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Ramesh Palikila BTech , MRICS,

Acting Head of Construction Procurement , Engineers Office , Dubai Director IIQS Global Professional Development RICS- MENEA- QS& Construction Board Member RICS- APC Trained Assessor and Panel Chairman



1.Mandatory Competencies? 2.Over view

Study + Learning +Application +APC = MRICS

How To Choose Competencies - Read the Guides

Self Assessment

Read all the Competencies as per RICS Guide & Prepare as per Reading List .

Interview Process
Presentation on Critical Analysis 10 min
Questions On CV/ PD/ RICS 15 min

Questions On CA 10 min

Questions on Competencies 25 min

Play all stages with good performance Chairmans Welcome & introduction of the Panel Presentation on Critical Analysis (CA) Discussion on Presentation +Q&A on CA Questions on Optional & Core Competencies Questions on PD , CV & RICS Ethics Close out of Interview
- 3 min -10 min -10 min -25 min

- 8 min
- 4 min


MANDATORY COMPETENCIES : (Compulsory for all Candidates )
Conduct Rules , Ethics and Professional Practice Clients care Communication and Negotiation Health and Safety Accounting principles and procedures Business Planning Conflict avoidance and Dispute resolution Data Management Sustainability Team working MOO5 MOO3 MOO4 MOO8 MOO1 MOO2 MOO6 MOO7 MOO9 MO1O Level 3 Level 2 Level 2 Level 2 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1

CORE COMPETENCIES : ( Based on Candidates experience )

Commercial Management of construction Contract Practice Construction Technology and environmental services Procurement and tendering Project financial control and reporting Quantification and costing of Construction materials TO1O TO17 TO13 TO62 TO67 TO74 Level 3 Level 3 Level 3 Level 3 Level 3 Level 3

OPTIONAL COMPETENCIES : ( Example only .Candidate has to choose here as per his choice )
Contract Administration Programming and Planning TO16 Level 2 TO63 Level 2

MANDATORY COMPETENCIES : (Compulsory for all Candidates )
1Conduct Rules , Ethics and Professional Practice MOO5 Level 3

2Clients care
3Communication and Negotiation 4Health and Safety 5Accounting principles and procedures 6Business Planning 7Conflict avoidance and Dispute resolution 8Data Management

MOO3 Level 2
MOO4 Level 2 MOO8 Level 2 MOO1 Level 1 MOO2 Level 1 MOO6 Level 1 MOO7 Level 1

10Team working

MOO9 Level 1
MO1O Level 1

1 RICS Conduct Rules , Ethics and Professional Practice MOO5 Level 3

Level 1 - 3:

Role, motto, function and significance of RICS Societys expectations from Professional practice RICS Rules of Conduct and regulations Professional indemnity insurance Obligation to keep clients accounts Lifelong learning RICS magazine, faculties ,Journals &Hand Books Ethics : 12Core values Changes to 5 Core Values
Conflicts of interest and terms of engagement Why professional institution has Rules of Conduct? Practical experience, structured reading and CPD Compliance, monitoring, disciplinary Procedures Regulated by RICS

Level 3 :

Why do I need to know anything about the Rules of Conduct, when I have no direct experience or involvement?

2. Clients care

MOO3 Level 2

Identifying clients, colleagues and third parties

Who are your clients and understand the behaviors of good clients

The systems and procedures for managing the client care


Needs and wants of clients

The client is Sovereign

The customer is always right

Customer care Vs duty of care

Delivered the services with client care

3Communication and Negotiation MOO4 Level2

Effective oral, written, graphic and presentation skills, methods and techniques appropriate to specific situations
-Critical Analysis & Presentation Meetings, Negotiations & Managing people Letters -written communications Style and layout of the communication Structure of the communication-Graphical Negotiation skills &Conflict avoidance What lies behind successful negotiations and various approaches Parameters and Objectives set in negotiations Future relationship

4Health and Safety

MOO8 Level 2

Principles and responsibilities with regard to health and safety imposed by law

Codes of practice and other regulations

Practical application of health and safety

Health and safety issues relate to work on site

Issues relating to the use of equipment, in offices

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

Local regulations in UAE

5Accounting principles & procedures MOO1 Level 1

Understanding fundamental accounting concepts Formats and preparation of management accounting

Company accounts, including profit and loss statements

Cash flow statements

Balance sheets
Financial Ratios

6 Business Planning

MOO2 Level 1

Knowledge and understanding of how business management activities contribute to the achievement of corporate objectives: Mission and Vision
Motivation, mission statements, strategy, organizational structures, and so on

7Conflict avoidance and Dispute resolution MOO6 L1

Techniques for conflict avoidance, conflict management and dispute resolution procedures, Adjudication and Arbitration
How to conduct negotiations, and also the various options available should negotiations break down? Working through mediation and conciliation, adjudication, arbitration, independent expert determination, and, finally, litigation Arbitrators / Independent Experts in Commercial Property Reviews

8 Data Management

MOO7 Level 1

Understanding of the sources of information of data Data applicable to your area of practice
Methodologies and techniques most

appropriate to collect, collate and store data Particular IT developments in your area
Previous contracts or cost guides and price books. BCIS, SPON PRICE BOOKS, DAVISLANGDON HAND BOOK etc.,.

9 Sustainability
Environmental issues Global issues, such as climate change Global warming

MOO9 Level 1

Environmental issues affect building design, construction

Government initiatives, laws or regulations Environmental policies

Green credentials
Balance economics, environmental and social objectives at, local, national and global levels, in the context of land, property and the built environment.

10Team working

MO1O Level 1

Principles, behavior and dynamics of team-working

Understand the principles behind this Management teams: Why they succeed or fail

Remember that the philosophies behind the mandatory competencies, and the business skills inherent in them, will be encountered in every aspect of your working life. It is for this reason that they are mandatory.



Right balance of


Key concepts and documents: You will note that there is most importantly a focus on testing that you are aware of and intend to act in accordance with RICS Rules of Conduct and that you understand the importance of ethics and professional practice matters.
The depth and breadth of training The quality of the documents and written reports

Your presentation at the interview

Last Suggestion for Competencies

The number of days taken to reach the appropriate level will be dependent upon a combination of the following factors: Have you had any previous experience?

Your aptitude and speed of learning in the competency

The quality of the training and experience. So, friends PREPARE, PREPARE , PREPARE ,PREPARE, PREPARE .,