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Its a Womans World as

What better way to celebrate this momentous day than with a tip of our hats, and a sip of our yummy Cointreau cocktails, as three Cointreauversial women chat with us about the true meaning of womens day and why its so important to them. Cheers!

Were Celebrating Womens Day!

Its a day for the women of the world! An occasion to review, recognise and celebrate how far they have come in their struggle for equality, peace and development. Anushka Menon, Fashion Photographer At Label Nitya Bajaj, we celebrate womanhood, and the power to create, mold and nurture! Dont underestimate your strength and abilities. Nitya Bajaj, Fashion Designer Its about realising were in control of our fates and admiring Gods creation. As women we are gentle and kind, slander might wound, but cannot dishonour us. Eibadat Singh, Cosmo Reader


Cointreau India


Cointreau Sees It!

Raise your glasses and toast to Cointreauversial women like yourself all over the world! This cocktail recipe is our pick of the month, and we love it!

Cointreau Fizz
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March 2013
Its not always black or white with Jackie!


65 Whats #Trending On...

Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Street Styleweve got the latest!

On the Cover

Blogger Style Inc.

96 #CoverGirl: Jacqueline Fernandez An info-packed e-mail

chat with the fabulous young star spanning men, style, and life lessons!


57 Including the Instagram

rules you need to know; an introduction to the original style bloggers; expert advice on becoming a Twitter celebrity; two authors weigh in on whether you should be Facebook friends with your boss; cool things to YouTube right now, and lots more...

Love & Lust

106 7 #FlirtyTexts to Send

102 20 #SexMoves For Every Mood (From Cuddly to Kinky!)

Weve paired these amazing sex moves for his pleasure and your varying moods!

108 How to Survive a #BreakUp in 2013! Weve got all the tips
and tricks for dealing with a break-up in todays share-all age.

Fast Glam
76 82 84 86 88 90 92 94

Your Man It never hurts to mix things up! 114 I Found #Love On Skype! We chat with four girls who owe everything, including their marriages to the Internet!

118 How I #MakeMoney Off the Internet We catch up with

seven entrepreneurs who are making a living online...

188 Your Most Tweeted #Hair Questions Solved! Weve

rounded up your biggest concerns and gathered expert advice.

1 #Basic, 5 Ways! #Street Style #Style News Why Dont You...Try a #PoshPonytail? #Two-Toned Lips (We Dared to Try!) New #Scents This Month Instagram #Cheatcode: Kims Perfect Contour! Beauty #Scoop

You, You, You

124 Can the #Internet Make

You Happier, Healthier, Smarter? We test websites and apps that promise to deliver all of the above. 128 The #A-Z of Blogging Everything youll need to know about starting your own blog or sprucing up the one you already have!




Theyd met on Skype!


Theyre cyber entrepreneurs!


144 8 Surprising Things You

Shouldnt Do On #Facebook Take a pass the next time youre tempted to make these mistakes.

#BodyImage These women are web revolutionaries who arent scared to show off their curves.

198 25 Years of #FairTrade! 200 #LustList

205 The Big #FoodBlogger

Only in Cosmo
135 3 #DIY Crafts Using
Instagram! Three Cosmo readers try out cool projects they found on Instagram.

Men & You

155 #RahulKhanna: I find

211 #HotList

Body Love
Good For Your

the notion of dates Archie comic-y! Celebrity blogger Miss Malini spends a couple of days quizzing Btown hottest gent via texts.

In Every Issue
50 From the Editor 52 #Youtellus 54 #Confessions 148 #AskCosmoAnything 150 Quiz 218 #Astro 216 #ShoppingGuide 218 Last Word

140 The Bloggers Who Are

Fashion & Beauty

161 Opener 162 #Style Bloggers Inc. 168 The (Very) Best In

summers it lip shade?

206 What is

#Online Shopping! 182 Can #Facebook Help You Choose Your Haistyle? 184 Beauty Bloggers #TestIt! 194 Meet the #Smartphones of Beauty!

On the Cover
Photographer: Martin Prihoda; Hair & Make-Up: Bianca Hartkopf at Toabh Talent Management; Styling: Aradhana Baruah; zip detail crop top, ASOS; floral print jeans, Levis

"@GrumpyCat. It has the funniest Tweets ever." @priyam_c


aroon purie

group chief executive officer

The person I recommend To follow on TwITTer Is...

ashish bagga
Kalli purie

group sYnergY and creative officer

chief operating officer

Mala sekhri

nandini bhalla
art director


"@Arjunbasu. His short stories in 140 characters are pure genius!" @nandinibhalla

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"@AlanHungover. This parody account has the most unique take on life." @nehabhasin

Chaturvedi, Meher bajwa


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Chand seniOr exeCutiVe ayush Guha "@ItsWillyFerrell. It's a hilarious Will Ferrell parody account!" @meherbee
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deputY ManaGer nitin


"@RachelZoe. Because front ChieF General ManaGer d.V.s.rama rao row fashion is so maj seniOr General ManaGer (natiOnal) Vinod das and gorj!" General ManaGer (West) rajesh Menon @aradhanabaruah General ManaGer (sOuth) deepak bhatt General ManaGer (OperatiOns) rakesh sharma
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Editors Letter
Ever so often, I try and remember how life used to be before the digital revolution. I was in school when the cell phoneand then the Internetwas born, and I remember how they seemed straight out of a sci-fi movie. Suddenly, you could e-mail and instantly contact friends living in far off countries, instead of licking stamps for a letter that took weeks to arrive (remember pen pals?). You could Google research paper topics, instead of spending hours in dusty libraries, finding books through the Dewey Decimal System. And you could send (rather expensive) SMSs to people telling them you are running 20 minutes lateabsolutely magical! The digital revolution has changed our lives in extraordinary ways. I spend the bulk of my day e-mailing people, Googling stuff, going through Wikipedia (instead of an encyclopedia), Tweeting and Facebook-ing, and shopping online. And as a Cosmo girl, I know you probably do the same. So this issue is an ode to all things digitale-mails and e-chats, Skype and Pinterest, text messaging and BBM-ing, and everything in between. Youll find the best videos to YouTube right now (Pg 62), flirty text ideas (Pg 106), Instagram DIY ideas (Pg 135), and some totally cool celebrity e-interviews (Pg 96 and Pg 155). Speaking of celebrities, the virtual life has also helped give rise to a new kind of starbloggers! And at Cosmo, we adore them for their honest reviews and fabulous style. Which is why, youll find this issue littered with our favourite online journalistsfashion, beauty, celebrity, and food bloggers, giving their inputs on pretty much everything. And if youd like to be one of them, weve put together an A-Z glossary of all you need to know to be a stand-out blogger (Pg 140). We hope you enjoy this issue as much we enjoyed putting it together. Your thoughts, feedback, and comments are welcomewere just an e-mail away! Till next month,


Nandini Bhalla, Editor

4 Things i didnT Know Till This issue...


n Google Keyword Tool helps estimate the popularity of keywords to help get more traffic to your blog! (Pg 128)

n Posting a photo of yourself outside your house lets anyone know where to find you (including stalkers!) (Pg 144)

n You should post more photos on Twitter; visuals and videos work great in building followers interest. (Pg 60)

n The best way to get high cheek bones is to contour with a creamy concealer and translucent powder! (Pg 92)

FEBRUARY 2013, `100

February Issue


8DHBDH ;G6<G6C8: 6L6G9H'%&(


Sophie Choudry Model and Singer

Pria Kataria Puri Fashion Designer

Shibani Dandekar Nandini Bhalla Editor, TV Presenter Cosmopolitan

Erika Packard Model

Drashta Fashion Designer

Nina Manuel Model

The Man Point of View

Isha Shervani Actor and Dancer

Chauhan Baruah Nida Mahmood Surabhi Blogger, Ruchika Sachdeva AradhanaEditor, Fashion Fashion Fashion Laxymanxcat Designer Cosmopolitan Designer

Surbhi Sethi Blogger, Headtilt

Rasna Bhasin Cosmo Reader Blogger, CantsaywhatIsay

Ayushmann Khurrana Actor


Taylor Swift
love & lust


By Priyam Chaturvedi



Exactly Where to Touch A NAKED MAN

Your 2013 Astrology Report

My Top Relationship Rules

are a womans best accessory. At the Cosmo HQ, we know scents our favourites! With a lot of help So it was about time that we applauded Fragrance Awards, and arrived from our jury panel, we hosted our first-ever the year! at the the most captivating smells of





cosmo rep ort

1 CHRISTIAN DIOR, , `8,100/75ml Absolu EDP JAdore L 2 RALPH LAUREN, Big Pony Pink 2 For Women EDT, `4,100/100ml 3 VERSACE, Yellow Diamond EDT, `4,900/90ml


1/26/13 11:12:42 PM

Important Info On How to Deal With A SEXUAL ATTACKER

fragrance.indd 2-3

o One T alks Ab out

cover final_4colour.indd 1 2/28/13 1:03:57 AM


"I absolutely loved your cover feature on Taylor Swift. It was interesting to read her honest opinions about love and life. She is one of the few real stars today. I really admire her down-to-earth attitude and easy-going personality. No wonder she continues to grow and get better every new album." Chingri Zimik

Fabulous Taylor!

"I can't thank you guys enough for taking a stand against sexual harrassment and featuring a story like The Sex Crime No One Talks About. With the ostentatious rise of crimes against women, it was really the pressing need of the hour. I'm going to implement all the suggestions in that article." Anila Dhairyavan

I hate harassers!

"A big thanks to Cosmo for solving one of my biggest dilemmaschoosing the right perfumes. Your Cosmo's Fragrance Awards 2013 helped me identify and splurge on the right scents. Now I don't have to waste time standing in a store trying out the various smells, depending on the category and place I want to wear it to; I can make informed choices."
Ayushi Agarwal



If youre with a gym buff, take a boxing class togetheryoull score major points for indulging his sporty side. Pin him down, lie on top of him, and tell him this is just a preview of things to come.




Re-create your rst date by going to the original locale and acting like a new couple. Keep it up until your night ends with some hot, nonrst date activities.



DATE Give your man foreplay that lasts for hours. His mind will be reeling with thoughts of whats to come.

Make his moms famous cake/past a to show how attentive you are. Plus, shell love you for it, and if that isnt a Valentines Day miracle, we dont know what is.


nothing more sex. Rent his most than cars and coveted hot rod, and have a steamy make out session before dinner at your favourite spot.

February 14 might as well be called National Clich year, skip the same Day. This dinner reservation, old 8pm out-of-the-box night.and plan an

Non-C esy Valentinhe es ay Date IdeaD s

She was positive he couldnt resist the rollers + cookie mix + Minnie Mouse dress combo!

It happen s the time to women all youre crowded in a of a sud place and, all den man tou , a strange ches or up against rubs you inappropria tely. Don t brush experie off the now rea nce. Experts lise that groping can hav e on your lasting effects self sense of -esteem and safety. Her why this es harmless so-called offe n wake of be taken nse should the natio over the nwide furor seriously. shock By Step gangrape ing and bruta han

ie Booth; Addition al Inputs by Meher Bajwa

DA>I6C;:7GJ6G N'%&(


particular case, the l and event us go throu fact is that of an ual death most of clear: self-p innocent 23-ye harrassmengh some kind of ar-oldits sexual first prior rotection needs ignore it! t often, and we to ity, usually Whet before. Desp now more than be our on the metro her its being ever groped scale prote ite the heartening against while , being brushed sts being , up waiting staged for large movies, in line at this or being the being the road, these action eve teased on s count as sexua l

6-Page Astro Edit: Sex, Love, Work...

this are planning for you exactly what the stars sex, the traits that make Ready to nd out and top days for love this year! year? Discover your guide to kicking ass a month-by-month you irresistible and

out to our Life is Ab Y Get Sexier...

All five letters have won a hamper from Colorbar, worth `3,070. The hamper contains newly launched accessories like the eyelash curler, foundation brush, eye shadow brush, and the lip brush, for picture-perfect make-up application!

Won It!

