuucte-ci cOIr.;le'L6 s/low .. down :..nsre('t.ion
:m:: ). i.L'.,:1ll1nt ...
30 (1/th ..:.rmd >')C(jted in U1,/1 (il:; . AllY.. llaintenun::e fond
The following
image(s) may be of
poor quality due to
the poor quality of
the original.

.:: L_ :"',.-: Ol"i tn(Zt <.r ,.5 C :.4"1. : . t:,. th h.r..J
. :"" .., .. OV: ,,r J,\')4::. ('_'0 :"CCO. ,,' .'!. r-:ct:-_!: ,t) .
. '.- /.:: '.! r" ... ;'c .."t iLCl. the ;.3rt..... . .' t. he . .8 ., nt
i.t',L, 1.")":'1'4
t,;" H,e f)uth.

___'-'1&.1_ ' /. 1
... __ ....
: . __._'-"!.J .. .. _.
-. r;
, ."
r. ;:.
Ie '.'1 .:.
'.' r c
,1/1 Gur.a
\.' 0 "
: ori: 2
(j {'
r t..
',5i;'l AT .";Wl 1 :3
i 1 5
:.i :...... I.. ... UIl 0 1
: 1 c,-, rr1,:. r
() ..
t} 2
;'rLDred r;c.r (i ,-
,; 2
75rr,i J II' (: 1lJ:. J.
C 0 1
, . 1 0 1
: ('Itr:.rc 1(' 1.e C C
g):.rJ. : 1" i,
7 7
50 i:! :
r 2 2

'. ..I
3 3
r. r.
L:: 0'/ en
{ .
\' .J 1;;
_: 1.1 .... ..;
:.0 t':.. "lL'O
C' st )
; .. .....:., ..:. '..' oi"l :

2 0 419

I ..

._.- I
APO 252
18 January 1945
SUBJEOT: Atter Enemy Aotion Report tor December 1944.
TO : OOlDllandiDg General. 2d Armored Division, APO 252.
1. . The Arter Enemy Action Report tor the month 01' December
1944 may be divided into two periods. The period 1 - 20 December
was devoted to training, rehabilitation and orientation. The
per10d 21 - 31 December 1944 VaS employed in the movement to and
action asainst the ene., in the vicinity 01' Oiney, Belgium.
2. The opinions and observations ot the regimental start
oonoerning these two periods, ooncurred in by the undersigned
tollov: .
a. beoutive Of1'ioer. 67th Armored Regiment.
Period 1 - 20 December 1944
(1) The regiment landed on the continent in June and
up to the later part of November it vas either in
combat or alerted for oombat. One or more ot the
battal10ns ware alway. detached. and under the oommand
ot another unit. Only infrequently during this period
was lt posslble to review the status ot training ot
the battal10ns. one in relat10n to the other; or to
undergo presoribed supervised training trom a regi
mental standpoint. The need tor suoh a period was
necessitated by the numerous replacements received
as aresult of battle and non-battle losses and the
further tact that many command pcsitions were being
tllled through rapid prollOtions resulting trom battle
and losses.
(2) 1 December 19lf.4 found allot the organizations
ot the oommand under regimental control for the tirst
time slnoe landing on the cont1nent. .
(3) The period 1 - 20 Deoember was devoted to an
tensive program ot training with a view tovards: At
fecting teamwork throughout all eohelons ot command
and all ranks; Orlenting all new personnel with tadt1ce
and administration peculiar to the oommand; Permit.ting
new oommanders ot platoons, companies and battalions
to perteot themselves in the mechan1cs of the1r oommand.
(4) Oonourrently with the tra1ning program. emphaSis
... plaoed on 1ndiv1dual aDd organization d1soipline.
This period also permitted much needed time to be given
to administratlon; partioularly. awarde, courts-martial,
supply reoords, supply disoipline. salvage. maintenanoe
ot vehicle requ1sitions ot personal clothing and
equip.ent and the m&nJ other oomplexities ot unit aDd
orsanlzat10n a4m1nistr.tion.
(5) The morale ot the 1nd1v1dual &Il4 the unit as a
whole was given speoial attention 1n the ot hot
.ho..... U80 Shov.. pas... to Par1. &IJd so.. near by
Belg1aD oities. IlOving p1cture exoellent "B" type
goOd _11 .erv1ce. da11y delivery of Stars
&Il4 Stripe. aDd other 1.1IUe4 reading material, tre
quent .ervices aDd where feas1ble rooms were
.. '
. !t.L
.et a.14t tor u by the clur1ns the .."enins. A
a r.-lt _rale ot tm troop. reaohe4 a high level.
I" 1. OOllVoy...ial wether tM ordill&r1 morale build
illS ase.l or t.he te&l1DS of personal pride and
oomp-'eDlJ tho period of orientation

" -
and training or a combination ot both, was responsible
tor this. The response ot the individual to the basic
trainlng incorporated ln the trainlng program was re
(6) The tralning and rehab11itation ot 1 - 20 De
cember 1944 clearly illustrated several points ot
crltlclsm and recommendatlon. Such periods are neces
sary atter extended combat operatlons in order that a
un1t may "mend lta tences" as lt were, caused by battle
losses, new replacements and new collllDallders. Such a
unlt should be removed well to the rear ot combat be
yond. the range ot enemy shell tlre or eneDIJ sneak air
attacks. The unlt should be bll1etted in hou.e., pro
v1ding adequate living apace tor every ind1vidual.
The town selected shOUld be tree ot clvilians or el.e
the clvillans be consolidated ln one sectlon of the
town. Sufticlent adJacent terraln should be readlly
accesslb1e tor actual on the ground tralnlng ot crews,
platoona and companie
Period 21 - 31 December 1944
(7) On 21 December the command was alerted tor action
and moved to the vlcinlty ot Olney, Belgium that night
under the most trylng conditlons ot blackout, raln,
snow and lcy roads. In the sub.equent action agall18t
the enemy trom 23 December to 31 December the reglllent
committed ltselt w1th dist1nct10n exh1b1t1ng team work
and coordlnatlon resulting from the battle wlse w1.dom
ot 1ts members and the r1ch reward. ot the three weeks
of or1entat10n and training.
(8) Oasualt1es lnn.1cted upon the en8ll1 out- .
st&ndlns and when compared to our own los.e. further
bore out the truits ot the training 1n te.. work that
was accomp1lshed ear11er ln the month. Below 1a oom
piled a11st ot casualties 1nt11oted on the dur1ng
this per10d.
Prisoners ot War '!IJ7
K11led (lI:st1Jl&te) 364
Wounded 1n Action (Est) 79
Mark IV Tanks 7
Hark V Tanka 10
Mark VI Tank. 2
traoks 19
track. (UBA) 3
1/4 ton truoks (UBAJ 6
P"sol1D8l O&rri..s 5
.lamunltlon 1
OO-.zd oars 2
Truok. 28
Kotoro1cl.s 5
cars (7) 2
2010( Guns 1
.\OlD( Guna 1
.i.MMa::.- 4
Selt prop.lled. Gwla i
155IIK Bow. 1
BuooJraa: 6
Vehlol.s: (ApproZt.ate11) 50
Ant.i t.&Dk (UII.) 2
Thes. 'YU101.. urkecl OM .... oaptured UM v.h101.s
"seel &6&1nst u. b7 the .

.. '.':"
Lt Oolonel, 67th Armored Regiment
Exeoutlve Offlcer'
b. 8-1, 67th Armored Reg1aent.
(1) Durlng the tlrst part ot the month ot December
1944, the reglment not belng engaged ln combat lt
waa posslble to complete pendlng admlnlstratlve
(2) Replacementl - periOd would have been ldeal.
tor the training and orlentation ot replacements, but
not withstanding the taot that the regiment was over
one hundred enllst.ed m.en underst.rellgth durlng this
period, unfortunately no reinforcements were reoelved
other than tormer members ot the oommand ret.urning
trom hospltals. Former hospltallzed men returning to
duty reported soldlers trom 2d Armored Dlvlslon ln
replacement centers through France, Belglum and Hol
land. It ls belleved that some metho4 should be de
vlsed to speedl1y return t.hese men to their unlt
e,) i!0oratlona - 'fbi. perlod provlded an lde&1 tae
to au m1t. reoommendatlons tor awards. 12 auver Stars,
Bronze Stars &nd '5 Purple Hearts were awarded to
members ot this oommand tor the perlod.
(4) Passes Reor_tloD - Three pass towns were,
aval1able and enllsted men tor December:
Parls, Prance; 8t. Trond, Belg1um and Van Valkenburg,
Holland. In addltlon a regimental reoreatlon oenter
was establlshed with dally pioture shows, faol11tle.
tor wrltlng, ohurch servioes and Red Oross Stage Shows.
(5) Housipg - Generally all personnel was hoU8ed 1n
clvilian houses. This perllltted troops $0 keep warm,
dr'1, and to wash aD! repalr clothins.
(6) Mall - A tremendoua; volume ot Ohristmas paoka6es
and miIl"wa8 handled dUrlng this period by dally ma1l
(7) Relatlons wlth 01vl1ians - Certain regulatlon.
were pUblished ln regard to wlth
clv1l1ans, were tollowed to the letter.
(8) The tollowlng Battle-Casualties were sU8tained
in December:
Ca) Ottloer8:
(b) J:Dllated Xen:
Hlssillg 8
Total i
B. 1fUL0R
KaJor, 67th Araore4 1lea' went
AAJutant '
, .... '< ....
- .

" '''''.
c. 8-2, 67th Armored Regiment.
(1) The month of December 1944 except for the per10d
21 - ,1 December was spent 1n Oidtweiler, Germany out
ot contact with the enemy. In the per10d 1 - 21 De
cember tra1n1ng in secur1ty measures was emphas1zed.
Ohietly stressed were:
(a) Use ot password and reply and identit1oation
ot triendly troops by means other than the pass
word and reply.
(b) Establishment and proper oonduct ot wire
patrols as security aga1nst v1re tapp1ng.
(2) With a view toward future operations, extens1ve
stud1es ot terra1n 8&st ot the Roer R1ver, trom JU110h
northward, were made. 8aIld tables ot the area werfJ
oonstructed by battalions and compan1es for the pur
pose ot tam111ariz1ng personnel with groUnd over wh1ch
they probably would operate'.
(3) The oivil population ot 01dtweiler vas closely
observed during th1s per10d and generally 1t may be
said that the populat10n was neither overly host11e
nor tr1endly. However, it was reported by an off1cer
ot the regiment who went back to the area to inspect
tor salvage atter the regiment moved into Belgium
that open hostllity existed towards this otf1cer.
(4) Results trom the training as outlined in para
graph 1 above were apparent during the operational
phase 21 - 31 December as evidenced b1 an increase
1n security oonso1en10usD8ss by all rank
Kajor, 67th Armored Regiment
d. 8-3, 67th Armored Regiment.
(1) The activ1ties 01' the 67th Armored Regiment
during the month ot December 1944 were in two
as tollows:
(a) 1 - 21 December - Non-combat operations.
(b) 22 - 31 December - Combat.
(2) During the period 1 - 21 December the reg1llent
wa. ass8llbled 1n o1dtveUer, hav1ng pr8T1oua
11 been committed 1n the Puttell40rt - Gereoll8veUer
combat operat10n. which lasted untU 26 Bov_ber.
Dur1Dg th1s neeember per10d the reg1aent coDducted
combat tra1n1ng along w1th the necessary ma1ntenance
ot vehicle.. Dlr1ng this t1ll.e, emphasis va.
placed on tra1ning the re1ntorc..ants rece1ved 111 the
regiment atter the prev10us combat per1Od. The re1n
toro.ents vere tra1ned &loDS w1th the regular per
.0IUlel, &I1d by the t1lle the reglaent "a. alerted tor
combat, the .tatus ot tra1D1Dg "as at a..h16h level
as cODCerned the -'1'eunrorlt- ot the oollbat el_ants.
In this three "eek tr&1D1DS per10d, all new re1n
toro..ents had .-ple opportun1ty to not only ..ster
. the Job ..s1gned. to but learn aoaeth1Dg about
the 4IIt1es ot the other -.bere ot the or....
a-'te ot va. 8Xellpllt1ec1 dur1DS the oo_at
operatloDa ot Ule reg1aent 1n the v1c11l1t7 south ot
01Da7, Belg1U11 during the per10d 25 - 31 December
1944. It 1. the op1D1on ot the writer after a
UD1t baa be.. 1n ooabat aDd baa rece1vc a ta1r am
berot re1Dtorc.ents, a per10d ot at 1._t 10 _ 14
..,. 1. 1'8flU1re4 to the ooabat ett1c1enoy up to
& s"""'art. t1t tor . lIore time 1s 4es1r_bl.e.

" "
f",- /
eapeclall,. it 'there is an U1'B1sual aoun't of mainte
naDCe neceas&rJ which appreclabl,. from 'the
'trainlng 'tlme aval1able. Especlally now wi'th win'ter
.ea'ther.' 110 ls belleved tha't 'tralning can be carrled
on only half as etflcientl,. as during favorable
(3) The perlod 22 - 31 December included 'the march
ot 'the ,regimen't to 'the Ciney" Belgium area where it
par'ticlpated ln the combat operatlons 'to stop 'the
German Offensive. The succeas of 'the regiment dur1ng
'tha't operation .aa a d1rec't retlec'tion on 'the high'
state ot tra1n1ng and combat f1tness 'tha't 'the command
..a In.
Kajor, 67th Armored Reg1ment
A,sa' 't 8-3
S-, Alr, 67'th Armored Reglmen't.
(1) The tollowlng is a report on act1vl'tles ln
CWS, PAD and Air Suppor't dur1ng month of December
(2) Dur1ng period from 1 - 21 December 1944 'the
regimen't remalned ln Oidt.eller. Germany. An 1n
spec't10n wao conduc'ted by organiza'tion gao officers
of all gas masks and. gas equipment. Shortages were
requiai'tioned. Short weekly periods were conduc'ted
1n gas mask dr1ll and ident1f1cat1on of gasses. Upon
dePar'ture ot reglment from 01dtweller no 'tlme was
available for further gas 'trainlng.
(3) Durlng period trom 1 - 21 December 1944 PAD
off1cers made rout1ne 1nspections of camouflage d1s
clpllne and advlsed commanders ot improvements 'that
I' ,
could be made. The entlre PAD organlzat10n of 'the
regtment was revised and new PAD offlcers. PAD NCO'S
al'ld 11ght rescue aquads were set up. Upon entry In'to
combat PAD personnel contlnued to check on camouflage
(4) Durlng period at 01dtweller ba't'tallon a1r tanks oheoked by ordnance to make certaln radlos were'
functloning properly. Very 11'ttle a1r support was
avaUabl. durlng the op.ra'tlons durlng the last week
ot the month due to poor tlylng condltlons. 3d Bat
tallon recelved some very excellent a1r support on
, '
the push towards Oelles.
. PHILIP K. B&.n:8
CJII.pta1n. 67th
&-, Ur
Armored Reglment
t. 1-4. 61th Araore4 Res1Mnt.
(1) DlrlDs the' aont.h ot Deoember a oomplet.e .how
40wn lupeotloa was ..d. on all lndlv1dUal equ1pment
aDd. oloth1D8 &D4 Teh1cl. equlpact. R.quls1Uona
..... INbll1ttec1 t.o Divlslon to compl.te all .hortag
r ...1Tec1 aDd lsaued to troops.
(2) Dlr1D8 t.his peri04 "pa4cUe 6'114e." ..ere in
s:Ulle4 Oil all ....1\111 t.aDk VaUs.
(,) AD 1UpeotloD V&8 ..... ot all prevlous looationa
tIIe're!'MDt oOCNPie4 durlDS the aOIl'ttb.. All aalftS
..t.erlal t0UD4 was laked. up aDd turned in to appro
prlat.. RPPlJ
aa obtained tram the
PAUL .... DISD- - ---r--_
Oolonel. "67th Armored It

' ....
Major. 67th Armored Regiment
,. !he Dally Act1v1ty at the reg1lllent
Da1l1 Un1t Report tallows at Append1x 1:6)
.. ~ .
: {
~ ,
APO 252. U.S. Arrq
1 December 1944.
MAPS GSGS 1/2r:t:JOO GEBl"lAliY. SHEET 5103
a. Units in contact - Not in contact.
b. Reserves - As listed in' G-2 Periodic Report.
c. Activ1ty - EneIV' -plane. aotive over ar. twice during daylight hours 1 December
19lf4. at 1230A and 1130A. No damace or casualties
d. liIstimate nreZlgth and means - No change.
e. Conclusions - }bna.
a. J'zont Une - Does not apply.
b. Location of !rl'OOpS - 01dtveiler. Germany.
c. Information adjacent and troops - Other Command ":8" !rroops.
d. Weather - Mlld and fari1Y' clear. VisibiUtY' good.
e. Operations - 67th Armored Reciment In 811me location. daintenance
conducted duril.lg the daY'.
f. Results of operations - None rc!!ported.
a. Personnel. oombat emcieDeY' - 97ft
1-Rep1acement raeal ved, 72 rep1ac ements needed.
b. SUpplY':
Pations - Entire Regiment drew ":8" Bation
Ammuni t10n - All vehicles have baaic loads. &JIIIIII1lli tion tru.cks tullY' loaded.
Gas and 011 - tanks fUll. fIle1 truck. fullY' loaded.
c. lbads - Continued to be improved.
4. GENEBAL - Silver Star Medal. awarded to t1ft) (2) officers aDd :five (5) eDl1ated men
of the oollUlllUld bY' the Oom"DdhJC General, 2d Armored Di'Vision. After eneq action
report compl1ed aDd rea4;y for aublllse1on. Journals of subordinate unite called in.
VECLl!S - Medium tanks for duty. 11% in 3d echelon .inteDanCe.
Light tanks for dut;r. 9$. in 3d echelon
All other vehicles for duty. 1% ln 2d echelon aDd 3d echelon
, .
_ . ,'0 .. ...:._..... ..
67TH AFll"OP.ED run-HiEl-.T
APO 252, u.s. Army
2 December 1944.
:W'S GSGS 44l4. 1/2r:pOO, GEpjjA;IT, SHEET 5103
a. Unit's in contact - As listed in Division G-2 periodic Reports, 1 December
b. Reserves - As 11 steel in Division G-2 Periodic Reports. 1 DeceDioer 1944. .
c. Act1'vity - ;10 observed activity except a few sporadic rounds of artillery in
area adjacent to regimental area.
d. Estimate of strength and material. means - l'io
e. Conclusion ..
a. Front line - Does not apply.
b. Location of Troops - 01dtweiler, Germany.
c. Information adjacent un! t8 am BUpportlIlg troOP8 - Other Oollll..nd ":e
troop s.
d. Weather - Cloudy and mUd. n e1bili ty fai r.
e. Operations - 67th ArJlt)red Regiment remained in same 10cntion. Maintenance and
preparation for combat oomucted. ReConnai88ance COII!>8llY' alerted and moved at
13.301. to vicinity of to take over front line sector from Reconnai seance
ooq,an;r. 66th ArIIIOrecl Regiment. liD" 67th Armored :Regiment, alerted and.
JIIOved to vicinity of :Bol'llen to relieve taDk elements of 2d :Battalion. 66th Armored
Regiment, on front Une 8ctor. "DII lJt)ved out at 1430.1. Reo0nDa188&IIC8
alld "D" Coupanies came under taCtical control of Combat Conuna.nd IIAtt upon arrival in
the front line 8ecto"r, however were IIOt released from Regimental control. Combat
Command ":en to take OTer the 8ector from COmbat Collllland "1." on 3 Dcember at
which time Reconnai ssance OompallT, 67th Armored RlBgiment and "D" 67th
Armored Ree1ment w11l revert to Combat o:mmand ":e" control. Upon decision of the
Oo... (Jeneral, 2d ArlJt)red Dhiaion, the tactical formation of the Regiment will
revert back to 2 medium Battalions and 1 light :B3.ttalion. operations, ":e"
COlllpan;r will be attached to 2d. :Battalion am "0" Conpany will be attached to the 3d
:Battalion. 1st :eattalion Yill be tactically elllployed as the Battalion le8s ":e" am
"0" Coll!>aniea, with Reconnai8sance CbDpsny zaormally attaclled.. Thi8 change to be
,tfective 3 December 1944
f. Results of Operations - None reported.
.A4Ja1nistrati ve
a. Per80zmel. combat eft1cienoy -
73 rtplsc8llent8 need....
b. Supply
BLtion8 - Entire RegiD.nt drew ":e" ratione.
,AJaDlun1 tion - .lll vehicle8 have bade 10ad8, 8IIIlIIW1i tion truck. f'ul.l.7 loadld.
Gas and Oil - Vehicular tank8 tull, hal. truck. :NI.l.y loaded.
c. :Fbade - R>ad.8 cont1nued to be illproTed.
GIHIJAI, - Avard, :tor la8t ooabat acUon be1Qg prlpared. :Bond. drive beiQg earned
OD. in companie
VlIHIOL. -' Med1ua taU8 tor. dut7 S., ill 34 .chelon maintenanoe.
L1&ht tank. tor duty 11l )l echll.on I81nt8D&DO'.
. .All oth.r vehicl for duty 1;1 111 2cl aDd 3d echelon Mil1tel1aDC'
. Dr- 011. (1) Ught tanka, on. (1) above TIE assigned to 1.t :eaUalion,
Headquarter. and. Headquarters Coq,aDT-
Dr. two (2) truck loedl ot cloth1Q1 aDd equipt *. date. tId.8 olotldlll. plue
requi8ition8 DOW in Un.ion Quarterter, l_ftl tU.RC1ment 1. ve'q ucal.lu1l
.bllpe Ill. lDd.1vl4q1
t ..
, .
APO 252. U.S. Al'f1J7
3 :JeCember
MAPS GSGS 4lIJ.4, 1/25.000, GEBMA...lf!, SHEET 5103


a!, Un! ts in contact - As listed 1n G-2 Periodic Rtport dated 2 December 19lJ4
b. Reserves - lb change.
O. ACtivity - No observed activity of gl'Oum tore_. planes (believed to be
MIl s) were o'Yer rciaental are at 1430,&. No hostlle action obaerved.
d. Estimated aDd aean... Bo a4d1 tioDal information to report.
e. Conclusion. - :Based on information aonta1ned In Dlvia:lon G-2 Periodic Report
f'o r preceding periods. enemy'. :tuttlre capablli ti_ are confirmed chieflY' to Dp}')o sing
our of' lOer I/l.'Yer alld it we are luccelaM in to countez-attack
wi th available inf'ant17' and. armor of Sixth Panzer ,&rtq.
a. Front line - D:lel not apply-
b. Location of 0 01dtweiler. GerIlalV'.
c. Information adJacent UD.1. h and aupportiJ: troop. - Other Combat 001llllaJ1d ":au
Troop s.
. ,':
d. Weather - Oloudy, cool, T.l..iblli ty poor.
:' :!.f,j ......
e. Operations - 67th ArllOred Redaant, IliJIU RecoDD8issance Coll,P&l17 aDd "DI Coq>aIl1
remained. in same location. *inteaa.nce aDd preparation for combat. Tactical for

mation of' the Regiment reverted to two (2) medium aDl one (1) l1ght battalion at
1200,& tod,q.
t. llesults of Operationa - lToq,erationl.
a. 'personnel combat et:f1cieDCY -
72 rtpla.c8llents n.lIled.
b. Supply,
Bations - Entire Regiment dr_ l:a
ratiou, GClpt .Recolllla1ssanoe aD!
ID" RecoDD&iaeaDSe aDd "D" CoIlp&D1' drew "XU ratio...
tion - All 'Yeb1cles ha'Ye basic loade. 8IDIIWd. tion tl"llCks tully 10adec1.
Gas and 011 - Vehicular tanka MI. :fUel tracks loadec1.
c. :a>ada - Blada contlna.ecl to be ll11pl'OftCl.
4. GENERAL - Pl'Oteltant aDd Catholic Servic held. Do'Qghnut truck cll ....tohec1 to
18t :aattal1on. Ohrist.. gre.t1ugs 0.,1. pollcy &a1OUDCed. .A,Ccid_1;al IihooUag
in 2d :Battalion iueatigated. Loe. ot ai'Yllian piC in'Yest:1&atec1.
- Medium tank. tor duty SS%, l2.' in 3d echelon mainte..e.
. Light tanka tor dut,. g.. 2!' in 3d echelon __._me
.All other ...ehlal .. tor dut,. 1$ ia 24 aDd 3d eoheloa _at__e.
Drew two (2) light taDks, 3 11ght taDks abo.... '1/' 2 Ugh1; -..S a.signed
to Hea4quariers aDd ())1IpaD7, ls' Battalion.
Drew 351 pair combat trours.
. "

',1".:1..' !'
APO 252. u.s. Ar1lfT
4 Decellber 1944.

MAPS GSG5 1/25.000, GEmwiY. SHEm 5103
a. Units in contact .. As listed in DiviSion G-2 Periodic Report, 3 December 1944.
b. Reserves - 1'fo change.
c. Activity - lio observed activity. Search of area. disclosed no pigeons.
d. ]}Itimate of and Material means - No chaD&e.
e. CODClusions - rIo chan6e.
2. own SUUAT!Oll
a. Front line - Doea not apply.
b. Loca.tion of Troops - Oidtweiler,
c. lni'orma.tion adjaoent units and IUpportiDg troops - Other troop. of Oombat OoDlillalld
d. Weather - Cloud7. raiD1ug, hail, cold. 111s1bllit7 poor.
e. Operatiolis - 61th Arllt)rad Regiment mlnua liD- and RecoDDa1aaance
remained in preaen\ location. Ml1ntenance nnd. preparation for combat beiJ conducted
Assa.ult gun platoons of the Regiment alerted to be prEI>a.rad to move, on call. to
front line vicin1t7 for maaaed :fire operationa under control of Division ArtiUer:y.
f. R.esuJ. ts of operation - :bb operationa.
a. Personnel combat ettici 8l1.Cyo -
60 replacement. needed, 21 replacements received. AD effort i. be1qg made to
rEI>lac e unsld.Ued members 0 f the coJDlJlalld wi th taDk drivers and gwmera.
b. - Entire Regiment dr. ":e" rations ex:ctpt RecoZUlaissance and "D" Ooll>aItV,
who drew half "11 ratione and half "X" rationa.
,Amm'Illltion - All vehiCles have basic loads, ammun1 tion t1"\1Cka 1'ul17 10ad8l1.
Gas and Oil - All .,.eh1cular tanks tuU, fUel :t'ul.lyo 10ad8l1.
c. R)ada - R)ads co ntinued to be i
lh GENERAL - A Reei.ental formation held to present bronze star aeclala aDd oak leaf
clusters to si% (6) officer. aDd twentr-fi.,.e (25) enlisted. 118Il.
Poet supplies IlalTered to UD1ta. Hot ootfee and. mail .a delivered to
the ot members ot _onnals8anee 00J/IpaD1' on the line.
VliIiIOLES - Med1'W11 tanks tor dut7 SS!' .", in 3d echelon lIIainteDlUlCe.
Light taDk. tor dut7. 997', in 3d echelon maintcance.
All other tor dut 7 99%, 24. aDl 3d echelon -.1ntaance.
AR'l'ElIS 67TH ARi() HElD REGH:EIll'
APO 252, U. S. Ars1f1'
5 :Dec emb er 19"'"
5,000, GEBfWfi'. ,SHEET 5103
a. Un! ts in contact - No charlge.
b. Reserves - lb chaDge.
c. Activity - No aOthity obsel"Yed in tbis area. Severol ro'Wlds of enemy
artillery fell in adJacent arae.. Artillery concentration placed on forward areas
ofharassin.s nature. Some undetermined activity on east bank: of :aJer Biver.
d. Estimate of Enem.v and means - 1b change.
e. Conclusions - None.
a. Front line - Does not apply.
b. Location of Troops - 01dtve1ler. GerDl8ll1'.
c. Information adJacent and llUpporting troops - Other troops 0 f Combat ColllDaZld IIlI".
d. Weather - Cold, clear to partly overcast, 'ri sibili ty' good.
e. Operations - mima Reco1Ul&iss&IlCe and "D". OoJ'lllanle. remained in present
location. l-faintenanee aDd preparation for combat to include ph;nlcal.,
Crew drill, aan1 tation and etc., continued. Arr__t. made to tire .:u arms
and also 75's, 76'. 8lId 105
t. Re.w. t8 of operations - Ho operation8 for period.

a. Personnel combat ef:f1e1encl' ..,..

!I.'wo (2) officers aDd (5) enlisted men, former members, reoeived. as replace-
ments. needed, fiftT-a1x (56) enliated men.
b. - Entire Bsgiment drew liB" rations, exoept Recomlaiaa&DCe and ":OW Coq,an-
i .., who drew half liB" aDd half "X" rationa.
,A.llUDUn1 tj.on - All vehicles have ba8ic loads, aamunition t1"l1Cks :tulll' loaded.
Gas and 011 - Vehicular tanks Ml, f'a.e1. trucka MIl' loaded.
c. lbads continued to b. illpl"Oved.
4. GUEBAL - Elght (8) ott1cers aD!. IIlghtl'""ftve (85) enlisted JIlaD. lett on pas. to St
Troud, Belgiu. Stag. ahov sche4ulel1 for 1 and 8 Deceaber
T.lHIar.1IS - Med1ua t&Dles for dutl' in 34 echelon ma1nt8D&JlCe.
Light taDks for dutl' 1: in 34 echelon IlBinteDaDOe.
All 0 ther Tehicles for duQ' 99:, 1: in 2d aDd 3d echelon ..nteDanc e
. ".<
.. ' .
APO 252, U.S. Arlq
6 Dec_ber 1944.
MAPS GSGS, 1/25.000. GEla(A.NY, SHUT 5103
UDi ts in contact - No change.
Reserves - A8 li.ted in G-2 Periodic Report, dated 5 December 191J4.
c. Actlvit7 - Artlllery aDd Jlk)rtar :f'1re fall in our forward elements (RecOnDai8B8l1C
during period. No direct acth1t7 observed. in Regimental area.
d. Estimate 01' _terial means and morale - No
e. (bncluaionl - lbne.
2. OW SI!W.'l!IOli
a. n-ont line - Do ea not app1T
b. Location 01' !rr'Oopl - Oidtveiler, Germ&n1'.
c. Information adjacent aDd aupportiDg tl'OOP. - Other troops of Comat 00__ ABU.
d. Weather - Cool, general17 clear, vil1b1l1t7 fair.
e. Operatiol18 - .iment m1WI "D" aDd l18Cozma1s8ance (bllpanie8, in the
present locatiolle "I" alerted to relieve "rJ' (bJlllallT. Re11et -to be accolp
l:1ehed 9 December 1944. to be attached to 82d Armored
bConnai88S.l3Ce :Battalion. Preparation tor combat conducted each as phy'sical
tra1n1J3g, ra. :f'1rlDC tor 8IIall arms aDd 37'., 75'1, 76's and 105'1. Maintenance,
aazd. ta1lion.
t. RelUlta of operation. :NO operations for period.
). ADMI IiISTBA.!I! v.a:
Personnel combat emcieucT 97%. 'J replacements needed.
two (2) enlteted men recel ved al raplac __te.
1 Warrant OtAcer
b. SapP17 - Entire Bl'giment drew "lin rations except Reaonnaislance CoBpaD7, who
drew half' ":an &lid halt "X" ration
j.II11IIUD1 tiOD. - .All Tehicle. bave basic loadI. ulIIW21 tion trueka fully loaded.
Gas and 011 - Veb1culal' tames tall. :&el tanka N17 loaded.
o. lGada - Oontlm1ect to be iq,roTed.
4. GlliB:aAL - POlt rations receiTed alld dlltributect.
VEHICLEs - M.U:wa taDlta for dutT in 34 echelon JllBinteDance.
. . Light tanka tor dut7 in JcI. echelon maintenance
.All other Tlhicl.ea tor dutT in 24 aDd 34 echelon mainteIJanoe.
- ".
r . -.,
HJ'AD'I1.A.RTElti 67iB AllORlD
.APO 252, u. s. Arar
7 Dec_bel'
MAPS GSGS 4414, 1/25.fXX:J, Gll:11Wrr, SUE 5103
. 1. mJD4Y
a. UDi 1;8 in contact - Ae listed in Dhillon G-2 Periodic Report, dated 7 December
b. Re.ervea - No chaag
c. Acth1ty - EDeIIV contiAuecl hameai!; fire on 1brvard podtioDil. Air over area
at 1530A todq vas engage4 by our ut1-a1rcmft. S8V'eral f'.r18l14ly roUDl. teU 1n
our area causing on. ca8tl8l t7.
d. Material means aDl morale - lifo chaDc..
.. Conclusion - No chaJ;e.
a. F1'OJlt line - Do.1I DOt app17.
b. Location ot 1'roop, - 01dtveller, G8Z"IIaJIT.
c. Location adjacent and support!!; troops - Troopa of Combat Oolllllalld 'B'.
d. Operations - Blelllent IIlIlU8 DIconnall8&DCe and. 'D" OoD!;lanle'. r-.1n... 1.
pre.ent location. Jldntuance ot vehicles, tratn111g ot personnel contiDUad In
order to be PZ'9&1"111 for :1'Uture operation
e. :ReElults of operation8 -No operatioD8.
a. Per80nnel combat emei.Del' - 61 replace.nte needed.
b. 1 enl1 eted men - l\IbUllded In Action (relUl ta ot A.A. shell) Maintenance
1 enlisted men - ltnmde4 in Action, ll$COnuab.aDCe OoD!;laD7.
c. Supp17 - EIltire Rtr;1ment drew "B" ratioD.8 Rcom:La1..ance who
drew half ":S" aM half 11K" rat10ne.
JPUllWl1 tio. - .All Teh1cle. have balic 10M......un! tion tru.aks tul17 loaded.
Gas am 011 - Vehicular tanka tall, tu.el tracke tuUl' loaded.
d. lka4. Continued to be ImpJ'OTed.
let :Battalion
2 hour. directed. to crew drill
1 hour d.,.,ted to 1iMt1c.
1 period dnote4 to tDot InlpectioD.
2D4 :sat talion
(le.. 'D' OoDp&ll1')
2 houra dewte4 to crew dl'111
1 hour d-.o1;ed. to tacfilce
1 period devoted to toot inSpection.
3d lIa"&l.lon
2 boUZOI dnotel to cr.4rill
1 hour dn) ted to taotici
1 period d.,.,'ed. to toot 1nlp801;1on.
lIM4quarlwa 0DIIpaDl'
1 hour 4notell to 41..,uate4 zoeA marah .
1 period d.,.,hl1 to foot ID11peot1on
Mlin'eDallOe ao ..,.
lliour 4.... ,_ to ort.laUo.
1 period. 4-., te4 to or. 4r1U
1 period d.-'eel to ..,
Se!"I1c. eo...,.
1 hour de,.,tel1 to OWl
1 periOd d.w'ed to toot iD.8p8OtloZL
11Dder control ot 8211 .A.rerell Becomud.eaanoe ..tWio
VEHICLES - l-Iedium taDlc8 for dut7 3tj, in 3d echa1.on ma1ntenance.
Light tanks for dut7 99%. in 3d echelon maintenance.
All other vehicle. for dutT in 2cl aDd 3d echelon ma1nteDallCe.
Dr_ 58 pistols. aud. 16 binoculars .3. thi. date. Were i88ued to all 11ne
and 3a.ttal!on Headquarters

II ..
'- ..
APO 262, U.S. Aaay
8 Dllo_ber 194'
JaPS GSGS 66l4., 1/26,000. GEm.wrr. mtOT 6101.
1 ....,
I.e units 1A co:a.taot .. listed. in Di'daiOll. G-2 Periodio Report, dated 8
Deo_ber 19"
b. R"erYes - lIo chang.
o. Acti'9'1ty - Seae en.y airoratt OYer a.rea during period. Artillery and
Korta.r oonoentrations oontinued to fall in forward areas.
d. Bltillag. strength ed Jla.terial Means - lJllohanged.
cono1uaiaa8 - None.
I.e Froat line - Do.s not apply
b. Looation ot Troop. - Oidtweieler, Genaany.
o. adjaoeat and supporting troops - Oth.r ceabat "B"
U.its. .
d. Opera.ti OllS - llegiaellt (less "D" &Dd ReoOlmUsaano. ccapanies) 1& saa.
1ooatioa. )(aintenano. of Tehioles. training ot personnel and prepa.ratica tor "
tuw.r. operation .. oaadlaotede
0. C_bat ettioi_q -
de Re.ults of ep.ratiou - BO operaticma.
a.. P.rsoanel caabat - R.plao..ea'ta required - 64.
b. SUpply - Intire Regiment drew "B rations ezoept a-oonnai.aano. Caapany
*1ch dr halt "B" rations and. half' .... ratiou. . ,
AJaaunitioa All TelLtol.. haY8 basic 10&4, .-nmitiCil twoka fully
Gal and 011 - Veh.icula.r taDks tull, fuel tl"llck:a tully loaded.
0. Roada" COlltiaued to be ilDproTed.
C. GINIRAL. In.tomatiOD. r.oeioqd 2d L1tutenant Tibbs ot a.oonnai....o.
O-pany hu be. prCIRoted to Pirst Lieutenant ... ot 6 Deo_b.r 19"'
jppl' 800 _.ben of tile Repaeat att.decl a ahow preted _
Speoial S.rvio.. .
VEICL18 - Ke41ua tanka tor d.ue,- 99%. ill Icl .oheloa maint....o
Lipt taDk. tor duty 100% .
All oiher tor dIlt," 1% 1IL 2d u.cI lei .olleloa _=...11......
ft,UJIDeJ - 1.10 .. 24 Battali_ ooncl1loted a ,.oral tN11l1q .olledul.. ..1*
oluded. 01''' d.rill, gwme17, taot108 tor the attack. ori__t1oa OA CIIlrreat'OIllat1oa. Icl Battal1_ oODcluned aall ... raDCe thine all dq tor all
.apOD.l. Wio' oel tor otthe,. ooa4laneel 'bJ 1.10 .. ",-u18'
pla.ed _ traiaizac ot the ...lI1t Qua natoCIU ill pnparati._ tor a
, ..t.
'- ;
f ,
J.PO 252. U.S. Army
9 D$camber 19"

1. :iiW1II.Y
a. Units in contaot - Not in oontact.
b. ReserTes - AS listed iu 0.2 Report dated 8 Decaaber 1544.
c. Aotivity - Consistsd of artiller,y and fire on forward areas. hO
direot noted in regimental area.
d. Bltimate and material means - No change.
e. Conolusion. - None.
a. tront line - Does not apply.
b. Location of Troops - Cidt....Uer, Germany.
c. Info:nnation adjaoent and supporting troops - Other troops of C01'l.hat CaPLWld
d. Operations - Regiment (-) remained in location. "0
campa;:lY retul"%J.ed
to Regiaelltal oontrol, closed in present location at 11001... wI" CCftP8l1Y re
placed "D- CCIlpany and OlO8ed in their new looa.tion at 1145A. Reoonnaissance
OCftpany released from Combat "E" .eotor and olosed in 7th .. srea
vioinity Oidtweiler at 12001... Maintenanoe of vehioles, training of personnel
and preparatioo for future operations being conducted.
c. Callbat efficienoy - 90%
d. Results of Operations - Ho operations.
.. Per.onnel oombat effioienoy - 97%
4 enlisted men former msnber. r ....igned in grade. 1 enlisted man assigned to.
in grade. Medical Detaewaent.
2 and 16 enlisted men lert on TD for rotur,n to the United states for
b. Supply
Ration. - JRtire Rell-eat dre.. "B" rations.
,AJllmUuitiOll - All ....hioh. haTe loadl, 8IIIDlUnition truoks tully lOlLdtlc!.
Gas aDd Oil - Vehioular tanks tull. ruel truokl fully loaded.
o. Roada - continued to be iaproved.
.. GElKBAL - QUota reoei Ted for a Vklkenwrg pau trip to b. effeottYe 10
D...oember 18'" aed Cross olubIRobile Iilted Sd Battalion.
_I" - Med1va for duty - 2% in 3d eohelon maintenanoe.
LiFt tuka tor dDt,. -
All other 'Yehlo1.. for duty 99%. 1% in 2d and 3d echelon aaintel1&1loe.
Drew t'IIO (2) truok load_ of indi udual olothing and equipnent this date
TlllllING - !at :sattalion. aoept .,.- O.cap_,.. oonduoted a general training
,oheclule _iea inclUded or... drill. germery. liGhting, trao1clng and taotios for
the attaot. "A- ocapau,. oonducted lIIII.al1 arms firine all day. 2d Batt&lion
iau. WI- ccapan,. and 3d Battalion oonduoted a general. training Ichedule. to
inolude 'uroratt ldetif'ioatlon, Platoem and Ccapaay taotios, Peraoual Hygiene.
Orew and. GUll drill. ".. ccapany test fired nine (9) tanks. Regimental Head
. quarterl, Maintenanoe and Semoe CCIIlpanie. conduoted training to inolude
disoipline, taotloa and Ddne detQotor operation.

,UO 252, "(;.S. Arm:,'
10 DecSIlber 1944
GSGS 4414, 1/25,000, GBmWIY, SFEET 6103
a. Units in centact - AP listed in G-2 Report, g Dec8mbar 1944.
b. Reserves - t'o change.
c. A-:tivity - Artillery and Mortar conoentrations on forward area. No observed
activ:i.ty in this arena
d. Materj Sol Mea."lB and Morale - Unch a.nged.
e. conclusions - Based on available information, enemy's capaMl tty is to con
tinue detennined reaistll.Iloe in our efforts to or0503 Roer HiTer.
.. Front line - Does not apply.
b. of Troops - Ger.many.
o. Information adjaoent 'cd 8upporting troops - Other CQl1.bat CCl!Ull.and "B" Troops,
d. Operations - Regiment, minus "I" CO&pany. remained in present looation. Day
to rehabilitation.
o. Combat effioienoy -
r. Results of Operations - No operations.
a. Personnel combat efficiency - 97% - 69 replaoements needed.
b. Supply
Rations - Entire Regiment ftBft rations. 6 day oigarette ratian.
AJmmmition - All vehicles have basic loads, ammunition trucks full.
Gas and Oil - Vehioular full, fuel trucks fully loaded.
o. Roads - Continued to be
4. - 76 members of eamme.nd attended a USC Performance at Baesweiler at
l430A. Protestant and Catholio services WOre held.
VEHICLES - Medium tanks for duty 97%. 3% in 3d eohelan maintenanoe.
Light tanks for duty 100%
All o+.her vehioles for duty 99%. 1% in 2d and 3d echelon lUintenance.
Drew one motoroyole this date, assigned to IIq Co 2d Battalion.
- 3d Battalion oonducted rang firing on the small arms range. pUrpose
of firing to train replacements reoeived and to test fire the weapons
of other men. Other Battalion. and separate canpanies conducted re
habilitatjon and necessary maintenanoe and preparation fOr trainin,
schedule next _ek. "I" caapany in vioinity of Freialdhoren under
caabat "Bft re.erT8 oontrol.
APe 252. u.s. Amy
11 Deo_ber 19,"
LlbPS 4414:, 1/26,COO. GBRrUNY, 610:;
a. units in - jp listed in G-2 Periodic Report, 10 Deoember 1944.
b. Reserves - No ohaAGe.
c. Aotivity - .Artillery and "oncentrations at limited soope fel1 in
forward areas. 3everal rounds fell in vicinjty ot regimental area about 05301
today. Enemy aircraft reported OTe!' area dilriab nie;ht.
d. Estimate strength and material means - l!o chanGe.
e. Conclusion. - None.
2. OWN SITU}.'nmi
a. Front line - Does not apply
Looation ot Troops - Oidtweiler. Gsr.many.
o. Infomration adjaoent and s11pporting troops - Otltcr Combat cownand "B" Troops.
d. Opera:';ions - Ree,"iment (-) "I" company remained in present location. For
training, see Paragraph 4, GENERAL.
e. Comba.t efficiency - 90%0
f. Rasnl ts of Operation - No operations.
a. Personnel oombat - 97%, 89.
b. Supply
Rations - Entire Regiment drew "B" Rations.
,A.'IIIm'.lnition - All vehioles have basio loads, UIIlUDition tru.oka fully
Gas a.'1.d. Oil - VEilicular tanka full, fu.el trua1cs tully loaded.
c. Roads - Continued. to be improv8d.
V"mICLES - Medium tanks for duty 97%, a% in 3d echelon :IIls.intenanoe.
Light tanks for duty 100%
All other Telliole. tor duty 99%. 1% in 2d aDd 3d eoh.elon maintenanoe.
Drew one new medium tank 7&1a this date, a88igned to "G" CcmPLny

- Training tor the Regiment exoept 3d BattaUon .... ot a IeDera! !lII.ture
such as platoon taotios, crew drill. cleaning weapons,
id8l1t1f'ication, type. !Llld u.e. and maintenanoe ot Tellioles. ibis
training was for the purpose ot orienting replaoaaent. and perfeoting
+...he old er men of the Regiment. "B" and "CIt Ocmpllli oonduoted SJD&ll
anD. tiring. 3d Battalion (-) "I- Ca.pany practioed tor .peoial
daaon.tration as per order. ot OClllD1llancling General. 2d Azmored Di rleicz
"I" under Combat caee.nd "Btl Control in a deteDliTe .eotor
T.l. oin1ty ot Friea.ldohoren 1. oClllduotinc training a.a .. the !leg:iment
. J '.
-.": .. ,
- , ..' 't...



, .'
:.rWQUARTias 67T1i APJ10RID
, UO 252. U.S. ArmY
12 DecEiIloer lS44
GSCS 4414. 1/25.000, GEm.aNY, SHBET El03
a. Units in contact - listed in G-2 Periodio Report. 11 Deoaaber 1944.
c. Activity - Artillery 8l'.d :Mortar conce!ltro.tions fell in forward areas. Enemy
planes Nere over during the nibht and just before first light this morning. bl.<t
bombs were droPJed in this vicinity.
d. Estimate strength and mAt.rial It.o&na - No change.
e. Conolusion. - lionel
I.. Front line - Does not apply.
b. Location of Troops - Genaany.
0, Informat:l.on ..djaoent e.nd supporting units - other Combat CO!1IiI1and nB" Troops.
d. Cp","-tions - Regiment (-) "1" Campan)! remained in present 100ati on. For
training. see Paragraph 4, GEN&RAL.
e. Combat effioienoy -
f. Results of Opera.tiona ... No operations.
I.. Personnel caabat Effioienoy - 97%, needed 11 enlisted men, 2
'.; offioers and 9 enlisted replaoements reoeived,
b, SUpply
Bations - Entire ReGiment drQw "B" ration8,
- vehioles have basio loads, fully loaded.
Gas and Oil - Vehicular tauks !'ull. fuel tNQcS fully loaded,
o. Roads - continued to be improved,
4. Gmsw. .. Offioers and enlisted men sent to S pass tOW':ls. B.egilllental G\lard eS"
tabliShod. Cooa-cola for oommand. one (1) per man.
VlI!ICLES - Xediu. tt.Dks for duty 98%. 2% in 3d echelon
Light t&nks for duty 100%
All other vahiolea for duty 99%. 1% in 2d a:ld 3d eo..'lelon m&iultenance.
J " 'lWllING - ll'!t Bat-talion (JI1aus C" campany and J..suul t Gun Platoon,
'f . ;(
ccmpany) oonduoted range firing, mall arms. for purpose of orienting l;l.OW men
their _apons and all.akine; other .....pons. In addition to the range firine;, &.
. ""{,
ttaiu1nS of general n.ture to oover taotios, ore. drill. driving instruotions and
....lntena.noe was donduotecl in order to keep the Battalion fit for tuture opere.tiona
2d Battalion training oOTered platoon taotios .leF. V. reoognition. crew drill to
inolude daily l'una1 u.c of the engine ad preventatiTe maintenanoe. Interior Guard
Duty and dri"fing in8tNotiGDI for asaista."'lt driTers aDd extra men. 3d Battalion
plus "C" company tiae .... spent in I. pn.ctioe d_onstration in oonneotion 1Iith &.
",1mor, In:f'e.ntl"Y, Artillery. Air -aonstration' a8 per orders of CClIII:IWlding General
2d .!mored 1)1 vision. !he sep.rate ocapui.. traiaing ooTered personal hygiee,
airoraft ldentifioatiOll, orientation, supply disoipUne and plato011. taotios,Str...
on personal hysiene iu order to preTeI1t -!renoh Foot-. "I" Ccapany r ...ins in the
vicinity of
liOn. AS8Uelt Gun PlatOGD, Reoonnaiaaa.noe CCDP&UY', attached Recoan.a.i88an.oe Ccapan)
66th Armored Regia_:t. 111 frontline lector, "fioinitJ )(etln.nhauaon.
C' ....
i "
..... )
APO 262. u.s. AttAY
13 Dec_ber 1944
1. .IIIY
a. Units contact - Not in contaot,
b, R.,serTe8 - U preT.l.ou8 liated.
c. Activity - No direct aotivity observed in thia area.
conoeDtration8 reported on e1.-ents.
d. Ilaterial means and morale - No MlUlge.
e. Conclusiona - None.
at Front line - Does not apply.
b. Location of Troop. - Oidtweiler. Germany.
o. Infor.aation adjacent and supporting troops - Other troops of Combat Command
d. Operations - Regi_.t (-) "I" caapany and Assault Gun Platoon.
Co:r,PIl1Y. r.w.ued in present looation. Training (Soe Paragraph 4. GENERAL) and
rehabilitation .of troops being
e. Ccmbat eff'loifGoy - 9O%
f.' Results of operations - No operations.
a. Personnel Canbat Efficienoy - Replac..ent8 need 74. 4
b. SUpply
Ration - IIltire Regiaent drew "B" rations.
,A;mlUnition - All Vehicles have loads. CIDIlUJ1ition tNcks fUlly loaded
Ge,S and Oil - Vehicular taDks full. fuel truck. fully loaded.
o. Roads .. continued to be i.proved.
4. aNliAL - 1 ornif and S offio." Bct to 88th R.plaoement
Depot to train replaoementl for Ie!. .A.mored Di'Yiai-. "ire in oiuliaa. hous.
bl Regia_tal FiN!....
VEIOLU - Kediua taDk. for duty 97", 15% in 3d echelOll Jlaint.-.,noe.
Upt tuk. tor dut)" 99%. 1% in 3d echelon aaiJat.nanc
All other m10le. tor duty in 2d and 3d .000elon aaintenanoe.
fllIlfiliG - R.Cblent lIia",s oOnduoted a general training prograa for ine day. 23
.tt1"" of th. JleC1a-1= attended a DiTi.icm D_oMtration invohing wAlSor,
Dlf'ut l"7. Artill.I7, #r.. 1.t Battalion (xinua "C" C_pan)") oOllrmot.d training
lIQoh ...1'8. drill, t.n108, ori_tation b..ttle exper1co radio school for
0.....10..tioa p.lWaaael. Map aeri..l photocrapb. rM4i.,. !h. purpose of this
KaJI _4 &erial tn11lii1.c i. to tni_ the men 1'.081 Ted U replaoement. and to p.r
t.ot old.r un lato a "t1ptinC t ... 2d Jl.ttali_ oondlloted f'1riDc ..t .
-.11 a.aran,. CIA the Kact&-t lUll ..raa na,. to tellt tir. the lIMP-- and
to .ri._t th.... _en 111eir .....pOM. JI_ not part10ipating in ran,. tiring
N ft4 tNiaizac 111* &I l.t Battalion oc..cban.4. Id Batta!ion plu. .c. a-pany
.....n.a .....-bn.'b1_ p.r ord.n of ca.u.lia& a..ral. 24 Anaorecl D1T.l.don
....trati_ ... lj"NQr. Iatutl7 .A,r1:Iillel'7_ .&.ir. '!'he parat. oapeie.
_.....,t... tra:la1ac _ ... I liu ... lat Battalion, AI1t Gun 'latooa ot
....Bai ....... 'be ..0...,...... acapaJl7, 81th .l1'SOrM aecta_t
ill trcat 11.e nor, "flt!\Jd.....,........... wl
CCIIp&Iq u 'Y.I.oinity of
Jrleal.o.... ill e-,. ... l'M.nee oc.cbaot.. jJl'a1al.,
. .
,t ' .. ; .. '
'., .
APO 262, U.S. Amy
14, Dec_ber 1944.
MAPS GSGS 4414, 1/25,000, GIlDIiAWY. EBI'l 5103
... Unit. in - Not in oontaot.
b. Reserve. - AS listed 1n Division a-2 Pericdic Report, 13 ))eo_bel' 190M.
o. Actiu ty - None ob'er'f'ed in this area.
d. Estimate strength and material means No change.
e. conolusions - Nane.
2. OlIN SI'l'UA'l'IOll
... Front line - Does not apply.
b. Looation ot 'l'roops - Oidtw8iler, Ger.many.
c. Intonnation adjaoent and 8upporting troop. - Other troop. of ocmbat 1J(IrIma!1d
d. Operations - Regiment mnus III" CCIIlpany and Owl Platoon, Reooanaiu
Goe ocapapy, remained in pre8ent location. Train1D.c (See Paragra.p,. ., GBREIW.)
and rehabilitation of troops being oondJ1cted.
e. Oa-bat Btfioienoy - 90%
f. Results ot operations - No operationl.
a. Personnel oabat Bttlo1eD.oy - 97%0 Replao-..nt. needed 69, replao__ta
reoeived 6.
b. One enli.ted man, aemoe COJllpany, wounded "".n tNok hit mine in hedg..
o. Supply
RatiOlls II1tire Regaent drew liB. Ration.
JJmiD1ni'tian - All vehioles have basic loads, a mJlln5tica tNOk. tully loaded.
Gas and Oil - Vtbiaular taDk8 tull, ruel truok8 tully 10&4e4.
d. Roads - Oontinued to be :l.aproved. . .
'- GBNBW. - Clulaoblle 'riaitecl 2d Battali.
VEICLBS - Kediua tanka tor duty 9'1%, 8% in 54 .oh.lon JU.intauo
L1&t1t tw. tor dI1ty 100"
All other vehiole. tOr duty 1% 1n Zcl aD4 ad .oheloa ...intenanoe.
fWllDlG - 2S Oftioe" ot the R.,lmeut attended a d_OIlltra't:1cm. iavol'dlll -j,J!aor,
Artil1e17, jJ.r- oondlloted by 24 Amored Dh1.8i0ll. Oft10ers of ttle
Reghl., att.nded a daoutra't1oa oon_ot.4 bl' 'ttle 24 AaOl'ed Dh1doa aza4 30th
WutJ7 '!'he tour .eparat. 0_,..1.. oonduO'ted tra1ll1nc to 1n01u4e.
ori_ta'tica, raace ,roo.are, racU.o prooed1lre. taotio tiaiJl& ot an4 aove
aa4 .o.....t iIa front lin. townl. 2h. tra1Jdq .. i. or4.r to properly
tr&l. new ... u4 retrHh 014 tor o_bat. Ia ac1d1tion, ReGOlm&i.I&1Io. ocapuy
oosaot84 1 hOllrs ot tn1ninc OR D1nl10n .ud 'table. ..._ ot 'ttli.
train1.,. Part' played bl :aeoomaai.luo. caapuy 1a r.ctat opentimw. 1,t
BattallOA' oOlldUotecl 7 h_N of trainila.c CIa the J)in.l_ 1&1&4 table. "bj.ot.
".Pri1p18. pI'Morib. 1. aeotic 'fI, P.L 1"'1, "CIPI'IIlna .utI"" .. J&ttalica
Jlolll&1 tra1a1q ..4 II&Cl8 p1... to pr.-t a 4... '_er, lataata.
4rtlll.l'1, I1r.- at ".ro 4&t.. .. I&tta11-. oea"-0'be4 a .....tratia.'t17 .
o.... of the U A_orod. Dhblca 1.'1'01'dq ...0.. lAtaat.,., .Anlll.l7.
-I OcaP_l 1'8&1ae4 1. the 'Il01IliV" Pl'ieal..... .. 'Ie re 11& 0-_' 0'
'.:rYe. oedaaet1q , nl tralala,1t au Jlatoa- , ...... Ccapa1'q
..____ _..--.i...... 0""'7. e.. .4 to .&,nIere4 """'. 1. tl"U.1J u.eoter
ill the "f'io1a1tJ 11....*...., ;
.. . : .... ,:!;
.APO 252, U.S. Artq
15 Dec"er 19164.
laPS G.S.G.S. 41Il.4. 1/25000. G.BNUY. SDE 5103
a. Units in contact - Not in contact.
b. Reserves - As listed in lJivision G-2 Periodic Report dated 14 Dec8libw
c. .ACti vi t;r - lanelIlY' aircraft over area at l!()oAe ., other .u:ti:ri't7 reported
or observed.
d. Estillla.te strength am material lleans - J'roa all sources of avatl.ble
matton. 8Z181DT'. _terial JI8aI1. are conld.4ered aDd unless there i. fu.rther
Imous deterioration of hi. altuat10n to the .,uth of the dh1.a1on ..ctor.
the major portion of the Sixth Panzer 4rlI7 i. aTa11able to 'co'lD1tel""'attaok an
eastward &eross the 3:)er mver.
e. Conclusions - (1) 1'0 resist our poible bridcehaad. aeros. the liDer with
elements nov in the Une an4 weh in bat41at. r"8I'Te; (2) to
CO'tlZl tez-attack vi th a Biuable boa the .xth Panzer alIT brUce
head .&tabU &hed.
2. on SImA1'lOlf
a. :Iron' line - Doe. DOt apply-
b. Location of troop. - 014tvaller,
c. In:forlllation adJacent and INpportiZlg troop. - Other troop. of Oo_at CJe__
4. Operation. - _iment (-) r.-1nec1 1. pr_.t locatio.. Tr &tal. (I.. 'ar.
4, GENEBAL) and rehab1Utat:lOD. tJ'Oope'b.s.", 001l4.\IOt8l1.
e. Ood)at efl1c1eZICY -
f. Results of operation. - llo operaUCIII. ..
a. Perao.rmat combat - 97_. -.lac__tarecetTill '. 1''-__
required 73.
b. SuppIT
lIa:t;!on. - bUr. dr. IBI raUOD.B.
,UuIlw:d. tion - All Te! haTe 'basia JoIl4., UUIIlDd. tioll truk. Aallr:loale4..
Ga, am Otl - Teb1n1ar taaktI ful track. :&l.l1' 10....
c. lbads - 00D.ts.nu4 t. 'be 1.,1'OTed. .

