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Mowll, Joshua

Horowitz, Anthony Laird, Elizabeth Lu, Marie Mason, Prue McCaughrean, Geraldine McGahan, Andrew

McNab, Andy Metzenthen, David

Alex Rider series The Garbage King Legend Camel Rider The White Darkness The Coming Of The Whirlpool (Ship Kings) Dropzone and others Johnny Hart's Heroes ;Lee Spain

Operation Jericho; Operation Typhoon Shore Muchamore, The Cherub Robert series Patterson, The Murder Of James King Tut and others Paulsen, Gary The Car, Dogsong Reeve, Phillip Mortal Engines Reilly, Matthew Ice Station, and others Ryan, Chris The Hit List; The Increment and others Sachar, Louis Holes Smith, Solitary Alexander Gordon Walden, Mark Rogue Westerfeld, So Yesterday; Scott Leviathan

James Hargest College

Genre Book List

Allende, Isabel Buchan, John Clancy, Tom Collins, Paul Corder, Zizou Crichton, Michael Eaton, Anthony Fleming, Ian Forrestal, Elaine Funke, Cornelia Gilman, David Gordon, Roderick & Williams, Brian Harris, Robert J. Heath, Jack Higson, Charlie

City Of The Beasts The Thirty-Nine Steps Netforce Explorer Series Mole Hunt (Maximus Black files) Lee Raven, Boy Thief Congo , Jurassic Park; Pirate Latitudes Into White Silence Moonraker; Goldfinger Black Jack Anderson Reckless Ice Claw Danger Zone Freefall Will Shakespeare And The Pirate's Fire Money Run, Hit List Young Bond series