Got something to say? Write to

"Cosmo sets a new bar with every issue! Your Feb issue was no different, and was packed with helpful tips and useful info. I was particularly happy with your feature Non Cheesy Valentine Day Ideas. All the pointers given there were so do-able and refreshingly different from the usual ideas flooding the market." Neha Sharma

a reFreshIng valenTIne

Tell us what you think on Twitter @CosmoIndia

@RasnaBhasin "Loving @CosmoIndia feature "bedside astrologer", if you haven't read it, you're missing something!"

Cosmopolitan, 3rd Floor, India Today Mediaplex, FC-8, Sector 16-A, Film City, Noida - 201301; or e-mail: cosmo@



Cosmo readers share their most shocking stories and steamiest secrets.
walking leisurely and busy looking at a cute billboard at the road side, when my heel got stuck in a sewer grate, and I fell over backward! I screamed so loud and turned bright red. He started cracking up and made fun of me in a platonic way all night. much for a potentially romantic evening.
Megha DCosta.

textual teNSioN

Id just been through a rough breakup when this adorable guy asked me out on a date. Knowing that my best friend would be happy for mehe was the first guy Id be going out with in a long timeI took a photo of his Facebook picture and texted it to her with the caption This is Rohit, and were giong out Saturday night!!! A few minutes later, my phone vibrated. It was a message...from Rohit. He said, I know. I asked you out. I had accidentally sent that photo and message to him instead of to my friend! I felt like the biggest idiot of Ruhee Singh n all time.
She later realised the bunny theme was just a prank!

We Asked, You TWeeTed

Cosmo readers vented about their most epic #GiftFail.
Right before my boyfriend opened the gift I got him, he said, Its not another book, is it? It totally was. @suzy0123 I got a work friend a win-andcheese gift set for New Year. She was lactose intolerant + got severe wine rash. @lomaxium

catch of the Day

I was on a beach vacation with my best friend when we ran into another one of our friends who was there for a bachelor party. We all ended up going out and partying together, and I met this really hot guy. We totally hit it offand even stayed up talking until five in the morning. He was so perfector so I thought. The catch? Turns out, he Neha Chandani was the groom.

Not So PicturePerfect

I had a giant crush on one of my best guy friends but couldnt work up the courage to tell him. One day, he asked if I wanted to hang out together in the evening. I said yes, thinking it could be my chance to flirt with him. I wore a pair of heels, hoping hed notice that I was more dressed up than usual. A couple minutes into our stroll, I was



PeTer zeLeI/geTTyIMAgeS.COM

news articles breaking news cricket updates magazine stories movie reviews images and videos bollywood and hollywood news celebrity interviews entertainment news sports news political news news articles breaking news cricket updates magazine stories bollywood and hollywood news celebrity interviews magazine stories movie reviews images and videos news articles breaking news cricket updates magazine stories movie reviews images and videos bollywood and hollywood news celebrity interviews entertainment news sports news political news news articles breaking news cricket update magazine stories bollywood and hollywood news celebrity interviews magazine stories movie reviews images and videos movie reviews images and videos news articles breaking news cricket updates magazine stories movie reviews images and videos bollywood and hollywood news celebrity interviews entertainment news sports news political news news articles breaking news cricket updates magazine stories bollywood and hollywood news celebrity interviews magazine stories movie ss reviews images and videos news articles breaking news cricket updates magazine w llne tica oli p w ne ca liti po stories movie reviews images and videos bollywood and hollywood news celebrity interviews entertainment news sports news political news news articles breaking news images and images andvideos videos cricket updates magazine stories bollywood and hollywood news celebrity interviews magazine stories movie reviews images and videos news articles breaking news cricket magazine stories update magazine stories movie reviews images and videos bollywood and hollywood news magazine stories celebrity interviews entertainment news sports news political news news articles breaking news cricket updates magazine stories bollywood andnews hollywood news celebrity breaking interviews magazine stories movie reviews images and videos news movie reviews images breaking and videos news articles breaking news cricket updates magazine stories movie bollywood and news bollywood andhollywood holliwood news reviews images and videos bollywood and hollywood news celebrity interviews entertainment news sports news political news news articles breaking news cricket updates magazine stories bollywood and hollywood news celebrity interviews magazine sports news sports news stories movie reviews images and videos magazine stories movie reviews images and videos bollywood and hollywood news celebrity interviews entertainment news sports s iew evvie rre vie o m ws ie ov news political news news articles breaking news cricket updates magazine stories m cricket updates magazine stories bollywood and hollywood news celebrity interviews magazine stories movie reviews images and videos cricket movie reviews images and videos updates news articles breaking news cricket updates magazine stories movie cricket updatesreviews images and videos bollywood and hollywood news celebrity interviews entertainment news cel rit ynews int erv iew ss interviews ceeb leb rity inte cricket updates magazine stories bollywood and hollywood celebrity rvi ew magazine stories movie reviews images and videos movie reviews images and videos news articles breaking news cricket updates magazine stories movie reviews im ages and videos bollywood and hollywood news celebrity interviews entertainment news cricket updates movie reviews images and videos breaking news celebrity interviews magazine stories movie reviews images and videos movie reviews images and videos news articles breaking news cricket updates magazine stories movie reviews images and videos bollywood and hollywood news celebrity interviews entertainment news cricket updates magazine stories bollywood and hollywood news celebrity interviews magazine stories movie reviews images and videos movie reviews images and videos news articles breaking news cricket updates magazine stories movie reviews im ages and videos bollywood and hollywood news celebrity interviews entertainment news cricket updates movie reviews images and videos breaking news celebrity interviews

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Thou shalt not go clickcrazy for thy caffeine. Everyones had coffee before, and chances are everyones had a nice leaf etched into the foam too, so unless your Barista managed a Da Vinci print, do skip the coffee cup shots.

Thou shalt not use multiple shots (of the same thing!) People dont really want to see 10 different pictures of your new car, designer buy, or hairstyle. If you want to show off different angles, try using a collage app instead.

Thou shalt not OD on profile shots. Your followers want to see what you see, thats why theyre checking out your updates. If they wanted to see people in front of a mirror, with a camera, theyd check FB.

The 7 #RULES of InStagRam

Youll need to swear by these cyber laws for success!
Thou shalt not let thy dignity go 5 by asking for followers. This is one of the biggest and most important rulesif youre reduced to begging for likes, comments, and follow-backs, youll come across as desperate, and mostly, uncool. Thats a big no-no.

Thou shalt not steal others pictures and shalt not over-use filters (of all kinds). Using a bunch of special effects doesnt make a photo yours, so dont cheat. Also everything doesnt need to be over-edited natural works really well too!

Thou shalt limit the 6 use of the #tag to thrice in a picture. You dont have to #tag everything in the captions of your pictures. Its okay to write full sentences without #making #every #word #a #tag #search. Gets kinda annoying doesnt it? Especially for the people who are checking your updates regularly.


Thine Twitter and Instagram usernames shalt match. Make it as easy as possible for followers to find and mention you.




These writers, commentators, stylists and photographers were the first to introduce us to the world of fashion blogging, and, well, created history!
robin givhan
Off The Runway


The Original #Style

The Pulitzer Prize-winning fashion journalist is best known for her analysis of the wardrobes of women in politics. Until recently, she used to write the Washington Post blog.

scott schuman
A name thats now become synonymous with street style, Scott created a niche for himself eight years ago when he began snapping welldressed people out-and-about.

The Sartorialist

Ari seth Cohen

Advanced Style
The photographer is dedicated to capturing the sartorial savvy of the older set, particularly well-dressed, graceful women over 60, on his super-popular blog.

Bryan grey Yambao

With over 3.7 lakh followers on Twitter, Bryan has achieved Internet celebrity status. Hes seen at fashion weeks around the world, and even appeared on Americas Next Top Model!

Bryan Boy

Phil oh

Street Peeper

Phil travels the world six months of the year photograping the styles and fashion choices of women everywhere, from Paris to Sydney. An addictive blog for a daily dose of fash-piration.

Started in 2003, this site for women who have a love for fashion, but a lack of cash went viral. The blog is packed with tips, tricks, and advice on being fashionably frugal.




The Budget Fashionista

Kathryn Finney


How to Be a # #t t #twitterCelebrity
We got Sree Sreenivasan, Chief Digital Officer, Columbia University, to help you get popular on #Twitterverse!
there are at least 50 additional people you could be following. Dont follow blindly, but seek out good feeds. And no sponsored stuff! #Followingisgood t wont be long before the number of people following you on Twitter will be considered a skill. So we asked the expert for some handy tips on how to climb the Twitter popularity charts. Remember, you read it in Cosmo first!

Retweet More

you give, the more Twitter is likely to suggest you to others as well. Be sure you have a recent, recognisable photo of yourself. And make sure your handle is recognisable and memorable. #Optimise

Be Active

Participate by posting on a regular basis. Aim for 3-5 posts a day, with no more than one post an hour. But that can vary when you are doing live-Tweeting. Find Twitter chats where lots of folks are talking and jump in. #Participate

Share content shared by others, using the Retweet button, but also occasionally cutting and pasting the Tweet and putting RT in front of the other persons Twitter handle. #RTmore

Be Helpful

Share thingstips, ideas, articles, that are helpful to others and people will flock to you. #Helpothers

Be Generous

Optimised Bio

Be Interesting

No one wants to constantly hear about what youre eating unless you are a food writer or chef. Instead, share things that reflect the best you. #Dontboreme

People decide in a few seconds whether to follow you or not. Describe yourself clearly and link to a site where people can learn more about you. The more information

Always credit others if they point you to something you are sharing (using via) and do include @ mentions when talking about others, so they can get more followers. #Generosityrules

Post More Photos

Whether youre following less than 20 people or 2,000,

Follow More

Visuals and videos work great on Twitter, so post more. #Photosplease


Neha Dhupia Sonakshi Sinha

Sonam Kapoor Katy Perry

Sophie Choudry

Kelly Osbourne


CoSmoPoLitan marCh 2013

Interviewed by Priyam Chaturvedi; (Indian Celeb) yogen Shah

Follow these tips, and become a Twitter star like these celebs!


Should You Be #Facebook Friends With Your Boss

To like or not? Two authors weigh the options...

NO! Aastha Atray, Author of His Monsoon Bride

I once tried to befriend an ex-boss, but she refused to accept my request. I was afraid to ask what her reason was then, but it makes sense now. Admit it or not, like the other office donts, (thou shalt not shed copious tears in front of thy superior) being friends with your boss on Facebook can also spell doom. Isnt FB the place to bitch about long hours, working weekends and atrocious appraisals? Isnt it the place to flaunt pictures of you partying hard on your 25th birthday? Facebook is all about judgment, and theres already enough of that between friends. You dont want your bosss yearly report to readshe drinks like a fish or she goes through too many men. The real you is an impulsive being. Why introduce that side to your boss?

YES! Pia Heikkila, Author of Operation Lipstick

While your immediate reaction may be no way, think again. Look at it as a chance to prove your virtual worth. Not branding yourself properly online, in a world thats fast moving on the web, is a wasted opportunity. Your profile can complement your office persona and prove that you have a varied life outside work. Its great for future opportunities too. What if your boss makes a career shift, and thinks it might be a good idea to offer you a new, better position? Facebook is there to remind her what a great worker you are. Some companies have a very active social media presence and they may value employee participation. Being an active contributor on some platforms may get your noticed. Just remember to be discrete in sharing information.

InterviewedbyPrIyAM ChATurvedI;Photographer:NICk ONkeN; AASThA ATrAy currentlyworkswithOPENmagazine

Gucci Goes Graphic!

If you dont already know, see-through bags are so major this summer. And our faves are Guccis Aristographic clutches! These transparent boxes come in fresh, pale hues, and are inspired by the patterns and colours of gemstones.

Aristographic clutch, Gucci, price on request




These viral videos have millions of likes, and for good reason...theyre guaranteed to keep you entertained for the rest of the week.

Right Now!

6 Things to ouTube #Y

BEAR SURPRISES CREW ON ECOBUBBlE SHOOT A big bear walked on to the set of an ad shoot in British Columbia and, it turns out, he wanted to use the machine too! 7th graders in the US launched a balloon carrying Hello Kitty into space and recorded the flight. Its pretty awesome stuff!