':', .
HJllDQUll!rU 615 AHI) mm BiGI Mm1T
DO 252. u.s. J.rrq
16 Dec_bar
WA;PS G.S.G.S. 4lQ.4. 1/2:J;X)O. GJW(AllY. SHUT 5103
1. DJICr
a. tTn1 t8 in contact - Not in oontact.
b. Reaa"e8 - .A.I Usted in Dhialon a-2 Periodic REport dated 15 December
c. Act!vi t7 - aircraft over ar_ at 07164 aDd 1SOOA.. No other acti Ylt7
ob 881"\1'ed or reported.
d. JIIIUmate aDd Material Kean. - ., cha!1ce.
e. Oonclualon8 - 110 ahaDg..
2. 00 SI1'O'.A!I0B'
a. Jront - lb.. DOt qp].7.
b. Location ot troop. - OU.t.cler.
a. ad_ent aDd RppOrti. troop. - Other troop. ot Combat Command.
d. Opemt1()n. - Reimant (-) remained in present location. 1'l'8iml:\g (S.e Par 4
GDEP.AL) u4 rehabilitation ot troops belili cond:uoted.
e. Combat eUiai8D07
t. haul te ot operation. - No operation
a. PerlOrme1. co..,., eft'iai.nc7 - 9"'. reacved.3. 7.3 AB__
. b. 8appl.T
Bation. - :Intire atgimei&t 4r_ '. Z'l&tio...
.A.lDlauntion - .All veb1c1 have ),.ala 10114.. .-:&alion f;1'11Ok. h1.17 10.ed..
Gal aD4 OU - Teld.cular t .... taU. :h..-J. trucks hllT lo_el..
c. ]bad. - OontinUll to be illpron4.
-. G"DUAt. - x..T,Y aU de11TV1..t Ohr1.t plldbce. blll.zlc rel..Ilvel..
TlBIOL. - KeI.1U11 tub tor d'U7 m. 1$ in 3d eolIe1.on IIIdnt......
. :Licht t&*. tor 4.'F"', 1_ 1& .34 .helon matn'tIDIIJ1a..
.All ot_ vehlal.. 1br 411.'7 m. in 24 8D4 .34 "don _18......
Dr.., one truck 10_ 010 thi. aD4 e(G1p"'.
Dr- on. 2i- ton oaso "a1cu4 to Samer. OollJllA,T. . .
Im.- (-) 'II 0'...... eD4 ....wl. Platoon ot _8Id. ...._ OollpalO'.
OOMueted 'nlJd... 1. o_v to et.. IU.laU,. t_' ot ...,
1ra1D.'lc ooZlilned ot .."io.. toot aal 1lIo. 1...Uon, ANraft 14_UAeatloDw
orw 4I'lJ.Jieoft1o...aUHl (.......,. 'J'OOed_._
.. , . . __ X' .I".. til.
,.. ....'_...
U ...ov... .
to ......... !....'U..i...tII
." .

Q&l)q1.119B5 67tH ABJC)RED
APO 252. u. S. Ar1lfT
17 Dec8/li)er 1944.
l-!A:PS G. s.G. S. 4la.... 1/25000, GEBMlNY. SHDT 5103
1. :&HIlHY
a. Umts in OOAtact - lbt in oontact.
b. - .11 lilted ill. Div18ioA G-2 Periodic Report dated 16 December 1944.
o. .Activit,. - IDe..,. air active over ar_ during hours of darkneaa 16-17 DeCember
1944. . }i) clamace l.A area. ot eneIDT paraohu.t1st8 dropped in
adJacm" ar reclllv.a., DO lD41catioA ot such forces in thi_ ar_.
4. .t1.... aDd Xaterial Meana - llo
e. Oonc1ullon - lbu.
2. 0_ SIro.uzO:R .
a. Jlront line - Do DOt 1IpJ)1r.
b. Location ot !I.'n,,' - 01dtwell.r. GermaD.7.
o. Intonation adjacent and IUpportiJlg troops - Other troops of Combat Coaunam
":a'. .
4. Operations - Rec1l1ent (-) II" OOll!>aJl7 aDd Reconnaissance relll8.1ned in
present looation. S.e Paragraph 11-, GEl1EBAL for trailling.
e. Oombat effioleDG7 -
t.' Iteeul t8 0'1 operatioDi - operatlona.
a. Periouel oombat etflat.DO,. - 9""'. _lacements needed 72.
b. SqJpl;r
BlLtioZlal - lIr:I.tlr. RC111l8Jlt dr_ ':e' aUoDi "'''Pt BlConnai8lanoe
drew (10-1). llr'_ 5 481"1 cigar.tte ration, 2 cand;r bare aDd 1 day toilet

- 'Vehicle. have baaic lod. Mmn1. tloA t'l'Ilcks tully loaded.
.. Ia', and. 011 - ,ehlc14a.r tanka 1Ull. fuel tmake fully loded.
o. _ - OonUAUd .to b. l...,rove4.
.... GIIIlJIML - 'rot"'ant and Oathol1a ohurch ,.moe. hel4. Two (2) wi_ad ileA
, act \0 OOIll' ... lnatruotors in Jll1t;ator Sohool.
TECIL. - KeI1ua .... tor ciUt7
J.1p* ... toZ' 411'7 , ... J$ iA 3d eohalon maintelWlCl.
. . . '.All othU veldel" tor;..4ut7 1$ in at aDd 34 eohelOA 11&1 lit .:lance
.... lIl'11Glt,llo" ot eloWIli _ etU1p-.lI.
,.XI"_ -.IIci.....(-) 'I' eo... &D4:bOoDUill&DOe remah.1Il iA the
YldJd.,,,,.i tU,.u.t '...... the _ 1'81.111 to orcuila'UolLI for
'. . . Jalli.(to ..r.oAnel., .1' Z'ebab1Utation. fhe nto..1a17 4&117 too t .
.........r--MDNe. w. Obn4uo\el '7 all ozsaD1saUo11.. II'
'. ....1I1-....,..f JlnLalAeUoZ'ZI. 111 o,..,.t Oo-.nd l:e
r ..wr.e.
nJ_w.t.,U.-. .... IIOv_into th.
".2114" '. __ "th .lrIIorlll
. '. -f' I.a' lectoZ' 11 1_. OA
... .. :'".1DC aZ'. to COMUct a
. '
,: .
; ..':. "
. ,
KElD(J1ARl'DS '7'fK .uK)BED JlGI MEN'!'
go 252. l1. s. JZ1IIT
_.v ;
1 . JINlilMY
a. Uu:th in contact -lGt in
b. Ito lieU".. - cha:qs e.
c. - ., obsV'f'ec1 cro'llDd .-stift'". .&11' Te17 acUT' OTer area iUZ'1-.r
darkn... 17-18 ])IOPiber aDd. ..., la tell 01lt.Ue area. Activit,. coatinUi4
tllterliUtell1i17 4=. clq. ....,. JNlZ'&tnop. cllptVe4 (_t
. on. .A1ldort 1'884 ILiai' our __
4. Z.t1Jaate4 Strqth aIl4 lfaterial. Means - ohaDc..
e. OoncJ.UB1on. - To bold til pl'818llt pealtioll to avatt our IIIIT".
2. 0Wll SImmON
a . JILoont Line - Doe. Det 1Ipp17
b. Location ot TreoPI - 01dtwe11er,
o. 1I1f'ormation a4jacent And .'Worti. - Other mop_ ot Oo1ll)at Command "]"
d. Q,perationl - :Reiment (-) lie conDai.eance and 'I" Ool!tlaD7 r-..1n14 1n pre.ent
location. !raiDi. collduate4 as per Pareraph 4 DGEDlAlaa
I . (JoJibat e:ttieleDCy" - .
t. !saul ts ot Operation. - operationa.
a. Perl!lOlUlel combat 'lIIplao.lnte aequlred 70.
b. Oasual t1 es - 3 anlilt.._=41& ill .tlon troll .l.A. fire (l-Kq .. 1.t !n,
2-"0" ..... .
c. SUpply .' .
Bations - "I" mUou dran tor entire _1m.ii. e.ept ............
.00Jll)aDI' (DI'. 10-1) .... . .
DI1m1'ion - 'hbll+" "ada 1etiA.... .-atiIlea 'raRe >
Gal aDd Gil - Veh1nlar taa1cI NJ..tuL '"*_ Nl.7le......
d. ]bade - Oontinut4 to be t nct. .. '
." .... GIDUL -1 Otl1oer (lit DaII) len t.,. hrl_ .. a,t_ Im_tiea .....111
Ioblol. " I .
TlHIar..18 - JIe41U111 ... tOI' 411t7 . ....
. 1.1cht t ... 1br dw.V'-", .,. 1a l4 _MIL -.1..t-..-a..: . :, .. '
.All e.thll' d.,. l_,tIL 24 .........., ..... ;... .
'., .',,' . t
. !Ill "': Ic!..t.).( ............ arallZ', ",...,.
1eoaU._. "a411Otilll &.-..,.:.,.,._... . , ..w.t;."..
01'''' us.:u. ' .' .
-.1.,...... _"_.......:
' ..

07'7--: .. I ..
19 De::ember

GSJ.S 4lta.4, 1/25,000. 5103
.. "C'd ts in contact - ::bt in contact.
'b. .Reserves - AS listed in Division Per104ic alport. 1& December
c. Activi ty - lb observed actin ty in this area. ill. air or "round.
d. and :ratarlal :!ea.ns - !b
e. Conclusions - li>ne
a. Front line - Doe. not apply
b. Location of troops - Oidt'.'leller, GermalV;
c. Information adjacent and supporting troops - Other troops of Old)at CJo.lUlll8.nd. ",'
d. Ope....aticns - _iruent (-) Reconnais!!!:l.'lCe alld "1" Col!l;:.anies remained in prePer:
locations. Trairn. Bee Para&raph 4 "3-ENilRAL"
e. efficiency - 90%.
.. Resul ts 0 f Operations - !To operations
a. ?e!'sc:1.'1el combat efficiency - 97%. rlplacements needed. 73.
:btions - "::9" rations dra...rn for entire RC1m8l1t. "'lI't .RecoDa.!.aanc.
(Drew 10-1) .
A.wru.n1 tion - Vehicles have basio 10114s, .a"r't1on trucks tull71ea4ed.
Gas Oil - Vehicular tanks full, tu.e1 trucks fully loaded.
c. lbads - Olntinued to be improved.
4. GEliE:'lAL - .Recreation trips to St TroDi aDd TalkeDbUZS were 3 M.Dk
cre\1S transferrecl froll Ma1ntenance to Ooll>'- ',!.
Lt Col assUllled collllllaDd ill o.lolle1 Disn.,..' II ablene..
VEHICLES - lled1um tanka for dut7 21- ill .34 echelon ma.1.nt8ll8Z1C" ,
L1i;ht tanks duty 97'A 31' in ad. eche10ll .
AU other vehicles tor dutY' ill" eQhelon IIIII1nteaa.Da
- Beconna1seance located at 1992618 ill. t11)llt 11 H01Ior .. '
.A ''''''
d.1SJlt)unted. illfaAt17. "1" in 'Y1c1D1t7ot J'r....:Lcl..a-_,i.
Oombat ClDmmaDd II!" reaUTe. conductlnc a ,aeral tzoa1Bizw"."".I"
\ .....
II,AII CJoUPuT attached to Dlv181o. aDl placed 011 atert ....t ....
to XIX Oolp8 vioinitY' to be .tU0U4 to 7th .&z'IDrl4
reserve toree. Dbved .Ollt at 14JiOA.
- I,
a1.8&DC" 'z' am ..... to 'b. .
cainst __ pO.lnle. en.,. .tte..ilr. ill t.OI.,....
lar,. Ge1'llall attaak 1. let .A.ftIIiI'80fIo_l". to tJa.- ....:
cODD01 , .." .. iil thill.tO,.,l.
DbT8lldt, "Z'II&1. 'lIalJll_'i . 'b. _.,.,."tiI!-au
. 3III1a-t (1... tl'
. ,'UN.'l 'nd.Il1De ..Jti___L,
n.. lUll fOl':'

&a4 ,-_: .......
eQ,\t1.....'. :
, "
.-0.4; ";';;'liT':':"';;'S G7T:' l\.j(".(. i'..:j 'T
252, U. ;;J. Army
20 194L.
.' eel:. e!: day
-. c.;
1/2'- roo
\r 510.3 ,.:;np..
"'",I"I.S 4414
J, U

..-;,. "",,",

a. "Urrl. tr !on contact - l:ot in contact.
b. Reserves" AE 11 stell in Division G-2 Periodic Aeport dated. 19 December 1944
c. .A.Ctivi ty .. !b ob.erved aQtivi ty in area. .All ele:nents alerted for paratroopI:'
and enemy troop s in American uniform possibly operating in area.
d. Estimate Str8ll6th end l!aterial lo!eans" !b change except as indJeated. in infc:::'
mation from hieher headquarters .;;reater portion of 6th Pamer Army
believee. to have JItIved SG".lth of our. ector.
e. Conclusions" None
a. Front line - Does not apply.
b. Location of troops - O1dtwe1ler, Germany.
c. Information adjacent and supportin.g troops" Other troops 0 f Cbmbat CoIlllllB.nd II:;
d. Operations" R.iment (-) "." ())mpany remained in scme location el:Cept Re CO'
and "I If which re"t1uned from their previous location to
vicini ty Oidtwe11el", Germany. (See Paragraph 4, (}SlmPAL)
e. Combat effiei ency - 90%.
f. ?esul ts of Operations .. l'b operations.
:5. .A:!)IvfIl:rSTRATIVE
a. personnel combat efficiency - 97%. replacements requ.lred 73.
b. Supply
Bi.tions - liB" rations drawn for entire _iment P..eeonna188&nc8
(Drew 10-1)
.A,mmWl1 tion - Vehicle. basic load8ll, a&mWl1 tion tru.ckal :tu.Uy loaded.
Gas a1Xl Oil - Vehicular tanks full. hal tully loaded.
c. !bad. - Continued to be lIPl'OTed.
GIDBAL - Information reacTed. that Captain Sall. and Captain Grille. to
MaJor. S 8I1111t. -. len for a 3 course of inatl"llCtion 1.
of .Allicatoril. lleIl Oro., olub.,bll. vi,ited the te OOllpw of
the _i_ut. ,.x aD! beer 1'&\10118 reo_Teel. On. a4c1iUoDll. .h1rt
aDd pAlLt. vere draw thh date for cUr. coJllll8lll1. 0aa>'I111IIc. v:lre vas
dZ'lllnl thi. date to be plaoe4 o. of all tank
!1AI:NIlD - llconu.1.l&DCe o,ll>aDT returne4 fro. t..t line lector" v101attT ot
01dtwllller, (ll.e 'In n_ leoation at 1515A. II' OtJl!paDl'
r.tane4 troll T1c1Jl1t,. .t Jrlllal....m flo ot 014_.u.....
(J.WIIIaDT. 0l0.e4 in .. looati at 1530'" lIn r ...t. to 3d
.'talt.OZl coZltro1. ...uat..IUD. 1UIIler Bc1...t&l ta1
........ratiTel7. 11111.....a' 0.--. 'I' ...1 to aaoo...,. 0...... 'I' J..o.1&2 1_.. at 1J2330A.
'.' a.JtAIIT DOt UIId.......tal '.ll. the rial.V _rill
-fill,... lltcta-, 1 tile &len ......17. 11'1" ...., ....... Jt)
1...D4Watl., .... tn.1at... -.etl th1. M.,1..... eIf..Uve
.. .. tor -l:!''''' .... : tit_a.-' aUit&1'r
, 37- tuk ., ....'AI' '.'! , ....Ii, t"t ' t..lU, caa8Z7.
..... 'I' aIIIl;g,'.... __> .........., ...... ooa
d_iJil aND' Art., aft....... ,.Wl 'too,1 1...,.,tl ".. ta the '- OT". '"Mh.,.t.

<t', _2.i,;... .....
7T.:.. i.
Al-O 252, G. ::: ...rll'.y
L..L ec fo ..l: t!' 1:
___'.::' ,;"ay
1. E.:-EL';Y
a. ts in contact - ir.. cc"tf.ct.
b. Reserves - "',S listed in (,,-2 l'eriodie d. 2:: '-fr.e ,bp!, 1S'!!
and 11revio11 s to that date.
C'Io Activity - observe! ty in this area.
n. :::-::',;i.rl1c'1ta Stren:.;th Pl"'.d :raterir.J. - :-0 cr.r-llbe.
e. - :L'bne
a. Front line - Ibes not ,apply.
b. Locati'ln 0:: trooy)s - U:1.t\.'eil.,r, ::'erma.ny.
c. In:?ar;:!C,t',on adjacent 81'.(1 '..lnit3 - Ct;1t'c:- tr:1 '!' ,Jf Co;;ibat GOJ:1.,Jarr., :,
d. Operatior.s - RE(':l':1ent in locl',tion. Je::.erA.l 'trainil'l6 sci.. ec,"
b ei nc ccHld.uC ted. cee P h 4, :::'0 l' '"'J. " i r.:", ti "r:. "..:.".::0 __ r \0:
turned frolr. SD north of to old area in 1st
e. Combat offici ency - 90;".
f. Resu',ts of Operatlons - S'o operatLns.
a. Pers:;rr.,el cQribc.t effie; pr,CY - 97:, rqllace:,:ent required 7
Iat:lons - "B" rns d,rawn ::c::- entire Regi 'ent.
Arn:auni. tion - Vehicles basic loaCi. ed, allllmwi tio'1 loaded.
Gas fl.ud eil - 1JelliculEr full, fuel trucks lOl.:1ed.
C. lbads - Contin'.l.>d to be iq:,l'Ove1.
4. GE1'lEEA[. - lOO Men of tilir. conl'nand attended a tTSO sta's
V:CHICLES - :,;edium tl'uJcs :for cj,lty in 3d lil'irter"'1:ce.
Light tan. s for duty 2;.; in 3d Elchelon:1.".tntenE1IX: e.
All other vehicles for duty 99:-, 1;'" in 2d am't 3d
TRAUlIlfG - RE'E?;iment remained 11: same location A.l'(l nt 1200A ':Ins alerted to be 1'(;:,_
to 110 Vii, early 22 Dece.":lbel" 1944. At 2l1l.()OA sent
for all organi7:ations to 'be ready to illllllec:intely pfter dark. ..'
211525A. Nemo sent to !'Ill to be roo,l,. to :nove the
of the 22d. It is antichl'tted we 1-'ill he,ve one lX:'.lr notice before
lIlcnring. "A" from sn th 7tl: .. r;;r;red G-roup to 1st
Battalion area. Trai ni.llg con ti l1ned fo r the :Rc,::;."'f''!1t such as, small n:"
ftriX: for Eq Co ,P,t 13n., rJ..-:-;, cre,.,
('trill, ta.c ti c s, t;': lUH'T'Y anc trenc h foc t i :>c u

67?r.. A.:;.t mXHl;A}l'l'
ArO u.s.
""'r rl a;{
::"\::5 GSG;) 4336, 1/1')0,000, B.E;LGIUil!, SHEET 1[;13
a. Unit.:: i::1 contect - ,rot in contact.
b. :Leserves - Info r:'1:>t.ion IX t. avallabl e.
c. Acti'\'i.ty - observed activ1tj'" d.uring mo7. from CB.t,... eiler. Germany to
d. EstLxte and l':eans - I:o change.
e. Conclusions - }hne.
a. Front line - ;J"es not ap')ly.
b. Location:) f TroopS - See b 'J.ow.
c. Infor:-:atbn and sUp,?ortiI': troo':)! - Other unit!'! C')!I:t:-P.t Co!'nand "]11 r
D1 vi "' .... on. .
d. Ope"'!'.t;.nnq - (-) 2d Bettaltcn and liB" I!V)ved. frOlll,
Germcnv as part of Combat "13" to VII Corps }.ssembly area.
e. Co::ibat effie! ene:r - ?o%.
f. Rer.ul ts of Operation - Tacticcl move successfully completed. involving night

a. P f'': ::"lel cc, mbat f?ffic5. ellCY 97:,. r8)llf_ceh1ents nee;: 3d 76.
b. Sun"1"
. }b.'ti-ns - :sn';1 re 0rew II.B" rations.
Al:ll:ru. :ition - 'redeles have basic load. amnl,lIli tion trucks full;;" loaded. <..'1'1. Oil - V'ehieuJ ar teks full. fuel trueh:, 2/3 loaded. (to be refnl C":' i
c. :Cp.d.s - !il.d."<y. but firm.
4. GE:c.IE':.AL
- l;ediDm ta.nks for Quty 96%. in 2d ani 3d echelon mainteMnce.
Light tankp for duty 98%. in 2d and 3d echelon maintanane e.
All other vehicles for rl.uty 98:;0. in 2d and 3d echelon mainteI'..p. c'
- At 2l2000A. RElgirnent Alerted to be prepare". for ra:lvement from
Oidtweller. Ger:ue.ny as part 0 f Combat Comr.1c'l.:.1d "]" force early mornir,,>
of 22 DeCember. Division Was to assemble in area ap ,rorlmately 25K:.
S.l<!. of Liege, BelgiUJll as pnrt of VII Chz:ps. ,.\t 212230.1.
alerted to be prepared to llt>ve shortly after midnight in tactical
nilP,ht road marcA. list as follows (in accordance with Combat
Command "B" 1'.0.162 and revi sion!")
Reconnaissance OolltlaDY - Combat OOllllland 1I:s" ..anc. !broe
1st :Sattalion (-) ":s" a.nd "0" Companies. Combat Command ":sIt advance
- Oollibat OoIllll8M "!" trains.
67th ,lrllt)red. J!brc. in Oollibat Oollll!lMd ":s" main body composed.
as follows: Hq & Hq 00.. 67 th .Armd Ret
3d !att81.ion, 67th .Armel Ret (-) "Gil (11)9: "Gil CODpaDT
attached to 3d !n 41st ?.Arllld In! ,.RlIgt as Combat OclmmaDd ":e" Reeerve
lbro Plu8 "Ra In.t .Armd Inf Regt aDd "0" 67ih
,ArJId Rl'Ct. REGiment F 8" L Trains (lese 24 !n.. ZL veriel ee) 2d Plat
"e" 00q,8llY. 702 Tank Del!troYer Battalion (direct support)
Head :;.,iment !bree CI'Ct'sed I.P. -ll905565 at 220150A.. lOute - Alsdorf
- Verl1.ers - Arwa1lle - Vieu:=ville - Thuotne
area C.i. clos6(j, ;,.;)22024 a.t ;:215)).11..
- 1
o :; D f,..: rtly befo re or aftar t:l:!. s t:!..... (:s. -; loeated. 1001005. 1st
3at:'clicr 1o::;:t;;d i:)03)02. ... located K3lo030. 2d. :Battalion
(plus "3
.. ,-!:y) to :J1 vi.F,ion Reserve
. t '::':"'lct. e}.-ecuted. wi tL:' :uo "UUus.uJ. events. nu.mb er of veticl es
d1'O::.) 00. Co,;. ';, f:.,;' .,::i;.tem.:1C e. Several:!'r. e.cddent s to eptic na.l17 dark
:-.i ...:".--.t. "POh areas, ore;.lllzatl.ns for of bivouac
areas for t::e d,;:.t.
a. personnel
b. Omi tted.
o. Om tted.
d. Supply -
e. R>llds - Muddy,
4. GllIIRAL -
...', f;" <. -\
: _ "
HEAD.pARTEP.S 07:::1:. A'tji-L' Ri=D
APO 252. U. S. Army
23 :Jecember 1944
;w:s GSGS 4.3.36, 1/100,000, BELGIUM, SHEm' 13
1. DElI!
a. Units in - "AI in contact.
b. Reserves - tth Panzer DLvision, 21 Panzer Division and Grosted.eufschlaIld
Di visj.on.
c. Activity - lb observed activity in this area. Artillery hE-are. sporadically
to the south ot this point.
d. Enemy strergth aJld Material ..... - Enemy to our immediate tront estimated to
consist ot UIlOonmitted elements ot 2nd Panzer, 115 l'anzer and 196tl-.
Intant17 Divisions plus reserves listed in Paragraph b above.
material means appear adequate to S\lstain drl vee
e. Conclusions - From lntormation available. enemy It[>peara to have Namur and
as obJectives with acroc l'uezI;} and. seColldary ob';ec-
t1 ves.
a. Fren1; Une - Do e8 not 8p?ly
b. af own troOp S - fj21025 (i" Ocqui er, Bele;i Ulll)
c. Location supportinr; troops - Other Combat "B" Troo,)
d. Operations for period - alerted l330A 23 DeceL1ber on one hour
to IJOve. Combat Com!nalld "B" Instru.ct!ons received durtrw; this
afternoon designated 67th ArID:lred ::tEglment (-) (plus) as Comb3t Comraand "B"
TF"A" ':'roo:ps as follows: 't'l3: Hq (b 67th Armd REgt, 3d Battalion. 67th .Armc'.
RE t (plus) "0" 67th Armd Ret, 3d Battalion, 41st Arm Int Regt (-)
Cbllj;lallY, 78th FlA. Bn direct SUpport, 2m Pla.toon Leader, "on Coq,aliY
702 Tank Jestroyer Eatta.1.ion, 3d Platoon, "B" 17th EDgineer Battalion.
ental 1'.0. +142, issued at 2}IS00A. Generally TF"A" to be ready to
lDJve to new Q,';;!" area vic P20SD to SIlgage enemy to south or east
or to In:lve on any other mislion as ordered. TF. continued 18curity and bl-.ouao
perimeter patrols due to of enemy intiltrationl At l300A, 1 platoon "I"
Cbq>any ordered to 2d Division O.P. as bivo'Uac lecuri ty.
e. CoDilat ef:f'1eienc7 -
f. Re8'Ults of Operationl - for Combat.
lltp1acemenh neelied - SO.
Bationa - llIIClment drw 10-1
,AJDD1an1 tiOIl .. J'al1 bade load 011 fth!cle
Gas aDd OU - Vehicular tank. fI111. he]. trucks tall.
but fin. .
Medium tanka tor duv ,. ill 24 &IlI1 )4 eohalon ma1nteaame.
Light taDks tor d,..,. 9"', If, 111 211 aDll 3d echelon maillteJlallOa.
All other vehicle. 61' clutT ,. 1D 24. aD4 )4 echal.oD maint.DUOe.
. - .\,,\
";" _.'." .
E1i..D:tJARri:;t;5 67'm A..:::.l ill..lJ' J..:GL.2..:iT
liFe 252, TJ. i3. ArlIl;/
24 :':':ece.iiibe.r 1944

a. Units 1.:. contact - T.Y. "A" in contact.
o. l-wserv(;!i - char..:;e frOll! U.oee inT!llit Repcrt c.:.a.teJ. 23 ::;ece:.ber 1944, end
G--2 ?ericdic ?.eport of 0::.) Decedler lS44.
c. Act:i. vi ty - observed acti vi ty i.:1 aroc:. A UjJ to 1300.;. ::JeceLber 1944 :J.:-:Q.
DO 0"0 served ty this area Pll!0956.
d. Stret'.(;th al!d l.a.terial ;.eans - :;0
e. - To contirm.e to to &.Clvll.:lce to .. rive:!'.
a. Front line - P1l79fil - P09093S - P087916
b. Location 0 f TrooJls - 3/67 .\.rlnd at PI079}: - 3/la.. Ar'ill Inf at Plo7: :
c. Infom.l?tion adjacent and'l{; troops-Ctl:e::' COr:l'bpt GO!7l."Ja.'1d, "B" Troor;E'.
d. - rail-, nnd ccld.
e. OJ)crations - u.nus11.RI r',c+,j,vtty c',udng :libht. At il:forMt'tion rtlCeiv,
for to be reaGy to nove at 1300A. 'IT!'.! ts Uni t command:::rs
called to Regimental C.P. I"t 12QOA and. briefed on !"{)7G to area 2 :n:.'
north of Ciney. liE" !-"our f'Lu.lly }:..llruunced as llco.a.,. Three in
follol-rine I&R Platoon, 07tl: (:::eillf): A::..'VA.:CE GUA:till:
"Gil GO!':lr)C1.ny, 67th Armd with "I" CO!llpa.r.:,". 41st Arll:J. Inf ?eCt attached, Zc.
"q" Collt'ai1Y 702d Del'lt,roYer Battello): (direct sup-nort) ECDY:
Pt.u C.P. b7th .-\rmd 3c:. ::.'1ato 'n 't-r,nY, 17til Ar.;;JSngr :En., 78th r
Bn (-.A 3try & 'rrains), 3d. :3attclion, o7er. Ar:;u Cl'":,,, IIJII_II,.c
l-'latoo!l. "I" jd 41st Ar:1j Ini & "I"
l-:q 00., o7tll Ar:nd h 7.;jth F. A. Trains.?1'.A.B. GU.l\.P..:J: 1 :.eeL,teen "Oil
of .;arch miles jar 2:o"r. C.p.
c10,00. lr_i,Creser.t area ;!t l;;'OOA.. T.!'. closed ill ,'l,t 17.30A. lbr-:e, block.,
Up a::: #1 at ?1l7961. if;; at PCS09.33. #3 at P092933, #4 at
ancl ,x:; r':; l?OS7915. Blocks cour.isted of section of tnnks v:' Tal:k Destroyers
and. I&R Platoon, 67th Armd. REt instr'J.cted ';0 r'.lll murly patrol
from till s Headquarters to Ciney (P125920). Tds pat:(J1 ::l.l so inst"'1.:cted to
,ti.:'..trol streets vf Oiney. I&R ?latoon 3/67 l"str\'c'; c. tc . lCke pat!\ ,
to CO lltact all road blocks and report into Headquarters 07 U:. red.
f. Combat Efficiency -
g. l:esults of Operations - Successful. IIOve to assembly area, 2. milec r.orth cf
3. .AD!.:.! lIT STRATIVlIJ
a. persoli:'lel combat efficiency - 97'10 neoo.ed. - 34.
f. SUlm1y - Batio.ns - Entire P.9biment drew 10-1 ratione.
Ammu.llItion - Vehicles have basic loads, r.r..::uni tion truckz :fully loaJ.aL
Gas and Oil - Vehicula.r tanks !UJ,I, fuel trc:.cks fully loaded.
g. Blads - Frozen, t1.rm, pall.ib1s.
4. GENERAL - VEHICLES - lledium tanll';S for o.''lty 91(0, 6% in 2d c!,rii 3d echdon maintellE'.llCe
Light tanks for duty 98%, 2% in 2d and 3d echelon maintenance
.All 0 ther vehioles for duty 3'; in 2d and 3d echelon

,,<\# '\.- .

G7Th AR.C'::-' .. .: REiL.EJT
APO 252. U.i:ii .t\.r;:c.r
25 Decemoer
GSGS 4336 1/100.000 3:t:.GIUl<t SEEET
a. Fnits :.": contact - 2d. 4tt. 5th. 7th. 10th 304th panzer
Grenr.c..ier ::'(bimeut ele:.1p.nts .3'" Pamer 74th ';:'anzer
ResL,1ent (See 1 P. 11. attacJocd).
o. P.eservp-s - Unknown. but probably ccnsii't of WlComitt,oi ale;.lents 2d

c. Activity - EnE'.my ref'isted our aO..vA.nce "rith artillery, s.:lO.!.l arms and tanks on objective AA. prooablY cauGht enemy oowe!t.hat unprepared since the
had not di,;:'Llg in.
d. Estimate Strength and ?!aterlal l!eans - Ene'llY stren.';th [t.:noors considerable
yet and. :lc'1teriaJ. mt-ans are good. sl10rtage of gasoline is indiCated Al
say situation 1s good.
e. Conclusions - Enemy 2Pl) capl:.bJ.e of strongly redding our efforts to
c..i sloge him from bis present areas and to c'unter-att:,ck in 'ir strength to
rEbro-JiJ hi s fo reeSe
2. OinT SI
a. Fl':J:,t Une T.P."A" dis,!-,osed holding Celler and to north 0:
that town.
c. adjacent and troops - Bri tish ele:nents west of our
JOJubat Jom::and 11:;311 F.T. 11]11 to suutl:. end east of us.
d. Operatlons - See l'arBt;raph 4 oelo .....
e. ':Jc;;;ioat efficiency - 85;;
:;'l=cCp s - j,{q (, nq 0:: 07 th Ar"lCl .3.e.;t., 3d Bn 67th Armel (-) I
2d :.:lntoon "Gil :):)m:,j:J,11.Y. 702d '1'.:;). En., 3d Bn 41st.Ar:nd Inf 3d platooL
"3" Jo!Jtl!'J.n"v, 17th ,/..r.;lo. :::r.r ?!l 7Sth Arm F.A. 13cttaUon direct support.
.... Co;;'!ont effie; ncy - 97'JJ. RE;>lace:nents needed gl .
b. C3,S'.lr.l ti e'" - Un":llOWZl..
c. :&''1e;it; F=isoners - 104 enli sted men.
f. Supply - 3a.tions - Entire RI%::L1ent drew lO-l rations.
A.lJIIIIll.l1ition - basic load on vehic1es. am::JuDltb.n trucks fully
i}C.F & Oil - Yehic1.'llr r tc..p_i{'c f'J.ll. i\:el truc!:s i".:.lly loaded.
g. EbD.ds - Very f'1r:-.l.
4. - 00 erations - JO:I!'bc..t Gom!llend n:B" a.ttack plan recei \"eO. verbally at 248..00,/1.
December 2J1d later confirmed by Field Ol'llpr. T.F.nA" to pttack south alld
east from Achene to secure and. to be to advance to Vave. o.
order.T.::'.":!!". to attack from vicinity Brat;;a.rde to secure high ground south o:r
Of:ll.1 es. :Both attac!.::s off at 250930.1. Bri tich 'cuth from Sor.rine t,
se('ure aloDg ",ith our !Wd O.P. ;iOval to Achene.
re!>i staIIC e e"'.cf)'mterei passing through tho. fo rest t p065,3 Enewy defenses. tan!:
and S.? c;Ulll1 enc'Juntered. Some enemy artillerY. Atta.c': ];.l'(;cre:"cd (lUI? to
stroI16 r:.nd determined ene:w resistance. Oelle!'! finally secured [,t 1800A. D.11d
blocJ.:e::' with tanks. T.'.J'<. and inf!Ultry. Small pockets rr.r'lo.4.r:. .'f, throUChout
t!i e : :ell;;i ng 'Utl op era tl 0 ns no t ed. :Brl tt r..r. 0"" 0 ur riC;!'t and T. F."
o"lle:t -('curro object!vea. ::blonel Disney re+urned' !'mm lp.e,ve iuril'\:: t;'-
aft'!,,_1I::;I: :-.m::. res'.uned co:nrnl'lnd of T.F."A". At 1830A verbel orrlers received iro!!!
COLibrt ;0 c:'ld "B' tl-,:'t Sj'th. :.. rrored "lOuld be relieved 0:' cOIII:.l'\!!.d c :'. ?II.i..1I
1'.;1'1 ta,":C ever :'.!'."3". T.:?"A" ;;E; t".lr!ll?d OVT'r t.: ,.C. 3a..: ::i....::alion, (,7L
Ar.J()2'l.-U ... :;: .........-v'vt:j, Co",..!;,:, ... t 2930.4,.
v::::.r:;:' - .,eJ.'11Jn t .. :'.:;;r ;:;.uty JJ>' - 201 3d
Lit;l:t to.. :c:.; [or ll.;.tty :;(; . in 211 and .3d ccl:.elo:: :1.-'l.inte.Iil'nC"'o
A'.. .. 0 ther lor ,c :ty 9 1 n 2d ('.nil 7,r' .... n J
- ... - v e.on ;'...... nr,(,I1P:(Cf.
, ..
I .j l

Za:J:"J,!AP..'IERS 67xh i. Ai., :.t.W R:t.f;- I
.-\PO 252, Tl. S. ;.,rmy
26 December 1944
J;!.-iP S GSGS 4335 :aE!/HTJI: SEUl 1/100000
a. T;nit.r in contact - ;Jo., 3d Panzer Regiment, utI: Go., 30 b p.G. Regiment,
3d'9n., "roUes artillery 40T.;I0 Artille!"'J 74. Army A.6..
3c.Vnlion 2.73 (See 1 P",' Report 26 December lS44 attached).
b. Reserves - Uncommitted elements of 2d Panz3'" anel 9th Pa.!lZer
[ spoke of eJejpected reinforcements the time of their arr1ftl unk::aovn.
c. Activity - Enemy resisted. ,dth t!l.n',=s. Q.'l"t11leryam small n,rms our attacks on
oo;ectives Be 5, T.U a,.,"ld V (voods at 07;35) Resista."1cc there consisted of tanks c.i)')ut 10') infn.."ltry.
d. :ieanE , StraDbth - cha."1&e.
e. - cl1a,nge. E.le'llY appears of .,tr,:lllgly resisting our
ef:ort:;; t.:> dis1ol;e };i'1l fMm hie present areas and to counter-attack in 801e
et:;'1c"t;;tlc to his foreetl.
a. I"ro:lt line:;: - ::?ro:il - 09M44 -lor)o54.
b. 1ocatj,::;'1 of Tro:>p - 1/67 at 0978:5
+1/67 at 094255.
c. Inf''):t'::'r.tior. nil.jacent and. s"1l:)ort1ll,\; troops - Other Conibe.t (bm.'nand ":8" Troop s.
d. thcr n.nd vis1btl 1 ty - 3':3.i r, 01 and cold.
s. Operations :fo!" ttl" Pc!"to1:: lb UIluwal acthi t7 dun. niPt. Verbal orders
received. frOIl! G.G. Q:;.noat CoI!lJJl8.nd ":a" to attack: and clear 1IOd8 _tend1_ from
Con,t;ux (091257) to CelleE: (057!547). Orders iasued to 18t :Battalioa, 67th
Ar!lt>red. Regi!Jent and 1st Battalion. .A.%'mored Infantr7 R_1mellt b7 neld.
Oreer at 0200. Plan waS for two .. o.f the 1st :Battal1oR, lIl."
Infantry to attack wood.s 8'\4)ported by taJlks of the lat kttalioa. 67th
.A:rnored Attack to go at 0900 and: to be prooeeded 'by 5 mate
by artillery on east edt:;e of l)ods where attack was to atart., J'tnl O.,p. JIOved
to present area at 0830 and. closed in at 0855. Attack ott aa ord.,red.
lb one.'!IY O:p:losiUon encountered until enterine DOrth edge ot ....en port;ion
of woods. Direct fire received trom 1Iodl to north and mad. it ia,pola1b'le
to clear thia portion. .Attack 8hifted. to veat 1n southern ot woods at
1200. Zl platoon 0 rd.ared. to claar out patch of 1IIOods atOSllliS at ll1Oo.' .1t
platoon ha4 olaar. 1II004s aDd oaptured two Ma.lic V tanks ana. 12 p1'1101lCS
Infantry attack cont1.JIWtd to b. helcl up throughout de3. A ... haU. ,.
by tllnk ftre and intantry. !rank tir. 0... t1'01IIl patchell ot wet. to _rill vh1o:b
were later cleared 'lip b1 .34 :Battalion. 67th J.z'a)ra4 _iment. :D.ttlg.', .., Up
for Dight. Ordarl il8l1ed 'b7 O.G. Oo_.t 00__ Ar ZIlCh" .'taaktlt clear
out 1ft)odl.
.. ".:
t. Combat efftoi.JI07 .. .' , ...
,. lieSults of op.ration. - !a* ]bro.'_-...4 'b7 .10" ..... , .. .,.
Jpproxlmate171/3 of obJective olear... ,'. . . ,
J,.. \
3. .ADl-G: llIsmTm
a. Personnel ..... ett1el'_7 - ,,.. ..
. ','-'
.. ,. ',' It. I
_laD--,,' ...... -111 ..w..,....... .
'. .
b. Oasualtl -1 Ott1oer _1UIIf.ell. _,"Oil
(2 ... 01)(' J) Ie) (J ....,,...<,
1d.8siaclll,ao'lta (a. .,. 0....... 11 ...
o. PrilOUI'II ..... .fIl..... ....
t." 8\)lp11" 41"_ 104
Oil vahicl A:r:...... ,nat- fallt ,........
,. !bad- - :an ......".... .. .
\' " '. >
, . I ,., 1',
CJIIIIQ, -. MecU._ ....,..
. 14. ..., . .IIl_ .
, <
:;e::, F. lv,;;
';,' ....... :.....
"v . i.:: C"'l.: . - ..... ..... r .... 4 .... ..
.. :'&t. i:1e.::., Diir.t
'":f"r.r,: s - ! n t e rL'!' Grye s 1J roOaJJ v t aV'1i 1 :h] e. :,",,., {' e CR,!"}1 e 0 f
inter!"ent1(l!l. nrc' t1-cse Panzer Corps which can succespf'pl1.1:
I.!"""'j ,', .... VIi tl: 0 rc er.
c. Activity - :i!!nemy t:roc:;,>s pocketed ill WQo:is ut I'07S5 attempted to break ;Jut
to thE ;c-".t:h 11.:t were or.',! .1a:-tl& los!'a8 in tl".iF
were J3 prison.;!"., 12 ';:' and 1; ;_i:":,,':'. :Jul'i!1Q
..?ericC: eU8lUY withdl'ew t:: routl1 and scutl' Lt:, :':dr onter, tis rear
::'csi still(; our el at i'erock (:t'G857S'1) "ti th AfT fire. E:1erq
artiJ.1ery Was fairly O<ll' ",.;.:'.::.t::: perl_cel.
\.0. .. ' te Strength and . .aterial ,.Sars - '.r2c(' of tr.e oj? od ..
ns c". fO:M','I'1.rcl ilIlued.tate front r';l:,e..'"!rs JO !,c'r.:r.Ults cne of t'J
t.3':;: forces into which the C:J. i'a.7er u.lvic":.d. Ll
c'::'L :tl't'i\;t:r. is badly depleted end his ,'':c-5 t:.j.'( ::JO!l-ezi:tE'.-:;.
t: Jc,':l'l<:iO.llii - (1) To ,,'ith L:. suc8cive
. C.::.) 'Ib re.gro''';'J s."!ld. h')ld i;,r-e ..i r.c [,llS .:;oinecl.
f. t - A of .. ::" '1 ( .1..
0d. iC::',")J. '...v"1:'>ened l'... c0".. e:'t'C1 ....... _,ir.les o!: a
:o'.::.t Jer;:!:l'1. i:1 trE-' area ?05:-:S. of [:,.::C:ressed. o'! cl<,J'c'
:':':t 0\' fellows: Section. t.lAA.F, APe 6:;G. Tr.S. A:o:'T:!y;
ro eI' :;C:':";'.:ID. C ADI (K) AIR :rnrrSTR!. London;
1.:- ':U..R C::::: L) ndo r..j Ohi e;: 0 f Do to Sec tio ::. 10,h:.) n.
, \
a. :::'rc,-:: ::'i'18 - T.F.
:c" ,-":.['1 :,071,.:07, Hi35?,OG.
:::J.OL>S ":J at andl
adjacent ani S"'.lp:-,ortir,;; tro.J:)s - T.3'."A" 0::' ::; ..... r- rii,;ht a::..l C:e;;::,
'" ,
'::0" '(1'1.: "A" on Our left.
Q.. Operation. - S Paracz:aph 4 Oal01....
e. Combat Effici ency ... S",.
f. Resul ts of Operatione - Hi,aions completed.
3. .lJ)f.lI1!ISTRATlVE
a. Personnel combat effici 8l1cy ... 95'%, replaeement s needed 110.
b. OaSllal tiel'" 6 wilted meu Ooq>any "II, Wounded in ACtion.
c. Prisoners - 6 Officerl. 174 ,JiLiated men.
d. Supply - Bation.....ntire R.iment dr. 10-1 rations.
umml tion ... .All vehicles have coDpl ete basic load.; aIIIIllWli tion
trucks full;y loadecl.
o.s and. 011 ... VehiCUlar tanka full, fuel. trucks fully loaded.
e. lbada'" Firm and dry.
4. GlIlDBA'L'" Vehicl ..... KedlUJD taDks for dut;y 911!'. in 2d and 3d echelon IIII1l1t.
tanka for duty in 2d and 3d echelon lIa1at
.... :.;
.AU other vehiclel for a:u.t;y 97%. 3% ill 2d and. 3d echelon

-.tnt. Dr. 3 n. mecl1ua tanks this date. on. 75 aDd two
7- to Colll?aDT II II Cap tured appronmate17 51t.
vehicle. of all t1PeI. 80m. Yare .AJIlerican Tehicl lOCated
at 1068870.
Operationa - nl"ht enemy cut ott in woods between Cellel aDd ConJoux
atte.q> ted to br-.It thl'OUCh our l1ne.. 200 A:lot troop s broke throUCh at our
right block. SeYeral vere ldlled and woUDded and s:pproxlmatal.;Y 50 captured.
A small &IDO'\lD.t of sl1al.l arlll fire was rac81ved at other blocka.
, .. -'
RFJ.D 67:m: AP;.c:::,-a:;, RlilGIi,OO,yT
252. U. S. Army
2S 1944
a. tIni ts in contact - lIb cha."l&e.
b. Reserves - See :i)ivision G-2 Per!.od.1c Report dated 27 DeCember 1944.
c. Activity En8U\V' waG r;enerally inactive &lol; front held by T.F./lB" and
continued his rtgroade movement.
d. EstiLlate Strength and lvlaterial HfBllS - change.
e. Oonclusions - To and hold along r;eneral line 'Jf L'Romme Rlver.
a. ]'ront line - :East, West road through Verre CP09S1) plus road blocks to
'b. Looation of Troops - Vicinity Oustinne, Verre and :!erock.
c. Informat:ton adjacent and supportitlg troops Other troops of Combat Command
"B" to our Combat Corn.:and "A" on our riGht.
d. - troop s re.!lIained same as previously rt=!ported.. SUb-T. F.
held positions as follows: T.F."OO" held 1:.'1. road throU&h verre, contacl
on right with T.F."A" and contact on left with Combat Oocmand "A". Reserve
force (1/41.) (-2 Collli>anies) plus section Tank Destroyers) Rlso located
in Verre. T.F. "nil assembled in the vicini ty of !{erock. road block"
held E't Road junction 100775 and P0979. "a" 702d Tank Destroyer
Battalion (- 2 platoo!l.s) reverted to Control at 272000,! and were
located in Oustinne. Orders received from Combat Corrimarld "B" that posittons
woUld be held ttuing of 2g DeCember with minimwn vehicles and personnel
for securit7 and day to be devoted to necessary maintenance. No enuv
activity during the night or durinc the clay of 28 December. Orders received
at 28J.!QOA :from Conilat 0:>1IIIll&Dd "B' that entire Oombat Collll8m "B" force
would IIk)VS duril'lf: IIOrnizrg of 29 Dec_.r back to assembly ar_ Ticizd. 117 of
East aDd Southeast ot Oineov for rehabilitation. maintenance am prtparation
for combat operations. Unit to WOOJD sector to be over to vas
DO t known at thi s tiine.
e. O:>mbat effici 8IlC7 -
t. Results ot Operation!! - l'O contact with enemy. n-ont line h.eld and outposted
wi th 1'0ad blocks during the period. Mat nt e%lanO e 0 t vehi. olee.
a. Personnel combat et.tiolenDY' .. rEplacements required 115.
b. Prisoners - 6 en.1isted men.
c. Sup})lY - Bations - Entire REll:illlent drellflO-l rations.
Am:nu.nt tion - baJic loads, &JIl!'uQ1 tiona trucks 1'\1111' loaded.
Gas and Oil .. Vehicular tanks :to:tl. fIl.a1 trucks fully loaded.
VEHIOLJilIS - Med1'WD ta.:k, 1br dut7 in 2d am. 3d eohel.ilull .tp.tenanoE.
L1i;ht tank, tor duV in 2d and 3d echelon maint8llaDCe.
< i'
- ,',.
All other vehicles for duV in 2d and 3d IOhale. llaint
,,'1; ... -:
Progrell i8 being made to salvage all captured equ.ipment in.the illllediate
.. v
areas. !edd1nc :ol1s have been drawn and i.auld to the entire co-.nd.

.'; -,
.-,"'. ';
.'.,.,. __ .5
.. ..... I
... .... ... ..J
;'1 ,.J .:'".::c t - ::<:"J,;, &.
- -J.:'Y" :.::-. :;-2 :.c. c.7 .;ac t.;. cr is ..,
c. .:. be.. ... i!lC.ctl'\l"C [ .. ':'1-"" v,,
c:. ... t.: _ :.. :' Z Ztb!': e t.
d.. ... ", .. e -t r '; t;'"\ ..a t . ear-. s . (.. e .
.... I 'i.: .....
e. . - r:':> >nld. ber.rOl"&.l_ r J ..,:E
..... --+. lir:p -
, eX';8 bloc> to
Jc -."
v .. tro('l ..... '.:'''vv 'Jf J01:.Ct.t
11"'11 t: ")'::.. ':"'",,'l.:at ,:),,)-.-1,;.1:: ".n." our
d. ,- : .1; - :-: .:." II ::rc._., s re..::'ii.:.eJ. '3."'"' . . ', ............. ... "):....
.,('1 ..... ,,.-' .
helc.. ... t c:-.Dtact
-./, [.. .. CC!!t 0 ct ls.:.,.... t .. :: Ilit". ! .. -,,::.t.t.:'.'"':.;:
J: .'S ""'ll.:s ... :: _.. ' -. .';) ...... """!'.t:"A"; loc:i'J
"1' C!"i.:? :-.7". 11 v.:, '"'", e,:;.tl .L -:1 t> e vi ci i_ t:r- c / .. .. ' stro..s road : l(
... _:;::> lC;JT::: 11;11 702';' Ia.."::
(- 2 :);.atv.... '12) t.) 272000.A a:li \\i.. ... '
ilL ....... 1 _: ..... -: l'2('O';.vei :!".;u ): tl;1t
, ........ v:;- '.r1 v""'" _>-::ce.mber .. V'f.; c"L
J.ct,i .... .',Hi',: ;.ic:,:t or the day DECe:!lber. Ordcrf'
",.t ::-:;11 Jo,;ibat :}) w3" that entire Comb.<tt COilcand liB" force
\'lculL "lCye d1rLlb :lOrxLE; <, .J,-cpber bad: t() as:'e:noly area vicinity 0:
a.i:. of )0, :ley for rehabili tetLoll. :.I...,'L tCl..'l:.ce a.nd prepClrat:
for c:;;.:Jot :r;ern.tio"s. 'Juit to ''';1():D sector t.., J: tlr"ed Cl"er t:; "I:C:
::'0 t \,[,': at tis tj :Je.
e. Jo.,I-oat ei'fici GliCy - ;1;".
f. ";; S 'J f Up .,ril. t; "" - . .0 (,., nt.,"'.C t wi t": e:, e;:::. :'r() ?'.c Ii ne hold. aild aU to':1 ,:t
"Ii :-c a1 oloc ,-::E d'.lrL:.; tr e peri ')<1. _"ai:' ter-.a, c e c:f: ';0.:,' cl es.
a. .. '1 'ibat effici en!!Y - 94:0 rcq'::i. rr',l, 115.
b. ;;ri ;'.; '101';: - ('1 i. stA.i .. <311.
c. - - Entire ...,.;j'aent drew 1:::-1 raF:)ns.
,A:.l ,1)'" - 'b8c:ic loads, a::' 'J..rU t:L()n!' ti',lC'U' i".llJ.y lo?rtcd.
:;'as a"hl 011 - K!'l 1'1'0, ";:"I'C::f :,,11.11y loaded.
- 4,_erii i ..ll tn. for iu.t:.'" 12:1 i!l [:.n 3d'1.'!.!lC(
Li{;Lt for duty ),: in 2J. a:1:l 3d eel-elan
;(',1 otner ve:ic1es for :; 3d echelo:n IUai!lt
e'1:l nc e.
is ::lel'l"; ul.'lde tJ c".lv8,_;e ull <':'[.)i," in ",;!>:: iWledi"-,,,t:.e
'3eJ.,linc rolJ s b',ve been dra\l.'n ,,,,'1 i S!J!,lOO to t:.1? entire comme,nd.
_ W. .6._.. L .. .
c..::) ..:jec e::io c: 1944

c. _.c ti "..r'.. ty - ,,1) S tiiTV0d. ['.C ti v:l. ty in area p nri. cu..
1JSt-i..;.:",te Strs:)."th :lnd ;_'l.te'l"ial ;'.. E''''.ns - cilsrt;e.
e. ':0 usi C 'lS - Jo e.
line - .. 'ot in \.... i1;...'1 eneLlY.
v. :J :)f 1'ro:)1)2 - 1/67 at P13577S,.
c. Info rll1.:ltion aJ j.'l.. c 2.'1 t 800 rtinb t:!'oop s - (; ther Combat Cb nlilend "E" t5.
2. - t'.an of at of ::,:.eriod sa..'!le as last
r::)ortecl. ;,.t e'l:1 of ;.er':d c:)uisted of :ig.. ,!'-; 1-:(;. 00., 67th Al:':nd ::.. Et;t !
:",t .3a ttolbn b7th ..Il.rmo.. (- liB" and "a" Co;;'i1aniecGlus
::0 [.ctivities C'..1lrillG cci.;ht tr.r-': 1st G7th Az!l=;red '
report,;d friendly artiJ.l rlry lanc1iU6 in tl:.(':r 3reD....At 0245,4 i:1
ctr' .. ..... s '":;ceived to Sella F. bi:letin.:.; frO;,l 67th
one Irem 1/67 and one frO;i1 1/41 -:;0 ;::o.n"cat Ccl"!:!land "Bn
!:f;.'l:;':'.larters at at OS'J-JA i!lr.-c;ruct;:)ns .. fr::Jm Combat CommanC:.
1113" asse,:lbly areaS previoudy designated \orould ")e chan;ged. At 0900A.
i..d::':".').cti:J"Hl :!'ec:eived (}o;:ibat Jam and 1I]i' "Hit hour for ;('ve to
,:::'I'':;D. '''ol'.d be et 103Q.d.. Instru.ctions rece1 ved that 1 pIp.toon of tanks c..:ld
c.;J1 .. J..;,toJ!! :"-estrcY'3r!:' lI.'C 1ud be l:?ft at soll.1;l-:ern road to c":--:'-:
82d "san0e Battalion. The three nlv.. toons were to be relieved
upon : . .,J ("" e 0 f o2d ..AI' 0 red Reco..!Ilai ssanc e Battalion :'1':> m area. A.t lOOOA
tLle ... ;Jve'uet""1t t" 1200).. ::;hortly be:fort: noon, 3d pIe.toon ":a"
17th .lWZlOred J:::n;;ineers Batcalion wr.S relea::;ed, from T.F."B" control
:::.:.C. reverted t:) "3
A.rI!lOred Engineers Bc..ttalion for to
""1.rjW acsembly area. 1/41 startad J18rch to new assem11y area at 1330A and
v:aS released from T.F.":S" control passing throi......;h ,Ju,stinne. At approxi
i:l[,tely 1730A. 32d ArlflOred .2econnaisMllCe BEl,ttAlion r!.:il"''lsed platoon of t:lTlks
Q.11Cl Jestroyers pJ.. n n froiD :tt:ad block. At l755A instructions receivod
fT""8 r.] rJoribat Cojp-,l3,nd "3" to TJOve bp.lqnce of tt: new areas as soon as'
,:osr.:"jJe. '-:q Go., 67th Ar!rid Regt r:nved out at J.305;.. r>.nd lJ67 Ia:JVed out at
i900J '!-ieaclquarters 67th ArIn)red RFV?;iment in new area 2030.1. 1/67
clesed in nelo.. st ?lS5A.
Oonb'lt efficiency -
Resul ts 0 f Operations - :,.ove to new assembly area com,')l eted.
efficiency - replacemente required 123.
Sup :ly - -rations - Entire Regiment drew 10-1 rati::>ns.
..\.m!:!!lni tion - M..1 vehicle basic load, l'JaIlluni tion trucks .. ly loadEd
Gas and Oil - Ve}:1cular :f'!lll, fne1 trucks fully loaded.
mads - !:r-o:l;en and firm.
Ae0..1.1lIll for d"ty In 3d echelon maintenance.
Light tanks for duty 7/; ill. 2d n.11d 3d er-..he1..on maintenalZle
.All other f:)r d1lt;V 97i;. in 2d. and 3d ma1nt.
Drew one "lediwn tank ldth 75mm gun l'..!'Isigncd to "F" C'o,,\?any.
GSGS ljOl(). 1/50, 000. SHE:ET 91
ts in contact - lbt in contact.
- See 0-2 PerbC!. Renort. c.a.tpd 2r.' December 1:,4Ll-.
- Yo observed in area durLJE;
:SstL.1C'tF- Stre!1gth and .!2.terir:J. ;lean!! - ECle:ny i:a!!! ap}Jl't') xiuately siy i'le:-lt::
(3 ... Gre'laClierf1, 2 reCllar infC1.:1try :In,l equiv<0.e:ot regi.1lent of tan:':s) c ..
our il:1."leiiate front. :tis ;'1aterial means appear Good.
e.'.sions - To attack north.ward toward Liece soon as hiiZ is
:s'ro"t line - ::::-ot in contact wi th enemy.
b. Locatio!!. of Troops - 1/07 at Pl35775
Infol"Gtbn and supportiIlb troops - Ot! Cor.1bat Com:Jland. ":e" Troons.
1:ec.ther - Cold. cloud;" ...r:t th SIlO"''' and r91n in afternoon.
qperat::-.ns - j:o a.ct1yity d-urillg l"i,:::'ht 29-30. 67th [."
gart of Corn::,pt C:;lllnl8nd. "::" o.nd C:d ArlItJl'ed aSf,61i101ed. in area generallJ
no 0 fJincy, :Balgium for ,100 essary .:ns.intenB.l1C e. re.habili tatio n and pre
parations for future cC.1lbo.t. ,iJiSpositions as fo11o\1s: liq ee Hq (l)., 67th Ar:oo.
Pl4li9S7; lst3n. 1/67. IID"."I", & "A"
P13597t: 2d :8n \:)f Hq & Hq Co 2/67, 2:. "B"
3d :3.!1 (Chnposed of Hq & Hq Co 3/67, "G","H".IIC" Coq:,a..:.'ies) ?16l1js6. B.econn
dosoe-nce - Pl35003; Service Company ?1l!6992; :cintenance CompaD1'
Cor.lbat effici ency - 90,%
ReS"ul ts of Operations - Operation
3 ADM! r: s T3.A.TIVE
a. peroonnel combat efficiencY' - req,-:.ured 125.
b. Batt:!. e casualties - None. OpI James O. Ar.!1strol'lti of Rooon..'l8.issaDCe (l)JIt)any
killed in an accident when half-track in which 1:.6 wes rlding ti"')":led. over after
on slipperY' road. .-
f. SUpply - P.ntions - Entire R-.giment drew "B" rations.
A.lI:muni tion - Vehicles have oasic lORds, a.l'X1urltion tnckl tully loaded.
Gas and Oil - Vehicular tank B full, fuel trucks fully loaded.
g. 1Oad.s - Frozen and firm.
- MediUJll tanks for d-.1 ty 75 25% in 2d t;'.nd, 3d echelon maintenance
Light tanks for duty in 2d and 3d echelon maintenance
.All 0 ther e8 fo r dutY' 4% in 2d and. 3d echelon mai n t

