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Article Hafiz battle cry for team unity gets BAMs full attention KUALA LUMPUR: The Badminton

Association of Malaysia (BAM) have heard shuttler Mohd Hafiz Hashims battle cry for team unity loud and clear. BAM secretary Ng Chin Chai said Hafiz was right about the lack of team camaraderie during the Axiata Cup and has vowed to improve team solidarity as they prepare for the Thomas Cup Finals in Wuhan, China, from May 20-17. Chin Chai said they would increase bonding activities among the team members.

Team player: Mohd Hafiz Hashim lamented the lack of team camaraderie during the Axiata Cup. Bernama We are taking Hafizs statement in a positive way. It has opened our eyes and we know what we can do in the Axiata Cup in the future. In fact, we will get the team all psyched up for the coming Finals, said Chin Chai. The Axiata Cup could have served as a good warm-up competition for the team ahead of the Thomas Cup Finals. We did not capitalise on it but we have planned many things to keep the players together as a build-up to the Finals. During the Axiata Cup, Hafiz voiced his disappointment that not all team members were at the stadium to support their team-mates. He felt that despite the injuries and illness, the countrys top singles and doubles players Lee Chong Wei and Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong should have been at the stadium to show their support for the other players. There was also no one around to hold the team together during the tournament.

The Malaysian Tigers lost both their semi-final home and away matches to Indonesia Garuda. It is just unfortunate that some of our players were not in good condition ... but we will look into this. We know it is important to keep the team together, said Chin Chai. He admitted that Indonesias great camaradarie had always taken them far in team tournaments. They all wore the same attire and even had their team names printed on their playing T-shirts. They embraced the team spirit well at the Axiata Cup. Yes, we will look into all this, said Chin Chai.

Summary BAM secretary Ng Chin Chin agreed with Mohd Hafiz Hashim, who expressed his disappointment over his own team because of lack teamwork. He promised to provide activities that will strengthen and improve the team, psychologically, in preparation for the Thomas Cup because they did not take the opportunity to boost the team spirit in the Axiata Cup compared to Indonesia, a team with strong solidarity.