THE KNIFE gUYS PopSugarTV gives you an easy step-by-step guide to making yourself super cool, summer-ready Aztec print applique shorts. Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling goof around on the Jimmy Kimmel show with a late-night shopping spoof, selling knives. The cute video shows a cat named Fletchers first-ever romp in the snowitll make you laugh and awww at the same time. Fish trader (and now singer) Muhammad Shahid Nazir found fame with his novelty sales song that took over the Internet.








Striped candy

Hot-off-the-runway, stripes went straight into bloggers closets everywhere! Pile on as many as you dare and dont be afraid to mix vertical and horizontal ones.

rawwblogphotograph: JeSSe MArICIC;Styling/model: MICAh GIANNeLI

Whats #trending on...

If fash weeks werent enough, we found hordes of style-spiration on the World Wide Webthese digital style stars are werqin some of the coolest trends of summer, and now you can too! #toteschic! By Meher Bajwa

Instagram tumblr PInterest street style



fast glam

BurStS of Blue
The colour-of-themoment is cool, calm and works well with contrasting hues, too. Go all out with a head-to-toe monocoloured look or pick a bold accessory for an extra pop!

neo leo
Whats not to love about a kitschy combination of two of the hottest trends right now? Everyones going crazy for neon and leopard print worn together, and so are we!

What To Wear
Top handle satchel, Furla, `10,500

What To Wear
Two-tone jeans, Marc Cain, `16,900

Ankle strap block heels, Etro, price on request

Leopard print pumps, Christian Louboutin, price on request Floral printed dress, ASOS `6,220 approx

Leopard print belt, Pieces, `595



fast glam

paStel power
Were loving sorbet colours like mint green, pale pink, and lemon yellow for summer theyre fresh, pretty and flattering-on-all. Monotone looks are super popular, but you can mix them up too.

What To Wear

Shawl-collared blazer, Marc Cain, `18,900

Box pleat skirt, ASOS, `2,900 Box pleat approx skirt, ASOS, `2,900 approx

Button-down shirt, Forever New, `2,400

Sneaker love rawwblogphotograph: JeSSe MArICIC;Styling/model: MICAh GIANNeLI

Were seeing androgyny get a sporty update. Treat your trainers as a fun replacement to ballerina flats.




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fast glam

Fluoro Fantasy

Youre free to go as bold (fluoro-meets-fluoro) or as subtle (neon accessories and accents) as youd like. Tip: give the visual a break with neutral pieces (ergo) avoid an easy overkill!

What To Wear

Colour-blocked heels, Christian Louboutin, price on request

PVC textured bag, Furla, `28,500


Contrasting prints are at an alltime high right now, so its now or never to experiment and get away with it! Play with popular patterns like florals, stripes, aztec or digital ones.

What To Wear

Graphic print clutch, Etro, price on request

Shift dress, ASOS, `2,900 approx

Log on to cosmo. for the Cosmo teams fave trends!



fast glam

1 #Basic,
5 Ways!
We challenged three style bloggers to reinvent a wardrobe staple for every day of the week. Scorecard: 10/10!

By pairing it with a studded skirt and sparkly top, you can wear a white shirt for a night out, too!

Look #1

This vintage-y look reminds me of the 1950s and American pedal pushers tied-up shirt and printed leggings!

Look #3

Perfect for a sunny day, I left the shirt unbuttoned and wore a floral top inside. Paired with denim cutoffs, it makes for a great casual look.

Look #5

Blog: Basic: The classic white shirt




Heading for an art show? The white shirt will keep your creative outfit, neutral. I paired it with a printed blazer and ox-blood pants.

Look #2

The tucked-in shirt and baroque skirt, layered with a blazer and infinity scarf, makes this a preppy look for a work lunch.

Look #4

Prabh Johal

fast glam

If you love a vivid pop of colour, an orange jumper is the way to go. Its the statement piece that will pull your look together.

Look #2

Neons and hightops help achieve a sporty-chic vibe, which is so hot this season.

Look #4

A smart way to wear leather is under a structured blazer. The studded loafers help maintain the edgy feel of leather.

Look #1

While it can be tricky to pull off, denim on denim is big right now. Always remember to wear contrasting washes.

Look #3

iffa ahmed
Blog: Basic: The skinny jeans

I love the idea of simply slipping on a snug cardigan over my favourite pair of jeans simple but effective! High boots add an equestrian touch.

Look #5

fast glam

shalini chopra
Blog: Basic: The leather jacket

Theres nothing like a flowing maxi in a solid colour (like this one) to give the jacket a feminine vibe.

Look #1

Bordering on stud overload (of the good kind), I chose to pair my jacket with an edgy clutch and rugged denim shirt + jeans combo.

Look #4

Ive had a longstanding crush on lace, and leather gives it a rocknroll edge!

Look #2

If youre going to wear leather pants or tights, make sure you tone down the sexiness with a denim shirt or top. The jacket adds a biker-chic element.

Look #3

The leopard print skirt is a shout-out to the current animal-print rage. The jacket makes a great replacement for a cardigan.

Look #5



fast glam

#Street Style of the North-East

Street style photographer, Manou (@wearabout) shares some of his most fabulous street fashion moments, exclusively with Cosmo!

Lalmuanfeli Tuallawt, 18
In junior college. Photographed at Chhinga Veng, Aizawl.

Sangboihi Langel, 28
Fashion Designer. Photographed in Khatla Bethel, Aizawl, Mizoram.

Zuboni Humtsoe, 23

Runs an online shop. Photographed at the Wednesday Market in Dimapur, Nagaland.



fast glam

Elaine Wallang, 23

Lozano Humtsoe, 25

A singer who models occasionally. Photographed in Lummawrie, Laitumkhrah, Shillong.

Ex-air hostess who currently runs an online store. Photographed at Sema Tilla in Dimapur, Nagaland.

Puii Pachuau, 25

Psychology student. Photographed at Khatla Bethel, Aizawl, Mizoram.

Kuvelu Tetseo , 22

Folk singer from the group, Tetse Sisters. Photographed at Kohima village, Kohima.

Amenla Aier, 26

Nurse. Photograped at Mokokchaung, Nagaland.



fast glam

Blogger Style Off!

Two style bloggers + one trend contrasting brights. Who does it better? We asked 100 of you to pick your favourite look, and here's what we found...

#Cosmochats with Aruna Seth

Her handmade shoes (in over 40 styles) are a rage with the stars right now, with everyone from Kate Hudson to Pippa Middleton wearing Aruna's pretty designs!

of you picked Susie (stylebubble.



Shoe Queen, Aruna

of you picked Blair (atlantic-pacific.


#Style News
Must-read fashion goss to keep you updated on all the latest

Everyone's Got Pant Fever!

Here's fash-packed proof that menswear is the way to go for fab style.
Jessica Alba Sarah Jessica Parker Amanda Seyfried

Jennifer Lawrence

Ginnifer Goodwin



fast glam


Easy to acheive, slicked back ponytails are hot for three reasonsone, they help keep hair away from your face, two, it's the perefct way to hide a badhair day, and three, it's a major runway craze. Create a bouffant version (as seen on Anna Sui) or use clips and scarves as embellishments (like Rochas) to upgrade your pony.



Why Dont You...Try a

Give your humble pony a stylish make-over, true runway style!
Bobby pins, Shoppers Stop, `55 for two

The Blogger Test

Niesha Jeenwal (indianbeauty tried the Anna Sui bump-andwrap ponytail and loved it!

#Posh PonYTail!
Your Hair Arsenal
Prep your hair with a styling cream (try the Sebastian Potion 9, `1,400) before blow-drying with a round brush. To create the bouffant effect, back-comb a section at the crown and secure using hair pins. For a textured finish, use a texturising spray into hair lenghts and scrunch with your hands. Finish the look with a shine spray.

Wella Professionals Shimmer Delight Shine Spray, `525


Sebastian Potion 9, `1,400



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fast glam


We're head over heels in love with this bright-meets-bright lip combo!
The SS13 runway gave us an OMG beauty momentombr lips! This gorgeous-yet-gutsy trend is easy to replicate and will give your lips a summerworthy pop of colour. Tip: apply a darker shade around the corners and the lighter one in the centre to accentuate your pout. On the fence? Select shades in the same tone.

#Two-Tone Lips

Inglot Lip paint in shade 59, `649

HOlly FUlTOn

M.A.C Marilyn Monroe Lipstick in Scarlet Ibis, `1,050

HOlly FUlTOn

Colorbar Fabulips Lip Filler Brush, `250

"I Tried It!"

We got beauty blogger Cynthia Zacharica (indianvanitycase. com) to put the trend to test!

Step #1 Using a brush, line and fill your lips with the lighter shade.

Step #2 Apply the darker shade on the corners.

Step #3 Use the lipstick to intensify the colour.




to know more about Cynthia's gutsy experiment, log on to

fast glam

New #SceNtS this Month

These are the most-talked-(and Tweeted)-about fragrance launches right now
Moschino PinK bouQuEt Edt (100Ml), `4,100 Its a fun scent that changes a lot. I love how it has so many layers and how the various notes stand out at various times (which doesnt actually happen with many fragrances). It is, ultimately, young and carefree from start to finish, and it is also an extremely happy scent. Miss A on ElizabEth ardEn rEd door aura Edt (100Ml), `4,980 Its a sensual yet bright, floral fragrance that evokes the cheerful romance of a Sicilian Bergamot bouquet while holding onto the fresh smooth tones of wood.Shirleen on Gucci PrEMiErE EdP VaPorisatEur ns (75Ml), `6,950 #OhYes! The newest #scent just added to my #smellgood #collection! #GucciPremiere #gucci #perfume #sexy @ItstheBevforce

huGo boss nuit EdP (75 Ml), `5,600 Fragrance on a platter @ the launch of #BOSSNuit with notes of white peach, jasmine and warm woods. @dearheartbeauty




fast glam

Instagram #Cheatcode:
@KimKardashian, famous for scuplted cheek bones and sun-kissed skin, uploaded a picture of herself mid-make-up letting us in on her secrets.
Shiseido Translucent Loose Powder, `2,300

Contour Like Kim K!

Max Factor Natural Minerals Foundation, `800

Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Concealer Illuma Flair, `249

et How to gk her loo

Here's a never-before-seen peep into the world of the 'Kardashian Contour'an old school make-up artist's trick, as Cosmo found out.
TIP #1: Replace bronzer and illuminatinator with a translucent/ loose powder and creamy concealer. Use these to mark out the points on your face that you want to highlight. TIP #2: If you've got Kim's skin tone, go with a darker shade of concealer in the hollow underneath

your cheekbones and use a loose powder to bring light to the high points of your facecheekbones, bridge of the nose and the frontal area of the forehead.
TIP #3: For fairer skin tones, we suggest using a light concealer to create a shadow and depth to your face, focusing on the sides of your nose, temples and under your cheekbones.




fast glam

Eye Woes, Be Gone!

We bring you the latest gossip, trends, and tips from the world of beauty!

Nail art never stops trending on Pinterest, and we love Alice's cute polka-dot version. Here, a step-by-step tutorial...

Beauty SOS? Here's happy news for your eyesLancme latest launch, the Gnifique Yeux Light-Pearl Eye Illuminator, is a breakthrough in eye contour care. You no longer need separate potions to cure dark circles, puffy eyes and wrinkles (yay!) as this wonder product will cater to all your eye problems. The magic serum combines the patent science of Lancme Gnifique with a high-performance, pearl-shaped applicator to make eyes appear more open and transformed in just seven days!

Pinterest mani, anyone?

Lancme Gnifique Yeux LightPearl, `4,000

We Asked 100 Guys online

of guys said "Yes, it looks different."



Step 3 Stick silver crystals as half moons on fingers.

Step 4 Finish the mani with black crystals.

of guys said, "No, it's freaky!"





Step 1 Paint your nails in a nude shade. Leave one finger half done.

Step 2 Using a black polish, paint dots on any three fingers.