.. ..::!'"-1:S A.2.'= '.. TIJ!
.A?C z.
1. ::"'El.Y
a. in c;ntact - :'"(1t in contRct.
b. - S.: P eri i C "O.ppo rt dated 30 Jec :!.S 11.11.
c. - .. ()DOerved in P'is areE!..
d. stren,gt!1 and j':aterinl - cr1l.:;e.
e. - :'0 cJ.v:t1re.
2. en 8I :::iTA'l'IG
a. Front llne - :t>es not anply.
b. Location c"!' Troops - :21413'7
c. Infnr:ni;"i.J:J nd,Cpcent am r,ll."lportiIl(: troODS - tlo;;,us of .Jo:nbet ,;ol'l.'.l."r'. II II
d.. ODera.tions - At 302030A order received. I GO:.1.:nncl "3" :'.J.erti!16 '::,.?.,:"
mmer 67th Armored to be preparet
to r.:ovc 0:: .,:1e (1) :'..::-ur nottce t.)
rO:1el Guen;,;r attack e:qJected to our Throe tj C'!l!.d.ft of t!"-.t.) fo',l:;F
ir\; troop s: ," Eq CO. o u7th Armd :net; 1 at ::, ';"/ +.!'- (iq:' .
Hq Co 1/G7. 11.:)11, "I",& "A" 1st ::attalbn, 41st In! Rq:t(... 1 ::c,
70?d 'r.]. 13n (- 11l:'J.toon); let I'latoon, 113" CQlIl!)allY, 17th l..1""'d
Engr :Sn; :r;aconnai ssance 001ll[;nny, 67th Arnuree. Reginent.
:::c:""aent iteld Craer [.)r operations of above T.P. Field C,,:,der received
at 302200A from 2d Ar!llOred j):\."Ti !'Iton desi.:;r:a tiIl6 fo rce to i r, ele:nenh 01'
i(J acti vi ty durin.;: the niL \..t 30-31 :':ecer::ber. of 31 DeceniJer
s:)ent in PJai!lteman.ce and preparatiI'Jnr for operations.

a. Fersor.:lel cOI1lQat - Replace:'lents neoc."d O.
!. - }{ltions - Entire F..eciment drew ":8"
,A.mlmlni tion - Vehicular basic load. cOLy1et!', trucks fuP.:
load 91.
Gas and Cl;L - VehlcuJ ar tanks full. fuel tntc::s i"IlJ.1.y loaded.
g. ::bAAs Frozen. slippery and. frtm.
4. GENEP..\L - Christmas !1bner served. to r.191I1bers of command, t0day.
af'tic,era and en:!.hted men rae 61. ved pay for Decemb ere
VEHICLES - l!edium tanks for duty 86%, 14;; in 2d and 3d. echelon maintenance.
Light tanka for duty in 2d and 3d rr&
.All other vehicles duty 98%. 2% in 24 anfl. 3<'. ec),plon mainte1ll'l.IlCe.
.. C&bl .. th18 d.ah. "usc 35 ar.o'ucier bolsters,
equally to line
Jrew lIIediua tal*:
-1 67T'-: .J
J..": ... :.-_ .......... ,_
After 2!:nemy Action R.eport for lSi45.
::CJolnlJandins General, 2nd Armored Division, _';'PO 252.
1. The followin7, resume of reSimental staff activities in
0 f o;Jt::rations: and dur11Y': the tation period for
JGlle month of January 1945, concurred in by the undersigned is sub
.... . 0-1, Armored ReSiment .
(1) January me.y be divided :Lnto t\'10 c.isJ"inct l:,ariods
of activi ty for the :=:'esiment; cOUlbat from 3 January
to 17!3.ry and rehabilitation durins the remainder
of the month.
(2) !.:!Ultitudil1.oUS problems from an 3-1 point of
view were encountered in the first period. The 2e[
iment went into combat approximately 150 men under
Tc."ble of Organization st:..'angth,- and by 17 Janua.ry
upon beins relieved, the number had increased to
340 thru combat losses, exposure, and frost 1:)i te.
No replacements were recGived during combat which
immobilized at the end thirty-t'\'lO tanks thru lack
of creliS.
(3) After many days of fierce in bitterly
cold weather, the combat efficiency of the command,
in addition to beine lowered ':Jy lack of reinforcements,
was lowered b'T frost bite and exposure. ?,very effort
was made to instruct troops in the prevention and
treat:nent 0 f frost b1te and the cC3.'.... e 0 f the feet.
Hot food and coffee was sent to the front whenever
practicable. Advantage was taken of all available
shelter in ca.ptured towns. .
(4) Morale factors were considered by daily
deliveries, a PX ration delivered to the front lines,
and the presence of ReGimental at the :sa.t
talion Aid stations. A quota of one officer and twelve
enlisted. men pulled from the front lines e.nq. ...returned
to the United states for a three monh. furlough gave
morale a definite boost. '
(5) Prisoners of war were transported to the rear
and dead bodies were evacuated by one team using one
2-1/2 ton truck and one 1/4 ton truok. Prisoners
were interrogated by a team attached from the
''f'.;:.:J,.. L.:.-.: .. _l' __ vl' t:\r.:-..
(t5; .... -:--.trcl '.... ...: i
-?ll rogJds J'ro .. t:"l0 reE:.r to to
spot re;ort :':Y1001:-3U-out J &nd to
t.:n'_'ur 1e:: bod.ies.
(7 ties su ffersc "\,'01"0 .",";
fo 1101":
!V:issinc 1
Eilled 6
r:lss1n '"
(E) The period of st:-lrtj on 19 3.:1n
U1.l'"'"r vl
--:0n t,'ne :::'0'': l:'lc'nt \':3.srer.1ovod to 3. rea
no:-'.r F(' 1 ::lum, ['.nd comfortc:>.. b1:,r housed in
(9) ,',11 .... te \vd:;:'C ill;;"..':.J 3.',:, once :)J ti.ic ..J-:!. 3cotioll
to csta'ullsll r..:: center. _:. \"ii th
n seat city 0 f L!-50 was found, picture shows
established, 'beer \'las put on e. sneck l'::.r \'/1 tl:
sandwlches set up. ',:'11e 2ed Cross obI1:::\.. d with Ieee
douc;hnuts d['.il:v and hot co ffee. lJ. tcr, es and
sta::;e shows were held.
(10) Pass trips were to pariS,
Verviers, and Prussels ,
(11) ::O:in;ht Silver star \.;ere presented to of
ficers and enlisted men of t'lle the
month. r,-nd General Orders were !)ublie:'.'d
eiEJ;ht more Silver stars and stars to
members of the Command.
(12) 73 New reinforcements, and 252 foriller members
were received from re!'l"cement pools durin.:- the last
part of the month. On the last of the month, the
Regiment stood 4 Officers. 4 Officers, 216
Enlisted Men under Table of Or,-:;anlzation strength.
(13) Administrative matters stressed in the lstter
period were prevention of venereal mess m3n
s'13ement. sanitation. security, awards and deco!'8tlons,
orientation of new personnel, and discipline.
b. S-2, 67th Armored Re,'!,iment.
(1) From 2 to 17 January 1945, this \"as in
combat moving south from to the
::ouffalize-st. Vith Ei5hway. In this period the
?esiment was in contact 1,-/i th the fo ene:n

identities of which were determined by Pris

oner-o interrosation and b,V examine,tion 0;: ene
:L,"',r \
(::,,) 560th 11."'. D.:
?ppl 1560tt Arty ?07t
5th 112Eth
2nd & 13th
1st & Jo, ?e3t
(b) 2.2:"L V.-:-.:0.:
1st Dn, 2'/t!'::,w;t
(c) :-':cn,!:n, 277th ')8.8
(d) 12-: [1
(e) l59th
(f) 'snl
(2) TTpon c leD,rin
- the town 0 f Odeir:;ne, evidence 0 f
f),trocities perl"""--"c;,ted on the civil po:rulation by
Jerman troops was discovered. These suspocted
atrocities were carefully investisated by the CIC
end a report was rendered which to some extent veri
fied the suspicion that atrocities had been committed.
incident was the first of its kind encountered
by the Regiment. ,
(3) In the course of the operation an incident oc
curred wh:Lch arrain de:::onstrates the value of security
trainin';. j . -::entinel on duty :It the entrancE: to the
S? of Eeadquarters Company, whose suspi
cion Wo.s -- arou 38d "by the use 0 f the vlord "front" in
the conversation 0 f Uree c 1 apl;rel'ended
two (}erman soldiers in ci vi lian c
(4) ?rom 12 to 31;l,ry 1945, the ReEjiment was
in a rest area enc. the intelligence train
in?; was conducted:
(a) Instruction in i1erial Photo reading for
selected personnel of the
(b) prisoners 0 f war.
(c) Use of map r8ferance code for reconnais
S8,nce renorts.
(d) :Jecurity resulAtions conduct in
(e) Dce 0 f password and reply.
c. S-3, 67th Armored Resiment.
(1) The period 3 to 17 January 1945 was an opera
tional period for the Resiment in the /3,dvance from
soutL to Hou ffallze to cut 0 ff the Ger
man escape pocket. This was the first real cold
weather and snow operations that the combat elements
0:' tho h.'J.c.. .:::articipated in. In acidi tion,
operation was continoU3 and the troops were en
":' "ed in actual CO!jbat for the I!:aJor part durin?;
time. experiences ,:zained in this opera
tion were In addition to operatins in
srlO\'[ 2.nd co Id \'lea t her, our tank elements operated
under very unfavorable terrain conditions--heavy
tticl-:: woods had to be penetrated, a,nd the terrain
'Ie.s hilly. Also, the operation, our
tanks operated with Infantry of a regular infantry
division rather than with our own Division's Armored
Infantry. This again was a breat chan:.;e. It is srat
ifyip.i5 to report that the combat elements took all
these c'nanses in their stride and quickly adapted
themselves. This brin3s out the fact that
\Vt1en men are tr9.ined in their job and have bc:come
a part of a team", they perform trleir d'.l
(2) During the period 12 to 31 Januar:;T 1945, the
\-las in a non-comba.t area. Initially ve
hicular and equipment maintenance was stressed.
::.'hen, a r-eneral combat prosram was started
concurrent \-li a ver
'-:::lod rehabilitat10n and reo
reC'.tion pror:jram for toe men. The comb8.t training
st,ressed the trainin': of ne\-. reinforcements for
tr-leir part on the "team". ....enerally, trainin3 sub
Jects :{rc cY'e'd c.rill, pl'ltoon and company tactics,
orientation periods, necessary health or sanitation
lcctuI'6::': ,_-unnery, dri vin'-: ra.nze f1r
in", e.ttendance at various
demonstrations or trc:.ining film3 that are prescribed.
in these subjects was limit.ed to keep1ng
the men in practice tats of rAadiness,
.ther t:08,n "over-trainins". J... Vlell-plc::.nned train
in: pro :ram, plus !:.'. rehabilitation
Rnd recreation program with a reasonable
len::;;th of timE; out of combat wilre:I"ways
in later combat.
d. 67th Regiment.
(1) bn inspeotion was made of all previous loca
tions the occupied durinr..; the month. All
salva:8 material found \'ias picked up and turned in
to the appropriate branches.
(2) Durin:; the latter };:art 0 f the month, .a complete
sho..../down lns::::ection made on all orsanization and
individual c lothin'! 3.nd equ ipment. Requlsi tiona
Vlere submitted to the appropriate supply branches
- 4
to cover all shorta'"es. The purposS' 0 f the insr:ec
t:ion to determine the exact status of supply
,11 thin the to re-equip the troops, 8.nd to
:::et rropert:r "bOOY.:3 up to date.
C:) r,!edlum tanks equipped "t'lith steel tracks were
exchansed for rubber tr.., cks. This wc,s necess2.ry due
to icy road conditions.
e. IvIaintenance Officer, 67th Armored s.esiment.
(1) DuriTIS the period 0: 13 to 31 Januar 1945, ';J e
deadlined in our shop a total 0 f 143 vehic les 0 f
all types. 85 ..Tere deadlined some time the
day 2nd remained in the shop over and returned
to duty the next day. 58 ':lere deadlined in the shop
for a period of 3 to 7 days. Dul.... in:; this tirr:.e we
handled approxim.::..tely laC vehicles the.t did not sho".1
on a.n:/ report as they came in for work and were re
turned to duty wi thin 1 to 5 hours. This revort
does not any battlefield recovery nor any
vehicle thD.t went through our shop to a hisher ech
(2) About 23 or 24 ,Tanuary 1945, the new light
tank w."s introduced to all the comoanies of the
(3) Three inspection teams from the Heintel1?.nce :sat
ta,lion made the follolfin;--': insDections:
(a) echelon of maintenance.
(b) "3mall B.rms a.nd artillery.
(c) Tire inspection.
(4) Approxime.te ly 8000 paddle connectors vlere is
sued for replacement.
(5) Have dra"tm and issued 25C E;rousers e.nd requisi
tioned 250 more. All medium tanks have had the steel
tracks exchanged for rubber. Uc;ht tanks have had
all steel tracks exchanged for rubY'er E::xcept 9 tanl'.:s
(6) All battalions and separate companies have had
a school on the conservation of tires and tubes.
f. Communications Officer, 67th krmored Regiment.
(1) During the operational period 3 to 17 January
1945 communications within the command were 3enerally
satisfactory. AlthouSh roush terrain and moisture
laden forests caused some operating difficulties,
satisfactory radio contact between units was main
tained with and SCR-528 series radio sets.
Telephone communication was used extensively

the period. 2esults achieved were considered fxcsl
lent in view of the fact that there is no autllori...,ed
T/O and allotment of telephone
equipment' and personnel \vi thin the command. SOIDe
difficulties were encountered as a result of t":,-c
fact that operational plans did not permit the
quarters to advance alon:; the axis 0 f communicatior:.
of higher units.
(2) During the period 18 to 31 January 1945 the
Regiment was in a non-combat area. Tralnins in the
adjustment and operation of radio sets was conc.ucted
for all ra.dio operators and tenders. for
junior officers and non-commissioned officers in
voice communication was initiated. 'I'his tra:'t.niTI'3
inc luded set operation, rrocedure, security and
message writing and was intended to insure that op
e:co.'"ions may bd c':'j,'r'ied out success fu lly a fter lead
ers become casualties. In an effort to insure max
imum Signal Supply service,arran:ements were com
pleted for. .;::egimental 3i3nal 3upply to carry a stock
of the more used supplies on hand thus avoidi06 de
lays in the filling of requisitions.
g. Regimental Surgeon, 67th Armored Regiment.
(1) This Regiment was in contact with the enemy
from January 4 to January 17, 1945. Since that
time it has withdra\in for regrouping and refittins.
During th1s month 660 patients were hospita11zed by
the Medical Un1ts. Of these, 397 were members of
the 67th Armored and 263 were from units
other than the 67th Armored Regiment. Of the mem
bers of the 67th Armored Rep;iment who Vlere hos'Oi
talized, 171 were battle 38 were non-bat
tle.injuries and 188 were disease. The following
is a list and break down of patients sent to the hos
pital. This does not include ope man from the 67th
Armored Regiment and six men from other units who
were k1lled in action, nor two men who died of car
bon monox1de asphyxiat10n, nor the threo rucn
died of wounds ehown on our records.
Hosp1ta11zed Personnel
67th AE ether Units
Battle casualties 171 197
Wounded 1n Action
S11ght 57
severe 15 33
, .
Hospitalized Personnel (Contd)
Battle Injuries
81 19
Injuries 38 7
Disease lE8
jombat :-:-:xhctustion
'!'rench ?oot
tmper Infection
Fever, unkno\'ln orir:;in
(Usue..ll;.r recurrent I!a1aria)
Venereal Disease (Gonorrhea, ne
(2) Each aid station orGanized
10 4
5 0
51 21
9 0
16 1
4 0
salvage squad and
equipment taken from soldiers that are evacuated is
collected and turned over to the unit 8-4.
(3) All stations were issued extra co ffee and
cocoa to be used at the aid station for battle cas
ualtie:3. This turned out to be a fine ide::a. and was
not only appreciated by the wounded but celpcd ma
terially in and shock caused by
the wounds.
2. The Daily Activity of the Regiment, as from the
nai1y Unit Report, follows as Appendix I"J
l-Incl: / ..,..... '
Appendix I pi DISNEY
Colonel, 67th Armored R
\ ,
; ,
- 7
~ /
'w.' " . . .
- - ~ ~ ...,
" _.
APO 252. U. s.
KAPS G. S.G. S. 1!o1lo., 1/50,000, BJI.GIUM, SiEEl' 91
a. Uni t8 in contact - No contact.
b. ReBene8 - See G-2 Periodic Report dated. 31 December 1944.
c. Activity - It> ob8el'Ted activity in area during period.
d. Estimate alld. Material I-ieans - No change.
e. 00 nclusion. - No chaDg e.
2. OW SU'UNl.'IOll
.. Front Line - It>t in contact.
b. Location of Troop. - lb change.
c. Information adJacent and supporting troop. - Other (l)Dbat CoJllllJS.Dd "B" T1'00J)s.
4. Wather - 0014, clear.
e. Operations - At 31aJ)OA instructions received. from :;ODbat OollUll&Dd ". dell1
gnating son.. of reeponslbll1ty for of r6ads and urachiDg of
woods for enemy parat1'00pers during dalight hours by this oolllll1aJld. Head
quarters Ooq,aq, 1.t aDd Service 67th Armored Reimant,
were given zon of re..,ana1b1l1ty. lio eneay was encotmtered. by any organi
sation a8 result of patrol or sarch. Oxganisations continued to perform
maintell&Ilce aDd prepare for combat the day.
Letter of instructions IJ. recEdved f'rom Combat Oomr.and "Bit at 17301. iDdicating
troop lUt am route. of march for peming operations. Troops Ullder T.F."X"
control were as followsl Hq & Hq 00, 67th Armel REgt, 1st :Battalion, 67th ArC
Ret ("I", "A" 'Oo's IIlnue liD" 1st Battalion, Armel Inf llergt,
Platoon "0" OoIlp8nY', 702 Tank Destroyer Battalion, Platoon ":a" aoq,any, 17th
.ArDl Engr Bn, 78th Armel Jie1.d Artillery :Battalion (direct support) P.W. 1
t. Comat Eft:lcieney -
g. Reaul. ta ot Operations - lio operations.
a. Personnel. Combat :l1'tieieDOT - rep1acanenh required 115.
b. SUpply - Batione - :II:lt1re Rec1l1ent drew IB" rations.
AmImD:l tion - Tehicles baste load coq,let., aumUlli tion trucks fully
Gal aDd. 011 - Vehicular tank' fUll, :to.e1. trucks MIT loadecl.
e. a,ade - ]'rosen, BlipP8!7 am 1'11'1\.
4. GEDbL
Tehicles - Mecl.1um tank. for duty in 2d and 3d echelon maintenance.
Licht tanks tor duty in 2d and 3d echel.on -.1nteDaDCe
.All other Teb1a1es for 4uty 2% in at and 3d ech.a1oll

,_i ;
.. ,:
61!H .lRM)Bm BmlKEN!
JPO 252. U. s. A%'IJ17
2 January 1916
K.Q'S G. SG. s. l/, BJI,GIt1M, SBDl'S 91 " 92
a. Uni ts in contact - Not in eontact.
b. ReeerTeII - bae listed in DlviBion G-2 Period Report dated I January 19115.
c. Actint)" - Some art1l1el"7 in 1II8l1 conoentrations fell on tol'ffa1'd ar.a.
Other acthit)" negligible.
d. Estimate Str811gth aDd Material. Kean. - baa a"ftdlab1e the uncollll1 tted
etellCh of the 12th & 9th ZZ Panzer Dhi siona as well aa the un
coaltte4 11th ZZ Panzer Division. Hls material meana app.r to
be aUll good.
e. Oom:lusiona - continue offensiTe to driT. to J61eae m.TW.
2. OWN' SU'U.A1'IOJi
a. J'l'Ont Line - Does !JOt app17.
b. Information adJac_t and SUpportlIlg Troopa - Other unitt of Combat Co_ad IIBII.
c. Operations - .Armored RcI_nt (-) (plus) desIgnated .a 1'.1'. "X' of Q:)abat
ODJIl.LI8JId ":a" to IDOTe to .as_b1T area vicini tT between :&rsee aDd
Grand to be pr4I!Pared for operations. Reg1mea.tal 7.0. 147 iasued
cOTer1ug aarch to the ..s_17 ar_ aDd deaignati. torce. aa
foUowa, ]'orca "A" - (CD. la' :Sn. 67th Armel RCt). 1-t :an, 67th
Al'IId. Ret (-) "I" CoJll4)aD7J "0" (bDpaDT. last Armd In:!
Ret; let Platoon "0' OolipaDT. 102 !r.D. lin.
lbroe ":a" - (00. 1at :an. Ja8t AlWl Inf IlIIgt). 18' :en,
lQ. at Inf Ret (-) CI Q:) Dpa.D1'; II I 67 th
Arm Regt.
fa. ]'orce 'COntl'01
- Bq" Hq 00, 67th Aral Ret, 1.t
Platoon, IBtI 17th Armd hgr :Sn.
Taak: !'oroe IX" bean .,T.ent at about 02lO30A. in tactical tor
-.tion. MoTement va8 11.0" due to aDOW and io)" paT.ent. b4
_rch cOllplete4 at about 20001.. !fa. ]brce attack order ie-._
Terbel17 to Jbrce OolDlaJldere at lSOOA &ad conftrae4 later b.r
vr1 tt. inatraction.. Attack gllleraJ.l)" S:& to aeaure 11111teel
ob.1ecUT... Oro._ LD at 030S30J..
3. .A])MUlI SftA!l!VJ:
a. Peraonnel Oo_at Ifftc1eDC)" - r4I!Placementa requir.:a1 115.
b. Suppl)" - Bationa - Intire _1_.t dr_ 10-1, excEpt Hq 00, Maint aDd Service
Oollpm e. drw "11 ration8.
JJlauUtion - e basic ,load colI!Plete, "lind. tion tN.dta fUl17
Ga. aDd 011 - Teh1C'Glar taDk. tal.l. fuel tmelte on. half 1\:(1.1.
c. lbaA. - !'rozen. Tel'1' aUppe17. t.lra.
4. GEliDAL .
Ver.1c1e. -Med1ua taDk. 1br in a\ aDd 3d echelon MintellaDCe.
- Light taDJe. for dut7 9., 2f, in 24 am 3d ech_on _inteDaDCe
.All other Teh1cl tor c1.ut79 2f, in 24 aDd 3d ech....on
APO 252, U. s .Az1IIY
l(AFS G. S.G.S. l()l() 1/50,000 :SU,GIUM., SHEmS 91 & 92
a. Units in contact - 1 at &= 14th 1130th RCiment, 560th VG Division,
2d aDd 13th .., 1l29th REgiment, 560th VG DlTi &lon,
1560th Artillery Regiment, 560th VG Division, lSth Artill
er'1' Regiment, 12th VG I1vieion.
b. Reserves - See G-2 Periodic R'!)ort dated 2 Janua17
c. Activity - En81D7 aggressivaly re&lsted. our adTaDCe to objective Dl (P5!g7)
with morta.r, small arms aDd artille17 fire. :Bazooka team. were
encountered as vall as direct anti-tank fire. Uine. were encount
ecl betwe. Ma.nha7 (P53290l) and Grand Gotto (p550S90). Considerable
infant17 Casual ties vere inflicted by eneDV at (p5iJ5S90)
d. Estimate Strength and Material Means - heQ' .trellgth at the point cf our
advance appeal'. to be considerable and consi.ts of the 560th VG
Division of which the llJOth and 1129th Rc1ments have been iden
titled. !he SS Division 'Hi tlergucend" i. reported in the ar_
by Prisoner. of War, who al80 reported. SS troops lbrth of Lalbche,
with sIP pne aDd tank.. Material means appear good but thie is
no t confi rmad.
e. Conc1usioDB - :Dlell1'" greateat capability is to counter-attack with all force.
available to restore former podtions and wipe out our pen...
to rcee.
a. l'.ront line - 1/67 !'orce (Jbroe JJ generally bold. area TiciDl t7 P5!;?Sg4, 1/lQ.
Jbroe (Jbro.:S) holds in area Ticinit7 P53086S
b. lnfbrmation adJacent aDd tftGps - :nemente 3d Ar..,recl DlTision on
our left. !I.l'. 11" (Oolibat Oommaud n:a
) on our right. let and 3d
llattalions, 333d Intant17 (84) DlTi &lon in .,.,porl.
c. Operations - ]brce -X- plans i ..ued night of 2 Januar)" 1945 for attack
earl;y ..,rn11: 3 Janua17 191J5. !'oro. ".1" (1/67 (-) (pla) aUacks
on lett. Jb1'Ce ". (1/'41 (-) (pluS) attacks on right. lid. tia1
obJecUve ar_ TiciJd. p5le0865. ., eneJq actiTi. 4D.r.l1tC the
night. :Both lIu'Ces IIIOvecl to attaak po8lUou .r.L7 mrniltC 3 .
Januar;y 19115 and both ott at OJQ8J)A. P1' slow due
to h_V7 woods and terrain d1tt1C"alt;y for the tankll. ]brce -A"
ran into cona1derable -81117 reai.taDCe vicini t;y P5IJ5890 aDd
lJ'Ilftered consi4erable intant17 caaualtl.... !antaJ could not cat
into the thick wo04s. _ ... d.-in vi th bazookas aDd all1ic"..t10
w8llpons. Considerable eneJQ' IIOrtar am art1l1e17 ftre encounter
ed. ]'oroe ". was able to t1Cht their V&7 to the 80uth edge of
wood' alo. P530868. It was decided b7 CoJlbat OemmaDd ']JII 6 to
,eDd 1st :BatWion. 333rd Infantl'7 _st thl'ouP the 1I)0d. to
clear out ar "esed i. attack. plaa wae too late
ta be effective .. 4azitne.. closed 1n. Plan to continue attack
agal. earl7 110l"IliltC lI. J.am1ar7 1916 wi th Bo Jle i Di tlaJ. ob J ec t1ve
with let .".11011, 333rd .IntantZ'T in 8\1)pOrt to clear out the
a. Personnel Oombat M:t'1cieD07 - g, replac_.ts requ1rcla:>.
b. Casual ti - 1 8IIl.1Bted -. Hd.taance OoJ!paDT KIA
4 wisted - .. lfal.teDaDCe OollpaDT 111.1
c. prisoners - Oapturc 1 Oft.l.cer. 65 whted Ilen.
d. Suppl;y - Battons - ati re _i.ent dr., 10-1 rations excapt Hq. lfa1.t alIA
SC"rice dr_ ':S" ratione.
- Vehicl bave Nl basic lOath, &IIUIIO. t:fuak, N1T lo_
G.. and. 011 - Veh1calar ___ 1'IIl1, tracks fbl17 10_.,..
e. lbads - 1tl447, t11pp81'7 aDd firm.

11 .. '
V81iclea - Med1'W1l tank. for dut7 S;, 1'" ill 2d aDl 3d echalon maintenance.
Licht tank. for dU'7 9 5 ~ , 5% in 2d and 3d echalon mainteDaIlCe.
Jl.1 other vehicles for dut;y 9 g ~ t 2 ~ in 2d and 3d echelon mainten
aDC ..
-- .->
No. 196
FROll 32400A ..;an 45.
TO 42400A Jan 45.
ce"B" T.F. "X".
nACE: P 523859
DATE 4 Jan 45.
MAPS G.S.G.S. 4040 1/50000 Belgium, Sheet 91*92.
a. Units in contact: - No change. 1st Bn., 27th Reg't, 12th
identified in position at P550895.
b. Reserves - As listed in Div G-2 periodic report dated 3 Jan. 1945.
c. Activity: - Enemy continued to resist .gg.csslvely our advance
objective at p5487 with mortar, small arms and artillery.
Enemy artillery was active on rear areas durino darkness early in
d. Estimate Strength and Material l,ieans: -Enemy remains con
siderable and there seems to be no apparent lessenLng of enemy's
material means.
e. Conclusions:- No change.
a. Front Line:-1/67 Force (Force A) generally holds area vicinity
.545875. 1/41 Force (Force B) holds in area vicinity P530868.
b. Info, Adjacent and Supporting Units:-Elements 3rd A.D. on our
left, T.F. "y" (CC"B") on right. 1st and 3rd En's, 333rd inf.,
(84 Div.) in support.
c. Operations - T.F. "X" plans issued night of 3 Jan for attack
early mornil16 4 Jan. Force "A" (1/61E- (4-) ) attacks on left, . Force
"B"(1/4l(-)(4attacks on right. Initial objective area vicinity
P540865. No enemy activity during night. Both forces moved to
attack positions early morninc 4 Jan and both Jumped off at
040830A. Pr06ress slow due to heavy woods and terrain difficulty
for the tanks. T.F."A" had no d1f:ficu1ty to secure their posit10n
at P545875. Force "B" was unable to fight the!. .... way South of
woods along P530868. Plan to continue attaclc a:..:;a:n early morning
5th Jan with same init1al objective w1th 1st En. 333rd info in
Personnel Oombat Eff101ency:-93%, rep1aoements requ1red 120.
" b. Casua1t1es:-Unknown.
c. Pr1soners:-l7
f. 'Supply
. Rations:-Ent1re Regt drew 10-1 except Hq., and Serv Co's.
drew "B" rations.
Ammo:- Vehicles full basic load, ammo trt'c'; fully loaded.
Gas & 011: -Vehicular tanks. :full. :fuel tnoka,.l:fully loaded.
g. Roa.ds:-Sl1ppery, muddy and firm.
Tanks for duty 85%. 15% in 3rd echo maint.
L1ght tanks for duty 94%. 6% 1n 2d &3rd echo m"int.
All other vehicles for duty in 2d &: 3rd ech
. ,
Colonel, 67th Armored Regiment,
Lt. 001. 67th A.R.
Exeo. 01'1'.

JPO 252, U. S. Ar.
5 J&nuar7 1945
!lAPS G. S.G. s. lIOlK> 1/50,000, .D:.GIUM, SUET 92
1. mtIMT
a. UDi ts In COJltact - OJl. new identiAcatloA is 5th CollpaD7, U28th Rcllllent,
560th T.G. Dln s1o
b. Res8l"t'es - See DhisioJl Q-2 P.riodic Report dated. If. Januar;r 1945.
c .A.ctiT1.tT - JIll..,. ngoroua1.7 red,ted our advaDO. to Odalgne (P535865) with
h_TT 101'UJ1e ot artil1817 (both direct aDd IDd1rect) tire. Sllall
&1"IIS tire boa _-i. ilLtaZlt17 on the out.tid ri. ot Ode1gne, va.
eft.ttT. OJl our llLtaatrr. lIIL...h ot the 34 J.noredDlnsion
attactizac lDuth alo_ the Ka.zi1a.7'-lJou:ttar-L1Ie H1chn7 reportell
COJltac, "Uh enelQ' Intaat17 aDd 110.. &1'l1lI)1' (UDde'era1Jl8d wh.ther
taDk. 0 I' sip &'U.).
d. JlBtlma.te StrlllCth aDd Mat.rial Mean. - )b challc
Ooucl'U8ioJUI - 1'0 delq our adTaJlc. with infantry anti-taDlt cuu aDd bazookas
and to CODa.rY. hiS armored .treagth to resiet our .Uorts to
ouktt hi st-v..t Une. of aolUlUZlication.
2. OW SIromol'
a. J'roAt L iAe - P51i6S75 - P5J6859
b. lIocation ot Troop. - 1/67 Qp at P5l12896; 1/41 at P520S82: 1/333 at P520905.
o. Information ad..1ac_t aDd troop. - Other Colbat 00___ I:B' !roops,
OJl right. 3d UJII:)rell D1Ti.lon OJl lett at P56S859.
d. Weather - Oold. has7. poor n sibil!';r.
Operatiou - l!fothlze UJlUual. toak place dur1. the D1&ht. 1/lQ. !.]I.B
ass8Ilbled aJId r80l'gwud tmop. c1D.riDC n1cht aII4 moved onto position iJl wood
direot1.;r ea..t ot obJectiv. at Oel.gJl. <Jt5S7S64) .A.t 0930A ott in
...ter17 c1iretloJl alo.. road to T8. t.J'. IBI ott 1'er17
direction fIoa ..,od. towarcls Ode1p.. !aDk. ot III ColllpaDT, 67t.b .u-orell
Regiment were UDab1e to IPpport aU" ot let :Battalion, la.t tntantJ'T ]'oroe
'IJI due to lbilS.V ot getthe taDk. thro.h mad. :B7 I!ppro2lata1.7
1200.1 e1eaent. ot !f.JI. IA' ha4 pulhell thro1lCh to DOrth ot obJeoUv. aDd
had IDme licht ... vUbiJl a ver7 abort di.tance ot the toVll. B.T.r art111e17 vas reoel veil b7 thl. toro. aJI4 the lataatJ'T with thi. 1broe autferlll
hea.'Y7. !irtar fire aDd .-1.1 &I'M til'. was also received b7 thl. 1.taatZ7.
Da.rlDg thi- period the procr... -.d. b7 It. was alov. .At 1230A lafor_tioJ
va. reoehell tbat a!.]'. :&oa 34 glt)rell D1T1.8ion 1ft)uld pl'Oo.eIl lIOuth thn.h
1IOod. at t ot 1'0_ la Ticd.DlV ot Jl555870. In.trMt1ou were 1.nlll
to 1/333 to .,.,e one 00..,&10" ot lntut17 on toward. toe to JIIOY. on as BOon &s
lt vas cleared. B7 IpPZQz1_te1.7 15004 lntantZ7 ot !.J'. 'B' had. 110m. tor
ward Into DDrth ..tern .ac. ot to_. CoJlalelerable arUller.r, -.rtar &lid. .Dip
til'. va- reaehell. ., 19QOA a rlport M4 b reoe1Yed that balt of ton had.
be. cleared. !h. lataatZ7 oollpU7 ot 1/333 va.orelerell to -av. lato po81tion
ot ton cleared &lid. !.I'. lJiI va. or4sr. to ftm. alear118 to_ toaicllt. B7
8)()()A the -.1a 1"0114 iJlto ton fIQ. " , hII4 )..-pillell aDd ..... ot II' eoltalV'
had entered tow. Duri.. the 4.,- 1 pla... ot 'II vas or4erell to 00"
azo'Wlll to 1." tlaDk (t.J. IA') aa\ Pl"Oo", to obJeo1d.vs b7 that ro1l.'. as !.J'.
IAI had allo1l.t8 ....ftak &1... 1"084. .,ehicle. _*_ to 011&1' 1'0114. to... :&0_ .It va. DD' 0,.... d to 'blova bricJc.. _1UId..&JIC.
vall belze 1184. tor ibm ov.......
3. .ADMIII 8!BA!In
a. 'erlO__ oollba' etAol_7 - 9", lntaAtZ7 oo....t eMclco7 - 60-. __ orew
1'.1.0__' ........ 125. rlpl_..ts reoll.v'" 115.
'b. Oawalti .. - 1 OU1oer, ID' 00..,... 04 3 J..-.:q
1 omo.., 'D' Oo..,aII7, WI4 !J J..,.q 19115.
1 ..u.,..... 'A' 00..,... IIA. 3 Jarmarr
-.11.tell ._ 1])1 00..,&111', -4 3 JamlaJ'T 191fJ.
2 .alt.,..... '.AI OoIllp8D7, 1 ..11.teel _. Hq Q) 1.t JIll VIA 3 Jan.
19 ..u. .,... -. WI4 1 _U.,,,, ... IU.. 3 1_"0&%'1'
!J,..... 1I4 _ Ja1raaI7 191e -
0' 0. _., lat.
c. Prisoners - 6 eDllated men.
t. SUpply - BLtion. - J:ntire Rclment dr. 10-1 rations Rq. Maint. aDd
SerY drew I]JII ratioba
.A.IDDrIm1 tion - Vehicle basic load amarwd. tion truck. tul17
rr&8 and 011 - Vehicular tank. full, :fUel. tru.cka fully load_.
g. lbads - frozen. al.ippe17 am :firm.
4. GEDlUL - C8l'tain Jail L. Wh1 te aDd 11 eDlletecl men lett th1a org&D1zation to
fora trai_ to ava1 t fIlrtiler orders which will send thea to the Umt_
State. 0 II. rehabill tatton tI1:rlovgh. - Medium. tank. tor dut7 in 2d. aDd 3d ech.t.on .tnt.
LSght tank. tor dut7 in 2d aDd 3d echelon -.tnt
.All other Teh1cle. tor dut7 in at and 3d echelon
EJADc.pJ.R1!IRS 67!'E JLl;i.() RED aukDlT
jpO 252, l1. s. ABJ.7
MAPS G.S.G.S. 11>11>. 1/50,000, JilLGItJ)(, SHDT 92
a. l1Dl ta ln COlltact - !lW n_ 14ctlftoatioD8 made ln !r.F. "X" aector. 1560th
R.,l liattalion aDd lleconDai8lance Jiattalloa. SSPan! er Division "Das Relch"
(See cOlUlOl14ated 1 P.W. Report attached)
b. ReaerYea - ., ohange.
c. Aotivit7 - 1118117 ottereel oD17 token r.11etance to advame ot !r.:r."X' to
obJectiTe (,.,oda on high gl'01UIIi at p5585). lOad block IIlne4 aDl boob7 trapped
DOrthveU Olllfabalo-JJoufial1s ..SaIIZ'....llECn. Blghva7 p516S52 reported b7 3cl
eel Dhl sion !r.:r.
d. lillt1mate Strength aDd Material. Meane - Bo cbuge. Considerable eneill' etreztgtb
baliend in ,.,04a t ot DoohaJll
e. OoZM:lUBions - capabilit7 0'1 el1elll7 at present 8i)peal'S to be a counter
attack to DOrth aDd DOrtb.a' betve_ Ooaba' OoamaDll ". !r.:r. "X" aDd lytI.
a. Front line - p56OS5S - P555850 - P5lf5S54
b. Location 0'1 !rl"Oops - lila at Ldatty IP519882); 1/67 at P5J0S96.
o. In:fbrmatlon adJacent aDd tl"OOPI - !r.J'. 0'1 3d Dlrllllon Oil
left at P573858. On right other Combat 00_1111 ". !rl"Oops.
d. - Cold, 'lOCo with fair to poor Tillib1l1ty.
,e. Operations - 1.' lIattallon, lQ..t IJLfant17 (lbroe lJiI) contill1eel to pub work
on c1earine 0'1 04elCDa (P536863) c1ur1zrc ear17 part of D1ght 5-6 Jan1l&27 1916.
At 0030j, 6 Jazma17 1916. thi. :fbrce r.,orte4 that 1'1 attack _t be Jlade on
"Q," lIIOod8 at P553855 1 t .,uld b. nece.1I&17 to clTe his troop. lOa. re.t.
Orders v,ir. iBn.e4 110 ____1. omo... 1.t JiaUallon. 33314 Ilaf'antZ7 to
haTe "0" take oTer Job 0'1 r.-1Dil3g podtiOIl 0'1 town. Orderl
were iaBUell b7 thi. ,.:r. B8114qaariera :fbr attack on "et .tant. at 1030A. In
general the plan val tor all lnf'antZ"T OOJll)aD1" to be '\UIder colltrol 0'1 II'
kttalloa. lnlt Intalltl"7 u4 .,Te to wod. of North_at 0'1 obJet
iYe prior to .1ut oft U.e. At 1030A. lila. would attadt a,uthweBt aDd 1ft
ktta1.1on ]'01'0. {l.' .'tal.ioa, 67th .I.rIIore4 llc1m8llt (- 1 Plato... 1])1 (0)
.,.,porUrc lntantZ7 in alear1-. to_ .,1Q.4 attack South_at fro.04...p. to
delle obJet1T.. Soae artlUer,r preparaUonl were plazme4. ]loth at_k.
ott 0. 1IDh8414. at 101lOJ. lIla r.,rie4 til.. were withi. J)O 7U4. ot
Ob.1ecUTe. 1/67 rtporte4 41tftoultT c1iretioll due to poor
T.lllbllit7. .I.' Ul5A 1/. rlDOrte4 'b.... on .ace 0'1 ob.1eotiTe &lid. artliUer.r ... lifted on th_ f'rom ..". At U26A. 1/67 re,portecl baT.lZIC \ankl on
obJect1Te aDd 41ZIC taDka al'OUDl lett &lid. rich' tlaDk. a. iU'antZ7 eoa
tiDUed to 01_1' "'04. "04. rtpOrte4 olar b7 ., anti-taDk ftre vas
eDOOuntere4 uc1 oDl7 liCh' lntantl"7 r ..1etuoe .... eDCOUIltere4. Dari. the
aft...on eollllUl4 ... fro. ozpDi_u.o ot 2/333 reaozmol t ..eIl ot
'Q' ill r .... iet 0'1 lIla. fro. lina;. l8l1et ot I/IfJ. tro. 11....
bUet ot 1/. froa 11..... eolp1etell a' 2QO()A. 1 la. 41'. 'baak to L""7 (1519
882). 1/67 r...s.ael at "'1 4.t... ot b1&:h ,roUDd wUh 2/333 Intaatl7.
,. .A1)JI[1I8'lUtU
a. P........ eo-a' lIfftol811D7 - 9 !uk or. rtpl.ac__ta nquire4 125.
'b. Oallll8ltie. - 1 omo.. Il)l 00 ..,. 1fU - 5 -'a&17 19115
2 ..U .tell IA" OoJllll..,. VIA - 5 JaIL1Ial7 19115.
1 alU,...... If' Int _t IU - 3 JaIL 115.
u ..uatel .. I fA OoIlJlUr, 1I1.,.u'III :tnt .IIP VIA - II. Jaa 115.
o. 11'1..... - all.tell ...
t. IIpp17 - - auI'. Bela.' clr_ 10-1 _,loa. _.t ... CIt &114 34 ."0"
'1'_ IlI" _tio... '
- TeIIle1. h 1 .4.... ...o 10... eo..... .-.'u.k.
a.. &114 on - 'eb1ol11ar t .... hll, fUe1. .,.. 1\d.17 1.......
I. BaM. -....,.. aU ..,., 1a... am.
Vehicles - Medium tanks for duty in 2d and 3d echelon maintenance.
Light taDka for duty 7'" in 24 and 3d echelon maintenance.
All other Teh1cles for duty in 2d and 3d echelon maint

( ?
0 252, U. S. ArmT
7 J&JlU&1'7 1916
MAPS G. S.G. s. l>1lO, 1/50,000. mGIUM, SIlEE!l' 92
a. Urd ts in contact - :tb ehaDge.
b. Res6rves - lb chaIlge.
c. Activ1 ty - En8lll7 offered only light resistance collIisting of road
blocks aDd. infant17 to the ad'WaDCe of 24 Battalion, 333rd Infantl'7
Regiment to the Samr__Tielsalm Highw,;r from P5618lo. to P572850. Art1l1eq
vas Da)deratel;r aotive on forward ar.s. T.F.Y' on our right encountered
anti- tank gune.
d. Estimate Strength and Material Meanl - EneIV' is apparently resisting our
advnJlCe with troops other than hi. best in dwindlying strqth. His material
means app ear to be UDi lIpai red.
e. Conclusions - conti=e to delq our adftDoe at BUcceeBive points until
ready' to staD4. Possibill ty that _emy -.v have wi thdravn Bome armor to
east ents.
2. OWN' 51 mATrON
a. Front line - Generally aloQg main highV8 from p562B43 to in 0108.
SUpport of 2d :Battalion, 3}3rd Infantl'7 Regiment. Combat Ooll1lll&M "A' !uk
Jorce on our left. Task lorce "I" and Task lbroe nIl' (<.bmbat Oollllll&Dd "11") on
our right.
b. Weather - Cold aDd Cloud7 - visibilit;r fair.
c. Operations - At 06113OA, 1st :Battalion, 418t ArDa)red Infantr.r Regiment comp
leted their withdrawal from front line T1c1nU;r P555852 to I.aBatt;r. PlaJ1e of
attack recehed from Combat Command "ll" for aUack lIIOrnillg of 7 January 1945.
T.F."x" coJll)Osed of only 1st Battalion, 67th Armored Regiment to .Upport 2d
Battalion, 333m Infantry during the attack of the Southealt in conjuDotion
with attack on left bT T.F.X of )l Armor. ])lvieion aDd attaok on our right
b;r T.l'."Y" aDd T.J'.uIi". T.F."X" to Int tial.17 lUpport 2/333 attaok :trom the
pOSf tioDB aloDg south .eof wood. at P558850 and P547852. 2/333.1w1ped off
at 070830A aDd advanced rapidl7. .emy re.istaDOe amounted to ob.tacle., mines
dug-1n infantry. etc. On. medium tanka advanced with infantry to 1
support. Infantl'7 of 2/333 reallhed the III&1n road rapidl7 and tank. were
up Immed1atel7 110 block the roacl. Patrol. were Bent to B8DUr. OR at P577853
until 3d .Al'lIIOrt4 T.:r.. reached these to take OTer. TaDka had could.rable
d! ff'icul ty getting throuch the den WOods. the afterDOon, T.:r."Y' on
our right eDOountered anti-tank gun., aln.. aDd etc which had to be r..,ved.
alo. main :mad. The llain road was well B8CUl'ed b;y l33QA. The rema1Dler of
the clay11ght va. 8.P-t 1n conaolldatlJW; pOBl tionB and t71ac 11l aU forcea.
One mediwa collpaDT lett ricin! t7 IJ) a. mobile r_erve. Up' taDk oollpaD7
a_led 'Yicini t7 P5lf3858 in r"8l'Te.
d. !iesults of OperationB - Succesahl. of attack aDd .ecuriDg
a. Personnel. comat .ft1.cleDG7 - 92, taIIk cr_ rtpl_.enta naelled 125.
b. Supply - Ration. - Entire Regiment drew 1 ...1 mtions eJlllept :!q. SerY, Ka1nt
"n .. drw Ill' rations.
J.emni tion Teh1cle balic load complete, ...., tl"llCk. tul17 loaded.
Gat &D4 on tadt. fIlll. 1Uel truDk. :NUT load
o. Bolld. - J'1oosen, allpp8l7. tlra.
4. GDJ:BAL - Vehicl - Med1ua tank. tor dut7 in 2d. aDd 34 echelon llaint.
Light tank. for dut7 in 2d and 3d echelon maint.
Jll other Teb1cle. for dut7 in 24 Cd. 3d echelon
b7T!1 BIDDlE.LVl'
APO 252. U. S. Army
!.\AI'S G.!S.G.S. 1:ll!O. 1/50.000. BliLGIUM, SHDT 92
a. Un! ts in contact - lb cha!lge.
b. Reserves - AS listed in Division G-2 Periodic Report dated 7 January 19115.
I). Activity shelled forward elements. but his other operaUoDB vere
by poor visibility. Reports of atrocities perpetrated on civilians
of village of Ode1gne P53Sg6l vere bel1\g investigated.
d. Estimate Strength am Material Means - lb cb.aD&
e. Conclusions - lb chaDi;e.
a. Front line - "III Coq>aD;Y' exteDds froll p563S44 to P592S53.
b. Location of Troops - III" located as shown above. Remaining portion
of 1 st Battalion, 61th ArlJk)red Regiment a ..embl ed in Odelgne (P536863).
c. InforUlatioD. ad,..,ent aDd supporting troops - Elements of 3d Arllt)red Divllion
on left 4ank. 2/333 to our front and. T.I. liT" on our right f'lank.
d. Weather - Snow. cold, vi sibili t7 111111 ted.
e. Operations - NO change in of T.J!'.frXl. Force composition: Hq &: Hq
Co, 67th Armd; l.t 13n. 67th .bOld Regt; 1 Platoon IIC. 00. 702 1':an; aDd
1St Platoon liB Ol. 17th _r Bn. Jield Order issu.ed b7 Oombat Co_aDd. 1:8"
of 7 January called for T.]'. supporting advance of infantr,y to IOUth in
sector. One light am one OlediUII cUlpaD7 to be left on instant alert status
to JIOve against arJ en8lll1' breaktmough or threat. tlo field order iasued by
this headquarter Dur1Dg the night-lIIOrmDC of g January 1916. entire T.F.
was moved into Ode1gn. for rest aDd -.1ntenauce vi th exception of 1111 Oollpalq'
and one platoon of T.D'. vhich contiDl1ed to block main E-Y road frOIl P56)8lf4
to P572S53. With exception of forces blocki%lg road, day va. on
enance am rStabilitation.
a. Personnel co.abat eft1c1eDCY - 92%. tank crew reinforce required 150.
b. Casual ties - 1 enlisted man RD" WIA 5 Jan'Ua17
1 enli8ted man III Ooq,aJlT. WI", g January 1945.
c. prisoner. - 3
d. SUpp17 - Rations - Entire Regiment drew 10-1 ratiollS except lIq. Maint aDd S8l"9'
8S drew 113" ratio.DB.
,AmllllD1 tion - Vehiclee have ba.ic ammo. tru.cka fIllly loaded.
Ga. and 011 - Vehicular tanka ta:l.l. filet trucks ful17 loaded.
lbaC.s - Oovered with snow. fonen. 1Il1pper,y aDd t1rm.
11.. GENERAL - 2 American and 15 German bodies eY'acuated to Di vi8ion G.LO. Q1..111ana
eY'acuated from Odelgn. because of unlivable cone! tiona. Report.
received fro_ 1st Battalion SUreeo. that oo..unicable 41 haa be.
mted o1vil1ans. O.e aidi tioDal disted man left organization for
return to UDl. ted stat.. on reba:blli tation furlough.
VEHICLES -Mediua tank. for dut7 in 2cl aDd. 3d echa1.on -.inteDallCe.
Light tanka for dut1' in 2d and 3d echelon _inteDaDC..
All other vehicle. for duty 2$ in 2d aDd 3d echelon M11LteDaJlC
Dr., 2 aed1ua tank.. a.llenc to Bq 00 3d Bn. aDd 1];11 Dr.., 6
packs of cigar.tte. per man.
67TH .1oomm BilGlMEN'l!
jpO 252, U. s. A%'IIIT
IWS G. s. G. S. 1101), 1/50,000, :a;J:,GIUl.f, SHEm 92
1. EUlY
a. Un! ta in contact - No
b. Reserves - See G-2 PeriodiC Report dated g Januaq 1945.
e. Activity - Limited in T.F.IIX" .ector to barrasaing fire by &rUlle17 on
fo rward po sf. tiona.
d. Estimate Strength and Material Means - lb change.
e. (bDClusion8 - EDe. vil1 continue to delaT .tub'bornly at succeasiveposltion.
to our advaDCe to lbuffalhe to tbat -Jor number of first c1a t1'ODps
still west of L'Owthe river can be withdrawn from area.
.. FroJ1.t line - Front line extend. alo:ng road froll vicinity P502843 to P!PSS50.
b. Location of Troop. - "D" CompallY at location shown on Par a. above.
portion of !r.F. in Odcgne P585S63.
c. Information adjacent and t1'OOP. - Element. of 3d ArlIOred Div1eion
on lett, !r.F.IfX' on right.
d. Weather - Cold, fairly clear, villibil1ty good.
e. Operations - No unusual acttT1tes during night. & change in coupos1tion of
T.F. "X". Ordera ia_eel to lBt :Battalion to vi thdraw 'I" from line in
IIOrni%lg and have it rtp1aced bl' "D" Obalwe vas made tor .st of the
Troop a, mainteDaDCe of vehiclea and;e of steel tracks for rubber tank
tracks. lbtation co.apleted at 1200.1. Entire 1st :Battalion placed on alert
atatu.e to relieve 2d Battalion under T.F.HR" contro1.ln new event vas -.ele
"If' Q)q,aDY' of 2d :Battalion 'WOuld reli eve "D" on line prior to reli ef
of liD" No tu.rtller operation. vere ma4e durillg day. Dey &pent on
rehabilitation, uaintenance and changing of h'&ck
f. Oombat effiei eD.Cy - 70".
g. Resul. ts of operations - "D" OoapaDl' relieved "I" 1bq&D1' froll front Une.
a. Personnel combat efficiency - 90". Tank or_ reinforcement& needed 165.
b. Casual. tie_ - 1 enli.ted men - Mad Det - WU. S Janue.1'7 19115.
c. Prisoner. - }i)ne.
d. - Ratione - .tire Regiment drew 10-1 rations exctpt l:i!. Ma1nt aJI4
Serrice clrew .... ratione.
j,pImanition - Vehicles haTe baB10 load.. &JIQ) truck- M1l'10ad_.
Ga._ aDd 011 - Vehioular tank. tIIl1, 1b.e1. trucks tIIl1y loaded.
.. lbads - Slipperr &lid fi m.
4. GEDRAt. - J8.jor JOhn R. !hakar. 03521195. Join_ Reiment from 83 Armored llecoml.
Ai.lIIJlce :Battalion. lluJIi)er of reapitorr 41teaae. aDd fl'Oatblt. within co..m
1IDu-'ltiDg due to n.ght1Zlg in 0014 v_tiler and apolll1l'e. llecoUeDdatioD. 111&4. bl'
UDtt eurgeon that ooJll)an1es b. l'Otate4 to rear area. wc in reaerTe to wara lip,
r t Up a1'ld. 4rr out.
VlIm (tES - Ked1W1 tank. tor dut7 !!OJ ill 24 and 3d eohalon -.inteD&D.O"
Licht tank. for 4utl' in 2d aDd 3d echelon maintenanc..
.All other Tehiole. tor duQ' 9., in 2d aDd 3d echelon laintenano
Ohanged ateel traak. to er on 6 aed1ua tank. ru. elat..
Drew S50 vhi te O&IIIOullag_ cap ru. date.
_.. ...
HFAD.,p'.A.RTESS 67TH A..liM) lilUI MENT
.APO 252, U. S. Ar.
10 January 1945
G.s.G.S. l>ij(), 1/50,000, :aU,GIUM. SHnT 92
a. Units in contact -
b. Reserves - See G-2 Periodic Report dated 9 January 191!5.
e. Activity - ArtUle17 and mortar flre on forward elements. other aethi t1'
observed in area.
d. Estimate StreDgth and Material. Beane - No change.
s. Conclusions - lbne.
2. Si hation
a. Front Line - AloDg highva.v froll Ticini ty of P562843 to P56S850.
b. Location of Troops - "Dn at loaction shewn in Par. a above.
c. Inforinat1on adjacent and 8Ilp!>ortiDg troope - ELements of 3d-Al'!lt)red Division
on left. T.F.,l on right.
4. Weather - Cold, clear, visiblli t1' ex:cellent.
e. Operations - !!here was no unus1l8l activities during the night. No change
in of T.F."X". Da;r devoted. to exeharl;ing of steel tracks for
rubber tracks and for .tntenance am rehabill tation. liD" continued.
to bold poBition alo;UC main highw&1' as above and coordinate defen with
2/333 Infant17 Regiment.
f. CoDibat efficiency - 7C1/O.
g. Re8Ul. ts of operations - l'b opC'ations.
a. PersoDlal. combat efficieDOY - Tank: crew reinforcements required 170.
'I). SUpply - Bationa - RecoDnailSance Ooq>any and 2d Battalion drew 10-1 rations.
Remainder of Rciment drew I. rations.
,lJIIDnmi tion - Vehicle. have baaic load, aiuno. tru.oks fUlly loaded.
GaB and Oil - Vehicular tanks :tu.ll, fu.el trucks :fUlly loaded.
c. lbad. - Sl1ppe1'7 and. flrll.
4. GElJERA'L - P.X. ratio.. distributed.
VEHlCLlS Med1U1l tank. for duty 78", in 2d and 3d echelon maintenaIlCe.
Light taDks for dutT 90;6, 10" ill 2d aDd 3d echelon maintenallOe.
All other TeMole. for duty in 2d and 3d echelon maintenance.
Drew 2 track load. of per&oDal c1othill[; and equipllent today'.
Drew 1,000 more white caJIr)uf'lage capes th11 date.
lifO 252, U. S. Army
11 JalllA17 1945.
MAPS G. S.G.S. 1/50,000. BELGIUH, SHEEr 92
a. t1ni tB in contact - lobt in contact.
'b. Reserves - See G-2 Periodic Report datecl 10 January 1916.
c. Act1vi ty - N:> obeervecl acUvi 101' in thiB area.
d. llne1D7 aDd. material mean. - No change.
e. Conclu8ion8 - To continue to defeDd and delay in successive p08l tion. on our
adT8.l'lC e to 1tu1':ra1iu.
a. Front Line - Doe. DOt apply.
b. Location of Troop. - lat Battalion, ODImlG, 2d Battalion, LEBA.'l"l'Y, 3d
Battalion ODIEGlG (OO"!" o,ntro1), RecoDDai811&DCe P553S72.
c. Information adJacent and 1IDpp0rthrc troop. - Other element8 OQlibat OoDDaDd "13"
and 2d ,ArIIIored llvia1on. :Il.emenh of 84th D1.v1aion.
d. Weather - 00ld aDd clear, Ti.ib11i 107 good to slightly hazy.
e. Operationl - Combat ColllllB.nd I!" r.o .,6 race! ved l0233>A for plan of oontin
attack on 12 JaDlla17 1945. 67th .A.ranrecl Reiment (-2d and 3d battalions)
designated aa 1'.1'. "X to attack on order Combat Oo.lDlJlB.nd "B" &DI' tt.e atter
Junp otf on of 12 Januarr 1945. T.I'."X" allo have one ID1'antr.r BIl.
probably the let Battalion, 3331'd Infantry (84th Din sion). Du.ring the da1'
of 11 Januar1' 19lf5, elemenh uf 2/67 retu.rn.ed. to Le:Ba.tty to Join rest ot BIl.
2d Battalion vas placed under IUcim8Dtal oontro1. At llJOOA, 24 Battalion
a1. emente Oil tront lille rel-..ect aDd. .,ved back to Ldatty to .1011L re.t ot the
battalion. llnic conUau.ed. in ch&.Qg1Qg track. on tallk:., fro.u .teel to Nbber
due to aDOV aDd ioed. ro84. lorwal'd edt. 67th ulIDred Rei ment a1 erted to be
to tlCTe to Odelene .,rni_ ot 12 Jazmarr 19lt). OontllOt -.4, with
1810 Battalion, 333r4 Infantry in .,..t th.;r wuld be rel ed. to !I.'.,."X
g. llewl h of operatio" ":."' bIou.
a. Pereoanel. oo.bat ettlo1eD07 - orew relllL1brcemente required 3110. 8"'. _.
b. - Battons - Iteooualsll&DOe OolllpaJV aDd 24 BattallolL drew lO-l rattou. ot the _iaeAt drew "!" rattoll8.
ttOIL - Vehiole. bave bado 10&4., ...,. t1'llOks full7 loaded.
Ga. aDd Oil - Vehicular tank. fUll, fU.t. truck8 1\1117 load....
4. GBNIIW, - Coutant elIpOeure to oold __ther b1' co_at tzoopa 18 t1ac III IlUJt
C'Ous ca ot front bih aDd relpitor.r 41
Vehicles - Mediua t .... tor dut7 ill 2d. aDd. 34 echel.olL _lntelWlC..
'Llght taDk. tor 4ut7 24 aDd 3d "elOIl -.intell&llCe.
.lJ.l oth.. yehlcl .. tor cb1t, 1n 24 and 3d eohel.OIL -.1ntllWlOe.
Dr_ 21.0 phto1 shoul.4er holster. aD4 distrt.1nate4 equally to 11_