Would you like it if your date turned up with monochrome lids?

cosmo interview

Cosmo got super-blogger duo Payal and Priyanka, from to give us first-hand access into the life of Jacqueline Fernandez. What followed was a series of candid e-mail chats!
By; Photographs by Martin Prihoda
From: Highheelconfidential <> Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2013 10:53 +0530 To: Jacqueline Fernandez <jacqueline*****> Subject: Jacqueline gets candid with Cosmo Importance: High Dear Jacqueline, Hope youre doing great! Were so thrilled to be interviewing you for Cosmo. Lets start with your sartorial choices. So tell us, whats your personal style like? Best, Highheel From: Jacqueline Fernandez <jacqueline****> Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2013 11:00 +0530 To: <> Subject: Style according to me is... Importance: High Dear Girls, So good to hear from you! And yes, this email chat is fun, not something Ive done before. As for my personal style, Id say its fun, young and chic! Love, Jacqueline On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 11:17 AM, Highheel wrote: Thats interesting. Have you ever had a moment where you saw yourself on the screen and went, I cant believe I agreed to wear that?! On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 11:21 AM, Jacqueline Fernandes wrote: Haha. Loads of times! You only become smarter with each movie! On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 11:28 AM, Highheel wrote: Would you ever make an in-character

Keeps it

#jacqueline fernandez



Graphic-print waist-coat (worn inside), AM:PM; sequinned jacket and high-waist shorts, both Rajesh Pratap Singh; animal-print pumps,Christian Louboutin



cosmo interview
Buttoned collared shirt, printed dhoti pants, Both Rishta by Arjun Saluja; collar, necklace, Outhouse; T-strap sandals, Tods

appearance to promote a movie? Do you think incharacter appearances do more to dredge up audience interest than say regular, well-turned out appearances? On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 11:35 AM, Jacqueline Fernandes wrote: I know a lot of producers and directors promote it, and we need to trust that they know best. Im honestly not for it though, and find it quite silly that outside of your movie you still have to be in character! On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 11:39 AM, Highheel wrote: We completely agree. Talking of appearances, whats the one question you often ask right before stepping on to

the red carpet? On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 12:05 PM, Jacqueline Fernandes wrote: Thats easy...I always say, Hows my make-up? On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 12:08 PM, Highheel wrote: Nice! Is there a secret ritual you follow for your gorgeous skin? On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 12:17 PM, Jacqueline Fernandes wrote: As homely as it sounds, I sometimes use beetroot as a lip color! :) On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 12:22 PM, Highheel wrote: Wow. Thats fab! Well also try it sometime. Were curious to knowwhats your number-one trick to moving on and dusting off, say a bad review, a terrible rumour or an unflattering photograph? The secret to surviving Bollywood is... On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 12:35 PM, Jacqueline Fernandes wrote: It becomes easier as you go along. Most of the times I end up laughing and take it very positively so as to learn from it. Its a learning game, even if it seems harsh, I feel you can only benefit from it. On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 12:40 PM, Highheel wrote: Thats profound. Moving on, do you have a quirk that youd like to share with us? On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 12:43 PM, Jacqueline Fernandes wrote: You wouldnt believe, but I still have a huge problem figuring out my lefts and rights. On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 12:48 PM, Highheel wrote: If you could, what advice would you give to the 16-year-old Jacqueline? On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 13:05 PM, Jacqueline Fernandes wrote: Never change. On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 13:12 PM, Highheel wrote: We love your confidence! In todays times, where everyone aspires to be cookie-cutter versions of bottled glamour, what advice would like to give to the Cosmo readers? On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 13:37 PM, Jacqueline Fernandes wrote: I firmly believe that the only way to get noticed is to be yourself in any situation. On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 13:39 AM, Highheel wrote: Lets talk about love. To you, what makes for an ideal relationship? On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 14:09 PM, Jacqueline Fernandes wrote:



cosmo interview
Bold striped maxi, James Ferreira; t-strap sandals, Tods

The Cosmo Quiz

1. Impulsive buyer or like to sleep over it? Impulsive, I know what I ______________________

want when I want it. _____________________

2. A trend I want to try but am scared to is punk and grunge. Its not _______________________ welcome here . ______________ 3. My first celebrity crush was ____________________ Micheal Jackson. 4. My weirdest phobia is?

Wearing a skirt is her go-to fash-fix!

13. Fashion-wise, my favourite era is... Jackie O Era. _____________ 14. The comfort food I crave the most: Hot Sri Lankan Curry. _ ___________________ 15. My guilty pleasure is... _____________________ collecting artifacts and _____________ kitchen gear. 16. My top career tip is... stay focussed and give ____________________ __________ your 100% 17. My favourite travel destination is... Paris. ___________ 18. My beauty quick fix for those fat know, when nothing feels right is... a couple of stretches. ____________________ 19. My hidden talent is... Baking _________

Handshakes...hate them! _________________________

According to me, an ideal relationship is one that feels right, and its clear from the beginning that the two of you are meant to be. On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 14:16 PM, Highheel wrote: Interesting. Whats your definition of a great date night? On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 14:20 PM, Jacqueline Fernandes wrote: A home-cooked meal made together, and then snuggling up infront of the TV watching movies. On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 14:26 PM, Highheel wrote: Awww...thats so sweet! Ok, our last question. In your opinion, what are the qualities one needs to make it big in Bollywood? On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 15:10 PM, Jacqueline Fernandes wrote: You need to be dedicated, focused, professional, hard working and passionate. On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 15:12 AM, Highheel wrote: It was lovely email-chatting with you. Thanks :) On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 15:14 For behind-the-scene PM, Jacqueline Fernandes videos from Jackies shoot, check out wrote: n I had fun too, girls. Love! :)
Styling: Aradhana Baruah; Hair & Make-Up: Bianca Hartkopf at Toabh Management; Production design: Ameya Damle

5. The favourite item in my closet is... Jackets galore! ________________ 6. If I could pick four people to have dinner with, dead or alive, Id choose:

Marilyn Monroe; __________________ Cleopatra; __________________ Jackie Onasis; and __________________ Penelope Cruz. __________________

7. When I want to feel sexy, I put on: ______________ Stilettos. 8. My favourite movie genre is... Sci Fi. ______________ 9. My 3am call is to nobody, I need my beauty _____________________ beauty sleep. _ _____________ 10. 10 minutes to get dressed. I pick day pants or skirt ___________ _________ ___________ and blouse. ______ 11. When online, I mostly...

shop. _ ___________



(Images)yOgeN ShAh

12. The best prank Ive ever played on someone was death to pranks! ___________________

Jacqueline feels sexiest in a pair of heels

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love & lust

He kissed a girl...and liked it




1 2 3
When you just want to snuggle up, lie with your head on his chest, and trace cute little messages across his torso (So happy/Youre hot). Then let him reciprocate by writing his own love note across your back.

for Every Mood

You are a woman of many moods, and keeping this in mind, weve paired 20 amazing sex moves to 20 different moods. So go ahead, get crazy. Or dont!
By Jessica Knoll
condom on and start going down on him. After a few minutes, take it off and continue. Going from sheathed to bare-skinned suddenly will make your mouth and tongue feel so much more intense.

#Sex MoveS

(From Cuddly to Kinky!)


There are days when you are on: your hair is behaving brilliantly, and youre owning your skinny jeansand those are the days to show off the goods. Straddle him while hes lying on his back on the bed, and lean back so your elbows are resting behind you. Your body should form a semi-bridge. From here, let him do the work. Its a total rush knowing that hes taking in every inch of you and loving every moment of it.


Then there are the days when youre not feeling so skinny-jeans-ready...when you seriously consider becoming a never-nude. This is the perfect time to employ half-dressed sex: keep your dress on, push your undies aside, and dont let him get totally naked eitheritll feel urgent and charged!

4Shy 7

Go commando on a datewhile hes driving or while youre sitting in the movie theater, slyly slip his hand underneath your skirt, and give him a saucy little smile.


Tis better to give than to receive, right? When the giving mood strikes, roll a

Dim lighting plus a backrub is trs romantic, and a massage candle kills two lovebirds with one stone. A massage also releases the bonding hormone oxytocin, so youll feel even more connected to each other post rub.

Hot-cold play is not Chris Martins side band: its when you alternate the sensations to build tension, because you dont know which youre going to experience next. Take turns blindfolding each other and teasing sensitive spots like the neck, nipples, and inner thighs with ice cubes and your warm breath.


When you want to draw out the experience, try stopand-go sex. How it works: bring yourselves to the brink, then stop. Dont move, dont grind, dont do anything, for at least 30 seconds. Delaying your orgasm makes the release feel superhero powerful.



love & lust

Tell him to bind your wrists behind your back or to your headboard with one of his silk ties before he goes down on you. Its much more comfortable than a pair of handcuffs (trust).




Have a pizza picnic party in bed. No TV allowedput on a sexy playlist, and sit across from each other like you would at a restaurant. Serve the pizza on plates, pour some wine, and dont be afraid to get messy with that margherita.


12 13 14

Slip into a hot bubble bath together. Sit between his legs, with your back against his chest. He can reach around and give you some manual loving while you grind up against him.


On nights when you want to let your freak flag fly, assume an alter ego. Its easier to get into character when you dont look like you, so meet him at the door wearing a wig. Tell him that Sakshi is working late. Im her evil twin.


Spooning is perfect because (1) it allows you to remain lazily on the bed, and (2) his hands are free to roam your body. Roll on your side and guide him inside you.


Doggie-style sexin front of a window!taps into your wild, exhibitionist side. Youll literally steam things up. If you have nosy neighbors, be sure to do it at night, with the lights off.

15 Crazy


freshman in high school? Rather than rushing right into sex, go for 10 solid minutes of kissing and gropingand thats it. See...PG-13 is highly underrated!

Orgasms are tension busters, so after a hard day at work, pull your guy close and whisper, All I want is for you to make me come. When theres a problem, men like to fix it, so youre making him feel like a total stud while getting yours.


16 17

Remember how exciting making out was when you were a

Climb on top of him, and pin his wrists against the bed. Holding on to his arms gives you leverage so you can really go for it, and it adds to the you-in-control vibe.n

Photograph:ChrIS CLINTON

Simultaneous orgasmsnot easy to achieve, but when you do, oh, the glory! The next time youre feeling focused, try side-byside 69.



Ask him to touch himself while you watch. Its hot to see your guy completely lose control while you maintain it. Plus learning opportunity!



We know it sounds weird, but hear us out: play-wrestling with your man can be supersexy and fun. All that pushing and rubbing up against each other, grrr. There are no losers in this round.



love & lust

No doubt youre a master texter, but it never hurts to mix things up. Thats why we consulted experts for what to SMS a guy you like for every occasion. These are proven bond-boosters. A 1After seconD DAte

#FlirtyTexts to send Your man

TexT This: Had fun last night. Thanks again for feeding and entertaining me. heres Why: Guys can be kind of... dense when it comes to knowing what you think of them. Reinforcing that you had a great time in a jokey way gets the message across.

TexT This: Look forward to you seeing me tonight ;) heres Why: Anticipation is one of the hottest parts of foreplay. Send him a sexy pic to go with it to really ramp things up.

A 2Before hot DAte

TexT This: Sorry [insert his team here] lost. But all that tackling looked fun... heres Why: Hell love knowing that youre into his favourite sport and the innuendo will make him smile.

A 3After sPorts GAme

When Youre 4 out shoPPinG for linGerie

model the winner for you tonight. Men freaking love lingerie. And this move will have him thinking about youin them.
heres Why:

Youre 5When out With


TexT This: Your parents are so lovely, but I had such a hard time

After Dinner With his PArents

TexT This: Just got out of the shower. Wanna me dry off? heres Why: Hell immediately think of you...naked and dripping wet. Hell be over at your place n ASAP.

sOUrCes: Olivia Baniuszewicz and Debra Goldstein, co-authors of Flirtexting; Relationship expert Andrea Syrtash, author of Cheat on Your Husband (With Your Husband) and Hes Just Not Your Type (And Thats a Good Thing)


TexT This: Black panties...or red? Ill

TexT This: Girls night tonight! Im going to want a testosterone fix tomorrow. You game? heres Why: Its always good to let your man know you can have fun without him (obviously), but pointing out that youre still craving him will make him feel great.

the Girls

stopping myself from playing footsie with you! heres Why: Meeting the parents is always a biggieits good to lighten the mood with a little flirty humor.

When You Get 7 out of the shoWer

love & lust

How to Survive a #Break-up in 2013

In todays share-everything culture, the art of breaking up has drastically changednow everyone knows when you go your separate ways. Heres how to deal with that.
Great. Now all 1,017 of my Friends know Im single. Seriously? You guys were so good together! Do you think I should un-friend his cousin?

He keeps posting pictures of this new girl on Instagram.

He refuses to change his relationship status to Single. WTF?

Dealing With the Facebook Break-up

What to do when your split goes public. Very public.

If youre like us, a large part of your life goes up on the Internet... and that likely includes your relationship. You know, cute pics from that beach vacation you took together, funny posts, insider Twitter jokes, and couple-y statuses (and status changes) for all to see. Which is great when youre together...but can be a relationship minefield if you break up. Because suddenly, friends (and

Take my phone away from me before I call him in beer tears.

even acquaintances) will demand to know what went wrong, leading to a public break-up bonanza. With everyone Tweeting, blogging, and posting their personal business everywhere, your ex has the power to let strangers know about your separation just by updating his news feed. Your painful split is on displaywhether you Like it or not. You might still be grieving, but your break-up

He posted, TGIF!! Does that mean he has a date?

isnt just between the two of you. Facebook makes it everyones business. It goes like this: when youre in love, you want to take out a billboard on NH-8. But when you change your status to single, you just pray some etiquette-ignoring sociopath or nosy distant cousin doesnt obnoxiously post their condolences. Or worse.




love & lust

Rip off the bandageits better that way

The Case For a Clean Break

This is the person you shared every detail of your life with (You saw a cute puppy! Your sandwich needed mayo!). We get that its hard to break it off, and social media has made it harder. But a clean break actually helps you heal more quickly, says Rachel Sussman, author of The Breakup Bible. Follow these steps:

Lose His Number

Delete his digits from your phone or download an app like Dignity, which will temporarily remove selected contacts information from your address book (there is an option to recover them, so theyre not totally lost). The one flip side: if you know your exs number by heart, it wont prevent you from direct-dialing him. In which case...

Call In Reinforcements
25-five-year-old Namrata Aggarwals ex removed her from his social networks the minute they broke up, letting off distress signals to all their mutual friends. But Laura Kinson didnt have the same luck. Her ex wrote a vindictive Facebook post detailing her private love life. Everyone was talking about her, even her professors. After that, she vowed not to keep her relationship information on any social network. Blank is better than public shaming, she says. of California, who researches Facebook and online dating. Now, all that stuff cant be kept in a box. Its out there on the Internet for everyone to see, and break-ups have gotten harder to control.

Have a trusted friend hold on to your phone in any situation immediately following the break-up where vodka may be present. If youre still tempted to dial your ex, just think how crappy its going to feel if he doesnt respond. The worst...

The New Love Talk

Out There For all to See

Back in the day, youd break up, and you could take everything from that relationship, stick it in a box, and burn it, says Kevin Lewis, Ph.D., an assistant professor of sociology at the University

The Facebook conversation is now part of the language we speak when we date someone: Are you comfortable with my posting this online? More and more couples will be saying No to that question, Lewis predicts. Seeing relationships come and go, people are becoming less likely to post their relationship status because theyre aware that it may end in an awkward way, he says. In our brave new break-up world, it might just be safer to leave your status blank.*

You simply cant move on when your news feed is cluttered with his Instagram photos and status updates. If you parted ways on amicable terms, write him a message: Im just letting you know Im not de-friending you to be mean; its just too painful to be reminded of you right now. Maybe one day that wont be the case. Which brings us to the following point...

Yes, it is possible to be friends with an ex once youve both recovered. But you have to give yourself time to mourn. Treat yourself as though you have the flu, and accept that itll hurt for a while, says Belisa Vranich, Ph.D., author of Hes Got Potential. So allow yourself to sit and cry, but know that things will get better.
Jessica Knoll

Give Yourself Space



ByGAby DuNN,whoisacontributortoTheNewYorkTimesmagazineandThoughtcatalog; IllustrationbyM JACquIe bOyD/GeTTyIMAGeS.COM

De-Friend Him

love & lust

Warning: Their song will stick in your head


ShoulD You StAY FrIenDS? Its the eternal question: remain close or write him off?
Find out what you should do here.

The Split Heard Round the World

Former Brooklyn couple Ivory King and Jonathan Mann announced their split with a song and music video that they produced together: Weve Got to Break Up. We spoke to Ivory about why they went public.

What inspired you to do the video?

A friend of ours wrote a sincere message on Facebook about his break-up: how, yes, its very sad, but no, they dont bear animosity towards each other. It seemed like a great way to break the news to his social circle.

How did your friends and family react?

1. Was it a mutual split? a. Yep. Totally boring and amicable. b. No. He broke up with me (bastard!). c. No. I broke up with him. 2. Did anyone cheat? a. I did (I know, I know). b. He did (bastard!). c. Nope. 3. Are you still attracted to him? a. My brain knows we shouldnt be togetherbut yes. b. Im not, but he still wants to get it on with me. c. Neither one of us has romantic feelings for the other. 4. If you heard he was dating someone new, you would feel... a. Devastated, furious, heartbroken...I could go on. b. A little sad but overall okay with it. Really. c. Relieved. He took the break-up really hard.

Yes, eventually (9 to 12 points)

After a cooling-off period, reach out to him, and suggest doing something safe and neutrallike meeting for coffee or lunch. Do not meet at your or his apartment or anywhere alcohol is servedits just ex sex waiting to happen, and thats not a good idea.
Maybebut only if he makes the first move (6 to 8 points)

It sounds like this guy was pretty wrecked by the break-up. Even if you dont have feelings for him anymore, he might not be over you. If you broke up with him, your instinct may be to check on him and make sure hes okaydont. Give him space to get over it.
Dont even think about it (3 to 5 points)

Were you surprised the video went viral?

Who GetS WhAt?

At first, yes, but this experience is so universal that people were able to empathise with us.

Did it help you move on?

Definitely. Recording and shooting this video with Jonathan was a way to solidify the end of our relationship as well as to live out key elements of it collaboration, communication, silliness, and a couple of emotional meltdowns. Its pretty fitting.

Your Possessions The person who bought an item should keep it (assuming you werent married), says Paul Eric Rudder, an NYC divorce attorney. For shared stuff, make a list: start with items least in dispute, then big-ticket ones, and take turns choosing.

Any regrets?



Only in some stylistic choices! J.K.

Your Mutual Friends Some of the dividing lines will appear naturally. For mutual friends, lay ground rules, says Susan Elliott, author of Getting Past Your Breakup. Let them know you dont want to talk about your ex with them, and vow not to bring him up either.




SCORING: 1. a3, b2, c1; 2. a2, b1, c3; 3. a1, b2, c3; 4. a1, b3, c2

People were more surprised by the break-up news than by the fact that we wrote a song about it! But many of my friends knew that our different feelings about kids were an issue for us. [Jonathan wants kids; Ivory does not.]

Theres a damn good reason this guy is your ex. Do everything in your power to keep it that way. J.K.

You accumulate things, people, and furry friends over the course of a relationship. Use these tips to divvy up your assets. If neither of you is thrilled by what you end up with, thats the sign of a good compromise, says Susan Elliott.

His Friend WHo BecaMe Your Friend A good rule of thumb to follow, says Elliott, is to ask yourself this: if I met this person out one night, would I want to be friends with him or her anyway? If the answer is yes, send her an e-mail to extend an olive branch. Your Pet Sharing custody only breeds resentment and keeps you connected. Usually one person is more capable of taking care of an animalthe one with the more flexible schedule, say. Yes, itll sting, but that person should take him.

love & lust

I Found #Love on Skype!


Cosmo caught up with four girls who owe everything, including their romance, to technology! By Priyam

Anushka & Ramendra

I was 25, working in Delhi, and still single when my parents decided that it was time for me to settle down. It was a Sunday morning and I was fast asleep when my mum entered my room begging me (literally!) to not embarrass her and meet someone on Skype. I couldnt believe what shed just told me! After a short argument, I gave in. There he was in USA, all dressed up, waiting to chat with me, and here I was, with smudged kohl and swollen eyes...yawning and disinterested.

Skype helped us bond!

The conversation was awkward, and I scrutinised his face and behaviour. Then, one evening, I was out with friends when I got an SMS from him. Happy (and a little high), I responded. I reached home and he called on Skype. We got on really well and, after a few phone calls, we began Skyping. It was a great way for us to talk faceto-face, and many Skype sessions later, he confessed over a chat window that he liked me and wanted to take things forward. He flew down and we spent some time in Delhi. When he went back, Skype became a way of life. Soon, I went to the USA to meet him, and we fell in love! I married him

three months ago...still a little amazed that I first met him on Skype.

Ours was an arranged marriage and our parents introduced us. Suraj was in Singapore that time and I was working in Gurgaon. Wed only spoken a couple

We fell in love, before wed met!



Photograph: ChrISTINe SChNeIder/COrbIS

Nitya & Suraj

love & lust

of times on the phone. So one day, I insisted that I wanted to see him, so he came on Skype. That was the first time I saw him. We were both very nervous, but I remember smiling after our first chat, thinking hes really cute and enthusiastic. A few days later, I was out travelling for work, when Suraj called and said that he wanted to talk. I had a laptop which didnt have a web cam, a choppy network and an excited Suraj on the other side. The call lasted only a few mins (for which I did my hair for 25 mins and applied make-up that didnt look made up!), but it was worth it...there was an instant connection! Our Skype chats became regular, and were our only way of getting to know each other (and falling in love), before we would finally meet in December. I kept telling my parents that I wont decide until I meet him in person, but my friends already knew what I didnt want to acceptthat we were head over heels in love, even before we met, all thanks to Skype.

Ashna & Vignesh

It all started with the hunt of the perfect groom. After some apprehension, I registered with a matrimonial website, but one year and five guys later, I still hadnt found my Prince Charming. Finally, I arrived at Vigneshs profile. It looked gooda 27 year-old entrepreneur, settled in Australia. I decided to give it a shot and get to know him. We began chatting over Whatsapp, and our first conversation went on for eight hours! After a week, we decided to take things to the next levelSkype! It was our first official date, and

Our first date was on Skype!

I was both excited and nervous. I didnt have to worry, though, because our first date went great, and we continued to meet over Skype for the next week. Before we knew it, we had fallen in love with each other, and knew he was The One. All my life, Ive believed in the rule that you must date a guy for at least six months before sealing the deal, but before I knew it, I was ready to say I do over the Internet. My parents were a little surprised (shocked, really), but they were so happy for me. We got engaged in August and by November, we were married. Our lives completely changed in just a few months!

Skype helped bring us back together!

Tanvi & Ankit

Ankit and I got back with each other (wed broken up when I was in Delhi) while I was studying in England, and the only way to sustain our relationship was through Skype. We were nervous about surviving this period, but Skype made it less difficult. I still remember our first video call, which made us realise that we can make it through this phase and have something to look forward to. Wed call each other religiously every daythere was a point when I preferred Skyping to going out. Wed leave our video call on while going to bed, so we could feel each others presence. One of the best features on my phone was that I could call Ankit on Skype via my mobile (like face time), which meant I didnt have to wait to be near a laptop. Long distance relationships are so hard to maintain, especially when the distance is of two countries, and Skype helped bring us backand n staytogether.



(couple) 101dALMATIANS/geTTyIMAgeS.COM


How I #Make Money Off THe InTer neT

Being an online entrepreneur is the latest buzzword, so Cosmo caught up with the women whore using the web to earn their bread, butter and jam!
By Priyam Chaturvedi

anISHa SIngH

Founder and CEO,

Cosmo: Tell us about your online venture. Anisha: Mydala is a merchant marketing platform where

we offer coupons, discounts and deals on everything from restaurants, beauty products to cinemas and spas, etc.
C: How do you make money from your venture? A: We generate revenue off each deal, and everything we

make goes back into the business for expansion.

C: Whats your advice to people who are planning to start an online business? A: Dont start a business just because its trendy. Instead,
Photographer:RANvIjAy PAuL;Stylist:SIMRAN ARyA;assistedby:TANIMA KhOSLA;hair&make-up:ANANd KAIRA

invest in something that fulfills a need, as thats where your profitability lies.
C: What are the top things one needs to keep in mind before starting an online set up? A: Online or offline, the first thing to keep in mind before

starting any business is to see if it makes sense. It has to be logical. If you want to make it sustainable and long-term, understand where your users will come from and how you plan to scale up!