JFO 252, u. s. ArtrS7
12 January 1945.
!.fApS G.S.G.s. lIal,o, l/r:IJ, 000, BELGlUi'.f, SHh"T 92
a. T..Tni ts in contact - Not in contact.
b. Reserves - As listed in Division G-2 Periodic Report, dated 11 January 1945.
c. Actin ty - Enemy resisted advance of assaul t troops with mortar, artll1el'7,
S/A and anti-tank tire. Enemy resistance appeared 8troQgest at Les Tall1es
(P562624) aIld La FoIld (p57082g) aDd Pisserotte (p610818) with considerable
volume of small arms :fire from each of these pointe.
d. Enemy and material - En8lll1' streQgth ia lIOt con8idered great, DOr ia
it beHeved that enemy troops opposillg Us are than aecond rat.. In
all probability, it will be foum that the troop. against which we advaDCe
are V.G. elements and low crade Wehrmacht troops left .-paci8J..17 behiIld
delaT_ lla.terial means are apparently greatl7 etad.
e. CoHclusions - To continue to delaT and defend from successive pos1tioELS.
a. Front Line - we. IIOt appl;y.
b. Location of troop. - Qp (Fwd) P535865) - 2d Bn LE BATTY - 3d Bn ODUGNE
00 p553872.
c. Information adjacent and llUpportiUC troop. - Other uDih Oombat CoIIIII&D4 'B'
and 334 Infantl'7 :aet;iment (84th Division).
4. Weather - ac.ld and hu;y_ Viaibllit;y fair.
e. Operations - 67th ,Armd Ret (- lit BEL and MaiELt 00) rema.1D8d vicini t7 L3 llAftT
aIld ODElGNIl to operate under 00":8" a. Task Ibroe "1". 24 Bn 67th ArIlll1
RECt to go to OO"B" control on orders 0 f Tn to attack. lst:aD, 3334 Int Bet
probably alII) to come uDder Tn: control for operations. 34:aa. 67th Arid Ret
was reli evad aDd pulled back to a .....bl1' area vicini t7 P555855 to ava1 t opera
tions. 2d Bn, 67th Armel RCt a ..embled in LE BAT!t'r. B::n 00, 67th Arlld Ret
assembled vicini tl' P553872. Tn: in1tiall;y in r."1'Te while other el_enh ot
OOn:a" and a4Jacent uD1 t. attacked DDrnizrg of 12 J'wd (II DDve4 to
ODIEGNE at 0830.1. clos. 0910A. Orier. rece1Ted at la>C>A to alert BDn 00 to
be prt!'ared to r_ert to OO"J" COELtrol to operate iEL .actor to r.U.... ac. 'JI,
82d Armel Ben:an. At 1500.1 B::n 00, 67th Arm Ret rell ...ed froa control 67th .
Al'Dd RECt. No ta.rther information raceive4 up to 122000.1 Jail 115 011 operation. :.
for TFx.
t. Results of operation - !bne r.eportecl.
a. Personnel combat etticieDC7 - Tank crew reinforcements required 325.
b. 0auuaJ. tie. - 1 D Maint ac. (AtoM to 00 1.1
) WIA. 1 EM 00 Ill' JIrolt bit.
1 D lIq Co 24 :Bn VIA
c. pri 90nerlJ - Hone
d. lOt app1icabl
e. Supp17 - Ration. - _tire Ret drw IB" ration. lIq, Maint, SIl'T aDd. lbl
Hq 00' I ..uumni tion - Vehial.. balto loaded, &lIII0. tra.ob 1bl17 loa4el.
Gal and Oil - Vehic:alar tukl tI3l1, :OJ.el tl'l1ck:. M17 loaded. .
If.. GlIIlIJEBAL - EJpo1111". to e1. __tI continu. to mak. 1'ro.t bi t. a lerioa alae'. IB-.
structions iened for pr89'entiv. measures agat_t ]'1'0 d :at. tee ra.v.tlonl pu' 011.'
for initiation of a Itn.u1er line. Otficerl vere del1gnated 1;0 patl'Ol ar to 10
cat. atragglerl aDd Uea'b1ed vah1olel. 1 4ead ciTil1au IWIaiIl in ccvt1*J'd, i.
cemetel'7 In ODIlGD avait1zc burial. by civiU.-.
MediWD tanks tor dut7 15% in 211 aDd 3d .,haloll alnt.......
Light tanks tor dut7 in 24 aDd. 34 eohalon
All other 'Vehlal. .. tor 4ut;, 98:'. in as. aa4 34 eohaloa alnt.....
Dr_ IIXtra 1. C. 0 f loOkS - 1 pair p .. -an.
JiPO 252. 11. S.
lUllS G. S.G.B. 101!O. 1/50,000 BELGIUM. SHllmr 92
1. ENlly
a. 11ni ta 1n contact - Bn. 2d S8 pz DiT; U28 Regt; 560 V.G.
b. ReBerTea - .1a 11ated 1IL DlT G-2 Periodic lr.tpon. dated 12 JaIL 45.
c. .ActiT1t7 - ED., resisted our adTSllCe to ob.1ectiTes at P516819 am
with SIA. mortars. artille1'7 aDd dug-1niILfantry. pyla OF 560 V.G. l1T
located ill ])1ne... 0 flat. 12 Jan 45. PY's alao said SS :fol'DlatiolLS wi thdrawlQe
ta. our tl'OILt.
d. lI:ne1117 strezeth aJMl _terial. - Uo chauge.
e. Cbnclualons - ., chalw; e.
2. OWN SITU'A1'IOlil
a. Front 11ne - General17 P585800 to P592810 with lbJL Co. 67th A_ Regt in
ill Collae, Belc11J1l (p515818).
b. LoeatiolL of tl'Oops - B1ght force aDd lett force general front 11ne
c. IJLfbrmation adJacent aDl troopa Other unU. 00":8" am 333d llLf
_t (84th DlT).
d. Weather - Cold aDi clear. V'la1b1l1t7 good during DOst of cla1'.
e. Operationl - OIL .veD1:ag of 12 Jan 115 !]I IX' _s organi.ed UDder 00, 67th
.ll'IIId. Rt as follo"s: let BD. 67th Armd Ret (Co la "","-"D"-"GI); 2d BD. 333d lnt
ltCt; 1 Plat. 00 "01 702d !I!D Bn; 1 Plat. Co IBI, 17th Armd _r Bn; Ben 00, 67th
ArIId Reg1; ( - 1 Plat); 78th.1rmel a lID Ureat S'l'Po rt.
!l!i*X" to attack at 130830.1 to the lI)uth to secure obJectiTes. Orders
hlued Terbal17 to BIL Cbmderl at CP. 67th Armel Ret. Attack starte4 OIL time the
.,rning of 13 .-IL 16 in 2 :tore... mght :torce 1DI4er 00, 1st lID. 67th.Arld Bet
composed of 00 ID, 67th.A.rm4 Regt, Cb' siB. aD4. "JII, 333d IZLt Ret; Left force
sed UDder 00, 2d :Bn. 333d lnf Ret of 00 Ig.I, 67th Arud. Ret, 00 Ig.I, 333d
Int Regt am 00 I j.1, 67th .A,:rIId Ret ill IlUpport. lIDIL 00, 67 th .AmId Rtct to :tollo"
attack aDd bold tow of Oollas after 1t is taken. lbth foroes .et illlDec!1ate re
lliatanc. fro. the en-., fl'O. S/A. ant1-1reapo... aortal" fire, &lid a.eral J!! gUllS.
bllD,J' fo_ht a atl'OQe InfaZLt17 had to lead with taDk.
Terrain "as dena. Voods ooTerlll with 4.., 8lX)'" At about 1800.1 right fbl'Oe ba4
reachlll ob.1eotiTe 6 at P585798 IUId the left :fbrce had. r-.chlll about 110 p,;1I808.
Positions "ere oonlOUclahd for the Dlght. Ren 00, 67th .A.1'Ild Ret held town of
Oollas vi th contact patrol 1f01'k1Qe 110 poi.t 1'571810 to make co.tact with 00
our giT. richt. 4eWllll plalla reo.a.TIIl lip to 2)00.1 :for the
bo""'e1" it ".. probable tl:tat 'D"'X' .,14d co.ti.ue the attack ..,rD1ZW; of lit- JaIl 45
110 ae aDd aeour. tarther ob.1ec*1... .
f. bealta of op....Uo. - Mi1'aDOe of about 2500 to .3000 )'arda in soae of the
attack by !lB.. J'orce IX'.
3. .ADlCIliI
a. PerlOzmel acaat etfic1enc7 - !aJIk cr_ re1nf'orcellenh 1"eq1d.rlll - 325.
b. 0&8\1&1. Uea - 3 lIIliatlll OJ VIA.
c. ..... pd..... - UT.
d. - lfaUo" - II1tire _t dr. IJJI rationa. 19mzd. -
bailie loada oo.,let.. .-aDitio. tftCka NlT I.ea4ed. Gaa &lid 011 - "cinlar taDD
NLl, :ta.e1 'tracIb ttG.l71o--.
e. ]baAa - !he aa4a are COTe:re4 wi th aDD", alipp 8r7 vi th a fim ba.e.
GJ!ID.tL - ll'Itt lure.,. 4e11Tered a 'ba'b7 :fbI' :8el&ln ci'f'111... Xother aDd Ion
4oi. "ell. 8tl'lllWler pa'ala a.t out OT_ deale_tid 1"Out.. " k fbI'
1 era a:ad 41 aab1 III Tlldtlle
x.u,. fiallka :fbI' 4u. i. 24 aD4 34 echalon aas..ttllaDCe.
Licht tuka :tor dut7 95-. ,_ 1. 24 aIIIIl 34 eche10a _nt....,e
.All otll.. 'Yehlolee tor .", 97-. 1. 2d. aIIIIl 34 .h...... -.s..t....,.
Dr. lfS pJrUl4a1 tcta tie 4&te.
, .
APO 252, tT. S.
14 JaDUaq 19115.
llAPS G.S.G.S. lIolD. l/ryJ, 000, mI.GlUM. SHEET 92
a. Units in contact - 112Sth and 1129th .. 560 V.G. Dlv :po.libly elementa of
the 3d P., G. R. Div which ... rCJ)oted holdiDg the line Wlbrln-Dinee.
b. Reservel - AI 11 Ited in Div G-2 periodic report dated 13 Jan 115.
a. Aativity - lIlI181117 infantry d'Ug-in reaist9:! vigorously our advance with SlAt
artillery aDd A/T fire in vicinity P590773 and ale_ road. DOrthwest out of
d. Estimate streagth and material - The Itr8Qgth of the ,;otll V.G.D. immed
iatell' us has been leriously depleted. (Se.l P.W. dated 14 Jan 45).
Jfat8l'1al means are iDadequated for lIl.tuned resistance.
e. Oonclusionl - N: change.
2. OWll at !LUA!l!IOli
a. !'ront 11ne - J'rom Wllogne (p';3763) to Dines (P600166).
b. Location of troops - CoP. 1/61 at P578828. C.P. 2/333 at p600766.
a. Information adjacent aDd. aupportiDg troopI - Elements of T.:r.IY" on left re
ported. at p604783. On right eJ.eaenh of CO"A" reported at p5[30111.
d. Weather - Olear and cold, "ri siblli ty emellent.
e. Opel"ationl - Verbal instructiona issued by C.G. CC":S" for continuation of the
attack on obJective fI6 at p,;1&776 Ordeze issued to OO's 1/61 aDd 2/333 aDd PIln/67
for mght attaCk. 1/67 off at approximateJ.l' 2l()OA. At 0100.1 instructions re
aCTed. from 00
:&1 that attack co1l1d be held 1IDtil 0800.1 on 14 Jan 45. Thl8 infor
_tion was gotten to elementl of T.]'. 2/333 bad DOt off aDd attack val called
ott. 1/67 force on right UDder commaDd. of 00 1/61 consisted of tank. elemente of "D"
00, 67th Armel Regt; TD plat &lid IJIII eo/333. Left force uDdel" control of 00 2/333 con
d.ted of two (2) coapame. of 333 Inf, "0
00 aDd "II ()), 61th ArIIId Ret, and a.lault
platoon 1/67 plus 1Dg. plat, 17th A1'Ild _r:Bll. Left force .ent pat1'01. out durill the
night and contacted 1'0&4 block at a point south of obJective 6. Attack off
at OSOO.1. Left foroe tiDally OTer-08lle 1'Oad bloc1a ob.tacle aDd. puahed onto obJective
S at p'}.J7771. B!.ght force lent pat1'01s to recoDOi ter Itream at P590775. No
lUi table C1'Osaing for taDks .s located. .ement. of left t.'rce pushed forward tluo'Ugh
woodl on western edge of obJectiTe 8 and by 1600.1 off to attack Dines in a
coordinated taDk aDd. Intantq attack, after hea...". artillery concentl'tiUOn on this town.
T.I. collllll&Dder ordered infantry vi th right force to pu.h to jtuIp off point aDd west of
Wilogne on weltern qe of obJective 10 aDd attack town. Tank al.ements of right force
were ordered to move back and come forward onto obJective by left route. At 1800.1.
word received that both portiollB of obJective 10 lecured without a'1f3 material resi.
'aDOe. Iutructionl receive4 for relief of 2/333 bl' 1/'33 durlac night of 111-15 Jan 16.
B'o fi ald order reoalved by 2OC>C>A, for attack on 15 Jan 115.
'I. BelUlh of operationl AdTauce by a1_ente of !f.'P. of about 2500 yard
3. .AJ)MI lTIftB&f.[VJ:
a. Peraonnal. combat e1'tici8DCl' - 1aDk .crew ralnforc ements needed 325. Med!UID
__ oolll,P&Dle. do lID t haTe a au1'f101 eDt D1Ui> er- 0 f men to IlIaD tanks.
b. CaIN$lU88 - UnkDOw.
C. PrllOnerl - 31.
d. - Rationl - intire lIet dr_ IBlrationl emept 1st :BIl draw 10-1 rations.
Amnunt. tion - Vehicle. bav. basic load., &1lIII0. trucks MIT loaded.
. Ga.1 aDd Oil - Vehicular taDk. full, tu.a1. truck. Mly load
e. lbada - OoTer. wUh IDOw, eliwery and 11m ba.e.
I&. GEDliAL - Strauler pat1'01 oovered de.ignated. route. but had DO to re
T.lHICLES - Med1ua taDkl for dutl' in 2d aDd 3d echelon maint8D&DDe.
Licht .., tor dl1t7 6_ in 2d aDd. 3d echelon mainteDanC"
All other Tehlol for duty in 2d aDd 3d echelon Ilaint8D&DC
SPO 252, U. s. A.1:'IA7
15 Janua17
MAPS G.S.G.S. 110110. l/r:JJ, 000, :BELGIUM, SBEl!U' 92
a. Unit. in contact - lib new id81lt1fica:l1on.
b. As li.ted. in Dlv G-2 periodic report dated. 14 Jan 115.
c. .Actin t7 - En81117 ottered light resistance to our advance to Mont <P59671ki).
Some IIIIBll arms and AlT 11re vas reoehed from the vicinit7 ot )PEi097lf2(.
d. Estimate strength aDd material ID8aJ1j1 - It 18 extremal; wdikal7 that there is
arr:r creat r8llli1zd.. in the present Iali ent aDd that there is inau.f'flci en10
means available to 8t1ppor1o Dbre than short fto1ant attempt to break out.
e. CbDCluaion. - lb chaDce.
2. on SI!l'UATIOB
a. !'ront line - Generall7 PEi02733 to p606734.
b. Location ot troops - O.;p. location. as follow.: 1/67 in WUogne; 1/33 in Mont;
l'Cn 67th in Wllogne; 67th J\fd.. (I' Lea TaiU..; J.dv OF in Dinez; 67th Rear OP in La
a. Inibrmation adJacent aDd. 8'Upportiug tl'OOP. - Other units OO":B",. our left.
00'.1' on our right.
d. Weather - Cbld and clear to cloud7. vtaibUU7 good to tair.
.. Cierationl - l)u'111g IV'CliQg ot 14 Jaa let :Bn 3331'4. Int Regt Ibved in to Dines
to ra1.ieve 2d Bn, 333 Int. 2/333 remained in Dln.. UIltil mora:lQg ot 15 Jan. .1ttack
orders issued at 1l12JX>.1 to representativ ot all UD1t. in TJIIXI aJId. con1!raed. b7
JIle1.d Order. General17 TPX to continue attack at 151100.1 toward. to se
aure objectivee. !lbwn ot Din.s and Wilogne lecured tor zd.gh1o ot 111-15 Ju. Patrol.
were 8ent out to high gl'OUDd lIOu1oh ot ])1nes prior to attack. .11otack:.1wIpecl ott at
151100.1 wi 111 1/67 attackiDg Oil lett a2ld 1/333 on right. Moderat. en8ll\1 rell.tano. was
eDCoUJ1tered. :8Jr 1130A taDlc. beaD. 8I1ter1DC )i)n1o aDd 1181 ted for intant1'7 to fonow ape
'Up contiwed aDd MOllt va. ftDal17 lecure. Tank. took po s1 tion to the
adTaDCe of TJlt" on our left. Ibroe. recusaDhe aDd ftDal17 ott to I.,ure
blgh gl'OUDd. 1'1c1n1 107 p604733 .1met IIOrth ot Houttel.1se aDd beaD. .ecurlJIC the
TJ"Y" on our lett ..cured TaTaDMlX (1614735) aDd !.:r. ot 00
Oil our right reached
'riczd.t7 P594733. keD\?' rect8taace was DDt too .troQg duriDC the da7'. attack; JIt>.t17
to s7At auto-8&1;io weaponll, .8Yeral 8Il8IIIIV taDks which withdrew from 111'.
:tight. and some artille1'7 ftre.
t. Results ot operation. - O'b.1eotiTe talr:_ aDd .ecured.
a. Permnna'L coabat etftoieDC7 - taDlt or... re1lltorGeIleJlti require 311.
b. OalUalti_ - 1 ot11oer 'A' 00 Xl.1l2 Jan. 1 DIAl 00, 3 :I.M. 1])1 00 WIA 12
Jan, 1 :I.M. 'GI 00 KI.1 12 J&D, 1 ott, 'AI 00 WIA 13 Jan, 1 :I.Me IDI 00 Yl.&.. 1 JI.N.
Kq 00 1,t, Wl.A., 13 Ju. 1 :I.M. IH' 00, IIA 15 JaDe 2 :.I.x. IR" 00 WI.&.. 1 LM. "I' 00
WIA 15 Jan.
o. Prlsoner. - 1
4. 8'l'P17 -ratioll....t1r. Bet 41'. IBI ratiou.A.llUuUion - Vehicle. have balto
lealI, aEO. truck. :fbll7 loa4ed. Ga. am 011 - Vehicular taDk. ta.e1 tNak. are
faU7 loaded.
.. ]bad, - CbTered vi til 8DOW, lI1ippfll!1'. ftzm b....
... GIRIRJt - Vehiole. - Ke41ua taDk. tor dut7 in 2d aDd 34 eoheloll 10.
Licht .... ;l)r 41lQ' 6. ill 24 a.D1 34 ech .... on _nt.
All other Te!d.o1e. tor dut7 in 24 aDIl 34 eoheloll
I,- .
Il' .
67TH mt>RED REGniENr
lifO 252, U. S. ArIq
16 January 1945.
r.tAPS G.S.G. s. 1>1>, l/r:fJ, 000, Bm.GIUM, SHEJfl' 92
a. Units in contact - lb new identifi.cation.
b. Reserves - As listed in Dl v G-2 periodic report dated 15 Jan 1945.
c. Activity - EneJItV activity was generally limited to IlOderate artillery on
the front of the 3d ArllDred D\.vi sion. There was a considerable volume of artillery
and S/J. fi re. .
d. Estimate strength and material means - cha.J\ge.
e. Ooncl usions - Enemy's cspablli ty chi efly is to continue hi_ eastward vi th-:
dr....val. in order to regroup the considerable nWliler of troops believed to have beeD
_ucc essMly withdrawn.
a. Front line - Generally P599733 to P610733.
b. Location of troops - Same as previouslY:l3ported.
c. Inforuation adjacent and wpporting .roops - Other elements OO"B" , 3334 Inf
Regt, OC"A" on right, elements 3d A.D. on left.
d. Weather - Overcast to cl ear, mild.
e. Op erations - Generally TF"X" remained holdi;ag same front line po Ii tiona Just
llOrth of &uffalize. Patroll1;ag waS carried out to south to the river to determine
enemy present. ELements of 3d Army had reached south of HouffaJ.1ze closire the gap
aDd gain1;ag forces. T.F."X" received orders to be rali eYed in sectory by TJlD" of
CO"]". Reli ef started about 1300,!. Ben 00 reli eved from Tll"'X" am 3d ]n, 67th A.Re,
attached to Regt to b. in 00"]1' reserve of 67th (-2d :Sn, B::n & Maint
Oo's). Relief at about 2000-'. 1/67 A.B. assembled vicinity Wlld8ne-Dinez.
3/67 already assembled Yic1ni ty Pisserotte. :B1l1ettiDg parti es alerted !or Jlt)vement
to n. vicini ty.
f. ReSults of operations - Front line sector positions held.
a. Personnel combat e!fi.c1 eDCy - S"" tank cr. ralnforcementa r,equired 379.
b. Casual ti e. - 1 EM am 00 WI'! 15 Jan; 1 EM "G" '0) WIA 15 Jan.
c. Prisoners - Hone. .
d. SUpply - Bations - Entire Ragt drew 11]11 ration
,Ammu.n1 tion - Vehicle basic load complete; amJlt). trucks Mly loaded.
Gas and 01.1 - VehicUlar tank. fUll, fIlel trucks 1" loaded.
e. !bads - SDOW covered, frozen. a.1.ippery, fir. base.
4. GENlilRAL - 5 Officers and 15 enlisted men to 1.Te for Pari- recr.tion trip on 17
JanU&17 1945. ArraDCmenta be1;ag mad. for presentation of Sllver Star Ke4als 'by ]lv.
00...nd1ng General. on 17 Jan 115. !Jo mail .s received todq because /,PO JIIO'f'iIig.
Order. received proJllOtiQC Batchelder. to Lt Oolonel, l.t Lt How. aDd l.t Lt
SpaUld1Qg to Oeptain. pro.,tions were effecti "'. 10 JaAuary 19lf5.
VEHICLES - UediUJll tazIk. for duty 1n 2d aDd 3d echelQn -.intcaDO"
Light tanka for dut7 1n 2d aDd 3d echelon mainteDaDO"
.All other ",ehlele. for duty in 2d and 3d echelon ma.int8MllCe.
Drew 4 pyramldal t_ta and 5 sibl..,- .to", thi. dat..
6 ABl<l m::D REGIlvrE1"T
APO 252, U. S. Army
17 JaD1la17 1945
MAPS G.S.G.S. 1/r::f:J, 000, eliEET 92
a. Unl. ts in contact - !b new identifications, but were taken from C.T.
Hauptmann Kuehne made up of Itragg1 er! from 12th Rep1 lin 159 th Rep1 :an and 219
l3n and 219 Rep1 :anl.
b. Rese"es - :tb change.
c. Activit7 - !b obserYed activity in the area. of this T.F. TtIO civilians
apprehended in front of C.p. of Headquarters OoJlt)a.ny at 14:J>A hours todq. When thel.r
actions aroused the suspicions of the sentinel on duty. Interrogation disclosed the.7
were deserters from 560th V.G. Division.
d. Dltimate strength a.nd material llleans - No change.
e. Conclusions - No change.
a. Front line - Does not app17.
b. Locations of troops - 1767 \'11logne; 3/67 P.sserotte; Hq 67th Ami Regt at
c. Information adjacent and eupport1Dg troops Other uDitl CO"B'. OOnA- on our
right. mementa of 3d Arllbre4 nv1sion aDd 83d Dlvision on left. 3rd ArJ1J7 elaaent.
to our south.
d. Weather - 00ld am. extremel7 cloudy. Visibility, very good, to poor.
e. Operations - 67th Armd Rt (plu8) T.l."%" of OC":S" was rali8Yad from tl'On.
1:I.n. eector at about 162000A. Poa1tion. vera talceu over by DUD" of Ca":sR. lCn OD,
_ Plat. TDplat am 1,t Bn. 333d lnt (1 2d :Sn, Hen aDd ifaint 00") r ....rted fiG
00]1" rese"e and a esled ... foUOVI: 1/66 vicinity Wi1ogne; 3/67 in Pesserott .. &1
67''- .l. R. in LesTa1lles. Ret (-) beg&l1 necellary maintenance and preparatione for
combat in event of order. tor operations.
t. Rell\1l ta of operations - No operations.
a. Personnel. combat ef11ci enoy - 85%. tank crew reinforcements required 370.
b. Oas'U8l. tie. - 1 :m. M. Bgn 00, WI A, 16 Jan. 1 ll.l-1. "DI 00 WIAo 16 JaD. 1 ll.K. IG'
00 WIA 15 JaD. 1 :m.M. MG" Co WIA. 1.6 Jan 1945.
c. Prisoners - 19.
d. SUpp17 - Ba.t10na - lCr1tire Rct dr. ':s' rations. .Ammnition - Veh'_cle bado
load complete, &JIIIIb trucks M17 loadecl. Gas and Oil - Vehicular t8llks full. tuL
huoks f'u.1.Iy loaded.
e. Ibade - Covered vi 'h anov, 'llpper;v wi th 11 rm bas..
It.. GDJ:BAL - Ma..1or Jaaea, the R-.gillental Sm-glDn, received ord.r. hia
to Kq at Arllld. DiT. Captain John :&:rb, fomerl7 JIl lin Slrgeol1, i8 nov Sa.ZSIOIl.
Ma..1or Jerolle 'I. Slid. th vaeigned fiG thi. organ1zation to..,. tro- the
boapi 'al.
Patl'Ol. ".re aent out to check former bhouac. am. collbat ar tor
Tcicl.e or bodi ot th. dead.
VEIcr.. - Kedium taDk. for dut786-, lllt' ia 24 aDA 34 echalon -.1nteJl&llD"
Light tank. tor dut7 9'-', in 24 aDd 3d eohalon maintCWIC"
J11 other vehicle. tor dut7 in at aDd 3d echelon maintcanc..
Drl to be oarried out to piok ,. all caeoUIl. CaJUI &lid eal.Tag. _terial ill ar..
coTered b7 the JlC1t in \hi. operatiou.
.' "l
APO 252, U. S. ArIllY'
MAPS G.S.G.S. ljoljo, 1/50.000. BELGIUM, SHE 92
1. JllfEMY
a. Un! te in contact - 1'0 11._ identi fioation
'b. Reserves - See D1n sion Q-2 P erlodic Report dated 17 January 1916.
o. Activity - !b activity observed in this area.
d. Estimate Strqth aDd Material ..... - Jro challge.
.. Oonclusions - None.
a. Front line - nu. DOt apply.
b. Location ot Troop. - Same a8 previously reported.
c. Information adjacent and ''UpPortiDg troop, Same a8 prev10uely reported.
d. weather - 00ld aDd _trella'LY cloud7. via1b111 ty very poor.
e. Operations - 67th Armel Regt (-) 2d :BIl, Rcn CD aDd Maint CD) remained in the
same location as OO":a" reserve. Necessary maintenance and for combat
co Dductecl.
t. Reaul. ta of Operations - None J't!POrte4.
a. Personnel combat efficiency - tank crew reinfol'Oementa requlred 370. 3
medical ament a rece! Ted.
'b. Supply - BatiollS - Entire Ret drew ":a" rationll. .A.m:nuni tion - Veh1cl e ba.ic
load ete, ammo. truck. tally loaded. Qaa aDd Oil - Vehicular tank. tull. :tu.el.
truck. tully loaded.
c. lbad. - (bvered wi th 'now, alipp ery.
.... GDEBAL - Ordera reoelyed P1'OJllDtiDg lit Lt Jam O. '91ck. Peraonne1 omov. to
Capta1D, effect!ve 11 JanuarT 1945.
J.rr8l3gement. haTe been mad. for a JllDtion show shown for 1,t aDd
2d. :8zL'. on 19 Janua17 19115. Red Oros. do,...' "lIKon aDd band. to be at 34 :an on 19
J&JIQ&17 19115.
VEIOLIS - Medium tsDk. for clutT in 2d. and 3d echelon maintenaDCe.
Light taDk. for duty iA 24 aDd 34 echa1.on malntaLanc
.All other .,.ehicJ. for duty in 2d aDd 3d. echa'Lon maintell&DC
Dr_ 200 phtol shoulder holder thi8 date. D1Btrlbuted equal17 to
IPO 252, U. s. ArmT
19 JaAU&rY 1945
MAPS G.S.G.S. lIOlIo, 1/'$),000, BELGIUM, SEm 92
1. ElDlMr
a. Un! ts in contact - )b n_ i4enti ftcation
b. Reserves - A. listed in G-2 periodic report dated 18 Jarm.a17 1945.
c. .Activity - No observed actirl t7 in ar.s.
d. Estimate Strength and. Katerial - lio chauge.
e. OoDClu81on. - lion..
2. 00 SI1V.A.!rIOI'
a. F.ront line - nue DOt apply.
b. Location of Troopi - Same al previously rf4)orted.
c. Information adjacent and. 8I1pportillg troopl-Same as previoual7 reported.
4. Weather - btremel;r cold, vi sibllI tT, zero until approximatel;r 1200.A. todq.
T181bllItT, fair.
.. Operations - 67th.1rmd Ret (-24 Bn, aDd Maint Q) s) remained in 8&lDe
location. Necessary maintenance and. preparation for combat beillg conducted. 24 lin
aDd Rcn Co to be relieved by 82d Ron lin by 191800.1 per letter of Inlt1'l1cUon.17, Rq
00"]11 and to reto.rn to control of REgiment. At 1907A. 2d Bn dl.eoka11nto Regt ODmmand
net. At l720!. Rcn Co checked Into Ret ODIIll!I&nd. net. A.ctual time of release by 82d
It:n lin not available at 2Ol0,A. will be DOted on unit report 1212.
a. Person.."'lal. combat efficienc7 - taD1t crew ra1nforeemenb required 375.
b. Su.pplT - Bation. - altire __ dr__]II aUoa.. .A.mlIImlt1on - Vehicle bane
load coq,lete, &11lIII0. trllc1ts tally loaded. Gaa and 011 - Vehicular tanks 1'11.11, :Alel
truck. M1T loaded.
c. lbad. - CaTered with _nov, drifh covered the roads in spots\g the daY.
maltlQg them ..lble. _1'11 vere called out to clear all roads to all Command Po sta.
A.t present all roads to Post are op., '
If.. GDDAL - Word received that Oaptaln Philip H. Rave.. Regt S-3 for Air hal been
p1'OIIIDted to Major effectiTe 15 Jarmar'1' 19115. Reel Oro._ dou&lmut vagon va' at the 3d
lID todaT, fIlrnilb1iag', the boya vUh 4013g!1IlI1t. all4 hot coffee. Men froll1U &114 2d
Ju attended a movie If Bbap.,d7 in lJ1ue'.
nmar,J:S - Hed1u tanka for dut7 in 24 aDd 3d echa'LOA mainteanc..
Light tank, for dut7 in 2d. aDd 3d echelon ma1nt.a&ZlO"
.All other Te;;.!ale. tor dutT 9., in 2d and 3d echelon -.1nteaana..
fe1lphone coDDU!d.catiou to 00"]1- out of or4er tor the pa,t fiTe boVI.
APO 252, U. S. Arrq
20 JanU&17 1945
HtJlS G.S.G.S. l/r:P.OOO, :S]LGIUM, SHEET 80
a. Units in contact - Not in contact.
b. - Aa liated in Div1a1on G-2 Periodic Report dated 19 January 1945.
Ac ti vi ty - No ac tivi ty observed in tPj,. area ucept fo r lNss-'bo!li) a which
passed ovar at 30 minute intervals between 1230 am. 1500 today.
d. Estimate Strength and !4aterial Meana - No change.
e. Cb DC1usions - lOne.
a. Front line - Does not
b. Location of troop. - 1/b7 at 1:5l19106: 2/67 at 1:531138: 3/67 at 1:565127: lien
00 at 1:51!S1l3.
c. Information adjacent and supporting unite - Other OO":S" troop
d. - Clear and cold, visibilitY', excellent.
e. Operations - Orders recsived from ocN:B" at approximately 2100., 19 Jauaal'7
1945, the.t "li" ho".lr for .,ve of Regt to new area 1fOuld be at 0730.... 20 January 1945.
The 3egiment Qp closed at old location at 0717. and hit I.P. at p6oo81S at 07351.
Regt Hqs was followed by other elements of Regt in order Ron Co, 3d :Sn, lIt :BIl, 2d
:en. !-(.a1nt Co and Serv !but. from Le.Tailll;ls to Ltin h1ghwa;y at P600!J.8
then generallY' north through Nanhay' (p534902), Wer'bolllOnt (P5lOOo1). generally DOrth
through Aywa1lle (1:537105) and aU8IIIbly area to DOrth and northeast of .7W&1l1e.
Regiment O.P .closed at n., area atlOl2A. R-.giment reported closed in at 1545 :Bal
ance of day devoted to reservic1llg and mainteD&DOe of vehicle. and of
personnel in ne'fl area. ron: To be included on report 1211. 2/67 aDd Ron QD relined
from 00":8" oontrol at 19". and reverted to control of this Headquarters ai that time.
f. Combat effici ency
e. Results of Operation. - Movement to n_ aa._bly area completed without major
a. Personnel combat efficiencY' - taDIr: crew re1nforc8!llents required .350.
b. SUpplY' - Bations - Entire BciAlent drew -:s- rations. ,ADmI1nition - Vehicle
basic load coDplete, ammo. tru.cka tul17 loade. Gaa and Oil - Veh1C\ tnnka full.
fuel. tru.cka :f'ully loaded.
.... GIND.AL - Regiment len ar. in field and vas JIOTed to ar_ in r-.r wh...
l1Tiug and recreational facll1 tl .. are
2 Officers and 6 enlisted men left jbr Pari. on a.s hour recr_tion trip.
VlBIOLE8 - Medium taDlcs for duty' ln 24 aDd .34 echelon maint8llaD.C
Llght tanks tor duty ln 24 IID4 .34 .,h"on _nteaauc
.All other Teh1c1ea for dut7 ln 24 and 34 echalon _ntenanc..
DAJ)IJTABD'f19 61!H .A.BK>m:D mlJII!Dfl'
APO 252, U. S. Ar1ll7
G.S.G.S. lfolfo, l/rp, 000. 80
1. JllOlMY
a. UD1 t. in contact - llot in contact.
b. Re8erves - See G-2 Periodic Report dated. 20 JaDllarY 19115.
c. Activit;r - No ob.en-eli actiTity in thil area. V-l rocket. on ....e1'8l.
ocoa8ions duriIl& period palsed over area. Direction of flight oould DOt be acooq>
11 shed or 'accurately asoertained.
d. Dstimate Stren.gth aDd. Material Means - Does DOt appl;r
e., Conclusions - None.
a. Front line - Do .. 11010 appl;r.
b. Location of troop. - AI prerioualy reported,
o. Information adjacent and mpportbg troop. Other troop. of Comba' CoIIUII8.Dd ":Bu.
d. Weather - Cbld. olear, vi aibili tT, good.
e. Operation. - MaintenaDCe of vehioles am rehabilitation of personnel
conducted in preparation for future combat.
f. Re81ll ta of OperatioDi - :NO operation
a. Personnel. combat emc1811C7 - Tank crew reinforcement. required 3115.
b. - .Rations - Entire Regiment drew ':a
_tions. ,..u:nt. t10n - Teh1c1.e
'bade load cOJl!>le\e. ammEd tion tracks fal171084111. Gas aDd 011 - Tehlcalar tanks
full, fuel. trucks tul.l;r 1084
c. B:>ada - Covered with 8DOW, 8l1PP817, f1.rm baae.
4. GENEP.AL - A Regimental recreation center 11 be1ug let up at SpriJlX)nt with a movie,
beer garden and Bed Oro88 faoil1tiea. A tailor Ihop is also contemplated to provide
aend!ug fao111tle8.
TJlmOLli1S K..U:ua taDkl for dut7 In 24 aDd 34 echelon _in,.....
Llght tankl tor du1l" In 24 aD1 34 echalon'...,..
All other Teb1cl. tor dut)" In2d and 34 echelon uintSl8DCe.
APO 252. U. s.
22 January 1945.
MAPS G.S.G.S. l/:fJ.OOO. BELGIUl.f, SHEEr 80
a. Un! ts in contact - Not in contact.
b. Reserves - AS lUted. in ]lvision G-2 Periodic Report dated 21 January 191!5.
c. A.ctivity - No other than overhead of V-l. Dle to
overcast at time, direction of flight could not be ascertained.
d. Estimate aDd Material 14eans - Information not aYailabl e '-hi ell wlll
permit an estimate that would be more than an expression of per80Dal. opiD1on.
e. (bncluaion - None.
a. Front line - Does DOt apply.
b. Location of Troop_ - As previously reported.
e. Information adjacent aDd BUpportiDg hoops - Other Combat Co.mmand "B" troops.
d. Weather - Clear am cold, via1bili ty" good. If'
e. Operation. - Da;y devoted to IIIL1ntenance of vehicles. rehabili tation of person-"
al and preparation of personnel for future combat.
f. Results of Operations - No operations.
a. Personnel combat effie! enol" - Tank: crew reinforcements required 325. Re
inforcements recei Ted 1 medical officer assigned. 24 enl.i sted men reinforcements
received, 22 of theae (rere former mEllllbers.
b. Supply - - Entire Rlment drew "B'I rations. Ammun1 tion - Vehicle
, ,
basic load complete, amID,,. trucks fully loaded. Gas and 011 - Vehicular tanks full.
fIlel. trucks tully loaded.
c. Roads - Covered v1th SIlOW, al.:lppe17, firm base.
4. GENERAL - Recreation center was off1cially opced today at SpriADOnt. ).enDg
picture show, band concert, and beer were provided.
lst Lt Lawrence B. Mallo17 a.signed to Medical Detachment. John D. Me .
DoDald assigned to Regiment. ls' Lt Cl'larle. E. DaTi a left on SD w1 th Ilf2d Bn. I'
Hetting held for and Battalion Oo!lUll&Ddera for discussion of adDd.D1.trative l

VJHICLliE - Medium taDka for duty 1n 2d and 3d eche1.on maintenance.
LiCht taDk. for dutT
All other Teb1Ol.ea tor duty in 2d aDd 3d echelon Da1ntenance.
I, '
Dr. one light taDk: a ignecl to "0'
" '
r ..
. ->---
HEAl)qp'AId'ERS 67THARl'o R!lD mnnIENT
gO 252, U. S. Army
MAPS G. S. G. S. 1/50,000. ::BELGIUM, SHEEt' 80
1. maliMY
a. Unit. in contact - Not in contact.
b. Reserves - As listed in Division G-2 Periodic dated 22 Januar,r 1945.
c. Activlty - No observed acttvlt,y other than V bomb passing at 230313
d. Estimate and Material Means - Information not available which ldll
perllXlt and estimate that vould be more than an apression of perlOnal opinion.
e. Conclusions - llbne.
2. Olm SIl1UAl1IQN
a. Front line - Does not apply.
b. Location of Troops - As previoU8lY' reported.
c. Information adjacent and troops - Other OC"B" troop
d. Weather - Clear, cold, Vi slbili ty, good.
e. Operations - Day devoted to maintenance of ve..'Ucles, rehabill tation of person
nel and preparation for future combat. Area. selected to conduct firing, both
iDdividual and vehicular weapons. conducted todaY to include organization
f. ResuJ.. ts 0 f op erations - No operationse
a. Personnel combat eff'lcieDCY - crev re1nforcements required 325.
b. Casual ti es - !b nee
c. Enemy - None.
d. Supply - Rations - Entire drev "BII rations. Ammunition -' Vehicle
basie load eoq,lete. .A.lDDb. truck. fully loaded. Gas and Oil - Vehicular tanks :f'u1l,
:fUel trucks :f'ull.y loaded.
e. lOads - vi th snow, alipper,r, firm basee
4. GENERAL - Battalion dance to be helf for members of the 24 lIattalion tomorrow
night at the recreation hall. A snack bar was opened at the recreation center, a Red
Oross girl is in attendance. aDd 1000 doughnuts are to be provided daily. An lnapec
tion was held toda7 of all organisatioll8l propertYe are now consolidated,
Instructions have been issued for a shovdow to be held tODW>rl'Ow.
Ji fty te are due to arri ve in the Regiment 24 January 1945.
vmICLlS - Medium tanks for duty 92%, in al and 3d echelon maintenaDCe.
Light tank. for duty
.All other yehlcl .. for duty iJll 2d and 3d echelon -Untenance.
APO 252. U. S. Ar1A7
24 Ja.nua.ry 1945 1
HAPS. G.S.G.S. ljolKJ. l/r;o.OOO. BJi'lLIGUH SHEET 80
a. Units in contaQt - Not in contact.
"b. Reserves - AS listed in Divi8ion G-2 Periodic tiated 23 January 19115.
c. Activity - I'b observed. activity other than one robot bomb over Service
d. Estimate Streugth aDd Material Means - Information not available lIIhloh 1411
permit an estimate that lwOuld be than an 8J1];)res81on of personal Opinion.
a. Front line - Doea not apply-_
b. Location of troops - A8 previouslY' rEPorted.
c. Information adJacent and troOp8 - Other (mbat (Jlllland ":8" troops.
d. - Co ld aDl 01 ear. vi at bil1 ty good. SLight BIlOW dur! night.
e. Operations - DaY de10ted to sho" dow Inspection of iDdividual eqUipment.
lTeces8al7 maintenance aDd rehabilitation of troops conducted. in preparation for futu.rei
a. persolUlel combat efficiency - tank creA reinforcements required 270. 50
reinforcements received one officer reJoined Regiment. 2d Lt Philip O. PeD4elton.
b. Casual ti es - He nee
c. Enemy pri80ners - It)ne.
d. Supply - Bations - Entire Regiment drew IB' ratione. A,IIIIIIUD1 tion - Vehicle
basic load coJl!llete, aJIIIQ). trucks fully loaded. Gaa and 011 - lUe1. tanka tall, fuel.
trucke Mly loaded.
e. lbacia - Soo" covered, 811pp ery.
4. GEliEBAL - Rciment taldXlg advantage of all recreational aDd rehablli tation facU
1 ti es available. Three movi 88 "ere ehe"n at the 1'hee.ter. 2d :Battalion is a
dance tonight at 67th 9t_ter. 1 Officer and 25 dieted meD. vere alerted to leave
tOJlt)rrow for e 72 hour pas8 at the VII Oozps rest caq,. Sho"er IChtdluea vere pub
lished. and cl1drtbuted today. .A. ahow dow in8peDtion of iDd1vildual aDd
equipment vas held
VEHICLES Medium t&llkl for dut7 in 2d. and 3d echelon mainteDallOe.
Light tanks for dut7
All other yeb1clea for duty- in 2d and 3d. echelon lla.lnteuance.
67tH mlGIIWT
APO 252, U. S. Arrq
14APS G.S.C.s. 11>1> 1/50,000, :BELGIUM. SRllET 80
1 E1T.El1Y
a. Units in contact - lbt in contact.
b.Reserves - Aa listed in Div G-2 periodic report dated 24 Jan 45.
e. Activity - No observed activity in area duriIlg period.
d. Strength and Material Meana - No chaJIge.
e. Conclusiona -
a. F.r.-ont line - Does not apply.
b. Location of troops - Same as rE:J)orted except 1/67 cP at 05110.
o. Information adjacent and supportiZlb Combat Command "B" troopa.
d. Operations - :Bn and Sap Cos conductiIlg a general trainillg schedule In ad4i
tion to reh<l.bilitation of person.el SI1ch as recreation showers, etc. TraiZ11I1g con
sisted generally of orientation, instruction of the L>i-24 tank: and 1-1-36 TD. Treatment
for prevention of fl"Ostbi te and trench foot. 18d10 procedtU'e for radio personnel.
Tactics, crew drill, drivera' instruction. Hq 3: Hq Co 1st En, "AN and RDR (l).I!>azd...
moved to new area. in town of Heid Des Ga.tte8 (IG6511O). Battalion closed atl600A. .
a. Personnel combat efficiency - 9Q<,t, Tank crew reinforcements required 260. 1.
officer and 30 enliated men reinforcements received.
b. Cawalties - None.
c. prisoners - }bne.
d. - Rations - J:ntire Rf!gionent drew "B" rations. A.mmu.nition - Vehicle
basic load .. ammu.n1 tion trucks :f' loaded. Gas and Oil - VehicUlar taDka
1'all. fUel 'trucks fully loaded.
e. Roads - Covered vi th anow, alipp erT.
4. GENERAL - One Officer and 25 enthted men left this IQ)rning for a 3 daT stay at
VII Co1'p8 rest Jjivantage be1Dg taken of available recreational faoil1t1ee.
!bur movi es were ahow at the recreation center theater.
VEHI<L" - Medium tanks for d11ty 92%, S% in 2d and 3d echelon mainteDaDCe.
Light tanks tor duty
All other vehicles tor duty 97%, in 2d and 3d echelon m&intelWlO"
APO 252, U. S.Amy
26 JBAuary
HAPS G.S.G.S. llollo, 1/':1),000. BELGIIDl, $iEt:T 80
a. Units in conta.ct - Not in contact.
'b. Reserves - See Dlvieion G-2 Poriodic Report dated 25 Jr.i!'1&r;-J" 1945.
c. Activity - No observed activity in thi I area except two buzz b:lmbs were
heard. passing over, one at 1230A and the other at 1900A.
d. Estlmate &:ad Material bleans - change.
e. Conclusion, - No change.
a. Front line - Does ZlOt apply.
b. Location of Troopi - All previollsly reported.
c. Information adjacent and aupportLog trooPI - Other Combat Oomcand ":8" tl'OotlS.
d. Operations - No See paragraph 4.
a. Persomel combat effici ency - Ta:ok: crew re!.nforcements required 270.
b. Supply - Ration. - Entire REgiment drew "B" rations. Ammunition - Vehicle
basic load coq,lete, alD!DJni tion trucks fUlly loaded. Gas:?.lld. 011 - Vehicular tanks
Ml, fuel truck. fully loaded.
c. lbads - Covered wi th snow, alippery.
4. GEl'ilP.AL
TRAnn:m - :Battalions and Separate Companiee conducted a training schedule in
addi tion to necelsary maintens.nce and recreation of personnel. co nsi steel of
orientation, crew drill, tire and tube conler'9ation, CWS training, tactics, sand table
prob19l1s and radio inatructiolll for radio personnel. 2/67 conducted tank firillg to
test fire the 0 f new tanks race!veti.
q,uotal alloteti for 8 officers and 47 enli sted cen to go on 'Pa.1 in Pari s. FrancE
29 JallUal'7 1945.
'VEHICLli13 - Medium tanks for duty 11% in 2d end 3d echelon maintenance.

Light tanks for duty-
All other vehieles for duty- in 2d and 3d echelon maintenance.
HEADq,U'ARTE!l) 67TH Alil() SO BIDI l>ll!:lfl
APO 252, u. s. Arrq
27 JanU&l7 1945
If.APS G. S. G.S. 1!Olt>, 1/50,000, BELGIUM, SHEEr 130
1. Ell'EKY
a. Un! ts in ccnte.ct - Not in contact.
b. Reserves - No chang
c. Activity - V-l bombs (at least three) pasled over or near regimental area
but were not visible and direction of flight was not determined. lb other events
were reported.
d. Estimate Strength and Material Means - Available information indicates
no great of enemy' forces now in line which can be construed to mean that
a:IJY effort is being made to these torces toward the eastern front. It MlOears
likely that present Western front forces uay be to counter
counter offensive which our torces may ini tiate.
e. Conclusions - l'b
2. mm
a. Front line - Does mt apply.
b. Location of Troops - As reported 2d aDd 25th January 1945.
c. Information adjacent aDl tmops - 1!roops of OC":a" and 2d A.D.
d. Operations - See Par 4,
e. Results of operations - No operations.
a. Personnel comat ef:f'1cieDC7 - tank: crew rei.nforc__t, required 2lii.
Tallk crew rEdnforcements received 2 Officer., 14 enlisted men.
b. SUonly - Rationl - Entire Regiment dreIW ":a" rations .A,mmuni tion - Vehicle
basic ammo. fully loaded. Gas and Oil - Vehicular tank:1 1u11
fuel trllck:s :f'ully loaded.
c. !bads - Co vered wi th snow, sl1pp ery.
4. GENERAL - TRAINING - '.tdle in th1, assembly area., the combat traiJd.llg of the
continued concurrent with necelsa17 maintenance alld a recreation program
for personnel. lst,2d, and 3d :Battalions conducted a general program,
consisting of crew dr!ll (includiug gumer'7), one hour oftactic. i!lYolviIli> sand
table problems, valk thl'Ough problems, necessary maintenance, orientation lectures
on current subjecte, physical condi tioa1l\g and epecial a88aU!. t gun 1011001. Some
instruction condllcted b7 sweral organizations. 3d Battalion also conducted
some S/A am tank gun firinc on the Begimental Bange. liDll 00 consisted. of
tactic 8 on di8JDOunted infAllt17 mainteD8l1Ce of vehicles and weapons, ori entation di e
cuseion, and a comitlolliug march. Maint ()) tank crew parsonnal attached to 18t :en
tor trainillg. B8IIa1Dler of organization trainiI\g included a. dismounted com! tioning
!D8rch, or! entation period and maintenance. Nece.aar,y .maintenance crews continued.
lIOrk on Regimental vehiclel in llaintenance shop. Sen 00 p ..elUlel not en
gaged. in vehicle d1apatch dr1v1Qg conducted trainize in conii tionillC. orictation
lecture, lecture on defenae ag&inst Chemical attack and maintenance. BCim.tal
Headquarters personnel DOt assigned to specific B1mental sta:tf duti_
aonducted a. pl'Ogram of dilmouuted condUloniZC march, orientation lecture, maint
enance of vehicle. aDd equipment. !rank cr held a special. cla on crew drill,
gunnery and artillery adjutllent.
AI>MINISTBA.TIVJl - 2d Lt OrYal DaD1el. and 2d Lt lildward J'. Lunsford reo'k>ined Ber;t
after haspi taUzatlon. Gro.up of of:t1cers aD4 wi.ted men lett for t,s hour pal.
trip to HaSlelt, :aelgium. vere alloUed to Ooq,anie. for 2 of:f1cer. aIld 9
eJl11sted men to l_ve for 12 bour pal. trip to :aNel :Belgium Oil 28 Jail 115.
Officers and 47 eAlUted men to go to Paril. J'rauae for 12 hour paIs Oil the 29 Jail
aDd 2 and 76 8QJ.iated men to go 1;0 VII Oorps Rest at Ver.vlers,
on the 29 Jan 115. Monel vere abova at the Reor_tion center. lbur officers of
thi. REgiment, 18t Lt Richard G. Her., 1st Lt John A. Smith, Jr., 2d Lt Gerard P.
Liebman and 2d Lt John St-.a left for a 3 daT .tq with the Air Ooxpa. DvlJtC
tilis peri.od they will fly witt and are authorized to fi;O on combat missions with
the Air (brp s.
- :ied.ium tanks for duty 92%, in 2d and 3d echelon maintenance.
Lieht tanks for duty
All other valUcl es for duty 97%. in 2d and 3d
67Th A,lliDRED RmHnml'
APO 252. U. S. Army
28 January 1945
l-il\PS G. S.G.S. lIolD. 1/50,000. B1!LGltm. SHE]Il'I so
1. EliE?.rY
a . Un! ts in contact - No t in contact.
b. Reserves - See DLv G-2 periodic report dated 27 Jan 45.
c. A.ctivi ty - NO observed. actin ty in this area.
d. Estimate Strength and Yl8.terial. Means - No change.
e. Oonclusions - None.
a. Front line - Does not apoly.
b. location of Troops - As reported 20 and 25 January 1945.
c. Information adjacent and SIlpporti,q; troops - Other troops of 2d Armd. Div.
d. Weather - Cold, snowing, vis1bili ty poor.
e. Operations - :roday being Sunday. it Vas c1irected to church ser
vices and rehabili tation of men. lie range fir1n& or scheduled training conducted.
a. Personnel combat bf!ici ency - 90%. Tank crew re1nforc amant s required 250.
b. SUpply - Bation. - Entire REgiment drew "B" rations. ,Ap1DJUn1 tioD. - Vehicle
basic load coq>l ete, alllllUni tion tracks fully loaded. Gas and 011 - Vehicular tanks
:tall, fuel. tracks fully loaded.
c. lbads - Covered with snov, slippery.
4. GEilEBAL - Protestant and Oatholic religion service held for members 0 f the
command. liones vere shown at the recreation center tode.y and this 3d :Bn
i s havi ng a dane e. 2 0 ff'1 c ar am 9 eIlli 8 ted men 1 eft fo r :s rUB ells, :selE1;ium, fo r a
72 hour pass.
V:RHICLES - Me::l1um tanks for duty 92%, s% in 2d and 3d echelon maintenance.
Light taDk. for duty 100%
.All other vehicles for dut7 in 2d and 3d echeloD. maintenance
..... ' "
','.. ,
APO 252. U. s. Army
MAPS G.S.G.S. l()l(). 1/50,000. BELGIUM. SHEET SO
a. Un! ts in contact - Not in contact.
b. Reserves - As Ihted in niv G-2 periodic report dated 28 Jan 45.
c. Activity - AD increase in the JlIl.JIIber of V-l '8 over area has shown
..rk:ed increase period. .An estiIDated 7 to 15 bombs was over
tal. area, and 3d Bn. 67th Arm Regt rta engagement 0 f one bomb by a fri endly night
f'lghter at One bomb is reported to have detonated and lOme concu.ssion was
fel t. This occurred about 2l()OA.
d. J:stimate StreDgth aDd Material - 1lb change.
e. Oonclusions - lio change.
2. OWli srroATION
a. J'rpnt lih. - J))es IIOt apply.
b. Location of troops - As previouslY listed.
c. Information adJacent and IlUpporting troops - Other un! ts of 2d Armd. Dl v.
d. Operations - 1'raining. See Par 4.
a. Personnel combat efficiency - 90%. Tank crew reLnforcements required 243.
b. Slpply - Bations - llntire Ragt drew "13" rations. A,ml!llllli tion - V.eh1cle basic
load aJIIDO. trucks :fully loaded. Gas and Oil - VehicUlar tanks full. fuel
trucks fully loaded. .
c. BlJads - (bvered nth SIIOW. slippery.
11.. GENERAL - TWNING - Regt remained in alsembly area. north of J,ywaille. Belgium.
Training oontinued together with maintenance and recreation. 1st. 2d and 3d Bn's con
ducted a general. trainl:lg program consi sting of crew drill (incluiing gunnery), one
, hour of tactic.. in'tOlviIlg aaIld table problems or walk probl.s. :.h7sical.
oondi tiomng. n8Ce..ary maintenance, daily orientation on current subJect.. a au! t
CUn scbool for A.G. peraonnel. In addition 1st Bn personnel attended. an orientation
ftrm entitled "Gel"/llall1''' aDd reoel ved instruction in OW'S trainiDg and prevention of
" fro stbi te and trench foot. 2d:BD also oonductei. 1/. at range. A
total 0 f 155 men fired. Badio 1ICh001 was oonduct ed. for all personnel. 3d:Bn also
COMucted classet in frostbite aDd treDCh foot pr8untion. Rcn (b training oonsisted
of instruotion in use of:aAB. general orientation on war situation. combat
..intenance. SerY CD conducted. traimDC consi.ting of physical colld1 tioDin. tire
oon.enation. llaintenance, disouion of current directives. Maint (b conducted
'ra1u:ng by cover1:ng ph7aioal coDdi t!oD!.:ng. ori entation of personnel and maintenance.
!aak or wer. a'tached to 1st :an for train!:ng. Maintenance orew. conducted work on
lltCimental. Teb.ial... ltCt Rq 00 held a road march. on care of tire att
,elided. moT.le had an orientation per1.od aDd devoted balance of da;r to llaint.
aII4 rehabUi tation.
jl)MD1I8W.Tln ,- A large nuber of omoer. aDd disted men left tod&7 for re
or_tion trip. to Paris. l'rance. V.emere aDd Haaael t. :Belgium. WhUe cleanillg a
p1-tol Tec 5 George x. ,.tlOU of 00 I!. acc1dently 41 ecbarged his weapon reaul ting
1& the d_th of a :Belciua c1rl. ace 5 1/2, Lou Lou Oalaon.
'EIaLIII - Ke41ua taDlts for duty in 24 and 3d echelon -.inteDADCe.
L!cht .._ tor duty
. .AU Teb1al tor iU'7 1n 24 aDd Jd.che1on mainteDaD)e.
, "
---.,'. ' _.. '''..-,
..:' " .. " ..,_,....:.-. ....... " ...... __,...............'-"........ ..... .,
1m ARKl m:D Bll:GI MEft
APO 252. U. S. A;rIq
1. ENEt.1Y
a. Units in contact - lbt in contact.
b. Reservea - AI listed in Dlv. G-2 periodic report dated 29 Jail 16.
c. Activity - No obs8l'Ted acth1ty in thh area except 88Teral T-l's pa..ed
OTer during this period.
d. Estimate aDd Material - :tb
e. 00 nelusia na - lbne.
a. Front line - Doe8 DOt apply.
b. Location of !'roops - As prmously reported.
c. Adjacent aDd supportiDg troop. - Other unih ot 2d Armored I1v.1810n.
d. Operationa - See !'ra1ning Pa.r. 4.
a. Permnnel combat efficiency - 9&.'. Tank crew reintorcemtns required 238.
'b. Supply - Rations - Jlntire Ret drew "Bn ration8. j, t10n - Tehicle basic
load trucks 1'11111' loaded. Ga. aDd 011 - Vehicular taDk. full, fIlel
tanka,and trucks :full.
c. Roads - Oovered with 8noW. slippery.
4. GENERAL - - Ret remained in a ..81Dbly area. :tb rth 0 t A1'Wa1l1 e, um.
!rraimng prog1'9.m va8 contirmed aloDg with requlredmaintanance aDd recr_tion for all
perlOnnel. Training for 18t :Bn coai8ted ot orew drill. ga,nne17) , tactic8
(Ialld table) road march, orientatioD, CWS lecture, lecture in prevent ot frostbit and ,
trench toot, driving instruction., r&Dge ftri. aDi -.inteDaDCe. 1zoaiD1. tor 2d :Bn
consi8ted ot pq8ical comi orientation, tactical. (MDd tabla), orew
drlll (gUDne17 included). radio ahcool, clriTiDC in8truction, maintenance aDd di.cup
ion at German minel. !ralD11'.\g tor 3d Bn collsbhd ot tactics (saD4 table) cr_ drill
gUD.il817). lecture 011 tro.tbi te, orientation, physical. coD41tio!l1Dg, aDd
mailltena.nce. Train1n.g tor Bon 00 consisted ot or_ drill, orientatioD., COD
di tioning aDd maillteDaDCe. Serv 00 conducted. a road march, oneDtatioD OD G-2 Period
io report, tire oollse1"9'&t1oa &Ad cbaracterhtics aDd M24 and M4A3:1S tallks aDd had a
IlainteDaDCe period. !rraiD1", tor Malllt Q) 80118181;84 ot a d18111O'Wltad road arch. Ol'
l_tation 011 last aDd II&1nteDaJlC. ot Tehlole. aDd ra41os. or vere
a.tached to 18t Bn for tralD1ug, Jl&intenance work CQlltirmed 011 Tehlol.. ot llet.
!ra1Jli:ag conducted by Beetl Hq 00 cona1.ted ot a road arch, leoture oa .raoh toot,
orientation aDd _lnteDaJ1Ce. UfJ orew. ot aU Bill aDd Bsn 00 continlle4 to aU..
uhool. eoMUCte4 by .. 1ll8tructors. A d.-ollstration was held at Malllt 00 ill
proper uanne!' of camou11-ce palnt1DC (white _abiDe) vehicles. 00 llaintenano.otticer
aDd Maint Serg_At aU_ad
.AJ)K[MSDA.!l'In - Dtcalar recr_tion faciliti e aTailable to .allber. ot this
aollDlalld. A Red Oro.s to,.hmlt ",Oil 'fl d' ad the 1., l!irl todq aDd lel'Ted cJo_hat.
aDd hot cottee. Geural. White .-4.... iDipectioll of our reoreatioa octer IotaT. '
, nmu - Me41u taR. tor 41lt7 ia 2d aD4 34 _.tOil lI&1a'...o,.
__ Licht taDk. tor ia 24 aD4 34 echaloa .a'eaau..
.All other Teh1alel fOr in 2d. aDd 34 ech.tOIl ..1..
No. 22,
FR(J( :
:502lK>OA Jan 45.
TO : 312400A Jan 45.
UNIT: 67th A. R.
PLACE: K549119.
DATE 31 Jan 1945.
Maps, G.S.G.S. 4040, 1/50,000, Belgium, Sheet 80.
1. ENEMY. "
a. Units in contact - Not in contact.
b. Reserves - See ])iv. G-2 per10cUc report dated 30 Jan 1945.
c. Activity - pne Vel passed over area dur1ng period. but d1rect10n
of f11ght unknown. No other observed aotivity reported.
d. Est1mate strength and mater1al means - Oovered in Div. G-2
per10dic report.
e. COJlClusions - No c_l28e
.. , .
a." Front line - Does not apply.
b. Location of Troops - A8 preViously reported.
c. Into adjacent and supporting troops - Other troops of 2d A.D.
d. Operat10ns - See tra1n1na Par. 4.
a. Personnel Oombat Effioiency: - 10 %.tank orew re1nforcements re
qu1red 224. 17 E.M. reasgd .to,Regt.
t. Supply.
Rations - Ent1re Regt drew "B" rat1ons. .
Ammo - Vehiole basio load ammo trucks tully loaded.
Gas &: 011 - Vehicular tanks full, tuel trucks tully loaded.
8. Roads: - Oovered with melt1ng .nov, muddy w1th f1rm base.
Tra1ning: - Regt oonduoted general oombat traiD1ng progr_ OOIP
ourrent w1th rehabilitation, and recreation progr...
1st orew dr1l1 aDd gunnery praot1oe; .aDd '-ble
taetios exerc1.e, orientat1on, oond1t10DiIJg road march, ma1nt. of
vehioles A
2d Bn. oOndUcted CIIIWW drill aDd sunnery pract1ce, drlnIlS
practioe on dr1vlng range, radio prooedUre sohool, tacUo. ear01.e,
physioal oond1 tion1128 , or1entation lecture.
3rd Bn conducted orn drl1l and gunnery praot1ce, taoUoal
r exerclse, use of _ou, map read1126, use of compa.s, pel'soDMl
hyg1ene and sanitatlon lecture, cond1t10n1Dg maroh, &Is orew Valn
1128, malnt of 'Yeh1oles and equipll8llt.
Ron 00. oonducted or.. drlll, &/6 .ohpol. orlell'tatloa OD ..2
per10dlc aDel-1dent1f1oat10n new U. 8. 11sht. aedtWl tau
cal1sthenio., taotioal ..-01... lDtant17 In at"uk, _In''.......
of vehioles and
Restl Hq. Co. ooDdUoM4 or.. 4r111 aDA PDII8l7 ori_tauea,
_int.. of vell1cle. aD! equlp1H11t. 0011111tloll1_ aaroh.
Maint.. 00. ooDduo1;e4 plV.l0al ooD41t.l0Il1DS orl_taUoa, UN
aIl4 tube coneervatloa, malaM....
SerY10e 00. oollduct.e4 p __ioal 001141"10111116, t.r&1D1116 tlla,..
orlentation on recent ooaba" op.ra"..., toot lapeotl.a. _aalM.t
.'Yeb1cles &114 equipaeDt. ., .-

;;'.- .. .. ",
:; .,:- ..
,. '
........ ..
Admln1str.t1........ - M,,\"1 shown tor m_bws ot command dur1ng day.
A dane. ls b.1ng held this ev.ning tor E. M. ot Hq Co. and.Rcn.
Co. All E. H. pald today.
Gen.ral Ord.r Number lOot Hq. 2d A. D. was rec.iv.d awarding
Sllver Star Medal., O.k Leat Clusters to Sllver star, Bronze Star
Medal and Oak Leaf Olust.r to Bronze Star Medal to followlng
m.mbers ot the Regt:
Sllv.r Star: Capt. Jam.s L. Whit. 2d OLO.
Capt. Robert E. Lee,(Posthomous)
Capt. O. Allen
1st Lt. Jam.s W. starr
Sgt John LaPlena
Cpl HaroldE. Frette
f15 H.nrr P. Mandal
PTt Uel E. Olear
Pvt George K. P.tzolt
pyt Lynn Schill.r
Bronze Star M.dal:
Maj. James J'. Holl1ngsworth (OLC)
1st. Lt. Tho..s D. Rodman (OLC)
2d Lt. Terrel D. Huddleston
T/Sgt Georg. V. Norrls
SfSt. Donald B. Sojka
f/4 Tbo_s Oraft
T/5 Emauu.l Hay
T/5 Georg. M.y.r.
f/5 John A. R1sh.ll
Pte Grov.r Oollp
Pto Lawrence A. Zeckzer
pyt Charl.s E. Cr01sant
Pvt Walter K. S.ltaer
V.hiole.:- Med tanka tor duty in 2d - 3rd eoh ma1nt.
Light tanka tor dutY' 99%, in 24 -3rd eoh maint.
All. other ....hlol tor dutY' 97 ln 2d -3rd eoh _int.
Colonel. 67th Araored Regim.nt

Pranola H. BarD by J.W.S.
Lt. 001., 61th .l.R.
lZecutl...e Ofrloer.

, .

.:) 7 . '
5 March 1945
'SUBJECT: Atter Enemy Action
TO .
. Oommand1ng General, 2d umored. D1v1s1on, APO 252.
Attached hereto are. Dally Unit Reports for perlod
1 I'ebruary 1945 to 28 February 1945 together with Unit Journals
which const1tute the Alter Enemy Act10n Report for the month of
February 1945 for the 67th Armored Reglment.
For the Oommand1ng Off1cer:

Major, 67th Armored eg1ment

I ,'1
, ! I,'
07 J:4.,..iJUt...
uO 252, i. Army
1 1o'ebruary 1945.
G-.i:i.(Z.l;). 4040, 1/50,000, 80.
Units in oontact - in oontact.
b. neserves - See G-2 periodic report dated 31 January 1945.
o. Activity - observed activity in this area.
i:stiraate Strength and .I..leans - See G-2 period10
re;;.;ort dated 31 January 1945.
e. Conclusions - rio ohange.
2. Own
a. tront l1ne - Does not apply.
b. Looation of troops - As previously reported.
c. Information adjaoent and supporting troops - Other units
of 2d Armored uivision.
d. Operations - See training, paragraph 4.
a. Personnel combat efficiency - Tank crew reinforcements
required 211. 3 asgd, llEil former members returned to duty.
f. Supply
nations - drew ".6" rations.
- Vehicle bas1c load complete, ammo truoks tully
Gas ana. oil - Vehicular tanks full, fuel trucks fully loaded.
hoads - Oovered w1th slush, slippery and muddy.
Regt remained in assembly area and oonduoted general combat
training program concurrent with reh4bi11tation, maintenanoe.
1st bn conduoted orew drill, gunnery, taot1cs, physioal cond1tion
ing and maint. Elements of the Bn partic1pated in tank-infantry
proDlem ,,'1 th 1/41.
2nd En conducted physical conditioning, orientation, tactios
(sand table), crew drill, gunnery, radio sohool, practice
medium platoons particIpated in tank-infantry problem with 2/41.
3rd En conducted crew drill, gunnery, orientation, discussion
9f battle oosts, physical conditioning, tactics (sand table) and
maint. One platoon from each company participated in tank-infantry
problem with 3rd Bn 41st A.I.R.
ncn 00 conduoted crew drill, orientation, physical conditioning
and tactios (sand table).
i.aint Co conducted orientation on "How to kill a Panther tank n
and current news subjects. of vehicles at the Regt was continued.
Serv 00 conduoted ca11sthentIcs, foot inspeotion, G-2 periodic
reports, tire school and maintenance.
Regtl Hq Co conducted a road march and had an orientation period.
A/G school for all personnel continued under the direction
of 78th FA instructors. .
AJJ.I'.ILdSTriA'l'IV.a; - <.7eneral,ihi te the Division Commander made presenta-,
tion of the Silver Star to the following members of this
cOilllliand at a ceremony today: Lt Col Hillyard received the 1st and
2nd Oak Leaf (;lusters, 1st Lt Starr, T/4 Ozekanski, Opl Frette,
T/5 .I..andal, Pvt Clear and Pvt Schiller received the
AGI stage show was given at Center Theater.
- iiedium tanks for duty 94fo, 6;:;' in 2d and 3d echelon maint.
Light tanks for duty 99fo, lfo in 2d and 3d echelon malnt.
All other vebicles for duty 97%, 3% in 2d and 3d echelon
67Th ..
APO 252,U.S.Army
2 February 1945
l.APd (j- S L+. S 4040, 1/50,000, .dELGI wI-., Si..:ii'r 80
a. Units in contact - Not in contact.
b. rteserves - As listed in Div G-2 periodic report dated 1 Feb
ruary 1945.
c. Activity - observed activity in this area.
d. .i!:stimate Strength and J.'iaterial i-leans - See Div G-2 periodic
report dated 1 !i'ebruary 1945.
e. Uonclusions -
2. UVH't SI'l'UA'J:luf.
a. Front line - Does not apply.
b. Information Adjacent bnd Supporting 'l'roops - Other units of
2d Armored Division.
c. Location of troops - As prieviously reported.
d. Operations - training paragraph 4.
a. Personnel combat efficiency - 90%. Tank crew reinforcements
required 211.
f. Supply.
fiations - hagt drew lIil" rations.
Ammunition - Vehicle basic load complete, alilmo trucks fully
Gas and oil -vehicular tanks full, fuel tanks fully loaded.
Roads - l'lUddy and slushy wi th firm base.
Training - uperation for the per10d covered oombat training
conourrent with a l1beral rehabi11tation and reoreation program.
1st En oonducted crew drill and gunnery, table problem
'on taot1cs, orientation, oonditioning march, maint. Some tank
elements participatea in problem with 41st A.I.R.
2nd Dn oonducted crew drill and gunnery, tactics exercise,
radio sohool, vehicle driving, orientation, physical conditioning.
'Some tank elements oonducted practice tank-infantry problems with
41st A.I.H.
3rd l3n conducted orew drill, tank problem with 41st A.I.R.
Tactics exercise "outposts", mines and booby trap class, maint.
Hcn Co conducted crew drill Ittraoking moving targets", condition
. lngmarch, orlentation, S class , malnt
Regtl Hq 00 conducted dismounted road march, conservation of
tires class, orientation, maint.
Co oonduoted orientation, oalisthenics, maint of vehicles
and. equipment as well as shop maint on Regtl vehioles in haint 00.
Serv 00 conducted conditioning maroh, foot maint
and rehabilitation. nemainder of Co personnel on truck dispatch
during the day.
Officers and personnel from all attended an excell
ent German and Panzerfaast demonstration. Amerioan Bazooka
was also demonstrated.

Orders reoeived promot1ng 1st Lt Wendell L. Cupp to Captain
effective 1 1945. recreation facll1t1es ava11able
to men.
LJni t .-,eport ,.J7th .b.rr.lOred -Bet., 2 r- 1945 cont.
vl:;nli..iJ.....c,;o - for Quty S'::;'i-' 7,0 in 20. and 3d echelor. I'lalnt.
Libh1.. tan.. s for du ty 1 /" in :c:c and 3d ec{-;elon :::aint.
All other vehicles for ciu ty ;-8,", 2,,, in cd aDd 3d echelon
.ure\v two truck loads of clothinG and equipment da Le.
" .j
6T.i:h A.h..'h.ll'JlJ)
APO 252, U. Army
3 .t"ebruary 1945.
'lAr5 G-.S.LT.S 4040, 1/50,000, A.... .u .Llo 59.
a. units in contact - "ot in contact.
u. neserves - .uiv periodic report dated 2 February 1945.
c. Activity - i;1ir l'eported over ::iprimont area, 031500il.
,l."lyin6 bombs passed over routc during hours of darkness
03-04 .i.'l0 other activity oDserved.
d. strene:;til and material means - J.\O change.
e. vonclusions - umitted.
a. in contact wi th enemy.
b. Information adjacent units - uther units of 2d Armored Div.
c. Location of troops - As inuicated below.
u. uperations - hegt had been alerted to be prepared to move to
new absembly area on order .dilleting parties had already been sent
out. At 020600 A instructions memorandum received indicating move
ment w:,uld be sometime 3 }'ebruary. At 030920 A telephone message
received from 0C"b
indicating movement afternoon of 3 !<'ebruary.
illl organizations alerted to be prepared to move. Secrecy to be lliain
tained of the movement by painting out all vehicular markings designat
ing .LIiv. or i-..agt. end rer::oval of all 2d ;... rmored patches from clothing .
'.oven.ent of .cet;t. start.ed at about l500A to vicinity Gulpen, nolland.
Louveigne, verviers, Aachen, Germany, - assembly
area s S .i!.. of \iulpen, llolland
.r.est enroute at 032000 A at time of close of this report. 1\0
unusual events on :'.arch at this time.
a. Personnel combat efficiency - 90p. rteinforcements needed 182.
f. Supply
r'B, tions - \egt drew ".6
tion - Vehi cular ba si c load comple te, ammo trucks
fully loaded.
Gas and oil - Vehicular tant;:s full, truck 2/3 loaded.
g. rioads - Jovered with slush, muddy.
4 lZ.a.l'.Ei..AL
Lt Col Hillyard and 4 El'l rotated to U.S. for furlough.
Vehicles - lj,edium tanks for duty in 2d and 3d echelon mt.
Light tanks for duty 99%, in 2d and 3d echelon mt.
All other vehicles for duty 98%, in 2d and 3d
echelon malnt.

............-._c-", .............. ......."t."'; 07 .J,. ...... ........ I,..I. .... '"' ... ....,L,!"...J.l..&.J...c.u.>j'l'
.diu <::52, U .;). krdlY
4 1"e cruary 1945.
S'.. _ c; _,n"'-...,ac t - ..... ),J l.J. ....
D. .I.Beerves - . 3 lis ted ..,1.1. v G-2 periodic report 3 Ii'ebruGry 1945.
c. vi ty - ....!..vio..enca of ene2Y ac tivi t.y confined to frequent
-.:., 01 ./-1 ):o..8sin5 overheau ...,0 reports h,;ve Deen reveived at delib
eraLe veil of coverinG of
L'J c..rc::::..
u.nd 'lle.te['ial "leans - v':litted.
G. vonc.uL i or10 - u;,.i t teci
..:::. JJ..l.u.... l..J..v ...
c.. l:roDt line - .,0 CO,JtS(;t, Vii th enelny .,e'.- t in rear area.
LOC ta ti')n of troOl)S - ;;)'->e De 10',\' .
c. Iniocll.u tion au jacent ;"nu troops - vther units of
2:1 .-.r:.. cu'eci J.JlvL,)i.:m, c;,nd. -':oriJb trJo,;: .
:.1. - ... t 032JJO a W.dS st.L.l from vicinity
'-'rir'llliont, iu,.. , to w:n'l 23selaoly'e&.s::;enerally ..;; . .c,;. of ....
..ou te iolJ..o'... s: LouveiGui", Verviers, .c.upen .. asse:nbly areas. ",qad
,;.arch ",o.:<e '..;j incicier.t al.tho .:IOst of the was made durine:
ac r"meSb .lOurs .h.l1 or.)'::.nizi.:\ Gions close:i in bivouac by 040145A
. - K717418
1st -
end. ...>n
3rd.;;)n - 1.\.742447
- K719450
..-.aint ",0- n.76c5434
.;;,erv - LI.722407
.Jay of 4 .'ebru&.ry SP':;Dt in rearrange;,lents of living areas and
areas ""Dei. 1.l3intenance
rersonDel COQoat efficiency 90,". crew reinforcewents needed
1 IJU'pI...! ly
-.:.ntire ;:-egt drew rations.
A!IL!,uni tion - v'ehicle basic load. complete, amlilO trucks fully loaded.
li3.S ,,-nd oil - Vehiculs.r full, fuel trucks fully loaded
l.oaClS - ,-,overed with IT1ud, elipf.,ery.
urders received. promoting 2nd Lt -ieorge l.". Dames, and 2nd Lt Terrell
""" .-.udcileston to 1st Lt effective 1st .ti'eb 1945. trips to be
resuwed eflective 6 1'''ebruary 1945.
- ediuHl ta:1ks for duty 93/0, 7;0 in 2d and 3d echelon maint.
Ll;:sht tanks for duty 99/-, 1/... in 2d and 3d echelon maint
.till other vehicles for duty 98)v, 2/" in 2d and 3d echelon
.. .c, .;..:r.::J
:: .;l .ArrJ.,Y
5 FEilruary 19)t5
.'0 L.C.[',Y
:l. :Jni ts i:1 CCo1.tact - :'-:>t cln contC>.ct.
'0. - .l'.s listed in :0iv G-? PerL-de :':::eport c:.;,tcd l+ reb'1):"':- 13),5.
c. Activit:" - activity W2.f' the .)f V-liS over are.?
J"-rir:.:..; () 211- there has be>Jll ncticeablt G.GCli:1C in nu.nber.
r". }:;stL.1E>te nHd ..at2rif11 :.e,,)"',s - Cr..:. ttee..
"'. - in cOlltact. a)W tyoe of air attack at t:::le is t>r:
enc71 s pref:ent capabili ty.
a. :?rc.'l-t: Ii ne - :tegime:lt in reserve areA. in cor.tact wi t'l enemy.
b. Inior1;.3.tio:l adjacent and troOJlS - C t:,er uni ts of J\.vi!':on.
c. :'ocation of T!nits - As previously re:)ortri.
d. Cpe-:-atiJns - Or,er:o;tions for t"le r;er:o"'. t:- co"ti:1"J8nee c: .T.a5_:lte.'1a:'.ce
nne< '!'rc:'1in{' directive is'''cle:l reqnir::
-\.: Olll to
R. of 1/2 he'lr '):met.; crU instruction inf,erforl.1D.llC8 of);1a:cd :i)aty and -pro:9E:r
0:: Llii vilual siieamr..

Personnel cO ... t
;5-W1 1:' - :f.attons
efficiency - 90:, crew reinibI'Cel:lents reC;.1ired 213.
- t dreW "B" -
,Arruuunition - Veilicle basic load cOI:lplete. a
U:1Q. flllly
GS.f and Gil - Vehiculc,r tan.::s full,- fuel fully loaded.
c. 30ads - Very mudQy, firm baEe.
4. - Orders received proJ()tin,c:; Lt o:iauerer to 1st Lt effective 1 February 45
received for pass trips to Englnnd. Pari s, :-i:a.scal t and Valkenbur.;;.
V::W-UCLES - :,edium tan:(s for duty OJ,, in 2d and 3d echelon ;naintenance.
Libht tankc for duty l;c in 2d 3d. ecnelon maintenance.
All other vehicles for duty 2;'J in 2d F.nd 3d echelon maintenancs.
Drew four new lii6ht tan.1{s (1.124) this c.nte, assicned. to "B" Cbmpan;)-.
hLV 252,
6 1945
.,Ai'S,' \..T.;;). 'oJ. d
-- -' .
1. .
a. Jnits in contact - "ot in contact.
b .... ..eserves - as listed in JJiv c.l'-2 peri'Jolc report dated S ...;eb 19t:,.5.
c. rl.ctivi ty - . 0 ouoerved efle'ilY uctivi ty, air or ,sround durin!=,: period..
d. 8trength &; ldaterial lIJe;,;.ns - umitted.
e. ,-,onclusions - hO cIJ.anc;e.
2. .:>llUrl.'lIV1\
a. bront line - not apply.
b. LocatioD of troups - as previouslJT reported except for -'-e6tl
hq which moved. as indicated oelo\;'.
c. Infor111a tion adj::,.c:;tnt ;;.; supportln: uni ts - lither uni ts of ...,iv.
d. upertl. tiona - .:..ef;t cO_ltinued maint. and reiabili ta tior:.. "our train
inb in l..Tu"rd .i.luty and 2 hour tra'LninS in care of sidearms conducted 0y all
organizationa. 140JA neltl GP closed in old e:.rea e:.nd moved to ue:i::::inich,
.uele;ium (.h7S940J). vld area very EIUddy '" not &cceSSi ole. in new
OF at 1545a.
3. &.1....11. l...,lHA.!.I '{.c.
a .Personnel c:J:llbat efficiency - S'u,u. '.i.e:. ,i<: crew reinforcei,;ents requir
ed 225.
f. bupply
.I.\B.tious - .c..ntire ,",eE;t drew 11;,.;11 rations.
alll..llul1i tiotl - '.ehicle basic loau c..llllplete, G.lll,l'O trucks fully loacied.
Gas & oil - Vehicular full, fuel trucks fully 10&Qed.
b. "I.oads - Very IllUddy out firl:!.
4. LT.I.!.AI.!.,c.AL
Lt lunsford beins sent on on orders of higher headquarters as
ins true ter on Allee:;.... tor iJchool.
liard received tllat ;;;'/b5t .aoley i ;:;/ -c:;t ..:mod6rass l18,ve oeen co.;,miss
ioned as 2nd Lta.
'l'he \,;,P moved to e:. ne\... loca tioD at c.l'elilminieh, .uelSium (1\.759400) .....
recreation center ha::;; been established iL1 this location.
Vehicles - .,,,ediuUl tan:ca for d.uty 92/0, in 2d <X 3d eci1elon :llaint.
tanks for duty 100/".
All other vehicles for duty 98/", 2,,, in 2d ..;; 3d echelon
,Ap 252 U. s. Army
7 February l945
XASTesecrase Lio to,/50o00o9, B-ffLGIUM, SHEET 59
a. TrItr. in contact - 1ot in contact.
-As b. Reserves listed in Div G-2 periodic report dated 6 Feb l945.
c. Activit-v No observed activity in this area.
d. Estimte strength and material means - Omitted.
e. sonclusIons
- Ibne.
2. OWi' SI7DT10I
contact with enemy. Regt in reserve assembly area.
a. front line - 'ot in
b. Information adjacent and supporting troops - Other units of Div.
c. Location of Troops - As previously reported.
d. Operations - Regt remained In reserve assembly area. Necessary maintenance
entinued to complete all vehicles for combat operations. Oontinuation of combat
traininc conducted including training directive prepared for training S-15 Feb. All
organizations conducted reconnaissance for possible cross-country route from present
areas to main Gulpen-MAachen
a. Personnel comat efficiency 90*, tank crew reinforcements required 230.
b. Supply - Rationsa- Entire Regt drew "B" rations.
Ammution - Vehicle basic load conplete, aoe, trucks fully loaded.
Gas and Oil - Vehicular tanks full, fuel trucks fully loaded.
soft and no firm
c. otads - contin'xed to be improved. Secondary roads are very
left for 7 day furlough to U.K. Paris passes cancelled
4, GENEBAL - 7 enlisted men
due to condition ofroads&.
VFHI JES - Medium tanks for duty 93% 7%in 24 and 3d echelon maintenance.
Light tanks for duty 100%.
All other vehicles for duty 99% 1% in 2d and 3d echelon maintenance.
252, U. S .Army
8 February 1945.
liaPS, G. S G S. 4040, 1/5000J I<\.iU'i 0.a; & BELGlUi
! SH&-::ii;T 59.
a. in contact - Not in contact.
b. rleserves - See .Div G-2 periodic report dated 7 b'at) 45.
c. Activity - Une enemy plane passed over area at l525A flying in a
north ea.sterly direction. It w::;.s fired at by neighboring A.A. units,
but it made no hostil movements.
d. strength & material means - ho change.
e. Conolusions -
a. It'ront line - J.ioes not apiJly.
b. Information adjacent & suppor-ting troops - Other uni ts of .Liiv.
c. Looel tion of troops - As previously reported .
d. Opera. tions - Regt remained in reserve assembly area. f;ecessary
!liaintenance continued to complete all vehlcles for combat operations.
1st .bn conducted training consistine; of crew drill, orientation
and maintenance. All officers attended radio schOOl. rcn made of
roads in Bn area.
2nd oonuucted tralning consisting of adjustment of artillery
fire, physical oonditioning, orientation, crew drills and gunnery.
3rd oonducted training consisting of
(sand table) adJusment of artillery fire, orientation, physical condltlon
!tcn Co oonGucted training conSisting of orientation discussions
of current events, crew drills and preparation of vehicles for a combat
load check.
Bv 00, !-.aint Co, & rtegt dq L:o conducted. training consisting of
maintenance, physioal conditionlng and orientation.
3. ...
a. Personnel combat efficiency - 'rank crew reinforcements
needed 219. Reinforcements received, 2d Lt and 2d Lt Kostow
rejoined negt. 14 EM reasslgped & Joined.
f. Supply
J:18.tions - Regt drew :'4s" rations.
Ammunition - Vehicle bacic load complete, ammo trucks fully loaded.
Gas & 011 - Vehicular tanks full, fuel trucks fully loaded.
g. ..lOads - i.;)econdary roads very muddy and sort .d:ng are worklng to
improve roads.
Arrangements made for an awards presentatlon ceremony on
9 Ji'ebruary 1945. show schedule for 9 Feb being prepared.
Vehicles - J.
.L6d 'l'anks for duty 9116, ,970 ln 2d & 3d echelon malnt.
Light tanks for duty 99%, 1% in .2d & 3d echelon "lnt.
All other vehicles for duty, 98%, ln 2d & 3d echelon
... -...
AFO 252, U.S.Army.
9 February
in contact - riot in contact.
b. rteserVGS - As listed .in .uiv \;(-2 periodic report dated 8 i."eb 45.
c .nctivity - activity observed in this area during this period.
0.. ..:.stilllate strensth 6: mate:dal means - iJilli tted.
e. -
2. l",,;\ dI.l.u.n.iIul.
.... ....cront line - ";oes not apply.
oJ. Inior,;-.ation aa.jacent sup)ortine; troops - Other un! ts of .i.!iv.
c. Location of troops - AS previously reported.
6.. 0pel'at.ions - itegt remained present ",-reas conducting combat
traiDing 01 crew drill, t!;,unnery, orientation & necessary maint of
vehicles &: eqUipment. CO ana. B-3 attena.ed conference at .uiv Hqs., on
briefinG for future operations ..eeting held at l500A for all l-(egt'l
c.;ommanders 6.!1d. staff on briefing.'f:t received notice to be prepared
to to ne-v: assembly area in Aachen morning of 10 .r'eb 45 in order
to t:;et out of present muddy oDd inaccess1ble area.
3. .tw..L.lci'l._;,d...:1 IJl.
;;.. t-ersonnel cotr:ba t efi'iciency - 90io. tank crew reinforcements
required 226.
f. Supply
l""'.ations - l!;ntire dreyl liD" rations.
Ammuni tion - Vehicl. basic loaded, ammo tl"Ucks fully loaded.
Gas & oil - Vehicular tanks full, fuel trucks fully loaded.
6. rtoads- Very soft and muddy, Corps improving roads.
4. GlLJ.";EhAL
General \lhi te was present to-day tp present the Silver Star
to 3 officers and 5 :.i;h. at the i"..egt.
Vehicles - l".i.ed for duty 9l/u, 9ia 1n 2d & 3d
Light tan::s for duty 170 in 2d &; 3d Echelon Haint.
All other vehicles for duty 2fo in 2d & 3d Echelon

..u.. 6Tl.'Li
APO 252, U.S.Army.
10 i"ebruary 19
a. units in contact - in contact.
b. rleserves - As listed in iJiv G-2 periodic dated S' Feb 45.
c .t1.ctivlty - observed c:.ctivity Ciuring the period.
d .....stimate strength & !'laterial me... ns - vmitted.
e. i.ionclusions - J\one.
;2. O,i.!.,
a. l"ront 11ne - JJoes not apyly.
Location of troops - As previously reported.
Information bdj;,;.cent &: supportine:; trJops - Other units of the JJiv.
d. vperations - h.e,:,:t (3rd Bn) prepared to move to new assemoly
Aachen. Head il.egt to 1110Ve at l00830A. 0:P closed in Ge"::lllinich
at and proceed to Aachen. UP closeQ in Aachen (L830444) at
101000A Orders reveived from Cenii" that 11l0Veiilent was to be stoPged.
All of th:..; l.\.9gt excel:lt -lohe 3 tanle 00 I s of 1s t Bn already closed in
Aachen. at l315A orders were received lor .d,eGt to :;:-'eturn to
area. (;l:' closed back in Gelll".enich (K7o:::; s.t l01730A. 1st Bn was
turned c.rounci enroute. 'fanLs of 2d .In started mOVe1.1ent bacl\: from Aacnen
at in order to v.'ai t for darkness. Sv Co returned to I'lombiers for
the night instead of the1r original area in Sipyenaeken. All of 2d
lin had not closed at end of period of this report.
,. AJ.j....
. a. Personnel cobiba t efficiency 90
". ',;,'an1;: crew reinforcements requil-ed
176. rteinforcements received 42.
Ratiuns - .c;ntire M5t drew U;::i" rations .
AUl!llUni tion - Vehicle basic load complete, a,,,mo trucks fully loaded.
G-as de oil - Vehicular tanies full, fuell trucks fully loaded.
8. hoads - and muday, secondary roads impassable.

t 4
2 Officers and sent on :Paris quota.
Vehicles - ded tanies for duty 9270,8;;, in 2d & 3d echelon maint.
Lle;ht tan!{s for duty 9970,lju in 2d & 3d echelon lua1nt.
bll other vehicles for duty 270 in 2d & 3d echelon
. ,.
.. .'
APe 252, u.s. ArIIq
11 February 1945
G.S.C.S. l.:OlK>t 1/50.000. & m:LGIUa SFEET 59
a. Un! ts In contact - in contact.
b. Reserves - As 11 steel in Division G-2 periodic report elated 10 !'ebl'llary 1945.
c. Activ1 ty - }ro observed enemy activity during period.
(i. EBtimat e strength and material mean. - Omi tted.
e. Conclusions - None.
2. OWN SI '!"rATIO
a. n-ont line - lb e8 no t apply.
b. Information adjacent and. eUpportill6 troOps - Other units of Division.
c. Location of Um ta - As previously rEported. .
d. Operations. - (3d Bn minus) remained in a8sembly area. to move on order from
CC":s'1 or co operations. Serv Co moved from Plol tbi ers (X752)88) to Ge.ulillenich (:&:769
401). Fl eld Or< race! ved from 00"]11 for co:ning op srations. Day devoted to attendance
at church services, personal rehabilitation, necessary ma.intena.r.ce on vehicles and equip-,
and necessary road ma1ntell8llCe.
a. Personnel combat effici ancy - 90%. Tank: 'crew reinforcements required 177.
b. SUpply - lations - Jlntire Regt c.raw liB" mUons.
A,imnuni tion - Vehlcl e basic load et et ammo. trucks Mll' loaded.
Gas and 011 - Vehicular tanks tull, fuel trucks fully loaded.
c. B:>ads - So ft and Inuddy. Eng continue to improve roads
Lt Col 1r&.1we11 H.

Bavk:ina tra.nsferred from CC"A" to aS8UJ!le command of 3d Battalion.

.. Medium tanka for dut7 in 2d and 3d echeloD maintenance.
Litght tanks for dut7 in 2d am 3d echelon maintelWlCe.
All other v81iclea for du'Q" in 2d am. 3d echelon maintenance.
...' .
.APO 252. U.s. Ar;ny
12 reL:o-uary 1945
r,!APS -G. S.G. 3. liOlio. l/r:IJ, 000. &
1. E1TJ:rr
a. Uni ts in contact - Not in contact.
b. Reserves - See Div. G-2 'Periodic report 11 Feb 45.
c. Activity- - obl!el"Ved activity in the area d'.lring the p'::':"iod.
d. Estimate strength and material means - Omi ttEd.
e. (l):nelusions - None.
a. Fro.nt line - Does not lq:rnly.
b. Information adjacent and troops - other Ullits of Jivision.
c. Location of Troops - AS previously reported.
d. Operations - RE t remained in reserve assembly area. !Ja;:r devoted to contim"'ed.
preparation of cen and vehicles for future combat O})erations. carried out tra!ni!"'b
schedule of physiCal conditioning, CWS t;raining. ere'" drill a:ld_ Ib'Wlnery
orientation, s.nCl. basic training in e;uard duty. tr&1!li.!:\$ end field. sanitation.
All organizations had a' large portion of the1.r commands worlci:n.; on the ro in their
re8pective area8.
a. Persomlel combat efficiency - 95:'. Tank: crew reinforcements required. 61, infantry
reinforcements received 121.
b. - Ration. - Entire R_t dl'ew "B" rations
.A,mgnln1t1on - Vehicle bae1c load complete, alll:::o. tr.lCk:s fully loaded.
Gas and - Veh1c'Ular tanks full, fuel trucks fUll;r loaded.
c. lbade - VerY' 80ft and ADUdd.7. _. continue to work and. improve road.
4. GllNlmAL - Division 8chool held for all newly appointed second 11 eutenants.
VJHICLllB - tallks for dutY' 9% in 2d and. 3d echelon maintena.noe.
Light tanks for dutY' , 1:' in 2d and 3d eohelon maintenance.
All other vehicles for dutY' 98%, 2% in 2d and 3d echelon maintenance.

13 Feb mary 1945
MAPS G.S.G.S. 110140, 1/50,000, & :BELGIUM, SHEEr 59
a. TJnits in contaCt - in contaCt.
b. Reserves - See Div G-2 periodic report dated 12 Feb 1945.
c. Activity - No observed activity in this area during period.
d. Estimate strength and material. means - Omi tted.
e. Conclusio ns - None
a. Fro nt line - Do es no t apply.
b. Information adjacent ani sUpporting troops - Other un! ts of Di vision.
c. Location of troops - As previously reported. .
d. Operations - remained in rese:-ve assembly area. Day devoted. to con
tinued pl'eparotion of men and vehicles for comvat. Work co"ntinued. on rE!>air of roads
1st :Bn devoted all day to training of new replacements, nront and mud control. 2d
Bn devoted day to training in adjustment of artill ery fi re, physical conni tioning,
ori entaticn, crew drill and gunnery. 3d En devot ed. day to training in indirect fire
aircraft identification, ori entation, p:hysicaJ. COD.'U and maint.
1t3n, Serv, Hqs and I>!aint eo8 conducted general training consisting of physical bon
di tionillg, ori entation and. maint.
3. Nt m'BATIVE
a. Peroonnel combat eftici ency - 95%. 'Dlnk crew reinforcements required 56.
reinforcements received 8.
b. - Rations - Entire Regt drew ":B" rations.
,Ammun1 tion - Vehicle basic load coq;,lete, ammo. trucks fully loaded.
Gas and Oil - Vehicular tanks full, fUel trucks :f'Illly loaded.
c. Roads - Very soft and muddy. Eng continue to improve roads.
VFITCLES - Medi WD tanks for duty 7ft in 2d and 3d echelon maintenance.
Light tanka fQr duty
All other vehiCles for duV in 2d and. 3d echelon maintenance.
. ! '"
.' .,...-:
1 'i"

"i" :

, .:.:
HEAD.pAnT.2.?-S 6r.m :lilJI:;::T
APO 2j2, u.s . .f.rmy
14 1;':'
a. Uni ts in co ntact - iot in c.')ntac t.
b. Recer.res - See Di v G-2 periodic dated 13 Feb 19 i:-5.
c. J.ctivit;\r - lio observed activi ty in t.ile area du:rirt: :;::er;..:)d.
d. Estimnte strength <'.nCl. material meant: - Omitted.
e. Co ncl usions - None.
2. 01D S!'lUATI01:r
1;1. ]loont line - Doee not apply.
"0. of - No c!1E1ngp. from last report 1/67 'J.:? to
c. Info rmatio n ad ,jac ent and s'uI)"')o rti I; tro"';J s-<) ther uni t s 0 f 1.'1 vi
d. Operati::Jns - Rest remained in assembly ar3. and cor.tin'led its preoarat1.on
fr>r combat. 1 st Bn !Il)ved Fn u,.. ':J:) c:'l:r"'ln,:- r"1:' to t;' 0 Ge:'l::lem-tck
(K77hl:OO) Day davo t ed to tr....i. Ili n.:; 0 f r':lt nfo ...,:' nent fl :1(1 ).- G(';, 0 f ..." '1(1 E:. rt el1
tation condncted on tneo.ntlflcAtlons cf "1M-' of lectures on
preve!ltlon 0 f veneral di seaBe c: i ven to all e1. 2d. :?l: '.il'o.illLlt; co n
slated 0;;" of :lew personnel II! v .. \&:l-'ons.
O'1'S trainirc f.nd 3d :3!1 c.."cted :
crew drill, o"U.--:ncry. inti.irllct f12" w''.lel. mill t&r,y Co:;l.4rtcsY.i:.'"rtc:.l
nnd lIlEl.inter:l,xe. Tne seoarate tra-td. ...; co::;ol( tiUe:. of I)hys':ccl
conditionirc. orie.'1tr,tiC'lnoeri'(.., ,,:!. It,'ork en upkeep of .:.'Oa;:!::. Re::,U c1od at old. urea at e,:i.:" iJOveci to
VaP-ls (X79342d). CoP. clc.sai. ir. ncn" CI.,rea. ut l'GuA. Love :.l.J,,':.t) ',,"(.t'E:e c:.' oad l"OauS
R'J..:l tj::e ill4>o:sibilit.Y' of \dth l"J.bher handq1.k'1.l'to:-t1.
3. .AImI :..1: STrATIVE
a. ? el' norule1 combat ency - 9570. TE.nlc crew l'Ei u.:'o :.'C C"lents requir ai. ).).
b. - Rations - Eutire REgt IIBII rntious
Ammuni tiOll - Vehicltl ba8ic load tru.cks :uJ.l,), lO::;lled.
Gas and 011 - 1is.nks :full, fl.''! tru.e:,s fuJly loaded.
c. Roads - Soft aDli muddy. Eue;ineers continu.e t\; WClrk u!ld iillprcVE'
4. GE1:EBAL - Lecture on veneral c1..isonr,e was ;:';'iven to of tl:(' command.
:,ackey Rooney, the actor. ,,;ill present a stage SllOW ill area on 15 Feb 1945
AWards wel'C presented to members 0 f 3d ]n.
V:iHICLJiS - Med.t um tanks for duty 99:.:. 1% in 2ci ar.d 3d ...t.i.i.ltnenac e.
for d..rty 1% in 2d ane. 3d ec::elon
All other vehicles for dc.ty S9%, in :lnu 3d echelon maintella!:ce.
Drew new combat Jackets to be issued to nlllst 3 tf,r.,.d.en iu the command
'" ,
;.,po 252, U. S. Army
15 February 1945
...\F 2,;. ;'. G. S. ljol(), 1/50. 000, & :SliLGIUl.l, SHE3T 59

a. Units in contact - ::i)t in contact.
b. Reserves - See :Jiv G-2 periodic report dated 14 J'eb
e. Aeti vi ty - ;;ieveral buzz-bombs were observed passiD(; over area period, no
other activity to report.
d. Estir:1D.te strength and .la.terial - ami tted.
e. Conel usions - .'()ne.
a. 1ront li ne - tin co nt2.c t.
b. Infor...... tion adjacent and. units - Other units of Div.
c. Location of Troops - As previously reported.
d. O!,er[1tions - Regt remained. in reserve assembly area. DeY devoted to continu
ation of 'l')re->nr:tion of men & vehicles for combat. 1st Bn devoted. day to training of
re1nforce"'neJ,1'ts ,'. rehabilitation of personnel. "A","D". & ItG" moved to vicin
ity of K77 t:l+OO t; at 1645.&.. l!:t echelon maintenance was performed. upon closing.
2d :an comucted. training consisting of interior guard duty and. safety- precautions in
hRndl1ng of inLli vir! ual weapons, physical conii tioning, crew dr1ll and ma1nt. ":eN Co
tR.nks to this Eo for denJonst -ation of ways of d1 splaying air panels. Gceral in
Spected 3d Bn conducted. training consisting of maintenance, gunnery drill,
radio securi ty, ori entation and physical condi tioning. The s colIt'l ani es con
e training sched'lle consistiDg of physical condi, or! entation
aM. ro::l.d repa.i r. .
3. AD:.rr::rSTP.ATIVE
a. Peroon."el. combat efficiency - 95:. Tank: crew reinforcements aded 59.
b. SUI;)l)l:r - Rations - Entire Regt drew ":sa rations.
.Ammun1 tion - VSlicle baeic load ammo. trucks ful17 loaded.
Gas and. (l)il - Vehicular tanks full, fuel trucks f'ully- loaded.
c. 3.oads - muddy and. soft. Engineera continue to iup:rove roade.
4. GEE3AI, - s.5.0. has promised for a Red Oross doU&hnut serviCe .ch da7. :Blu. for
16 cgpable of handling one:an a day or 2 separate .
VECiIOL.ES - HediWD tanks for duty 98%, in 2d and 3d echelon
Light tanks for duty
All other vehicles for duty in 2d and 3d echelon JllBintDeDaDC e.
. .
252, u.d.Army.
10 .february 1945.

1. ...
a. Lni ts in contact - J.\ot in contact.
b. r.eserves - ciee J.Ji v iJ--2 periodi c report dated 15 .l'eb 45.
c. AC1.ivlty - J."O observed activity in area durin:::,: perioci.
d. i!.stimate streo6th and 1I.aterial means - umitted.
e. uonclusions -
2. \\ ....
a. Ji'ront line - .LIoes not a9ply.
O. of troops - As previously reported.
c. Information adjacent & supportint; troops - Uther units of Vivo
d. Operations - ,-.egt rer.l8.ined in reserve assembly area. !.Jay uevoted
to continuation of preparation of men vehicles for combat.
1st rin conduoted training conSisting of crew drill, gunnery
discussion of latest G-2 ini'or:lla tion, road maroh, maint. All officers
& communication personnel attended comm. school
2nd conducted training consisting of reco60snition,
physical condl tioning, crew drill and c;unnery, maint & radio school.
3rd .on conducted tralninc consisting of lllaint, lllap reading,
demonstration on use of meoh. pro. conditioning hike & radio sohool.
'l'he seyarate cOlnpanies conducted a training schedule oonsisting
of physical conditioninG, illaint, orientation.
"..:;)" ",i!." rJo areas received many 50 cal. & l05mm shells between
l030A & l200A. Une house hit - no casualties. It is believed shells
oame over from 20. A.JJ. talJk ran,,'.'e
"'.-:'::" a. rersonnel oombat efficiency - Tank crew reinforcements
needed 64.
f. dupply
nati ons - .c;:ntire negt drew "'1:." rations
Aml;runition - Vehicle basic load cOtUplete, ammo truoks fully loaded.
Gas & 011 - Vehicular tanks full fuel trucks fully loaded.
3. noads - Very soft and muddy. continue to work on raids.
4 .u;l'iAL
3 movies being shown daily for troops. Ked Gross Clubmobile to be
with rtegt daily.
Vehicles - tanks for duty 97fo, ln 2d&3d eohelon malnt.
Light tanks for duty 99%, in 2d&3d echelon maint.
other vehicles for duty 99%, 1/0 1n 2d&3d: echelon
At-v 52, L... i3 ......riIly
17 ,/e oruary 194-5.
turdny ..
1. ';;:'.. ..Y
::... _ni ts in cJntact - .:..ot cut1ta.c t.
;,:; - ,l)iv p,:-rtodic retJort c.1a te'j 16 ..,'eo '+5.
c .nctivity - ... ,0 OiJserved act.ivity Ll Clrea :.turln,:" p.riod.
str..Jl1(:;1:.h anu :,I:;;."arL..ll lleans - ...ImiT,t.ed.
a .",oflclusioClS - .;
2. Uu'" >.JI'j.u.A:,l.'.i.vJ.,
a. t .Line - ...Joes (lot
b. of troops -.s reported.
c. Information - Adjacent 0: .;;,U')1)oY"[,in:: troops - uther u"i ts of liiv.
d. Wpel'at:Lons - ... remained in asse:liuly area and continued its
of hlen vehicles for future operations.
181:. .wn conriucted tra_nhJE consis tin..:; of ere... drill &: Gunnery,
r""ad ;:,arch, oriel.ta tion on oa t.tle lessons, COilllilunica tion school for
officers platoon .;lgts fU(;j,intenance, instructions in care bnd handline; c.:;;
of for
2nd .....In conducted consistin/.;; of aajustment of artill ry
fire, physical cur..di tionins, orientation on .-.-24 tank &: J--2 reports,
cre...! drill Co: phYtiical COl1d.i tioLlinc, orient:..tion on ..-24 tanIe &: G--2
r8f"Jrts, cre'" drill and sunne:cy, maintenance, radio school for all
radio tenders, and field stripping of 30 cal riG for all reinforce
.-nen ts
3rti conducted training consisting of maintenance, aircraft
reco..:;nition, orientati'Jn, deJI,onstration in use of lllech. pro., condit
ionine hilee 6c radio transmission security
.:;,epera te vompanies C,)(.i.Qucted training cvnsiating of' maint.
sex morality lectures, and orientation.
l.Iurint; the day "lJ" vO received two overages (75mm A.P.) f'rom
J.liv ran;:;e .... 0 casual ties or dC:tmace resulted.
j. AJ.h,.L.I.\l.jLA'J..i.u....
a .fersoc.nel combat efficiency - 97/Q. 'l'ank crew reinforcements
r\3quired 64.
4ta tions - dre", nod" rati ons
A:llmur;i tion -iehicle basic load complete. aIIlmo trucks fully load .. r::: oil - Vehicular tanlcs full, fuel trucks fully loaded.
'=-- - iery soft and IlIUddy. continue to work to improve