Dress, Forever New; necklace, Blur designs

Your online venture has to be logical. If you want to make it sustainable and long-term, understand where your users will come from and how you plan to scale up!



SHIvanI & TanvI

Cosmo: Tell us about your online venture? Shivani & Tanvi: FabAlley is a fashion

website where we retail apparel and accessories under our own label. Our product line ranges from tops, dresses, skirts to jewellery, bags and shoes.
C: How did you think of this venture? S&T: Amidst the booming E-commerce

landscape in India, we saw a lack of high street fashion for women who were style conscious, but lived on a tight monthly shopping budget. Thats how we hit upon the idea of creating an online shopping avenue for women in India.
C: Whats your advice to people who are planning to start an online business? S&T: Weigh the idea strongly, get

it whetted by an unbiased industry professional and be prepared to devote yourself to it completely. Customers are very finicky about packaging, delivery and returns, and the only way to win their loyalty is to wow them with your services.
C: What should one keep in mind before starting an online business? S: Think of how youre different from the

others and how you plan to sustain your idea in the future.

Weigh the idea strongly, get it whetted by an unbiased industry professional and be prepared to devote yourself to it completely.

Beaded collar,`850

Patent leather clutch, `1,850 On Shivani: shirt and leather shorts, suede heels, all Zara; necklace, FabAlley; On Tanya: button -down shirt, heels and beaded collar, all FabAlley, skinny jeans and sleeveless blazer, both Zara

Leopard print loafers,`1,950



Career SHreya bajaj

Cosmo: Tell us about your online venture? Shreya: ItsHandMade is an online store to buy and sell Indian

handicrafts. We give sellers an identity of their own without having to invest in websites, middlemen and marketing tools. Our aim is to connect creators to collectors who have an eye for original creations.
C: How did you think of this venture? S: During my travels, I used to pick up stuff from various

I Mustache print iPad case, `1,950

places, and my friends would ask where I got them from. Thats when I realised people were willing to buy handicrafts but didnt know where to buy them from. Thats how I thought of this.
C: What are the kind of questions one should ask before starting their own set-up? S: What is the idea? What is the pain point Im

attempting to address? Who is my customer? How much money do I need? How will I raise it?

Dress, Forever New; necklace, Outhouse; pumps, Marks & Spencer

Printed clutches, `1,200 each

We give sellers an identity of their own without having to invest in websites, middlemen and marketing tools.

aIen jaMIr

Owner, Store

Cosmo: Tell us about your online venture? AJ: AJ Store is a clothing store on Facebook. I hand-pick

Newspaper print dress, `2,333

clothes from various places, like flea markets, then style looks and post them on FB, for people to see and buy.
C: What led to this business? AJ: I realised that there are a lot of people who love

the same clothes as I do, but dont have access to the right stores. And while there were many online clothing websites, there arent on Facebook in India. So I decided to target FB as my clientele.
C: Whats your advice to people who are planning to start an online set-up? AJ: Dont do it simply because everyone

else is doing it. Survey the market and ensure what you offer is different. Keep room for criticism and feedback.

I realised that there are a lot of people who love the same clothes as I do, but dont have access to the right stores.

Skull print top, `450


Printed top, Hemant and Nandita; skirt, Forever New; stud embellished heels, Steve Madden; cuff, Blur designs








iPad iPhone Android Phone Android TAB NOKIA Windows Phone Blackberry

Career jennIfer & ManSI

Cosmo: Tell us about your online venture? Jennifer & Mansi: Bake Box is a

monthly subscription service for cake lovers, where our subscribers receive a box full of goods from that months baker. Bake Box offers home bakers an excellent chance to market themselves with an engaged audience online.
C: What kind of preparation went behind it? J&M: We followed a lean start-up

approach and validated the business before launching. We met bakers, sampled their products and inspected their kitchens for hygiene standards. We focused a lot on promoting the business through social media and ensured the design aesthetics of the business were really distinctive.
C: What questions should one ask before staring an online business? J&M: Am I passionate about the

concept and willing to put my own money behind this? Do I have the experience to execute this? Can I make other people excited about this concept?
C: Whats your advise to people who are planning to start an online set-up? J&M: Try and validate your business

idea before you spend money developing it. Have a strong marketing budget and ensure that the quality of your business is non-negotiable.

Bakebox, `750



Bakeboxcourtesy: SINfuLLy yOuRS

V alidate your business idea before you spend money developing it. Have a strong marketing budget and ensure that the quality of your business is nonnegotiable.

On Jennifer: blazer, printed shirt and jeggings, all Marks & Spencer; stone embellished necklace, Outhouse; suede peeptoes, Steve Madden; On Mansi: Printed dress, Marks & Spencer; belt, Accessorize; suede pumps, Trishuli; coin necklace, Outhouse

you, you, you

Can the #Internet make y ou Happier, Healthier, Smarter?

The World Wide Web is brimming with websites and apps that promise to change your life. But which ones work? We asked a bunch of Cosmo girls to reveal their favourites.
By Priyam Chaturvedi
The head massager was worth every penny en/firefox/addon/leechblock/ Im a graphic designer by profession, and a shoppaholic by habit. I spend hours shopping for clothes and accessories online. I like to keep fit, but because of my long work hours, I end up eating a whole lot of junk. It was my trainer who introduced and asked me to download the MyFitnessPal app on



Photographs: ANdrew rICh/geTTyIMAgeS.COM

Can the Internet make you more produCtIve?

During days when I have a deadline to meet, I use LeechBlock to stop myself from wasting time. It allows me to block certain websites for a stipulated amount of time, so that I can focus on my work. I can even add exceptions to the rules, like not allow me to check my Facebook wall, but let me share an interesting URL. Ive suggested this tool to all my friends. Priyanka Ramchandani

Can the Internet help you lose 5 kIlos?

you, you, you

my phone. Its like keeping a food journalI simply need to record every portion I eat and it helps me count the calories in it (making me realise how much am I eating!). I can even customise my diet to cater to a particular weight-loss target so it keeps reminding me of it, and look at a forever-growing database of good foods versus bad that others are Neha Tripathi consuming!
What was my Twitter password recovery answer?

For more interesting websites and the Cosmo teams picks, log on to cosmo. Lets face itlooking good in pictures is important, but there are days when you just dont. Sadly, I dont understand the P of photoshop, so I end up requesting my sister to help me fix my skin, or hide the extra kilos before I post my photos. Recently, I stumbled upon a cool free tool called PicMonkey, which lets me edit my pictures, much like Photoshop, minus the effort. I can even create my own collage using a series of pictures, setting the tone of my pictures the way I like.
Tanima Khosla

Can the Internet make you look good In pICtures? With How Not To Be A Tourist to your rescue, it most definitely can! I visited the site the first time I was planning a vacation, and have been hooked ever since. It tells you exactly where to go for all your shopping, what to eat and what not to do when youre in a particular city. Thanks to this website, I now know that walking in heels in San Francisco isnt such a great idea, and that in order to book a table at a coffee-shop in Singapore, all I need to do is place a packet of tissue paper on the Ayushi Singh table.

Can the Internet make you a smart traveller? My friends are scattered all over the country. Recently, when one of our friends was getting married in Mumbai, we all wanted to contribute for a single, big gift, but were having a tough time coordinating the bank transfers. So we used this cool service called Bit Gifting. All we had to do was create an online event in her name, invite all our friends to participate, and pool in the amount each one of us wanted to for the gift. She then received a debit card with that consolidated amount that she could use at any store/service that accepts a regular debit card. The idea proved to be a success, and she was thrilled with her unique gift! Kanika Bhatnagar

Can the Internet make you better at gIftIng? Being a PR executive in Delhi, I used to face a lot of problems coordinating with my counterparts in Mumbai while working on client presentations and weekly reports, as itd mean twice the effort waiting for their inputs and then collating the same before theyre sent. Our boss introduced us to the neatest appGoogle Drive. Now I can create and edit documents in real time online with my colleagues. It syncs all the files from my account, so I have access to it at any point. I can even download it like any other document and save the file on my computer. Love it!
Akriti Mishra

Can the Internet make you work smarter?



you, you, you

# of blogging
Want to start a new blog, or promote your existing one? We knew youd say yes, so we created a glossary of everything to help you get there. Ready, set, go! By Priyam Chaturvedi
The first (and most important) part of starting your blog is to know your target audienceunless youre writing for yourself. Understand who youre writing for and tailor your content accordingly. If your target audience is 20-year-old fashion lovers, talking about food (or pricey jewels) may not win you points.


A blog hop is basically a list where bloggers can add their blogs URL. The main purpose of it is for all bloggers on that list to visit each others blogs, follow, comment, etc, explains In the end, everybody gains followers!


Blog hop

As a blogger, you simply cannot do with fuzzy, pixelated, out-of-focus photos (obv). So ditch the digi-cam and invest in a pro-grade camera. One favourite amongst bloggers is the Canon 5D (a lens favourite is 50mm), for high-definition photographs and videos. Itll cost, yes, but for a longterm plan, is an investment.




More and more companies are now looking at doing a blogger outreach as that translates into quick coverage. Send out links of your blog to PR agencies for invites, then offer great postevent coverage.

Remember the adage, Out of sight, out of mind? Well, guess what, the rule applies to your blog as well!


Its like Google, only for blogs! It throws up revelant search results from millions of blogs talking about the same subject.


Use the hashtag to generate buzz around specific conversations or topics, like Tweeting about your fashion blog with the hashtag #fashionblogger, or create your own hashtag to gain popularity, like #Cosmoloves. Jump into trending conversations using the same hashtag to interact with people.


The Sartorialist blogger Scott Schuman with Garance Done at Fashion Week


Lucky you, more and more bloggers are taking up the front row at Fashion Weeks globally. Brush up on your fashion know-how, and keep those live Tweets comin.

Instagram is a great tool to promote your social media presence. Engage in a conversation around a photo by acknowledging when people like or comment on your pictures. And use the connect button to share your pictures on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, etc.
Bloggers like Susie Bubble are a constant on the Fashion Week front rows


you, you, you


Blogging could very well turn into fulltime employment. Consider bigger blogs looking to hire, fashion brands with website, or companies that are looking to up their digital presence (youll be suprised at how many there are).

Many mags (like Cosmo) invite bloggers to guest write and attend events. They also carry features on the best blogs to visit. Let them know you exist by sending them an e-mail with your blog link, as well as through feedback and Twitter interaction.

keyword tool:
The Google Keyword Tool is a great way to estimate the popularity of a keyword, thereby giving you an idea of what your blog should be focussed around. Simply enter a word or phrase that will be the theme for your blog, like 80s fashion, and itll give you the number of searches that word has had locally, and globally, in the last month.

This fabulously useful app helps check the availability of the same username on multiple social networks and bookmarking websites. Itll help you to create a single identity of your blog, so people can search for you using the same name on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.


Srish Anushka Hajela Bryan Boy Susie Bubble


Leandra Medine

outfit posts
Kavya DSouza

The online world is all about instant updates. Giving real-time updates for all the important events that you attend, and staying mobile with your content is a great way to draw peoples (and brands) attention.

Outfit posts are one of the most popular blog themes, and a great way to gain followers and celebdom (since theyll see who you are). If youre blogging about fashion, consider adding outfit posts, either personal, or street style.


you, you, you


Instead of simply Retweeting someones Tweet, quoting them, while adding your own comments is a great way to initiate a conversation, which in turn translates into more engagement.

QuotE twEEt

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows you to link all your pictures from multiple sites on one platform. So it gives people the opportunity to view all your images at one place, and then link it to their own board if they like.


Tumblr is a free blog hosting site that is picture driven, rather than being heavy on the content. A unique feature of Tumblr is that it allows you to re-blog a blog that interests you, and this promotes the re-distribution of content at a much faster rate and helps you gain followers.


Experts suggest using a lot of visual content on your blog to increase its popularity. Learn how to edit and customise your pictures through Photoshop.