recreational facilities available to men. Shower schedule
was allotted. to co,upanies.
Vehicles - tanks for uuty 96%, 4/0 in 2d&3d ech ma1nt
.Light tanks for duty lfo 1n 2d&3d ech maint.
other vehicles for duty 2fo in 2d&3d ech
281 Poncho's
380 w1nter combat.
380 3hoe packs.
APO 252
18 February 1945.
.-.APi;), IT.6.G-.6, 1/50,000, B'.r\A..\O.a: & .b.a:L-.:rILJ.-., 1W 59.
1 ':"l.t;.
a. units in contact - in contact.
b. iI.eserves - listed in .uiv G-2 l'eriodic neport dated 17 ",'eo 45.
c. activity - 1,0 observed activity reported in the area.
d. strenGth and material means - Omi tted.
e. Conclusions - umitted.
2. 0 ..:, ;;)I'lual'Ii,.Jl.
a. L"romt lice - .uoes not apply.
b. Location of troops - change in location.
c. Inforl;lation ad.jacent and supportinG troops - vther troops of .uiv.
d. vperations - Ree;iment remained in asselllbly rea. Day was devoted.
to Sunday schedule consisting of Ghurch services, recreation and rehab
3. .tI....J. .l...;,
a. Personnel efficiency - .I:an.:.-( crew reinforcements
required 47.
f. Bupply
n.a.tions - .c:ntire .l.'\egt drew ".0
A,i,mo - Vehicle b:..;.sic 10qd cOJ.lplete, ammo trucks fully loaded.
i.xas &: uil - Vehicular tanks full, fuel tanks fuLly loaded.
g. L\.oads - Very soft and muddy .a.n,68 cJntinue to w:)rk to improve
4 G.c.l, .c;liAL
Protestant and Gatholic services were held today. 1,10vies were
shown at the l(ecreation Genter.
Vehic19s - l'led for duty 9710, 3/0 in 2d & 3d echelon maint.
Light tanl{s for duty 10010.
All other vehicles for duty in 2d & 3d echelon
, /1
19 :-'e-oruary LLj.5
4040, 1/50 ,JOO, L<-.n.,0..:!.
11 ..!.l'.c;......y
a. wnits in contact - in CJntacG.
b. J,.eserves - J.,Iiv G--2 .:eriodic ..evert 'dated Iv .'80 .11_
c. hctivi ty - J.'O observed r: ctivi ty i1. durin:'
d. ,,",st1raate strength God 1,:3ter'ial "leans - u:dt,ted.
e ..;onclusions -
s. line - J.,Ioes not ay)ly.
b. Information adjc:cent trooys - vther units of ...,iv.
c. Loc61 tiun of troops - ..;)Eu:e lJreviously reported.
d. uperations -;t r'el(,ained ie; ;). ese::t reservo:;;,::,s8lioly area
conductlne; combat training .. nJ necessar':f lllainten"'-'1ce.
1st .dn conducted physical cvl1ul tionio::;, cre\,! drill, bunnery,
orientation, maint., etc.
2ncwn conducted physical conditioning, cr.]w arill,
orientation, maint., etc.
3rd. .elI! con6.ucted physical conditioning, crew dr'll, :-;Ul1rLry,
orientation, rnaint. and small arlilS L iri nc.
hcn (.;0 conducted. crew drill, l;uno2ry J oriontatlon, Ill,"; intenance
and small arms range firine;.
nq.,, and bV 00 I S conducted a prOEr.;;;.:tl of' physical
condi tionin5, orientatlon, l:1ainterance etc. eUlphc::.sis J.uring the
day was devoted to tlle trainin(:,) of new reinforcements.
3. ,AJ,,h'J,I1'j HdriA'.l.' IV
a. Personnel 00iniJat 98,J. 'l';:.:nlc crew reL-;forcehlents re
quired 45.
b. l;)upply;
rtations; ..:i.egt. drew ",3" rations.
bJ1LUni tion; Vehicles basic load complete, am.o trucks fully
Jas Jc Uil; Vehicular{s full, fuel truclcs fully 10ad8d.
e. Roads; cloft & r,ludu.y, ":;01::::' scan tinue to improve roc:ds.
4. G-eneral urder received awardin6 Jilver Star ...'edal to 2nd
Lt Victor .ct. Information received t:nat .Paull A. ,Uc1ne has
been promoted to lliajor.
V.c.J.J.I0Li!;S; l'J.6d. tanks for duty 97/.0, 3." in 2nd and. 3rd eel} .aint.
Lie;l1t tanks for.Juty lOOi".
All other vehicles for ":;uty 98iv, 2," in 20. and 30. ec:} .i\.aint
; l
' , ..
""':' ---,---------- ----
.1..I.'u 252
.c!O i"ebruary 1945
a. Units in contact; in contact.
b. neserves; See .lJiv G-2 periodic rep.;rt dated L .t"eb 45.
c. oeserved ClcLivity in area during period.
d .c:;stimate 5trength & ..aterial i'.eans; Omitted.
e. l.Ioncluslons; .,one.
2. V 'i." iJi .l.'ub.l.'J...iJ..
a. line; not avply.
b. Info. adjacent supportinb troops; Uther units of the
c. of troops;
d. uper&. tions; ite;":,t rStuained in asr:embly aree and cuntinued prep
ore; tions of ;!Ien ;;.ml vehicles for combat.
Is t J:m conducted training consisting of crew drill and t:unoery,
offensive o.ctiOCl lecture, roa<i'118.1Cfl end aircraft tion . .t{einforce
[hents received add i tional traininb in tDry Uourtesy and Discipline.
<::nd ....,n conducted trainint consisting of maintenanoe, adj. of arty.
fire, erS'l1 drill (;;od Gunnery, rao io school and physical conditioning.
3rd .lJn conducted trair,ir.s of maintenan:::e, crew drill,
75hlW e:;un 00 .'.-24 tank, ueulonstra tiot.'j0;c1 l',e ehanic&l prophylaxis, chemical
warfare tralnln6, orientation, hike and radio
sceuri ty. III II 1.i0 fired on small sr,,,s
hen conducted tra:i.(jinc: consisting of cre\-l drill, Srunnery t
mili tary end orientation J physice.l inspection and maintenance
,tlq., oerv Jo., and aaint. s conducted maintenance,
f]hy sical condi tioninl;5 aod oriente::. t10n.
h r'8st'1 school was held at the -,egt'l at which time a
talk on be. ttle fa t1.;ue weB I:.:;iven by the .L)iv. l:'sychiatrist.
3. I!.
a. i'ersonnel l.iomb1;).v 98/<1. Tank crew reinforcements
required 37.
f. Supply;
L'8t10ns; J:1.e6t drew .',PII rations.
a,mno; vehicle basic load cOtnplete, ammo trucks fully loaded.
\.T..: s. & Ui.l; Vehicular tarlKs full, fuel trucks fully loaded.
'.:;. i.',oads; very soft and i:luddy, s continue to work on roads.
4. U'.c.;..: .1!.0 ... .zu.: vrders received promoting 2nd Lt Jonathan II. Glark and
end Victor .... l)arpron to 1st Lt effective 16 i"eb 45.
'lehicles; '1'a;:Jks for cluty 3/" in 2d & 3d echelon maint.
Li;::ht 'lanks fvr duty 100/0.
All other vehicles for duty 971(;' 3i" in 2q. & 3d echelon ma1nt.
Hb:AD 67Ti-1 H:t:GIJ.,jh'l'
APG 252
21 Fetrue.ry 1945
:;-.3.G.S. 4040, 1/50,000, France & 3el:,;ium Shee"t
a. Cnits in Contact: in contact.
b. ?'eserve9: As listed in ::-7-2 reoort (perlodic) dated
20 Feb 1945.
c. Activity: observed actiyity in area durin?; period.
d. Est'lr'a.te ::eans: Omitted.
e. Conc1\.1 sion'3: 1:one.
2. aT: .:E'I'l:A'2.'IC:l,.
a. i<'ront :.1ne: i;ot i1" contact \"11 enemy.
b. of ':'roops: as last reported.
c. Info. Adjacent & TroopG: Jther Div trooes.
d. Operatlons: rhe -:1et In' area and conduc
ted traini .. ,.:. 1).11d pre:)aration for co:::bat.
1st 3n devoted da:' to cre\'[ drill and i:SUnllery, discus
sion of ':.1--2 inform9.tion, roan :-.,arch, physical inspection and
1st aid lecture, t.ani{ i\,CO's instr..lcted in adj. of e.rty. fire.
Reinforcements instructions 1n combat operations
for tan:.: platoons.
20. 3n devoted day to crew drill and ad,1. of
<>rty. f1re, G-2 ori entat ioa, maintenance and physical con
di tioning. err:phllsis was placed on training of rein
3d :::m dev:)ted da.y to crew drill, chemical warfare train
ing, preparation and defend11113 of road gunnery.
acn Co de"Joted day to crew drill, period on military
courtesy, preparat ion and defending road blocl.:s, VJnnery.
Re3tl Serv and Co's devoted day to maint,
physical condit-ioninl:;:, orientation.
a. Personnel Combat Efficienoy: tank orew reinforcements
required - 44.
f. dupp}.Y:
:.i.e.tiona: Ent ire ReGt dre,., liB" rations.
Ammo vehicle basic load complete, ammo truoks fully
loaded. .
Gas and 011: tamcs full, fuel trucks fully
g. Hoads: Very ..luddy, engineers continue to Hark on roads.
T'.o{o enlisted. wen left t0day on temporary duty in the United
States for 30 day rehabilitation and recuperatl0n furlou;::hs.
usual tileater schedules run at the recreation center theater
for duty 97/;, in 2d' 8: 3d ech maint.
e;ht for duty lOG,""
All other vehioles for dut-y 97,;, 3;.; in 2d & 3d ech i:.aint.
254 new type combat- pants drawn tOda.y.
Aru 252
2:? j:<'eOruary 1945
a. units in contact; Not in contact.
b. Reserves; As listed in i)iv G-2 l-eriodic .;teport ted 21 it'eb 45.
c. Activity;.nn 1... 262 jet-propelled bo,ubed and strafed area of
Co .. II at i200 and 1310A today. casual ties or damase resulted. Two
bombs fell bout 500 yards of 2nd .en 01" 9.nd one bomb fell in II.:;!;II vo
d . ..:..stimate :itrength &: l'18terial ..eans; umitted.
e. Conclusions; Omitted.
2. i:iIl'uA'.I.'Iv.i:,
a. }i'ront Line; ...,ot in contact \'/i th enemy.
b. Location of troops; As previously reported.
c. Info. adjacent & supporting Uther units or the i)iv.
d. The n.egt remained in assembly area and continued
preparation of men and vehicles for future operation.
1st Dn conducted training consisting of crew drill and gunnery,
test given on recoeni tion of .i.'.-24 and 1'_-20 tanks, road march, adjustment
of arty. fire for tank ri.0.u:s, and ma1nt.
2nd .on conducted training conslstine; of tank firing on the range
(in morn1ng), crew drill and gunnery, physical conditioning and maint.
3rd .tin cO!lducted training conSisting of lllaint., gunnery (indireot
firej, map reading, identification of enemy aircraft and physical
conditioning. fired on tank range in afternoon.
ncn vO conducted training conSisting of crew drill, diSCUssion
of periodic reports, physical "conditioning, method of making a
contact patrol report, aircraft ident1fication and radio procedure.
riq vo, i::)ervlce Co, and haint eo, conducted general training
consistIng of physical cocdlt10ning, maintenance and orientation.
3. .A.U..L, I':>'.L'.'\.h'.I.'J.I.h,
a. Personnel combat tank crew reinforcements
required 37.
f. Supply;
.a;ntire rlegt drew ".oil rations.
Ammo; Vehicle basic load complete, ammo trucks fully loaded
Vas & Oil; Vehicular tanks full, fuel trucks fully loaded.
g. hOads; Very muddy, continue to work on roads.
4 GlW.\:
Urders received promoting the following 2nd l..ts to 1st Lt" effective
16 Feoruary 1945.
Alard O. l;ardlng -- .A. Hoysa -- Stuart K. Jolly
:t'eter J. Alacansky -- Gerard p. Le1bman -- 011ver A. LeWis
rteuben h. Kenneth A. -- Joe V. Robertson
George -- Hobert A. Wilson
.-J.ed tanks for duty 97jG, in 2d & 3d ec,h. m&int.
Light tanks for duty 100%.
All other vehicles for duty 97%, in 2d & 3d echo malnt.
A:t<; 2::; 2
23 1945
a. vnits in contact; uot in contact.
b. n.eserves; bee J..iiv J--2 periodic reyort dated :22 1'eo 45.
c. Activity; observed activity in area dux-int:; period.
d. timate s tren!:5th and iliaterial means; t l.ed
e. 'Uonclusions;
2. Olhll .5J:',l'lJAi'iuJ.'o
a. line; lJoes not apply.
b. Info. adjacent and BUPPol'tin.:.. troops; Other uni ts of i.iv lib"
on movement to new assembly areas in Aachen. 0rganization to move as
follows with IF K816425: - 0745A
2nd .un - 06054
Hq 67th- 150Qb
i:Jv lio 1 540A
1st on - 10JOA
ht Go - 1630F.
3rd Bn to remain i:l 100L, tion under :l.eGt'l a.j:ninis trs. tLm CJ.
control c.nd tactice,lly under vv".h" control
.Liue to movement, most traininG was c2,ncelled, hOlt/ever let -->n
fired new men 8.nd new tan':--:s on the ta :c ranl3e from 0500A - 1200A. 3r'C
fired on the tank range during the afternoon.
All organiza tions closed in new assemuly area.s by 17JOA '11/1 th
UP locations as follows; .dq 67th-
1st .un - 1\.835438
2nd .on - Lili46439
..(cn Go - K653441
..t Go - 33
Co - li:828431
n.egt (-3rd .un) placed on 4 hour alert prepared to move into
operations in support of XIX Gorps attack.
3 I S 'r... -tAdV.i
a. Personnel combat efficiency; 90/", tank cre,v reinforcements
requ1red 35.
f. Supply:
hat10na; l!:ntire ....egt drew ".0 II rations.
Ammo; Vehicle basic load co;nplete, a'111110 trucks fully loaued.
Gas & Oil; Vehicular full, fuel trucks fully loaded.
g. Boft and muudy, Eng' s continue to improve roads.
4. ... General Order received awardinG the 2nd Oak Leaf
to the :6ronze Star to i'...ajor .james l:.ollingsworth.
tan<s for duty 97/0, 310 in 2d & 3d ech rnaint.
Light tani:s for duty lOOio.
All other vehicles for duty 97;-" in 2d J,; 3d ech
, i
67'fh Aiu,.url.c,j) Mu-I;.,&\j'l'
Al'O 252
24 February 1945
1.jApS, G.S.G.S. 4040, 1/50,000, F.cW',CE & BELGIUi-!, dHE,i:i;T i\O 59.
1 Ei'lE:L;i.Y
a. Units in contact; in contact.
Reserves; See Div G-2 periodic report dated 23 Feb 45.
c. Activity; observed activity in area during period.
d. strength and material means; Omitted.
e. Conclusions;
2. UVIJ."l
a. line; Does not apply.
b. Info adjacent and supporting troops; Other Div troops.
c. Location of troops; As previously reported.
d. Operations; 1st Dn devoted to maint and rehabilitation.
2nd bn devoted day to stowage of vehicles arid adjustment of
vehicular loads. A display of air panels was demonstrated to all vehicu
lar crews.
3rd bn conducted training consisting of maint., drill, I & E
training, first aid, recognition of A.F.V. physical conditioning, tactics
problems. Hq Co fired carbines on sillall arms ranbe.
'l'he separate Co's devoted day to maint., and improvelilent of
the day Bn and officers of all organizations
reconnoitered routes. All vehicul&r markings were painted Qn vehicles.
Division patches were sewed on all outer garments. All 50 call'I.G.'s
were manned during the day.
3. AUhIL
a. combat efficiency; tank crew reinforcements
required 34.
f. Supply:
i(ations; .ci;ntire Regt drew "B" rations.
Ammo; Vahicle basic load complete, amillO trucks fully loaded.
Uas & 011; Vehicle tanks full, fuel tanks fully loaded.
g. Roads; All roads ln town are hard surfaced.
Theater being set up in an abandoned mill. PX rations
broken dawn for delivery.
V,i!;HICWS; tanks for duty 4,70 in 2d & 3d ech malnt.
Light tanl{s for duty 99%, 1% ln 2d .& 3d ech ma.lnt.
All other vehicles for duty 98%, 2jo in 2d & 3d ech maint.
. .....
From : 242400A Feb 45
To 252400A Feb 45
Un1t : 67th Armd Regt
Date : 25 Feb 45
Maps, G.S.G.S., 4040, 1/50,000, France & Belg1an, Sheet 59.
1. ENl!MY.
a. Units in Oontact; Not 1n contact.
b. Reserves; See Div G-2 per1od1c report dated 24 Feb 45.
c. Act1v1ty; One enemy plane observed fly1ng over area at
0930A engaged by fr1endly A. A. un1ts.
d. Est1mate strength & mater1al means;. Om1tted.
e. Conclusions; None.
a. Front L1ne; Does not apply.
b.Locat1on of Troops; As prev10usly reported.
c. Info. Adjacent Support1ng Troops; Other Div troops.
d. Operations; Reg1ment rema1ned 1n assembly area. Day de
voted to ma1ntenance and preparat10n for com1ng operat1ons.
Sunday schedule followed where poss1ble.
All Bn's, Hq., RcnOo's sent reconna1ssance off1cers
to check routes to Ju11ch and bridges over Roer River above
and below Julich. Reports submltted to CC"B".
Inf'ormation recelved from CC"B" about 1045Ato be pre
pared to move to v1c1n1ty of Ju110h dark. At approximate;....
ly 1500A 1nformation rece1ved from CC'E" that move would
not be made until sometime 1n morning of follow1pg day.
Billet1ng off1cers reported to OC"B" 1n afternoon.
Area found not ready for our organizat1on due to tact
bridges blown and roads st1ll m1ned
.. :
. ,
a. Personnel Combat Effioiency; 98%, tank crew re1nforcements
required 38.
t. Supply;
Rat1ons; Ent1re Regt drew "B" rations.
Ammo; Vehicle bas1c load complete, ammo trucks tully
Gas and 011; Vehicular tanks full, fuel truoks tully
loaded. .
4. GENmAL. Post eaohallge supplt"es were reoe1ved tOday. Protes
tant and Oatholio servioes were held. Kajor Smothers was
presented with Legion of Merit by Brig Gen'WHIfE:
VEHIOLES; Ked tanks tor duty 98%, 2% 1n 2d &: 3d ech ma1nt.
L1ght tanka for duty 99%, 1% 1n 2d &: 3d eoh ma1nt .
All Other vehicles tor duty 1n 24 &: ,:54
ech ma1nt.
:;' ',.
", ".
; .
. "
HJ:A1)Q.UAR'. '75 .ABJC)D) JaDIl8H
jp{) 252, U. S. Arrq
a. Uni ta in contact: :lot in contact.
b. ReBer'Vea: A. listed in DiT. G-2 periodic report elated 25 :reb.
c. Jctl t1' - !To observed actint7 in the ar-.
d. Estimate strength aDd. Material Means - Old. tted.
e. 00DCluBions: Baaed on infol"Jlation e1ttained through liaison eourc.., it appears
enEml1' plana DO IIICtN ,han d.a,Jiag actiou veat of Ern CaDal.
2. on SI'!U.A!lIOll
a. )'mnt line: lbt in contact vi til eJl8117.
b. Location of Troop.: 1/61 located at Dl580.
c. Information adJac-t &Dl t ...._ Other OC"B' !roopa.
d. Operationa: let Bn remained UlIIler ReU oontrol. 2nd:Bn 'bee.... adTaDCe guut
for oc":B' ID&l"'Ch co1'W1111. Bcn 00, Maint &: S.M' Oo'a UDder 00
" control. JIt.
:Bn UDder DlT control.
Regtl Hq &: Hq 00 and 1st :Bn aa part of 00':&1 llain 'bodY' IlarChec1 fro. AaOh_
to as.emb11' ar_ 1 1111. $.1. of J1Jlioh .tarizw; at 12:156.. Boute .Aaoh-.
aozrc.. AldeaboT 811, Ju1.ich. lbroe oloaed i. a...17 ar_ at llOQA.
U 8pproxi_tel.7 1130'" instructions reoeiTc to prepare to .,T. to noild. '"
of Stein.tra.. (n23'J7). ...t IfPPro:d._telT 2100.... 00 l'...erted to Bc't
cont1'01 at approxi-tel7 1930.... Instruction. i.sued 'b7 00. that 2D4 :aa _lila.
reTert to RtCtl control 'UpOn closiZW; in nn &1'.. Order of liar. to aft &1'_
desiZlgated a. JIq &: lil 00. let lkL and lion 00 2ZI4 :Bn va8 alr.ac1J" 10eah4 i.
Ticin1t1' of Steln.tra...
a. Per80Dnal. combat e:tticienq: Tank crew relnforcements required ltl.
'b. $q)plr.
Bation.: Entire _'t drew I. ratione acept let &: 2Dd lIIas' clrn 10-1.
1h GBJ1IBAl,
Vehicles: Ke41ua taDlcs for du", ia 2d &lid. 34 echal.on -.1nt.lIaDC..
Licht taDk. for dutT ia 24 aDd. 3d echelon maintenaDC
.All oa. Teh1.ol .. for dutT 98-. i. 24 aDd 3d echelon ..s.nteDallC.
67TH .1B;()BEJ) mnIlmlr
APO 252. u.s. ArlIT
27 Febl"\1'lry 19 4:5
MAPS G.S.G.S. 4507, 1/50.000, GEBMlNT. SHJmr N:>. 19
1. J::nt.i!
a. 'Units 1n contact, 59th Int DiT. Elements 9th Panzer Division.
b. Reserve.: .1a liated in Div. G-2 periodic report dated 26 Feb.
c. Activity: .1D unidentified weapon (believed -to be either an sfp gSu or a tank)
tired on an outpost of 1st Bn at ll()oA today' at n4';1!5, knoCking out ho medium
tanks. Th1rteen enem;y taDka were reported IIIOviDg 8)uthweat fro. Harff (n64705X
toward Puts at 14".1. !lhese were dispersed by attack by friendly air.
Eneav aircraft vas fired on over area at 1630A. A HIe Vi tank chassis
a l.j()1DJII hov1 her. which had been knocked out at was put to Ol'dDaDCe
Inta111geace inaslIQCh as it vas a weapon never before encountered by this un! t.
d. Conelusions: llnamy to continue to vi tbdraw UDder pressure to the 11ne 0 f the
Erft ()l.naJ. where he probablY will make determined effort to hold our
2. OlfB SI1't1ATIOll
a. Front line: Limi ted to road patrollhg.
b. Location of troopsl C.p. located at Lich, GermaJl (n2,3605). 2nd Bn (-) locat
ed at Ober1mbl. Gel'lllall1' (n3262S). 3rd Bn located at .&ache, GermaD1" (3d lin in
D1 T reserve). ,
c. 30th Int Div located to our illlllled1ate tront 125 8: 124 Caval17 squad on our
right flank.
d. Begt (- Co '" 3d lin) IIIOved fro- area S.E. 0 f J'14ich to vlcini ty of 1.1ch
'" Ober_bi ,GerllaDT. Regt closed in new ar_ at olX>.1. 00 0, 702 T.D. :en (-)
1 plat attached: ,1",1 00 & 113" Cb 4l.It Inf attached. 1 plat. Co "DI, 17th _ :an
attached. Rergt alerted. to IIOve to allPhly area S of Xonigshovin at 0900"'
.Alert called off at 1000",. Ret ordered to IIOve to vicini ty of puts & Klrch
Troisdorf at llOO.A.. Order reeciDded at 1430.&.. Ist:an did IIbve to area ot nrcb
Tro1edort an4 I,. 00, plus 1 plat. J:ng1neers IIbved to putz. :Both un1. ta cl0 sed
at about 1700.1. 124 CaT. aqd. relined road block: established by IlIl 00 at
14,:>.&.. 125 Oav Sqd rec eived road blockl 8stabl1 by":::>" & "E" 00 at 1700.&..
Begt (-3d Bn) (Co lei 702 1'.D. :BD - 1 plat) 1 plt. Co liB" 17th EQg) (liDn 00)
alerted to nove at 2100A to area S of Jackerath.
e. 95:'.
t. Mo'rlnt; to neli a ...17 area pr'l>aratory to makiZlg an attack.
a. Personnel combat eftlcieJX:Y - !lank crew reinforcements required lQ.
.t. S'4lPJ.y:
P.ationa: :J!ntire Ret drew II rationl except A,B.D, G,E, F Oo's to use 1Ia."
rations issued on the 25th J'eb.
,AIIIIIt): Vehicle basic load ammo trucks fully load ed.
Gas'" Oil: Vehicular tants fUll, fIle1. trucks Nly loaded.
g. Beads - Firm, llightl7 IIlUIldy. lbadl to Steinstrass & Lich are ODe WB7 due to
road block, "hlch bas DOt been Cleared.
4. GJ:lUlRALl
Vehicles - Med1ua tank. for dut7 in 2d and 3d echelon maiutell8DCe.
Light talks for duty
.All other Tshiel el for duty in 2d and. 3d echelon maintenance.
: .......
NO 249
From: 272400A Feb 45
To 282400A Feb 45
Un1t: 67th Armd (-)
F158764 .
Date: 28 Feb 45
1.;ap5. G.S.G.S. 4507, 1/50,000, Germany, Sheet No. 19.
a. Un1ts in Oontact; Vollrstrum Police (no number), 426 Fortre38
Regt and 110 pz G. Regt.
b. Resel'VeSj No change.
c. Activity; Harassing fire was placed on Regt1 assembly area
vicinity Fl070. ThrouGhout the per10d enemy resisted our
advance alone Garzweiler - Elfgen'- Elsen - Nolthausen -
Hemerden - Dannerhoe with ir.fantry, art1l1.3;:'J, i1.:--.d some ar
mor. In no instance was the enemy's will to resist out
standing. His art1llery was in considerable volume and
d1rect fire weapons were used. There is sound reason to
believe that many German soldiers are changing into civilian
cloth1ng in order to escape capture and then posed as Rus
sians or Poles.
d. Estimate Strength & IJleansj Means to resist are
still adequa.te, but it is doubtful if any considerable re
inforcement can be made at present.
e. Conclusions; Enemy can continue withdrawal to Rhine where
he may hope to gain enough time to resroup his forces and
assemble his means sufficiently to delay our forces over
long in crossing.
a. Our Front Line; From Bedburdyck (F180808) - Damn (F193838) -
Vierwinden (F213825).
b. Location of Troops; 1/67 & 2/67 in Elsen (F175775). C/702
CP in Elfgen (F158764).
c. Info. Adjacent & Supporting Troops; Other CC"B" troops.
d. Operations; Night march made night of 27-28 Feb 1945 to
assembly area in vicin1ty of Kirchhertal (F123683). Regtl
CP moved at 2200A by way of Rodlngen, Grettenherten, Kir
chherten. C1' located in Klrchherten during night of 27
28 Feb.
Orders issued during night for attack to jump off from
Garzweiler (Fl35750) to northeast with initial objective at
Elfgen (F15B766). Troops list as follows;
Advance guard;
1st Bn 67th A. R. (w/A/41 attached)
1 plat "c" Co 702 T.D. Bn.
1 plat liD" Co 17 Engr Bn.
Main Body;
Fwd CP 67th A. R.
2d Bn. 67th A. R. (les8 "B" 00 & 1 med plat)
liD" Co 17th Engr En (-plat)
"0" Co 702 T. D. En (-plat)
let Bn jumped off from L.D. at 0700A. Lead1ng elements
reached 1st object1ve at 0740A and enc1rcled town. Infantry
company started to mope up two towns on objective at this
time. Resistance was light - 120 P.W. taken.
At 0925A let Bn ordered to send a medium company to 2d
objective at ":Mlnnow" (F180787) while infantry cont1nued to
clean up 1st objective. At the same t1me 2d Bn ordered to
bypass object1ve "M1nnow" to north and proceed to "Smelt"
between (F176794 & F193793). 1st Bn rece1ved direct fire
from town at (Fl75775). Air and art1l1ery worked on target
and reduced it. 2d Bn cleared objeotive ,t 1400A. 1st Bn
reported being on objective at 1413A.
- 1
, ..
At l430A. 2d Sn ordered to proceed to "Trout" (F180805)
and then to "Beill" (F215860). 1st Bn ordered to move to
right half of "Trout" and then to "Gar". 1st Bn to leave
small elements at. "z"linnow". 2d Bn reported cl earing "Trout"
at 15l8A. Resistance was 11ght, some artillery encountered.
1st Bn cleared portion of object.ive at. 1520A.
1st Bn moved on towards obJect.ive t.o north of "Trout" and.
rece1ved A.P. fire. One tank knocked out - enemy gun de
stroyed. 2d Bn cleared "Pike" (F2l5825) by 16l0A without. much
trouble. 2d Bn cleared to advance north but was halted by
A/T fire in vioinity of (Fl93838) about li miles S. \'1. of ob
At closing of report both Bn's "raiting for infant.ry to oome
forward and assist in night attaok t.o cut main road East of
~ u n c h e n - Gladbach.
a. Personnel Combat Efficiency; Balanoe of paragraph 3 omitted
(administrative) tonight.
f. Supply;
Rations; Entire Regt drew "B" rations except A, D. & Gao's
drew 10 in 1.
Ammo; Vehicle basio load complete. ammo trucks fully loaded.
Gas & 011; Vehicle tanks full. fuel trucks fully loaded.
g. Roads; Secondary roads muddy with firm base.
Med tanks for duty, 93%, 7% in 2d & 3d echo ma1nt.
Light tanks for duty 99%. 1% in 2d & 3d eche maint.
All other vehicles for duty 97", 3% in 2d & 3d echelon
- 2 -
- - --" ,.
APO 252
JECT: After Enemy Action Reports.
TO Commanding General, 2d Division, ".:.Fe 2::52.
; 'L
' ..
Transmitted herewith are 1)al1y [nit Reportn for 1 to
31 March 1945 inclusive, together with suprortinE" Journals ;,:.{:'

which constltute3 the \fter Report of tte
Armored Regir.,ent for tl-:e month of lS45.
W. X:,"/;1 -Url/
H. L.
l'.aj or, 67th Armored Rblulent

I ;,..
" \0
L, ,J I
. .........

\ 0-"
I ,

67TH J\PJ:ORED H::.GD :}:T
i.e G LT. flrn;,'
1 i;:[J'ch 5

MbtiS, G. e.G. 4507, 1/50,l'UO, G erll'af\Y, Sheet 1\0. J 8.
a. Dnlts in Conte.ct: 4th. FortI't<sr; Regt, FiE..L.d PO.Li.ce bn. Elelu. ci 11 P:... Di.v.
::;1'0 ',z Div. 59th 1111'. 176th '176 Info liivIE . These Clf':::Klltf; \'!l'I'. .!-crtf-;
. ..l.
of bbtT.le grc'ups EIS e.ncotmt,.rt,(; :tn Fr<-.nce.
b. RCSerVfJf: As Ihtea in Div. G-2 l;,erioalc d!::teri ;::8 Feb.
c. Activity: EnelliY cl'ntinUlxi to reS:;'f,t .. ith Lggr.:ssivEneE<, but rHsiE
tLncc co tinued to lac1< orgliniz.,;tion. Four P{1(;IIV" t(.nks
Et 0730A. Two ViLn dcc;truyed Idx L.ud one by TUlk
DestroY6rs. RewL, tWlk'ew. EneL ".[:5 over L.r naa-C!l on
two OccfJ.sicns. ArtilJ ery i'ir(! was !,ctivc vn clc"iLl:tf:. tLe
per iod. One civilian was llZ"rl-lsteQ tot Hoil;buttgen lute in period,
when it appettrea tr.a.t 11e was eq;bgea in i.iasning :oigni....Ls froI:! tue upper story
of b. civ ilitln dwell ing .
d. Estimllte strength &. N;llteribl Me<illf>: Enen:y lnite:.y l<.:ckf IllCLl!f: to t our
drive this slde of Rhine. The situatJ..on is of Fr.rlce, ill :i.t
afilJearS that tne be::t of c.:l1tJ.liY' troops tet:n v:i thein.von P.hinf-' (.0(,
only r,.g-tfog blid bob-tbil be.;n left to 0
j,:.OSE' ll.--;.
e. Conclusions: Omitted.
a. Front line: Line extend/> from - - F?...091H.
b. Locution of Troops: 1/67, 2/67 !lC" 7u2 T.D. r..i'.'E: iL{;U.,
Gerlll<..lly (gencrdJy vicini1iY
c. Info. Adjuct::nt & Sup orting Troops: Other CC"E" Troors.
d. Operation:;: Orders is;.l'c..u u tlart <.,f evening for aUt.c.. to be con
tinued to N.E. .t.ttcck orci8red tu stut I:t OW(.JI by both 1/6'( "'- but
&.tt,&.ck "as becc.use of f<..ct ini'<.,u:.ry slow in .]oinL{; &: lLCt .... /1;)7
lOll on l:IJlIIllunition. At U5bOA 1/67 retyorted he hL.d & \'i[;t: OVI.;llo( king
I(;CI1.11 (F25000S). .i!GCI uit.1.iculty getUng into its objcctivt: "2.LlZ"Ll"
Qe to poor te,rr<oin for tulks. In1'. urop. en ofJ. b: 1/67 t.o cl<.x l<p
town & tanks continued on to north towura "Oyster" J.)uring tile
movement to "Brim" Wld l'Oar" AlT fire receiveo. by both Ens. fruit let't & r:igllt
flank. Tht> Regtl Fvl'd CP forw{:rCi to Hem.. erdeu (F,'OU8J;:::) c.t U5UL.j.. At
0737A worw receivt:>ci. l'ronl cub pli.tIles th<.:.t l. elleluy tEiI'.ks <.:.C.VU1Clnt; S.Vi. to\\u:d
this toy,n. l\ir cal..l.t:d for on tLuks & 1/67 l.'rrlereci to b ,.ck t:. ct.ion of:
T.D.IE & section 01' 76mm tLnks. Air knockt::d out 3 of 4 ta..ks. At t:u..e of
tois 6Ction report recuiv -<1 of: armor coming into "Pike" frcm r; & 1/67
ordered to return force to npike". Check by air pre ved this rt!port to 0..: in
error so 1/67 continued attack 1I0yster
1/67 got to ot-jective
"Oyster" in fairly short order & wuitt:>ci. i'or infLlltry to ClEWl OLt town.
assistl:ld in c]earing town & then lJUf::ut::d on N. to "E'hark" to seCure bridp; l.)ver
c&naJ. at lit 1140A 1/67 reportoo "Oyster" cleu- & "'ab oruert'U to
proceed to & nttempt tu secure crossing of Cblull to E. 2/67 rosition.
Both bridges were found to be blow. Eng I S were brought up to buBu trLClQW<.Y.
In meantime 2/67 pushed infantry cancl & secured bridgehead OVt'r it.
Bridge completed at l8l5J\ am 2d Bn started li.Cl"Oss. 1,67 orderea to follow
2/67 but orders charged before crosdngcould be made by 1/6'7 for attook to
halt & commence again at 2300A with infantry under 1/41 control leuding. -':'/67
reached before beirg halted (ag am of: miles)
a. Person el Combat Efficiency: 97%, tank crew reinforcementE rcquirl.)d TI.
b.Casuelties: KIA 1 Of:.l. IIGnco, 5 E.M. "F" Co, 1 I.PI.. liD" Co
WIA 4 E.Il. nOli Co, :s E.N. Hq Co 1st Bn, E.fl!. IG II Co 5 6.iM!. "F" Cc
c. Prisoners: 55
f. SUp!'Jy: Rfttions - Entire Regt drew "K" rutiuns excupt Hq &: M...i.llt Co urey; 1If.1I
AJnmo: Vehicle bELsic 108d complote, aJIlo...o. tnlCKs 90% loaded.
Gas & au: Vehicl'lar tulles full, fuel trucks Go1, lOLlded.
d. Roads - Seoolxi8l7. roads, muddy with l'irm base.
GENERAL. Information received tout S, Curtiss O. GIllSs of: liD" Co rl'cuived
battlefield ap.l,ointment as Lt.
~ t :
.}-.!;: ~ <
~ -
APO t'.52, U. S. Army
i:: March
Maps G.E-.G.S. 1/50,GOO, Sheet No. 18.
1. c;NE!IIY.
a. Units in Contact: No new identifications.
b. Reserves: As listed in Div. G-2 periodic report dated 1 Murch 45.
c. Activiti,v: Enemy continucti tc dei'end V/.J.. tb dug-in infCllltry l.ith and
smalL bl"InS. Artillery 1'iro was moder<lI'ely heavy on nreas iwnleuic..teJy bdlind
the lines Elld heavy on 1'orward elemonts. Direct fire was recoived from woous
at F242970. Enemy resistance seemingly incrtased past :;:4 hOlJrs. Enemy
pl.;;nes were over area il.t 0730A.
d. Estimate Strength & Material Mews: Omitted.
e. Conclusions: Enemy wlll continue to dei'end and dellq our advance to the
north CIlld to the Rhine. Resistance wil.l continue in the 1'orm 01' combat tei.llDS
composed 01' remunents of several tactical units wnich continues his
e1'1'orts to evacuate his intact forces across the river.
a. Front Line: From A250002 to A2Ei0002.
b. Location 01' Troops: 1/67 C.P. at At'.60015 ill Eosinghaven, (A2l::5001); 2/67 C.P.
at .A260015; C/702 T.D. CP in Osterath (F227972).
c. Int'o. Adjacent & Supporting Troops: Other CC"E" Troops.
d. Operations: 1/67 rema.ined in Holzbuttgen (F"i:l.2920) on south side 01' Nord Cunal.
2/67 had adva.ced to F221945 be1'ore halting. Orders received from CC"E" e.t
a.pproxiIllately 2000A 1 March 45 for night attack. Oruers issueu for groUpll
o all In1'. Cos. 01' 1/41 under C.O. 1/41 1'or attack to cOmIllonce at 230uA and
to continue to 0400A. "A" Co attached to 1/41 for attack & I(l" Co rf-lturned to
control 01' 1/67. 1st & 2d Bn on CI.lert stat-us for move tc support 1/41
after 2300A. In:f mode attack during night Uld advanced to sCiuthern out.dtirts
of "Lellion (F250980). 2/67 ordered to advance at 0700A to "Peach (re
ported taken by infantry) for attack on Lemon (F250980). By OaOOA 2/67 reached
edge of woods just west of "Peach" and received report fOrom 1/67
that enemy had road block in edge o woods covered by AlT gun. Permission
granted fOor force to advance d.irect to "Lemon". 2/67 got direct AIT fire i'rom
"Lemon" when halt'-way from "Ap,lJle to Lemon". Mk Vi tank r.'portea aug in at
1'245983, AlT fire received .from 1'235987. At 1040A, 1/67 reported 01'1'
for "orBllge" (F230005). Leading Co got dirt:ct fire from "Lemon" I:Illd hau to
swing to the west to avoid fire. Terrain bad due to streams. Inft'.ntry pushing
1'orward to cJ.ear woods just S.E. at' "". 2; 67 se t patrols into "Lemon".
Patrols reported there but later reports indicated they were
doned. Town secured at 1545A. No great opposition received except for artil
lery ire. 2/67 started N. on (11265015) shout 1430A. By
l500A were way to new objective, got considerable arty. fire. "stonks laid
on " Town cleared by l8l0A orders iS5ued 1'or 2/67 not to pUSh on 1'tiZ'ther
1/67 pushed through "Orange" with tanks but could not clear out snippers until
Inf. finished clearing out woods. Jnf in1shed clearing the town b 1700A. 1/67
pushed on to N. to secure next town but stopped br AlT ire. Both elements
consolidated for night at their locations.
a. Personnel Combat E1'ficieDCy: 95%, tank crew reinforcements required 118.
b. Cc..sua.lties: 1 March 1945. 1 E.M. 'G" Co died of wounds received28 Feb 45. ! EM
Hq Co 2d Bn KIA. VIlA 1 m "B" Co 1 Off. 1 W.O. 1 EM Hq Co 2.d En S EM "Gil Co
S JI:M "A" Co 2 Maroh 45. KIA 2 D1 "A" Co. WIA 7 EN Ren Co. 5 EM "A" Co.
c. Prisoners - 12 EM '
1'. Suppl.Y: Rations: Entire Regt drew "1(11 rations excopt Hq, Sen, & Maint Cos arew
NaIllO: Vehicle basic load 90% full, 8DII..O trucks 85% 1'ull.
Gas & Oil: Vehl.cle tanks 1'uL, fuel trucks tully loaded.
Q. Roads - Secondary roads muddy witb firm base.
4. Glt:NERAL: Vehicles - Med tanks 1'c;,r duty 85%, 15% in 2d and 3d echelon mliA.intenance.
Light til.. ks for dUV 96%, 4% in 2d and 3d ecLelon maintenance.
All other vehicles i'or dUGr 97%, 5% in 2d 3d echo maint.
3 M!.Ich
G.::'.G.S. 1/50,000, Geri,', Sheet No. 17.
1. t.N,E.W
a. Units in Contact: No n(;w ia.,
b. Reserves: As listea in Div. periouie report outed :Ij,x. 45.
c. .Act.i.vit,}': EnElI.,," rt,::;istanee continued to ... ight ;;' tIlt:; of the
brea in the vicifJ.ty (Jf Krefuaoj.'lUIJ 6 Krcl'ddLinn. Rob.d bloct::; v:l..l'e rt:
IJort{;;d ut & .A;:!65960. Artillery was on forward elelllents but;
les::, on r",ar in::;tcilht..i.onc tnan in previous 24 hvur perlOU. A fuur man
fatrol frum Hcn/67 ,;ent frum our rOlla block to Rhine at 1276975. Saw
ab<Jltioned trencI:es on tois siae LA. d .t'rt-sl. digging em levc<.:s on far :dde.
along route were surprised b.; of' patrol but were
fricndl.,y, A LuftVicJ.'fe ofi'ieer on leave surrendered to patrol. Bt..rge was
.f10utea. under bridge in what is bel.ieved to he Wl attempt to destroy f.;i;.ructure.
Res!.ll ts wr:,re not observt-.!d. Enel.IY plf:lnes l.l,ptared oVt;.r llI'ea twice during
geriod, Lut no hostile
d. E::.t.'-Wute <:l. i,,:.:.teriuJ. iJeu.ns: Omitteci.
e. Gonc1USJ.ons: C/ A till::; side of rivtr, no longer lJrobcllle but iso.. ,.ted 1'0ckets
ma;! cuntinue to rt;sist harrClss. Enemy nO'i. will probLb]y concentrate 1'urces
to any bridgcnE;;<.i.d .!e IiW.Y estoblish.
2. OlIN :,:,lTU;,TlON
a. Front Line: From .A226U15 -
b. Locc-.tion o.f Tr0011s: 1/67 GP in Bodnghoven 2/67 GP in Krei'dd
Rheinhuen 1/41 Strunl; Ren 67 Bouf;:rt "G" Go.
702 T.D. in Bosingr.oven (K2::::6016).
c. Info Adjacent & Troops: Other GC"IJ" 'l'ro(JjJS.
d. Operatl,'ns: Orders receive'd from Ge
E" at 0 Be for attack tilXlDg night 01':2.-5
Trcop list ch<.Jlged and 67th A.R. :force composed L.S .follows:
67th A.R. (-3rd Bn. & "GII Co.)
1st Bn. 41st A.I.R.
"C" Go 702 T.D. Bn plkts).
1 ph.t J/n9th Tk 13n (Rollers)
Ope.catbn:o; S'Jt up for Combat Command to attucli: at 02{J(,jl (lr;ter chune-:d to
05(;),A) tc bridges over Rhine Riv,;:;r. Attack to be made by 3/67 rdnforced i'ollowed
by 3d Bn Inf. (Reinf.) 67th A.R. Foree ord<:lred to remuin in same area prepared to
move on order .if. to secw.'; r,;,ght fla..'lk oi' Combat Regtl Fwd CP moved !'rom
Ostr:.!ruth to Bosinghoven (A2,:::6015) in new area ut 11::iOA. Ord,;;:rs re
ceived t'rom GC"B" about l:W,-,A for",nt o.nd attack on Uerdineen (.A2506). 2/67 order
ed tv j a.lp off I:1S suon as read,; to north :from "Squash" Nnnr-Latum (A265013) to
Uerdi gen (A2506) to make c'.)ntact '"ith friendly elements there. 2/67 junped off at
14l0A. At 1505A at contact made with G/41. C.O. 1/41
t,) asse411ble in "Lemon" as as possible. Force under cJntrol of
G.O. 1/41 consisted of "G" Co (.c Bn Hq closed in at 1535A. Ben/67 ordered to continue
to patrol the right flank of Combat Com and
&. ?ersonnel Combat Efficiena.y: 95%, tank crew reiDforcewonts required 123.
b. GasualLies: Ren Co. 1 1:;.\\ V.fIA 2 Mar 45. "A" Go. 1 1111 filA 1 Mar 45. Hq Go 2d Bn
2 EI/I ilIA 1 Mar 45. "F" Co 1 EM ilA 28 Feb 45. I(;n Co 1 EM WIA 2 Mar 45 4 EM IktlA
2 M&r 45.
c. 1
Rutions: Eiltire Rugt drew "K" rations except Hq.Serv.& drew "Bn
.Ainmo: Vehicle basic load complete; 8JIIJIIO trucks loaded.
Gas oc Oil: Vehicular tanks fUll, fueJ trucks fully loaded.
g. 8acund&.ry slightly mwd,;{, but with :firw base.
1 Off. & 7 1M left for 3 Paris rellreation trip.

Med tu.nks for Qut.:r 82%, 18% in 2d and 3d echelon
Light tanks for duty 94$, 6% in 2d !md 3d echelon maintenance
All other vehicles for duQr 97%, 3% in and 3d echelon maintenance.
1 ... \1' c:. l.A: J
_,"3 .i." . ,), .... -.:".i. ) rc'. 1; ';'G.
. ,,,.1(:. \. -,;lD: ,_.;;:; i
1.'.; ..', ': ' c . , c1-,.:;" .- . .... - '.
'... .t oJ ':'''1 .....'".. c _.:.".1::.' 1 L.
... 2 J;')(.lt ;;. .. 01..',.
.. 1.:.-. ..: '-,' O'v ...... ':',' . "t. : .... ,', ::''''/J:
-, "\
) i
, 1
3-;:,:" 'j;'-'
, .
( - .....
tj. .:.. \.J .'
, .
. :',1'.'
" ,
_, )rt;-
: .
-:' .. I" ... .. ". to
.1.. ',.., . I -.-
-'l'" .J .. : ., -I.,:'.' '.:--;: .. ;'1 r.,C"- I' '.1\ ,." '-'i' ,'.- .. -
...";: ',_ J,. __ - : ..1 '. 1.. " ; - ..!: ., "" I \T,' : ., _ .. :. ' ... , ,J, v .... 'J ..
: ... .,.? ',_.' :::,:i:1-: -.-ri' ..t .";.;.. 1.' ./. 3/::? n:.t:cr hele
11.:',.) .;,lc.' (;:i;,; ... J.LV ':1.:00 ::;1 <:'. :::.:.c'..:.:-. 1/(:,:7 GO) re
i;. :1'....1 .:,d Ll,.c:.(,d. 18 C :,(.:. ,l::; t; ,.1.. (/) r;: .. ":" .:-li::-,.;.c.d ( ....2OC1).
i.i... Jur.... - .:- __l ... :/4.1 ".<: ..
.; :I.',j, :j .. , J:..J .I."'. ,; .. 1':' ........ G .. 1' .... .i. l:'" . _.. ':.; J"' G_ '_";.,,:::'.
':;.;"'" .::' .. :'['1 t" CL"l' .(,., .... ;-:;::. r.. \_,'2(07)
LOU 1.-'0 , :;../,,-cn - ... :r;.;f.l(i - , .. L:; i',.:':. ..C ''.;
".. ' ........ .. 1/..2:1 .. t ... J1U, .. +; ' . .1,.) ..
GC'"J . .. l ){ .. :.:, 0.'1 ',jiLI.:,;] D-:'
C(J:I.. 0 U;j,:l3uv.l .. ht 2/G7 front
rc... ;;4!orf.... :.!J/':. e ni.)"tt.
J "" ",;, ::, ,., ..'._.1 ."t U.lC! y;at; co;r,pl'::lted by
uc:r..) 'La. . J:.. ..... i':l aoccrd.:?.::!.ce vr.tth
fr lJI' ,;')rt n. \i)". U.l.. i::,;s.... :\.'.l of
settin.:..; a1.
.'t'0c.'_r3 'locl(s :.. dis!:lountod
'it: t.i' ,:/G7 ..... ure. ';;'.:.8 .aliC:'IT'd fr.,];: frGllt line sootor D,:ld re
:,:lr:1 d t,o il1. L:'.tlk-Iat.\<, , c:lo:,:lo,; (I'U4:::;'L.. 1/G7 1'(!f'v, in
on or:jer tc ":'1.'.:.0' of ;-,h'.;
:.. oc! .. :r. 'J.r. <)'1.:; 'cf no f.)ll,,;'S; G7th ; ... "{. A227016; 1st Bn 67tl
,I..]'. 2nd ;:n , .'7tll .1. ..\2,32016; ,U:t J:'248293; ":::" Co 7C2 T.D.
:.,'2?'?;-Jlf); :{C:l .;0 A. .,"'2 .. 7r'lor on fol:!..o7.FS I
q C:t.h .\. 11:;11 .:::0 702 7.D. -n (- 3 :JJo.t.); 1/37 1st: '3n G7th t . (-G co)
( - 1 .. ,;0. )l:d:.) I' 2/67 2nrl :311 ,;'?th 'u ':. II ,,;I' C:O 'Ust 1/41 1 J. lI1 +
" _. _ .. 0 v AIR.
(-,\', COIS ) " 11::: 0 ut:.. ;3/037; y.b.t !Ie" 702 ".J. ?n, 1r.led. plat fro;:!
1/67, co, 1 07+.11 1 R.
3. ,\JY .....
a. I 1'30:1 Combat 95/.;, \;8.111-. cr:::w r.;hlforc:',' .nts req ,irod 132.
b. :;a8Llr.:tlti:..:GI 'Till. C0 1 .:.').r 45. 1 ..;:. Co ;;d :,1'1 ::; 7,ar 45. 1 orr
GO :5 ; 'e.r 45. 1 ...:' "1<'" ':';0 2 . U.r 15. 2';';; "F" :;0 :s ; ::l.r 45. 1 "!-'" Co. 1
".,.i" CO KIA 4 .ar 45.
c. Pris ouare I 8
f. 3
.:.'/.tltiousl 10;t draw 11K" ro:t"<,n:.: Gi:C': t q,3erv, J:ciat Cos drew"B"
APlJilOI uasic load cor:;,lt,te, !3.i:l;,O t fully londed.
Gas (C 0111 VE.hicular tanks full, f
101 trncks fully loaded.
g. J.oadsl Seoondary roads llluddy. but with firm basa.
4. G.... roc'3i vod that ... Sanford has been uJ?pointad 2nd Lt. IP:''l intoro::;atod 14 and 19 Dutch oivllb.ns. 1st Lt JameS A. 1st Lt
Lawrence And.;rson and 2nd Lt sahr4:ljJinGd +;('rcu(;;--. r>p1acGment ..als.
Riohard Ludeman joined on3 L:at'

" \
.......:;: _.--:; .....

t_k8 tor clutT 86%, 1,,, in 2d and Sd maintenanoe.

tt.DJCa .tor dutT 97". S" in 24 and 3d echelon ma.intenange.
All- fth1ole. tor duty 98%. 2%.1n 2d a.nd 3d echelon maiJ'li:ena.noe

. %9. -;,t.
67Th ID:;GTI.:-';;:'T
ArO 252, U. S.
5 1945
i:..s.t>S. J.S. ::-.S. 4fi07, 1/50,000, v. naan::, Sheet No. 18.
1. ::7.w,:Y
a. Units in conto.ota Hot in oontaot.
b. I AS listed in Div. G-2 Periodio 'Report dated 4 Har 45.
c. ActivitYI Enemy could still be on far bank bf Rhine (Vic.
A300008) late in period. Ron Co patrols reported sound of movem9nt of light track
ed vehjoles and artil13r:r p. eoes at OOOlA and s eme flarc,s during darkness. Two
prj.soners one from 23 Para. 8.?C from 454 BIl c,:"oased river
this nomine: bo surrender. Enemy were over area dur1ng per::.od. cne bomb
vm.s dron;:-:fld within 50 yards of OF at 1000l.. vio A,230l, killing one civilian
wounding sewn U.S. soldiers.
d. ..;;st1Jr.ate of stre:n:;th t I.;atorial l"eanss Omitted.
e. c1:J.ange.
2. 0",'[1': 317L'ATION
a. Front Linl.:, - ;Iot ill ountaot with enemy.
'b. Location of own Troops, 1/67 CP at F158878; 2/67 aP at F178896; 3/67 CP at
CP at F166894. ,
o. Info. Adjacent .:;, SUpporting Troops, Oth::.r CC"E" troops in assembly area south
of l':ord Kanal.
do Operat10ns, No unusual activity reported duri n.; th9 nif:)l. t exoept saae enemy
vehicular mOVel'llent on east baok of m:,ine RiVer and. enemy artillery firing. 3d.Bn
67th A.R. attacl16d to 67th A.R. effeotive l030A. "A" CO amd 00
41st .&. I.R. and 1 platoon "C" Co 702 TD En attached to 3d Bn at time ot attaGh
me'nt of th':S IIq. Billeting offioars (;: pal"ty fran 1/67, 2/67,3/67,1/41. Hq 67th
:l; '3.on/67 sent to CC"B" in mornine;. Billeting parties sc.nt baok to organization
later in morning beoause of ohange of plan. At l230A Rcn/67 relieved fran attach
ment t,o 67th A. Ro and to OO"B" in morning. Billeting parties returned.
1/41 ("B" Co) also attached to CC"B". "B" Co 41st r6ma1.ned attached to 2/67. At
approximately 1400.& billeting personnel ar:;ain called for by CO"B" & units plaoed
.on one hour alert. Rcn/67 started to r<3liew road blooks of 2/67. At l640A
orders reoeived for movement of 67th A.R. force starting at 1530.& at If at Stump.
Route of marCh StrumP. RJ A257970, osterath, Kaarst. Buttgen, asaembly area
vicinity of (Al80885). P..egtl CP closed at 1840,.. 1/67 olosed at
2l00,A,. 2/67 closed at 2l45A. The order of rr:arch '','/8,S Regtl Hq l'C Hq Co 1st BIl, 2nd
Bn & 3d BIl. .111 infantry, T.D. Eng&S attaohments relieved prior to start ot
march. :slocks were taken Over by RoD/67. Troop list as follows, TI:q &: Hq Co, 67th
.10 R. I 1st BIl, 67th A. R.; 2nd Bn 67th A. R. J 3d BIl, 67th A. L
a. Personnel canbat Effioienoy. 96%" tank orew reinforoements required 116.
b. QlLsualties. 1 EV "IIA Ron Co.
o. Fris onere, 6 D
f. Supply,
aaUons, Entire Begot drew "B" ratioDS
.-no, vehioular baa10 load oClllplete, ammo truoke fully loa4ed.
Ge.S &: 011, Vehicular tanks full, tuel trucks tully loa4ed.
g. Seoondary Roads audity, but with ibm base. .

!PO 252, U.S.
6 lIal"ah 1945
lIap. G.S.G.B. 4MJ?, 1/60,000, GerJIIa1V', Sheet No.
a. tDits:in Contaat: 11010 in oontaat.
b. He.erre.: As listed in D1v". 0-2 Periodio Report dated, 5 lIaroh 1946.
o. Ac't:lvi14r: No observed aotivity" in this area.
d. lCstimate c4 SVerwth " Jlater1al lIeans: )Jot apv11cab1e.
e. CoucluaioD.,: OJrdtted.
a. Pront Line: Rot in contact wlth eneDl1'.
b. Looatioll of 0'WIl troop.: 1/6? CP located 011 J'l&88??; 2/67 or located at
J'l788S6j S/67 OF located at J'l57859; IIdIlt/67 CP located at Fl58881j Ser. Co
at J'li4882.
o. lDto. Adjacent" Troops: other CO-B" Troops.
d. OperatloDB' Regiment (-Boll Co.) remaJned ill as.emb11' area 111 'V':lc1ll1V of
naiDeDbriohoh, GermaD1'. Dq devoted to mainteD.aPlla, rehabilitation, d1s
pers10ll and camouflage of vehicle.. Keating of BIl " Sap Co Co-.mders "
RcilDental Statf Officers held at C.P. at 1650.
a. PerSODDel. CoIIbat rJ.t1olenq: 9&., tank crew reiDl'oraements required 141.
b. Casualtle.: 1 Ell IIQ" Co., ilIA 28 reb 1 EM '0" Co WIJ. " liar .s, 1 IIa1nt
Co IlIA 28 Feb 45, 1 otf. -C" Co Wll 3 liar 45, 1 Ell "C" Co WIA 3 liar 45. 1 Ell
"I" Co WIA " liar 45. .
o. PrlsClIDersl None.
t. Sqlp13.
lations: BDtire Relt drew -B" ration
..,: Vehicular bade load ooaplete, 8PO tr...ka tull,y loaded.
Gas & OU: tanks tull, tuel tr...ks tull3 loaded.
g. Boads: J'irm.
4. G...AL. J:Dl1sted m8ll received pq tor PebrUU7 todq. Order. re.tr1otiDI oivU
lans to l1a1ts of homes were posted ln area oco14led b7 mU1tar,y per
SOIl el ofthl.s COlI aDd. Pas. eohedule to Valkellburl, BollaDd W&8 reS1aed
VDlICLES. lied. taUs tor dutT ., 1&. ill 24 and Sd echelon mamwwJDoe.
Ljght tanks tor dut, 97', _ 111 2cl ud Sci echelon IIa1nteDaDOe.
All other vehicles tor dUV 9., in 2d and Sd echelon ma1IltellaDOe.

. " . f _,' : " ....
( ,
__ _.: . ..:.i.I.::':".
1S 67Y-i .:.. :':";Cm::":';i:T
.iPO 252, 3. Arm:;
7 r. L'4:5
',$ :lay
traps i't.S.G.S. 4507, Sheet:'c. 18.
a. T'ntts in contact, "ot in contact.
b. 'Reservus, AS Hst,):! :n D5.v. :-:-2 :1e.t.c(: G :!rc;, lS4f:,.
o. Activity, Thore: has been no obs'Jrv:,.:c1 .lct:hri t:r :: n t:"" ar8(l
c1,'r:i n,,; r r:i.01. ";I,cn co/C7 report')d an incr ::n artillc,r:' ':-::-c; in
sector hold by that orr;anizo.tirm. hir)l.way L.\l:l:::-LatuD
waS Inttlrdiotuu sJ'rora.l the of 7 :.'arC:1..;:'s
reported us :tnt; barrack:; at A296:J83.
d. Estimate of strenGth :. I,:aterial J,;eans I Ctil ttcd. '
e. conclusions, ;0 change.
2. urn, SITUATION.
a. Front Line" Not in contact vri th eno711Y.
b. Location of Own 'rroops, :;:;0 ChEl:'i.,,6 from tJr. vi.:ws locat:'.un.
o. Info. Adjaoent SUpportin:; Troops, Other CC"r." '.i'roops.
d. CperfJ.tions, The Reciment co) rUf.aincd in assEJmbl:' f .. rea in ei'
Kleinbroich, G.rma.n:.r. All or,.,anizations davot':!d the t.o l;!11'. ntenaLcC M'U
rehabilitation. All canpnnics COl-;.::lucted ODe hour i.nstruction in
zation with civilians.
Road blocklS establisht,ld of 6-7 p,S follo;s I 1/67-182857 j
2/67-203891; 3/67-195861. Bloc;cs consistod c:- two rnedit1nl to.n1<,'3 0f..<;J.lo ;':0<.,;
patrols made at nit;ht over I.:,ain roads in CC"B" area co:rtucting 41st ut
1789903 every othsr hour and C':;"An at 162859. 5 rutrols
plannod for duration of stay in this e.ssembly area. Throe l..vlium tu.n;,,; \iith
76 rnm guns from 2nd En. attachod to Rcn Co. for use on blocks :.11 secter
alone River.
... Person:1el canbat Effioienoy, tank crew reiuforcmaents necdfld 141.
b. Casualties, None
o. Pri s one rs ,
f. Supply,
Rations, Entire Regiment drew "B" rations.
jJn!r.o. Vehioula.r basio load oanplete, a1l1'110 truoks fully lOlld'3d.
Gas & Oil, V",hicular tank:; full, fuel trucks fully loaded.
g. Roads, Firm.
4. Gii:NiRAL. Meeting; was held of tary .A,ffairs Officers of 1ei,;i ant und Bat t. ali. on
Officers at Civil Affairs Office CC"B" to disouss civil problEillS in t'.'Lis location.
VEHICU:S. Medium tanks for duty 87%, in 2d and 3d echelon
LiGht tank:;; for duty 96;1., 4% in 2d a.nd 3d echelon main -,c,;nnnce
.All other vehicles for duty 98;;, 25'; in 2d and 3d echelon rluintenullco
67'lS Am:'0RED
APO 252, U. S. Army
8 lLarch 1945
!l':aps G.S.G.S. 4507, 1./50,000, Germany, Sheet 1';0. 18.
a. Units in contact, Hot in contaot.
b. Reservos, AS listed in Di v. J-2 Per:'odio Report dated 7 1945.
c. Activity, ho observed enemy activity in area d1lrinE; period. Civilian popUla
tion is apparently canp1yinr:: with all direotiv(;ls as to their conduct and on
the whole Seem quiet and oooperative. One Geman soldier in civilian clothinG
and two suspacted Gel'lJlao soldiers vJere picked up in vicinity of Fesch and were
turned over to the C. I. Co
d. Bstimate of' strength :; Material Ueans, DIdtted.
e. conclusions, Omitted.
a. Fron:; Line, l;ot in contaot with '9nemy.
b. Locat'on of own Troops, A.s previously reported.
c. Info. A.djaoent ,,.; Supporting Troops, Other CC",," Troops.
d. Operations, The (-Ron co) remained in assembly area in vicinity of
trleinenbroioh, Germany; Ron Co remained attached to COttB" and continued to
hold down seotor of front alone the Wd.n:J River.
Th9 day 'NaS dsvoted to continuation of maintenanoe work and re
habHitation for all person!1el.
Trainint; schedules reoeived fram all BIlS. and Sept Cos. for
training to start on 9 March 1945.
a. Personnel CcrnM.t iSfrioienoy, . 95%. tank crew reinforcements required 122.
b. casualties, llone.
o. Enemy Prisoners, None.
f. Supply,
Rations, Entire Regt drew RB" rations.
Vehicular load oomplete, ammo trucks fully loaded.
GaS (, di I. Vehicular tanks full, fuel truoka fully loaded.
g. Roads, Muddy but firm.
4e GENERAL. Regimenta.l theater opened today showing three movies a day for troops.
Red CroSs Donut was at the 1st Battalion. Shower available to men of the
Regiment. One officer reinforcement and AU fonner members of the organization
asgd to this or[:;anization 7 Maroh 1945. .
wraCLES. Fed. tanke for duty 86%. 14% in 2d and 3d eohelon maintenanoe.
Light tanks for duty 97%, 3% in 2d and 3d echelon maintenanoe.
All other vehioles present for duty 97%, 3% in 2d and 3d eoh1on maint.
Regiment drew 3 new 1i!4&3 88 medium tankAI with 76mn i,"UJ:?8
. .
:l... 67'J.':-'.. &!.(z:c ";1:'
})Pc. 252 # :'i. '3.
9 hlaroL1
1. ::.. ..
b.. ;;nit:; ia ',;ontac'\;, :,ot in contact.
b. "',JScrv',s, AS lisi;ud in Jiv ? !r] odic .aeport:; dated 8 1945.
c. :.0 obsGrved ac-/;"v',ty ill 'cile area. RCn CO/67 in j?osltion along
v....Jst bank of' 'l".:ne r.;ported deorease ill lila SI.1OUnt of enemy artillery fire
:md lit,tle activity is reported on east bank of one enemy C.p. was
reported destroyed by our artillery fire. F6ur German solaiers in oivilian
olotid:1.L tUrnr,d in at G7th A.R. cae;e.
d. of stren:.;th .': Laterial IEeans, Onitt.Jd
e. conclus' ons,
2. cr
a. l"ront Line. :':ot in contact th 'memy.
b. 0:, .,r Ovm Trooj?s s ..\,5 prevj:J1lS ly roport3d.
c. :cuf'o. \C' ,'it . ne; ':'roops I ether Troops.
-1. ':l.t'\" r 'tis ; 'Jbar to partially cloudy.
(>. (,'ur o:)oro.Gions pl3r ods -'1.on) romained in a.ssembly area. J.C!\
'x. ni;:,:u ,,:;. tl; "j,. f 8.1011,.; 1)',s Rivc;r. 1st nn train:ing
jsi;; of cr3W dri.l::' 'lnd E:mr:sr:' critique of past operat'.an,
aircraft identif adjustment of arty fire and athletios. 2nd:an de
voted day to arijl.:,si:<r3nt of arty fir and athletics, crew drill and
iiw,:at., aircr'lft idlH:'C:;.fication annored vc=;hicle reco:;nition. 3d Bn de
'wced dCJ.J tv "Jhysical cO;lJitioniLlt;. crew drill, armored vehicle recognition,
orioatc..t:'oll (G-2 r<>ports) ana The sopara.te cCl.lpnnit';s
tre.inin;; ;. :;:,'/';., t,h:'Jsical conditioning and orientation.
3. ALI.. ..
a. ?ers o!1.ael Combat oienoy. 95;'- Tank orew reinforcements reqllired 110.
b. Gasual tics
c. Prisont::lrs,. 4 Cierx::an soldiers in civilian clothes picked up in list Bn
area and turned into PW cage.
f. Supply.
:lations, ..;ntiro Ha;;t drew IIBII re,t1.cns.
Amno. Vehicular basic load complete. wnmo trucks fully loaded.
':';as:,; Oil. Vehioular ta"nks full, fuel truaks tully loaded.
c. Roads. 'Road net work Regtl area 1s very good. Seoondary roads muddy
,'Ii th finn base.
4. GENERAL. PaSS trip for Paris left today. quotas alloted for reoreation trips 'to
valkenburg, "tolland and Hasselt, Belgium. A U.S.O. Show was had at the Regtl
Theater in addition to the 3, regularly soheduled movies.
I j,{ed tal1ks for duty 92%. 8% in 2d and 3d echelon maintenanoe.
Light tanks for duty 95", 5% 2d and 3d echelon maintenanoe. .
All vehicles for duty 2% in 2d and Sd echelon mainten811Cle.