Optimise your blog by including keywords in your titles and body copy so that your website ranks higher than the others on a search engine in response to a relevant search query. Remember to use the Google Keywords Tool to track the popularity of keywords.

search Engine optimisation



you, you, you

When you visit a website, it identifies you as a unique user and counts you as a single visitor no matter how many times you re-visit the site. Keeping a track of unique visitors helps in determining the popularity of your blog.

unique users


Video-blogs are a great way to add interest to your blog, as it is more engaging than a written post. Plus, added traffic from YouTube and Video Search Engines means new followers for you.


Apart from measuring the success or failure of a conversation, polls are a great way to enhance the consumer engagement element on your blog. Would you a) yes, Id like wear a Gaga to give it meat dress? a try!

, b) Maybe, but Im not sure!

Cassandra Banks became popular with her vlog on acne

WordPress is a personal publishing platform that allows you to start your blog free of cost. You can choose from a variety of themes and customise your blog your way!

c) , No, its way too gutsy!



Google Analytics is the top tool out there for analysing traffic. Install it on your pages to learn about the number of visits, page views, bounce rate, the countries your visitors are from, and which of your pages are most popular.



zingy headlines

Your blog name is your online identity, so choose it carefully. Alliteration always works, and do a keyword search before naming your blog. Also, play with interesting fonts and creative headers to attract attention. n

only in cosmo

3 #diy cr afts Using

Our favourite photo sharing site is a hub for do-it-yourself ideas, so we asked three Cosmo girls to re-create these fab art-meets-fashion projects their own way. By Meher Bajwa

The Inspiration: Cat Print Shoes

@mightymannie Step 1
Use the fabric glitter to create a nose, eyes, and whiskers for the cat on each shoe.

Step 2

Next, cut out four triangles from the felt to make ears. Colour them 3/4th of the way with gold.

Step 3

Once the paint dries (give it 1012 minutes), apply fabric glue on the botton half of the triangles to stick them on the underside of each shoes toe curve. Once dry, your cat print shoes are ready!

Tried by: Huma Sharma, 25, PR Consultant

What youll Need: n 1 pair of basic black

ballerinas n Scissors n Fabric glue n 10 sq. cms. of black felt fabric n Glitter fabric paint of your choice; Huma used gold


only in cosmo

The Inspiration: Polka Dot Pants


Tried by: Amna Hasan, 22, Graphic Designer

Step 1

Use the measuring tape and chalk to mark out positions for the hearts, at a distance of 3cms each. You can also follow a random pattern if you want.

What youll Need: n 1 bottle of white paint n 1 size two paint brush n 1 piece of marking chalk n Measuring tape

n An old pair of dark wash denims n A rectangular piece of thick chart paper with a cutout heart stencil.

Step 2

Next, place the chart paper stencil on the jeans so that the mark is right in the middle of the heart. Now start painting over the stencil with big strokes.

Step 3

Once you remove the stencil, you should be left with a perfectly shaped white heart. Repeat Step 2 for the remaining area, and your jeans are ready!



only in cosmo

The Inspiration: Neon Washer Necklave


Tried by: Priyanka Gusain, 22, Artist/Model

What youll Need: n 30 small size metal

washers n 5-8 medium size metal washers n 1 large size metal washer n Nail lacquer in neon colours (any two constrasting shades) n Chain-link metal chain of preferred length n Feviqwik/glue n Forceps/pliers

Step 1

Spread out newspapers or a sheet of chart paper to avoid ruining your table. Now paint each of the washers with the two nail colours.

Step 2

Next, apply a little glue on each piece, one at a time and create a pattern starting with the biggest washer as the base, moving outwards.

Step 3

Leave your creation out to dry for at least an hour before you touch it again. If you dont have timeuse a blowdryer for 10-15 minutes

Step 4

Use pliers to connect the metal chain to both ends of the neck piece and secure by tightening the loops.



body love
f youre tired of seeing perfect bodies take over the blogsphere, youre not alone. Theres a new armyof women online, here to challenge that notionmeet the body-image bloggers who want the world to know that skinny isnt everything.

Nowadays, were bombarded with images of celebs looking too small, too big, on diets, and sometimes its hard to know whats normal. Although theres a huge emphasis on being unique, at the core, theres a huge pressure on women to be slim or to not look too outrageous. And these are exactly the issues I address. Me and my blog are here to provide images and feedback on how lingerie and clothing looks when you are this shape and size. Its one thing seeing items on models, with the perfect lighting, hair, make-up and probably air brushing, but its quite another to see it on someone who will acually use it. I think it has become a lot more acceptable to admit loving how you look or just talking about your body in general. Its also more okay to be a bit bigger or smaller, taller or shorter. Its a funny balance that one needs to strike.

GeorGina Horne

Theres an online revolution underway where women arent afraid to showcase their real selves, curves et all. By Priyam Chaturvedi


GeorginapicturecourteyVeLVeT dAMOur (www.VOLuP2.COM)

Who Are Good

for Y our

rs e g g o l B The

body love

Frances Locie

Co-moderator at

amBer amB m mB

Like a lot of women, I used to struggle with my body image. I used to diet and wear baggy clothes to hide myself. One day, I found these fat acceptance blogs online. After reading them I realised that I wasnt alone in how I felt about my body, and that social and cultural messages made me and other fat people ashamed of their bodies. Theres an expectation in society that young women should be perfectthin, pretty, clear skin, straight teeth and well dressed. Its an impossible task! I think its our differences and imperfections that make us beautiful. I created my blog to fight this notion. I want women to be proud of what their bodies can achieve and how they present themselves. I think body image blogging helps people feel less alone. Young people worry about their body image so much, and Im happy that people are openly discussing their experiences and how they have grown from them. Personally, I found that once I stopped worrying about how my body looked to others, I had a lot more confidence in other areas of my life.

I chose body image blogging because as a fat woman in a society obsessed with thin people, positive body image is something Im not allowed to have. Its such an important and overlooked topic. My blog makes people question where negative body image comes from. Women are made to feel from a very young age that their biggest worth and most valuable asset is their body. And thats simply not true. By taking the pressure off the need to look perfect, people can focus on issues that are more important. It helps people discover that the hate they feel for their bodies is not from within, but, indeed, from traceable and real outside sources. n

stophatingyourbody.tumblr. com
My intent is to challenge the norm, to think differently about our bodies and health in a society that puts thinness on a pedestal. Body image blogging is simply an attempt to counteract this negative force, as a community effort. Body confidence and self acceptance is not something you owe to anyone but yourself. No matter what background you come from or what size you are, no woman is free from the pressures of a society that continues to idealise certain bodies over others. We need to focus on health at every size, acceptance at every size not one type of body and one type of health as ideal.

Haley Cue


Lady Gaga created an online stir in September 2012, when she silenced all her critics talking about her sudden weight gain, by posting pictures of her in a yellow bikini. The singer even encouraged her fans to celebrate their perceived flaws by creating a page on her website called A Body Revolution 2013. She wrote: My mother and I created the Born This Way Foundation for one reason: to inspire bravery.


you, you, you

Shouldnt do on #FAcebook
We know youre smart when it comes to social media but experts say they keep seeing these less-obvious mistakes. Take a pass next time youre tempted.
By Korin Miller

u o Y s g n i h t 8 Surprising

Posting 1 About Your Competitors

Even if you swear youd never work for a rival company, you really never know. Your office could combine with them in a merger or you might change your mind down the road. Plus, you represent your company. If your rival co. sees a Tweet or post that bashes them, theyll think its coming from your organisation. And you do not want to deal with the fallout from that.

2teAsing a Friend

Sure, its hilarious when your BFF busts out of her too-tiny bikini top, but she doesnt want to hear about it online. Not only that, other people who see your comment or pic will just think youre kinda bitchy.

Okay, we all do it. If you helped a grandma cross the street, it feels good to tell other people your random act of kindness. But resist

She wondered why she was getting such bad cell phone reception




3tAlking YourselF up

you, you, you

She couldnt believe shed forgotten the strawberries!

Read This BefoRe

Having 764 friends is fun, buT some socialneTWorking blunders can affecT your rep, your jobeven your safeTy. You Friend AnYone

You Go on faceBook aGain

if you dont know someone in real life, dont friend them at all, says parry aftab, an internet privacy and security lawyer. and be wary of fully friending a person you only kinda-sorta know. He can copy your info onto his own website or distribute it via e-mail, says aftab.

the temptationno matter how heroic your act, it just looks like plain bragging to other people.


youre dying to put up some really adorable photos, just email the parents first. Theyll appreciate it.

if you do, any random acquaintance who can guess what these are could log in and pretend to be you, sending messages that are hurtful to others and detrimental to your rep.

You PicK An eASY-toGueSS PASSword

This is probably the hardest to resist: if your friend got engaged, had a baby, or got married, wait until they announce it online before you do. If you beat them to it, they could get pissed that you scooped their news.

telling someone elses story

7anYthing DrAmAtic

talking about A greAt meeting

Whether its with a co-worker, friend, or boyfriend, nothing good comes from telling, well, everyone about drama youre having. Not only that, once its out there, its out there, and your feelings about someone can change the next day. Call or text a friend instead if you need to vent.

restrict access to any suggestive photos...or dont post them at all. even when you use the privacy controls, photos can still be tagged and copied onto another site, says aftab.

You PoSt PictureS oF YourSelF PArtYinG HArd

Even if you have a great relationship with the person, Tweeting about an awesome meeting with someone could piss them offfor whatever reason, they might not want other people to know that you just met.


View 8 thumbnails AlluDing to A

We know youre too smart to write Im sooo hungover! but even hinting at it is bad. People can read between the linessuggesting youre hungover is pretty much the same n thing as spelling it out.
SOURCES: Career and workplaCe expert lindsey pollak; J ean twenge, ph.d., author of the narCissism epidemiC; Ben agger, author of oversharing: presentations of self in the internet age

by letting your friends know youre going to a specific club or leaving for vacay tomorrow, youre essentially telling everyone your location and when you wont be homesetting yourself up to have someone burglarise your place.

You SAY wHere You Are

Unless theyre your own! Parents can get really iffy on letting people post pics of their little ones online. If



PanelbyeSTher CrAIN

6Posting about kids

posting a cute photo of yourself in front of your house, with the street number in view, lets anyone with access to your page know where to find you. another reason to never post your name, address, or date of birth is to avoid identity theft.

You MAKe identiFYinG detAilS PuBlic

you, you, you

From random little issues to major life dramas, weve got your back.
Beyonce rocks fluoro colours #likeaboss!


Im worried about my best friend. Shes become so lazy. She can never be bothered to go out and complains about money, although I know she has plenty. She spends all day watching TV in her pyjamas. Help!

this kind of account. Then he added he has been hard up only since he met me. This hurts my feelings, because as far as I know we spend equally. What do I do? A. Go to a financial adviser together. If
he turns down expert advice, it means a joint account could represent to him a big step towards permanent togetherness, something hes not ready for. To say hes been hard up since meeting you is an excuse. If you want a future with him, stand firm and quiet. Keep careful books in evidence of your equal expenditure. And give him more time to become mature and secure enough to pool his finances with yours.

A. Her behaviour shows

signs of classic depression, not laziness. Your friend is in a dark and lonely place. Tell her gently that youve noticed a change and ask her if theres a reason behind it. Wait for her replyshe needs you to listen, not lecture. If she doesnt open up, or if the problem is deep-rooted, urge her gently but rmly to talk to a doctor. Also, jot down the number of your doc, and put it by her phone before you leave her.

Q. I get a tonne of work e-mail on my personal e-mail account. Even though Gmail offers me 10GB of space, my inbox is constantly full. Whats a good tool to clear up my e-mail? A. FindBigMail is a tool we love at the
Cosmo office! Its a great app that sifts through your emails and categorises them in folders according to sizelike larger than 10MB, larger than 5MB, and larger than 1MB. This will help you clear out excess and unrequired mail in a jiff!

Q. Everyone seems to be going on about fluorescent hues. Id love to give the look a go...but without looking like a weirdo! A. Fluorescents pieces can be tricky
to pull off because theyre so bright, and will be the centre of attention. But since being in focus can never be a bad thing, try the trend with some help from neutralsblacks and whites instantly soften the boldness. Or, embrace this statement-making rainbow and go tone-on-tone (in contrasting or complementing colours) with structural separates. n

Got a question? Tweet us @cosmoindia or e-mail us at cosmo@intoday. com

Q. I suggested to my boyfriend of two years that we put money away together in a joint savings account. He said no as he doesnt know any other couple with




Are You #SelfSAbotAging on the Web?