, /t
.. _____
APO 252. U. S. Arrr.Y
10 l.:ar ch 1945
I;:aps G.S.:.5. 4507. 1/50.000. . Sheet ;:;0. 18.
1. E:Tu.Y.
a. Uui ts in contact, in contaot.
b. RtJserveS, AS listed in Div G-2 periodio ::t,-port dated 9 t:aroil 1945.
c. Acthrity, obserVtJd activity in t:1is area. Ron eO/67 in posit:"on along
west bank o the 1tline rldported decrease in the amount of t:.nemy artillery fire
and little activity is reported on east bank of Rhine.
d. conclusions, Ho change.
2. SI'n!ATIOIl'
a. Front Lino. rot in contaot with. enemy.
b. Location of own Troops, AS previously reported.
o. Info. Adjaoent '. Supporting Troops. Other CC"E" Troops.
d. OperaV ClUS. RegiJ'nent (-Ron co) remained in assembly area in the vicinity of
Kleinanbroioh. Gennany an'i oontinusd preparation of men and vahichs for future
ope ro:t;i ons. Ron Co continu"d to hold a def8nsi va sector alan,; the Rhine niver.
1st Bn crmducted traininG consisting of crew drill. 1st aid traininG. interior
guard duty. orientati on. airoraft id'3ntifics.tion. a.djustrr..ont of a.rtillery fire
rminiena,l1ce and athlet.ics. 2nd En conducted train .nr; cons isting of arew drill
and r.laintenanctJ. coniit;oninG and an ored vehio1e i!ientifi
oation. 3d En conduoted tra:i.nint;; oonsisting of physical conditioning. orew
drill and gunnery. airoraft identifioation. orientation (I (" R) and maintenanoE'
The separate conduoted trainin
consisting of crew drill. orient&tion
first maintenanoe and physioal oonditioning.
a. Personnel combat 95%. tank orew reinforoaments required 104
b. casualties, ;!one.
o. Enemy Fris oners , Hone.
f. Supply,
R&tions, Entire Regt drew "B" rations.
jJnmo, Vehioular basio load ocmplete, anmo trucks .tully loaded.
Gas &: Oil. vehioular tanks full, fuel truoks rully loaded.
g. Roads ,Road net work wi -thin Regt area is very good, seoondary roads JIIQddy
firm base. .
4. GBDRAL. :5 Offioers and 43 enlisted men 'le1't today tor 72 hour pass in Rasselt,
Belgium. This trip inoludes one day in !rUssels. I Officer and 14 enlisted
men went to vallcenburg for 48 hour passes. considerable time 18 spent on
military govermnent affairs.
VJmlaIaS. Med tanks tor dUty 94%. 6" in 2d and. Id eoh.10ll maintenanoe.
tight tanks for duty 2% in 2d &nd 3d echelon aaiDtenanoe
.All ather vehioles for duty 99%, 1" in 3d 3d eoh.1OA maintenance.
67T"rl AU,O Rill RIDI i>Ui:ia'
ArO 252. U. S. Army
11 March 1945
Map s G. S.G.S. 4507, Sheet 1';0. 18.
a. UIli t s in Co ntac t: No t in Co nUl.ct.
b. Reserves: As listed in G-2 Periociic Report uated 10 l.farch 1945.
c. Activity: N:I observed actiVity in this area. Bcn/67 in position alOIG
west ballk of Bbine report a deei4ed increase ill artillery barrages, but
no casual ties ra")orted. Late in the afternoon a Cub Observation Plane was
sho t down by an enemy plane. The ambulanc e hastened. to the sc ene 0 f the
crash and fouDd bo th occUpants dead.
d. Estimate of Strength & Material Means: Omi. tted.
e. Conclusions: :No change.
2. o':m SI1UATION.
a. Front Line: lbt in contact with enemy.
b. Location of own Troops: As -previously reported.
c. Location of Adjacent 6. Supnorting Troops: Other CJ"E" Troops.
d. Operations: Ret (-Ben Co) remained in asselllbly area. Sunday schedule of
Church services, rehab11i tation aull recreation c:)nc!.ucted duri ng the da,v.
3. ADl-turr STRATIVE.
a. personnel Combat Efficiency: tallk: crew reinforcements required 105.
b Casual ti e s: 1() ne
c. Elemy Prisoners: None.
f. Supply-:
Rations: Entire Regt drew II]. rations.
AmIIlo: Vehicular basic load
Gas & 011: Vehicular tanks
co q,l ete, II.IIlIItl trucks fully loacied.
full, fuel tru.cks fully loadea..
g. lOad netlooOrk: witnln the regiment area is very good. Secondary roads IIllddy
wi th f1 rm base.
4. GEl'l'EEALa Division General Order received the Silver Star Medal to 1st
Lt Joseph D. Stene Jr (PostbllJlt)US); Capt Rosenblatt; 2nd Lt Pendleton and 2nd
Lt Glass. Soldiers l'1edal awarded to Pvt James Binion. Ere m. e t;tl1.l"
ded to 1 Officer alld 16 1. Relie:ious servics were held.
Ned taMS for 93%. 7'), in 2d and 3d echelon lIk"l.intenance.
Light tanlcs for duty 98%. in 2d and 3d echelon mainteIlBnce.
Allo ther vebicle: for duty in 2d and 3d echelon maintenance.
I .
/ '
67i'li AlM)liED
go 252. U. S. Arll7
12 March 1916
'rAPS G.S.Go.S. 4507. l/f}IJ, 000 , GerlllB.ny. Sheet No. 18.
1. ENlHY.
e. Un! ts in Oontactl 10 t in contact.
b. ReserTes. As listed In G-2 periodIc report dated 11 March
c. Acttv1t:n lb obsened act1TitT in this area. Rcn/67 on lin. on vest bank
of tine reported considerable arttlle!'7 fire night, but DO oaSll&l..
tIes were reported.
d. Estimate Strellgth & Haterlal OmItted.
6. 00llClusions: )bne.
a. Front Linel lib t In contact wi th enem;y.
b. Location of !roOPSI U prerioualT reported except ll:n 00 DOV at J'173S96.
c. Info .Adjacent &: SupportlJlg !roopea Other OOulII TroopS.
d. Operations: Regiment remained in aSlambly area. and continued tra1zliIlg in
preparation for future combat operations.
1st lin coDiucted tr&1n1l1& conB1stiJlg of crew drill &, platoon tactics,
instructions on 50 cal. )LGo. lllaintenance & pbysical comi tioniIlga
2nd Bn conducted traini.Qg consistlng of adjustment of artT. fire for
NCO's, orientation, crew drUl & guIlDerI', information &0 education, IIa1nt
enanc. and com! tioDlZW;.
3rd Bn conducted trainiIlg consistlI1g of ph1'sical coDditloniIlg, crEIW
drill, al rcraft lei enti f'1 catio n, chapla.1na conferenee, 01'1entEJ. tion & maint
Ren 00 val relieved f'l'om mhslon ot hold1J1g down portion ot line
the Rhine lil ver at llOOA. The Jlt)ved to new as..mb1y ar_ &, devo ted
balance 0 t the day to .1nteZlance & rehablli tation.
Regtl Hq 00, serT, & Co'. dnoted dq to tratniug con8istiqr; of
orew drill. aircraft identi fication, laintellance. physical 'condl tioniIlg
andchapla1ns conterence hOur.
3. A]J;lINIST:RA!l.'IVi.
a. PerlOnnel Combat Jltf':lci8DCTI tank crew reintorcements required 102.
f. Supply.
lations. l:Iltire Regt drew uB rations. Clgarettes rations vere ellO
Vehicle basio load ammo tracks full.T loaded.
Gas &, 011. Tehieular ta.zlk8 full, fuel trucks fully loaded.
g. 3)ad8a Pri-17 roads in ace11e1lt coDdi tion, secoDdarT lOad. dr71. up
aDd in good coDli tiona
4. GJIlDAL. lIrig. Gene COLLIE vas tocla7 to avarcl the 811",.1' Star IIedal. to
the 1b11ovi. ottloers aDd eD1.istecl 11_ - Capt Albert lb8 _la" - 2114 Lt Philip
O. PemJ.eton- 2l:1d Lt oa.rtis o. Glass - S/Set"Jack D. DJolllplOn- Klehae1 A.
S/Sgt ..,lOn allO reoeiTed the OLO to the SU",er Star. 2 Omcera .
&, 14 wieted II8Il went CIlpas. to Talkenb1US. BollaZld. 25 LX. lett tor a 118 I
ll1ur etaT at the ArIV' BaIIt Oenter at lterJcnd... BollaDd..
'YJl:iICLUa Ked tut:s tor du. in 24 u4 34 echelon -.intenance.
Light -..s tor dDt7 9 in 24 aDd 34 echeloa -s.ateDallO
.All other ",ehlel" for dDtT 24 aDd 34 echeloa -.!nta:I&DCe.
HEAD.,U;..ETl!:RS 67Th Ah.()Rhl) RmIl..&JT
APO 252, U. S. Army
13 lo.1arch 1911-5
Tuesday G. 8.0..::.. 450-(, l/r;o,OOO, Sheet IS.
1. EI'E,:,Y.
&. Uni t., in Contact: Not in contact.
b. Reserves: AS li sted ill Di v. G-2 periocli c dated 13 March 1945.
c. Activity: observed activity in area during period.
d. Estimate Strength & Material Means: Omitted.
e. Conel usions:
a. Front Line: Not in contact wi th enemy.
b. Location of Troops: As previously reported.
c. Info. Adja.cent & Troops: Other celiE" Troops.
c. Operations: The Regiment remained in asaelnbly area ill vicinity of Klein
broich, tTermany and. contiIDled training 6: for future combat.
1st Bn cooc.ucted training consisting of cre,., drill, Informe.tion & edu
cation lecture, vehicle identification demonstration, aircraft identification
adjustment of artillery fire, maint. & athletics.
2nd Bn ccnducted trainiog consistiug of orienta.tion, first aid, platoon
tactics, crew drill & guru:..ery. radio school for tenders, maint'& physical.
condi tioning.
3rd En conducted training conSisting 0 f physical co nii tioning, crew
drill, first aid, 1;c;.CtiC8 problem, orientation & maintenance.
Ren Co spent day on maint. & rehabilitation of peroonnal Upon return
from the front lines yesterday.
Serv, l;iliint 8: Hq Co's cona.ucted consisting of I & E
trainirag, physical concli maintenance & crew drill.
3. Arm l:1I STRATI VE
a. Personnel Combat Efficiency: 9510. tank: CrEl'd rmnforcemenh required 107.
f. SUpply:
Bations: Entire drew liB" rations
.A1Ilmo: Vehicle basic load ammo trucks fully loaded.
Gas & Oil: Vehicular tanks full, fuel tacks fully loaded.
g. Ibads: Primary roads in excellent condition, secondary roads drying and
in good condi tlon.
4. GEl(ERAL. One Officer & 6 eIllisted men left their organization for return to the
Un! ted States on rehablli tation furlough. The officer was Capt. George D.
lbre, C.O. of liE". We also received an additional quota of 5 enlist
ed men to return on March 19th 1945. PasS trips contimed to go to variO'WI
towns. Today 3 officers & 1.'3 enlisted men left for Hasealt, :Belgium.
VEHICLES: 14ed. ta.nks for duty 4% in 2d and 3d echelon maintenance.
Light tanks for duty 98%. 2% in 2d. &Dd 3d echelon maintenance
.All other vehicles for duty 98%, 2% in 2d and 3d echelon e.
67TH Aiu,.oRID BlIJIHi::i'IT
APO 252, U. s. Al'my
14 March 1945
)laps G.S.G .5. 4507. l/r:P.OOO, Germany. Sheet No. 18.
&.. Units in Contact: Not in contact with enemy.
b. Resenes: As listed in Div. G-2 periodic rEJIort dated 13 March 1945.
c. Activity: No observed enemy activity in area period.
d. EstiDate of Strength & material means: Omitted.
e. Conclusions: No challge.
2. Ol'rtl SnUAi'ION
a. :ft"ont Line: Not in contact with enemy.
b. Location of TroOl)s: As preV'iou81y rEported.
c. Info. Adjacent & S"4>porting Troops: Other Cd'Bn " 'l'roo'!Js.
d. Operations: Regiment reJ!l8ined in asse.nbly area in vicinity of Kl.elnenbroich.
anO contilllled prepamtion of vehicl es and personnel for future
op eratio ns.
1st Bn conducted trainiJlg conEd sting of crew drill. platoon tactics
(atu ck on villages). aircraft identi fication, ad.),1stment of artillery fire,
!lIaJntenance and athletics.
2nd :Sn conducted training conshting of ci.ellXlnstration of 1st aid in com
ba.t, orientation-G-e reports. plbtoon tactics, crew drill & gunnery. infor
mation & educ8.tion lectures, maintE.>.na.nce, & phySical concii tioning.
3rd Bn conducted tre.in1Ilg consisting of physical conc'.iticniDe. crew drill,
combat 1 at aid. aircraft identification, me.intena.nce 0; athletics.
(l) devoted day to maintenance, rehabilitation & washillg vehicl es. An
after battle lecture given by a representative of OrJ'Jf'.
Regtl Hq Ckl. Serv 00 & Maint 00 conductEd consistillg of arat>red
vehicle recognition, orientation, IIIa1ntene.nce, 1st aid trai niqg , alW. athletiCI
a. Personnel Oombat Efficiency: ... tank: crew reinforcements required 115.
b. Ca9Ual ties: li>ne.
c. Enemy Prisoners, None.
f. SUpply:
Rations: J:Eltirc Regt drew"B" rations.
Ammo: Vehicle basic load coq,lete, aJIlln) trucks fully loaded..
Gas & Oil: Vebicular tanks full, fuel trucks fully loaded.
g. lOads: Prlma:ry roads in en:ellent, secondary roads dryiIlg up and
in good condition.
4. GF.NERAL. Information receiTed. that S/Sgt Orval Co and Sgt noank:
Gascish of lien Co have received battlefield appointments ae 2d L1 euteuants.
VncrCLES, Med taDks for duty 3% in 2d and 3d echelon lIIB.intenance.
Light tanks for duty in 2d and 3d eChelon maintenance
.AlJ other vehicles for duty !1}iI in 2d and 3d echelon maintenance.
67TE Aii.GF.l:U
252, U.s. Army
15 ,'.p..rCh 1
I'hlU' f'
n.. Uni ts in Contact: in \"i th ene:u:r.
b. :r:eserves: AS listed in Div. G-2 P<:rioct.ic i:<'l)ort of 14 'I.erdl
c. Acti vi ty: i,'o observed acti vHy in area c.h:rill(; 'D "rioei.
d. 2stiJIate of strt'.oe;th 2, ,.aterial Ql::itteti.
c. Oonc1usions: j'o r.e.
2. SI 'lU,ATIO H.
a. Front Lines: Not in contact ",itt, enemy.
b. Loca.tion of Cwn Trocps: AS previously l"t'-po::.ted.
c. Info. Adj:\r:ent &: Supportin,t 'J.'roC1ps: ether CC
j3n :l.'roops.
d. The rf!iJ;lent remaj,nEn in a.f'sE'I,)bJ.y area I:.r\. c::dinued tre.inill6
and I1l8.illtenance 1&'Ork.
1st Bn. c0nc:ucted trainiIig of ere" ,rill, or1 I & E
COll"wlllnic&tion school, llaintenance aI::.ri [thletic!1.
2nd Bn. ccoo'\X:ted ('osi of first aid lecture, orient-9tion,
platoon te.ctics, cre\', drill aIle gunnery, I C; :::i: trainl.l1;,
ical and. radio school.
3rd :Bn. traLliIlt, consistil!; of cclir,tLe"lics. crew ririll a..nd
gunnery, 1st. aiu, orientation. lJlEI.irltenaJ!ce anc'
Co. conducted c01;.Fistirg of .. drill. mUi tE-ry courtesy
and g1U!.rd d.uty, maintenance and ;,thletics.
Ree;t'l Hq. Co.
nt. Co and. :lerv. Co cor.ciuctC'c. trf-li ui1'l(7 Co hsi stil'l, of
crell'drill, IllaintellE'.nce, physical conriitioning a.uri orientation.
3. TEAT! VEe
a. Personnel (bmbat Efficiency: 95i'. Tank rcinforc reC'uiroo J.IG.
i>. Casuru. ti es: nee
e. P ri S) ners: l'b nee
f. SUpply:
Rations: Entire dr'9w IIB'I rotions
.Ammo: Veilicular basiC load trucks fu.lly loaded.
Gas & Oil: Vehicular tanks full, fuel trucks fully loaded.
g. Roads: Good cona.iti(1n as to lIecondary roacs, !Iri..-&a,ry roads in excellent
coneLi tion.
4. Usual recreutional facilities availa"ole for Ineu. received In
normal quaDitiee with a ccnsiderable lJsrcentBbe of llIail post U1Brked in ;llid

VE.:llCLJ!:S: ta.nk:s for duty 97h in 2nd &: 3rd. echo maillt.
Lie;ht tanks for duty 98i\lt 250 in 2d and. 3d echo malat
.All other vehicles for (tuty in 2d awi 3d echo
HEA,I. ....UARTERS 67:n1 AFJ['Rii:l)
2?2. U. S. Army
16 I'Arch 1),45.
!apfl G.S.G.S. 4507. 1/50.000. Germany. Sheet J:;o. Ie.
ts in ContFl.ct: ::b t in contact.
Reserves: As listed. ir. Div. G-2 Rr.:port dated 15 iiarch 1%.
Acti vi ty:,erved acti vity in area.
Estilllate Strellbth 8, !'l.'ltrlEJ. i' Omi ttd.
e. :bnclusions: Omitted.
2. ;;;ITUA'i.'WN.
Front Lille: in contect with enemy.
Location of Troops: As previously nportEiJ.
c. Info. cl Troops Other ee"]11 Troops.
Oper,-tions: '.i.he .REt;t rEmained in area and training
a.nd ulatntenance work.
1st En training col;f.isting of crew d-r-ill. map readiDg. v11en
tatbn. ,ltElpl"lin conference, maintf,nance G: athletics.
2nd Rn conducted. tra:inill6 ccnsistiIlt':, of nlat00n ttctics. Itt Aid Ct.;ns
c[lsut<.ltieF.). crew drill. officers school, mcl:atenance (,.; a.thIEtic.
3rd Bn c:r.aucted ccnEi:;tic<.:, 0::: calist;ienics. crew drill, map
real! i arm c; hand sif;nal s. 0 ri entati n, 1lIc-ll nt en.:a.!lC e J' a thl eti c s.
Rcn Q> tl'ainlrJE; cor.dsting of bJ.l3.clwut di sci-pline. iruiividual
protective meamu'es. crew drill. vehicle l'er'..oe;dtion, maintE;Mnce. &.I1d

h(J Co cOn01JCted trainjr..g conF.isting of crew drill, oriantation,
ai rcraft d. ti0 n, mai n tenanc e & a thl e ti c s.
Co conr:ucted trnir.diJE; of crew drill, aue. blackout diE
cinline. aircre.ft recot:ni tion, maint. & atJolctics.
Servo Co coruillCted trainir;E; con.sistillb of road march, fo: t tar'J courtesy. and lllDintenance.
3. A' :',J: .1: 51' R.'i. 7.[ VB.
a. Perronhel Comb'it Effi-eiency: crew reinforcelIlE'nts re,:uired 112.
f. Supply:
,FIB.tions: .&ntire Regt liB" rations.
Amro: VehiculFl.r basic loa.d complete, a.lllln) loaded.
Gas 0. Oil: Vehicular tanh,'! full, fuel trucks fully loaded.
c. :-Joads: .All are in .t:;ood condition.
GZi!Er&. di atribution waf, made tofu-IY.
Vl:.I::L:i!$: Lediu.m for duty in 20. & 3d echelon maintenance.
Light tClIlks for duty 1;0 in 2d and 3d echelon maintenance.
All 0 ther vehicles for in 2d and 3d ec.helon mainteaance
liiAIL."UA,RTERS 6 7ni .;.2...(; RED
.Army 252. u. 5
17 lI:arch IS 45
'<-'..J . C.S.G.S 4507. l/r:fJ.OOO. Gerw.any. Sheet lb. IS.
c . Uni ts in Inta.ct: l<lO t in contact wi. tc ener:.y.
b. Reserves: . As 11 <;ted in 0i v. G-2 Periodic dated 16
C. 2b observed activity in area duriIlb neriod.
.i:stL ate Strength & :4aterial "iennt: Omi ttl'rl.
e. Jonclusions: Omitted.
c. ..... " .... SI T'JATICN.
a. :5'ro nt Li n e: Ho t i. n cantar. t ,,1, th enemy.
b. 10 on 0 f C"JIl Troop s: previously r,!>ortoo..
c. Info. Adjac ent /:., 51.;;rportine. Trf'o-ps: Otl: er CG" E" Troo-ps.
d. Op6:-atbns: The regiment remained in assenibly area alli':;' continued. traini.rg
a.nd ij18intM.nce \>lOrk. A traini!\!,?; U'31i'()r<>n,Wll ",tt!'; publi she:l by this Hqs, this
d..,te, issuing orders for a series of tank-infantry combat for tr.e
tank battalil)ns of tids in conjunction 1t.rith battalions of the 41st
Itt 3n. coniucted tr,!lnir.06 of crell drill, lllc'lp rea(;iIlf:, Chap
lai n Co t, no n- frat erni za ticn revi e'... tenanc e e.nd a thl eti cs.
2nd:.m. conciucted. trainir.; '):':artUlerye4,justment. officer's
school, cre"t" cirill, Juair.teru,.nce and. atllletics.
3rd 3r.. ccnuucted training ('.onsi "ting of ere"l v.rill, tactics, maintp.r:<l.r.ce
of as saul t C;1.ll1, prErarral1ged rtar fires, uJap r.eadine;, arm and hand ri;n::ll s,
crienk.tioll, velLcular maillteIl8nCe, and athletics.
::len Co. COn(lucted trainirJ,\:: of 6rientati.on, crew cirill, :".irst
ci l ec tur e, and mai n tenanc e.
Service Go. training collsistill,',;; of orientation, cre.l drill,
r:la.i nt e.uanc e and a till eti cs.
he..'1.dr;ua rters Co. cou;cucted tr[>illing conristing of crel-' r:rill,
or]. entation, ma.intenance anG. at:c.letics.
:; ST:?.ATI VEe
3. Personnel Cbmbat Efficiency: 95/,. Tank crew reinfOrC!!lents rer'uired 119.

mtire R8bt drew IIBII rations
.A,.,:lIIO: Vehiculc;.r baslc load ammo trucks fully loaded.
Gas & Oil: Vehicular tanks full, fuel trucks fully loaded.
}bads: All roe.ris are in good condi tion.
4. Gl1TER.AL. 0 f 5 enlisted men Were sel ected for return to the United sta.tes
on reha.bilitation
V EEl GL ES: lled.ium tans for G.uty 150 in 2d and 3d echelon mcintena.uce.
Light t.9.llks for duty 99;'" in 2d and 3d echelon maintenance.
All other es for duty 96>, in 2d and 3d echelon maintenance.
APO 252. U. S. Army
.iap:::. G-.S.G.s. 4507, 1/r:tJ,OOO, Germany, Sheet lIo. 18.
a. Units in Contact: i:rot in contact.
b. Resel"'les: As listed in Div. G-2 Periodic P.E:port dated 17 iviarch 1945.
c. Activity: No observed activity in aree. _____________
d. - EstiJllRte Strength & l'laterial ioJ:ean8: Omitted.
e. Conclusions: None.
2. CV1T 5I illATIOlr.
n. :5'ront Line: in contact with enemy.
b. Location of Troo'ps: As previously reported.
c. Info. Adjacent & Supportill6 Tzoops: Other CO"3" Troops.
d. Op erationB: ReE;i1uent remained in assembly area. lUld. conducted Sunda:'
sohedUle constetl:og of church services, recreation and rehabiJi tetion.
3 :IIS'rp.ATIv.E.
a. Personnel Oouibat Efficiency: 9570. Tank crew reinforcements re<!u1red 11S.
f. SUpply:
Rations: Dlti re drew" 111 rations
.Amu:o: Ammo tl"lCks fully loaded, vehicUlar bacic load coap1ete.
Gas &. Oil: trucks fully loaded, vedclllar tanka full.
4. GEtf.ERAL. Church sel"'lices held today. 1 Officer & 50 enlisted men left for a I
hour staT at Rest CalIp operated in conjunction 1-1i th the 32nd General Hoapi tal.
VmICLES: l1ediu.m tanks for duty 99;<1. 1;11 in 2d and 3d echelon maintenance.
Light tanks for duty l;i in 2c1. and 3d echelon maintenance
.All 0 ther vehicles for duty 96%. 4% in 2d and 3d echelon maintena.ncl
HEI'.DIJJARTi.Jl.S 6 .A}i.;(, PJi;.) RIDI i:i::;T
.APO 252, U. ::; .Army
19 .-.arch .
l:aps, G.S.G.S. 4507, 1/50.000. Gel-many, ;;,heet 16.
a. Uni ts in t in contact.
b. Reserves; AS listed in Div. G-2 periodic r3nort dD.ted. IS Larch 1945.
c. ACti'lJ1.ty; observed activity in area c1_1.'.ri:'b 'Oeriod.
d. EStimate Strength & i'iaterlal Means, Omitted.
e. (l)ncl usio ns: None.
2. Oir.:::- SIillATICY.
a. Front Line; 1:0 t in contact- w:t th enemy
. b. Loc:,tion of Troops; As previously reported.
c. Ini'o. Sllpportillg Trcops; Other C,.:;1I3' Troops.
d. Operations; Regiment remained in aBseIilbly tl.rea in vicinity of Kleinen
broich, Germany a Ill' continued training & pre-Jaration fer combat. .
1st En conducted consisting of erc,,, urill. IllE::? reading.
ffit'! nt eDanCe &. a tl>.l ati cS.
2nd En concucted; condstiDg of adjust!!lent of a:rtilltll';)"
fire, orientation, cre\<! drill & gunr,ery. I i: E trainiIlb. maintenance <:::
athl eties.
3rd Bn conducted training consisti.Qg of nn:rsical coni.i tioning,
crew drill, interi ')1' guard. map readiQg. on entation. aircraft identi
f'i CR ti 0 n and mai nt e.
Hq Co conduoted trainir of bazooka trainirl6,
close order drill. orientation I & E maintena.
ce ce athletics.
Rcn. CO conducted traini!lb of dscussion of G-2 rq.orts.
crew drill, Illaintenance 0: athl etics.
0:> conducted train.tng com:istiIlg of pb'ysiCal conditonint;, (
cussion of C-2 reyorts. I & E trainiI?; 8- mr..illtenance.
l'iaint (l:) conducted trainillg consistiIlb of crew drill. aircraft
identification, interior guard cuty. 1IlP..iz:te;l[>..;."lCe and. athletics.
a. Personnel (bmbat Effici ency: 955;' Tank ere", rei. Lforcements rIO.. uired 120.
- Rations: Entire REg I t drew II ill rations.
A/llIl1o; Vehi('Je basic load alrui() trucks tully loaded.
Gas .go Oil: Vehicular tanks full. fu al trucks loaded.
g. }bads: All roadR are in excell ent cOlldi tion.
4. 71 members of this CorJliJand attended a U. S. O. show toany starril't';
Lily- Pons & Andre Ko stplonetz. 3 Officers ru1O. L!j enli sted men left fo r I
pass trip to Hassel t. Belgium.
VEHICLES: Hed tanks for duty 9770. 3% in 2d and 3d ech"lon IlI!intennnce.
Light tanks for duty in 2d sud 3d echelon maintenance.
All other vehicles for. dnty 97";' 3,; in 2d and 3d ecr. !!Ia:!.ntella"C?,
--------- .-------..
:1:2Al).TJ.A as 67 'lli Act.{) R;.:DI i
;,;po 252, U .::>. )J"rr.:T
2C j.arch 1945
';/ <in esdcw
1. DJI;y.
a. Uni ts in Contact: I'Tot in c'Jntact.
b. Reserves: As 11 sted in DI. v. G-2 Periodir. ;-:cport cin.ted l' ,larch 1945.
llctivi ty: :To ob!:"erved activi.ty in area riu'drlC -psricd.
6: .!eans: emitted.

Go nel usb ns: :TO ne.
2. G SI T''':-A'Jl::'
:?rr:: nt Line: tin c')l1tact th ene;o,y. in reserve status.
1oC.'ttion of ':':ro:ms: AS reoorted.
Info. Adjnrent .:' SUpr)orting Cth<=r C:;"3" Tro0l')S, ano. A.D.
Coerdtir:nc: .ilE! iI"lr,t contin11,d prugrarn of sUpervised coII:bat traini:':":': and
nrenarati'Ju for future co:nbat op<=rati:'ns.
1st ::9n crew driJl, gunnrry, I [ study, maintel'lanCe arlri
athl etics, A 8, G- (b' s. atterld ed trei: . '16 fillllS :.. n combat training subjects.
2nd Bl1 corol,ucted crew drill, crientation, main
tenance, -olato')n tactics, etc. TarJk: ele!;jentG ;)1 Con 11 ted tcmk-infalltry
problem wi t..'1 41st ..\JR. Comhat training films attended by pa.rt of the Bn.
3rd En CC'lC 11cted crew drill, fire oruel'S, m2.nes a.nd booby trar-s
training, vehilee identification, ;, li'<"':tilltpl'.allee, officers
tae ti
Ren Ch co nel. uc tsd di Ullount cd patr:::l, cr("M cirill. tacUcal prohI ems in
fire control, IlIaillteIl.l1ee. COIllpB,ny attended. corr.ibat trfl.lniIlb filrns.
:;':..1 nt OJ tndnir,.:;; &00. .KEbiLJE;ntal 2nd :;):0..
elo n maintene.nce.
OJ norillf.-l trninir16 am :lecessal",',' of venicl eS
:':0 r Toutine Rec;i,,jentcu. G.uty.
IiEgt'l Hq Co co ed. ai rerESt identi ii c:::.tic: n. map reacti rl, clo ce
orJ.E.-r '.. rilJ, ori entation, C'.thletic8, maintenance.
3. .A:O:.I .
e. P or so un tl Comoat Effiei encYI crew rei ufo requir'C'. 113.
f. Supply:
Rati-:ns: :hlntire REgt drew "B" ra.tions.
Ammo: Vehiel e c load compl e t e, amitO trttc:,: t fully loaded.
0il: Vehicular tatJc& full, fuel trucks fully loaded.
g. Ibads: All roads are in 8Xr;ellent condition.
4. GZ-rERAL. Pase trips departed today for Paris. France a.nd Valkenburg, !:blla.nd.
V:S::IJLE5: ;,edillm tanks for duty 96;.b, 4% in 2 c: rond 3d echelon maintenance.
Light tanks for duty 9S%. 1 %in 2d and 3d echelon e.
All other vehicles for duty 96;";' in 2d and 3d echo maintena.'1Ce.
- I

.. ,,":f"
., .-/
. '.

:r,EA,D 67T:1. Ail"lO Rl:1D I
4?C 252 U. s.
21 1945
ll507. 1/50,000, Ger1l1wy. Sheet . ..... IS
a. Uni te in Contact: i.'Tot :i.r. contact.
b. :::'esenet: A.S listed in !Jiv. G-2 periodic report dated ?O 1945.
c. Activity: :;:.0 observed actjv: t:-r i.n period.
d. te stre!ltr. t .aterial ;'j(>ans: G::rl. ttcd.
e. Oor.clusion8: i,Tone.
0/ ... , S I (,::
a. Front Line: j;:jot in cont'''.ct with
b. Location of Troops: As previously rE.portei.
c. Info. Adjacent & SUpportiI:1g Troo"Os: Other vC"E" Tro():;:,e.
d. Operati.c-ns: Reeiment continued trlini'1g perconnel throU;hollt the d.a.v.
1st En training consi!'ltiIIG of vehicle recognition. review
of Do's.& LOntrs. maint. athletie, ere," drill 8: gunnery, 18: E lecture.
aircraft identification.
2nd En conducted trfJining consiE'tine of gas casualty first aic.,
cb:''Plains co nference, pla.toon tac tics. ere'''' drill & gunnery. I E 1 ecturA,
mai::ltellance. company officers schoolB
3rd. 13n con::.ucted trainint; consirting of attending a trainir,g film,
orientation. mai;u.t. 8. physical conditloninG.
Hq Co conOucted traiIli..I; '") f first aid, blacY.out &
ca.:.:ou:t1ac;e rlisei'Pli!Le. close order drill. orientation, I & .E, mcint. e,
Sen Co COncl.11cted trainillE'; consistiI)g of physical conditioning. A.F.V.
r'X'o6ni tbn. discussion of G-2 reports alld
::.?int Co comiucted training c::)}".detinc of crew drill, trainir(; filIll,
mai!'Lt. athletics 2.. DOn-fraternizatior- trclnirt';.
Ren Co c-onducted. training consisting of aircraft identification, crew
drill. I 2: E trainine:. cross country march l:; maintenance.
a. Perronnel Oombat Efficiency: 95%. tank c!'mo.' reinforcements required 113.
f. SUpnly:
Ratbns: Entire RE\gr t drew "B" l'r'.tione.
AmI,.,: 'Tehicl e bssic lo8.d. eompl ete, trucks fullT Ioeded.
GaS & 011: Vehicular tanks fuJ.l, fuel trucks ruJ.Iy loaded.
g. In excellent conc1.ition.
Informal organiP'.lUon guard. Ilt:)'Wlts started
V.::.dGLD) -' tanks for duty 5% in 2d and 3d echo maint.
Lit;ht tank:s for duty 98:00. 2;.0 in 2d and 3d ech. maint.
All other vehicles for duty 97:-;, in 2d and 3d echo maint.
1:: ..:NJ ... - U {'ll-...l.. ..:e:.:..:
;:':;2, .;j.
22 ..f'.rt!h 1:1'.:':;
T,',ur fl',: ay.
-, '.f'
...... J'"
i:4 0'JT'tnct: .. ot in
"j. .As lir,tec: in Ji"r. G-_ .. 21 lS--:5.

d,cti"it:;r: .0 cl,ctivjt'l" ir", Lrcc.. .. T)Er)..'}U.
':J, .... <"ti I.: tf"'; t:. ...[:.tter':.:,l
o. 'x -:" ;'.s: l.o":J.e.
:' c.h':'I C ,;.
::: 1'" :1 t :'.1 Hr': 10 t :l. Il (!O'::I t:o.c t vi t!l .. :y.
b. ':'0('" ti'ln of ,Proo;c: il.fJ .t,')rev":usly r'C10:.'tr"c.

J. :rf'J. 2r'Jops: ,:!_:U}311

c.. tl:!'O-', :.: .... ;.. FlY
lr-t :an c(.n"ucteCi. t:'air!;.'-c.. c;;;,:, , -';", Cril:: (1).::-1.
. ,
\,. .. " I,... tl:(: c.::-.. t:. : .. .. .... t.J"" ... ..,
r'_1.!l C' i' ";j. - 1 nIn:: t!';!r e;l:) s t t'!_ c . to -we ',Jut :>!:.. for J,.":c." or.
2nd. Ei.J. cc ":(11 ct trai -::'().l .. ::,,i -c5. :.\.; f rai :1 i _\::'; fi 1 (. _
__ trr.:::),t .. ! of ,,;Cd: IT,, i.e ...::lol ::0:;" tG.:
TJ1,'?.. to . n t: C ti c s, lflfj t. G: ntl=.:-f7_ r:t'.J. 0 r,i..1
I.,. -'.
of ...
:i.1.; fl1_., ere,, c.r.i.1J.. Qefe,lSe C16c::.i!1.F.t ClbE;.l.ltS. kctic<.2. o::e::c:: ,.(.,
o ri eutr tLHl C:. LJai l':..t eru.nC' a.
20.'1 Co v:J:r:1.:..Cted. o!-.. uc;,.:::,']tr.::.tLn a:.a.:L c: trie t;l'I.: 02.S
1J.[lt:r ',:it, ....
:Jo tr:.i;.:"'/i.. -.!c""":>ti:.1.,:; of ohysicru .. ,;,'.'1.t.
tr:.cirrl.I..c: fil;.u, '4 oi fcur.sL1n 0 f c-< :0 ericdc l'eocrt
.a,ir... t Co cO'(''.lCted trni!"'1.:i.. o{ ere\' drill, trair::'<.: :5.2- .,
!fIair,-t. athleticE' non-fratEll";1iz1_t.:.:'u.
l-'q (b c::!l.cucted coru::i.stiY'-t; :) ..' 1st ::.i:::.
li.r.o:, cbse d.rill. i.., athletics.
ADil;1 ::i':'?JSI'fTl:;.
'. Personnel CoJ:loat :J!;f.fici ency: ta:ci.: cretF reinforee'liz:.ts requiree. 113.
f. SUpply:
}fl,tions: ;Q;ntire REt;t dre\! fiB" rations.
A;1!ll(): VehiclE' basic load complete. trucks fully loe.cied.
Gas & Oil: Yehieular tanks fUll. :';lel fully loaded.
g. roads: In excellent conJition.
GEiJEPoJ\L. At a presentation held tocla,y offlcers & 26 cr2.::'sted r::e:;u
uere presented wi th the Bronze star rledal or Gal: Leaf Cluster to the :Bronze
Bronze Star i:edal. one enJ.i sted man T/5 '}. Binion was presented l'rl. th
th e Soldl erB jiedal.
All troops forJilerly billeted in houses with German civilians
VillI aLES - hed. tanks for Q,11ty 6;; in 2d & 3d echo maint.
Lie;ht tanks for duty
.All 0 ther vahiel eS for duty 97;;, in 2d nnd. 3c. eeh. maint.
_______ _
- .. : ....-.. ..I'"
-- - -......... --_.-. --- -- .
JPO 252. U. S. Army
23 March 1945.
l-f1lp8. G.S.G. s. 4507, 1/50,000, Ger-.ny, Sheet 18.
1. llNEl-',Y.
a . Units in (bntact: in contact.
b. Reserves: AI lilted in Div. periodic rEport dated. 22 l'er 45.
c .ACti'9'itl'l lTo obler'led activity in area. during period.
d. Estimate StreDgth & V.aterial Means: o:m1 tted.
e. 00 nelusio118: None.
a. Front Line: ])Tot in contact with eneuv.
b. Location of !roOP8: AS previously rc-ported.
c. Info. AdJacent &: Sapport1ng Troops: Other CCn:a" Troops.
d. Operation81 Regi.lll8nt rea1ned in assem'bly area. in ncini tl' of Kleinen
broich. Germany an,l continued prEparatipns & train:l,Zlg for future opera.,:"
1st Bn comucted training consl of an I &: Jl1ecture, crew
cl.r111, &: gunnery, estimation of speed. & raIlge, ma,int & athletics.
2m :Bn conducted training of aid for ... casualties,
orientation, platoon tactics, crew drill '& gunnery, I & :a:
-.tnt. athletics &: Ottlcerl achool (tori-ain 8tudl').
3r4 Bn oondu cated. training 'of physical. condi tionir.E;,
01'_ drill 8. drinng inetractloZle '9'eneral lecture 8. lecture on defense
ohemical. 8g8J).t8, tactical. exercise, orientation &: lllaint
a 00 oond13Ot.,. traiD1zrc cons! of map reading, crew drill.
saD4 table pl'Ob1em, _nt. &: athletios.
Se" 00 conducted training of physical
I 8. J: tralDilll, aircraft ldenttficmtion &: llaint. 00 conduoted consisting of orew drill, battle
e2per1eDCe orientation, lit aid, ma1nt &: athletic8.
Retl1 Hq 00 conducted training consiRU:Qg of aircraft tdenti:D.
catioD, O.J. duties of perBODnel. close order drill. I & II. Dlaint. 8Ild
.3. .malllru!l!VI
a. JI eraonnel Q)mat Iffiot eDC7: tank: orew reinforcements required 120.
Batioul JlD,tire Re't c1zoew 'll' rationa.
j,IIIDo,' Tehicle bade 10&4 .. trl1Cks tulll' load.,..
Ga. a. 011. Tehicular taDks full, fIlel. trucks Mll' loaded..
C. ]G&4., .All ta ...11_t 4'01Id1 tion.
lJ.. GDlDU.. .2 Ottioers aDd 22 enl1.t.,. men left for rear_tioa 1zip to Talken
bure. Hol1.&D4. 1 OfAoer len for 7 day leave at the tinera tn Jlrance.
T.lBIOL. - *d. Mak. tor 4ut;,y ia 2m 8. 3rd eell. -.Int.
Licht 'uk. 'dutT 1'; ia 2d aDd &: '34 eoh. llaint
.All other ,.eh101 .. tor dutl 3% in 24 3d ecb. mint.
Drew !5 aft aCia t&Dles vi tb 70mm gun. this date.
Dr.., 60 nUs of to be ta8ta1led oa all tanka
I (
.. .
DADCP.A.iDllS 675 .AlOOBJJ) mnIlmI!
DO 252, t1. 8. .urq
24 Karch 1916
_a, &.S.G.S. 11507, l/'JJ,OOO. GIn&DT. She.t lb. 18.
a. t1D1ta in Oontact, lbt in contact.
b. ReBerTea, 11at1 in Div. G-2 periodic Report dated 23 March 1945.
c. .Acthi t7' !lo activ1t7 obeezoyed in area. One uDidentified plane flew
oTer area. from _st to welt at 21Q.500Ae but com'ted J:IO ho Itil. e acts.
d. :lati..te of ,Streucth &: Material lIeaIla, Omitted.
e. Q)JlOl uions, 0111 tted.
2. 0 W!T SI 1'O',&,TIOB.
a. :&'ront Line: Not in contac:t. leiment in reserve
b. Location of !roope: j,a pr.,-ioual.7 rtpOrted. .
c. Info. AdJacent &: !IoOPI: Other uDltl COli!".
d. Operation., lleg1ment rell&ined. in r"81'Te rear area. coDductiZIC combat
trainiZIC aM preparationl for. fUture operaticnl. j],l otficers of the
_illl8nt atteDded a cont.-ence aD1 demonatration ot a taDlc-int tallk force
attac1dZIC &lid lecuriz:rc a town. !ra1niIlC in the _iment as i1l0W8:
1st liD coDducted participation in taDlt-in1' demon.tration, llaintenance and
and athletic.. '
2nd !n coJJducted crew drill aDd gwme1"7, map readlJ;. Jl8int &: athletic
3rd !n coDducted an inlpection in rank. and coq;>lete inspectioDOt bill eta,
maintenance, athletic
Retl Rq 00 conducted DOdBl. tratniZIC of orientation, etc.
B::n 00 coDduct1 crew drill, radio traiDing tilm. athletic
Maint 00 COMUCted 2Dd ech.ton shop llaintenance on red-ental TCiclea.
SerT Co com ucted weapons inaplction, IIB1ntenance, aa well al oarrying on
veMele diapatch.
.: '"
ArraDC8Dlenta were also eted for :f1riDg !Da.Dk 001ll>an1.. iDdirect fire on
front line ..ctor with Division art411er7, durl. tollo1d.. we
3. .ADM[ HI S.flV:I.
a. PerBODlle1 Q)lIIbat lIttlc.ienon 9"', tank crew relnforc_enh required 119.
t. SapplT:
IatiOIl8, atire be' u_. ratio...
. Vehicle badc 10_ co..,le'e, ..., traca fUl17 loadll..
a.. Ie 011. Vthiplar teak. tall. ttl.... track. fall.
g. lbad.: .ul In.,et1at condi 'liion. '
If.. GIDP.AJ,. Order. wer.zoeolllTeil fro. the D1Tision of Statf and 41 em.nat.
to all battell0 &JI4 co.,&ZIie. that etteo'i,. l-ed1atIl\T Geraau could DOt UTe
in the ... buUUac a. sold1.... OatUe azd poultl7' btILolWhc to Genu. DOW
k.,t i. bar on prop,ertT oae,.,i. bT _lOOp. would be It)v.... Gamau on pZ'Op".
ooc,.,1. b7 _lOoplil4 110' 'be allow !trlIDCe of G....- o. properQ' or 1.
court ,arde ooc,.,l ... b7 t.op. i. torbi44
1 Otftoer &D4 7 _1.t...... 41pU'te4 tozo3" t. Jlazt .. ]'raDa"
JbTle. oontlAue to be abo_ 3 tt... 4aU7 tor tlOop. of .18
QBICI... XI4. ..... tor 'uV ,J'.' ,.1a 24 aid 34 .....8"
liS..,.' 'ute :fbI' 'U" t. 24 &D4 34 .Jl. aaln'
.All other fthiel...1' 4_ 1824 .... 34 _
, ':1'1.,.'.':'
. _:.L
"', " ....":' . ".
- -,
. 'j
RIA.'DQ,UAIO!ES; 67111 AlI)m:D R1I}IJ.fIH
jpO 252, rr. S. NIq
25 March 1945
Uap s, G.S.(;.S. 4507, l/r::fJ, 000. GerJll8llY. Sheet lb. lS.
1. E:.mwfY.
a. Uni t8 in Contact: . Not in contact.
b. JieserYes: As listed in Ilv. G-2 perlodie dated. 24 March 1945.
c. Activity: lb obsel'Ted. activity in ar-. period.
d. lIBtimate Strength & lIaterial Keansl OmittEd.
e. Conclusions, None.
a. Front Line: Not in contact.
b. Info & SupportiDg Troops. Other CO":B'
c. Location of !l!roop.. A. prevloualy rlpOrted. .
d. OperationsI .&11 ozeanization. the ($1Ilda7) to atteD4eace at
ral.ig1ous servic, rehabilitation, athletics, and nec ...ary IIa1nt. etails
for 3rd :an. :fired iDdirect tire mi.ssions in conJUllCUcn 14th Db..
util1 ery on Tuesda7 21 March 1945.
3. .AJ)ltl[ NI S!J!BA.TI VEe
a. PerlOnnal. Oombat Jlff1ciency: tank crew reinforcemenh required 119.
f. Supply.
Bations: :entire dr_ ":8" rations
.lmJII:): Vehicle baaie load 'trucks 10a4ecl.
Gas & Oil: Vehicular tank. :Nl.1, :ta.el. track. Nly 1oa4.4..
g. Roads: .&11 roads are in ucellat coDdl tiona
4. GmRAL. aathol1c &. Pl'Ote.tant church serv1 aea were held tor _.era of collDlaDcl.
.1 schedule of inter-CODpaIll' 10ft ball aDd voll., ball c.... v_1o 1n to eft.1o 1;0
dq. 6 eDlishd were .elected to return to the U'Jdtecl .tate. ',tor a 4a7
Quotas vere recayed for 7 daT tur.Loughe to the lIhi..... !b.
Arst tr1p will leaye on 26 lfaroh 19115.
VElar.., Med. ta.l*8 for dutT ill 24 &. 34 llaia1o.
Licht Uk. for 4uV 99-. 1. in 24. a:ocl )1 eoIl. -.1a'_
.&.11 other .,.eb1a1.. for cluV 91-. in 24 .... " eoh. _at.
6of 'lH ... m:D HEH
.APO 252. U. S. NJq
25 Warch 1945
G.S.G.S. 4507. l/rp.OOO. Germany, Sheet 18.
a. Uni ts in 'Jontact: . Not in contact.
b. ReserYes: As listed in ltv. G-2 dated. 24 March 1945.
c. Activity: 10 observed activity in area. duriDt; period.
d. lJBtimate & gabriel Means: Omitted.
e. Conclusions: None.
2. 01iN
a. Front Line: Not in contact.
b. Info. AdJacent & Supporting Troops, Other 00
c. Locetion 0 f As previollaly repo rted. .
d. Operations: .All ozganizations devot ed the daY' (&1nday) to attendance at
religious servioes. rehabilitation, athletics, and necessary maint. Details
ooupleted for 3rd Bn. tired indirect fire missions in conJUllCtion with Dlv.
Artillery on 27 March 1945.
a. Personnel Combat EfficiencT: 95%. taDk: crew reinforcements required 119.
f. SUpp17'
Bations: J:ntire dr.., RlI" ratlonIJ.
,1m.a:o: Velliel e basic load ful.IT loaded.
Gas & 011: Vehicular taDks full. tu.el trucks MIT lo_ad.
g. F.oads: .All roads are in aoe1.lent ooDii tiona
11-. GEiDlBAL. ()3.tholic & protestant church eerv1 088 were held for a"erl of command.
A schedule of 10ft ball and voll.,- ball game. went 1n to effect to
day. 6 8IIlisted mell: vere selected to return to the United State. :for a daY
Quota. were recal.,.ad for 7 day to the n-ench B1Y1wa. !l!he
:first trip will lea.,.. on 26 March 19!f5.
VJHIQL:IS, Ked. taDk8 for dutT 914'. ill 2d & 3d ech. malllt.
Light -.nke for dutT in 2d and 3d
.All other .,.ehicl .. for dut;y 1n 24 and 34 ech. maint
,., .......
ElJ..D I.tUARTJ:!RS 67TH Al'.. CRill RSm ,.]kT
.AJ?c U. i. Amy
27 ,,e.rch 19 4:.

1. E:,:-Z.lY.
a. Uni ts in Contact: liot in contact.
'b. Reserves: ,AS listed in Div. G""': Ferio(;ic clateu 26 rc:-
c. Acti ty: :'0 o'b served activity in are.ll. (.l.ri!--t;; :P erioci.
d. Estimate Strength & laterial. l> 0Jni tted.
e. (bnc1 usiona: Ivane.
2. 01'fN
a. Front Line: ix. contact with enewy.
b. Info. Adja.cent 8. Slpportlng Troops: Other '1...'1l ts
c. Location 0 f Troop s: AS previoul>ly reported.
d. Operations: Regiment alertecl to be to Il()ve ft0lil presel-,t to
/ cross Btline vicinity l{esel. and be i:Jreparecl to attll.c.iC east fro,;) 'bridbe.,.
head area. as part of CO"]" force. 3d.bll r -'ferted to -:;':;II.t' control :.t 2C30':::d
2d ]n, Hcn Cb , ".:aint &. Serv Cos reverted to OJ"]" control at 262300.\. i:egi
mental. Task: Three to consist of 1st "5n (-G til]" Cb 41st .A.I.l'. t .;. !.-.t.
D/17 Ellg. t 3rd Plat 0/702 w. Cd']11 letter of instruction #16 ree eived : t
271llOoA confinning attachments and detaell...lents. j!eetiIlg at ee"]" at 271630..:\
confirming and detachments. ;,eetirlO at C(;IIB" at 271630oli, for briefiog prior to IIlOVeJIlent to assembly area. east !'ide of Rtline b6!'lerd:!.y
vicinity S\f Eu.u.xe. Germany. :?oroe to out at da.;:rlicht
m:>rning of 28 liarch 1945. Day spent in for
3. AllilI ill S T:&ATI VE.
a. persomlel Efficiency: tank: crew reinforcements reouired 77.
f. Su;mlY':
Bation.: Entire Ret drew rations.
j,mJlt): Vehicle basic load coq>lete. &11lIIIO tr>.1Cks fully loaded.
Gal & Oil: Vehicular tanks full, fuel trucks fully loaded.
g. lbads: All roads are in excellent ccndition.
4. GJINllPJl,. PaIS trips to Halselt & "rere cancel1e:i and all person::el on
pall In those town, were recalled. A new schedule of Paris pallles ,,,ere rc
calved to leave at 4 day intervals 29 :!arch 1945.
VE8:IOLES: Med tanks for dutY'
Light ta.nk. for dutY'
.All other vehlcl el for duty 100/'b
APO 252, U. s. U1ll3
28 ll\arch 1945
Naps. G.S.G.S. 4507. l/r:IJ, 000, G8l'IIl8.Il;V', Sheet lb. 17.
1 EllEl,lY.
a. . Un! ts in Cbntact: Not in contact.
b. Reserves: A8 listed in Div. G-2 periodic rEi\)ort 27 March.
c. .Aotivi t7: One l'Ound of heaV7 cal. arty. fell in area. about 1800.1., beli ev-ed.
to be enemy. No other obssrvei actin ty in area. during period.
d. Dltl_ts strez:v?;th & lI.a.terial Meana: Om!. tted
. e. Oonclusionaz None.
2. Ol'Tll SITUA.'1![ON.
a. Front Line, Not in contact vi th enemy.
b. Info. Adjacent & SZpportiDg Tl'Oopa. Other 'Wlits O,;"S' & Dlv.
c. Location of Troops, Rlgtl 0.1' .A).8531!2
1 st En .Al96337 (Wallach)
d. Operations: At 272000.1. Regiment. 1 sss 2nd :9n, 3rd BEl, Bl::n C'o, Haint e: SerV'
(l:) remained on alert atatus to move from vici"nity Oeinenbroch, Germany,
north to aasembly area near bridges across lhine Ju,st BOuth of \'lenal.
Task ]b rce coq>o sed. as follows, Hq & Hq Cb Co, 67th A.R
1st En 67th A.R. ( .... GlI Co)
"B" 00 41st A. I R.
2nd Plat. D/17
3rd Plat. 0/702 'l!D Bn.
92d A.F.,A.. :an support.
Letter and F.O.1J.7 recei.vsi at
280030.1.. 67th A.R. to march OC'IE" left column to new area.
!-ovement started at 2S06l.!OA in order march ofleft column. 00 67th A. R.,
67th A R. Task ]brae, 92d F.A. En, OG'IlJ" !ITains, "G'I 00 67th A.R. Task Jbroe
closed in new area at 2Sl035,A.. No order from 0(1111' received and it lias first
indicated that 0(JIJ1A would remain on west side of Ibine for the night. At
1S25A, Regimental Taak lIbroe was alerted to be prepared. to IIOve acrosS Rhine
to new _aambly area. on order after 232000.1..
a. Personnal. O:lmbat eIlC71 tank: crew raln1'orcementa required 78.
f. SUpply:
Rationa. D4tlre Ret drw It rJA ratione.
,AIiIQ). trw:ks fall, Tehlcle baste :a.oad. coq>lete.
Gas & Oil. Veh1e\ tanka full, fUel trucks fully loaded.
g. lbada, Firm wi th lecondary roacle Tery dusty. Vf1l'Y f,Dod l'Oadllet 'WOrk 1n thia
iJllllledlate ar_.
lj.. GENEBJI,. 9 enlisted me left fora 7 day furlough at the Riviera in FraDlu.
VEl:II (I.., w.. taDka tor dut7 in 2d aDd. 3d ach.
L1&ht taDks tor dut7
.All other tor duty
hPv 252
29 1945.
........1'.-;) ;j,d.G.S. 4507. 1/50,000, J-.:.rl... Siii.!A:'l' 57.
a. units in Contact: in contact.
O. heserves: .As listed in .lJiv G-2, periodic report,' 28 iIarch.
c. Activity: observed activity in
i .r:.;sti:rlB.te .5trene:;th C: '.aterial i-leans: Omitted.
e. Conclusions: umitted.
V.i ..\'
a. l!'ront Line: contact with enemy.
b. Location of .!.'roops: Vicinity .A44/i-452 (Regt' lOP) 1st En vicinity
of G-erl!lsny (a400440).
c. Info Adjacent &; SupportinG Troops: Other units Ce".6"
a.. Upera tiona: l:;:asA: ..'orce remained night of 28-29
in vicini ty indicated above. "lovernent completed morning of
,:29 j,.I.arch to new assembly area of Lippe Ganal to vicini ty
south west i;)chermbeck, l.i-ermany. 'l'ask .force composed as follows:
.lq So: iiq vo, 67th A.i{.
1st A .n. (- "Gil 00)
2nd Plat 'u" Co, 17th .c:;ng.
3ro Plat "C II Co, 702 'I'D bn.
92 cn in support.
CiJ ".0 " Field 'Order received at 1700A ordering move,aent east through
haltern to attack through 17th a .J .!.Jiv. front 1. mile
east of Hal tern. 'l'ask uni ts moved out and column was
formed gt itJ' at .11.444452 for movement. Orders were to attack on
route indicated. 292000A column was in prooess o,f forming
for movement east through Wulfen to Haltern and line of depart
ure. C.O. 6Tth command of oolumn of
of Co, o7th o7th A.R. Task CC b traina, D Co,
46th aU .on, 3r.l Bn 41st AIR.
iw..J: .. IS'.L;\A ... I
a, Personnel Oombat 96;0, tank crew reinforcements
required 59.
b. Jasualties: 1 Rcn Co. KIA, 3EL4 don 00. WIA.
c. Prisoners: None.
f, Supply:
rtations - l!;ntire Regt drew "K" rations.
Ammo - Vehicle basic l68.d complete, ammo truoks fully loaded.
Gas & Oil - Vehioular tanks fUll,.tuel tracks fully loaded.
l'iiedium tanks for duty 96fo, in 2nd and 3rd. echo
Aight tanks for duty 100%.
All other vehioles for duty 1% in 2nd and 3rd eoh. maint.
6Ti..'H ..!.i'-J'l'
APO 252
30 1945.
a. units in Oontact: (See attached IPW report)
b. n.eserves: bS listed in G-2 periodic report dated 29 .-.arch.
c. Activity: S/A & A/T were employed by the enemy at A685491
and A73c509 to delay the ad!ance of Co. A/A was
in a ground role. Une enemy strong point at
was reu.-...tced by artillery fire. Ji;nemy destroyed all bridges over
- vanal vicinity of Ludinghausen. also shell
ed engineers restoring canal bridge at Ludinghausen.
d. te 5trength & terial .eans: strength is negligible
and consists only of remenants and non-divisional units.
e. 00nclusions: is capable of delaying actions only where
terrain obstacles favor such delaying tactics.
Ii. l!'ront Line: .. ot in contact with enemy.
o. Location of froops: Vicinity Seppenrade, Jernany.
c. Info . .rl.djacent & Support1ng Troops: Other units 00".0".
d. uperations: rtegt'l ;ask ,tt'orce as part of CC".6" left column,
passed thru 17th A . .J.:J. Div. front line east of Haltern at 2200A
and continued the advance east along route initially towards
Ludingshausen. lo60A received that Rcn Co had met
resistance along route vicinity CR at A740538. Column coiled off
road. 1st Bn 67th A.R. ordered to attack and secure CR with
in support. Attack started at 300130A and CR secured
with no opposition, the enemy having pulled out. 3rd En 41st AIR,
was brought up to secure crossing While column moved on. Task
advanced to Seppenrade and halted for Rcn of bridges across
Canal. All bridges were blown. 'l'ask ,'-"orce remained in vicinity
Seppenrade while bridge was completed. Estimated br1dge cOlnpletion
between 2000A - 2l00A. Task Force organized to cross and continue
advance on route. CO 67th A.R. to be in cownand of Left Column.
3. ADlJ.i.IiUSTRA'l'IV.I:
a. Personnel Combat Effic1ency - tank crew reinforcements
required 39. -
b. Casualties: None.
c. Prisoners: 17.
f. Supply:
Rations - entire Regt drew "K
Ammo- Vehicle bas1c load complete, Ammo trucks fully loaded.
Gas & 011 - Vehioular tanks fUll, fael trucks fully loaded#
g. Roads: Secondary roads are very dusty.
Word was received that 1st Sgt Wm. E. Lee of Rcn Co," has been made
2nd Lt by battle f1eld appointment. .
VEHICLES:- Med1um tanlal duty 93%, 1n 2nd and 3rd echo maint.
L1ght tank. for duty 99%, 1" 1n 2m. and 3X'd echo maint.
All other vehicle. tor duty 99%. in 2nd and 3rd echo
maint. -
, .
. \
... .. ...:;J..
,'or '" ;:;52
.::.r: .....
i t (; _
- I ..
_.,....,.. -. . ,
__ \. n, .1 :t:,.:.
L1':.i t t: -
-: -.,' -:
1- .......... "- ,..J'-
" ,-' ,1 ...
: 31 : . .;,rc':. 1 .J
l,:aps, <],53-'3, 441S, 1/100,oeo Ger;;:e.ny, 3ilet :'0. i'-2.
1. El i!.:i.:y:
a. Units. in Contact; 3ee
b. aeserves: ,',s listed in Div G-2 3. l,Jo::'t ::,C .. 9.1'.
c. Activlty: .i:nsmy con1:inued to rEsist our a,::1v:",l'ce '.:ie!,
arms and bazooka firE:. Artillery ViaS !1e:.,:lici
d. Estimate JtreTlEth & LCaC.3: C;:::itter].
e. Conclusions:
2. CillJ S ITUA'I' lor;:
a. Front l,ine: From B158525 to B1S8517.
b. Location of Troops: latEn, 57th 01 at
c. Info. Adjacent "3upportinc; Troops: OC" or lEft; 2c ''::n,
67th AR Task Force on
d. Operations: Periodic checks nnde Ul}"OU,)lOUt ee.:!:'iy pe.rt.oi'
n1ght to deterrr.ine when bridse over the at .W33520
would be c::mpleted. Finally at 2400 it was detern:ined that
bridge would not be completeo till morninL; so Ree;imental col
umn ordered to proceed southeast and cross canal in 2d Bn
sector and then push northeast and set back on main axis
Ludinghausen, Ascheberg, \v.s.lstedde, Ah1..en to east. TLc col
umn moved out at 0020 in order as sho\'!n in uni t for
29-30 1945. The Regimental OF moved out 0100. Col
umn continued march until platoon of Rcn Co on left flani\. of
column contacted enemy infantry and trucks 1 mile north of
Nordkirchen. Platoon maintained contact with enemy until
column had cleared. First major opposition encounterEd about
2,000 yards east out of Herberk. Rcn Platoon was cut off from
rest of column B.nd suffered several casual ties before 1st En
could attack and clear out infantry opposinG advance. Attack
started at 0955. A considerable number of p1}' G were
area reported cleared at 1053.
Column progressed slowlJT to east until at 1255 started re
ceivine; fire from woods to northeast of 1,'laJ,steddea. Fire
laid on woods and forward movemen: continued. At aoout tllis
t1me a representative from city of Ahlen contacte:!. 2d
67th AR and arranged for surrender of c1ty. 2d En precedEd
our column throup.:h town but later double traffic permitted our
column to catch up.
At 1523 one of 1st Bn tanks knocked out by AT fyn about
2500 yards east of Ahlen. Orders received to continue attack
. and attempt to secure autobahn prior to 1800. Vehicles reser
viced and attack pushed off again at 1645. Column halted at
1900 just short of object1ve. Qrders received for resupplring
of veh1cles and cont1nuing of attack at midnight. At &f:pr('xi
mately 1730 a German tra1n attempted to escape from area but
was f1red on and apparently halted by tank weapons of 1st En,
..Hq and art1llery of Div Arty
a. Personnel Combat Eff101ency,; 95%, tank crew reinforcements
required 80.
b. Oasual ties: WIA 1 EM 00 "E". 1 El-i Hq Co 2d En, 2 Dr. Co "Ii'''
and 2 Dr Co "D".
- 1
..... '
f. Supply:
Rations: Entire Rect drew "K" rations.
AL'llno: Vehicle basic load complete, Anmo trucks fully
Gas and Oil: Vehicular tanks full, fuel truc:\:s fully
g. Roads: Very Good hard surface, excellent road network.
VEHICLZS: ,; l':ed tanles for duty in 2d and 3d ech malnt.
Light tanles for duty g8y;, 2% in 2d and 3d eoh :naint.
All other vehicles for duty 98;;, 2fo in 2d and 3d ech
The following
image( s) may be of
poor quality due to
the poor quality of
the original.
i" '" . '
", '... 'Ol!t. 'Rt-1ask r.:r'J8 VU of reapon31b111t1es for road
, In... icese blocks ware takeJ"l. over by e3d Infantry .. "
])1v1s10D at SA" 1, April 1945.. vera received at C200B for 67t
i'orce. nn S7th AR (r)(Re1nf); 3d Bn >iolst ( )
J... Bq 4 ,l!Q C" 61th Aft., tn arons 1.10' at LIl'PSTAD'l at 0630:3
!ri67ttf. Alt; 1st Bn .lst AIR ani Arty. II1as10
0' thea.- leadIng 00 B" e-lemant9 p',lsn 1',0 East a:ld socure passes
.-0.. tbe '.l'lm1'ElmERGER W..u.J) 1:1 order t,'wt 6
th Ar. Task Force coul4
"I throush and lea4aaVlnae to,200 througbcut
tile 4a',,;1thout any Wlusua.l tne1tionts Orde?'s wert" race1 "led at approz n
, imatelr 200013 that !;-7th :Oorce "'cr:,ld lot tl'l..rough leading
EtlJilICt3::d.'l 0.9 C::'OSO lr... ';l:J..:.: %:.0 oJ III .
, 'C... 6r7 .. '.. .., ,., c 4 ., - ,.:.; : - (. ., -. "d ... , _.,..... ,"'.. 0 I> "."! UB"
. . .., ... 'r \J.Jo -; '_ "._.wa'J.1o .;L\,..l v t..a._J .. ' .... ..;a .. .A. ",IV
oolumnp start.Llg lot. " .. wl-;,jl, lh!as':'O:1 of
to East, to sCJU.:') P;J.3S tb:' TEi: V4!.J) 1I!miudlatelr West
of cO,Ely!.....3 ,;-.0 0.. 7L.::-:<;0 0::: +-h;; C,.,m,Jti.1.i C01!rL9..'"ld thr.Jugh
this B'jc:r,::'. .... ro St-t.l:r' d a/Z.:a,l::-is"', st!ff enemy
oPPOsition p'l::H' tj 'but E:, .t,;;IT':1 x:t-J ",uro 3aOllr:t1"
3d :!1 (;7t:t .a"i...q ItCV'3d UTl::i..OY' at with of
frot'" 'OrOUg!1 'I'EU'M:RDERGER
By l23ClB f)nt1ro '!)atta11on deployed in 3.88em:,11 ant blocks 9stab11ohed
entrrmcIJs t.o 0
Rc:."l tv ,671ih u.."1dor 0C
BfI '. ontro'. Tbe 3d re ft
lnfm'ct)d bj' th.) ls'C ';,lut:."CIl 'he a '1f 2d. Battalion 67th
Aft tu tho KAI.:J 1r:!;-!'.) u:J.Oi..j de"ensGS ot
blocka p tunks, )uzook!;;.G .o:.:r.1! g'.ns anc:'untered.,

67th A.F: 'l'r'.lslr F'O::'!6 :1tt,J.d;:EI!.\,.th mission s1.t3z1l".g and secu.rine,
and cO:"lt4..nulng a(vanee to securo
oroso!.ZlI5S 01' r:.:.t"'.!;it. > Rcn Co (1 plo,'-,oon) wa.;,: atta.ched to CTth AR
Task :::'orco.. ;d:'!u ':'ltit A!R .AR Task For-oe contre1) JUI!lped
off at 0330:s a'cm vic 1::'11 ty ot '0'(1.5505 alo'l,r; to r
., EL0!O"SP.u- a.nd t;) th0 E;lSt, T"r..e or.. er ef J::i:.l'ch was;; Bn
4101. i::c" 92d J-.J:')' B:1': 1st :'lu 61th.R: tl';; 67th A..1.l: 92d.
AFA B!1 bath:ryJ; alld Hq .. n,.lJ."
3d En 41st A:K uncount .. rc1 ro.::.d b_otJl':=3 COV t' 1f] "os-zooka
and sllk.1.1: ar'n.fl f!r'E;I th,; rO.ld tn'3 ltf.J;"; 0 By tn) pass
had bean olear.;)'l &:l1. a srr.c:J.I1. ac! \-;'1.9 sueur.o. on E' of
WAIJ:). Road 11] '\',n'c 1 t!1(J ':WCI matn rou,da out of
BAHNBl!::tG and 9t:1G:J.:i30 \1!' e.!.l1 t :,1 91.2.,:1 '.Jf 1st Bn
67th Arl not com'Lli t tad 'tIM .. )"
2c! En '17 ..:.:. t. {:) th"on"';} t WI'J.!.; on
DETKlUJ hilr. .. --,",a :'1::.1-:.I,;,j,'":1y d,,'f0!1':lc::t c,:1.::;my rCl::.d blocks
in v1cln1tr ot ?''"{=jT'''''}. .ia.t ted \ Ci,O r"iieve;1 by l2Cth
...... tl". ... + L,r' i'"':',,-.,I...O'-)
".'"\ ..&.""'".. "" g....t... auC. -,,'WI u\) .ar'...... ..'.. ........ G __ V '::l a
.,<1 Bn 6''I't"r.. (;,0 !"c&.:i ':>:'1 in
vlelnlt, of Ll35B:J:b:;;I;i; e T:,'J ':;0.'", 1:r....n Uor'ji1. a10:13 highway
floo. to a .. ons th!.s !'outu ..
Hen Co (-1 plutconj undor Regtmento.1 ar.d ro
cOnGOi terod for ever fro::! B765618 to but was unable
to of A1 operated dur1ng the night
routo, through WALD Cr.'3 pIa. of Ran Co rematn')d u::d.&r COliS"
coat,nll ar.d cont,1nuf.ld CO:lt::.C t p.::..trol:; ..

ls.'t Bn
f7th Aft was orcorfJd to start movemant tbrough tbe,'lALD
at 06;03, thro'l.:.-;h th\3 hold by ,d BD I+lst AIR and 1st
Bn 41st .\!!t, and l:O E9.8to 1st Bn was unable to DOve out of
bridgehcnd to East of \-11a.L:) bor.lJ.u:]tl roado for ta.nks. An
attempt to broaK out of to tbe Borth vas
by AT and f!.re rec.oh"e'l irOn! 87656840 for
ward re?3i!'ad tr,ti dvsl.g:ulted roed to tho E:; s t J ,.\t 12408
1st on 67th An .. to ?:l.l.flt CR BSo}657 c 3d Bn
41st CO:ltt:m,..;,j t'l tllO i:ort!l in B..
to scct;ro th'J

At 13300 1st Bn Am came ':""'''lcer 6'(th .\'l:t':'!.'':'rl: 1'o1'oe c':mtrol
and 3d Bn 41st .aId rtt"Jert.en. to CO 'B': Ti'e 13", TIn 41st. AIR ii'orce
cons1sted of. 1st :an 41et AIR (,.11:.:1; 0'1) f Co 67th ,... '":t
and 1 pla.toon
TOa 0 By l830B 1st En 67th ha.C>.. C'llea.r d 10 at. 38256150. and was.
ordered to push to tr:e L"ld seCl'u!'e town Jf bA;) (B855672).
1st Bn 41st A!R was c."dered to follm"l let Br: 67t:"l ...a and establish road
blocks at cri t1cal po!nts tho routfl 0 of the column
oons1sted of 924 A'E'A "3n. p Ron Co:) ..l and dq &: Co 67th AR.
SAD MEINBERG W&.B at wi t.'1.0Lt !'l(:,hto At 2')49B jI 1st Bn
67th AR halted to ref'4el l:iI".d lot r'1 .. at ?Cl.&6e - thr:'\1gh the 1st Bn
67th AR to lead ":he c Jlul1L."1 o
2d Bn AR:'e:--Ia1ned at. ! (B72) j05 j (n a, 30' minute
alert throughouv the cia,.- 3
3d Bn sent out r .con:no.j.f.F'SI Cd in for e to hold OR at
S696804.. Th:' s OR was r Jcured. 1215d. Th be. 't,tal.on crdured to move
to WEBER RIVE;R at The march las mad, inciQont to the
North ot LEf:JO where c.,lumn was hL.lted for n1g-1t in v1c1nity ot
S Ap!!11.
Due to extrel!1a darlmeSB tt.3 1st Bn 41st AIR did not get 1ta col
umn complQtell and moving until almost dall13hto A road block
enoountered East of was defended by Small arms t1reo The block
was reduoed at 092lB and the advanoe was continued towards BAJ) PYRMONT
an4 br146es o.verr:.he WEBER RIVER at EMMERN (CE2'i848) and GROHNDE
(0162805J. 1st Bn 67th AR was ordered to the Southern route around
SAl) RmMONT in order to protect the rlght T;-.e town otBAD
.urrendered w1thout a fight. 1st Bn 41st AIR rea.ohfd the rlver at
approx1mately 19COB and 1st Bn 67th AR reached t1P. r'lver at 2010B" At
approx1mately 21GOB, .1E!t Bn 67th AR and 1st En 4::.Rt AIR pa&scd from
Regt'l control "',0 CC'B" control, and. 2d B:l J(-{ rC:;J!"ti::'i tl Rogt'l
oontrol with m1.-Jslon of hold1ng han.'t cf riOlO' af":,nr thA {}!'ossing
... made 0 "c" 00 82d Ren Bn was also placed :t:':6t a1 ,:!ol1trol Ron
00 (-1 platoon) rema.ined ur,der control of thls eri"
2d Bn 67th AR follcMe(\ the 67th task :"01" 0 stt..l" at 23000,
Apr 45, under CeIlB" control <:' ::0 res!s tanoe 'r"..t.6 The I
batta110n established protectlc:'t for the lef-:- ct ';on:bat Command
around BAD PYRMONT. t.o't"ll c(mt!'o.L l:I.t ..
3d Bn was movod at 15::::03 to or!e.genes.d a (;I!a. Eas . of WZ:3ER RlVERe
i...A;r.Jl..1 '. . .
blOOD vere ostabl1shad by 21. Bn 67t':l A.R the
1festol'n appz'oaches to t.M 0'1:o" 2,\:..3.-" 67th AR cleared
wood.laat of BEHLEN f'l'om Ql-,ar6C}.. a ( J. !lIa was
Jlolsa.eel tl'om Rogt/l con.trol at 11:;OB and .. t':)CL to CC G'.':1t::-'cl v At
1600B ODe platoon ot R:Jn 00 was attaohod to the R'::gt 1 TOoak i'oro\:J CI Alert
order. we" I'Moet '18301. trOll COuS
of Rostll CP to' . for movement
lut bulk ot . . .'. 24 ,8n 67th AR: lie" 00 82d Ron Bn. J and platoon
.. 00 we" ....3. '.. _lp1Dellt to 'rut Force a 2d Bn 67th AR val
... toP t .eouritl '" tile Welt b&llk ot the WEBER RIVER.
'II' Co ." ,ID.. and one platoch Ron 00 67th AR placed under oontrol
. ,fIC, 16." ' .... -.. leAt'l 0' IDOVO(4"t.jl Za,t
bank ot river starting
acooa. " __ III a?tb AR G Co J r"l platoon '!'.D8 t 1 Rlatoon
1 __'- RoD OQ, and let Sr.. 41st Am \(ot'o athl,?l!edto 67th
rtaa" P9I'M. .
,,:,., .. '. under CCna" '1'be' .AI oontrol wlt11 21003"
.....t .. blocks at lB. (0217805}, at lO,OS
_ft4 to. on Ea8t bank ot Plvor aa CO 'au ao})1'.e
:....rre. . , '. ., '. '.
.".. 11.58, Rive::- 'a:\4 !)&.8siJd.
1.' .,.-:.. , .', ,t1..... _B"lSG &.ft4 180Uhl!LZ
.). . .
.....J..... to.
, '.'1ID9f... . _ D or _00 va. o.ttu: ..o!1 t'l 67th AR
",tr&UDi i'o&i\li Iloet. ot tho River.
< .' aa4 '" fla st&lbt1ahe4
,.- -.- .....

';=: ..... '
" ..'
. .... ..-"I-.
., 4
- ''!'be I57th AR Task Force cont1nusd the advance to the East at 06305.
'!'ho ordor of march was 1st Bn 41at AIR, one battery 92d AJ'A. Bn 1st Sn
67th AR,Fwd ell 67th ARt 92d AVA 8n (-1 batter,:), Hq Co 67th AR, Trains.
a.n:1 1 platoon mod1um tr.nkB (roo.r guard) 0 The 57th Task i'Oro8 opera
ted, on rOllW 'Diamond" on South flank of Oomba.t OOlDJDB.lld. Tho column
moved without incident to 5ALZ (0270870) at which point the column. was
ordorod to spllt with tho 1st Sn 67th AR proceeding due East and the 1st
8n 41st AIR moving then East. '1'he North route was 1mpassable so
ont1ro column followed 1st Bn 41st AIR Southern route.
The .first onelll1 contact ",as mado nt SIBBESSE (0487870) where a column of
anomy vehicles was enoountered. Two veh101es were destroyed and the rest
wore i>nck to tho South., The Rcn Co platoon ,.,aa ordored to clear
out th1s town, and it cc.pturod 118 Ws. 1st Bn 41st. Am enoountered
considorable onomy infantry from this po1nt on, but tho resistanoe was
brushed aslde and tho advanco continuod to DlEXHOLZElf (0500910) and them
to MARIENBtnlG: (0537927)., 1st Bn 41st AIR pushed across INNERS1'B RIVER
aocurod. a br1dge about 1000 yards HE ot KARIENBURGo 1st Bn 87th AR
branchod otf to the North at ItIEKHOLZEN and secured OOHTERSUM (0515946)
and tho br1dc;e 1500 yards to the NE of thQ town. Both 1st Bn 41st AIR
and 1st Bn 67th LR ?Ushod forward about yards to 11ne
and secure pos1t1onsn. 'l'ho platoon or Roh Co contacted oo"a" on the left
at 2000B o
2d an 67th AR 01JGrat1ng undar control tollowed tho 67th .h.R
Task Forco at 15006 end marohed to BANTELN (038,876) Where it
remained for tho night CCnS" roservoG .
3d Bn 67th J,F. oontlnuQd Ddvnneo to at 0900B ,mder OC"R" ';oon.-.
trcl. T:"lO rOll ta of advtlnco Wt'.s BERGSTEtt"MAN, !..mLTEN, NORD STENMEN, &T
424975, EMMERKE, and SORSm-t. Th9 battal10n m'lda this advance
vory res1sto.nooG At 1900B ol'ders were tssuod tor an attack on
HILDERSHEIMo Duo to tho l,-,.tcnoas Of tho hour this attack Wo.& postponed
until tho naxt .
. Ren Co (...1 platoon) undJr oeds': oontro1 m1d cloarad out
woodS batwoJn and l-t'..R!ENRODE. ThE' rond running NY out ot DIEK
HOLZEN wes also

1st Bn t57th AR o.ttl'.oked at 06,05 to olear Southern portion of
HILOERSHEIM. The miss10n WIlS oomplotod at 1100B. Approximately 500 1'W's
wera takono ot Ron 00 continuod to run contaot patrols to
CO"an on tha loft flanko Mc.x1mum tlml3 was davotod to maintonance end
rohabl11tnt1on. Ron Co (-1 plntoon) rovort'3d to Task Foroe oontrol during
tho day.
211 Bn in arOA in vicinity or BANTELN (0383876)0
Road blocks wora ostab1ished bstweon BhNTELN a.nd HILDERSHEIM proteoting
the main supply route o .
3d Bn with attached infantry Glomonts oleared Northorn sector ot
No ro'slst!lnco wc-a "ncol.lntcrod. Tho batta110n moved to
essombly nroa in v1cinity of GIFTON '(0434037) at ISOOB.
Rcn 00 to 67th AR Task Forc3 oontrol and maintained a
. blook 0487863. P"rlodlc oontl'ots woro w1th CCtlR" .end 82d Rcn
Bn without onom, contaot.
9 April: .
RenCo (-1 'Olr4+.oon) 'W-:.s r\J11c;vod' from 1' Porco control a.t 0830B
and rovortod to cO"a" controlo Ordor8 wore rocelvo4 trom eCIfBtI a.t 14ISS
to move tho Tnsk Forco by routos HbRIEN3URG - DUNGEN - SODER to gsnoral
t.rOB 7 to e m1loa lforth or BUOKEl-JEl". Upon closing In tho n:lW assombly
'lroo. 1st Bn 67th AR a.nd 1st Bn 41st AIR "'0re roll:lvad trom P.cgt' 1 control.
Rogt r 1 Hq movod to BUOKEtm.t end n83UlDod control ot 24 Bn 67th' AR (-) <f'
and ,d 13n 41st I.m upon tho closing ot thaso olomonta into tho
no" 6S8Jmbly n.r:J.'lS of BUOIretI!M. 24 Bn 67th Aft revortod to Rogt'l
oontrol r\t '184SB r.nd ,d Bn 41st It-1ft roverto4 to 67th.A..'C\ control at lSl0B.
2d Bn mov,:>c1 undJr colla" control to SO])!NSTEIN (0710808) ani tohon
to LUTT.ER (0704799). Stiff wD.a:aot short ot LUTToiR, but ro
alstRneo cloorod up whon coor41nnto4 mn4oo Battn110n to
67th loR !Mk Forco control at.
Crjors to!e!';:' :>:'(.1C=,:e:c CC;;""Bl! 030C3 fo::, of
the advilnce O]:)Q5.. i-ldf,,;olane.UI:1 #....?- ,":. ...:. (":t ,..?
tl1.t:! 5I.I:l lat 6-:'l'1. ...R; 78th AFA
..a O'f.l . \D B '1 + "Tl:) H ,'. r.7 '0 r .. '/ ... 'p
n; WWI. .,.- OJ'tn An. .,J..... n '" s" .... ant). q v('l , AA. '") ,.'1 At.
In k "' ......... "'''S ., 1-'''' .,. ..:1 ft. t""- -lfht CO"'" (""''r' rn ",.,.(' c' .,' ., ',i....
",as n.... ue", .. J\.!.... u..' .,._"1 _: 1. _ '::.'.-.- .,:
orde:'l)d '::0 the route U'l"T'Elt-I..EWt; "
(089(.1;'88;(' The acl.,a::,c.:t attll"teci at 09OOB. Sma.l: :' .. ;G.::' ...
erod at 0',65934 an! later. - 128. AT-AA ....
NE edp;e of (,,;810820) OJ F1re was la.:d (m to.::C'. t.:19
com?a:'!Y to Bn 67th An ar,t&oko1. e-LC t!.(,rl9 " T'he
of the " by a r!.v<J:!":;> '.r:l!C!!l ..
by small arn:.s 1'l2"e anti bazooka 3d Bn AlE ';l":"'l
a.ssisted 'tr..e &jtack b:r tho S,.qth;:rll f):.)!'t ;):! at t,,,,',:r.,
2d B!:. 67th Al\.;lGz:!'cd the Horthern v!!'i,> e:;'E)iJ.:=,<;n
at :loCOOa" !'Ol C9::! then p'J.shad ,:.'l.eiir: 1.:'18
,.reods on each 0'" the roa.d.) Heavy smar.l. a.::'!LO firH '..:r..
"e"v'e" "11 LEt.n., """9 o""'a"'e:
b" ., .... rI ')r" t:l, ,.. . .,. ... :.- "R "".1S"t.. e .::
w.... n::"" ........... -;1';" .. u. tl ,.; .....-' ."' .... .. .-. 1 ,,,,,,,,J. . Ii..
BE 01" .... am! setml'a::l. GRc..:;OHR-;:n t i!':; :';)!' 'C:n9
.. on .... 4-l'' ...... (:-1'.... " .... 'c".. .:. ..
".e.J ... .6. ' ... J.J. ..., "'. '" oJ:;J ' ...... t... ... -. ';'"_,:-"J"'" ' ........... ; ...... ......_ ........ ...
ceer!ed r,cl..:te rAi:SR:..AR i .. ":;CiiLh:.lE:j
.. "'.. 1-- '-h' .... ,...-, '. > .. .. -I-' ........ "" -. ,. 4'0=," + . - co ....... +
'., "''-1'' ......... _'- t...,, ..... u a.\.. ....5 '.: . .:.d ... ,-"""",t!'? "art.: ..... t::: .... "1 ...... :::\.... ...1 c:. .. _\", .... ..:'l
the rt::e 1 "a.9 eLi'f,,- ns B,nn \<iG.::t :",;,!H: l:.:.:i ':,y' ::. cJC:;; .
3d ELl !n 1r:--.tl1 o.t trn!.l.!h t.,::..;) f,)l:i.utred
the ax1.c; :J,:!vr-nce i..') (069(91/0 j cJ.OGG(' :::.t 1?Cn:! .
Fer! (;') i!1c.i!lta1:'".ed ccmi.,o,ct patrols t') .and. . :3Jd. ::'::,,-:si':m
1'u;,:..odo No eneiDY '!,lere encou":1tel'o,,'!.
11 .A.pril.<
Ord')ra !"ece1Yed from at OJ:!CB for tho :Jf
tlie attaclt t.o the East starting 0.1: 05COB co Or ler3 W:J'J''.:) lElsu:::1 by "i,:11s
hesdqug,r:er3 -:"cr oi' the ."t T3,ck a _::.!1"; 10'..1 ....)
( "q92.... 88', I) (9., ....... r.-."n' S"':": cT-;:)''''',
'W"-' t ("" .. .......... , ,'W J!' (wi " r. ... "'rf_c.. ..... , ......... ...,: ....... __ -,\..0 .. . r1l
, Al ....' ... ( .... Gr -'.r,':..:':'';';.-'' ........... \ ..
'-' J" J .l.I1..:''I,I. .., .1.\\;:'.. " .J v=,o -;J, .. t..J ",,' ........ 1.;. ,:.. ..._.. , .... I , .)) ......... !.
m1os!0:l of s<Jc'""r1ng a over the EWE '1'1};.o O::':;)l"' 0: p.:..i!'ch
was 2'1 Un 67th M, 78th Ill.; lI'wcl CP 67th jj 3:-1 .... t.ll'i E,
Co ARt) 41st AIR w.a.d1rected to clliul' thd
along the main axis of advance. The column tl:v/o,j {Ini.. a 00;.'::,:';)2 !'ina. 1''
ed OSTERUE!CH at C830B. The advanoe was :... ras:'n
tll.nCd oolu'Dn halted at !I.. OSCHERSLEF.lE;1 10[' rdS(?!'
v1c1r.3 at 'rhe column IlOvad out ap;F.lin at 19:):i.3 3d.
A::'R -,;a,;3 t.O dQuble the oolumn and cro?.. t'nJ OV(3:' tbe
ELBE Rlver' eCflt}::iaECK. 2d Bn 67th AR and 3:l En 4:3 AIR bot:l tJ!',oount ..
ered haa.vy small arm. fire Mlooka f1rt-) in ti:;.u d..i...
.. vance was hal te1 !'ur the night. .
1st En "long the lett Combat CotDtnanl rout.3, o+.p.rt1n8 ).it
0600:8. Tne ao"!ance lilt" _de th3 routtl UOR.\"3URG (Cg,08S-:i .,
(D4Q0S70j .. OrrUSLDEH was
in!1 flvttr, iO\Q ..,to. At 't.)
O'l'TERS.LE3EN WAI "ry Stro1l3 Mel tt t;;olt fel''':':- :.::'.U'O t.o cl(-Jan .
tho out or the town" 'Ih<t battl11ton tl t-",..i:l ?4.. ..;t.-urei
tc tnd el.i,.anco tbo da,. -'
311 B:l mCVI=Jc.i to for",.,b.r4 area .t 0:500D !"!ll n.c,
0630B tn'j rOtlt9 North ot tbo COltS" l'OUtao ,;lcd.:"GQ.
and aecll!'erl ',,;!, +'Z!(';.t -, emt ,. _ttnl1on clos:.:t: !:1 .c.s..::.:;;,;..{
(D230993) i'Jr th\J ..
HI.!H Co b<Jo:OITIa '9art of 2(l AJ? Secur1ty Battalion &.:11 Dl';)vc:.d l.ts
to C30IERJLEBEN \D39'r880 i where 1t :f.. 1.r.;..3
an! !:m:l (w!ltroll!!".. o!v11!.ans" d1sp1a"ec.. :a,r,t frc.
Allied Pils !.ta zone of respon;Jibt11tr ..
12 Anr1l-.s
Tne enemy blew up the br.1dgo &'CT08 s the ELBE RIVER at OCl5B 0 3d
Bn 4;Lst AIR jum"ged ot"f !n the attaolt -on at 083013..
1n the ::orthilrn of made good :JZ'ogress, but elements in the
South ran into several strong poiute. At lo'5B the town t.ras reported
cloared. Contact was "'!lade at ap"lrox1mately 1640B with elements ot the
8:54 Int. D1v. on the right. Releasad 3d Bn 41st AIR to Ce"B" control.
tor crossing ot the ELBE at 170050 6'rth Aft Task Force ordered to
oross over bomplet1on"of the bridge on the following
4ay behind 1st En 67th AR and adv6.r.ce 1n tte r1fht zone ot :the Combat
Oommand the Eastern uf the R1ver"
1st En attacked i."'l'om OTTtRSL::BEN towards ,:he li:LBE RIVER at 060OB"
airfield at D665937 w&& &ttacked and 27 planes were destroyeda The
town of' SALBD {D694936) was and road blocks ware estab11shed
for the :light.
3d Bn moved out at 063013 along the route OHRSIEBAN -
., ra 5El.HAUSEN and closed in the new assembl"' area at NWJERDOL
ELEBEN(D;'T7998) at .1130B. All guns were s1ted to acr038 tha ELBE
R1ver to asn1st CO"B" In its of thi river.
Rcn Co rema1ned "mder Secu:-1. ty Batta.i.lon cont:r.)l and performed
normal guarc., pol:Lo9 anC patrol in 1i.9 zone of l'es-pone1b1U.. ty..
l' APl'11.:
At. O'r35B orae::"s r9<1etved fr"om CCt!S': CO to report to vCItB" to
take C/tJ::' command of tn! 'lntry aoross ElSE in vic tnt ty of frr037250
The C:? WJ.S C:3tablien.<;d on East be-nlt of l'1ver at 110C3 and 1st En 41st
AIR: 3d E:a 41st AIR; a:-.d 3d Bn 119th Inf. plf1cecl t.:n'ie:t' Regt'l
control at this timao held a about one and
one.. ha.:.r miles des:p at, tile time and orders wera issued to extend the
bridgehead in to have for the of tanks when
they art111ery :fire stoP'?9d wor.:; on the bridge at 1300B"
At 1345B tho Regt!l COo;, 001. 1'&'..ll A. Dls1.ey, Cav., was wounded. and
At 1415B command of the se:::tor wq,s turned over to CO 1st En
41st AIR" The 67th AR Regt:l staft continued to ass1st the 00 1st Bn
41st AIR unt1l he could sat up a suitable
Orders were received for 2d Bn 67th AR to continue to block to
the South and flansks for a llew crossing of' rivor .to be made at
.SCHONEBEClC dur1ng the of 13 ... 14 Apr1l 1945.
1st En roma1nad !n araa in vicin1ty of SALXBE.
3d Bn roma1.!l.ed in asso!:tbly area 1n NIEDERDODELEBEN ...
Rc."l Co r.;ca1!lCd u..""lder Securl ty Battalion control iind cont1nuod
normal and patrol
--", -5rtb ,"oR T::.slt Forco roma1:led in assembly area in SCaO!lEBECK.. Tt..e
Task For..!o ra.n p3riodl0 pc.tro"l.s to 1st Bn 67th in \1E:D'f".ci:RHTJ.3E,
and 83d D81S850c
lot En in 'assombly araa and prot1cted North fls..nk .)!
Combat and n190 hald fror.t alaR'; the
3d Bn ELBE R!VE=t 1nto the S3d Division in tn.;,
Vicini ty of' at l430B and proceeded to !-:orth to
wards tho to',I!'lS of FLO'l'Z - GODNITZ .. PRODEL I. DOPJ.c'EERG. T!lu Iltt.:..clt
progressed t1::i:'..1 as tho P.J t!.t D8?38'fC small c.r:r3 fl.tI,J was
recelve(L en ol'1.Jr oof higher Eoa-!;Us.rtdrs tho w.::.n h:.i.l t.c!U ar:.d
troops '..:ore 1...... to th3 .... ictn1tJ" of 'AI.Ul:r:runENDUF.G to th.:.
dafense of the expocted streng 0
Ref! C:. pcrfll:'lrrod !i:lcur!. 1::1 m1s31ons C;;C.1!'::" ..
( 6 i

S E. "
... ,.. ,
---... -. '5r-i:h AR cont j to S)I!1!r'U n.'.'i:1. BJ..lI:;Jill,ZEL ..
MEN" rCl.trols to C011trtC': 831. 1)1
;i9!0:: rt-:t:t.,
In t 5!l to prot,;;!;: left ot t u::-ld t:>
hold ec;c"':nr a:i.rnl"; tho SL31?:
3d :5::1 ...od 2-. c::oo?"dintHn3 nil', art!"L10:....1. SP gun
and a.t first 1 Tne at tack "111.9 :>n t.he
town ot GU'I'ER3L.U":K o The '1'98 rE)'IJulGed llft,(:r tho d!'l':':3,",;:.J '"H' 1::'3a
of six ("'If (j1.l.:t'; tenks o.bout 'J /4 of By 1100'3 th-.: had
'':loon fOl'cGd. of tc.v'!1 Emf! t:I:) liri.?H' ':r)l'''.: rOC1stE'O:io:JdL
Ron (h nO::"r:la soct!'!y m:sslO::lS Ur".O,)!' S)',:U:::'1
13atta11o:1 cr.l!ltl'ole
J.D..P..!'J..2 l
Th9 T!".sl{ Fr.H'CO cont':rllloQ Jr.ics ',::;r. of and
floro9con:. st 'tps '-T)rc -placed 'J-i,r;o of
th<:.: ELbB R}:{;;:R tu 'lssist in l"i:!.rtn5 1'ml on
3:', J(')J ynrrJ.s to SO' f:'om t"h,:tr
r__ t to bo +::1,) "bCrl"LJ ;-jF:t",;ty- l::.,Cet t:l-! Qf
Mia.GDJ:::aUP.::t..., 'rho tooh. 1.:.p crig.:.r!l11. P:7ls1t!.on3
3i En ('!ontirr..;.r,d to hole lino 'In F:J:-:"thol":r. 6,)Ct:-Jr of e:;d
o:,i e :3'':: 0
RC:lCt) 1'C)ut1::o pe.tro'!.s tn of 1'030:" a ... ill. ita
zona of roopcnsib!Llty.
-_.... _- .'.,
.A Co I!.?.R W8.S rt liGv'Jd from attp.chmant t" If',,rco at
a-pproxlme.toly C7003 0 One ...,la.';oon n:ar. Co 41st l .. m t" Tt'
Force at CI!OOB o ii.t l840B r=,,\': .Cio 41st AIR was r(J.. to 24 Bn IIh
AR and. the platoon of lIB" Co .hIR WIlS dotaohed o fiB'; 00 57th lill
detaohed from 2d, En 67th AA and atte..ulh3d to l.Flt Bn 41st J..IP. tb:J ewno
time., Tho zono Of respona1bj,11ty of th9 .I'oroe "me enla.r",,;ad to ox
tend frOIIi 0704925 tc; C't'tS8S0 a.long the RIVERo
1st 5:1 continued to hold its sector along the EL3S RIVER n S1x
men from IlHll Co 41st AIR weroavacua.tod from the East 'ba!11..: of t.ho r'1'vtJr
by r'D" 0:)0
,d Bn to hold sector or
disabled 'one tank with bazooka tlreo
. Ren'Co 90rfQmmed normal sacirlt1 mission undar 30cur1ty Battalion
O"rth AR Task Force oontinued to hold SClHONEBB:OK and :S:iJ).D.A.LzmLMlN 0
At l840B warn1ng orders wer$ received. for Task Force to bo to
move on the followlng day to a new assombly area upon by 'Otb
Intantry Division. .
1st Bn was relloved of ot ELBE R!VER line by 2d Bn 41st '
AIRr.t 1:4308 at);hiob U,me the batta110n movod ba.ok to v101:11ty ot
34 1ft .,vo4 baok to vic1nity at nnd roma1nod
.....let b tbat looatlon on tho Et'.st 'bnnk at tho..ELBE RI"IER aa a
........ toNe to. t138 834 Into.ntry lhv1&ion. .
Jiloll 00 continuod norm'4-1 socur\ ty m1ss10ns undOI' Sr)(.;t:ri tl Battallon
control. Tho genaral zona of cOrl'irol WBO st.1!'tod fl'O!:'1 Ll.:\.)"t \'lest of
CSOHERSLEBIN to the EBat of -'h13
ao "
rdars woro f::'om at If)OOa for lTIov'Jm:mt of Oombat
Oommand to a new D.ssombly fJ.rOo. upon tho 30th Infr.mAury D!vision,
All elemonta of Task Forco.wore ra11ovod by Tho of march
latDtenance 00 and Serv1co 00 wera to Ro3t'1 control prior to
..roh. an 67th Aft waa orderad to to Rogt
1 control upon
01011ns in lts new area. Upon clos1ng in now aroa attached elements
were re1ealed trom' 2d Bn 67th Aft oontro1 a!:d "B" 00 67th AR was diroc tad
to oomo under 2d Bn 67th AR control. Upon110sing in. now o.rec. the .
"slmont relieved elements at 8th Armorod Diviaion of security of aroaa,
Tbt ordeJ' at maJ'oh waa as tallows. Hq" Hq Co 67th 1..R.; 2d Bn 67th
(-)(Reint); Servloe Co, and Maintenance Co. Loading olomonts lett
BAD-SALZELMEH at 14,OB and 1n now araas as follows I Hq" Hq 63
at 18'08, 2d Bft 67th at 1940B; Servico and at 1930B.
lit Bn 67th AR closed about 1430B and rcvortei to Rogt' control at that
1st Bn mov3d undor OC"B" control :from OSTERWEDDINGEN_ at l145B
and closed in at 1430B.
,d Sn continued to in resorve are'l 1n bridg3hoo.d of
Ren Co was roler.sod tro:n Security control and reverted
to Rest'l control. One plp..too!l continue1. to do var10us cr1ticB1
installn-t:ions o
21 Aprile
fnstructlons '!'Jre rOCOi"IOd from (:l'JitB" ut 0150B to 'ona L1.3diwn
tA.nk cC'J1")C'.ny, minus]. plt'.tt"";orl !'Opo:cot to 00 ItB" (.0 17th E:13r. Bn.. C'.t.
Dl87930 to strongthon position nt;r.!nst rO'Jo'rtod ono"lly olomor.l.ts moving
South. Ono ple.tqon of medium WOos to roport to OC"B" at
the Sllm0 tlrue., r'D" Co S'Jr-t on th\F\ ... Ord0ra W.:lre rocoived
trom at OB15B to tho comrnard all 0 30 milnto o.lul"t for movo
ment to the North on ord-Jr. J.t 09')8B Crdf)ra rocoiv,')u 'tio movo 1st Bn
67th North towards SCHOPPENSTEDT o.nd for 00 1st Bn 67th to roport
to for orders. This battalion b10ckod ronds out of forest
trom Y040020 .. D1l0998. "D" Co rover ted to 1st Bn control nt
ht 11208 orders wsre rece1vad 2d Bn and Regt'l CP to movo to Northo
1st Bn ran pntrols through woods from Y061031 to Y084020 without onemy
contact. 1st Bn also ran patrols North end Northwest from Y084020 to
Y085040 contact was made with 2d Bn comins oval" the same route
fJ'om the At l828B, 1st Bn and 2d Bn sot up defonsos for the night.
Each battalion and the Rest'l I " R ran continuous patrols
throughout tho night to intorcept enomy attempts to oscape out of the
'. ,d Bn remained 1n rea8J'VG assomblJ aroa in B3d Division bridse
head at the ELB!: RIWR. .
Ren 00 moved or to P/.BSIX)U (D2l5862) and 2d and 3d platoons
moved to OLDERSTEDT t't 12158. Shortly attor th1s moVt) too .I)ompany re
verted to CO"SI! control and moved to SClIDR!ISTEJ)T (D080985) and set
up a detonsive position e.J'Ound tbo town. The 1st.. platoon oontinued
.tliion ot guarding installations to the Basto
lat Bn and 2d Bn continuod to hold blocks durin-:; tho mo:rnlng
while 1st Bn 'nst AIR oorn1:Jod tho J.. t, 12309 this hCA.dqunrt3l'S a.nd
1st 8n 67th ,.ere l'.::luc'.nud for !'c:tw':': to cr-: t.::-'Vfl., 2d

\,..: u ....

.., .... ' . .:.-1


.... ..I
.. ' _\..:.o
,... 0.;. ....
-" 'I,
'" ......... ,-.-0;-'):-:: It
........ '
... __ .'.e...... E.i."c 40 '''' ...., ... e
1st En clos(}d in Hi.J})Efi.S'i.'.JT P.t . hl{1 Of .'.R c::"os.:,G. :L:..'1
D.JU)ESHEIM n.t 1430Bo
2d Bn nS!lornblcd in vlc1n'.ty GILZUM (Y025028) r.t 1300B t:..."'lder
. '
3d En ru:lGr\pu 8JQ. .1.0:1.
or the ELBE RlVE:.t t'
,.. 'l'
- JIE.. ..
Rcn Co ostt'tbl1shod. b100ks at Dl95l33
and werohousos 1n tho
23 April: .
Opere.. tiona 1150 1 i . '1 by t H.; indicat
ins nO'fI of rcspcntJ ty r-!"'1 ... L:. no.] '..;S t"lb11SC;d :'.I'OU!ld
porlmat,;r oi' aroa.. Tr.',; ::.- ! (,,; R Pl",:co!'l qontim':'.;;d of CC'iB"
area for unlocated l'C' B
. c.ontrol. Org,.!'l1z?t10ns
devoted. clay to show,d()'I.'!l and
n.djustmont of d:Jf,:msos to th r;,l.OllS''C...;i KJr.!8!'L::ldum"
2d Bn opc-"'atlng CC 'B" clos'..:d ':::1 ar0a in
v'elnity (If VOLZ:;"M (X99903S} at 15003.,
3d Bu :d Ef' !)"nlt of' EL.'5:; a:TIR in :t"';S8rve for' 83d
Division brid,r;oho'1.d"
Ren Co n:jl'forli::)d t!'o.Js und,,;r cont:-ol ').:1 the
from X9581.65 to Y30E!uI':76. Conn t "flfI,S wi f:"!:c.ndly
troops to the Nor
Rcn Co (-1 to control OSGGB,. Organ
izations dovoted cay to holr:in pcotrol1::'l:P; aroas, ,-;u['.rd1ng
installe-tions, Shl'.-;-,d:nm nC:!l'.m;>.!:co ".nd
Bd Bn in a:=2Jlli:lv' Ce
3" cont1"olft
3d Bn reml'''.lned in r.,'s:')r .."c'1' Fl.sscJrnbly on E[>st c"'.nk of ELBE
Ren Co .. , 101s one )'l, rcv;rt)1 0 Rcgt '1 rind mJvod
to i..NDERBECK (D196805)" One platoon rrmain:'1 1L"llar contro: of 1st Bn
.i!lst Rnd cont1r.'-lcd ..... :. prttroi f: om 1.) 1,;C!t06()
2S April:
bt 1830B the cr.Jw of Sar": .C(; e:'fQ".n: rf1. t ion 1: ruck was n.mbush::d
in Western portion of !,l. ir. V'tc:nl ty of DC )6850.. pintoon of Hen
',-, ,
Co support8d by 0. platoon of r)o UTll r)r control of CO, Ron
Co and swept through tho waoes rh:..C''J th-] !!len m arr.bush:::d.. Othar
elemonts of "DII Co [.md 1. ! 6- R to th:J Sou'.;h rmJ.
Southeast as th..; '''00<:9 c;1t
Jpt.. f.:'If 11numy I:: ',ldi:.:re W0T",; k ::1
or captured ..
The da.y "ras QvVC'T.8Q tc Sllr"10ys 0':' Ii.- di..;.('s cmc.
porsonnel, rna,ln'ten:?n0c, holding of ::>ll'cks: e.
2d Bn remained in p.Bsomb1y in VOLZUM u"'ltlul" CO"B" '::ol'!t.c"l ..
,d Bn rema1.ned in reSOr\P3 nS[D!ltbly arua on l!.:'{st bank of ELEE t
Ron Co purform3d !1ocI!lal !>a.'!,!'olo guards.. Jno plo.too:l rume.l41ed
under let Bn 41st i .. IR control"
26 April:
One platoen of "D" Co ;lnc of Ren Co woods
in general area. around D05,')830 fo... " :momy Boldlara,. enomy was l;:,catod.
The mlssion was completud at
The di:".y was dovot.Jd to tJo.trollln3 of ronds in 'lraa, iIla,lntcna.nce,
maintem'.n\!e of road blocks I r(.;h.'lb!ll t9tlon..
2d Bn relIis,inod 1n assombly One plo.toon of' "s" Co 41st J..IR
'1nd one SuC tlon 0 f t was aO'lt to mop t;p woods in th.) vi-:1ini ty ot

,d Bn remained in ?Osition on East of th3 ELBE RIVER in
'3upport or the e,d Dlvlsiono
One platoor" or Ren Co romainod 'l!!ll!er 1st Bn 41st. Qontl'ol.,
V. Aprll:
The da1 was devo+ed to patrolling or roads in aroa, road
_1...., maintenance and rehabllitation. i
2d Bn z"emainad 1n assembly o..rea under ee"B" control A -patrol
... -.nt 60 tnveatlgato woods at 0990880 tor enemy soldier.. Bo enemy
so141er, were looate4 but SOlDO smll arDIS wore
,4 Bn rema!ned irl '{)Oai tion' on bank of ELBE s".1p!)ort 'the
83d DivIs10n
One platobD of !ten Co rema!nad under let 8n .lat hrR
( 9 )

. ......
. .
d;;"oted to p.trol1ing ronch in .rea, m<,1ntdnill8
roa4." , ...'.' JD,;nanc.3 rehflblll tr tian
.'. a Sn l\..1').dur CO"stl control 1n t1SBdmbly Coroa.
i '". ,.,.ld Sn s,ssiatod 83d Diviston in on ZERBST and also secured
and l;lft nc.rJt or bridg<1has.d as,,,1nst a posslbie countorattack
. ,1 Pl .. toon of R(!n Co ram,:,.lnad undor 1st Bn 41st control.
- 1.R (-) dovotod day to reads in ar(ja, maintaining blocks maintenance al',d tationo
2d En 1'<Jn:n.inGd under CC"B" control 1n n.lsambly area 1n v1cIni ty
of Vt}f...z. U.H
En in !'1soombly ('.1'00. in br1.dgohEJad on East bank ot
E"....DE., '!'E
C:> nnc "c" 00 moved to WOLFENBUTTEL.
0,,0 pl:.toon R..:n Co !'omain'3d under 1st Bn 41st AIR control.
:;7th [.R e.. ) d0voteo day to ?atrolling ot roads in area, maintain
1ng ro"d oJ odcEi. mD,intonc.Y.f!e e,nd
Dn l".jJ'!1".ln.:)d in Boscmh1y aran. under CCiI B" controle
of 3d Bn mov")d to WOLFENBUTTLE under Div1sion control
for t:-.CT'()1jgh ryor1od. of' maintona.l'lco ,.rork by Maintenanoe Battalion.
Orw' HC!l Co romaint:ld' 'U.:.ldor 1st Bn 41st AIR control.
:-f:,n:1 of' month olamontA of R0gio(:nt loce. tad as follows:
Hq & D.. D126804
H...:.i:1 CC\r.r;:m.ny HESSEN D089839
S.Jt'v!co Cornpc'.llY OEDB;Q:BEN D168859
1st Bettalloll D281704
20 B:-,ttn.l1on Control) Y000041
}5. E2. t . Di v. vlO .:..F7.::NBUTTEL X9l0000
..:, :,
l.,i.:...-..}r(", 9t8tlstlcs cover 'tho ,r)eratlons",of the Regiment
dU!'inG th) month 0.' 1945"
--- ....... ., 5
'1:'1'''.1.0 -t ton 1
1.(-3 1
Off. EM
""1jJr 31
-Including the Reg1menta1 Commandar.
J.\vl:.RDS :
r:.: -'t
S'r1 t0rlous Unit Plaque Detachment
b 0 Di 3 t!11gu1 ehed Serv1ce Cl'oss . 2
Stlvor Stars 9
Bronze 19
- ... .

Enomy Killod. (Bst1IM.te)
44 2"75
Enemy '."'v\l:l,lcl (Estimato)
( 10 )

'-i.l. Rcn

Te.nke, IV . 2
0 0 0 0 8.
: ..#

{.cor. T;:)
Tanks, ID! V 2 0 0 0 0 0 0
Tanks, }.tk: VI 1
0 0 0 '0 0
He U' 0 0 0
0 0 0
Parsonnel Carrler. 2
0 0
0 0 0
Trucks .29 21
0 5 0 0 0

0 0 0 0 0 0
20mm gun8 2
0 0 0 0 0
Mult1 ..rrl)l ..
0 0 0
0 0
0 0 0 0
0 0
8 mm gun. 12
0 0 0
0 0
128II1II fir.t ou) i
0 0 0
0 0
10 In. RR Gun 1
0 0 O 0 0 0
Personnel wanpons
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0

0 li 0 0 0 0 0
Bazooka.s 0 2
0 0
0 0 0
Panzert'r.usts 0 7':1 0 0
0 0 0
0 30 0
0 0 e 0
Light lOs 0
0 0 0 0 0
Plenos 30 '0
0 0
0- 0
22 c ammo
20,000 rds
0 0 0 0 0

0 0 0 0 0
Bayonets (J 100
0 0 0 0 0
CI 0 0 0 0 0
0 3 0
0 0 0 0
Locomotives 99
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0
FIE'.t (I
0 0 0 0
Box Cars (; 1
0 0 0 0
Re.llwl'.y Cars
0 0 0 0 0
Crcted Equipment o COntent,. unknowno
0 0 0 0
Cu load ot Mines "S'I M1nos 1'1
:l 0
0 0 0 0

0 0
0 0 0 0
275 0
0 0 0 0
Gaso11no "'ruckS

0 0
0 0 0 0
Tank CIU'8
'0 0
0 0 0 0
0 0 0 .0
Rltl08 150
0 0
0 0 0 0
CantGona 175
0 0
0 0 0 0
0 0
0 0 0 0
Locko4 Y"ult
0 0
0 0 0
:areonal 200
0 0
0 0 0 0

Scout Oar 0
0 0 0
Scbool QroUDlaCBS517-1 0 1 0 0 0
Gl14ap. 0 0
20-'0 0 .0
Parachuto. 0 0
15 0 0

Scootor Tractor. 0 0 2 0 0
JIaohlM Guna 0 0 uncounto4 0 0
tool1 0 0 uncounte4 0 0

5. IIkt!iJlY '. .
a. Urtng tmaa of lprl1 thO ..........
,....1tla. woro unclortat... . .
(1) GoYGrnment\f!le .ot up 1n II.I".:', __ tile
. per104 12 ,. eo J.prl1 45 to 1nclude 41 _._ MI.
SUal'dlng awl olvl11u. .tOI'OI, _- ....IIU_
a. BoUl'80Dkllitor r-'.nd olvl1lra ".u.!. .
(2) Dllrllls tb> Jm'104 21 - ](I ...............t"..
va.. estllb111.4 in 59 town. 1ft Ito L'-u.a.
a .u.
tows B;,urS-.lstera scroe ..... __&at.e4
whero neca....'. 81xtoGn (16) 0 __ ......, ....
tJ't.....h1,.t ot !".stel'D Europe.., M ..........
M111tar7 oourt. weN 0.t(\b11.'-4 ,.. ..- 1.:':111\.....
of tala .......a....... a.l,
were lurv6y04. '!'be
poraon. wore

DutOh .
Lt .. 0010, 67th Armored Regiment
. 1'71
a-.' ..
............... .
""'1.1 .,"

A20 252
l)NTH Q1'. .. ..,
Opel"a.ticris. of the 67th Armored Regiment tor the 1 - 31 45
dividdd into the following
a. 1 .. 5 45; Defense and final c1ean-'up of a.rea of
b. 6 P. 31 Ha.;r Movement to new. area vicinity SW WOLFENBUTTEL
and final groupment of. entire Regiment for oonductlng oom
bat training,
Armored Regiment d1sposed as follows:
Hq &: Iiq Co 67th AR------------ DARDESHEIM (D126804)
C) .- ....---- ----.:. HES3El-r (D089839)
Co.. .---..-.----.------ DEDELBEN (0168859)
1st Battallon---.. -,..---------- HALBERSTADT (0281704)
2d Battalion (CC"B" Control)-- VOLZUM (Y00004l)
3d Batt.allon (Div. Control) -- (X910000)
Durirog the l;Jeriod 1 Mays Rel3iment (,., 2d &: 3d Batte.1Uns; con"
tillued tu 31.1ard installations and man area "")erimeter road blooks,
Reconna1ssance Cu continued patrollIng of main roads with1n the
Reg1mental area of responsib1li ty. Rcn Co patrol swept wooded ar'69
just South of' DINGLESTEDT due to civilian repqrt that there were a
nu.mber of a!'med Germa.ns In thA ...,oods Patrol pom!)leted
about 1lOOB bu't found . 2d Battalion remained under CO"B
control at 3d Ba.ttalion ('"Ith fIS' Co."ttached) remained under
DIvision control undergo:ng a com1Jlete DivisIon Maintenanee .. ,
The Regimental M11itary Government activities Included issuing of
identifies. Uon cards for the DPs in the area and oompleting the re
of the 12 PoP. Camps In area. ,
, /
.Reg1ment (-2d &: 3d '3attalloDa) oontinued detense ot
oontinued Gover:'lment a.ct1"itlea . Ron Co sent. patrol to :
ualch woodS. (D172', . f1fr80). One" and some German tood supplies
vel'e taken. Abo'1t 300 Russian !W's and DP. revouped within the
Rtg1mehtal area. 2d Ba.ttalion rema1ned: under cc"S cont:rol; 3d
Batta110n under Divis10n control. "

.ttl ot area, manning r08.d
1111tary Government
-'.1&.11, and
'Regi1llent (2d &
t.JJK:. . .
; .' . \ ..20. &
/. It', ot are"" Posl".............
. .. .G0.' .
' .. "'t. (-act ..
",1' ,t.,--::
. .' i*l1OD8 . 4 MdH:itl6J:.
.... .
t '1 ',,:: ....
i Ct- .t .,'
.. ..

iI \ ... Mt ':. ';";"" *+W h 4f,M,. t Hti' ...:....______........_.::..',;.,.,..._ .. l.._. ..____ ...
1"";'" ,'. -
.,t .... ,
'-Kay' : - I' ,
Regiment ,. ... alerted to .aYe new assembly
area viuinl t:y f!11 WOLP"D;BU'1"1'IL. "al OftI' to element.s uf
Infantry- Di,.vlI1on. ('29th Itlhavr ReSl.ent) .M0'f8l118nt started.
.t1iabou't l'2S08 and 'o01Iplete4 at abOut eooa. 1:.h 'Ol'rtanizatlon be"
Slflmovement rellef" by el.Mllts of" 834 Itlf'aad..".oltri8ion
" a'hdloa S'rfth Aft tallo 'moved to new area .eod N8rtq4 to
control &1; -11008. Locatl'ooa of' orlranlzatloal &II tollows:
! Regt '1 Hq &: HCl Co -- HEERN (081695')
., Reoonnaissance 00 -- HE!RTE (0818951) ,
r - . Ma.intenance Co -----.. qARUM
Service Co----------- iiARUM
," 1st Batta.lion ------... Remained in old area until barracks
at... Maintenanoe Center inWOLFENBUTftL was cleared 'by 3::1
Battalion,. '
, " 2d Batta,llon--------- LEIRDE (C855965)
,.J " 3d Sat'ta1lon--------- Remained under Division control in
a.rea v'.cini ty WOLFENBUT'l'EL. '
Hi] i i ary GovernmEmt 4uties 1ncluded the turning ,over of all
!oilJ.i tary, G6vormrr::.nt duties to elements ot 8,d Intantry Division tak1ng
over the Elector., . '
Regiment ("3d Battalion) spent the day getting reorganized 1n the
new area. 1st Battalion remained tn vicInity HALBERSTADT pre-pared
to mova t.o Div1sion reservicing area upon co'mplete relief by
of the B3d Infantry' D1vision. ,d Battalion !>repared to move to ne""
Re$+men area following day and 'Come under Regimental control. All
:t-!:litary li-overnment activities turned over to the relieving elements
83d Infantry Division.
continued organ1zation of neW 3d Battalior. Jlose1
Roglm"3ntal area at l130B and reverted to Regimental control w1'th
the, exceptlon of "c" ,Com!)eny ",hich still remained in/the Division
reservicing area. 1st Battalion moved from vicIn.ity HALBERSTADT
dJ,rectly thA Divifllon reservlclng f1.rea. 1n the vicinity of WOLF;EN,
BUT'l'EL. "B" COp1pany also moved. from a,rea to the reserv'::
ing area. The Regiment was officially relieved of all Military
Governmel"t acUvi ties by the 83d Infantry Divis,ion.
... 1,; ,
l"lst Battalion &: "s" Company) continued organization
and rehabill tation in the new area. All organizations made prepare.'
tionE f(H' conductlng a complete showdown Comnany Inspection to be con
dvcted !Ji<.l.Y 10" 11, and 12th. 1st Battalion and "B" Company r.emalncd
in Div'Lalon reservicing area. "c" Com'9any rejoined 3d Battallon a
10 . 11 . }2 . .
- -- Battalion, Hq Col't!-pany 2d Battalion, and iiB"
0om'9any) conduct.ed a com.,lete showdown tns-pection, including lndivid
ue.l clothinG nnd eqUipment, vehicles, vehicular eqUipment, organlza"
tlonal c::quipment lIsts "rare used as a bg.sis to requ:s 1tion
for all 1 torr.s required to bring the Regiment to full authorized
1st Hq, Com'9any 2d Battalion, and "B" COTTI'Pany remained 1n
D1v1f:Jioc'l reservlcing area undergoing a complete maintena.nce che:.:.k' .t.:p
and reconditioning.. .
H'J51ment conducted normal Sunday schedule. The day was devoted
:0 Services, rest, rehabilitation and athletiOs.
.. "-'-" Regiment (lst Battalion, Hq Company 2d Battalion, a.nd 'B

a general training orogram consisting of
C:'I'3'.1 d.!'11l and gunn:'!ry, orientation, I & E phy::;:L':;ul
and maintenance.

I ,
I 1:
15 May:
Reg1ment (-Hq Company 1st Batta110n &: "B" Com;)any) continued
!eneral program4 All of 1st Hq Co
1st Batta110n, and Hq Comryany 2d Batta).ion moved from Division re'"
servicing area to th9 Regimental
16 May:
Regiment continued conducting gen< :-0.1 combat treinins
Hq Co 1st Battalion EO.nd CO!1'roanv re',)ined R8,O::iment. ont.irc
Regiment was now closed in the 11 are13. Organl.,c;. t.lcns hewing
just returned from th9 D1vision ing ar3a ma.cie tiona t,..)
conduct the 3 day .complete showdown of the
now as follows:
1 Hq &: Hq C:,,---_--
1st &: Hq Co -- SA'.DER
"Ali, liD", "G" Cos .. ----- SALDER
2d BattE11ion . Hq Co---- I.E'mOE
'iB" Company --.---------- :<-UM:-lELSE
IiEII Company' ------------ AND'SRSHEIM
"F" Company ------------ IMME''JOORF
3d Battalion . Hq Co----
"c" &: "H" Cos --------... -
"Iii C "R
ompany ------------ 'J
Regimental 'J'heeter o'Oened in GEBHARDSHAGEN. The entire Regiment
al area conslstGd of the area bounded by the towns s...:.:"...DER - ANDERSHEIM
- CRAMME ,.. inclus i ve of t.he
17 ,.. 29 May.:
Regiment continued e. general tombe.t. training program with em
phasis on maintaining the Regimental of combat effic
lency. During thls period several hundred of the long service per
sonnel were trF.'.nsferred from the Regiment to be redeployed to the
United States. 260 new reinforcements were also received this
"erlod l'.nd these individuals were a special lO-day training pro"
to fit them for duty in an Armored Regim.ent. A Re(5il!lental
Ceremonial Pa.rade was held on the afternoon of 25 May e t s:.I.ich time
22 Officers and men received SlIver Stars Elnd 118 Offioers and men
of the Regiment were decorated with Bronze Stars. The Division
Commander and Combat Command hB" "rare the Revloi;ring Officers 0
'0 May:
. Regiment observed Memorial Da.y by conducting a Ceremonial
Parade at "r}o'lch time 6 Officers of the ",'ere decorated with
the S11ver Star. Combat Command "B
Commander was ths Reviewing
Offlcel'. Immedlately following the Ceremonial Parade, the Regiment
mae.d for a Memorial Dar '
aglment contlnued with the general combat tra1nlng nrogram,
the training of new' ,ersennel in thelr jobs. Reg1mental
StljaJ,l. &1''' RJm!. was OOlJll)leted just North of BARUM tQr small arms
t1,1ns Bftd raquall,fring all Blen in the Reg1ment with tbelr
Iddlv14ual weapan. A Provlsional Bettal10n of personnel
tr.. both 24 and 34 Batta1iona participated 1n a Division Review
P&P!\4e at W'OLP"'eNBU'l'TL .
folloWlns cever the o9Qrations of the Re$iment
tor tbe .month of *,. 194!S'

--.-one <
. . _. __ _____ .. _ .,'
..... --...... _..
. -...... ,...........
. '
.I ) 0 ..:.......____....__: ___ .. ____....... r(l (2 at'ricers)*
Enemy K1lled' (estimate -----.. .4.'
lnemyWoundod (estimate)------ 0
Ven!olel ,...----- ... ---... ------.... -... 0
Equipment . 0,
One of the Officers was MAJ. G!NEFt\L BECHER, Commander
of (Jerman Task Force BltOHER, Gorma.n 6th Army Corpso
-.. - --m- M!lffary GOvernmEmt "aotiv1ties of the ReC!1ment 1n
the HALBERSTADT area were turned over to the 8,d Infantry Division.
The Reg1ment had no M1litary Government duties in the new 8egemb1y
area SW of WOI,FENBUTTE:L. .

I..t Col", 671: h Rf.g1ment
, ' .