1. When you hear that your frenemy from college started a successful blog, you:
Visit it, realise its only making you mad, then go back to browsing on YouTube. Bookmark it and hateread it every morning.

only 30 likes? that cant be right...

12 to 15 Points

Scoff at the naive idea that a blog is any indicator of success.

2. if you didnt have internet access for 24 hours, youd feel:

Lost. You just dont feel like yourself when youre not plugged in.

Annoyed. Its pretty inconvenient, but youll survive.

Like it was Saturday (usually your off-line day).

Sorry, but if we could spill coffee on your laptop, we would. Some studies have found that Facebook addicts have lower self-esteem. Even a habit like posting hot photos of yourself can have negative effects because it makes you more focused on yourselfand peoples reactions. Try going on an Internet diet: vow not to hate-read, check FB only once a day, and dont post anything if your emotions are still raw. 8 to 11 Points

Ctrl-Alt-Delete Your Online Habits

3. Your instagram feed consists mostly of:

Super-sexy selfies.

Intricate-looking cocktails.

Your kitten.

You Think Before You Click

Sure, you may succumb to the occasional search for your ex, and youre not above using photos of cute animals to selfmedicate, but you know real life encounters are far more important than the ones that occur only on-screen. By taking everything you see with a grain of saltyoure letting the Internet work for you, not against you. 5 to 7 Points

Google-search happy sloths and just try to breathe.

Write an annoyed tweet, a sarcastic FB post, and a scathing blog entry.

Pull up the report she reamed you out for and grudgingly start fixing it.

Um, Is Your Router Even Working?

Your FB friends are real friends, and you have no idea if your ex is even alive. But in your quest not to let the Internet become your enemy, you may be screwing yourself. If youre not online, youre making it hard for potential employers and long-lost friends to contact you. So start exploring the virtual world already!

5. You notice your ex is now in a relationship. Your response?

Unfriend him, even though youre dying to know more about her.

Spend the next two hours looking through his new girlfriends photos.

Send her a friend request.



By ANNA dAvIeS; Photograph by JOOS MINd/geTTyIMAgeS.COM

4. You just got bitched at by your boss. When you get back to your cube, you:

sCoRinG: 1. a2, b3, c1; 2. a3, b2, c1; 3. a3, b2, c1; 4. a2, b3, c1; 5. a1, b2, c3

What makes them tick, tune in, and turn on



I find the notion of dates Archie comic-y!

ur digital issue would be incomplete without a text chat with one of the most charming men in B-town; and we roped in celebrity blogger MissMalini ( to do it!
rahul khanna
Text Message 10 February 2013 08:10 Pm


rahul khanna
Text Message 10 February 2013 08:15 Pm


been meaning to ask youif you could magically transport into a film, which one would it be (and who else would be in it?)
rk The Jungle Book was my favourite movie, growing up and, till today, it takes very little to release my inner Mowgli. Ive always told Lisa Haydon she looks like the real-life version of the girl at the end of the movie...

mm Haha. Ok, so Ive


rahul khanna
Text Message 10 February 2013 08:45 Pm


mm Where can we see you next? rk Next up is a cool indie filmFireflies. Its set between Bombay today and the tea plantations of Ooty in the 80s & centers around two brothers and a tragic incident from their childhood that has coloured their relationship all their lives.



to do this? Youre one of Bollywoods most mysterious (and gentlemanly!) you have a secret formula? We want to know all about it.
rahul khanna Ha! Thank you. That makes me sound way more Gatsby-esque than I actually am, Im afraid. Im a bit reserved by nature, and its not like Im putting on a mask and cape and fighting crime by night, or anything.

missmalini Hey Rahul! Ready


rahul khanna
Text Message 10 February 2013 08:18 Pm



rahul khanna
Text Message 11 February 2013 12:01 Pm


someone whos so private. What do you like about Twitter?

rk For a long time, I floundered around, trying to find a comfortable platform where I could share information and be accessible to people who were interested in me and I feel fortunate to have finally found my niche, so to speak.

mm You Tweet a lot for

mentioned, we have a huge crush on your style? Advice for our men?
rk Keep things classic but pay attention to details like the fit of your jacket, making sure your shirt is well pressed, your shoes are polished and your nails are clean. Touches like opening doors and pulling out chairs also go a long way in impressing ladies.

mm Hey, have I



men & you


rahul khanna
Text Message 11 February 2013 12:27 Pm


Cosmo girl is secretly does one bag a 21st century man like Rahul?
rk I cant speak for the rest of my 21st century brethren, but my heart is all too easily captured by excellent culinary skills.

mm Im sure every


rahul khanna
Text Message 11 February 2013 12:36 Pm


the first thing you notice about a woman?

rk Im sure youre looking for a titillating reply but Im going to have to bust the myth that all men have one-track minds. Id like to point out that a beautiful pair of eyes is what we first notice.

mm Honestly, whats


rahul khanna
Text Message 12 February 2013 02:12 Pm


mm Whats your kryptonite? rk Chocolate anything.


rahul khanna
Text Message 11 February 2013 04:22 Pm


in time and give yourself sound advice, what would it be and when?

mm If you could go back

mm Whats your favourite thing to do on the Internet? rk Ill start off with a simple search like, Best way to get caramel off a keyboard? and two hours later I find myself reading blog on why Candy is such a popular name for strippers, thinking, How on earth did I end up here?

rk My worst regrets are the times I opted to skip dessert. I would go back to all those critical momentsjust after the main courseand urge young Rahul to reconsider the decision he is about to make.

In terms of style icons, I always tend to look back. Ive learned a lot from observing my grandparents generation. I had a grand uncle in London with extraordinary taste who told me I dressed much too workmanlike and gave me many tips to remedy that. Celebrity-wise, Id say Cary Grant is a big idol.


rahul khanna
Text Message 12 February 2013 03:15 Pm



rahul khanna
Text Message 11 February 2013 07:57 Pm


most played list on your iPod? (I might steal yours)

rk 1. Nina Simones Sinnerman 2. Leonard Cohens Dance Me To The End of Love 3. Annie Lennoxs Whiter Shade of Pale, 4. Joni Mitchells Both Sides Now, 5. Amy Winehouses Moodys Mood For Love. (Please note, this by no means indicates approval or license to steal my iPod.)

mm What songs top the

popular onewhat inspires your style? Who are your fashion icons?
rk Fashion doesnt really interest me. Style does. Clothes are just a part of it. Peoples manners, wit, how they treat others, the principles by which they choose to live by, even the kinds of pet peeves they haveall these make them stand out as much as their clothes do. Your individuality should inform what you wear.

mm Heres another


rahul khanna
Text Message 12 February 2013 03:43 Pm


mm What are you most

likey to order on a date?

rk I find the whole notion of dates awkwardly Archie comic-y and dont really do them very often. When I do, I find witty banter and a mental connection much more intoxicating than liquor. Only if a date goes irrevocably awry, would I advocate one consider actual poison.



men & you


rahul khanna
Text Message 13 February 2013 02:22 Pm


mm Knock! Knock! With-

out the Internet I would...

rk Id probably have a lot less clutter of useless information in my head. On the other hand, Id be a much poorer Scrabble player. And Id probably consult my doctor for accurate and professional medical opinions rather than the alarming online diagnoses I currently get. (No Google, I dont think I have premenopausal osteoporosis.)


rahul khanna
Text Message 13 February 2013 02:27 Pm


what was it like, growing up in Bollywood?

rk My brother Akshaye and I actually didnt really grow up in Bollywood. The industry was quite different in those days and perhaps my parents thought it wasnt an appropriate world for children to have access to, so my dad always left his work outside the door when he came home. In addition, my parents split up quite early in our lives and we lived with our mother, so our interaction with film folk became even more infrequent. It has only been relatively recent that I have had opportunities to get to know more and more people in the industry.

mm Haha! Gotta ask,


rahul khanna
Text Message 13 February 2013 04:13 Pm



rahul khanna
Text Message 13 February 2013 03:47 Pm


mm Whats sexy for you? rk I think Indian women are the epitome of sexy. I wish theyd stop trying to lighten their skin and hair and lose their curves.

mm If you could ask women one question that theyd have to answer honestly, what would it be?

rk What is in those gigantic handbags that you carry?!!


rahul khanna
Text Message 13 February 2013 03:11 Pm



rahul khanna
Text Message 13 February 2013 03:57 Pm


mm And the one question asked by a woman that you have the most trouble answering? rk Where shall we go for dinner? Ive lost track of the number of friendships Ive lost violently over this question. mm Oops! Well best of luck with that and lets chat again soon! xoxo rk Sure! This was fun :)

ability youve developed thats still a secret from the rest of the world??
rk Hmm...

mm Is there a strength or

about love?

mm And your notions

rk Im am expert suitcase packer. I credit this to all the hours of Tetris I played as a kid.

rk When it comes to expounding on as profound a suject as love, I always think its better to defer to the experts. Rumi, Neruda, and Shakespeare will always have said it better than I ever can.



Information overload

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Fashion & Beauty


1 2
PhotographbyUMESH BAJAJ

#Style Bloggers Inc. Eight super cool web celebrities

get together for a fun-filled afternoon.

Can #Facebook Help You Choose Your Hairstyle? Zoa Morani tried cool, new styles
and got you to vote on FB!

Beauty Bloggers #Test-It! Five of the most popular

Surily Goel

web specialists weigh in on the latest launches.




Quirky prints, cool layering, and statement detailing...bloggers have this unique personal style going on that always makes them stand out. To better illustrate, we asked a bunch of young, talented, media-savvy bloggers to star in our fashion feature. PS: these guys are on top of their digital game, so keep an an eye out for them! By Aradhana Baruah

#Style bloggerS Inc.

Aayushi Bangur
Boyfriend blazer and printed pants, both Ashish N Soni, price on request; stone embellished necklace, Swarovski, `31,000; sling bag, Fendi, `1,55,290; colour-block peep-toes,Christian Louboutin, price on request




Khadi kurta, Fab India, `2,000; trousers, Zara `2,000; skull printed scarf, Kallol Datta 1955, `2,000, leather purse, Nappa Dori; `2,100; Watch, Dior, `5,25,000

Santu Misra

Printed knot top, Marks & Spencer, `2,499; sequinned blazer, Rajesh Pratap Singh, `28,500; coin embellished necklace, Outhouse, `8,000; high-top shoes, Steve Madden, `8,999



Silk satin top, bYSI, `1,990; printed blazer, Ashish N Soni, price on request; pencil skirt, Marks & Spencer, `3,199; embellished necklace, Outhouse, `8,700; bee ring, `250, and spoon ring, `330, both Blur designs; candy bag, Furla, `5,500; studded pumps, Trishuli, `4,999




Sonu wears: button-down shirt, 431-88, `5,000; maxi skirt, Anand Kabra, price on request; graphic print tights, Colaba Causeway, `900; sequinned wedges, Stoffa, `2,000; watch, Tag Heuer, `3,35,000; stone embellished collar, Swarovski, `22,500 jasleen wears: graphic print waist coat, AM:PM, `12,800; pleated maxi skirt; bYSI, `4,990; bow-embellished peep-toes, Christian Louboutin, `80,500




Floral print blazer, bYSI, `4,590; stone embellished choker, Outhouse, `8,000; sling bag, `1,55,290, colour blocked spiked pumps, `43,289, both Fendi
All clothes Manous own


Photographs by Santu Misra, jeevananth, Naina Redhu, Manou; Hair and Make-up: Sonali Peraira and Savleen Manchanda; Assisted by: Tanima Khosla and Sonal Gupta


Its the newest website on our rader, which is absolutely oh-so fab! If runway trends are what you have in mind, we recommend a visit to this site. Look for their in-house collection which comes with a well styled lookbook and an additional fashion video. Bonus: all their prices run under `5,000.

1. Graphic double breasted jacket, `2,995 2. Panel leggings, `1,895 3. Printed jacket, `2,195 and cotton shorts, `2,195 4. Elastic waist maxi, `995 5. Sequin detail leggings, `2,995 2

Since there are only a zillion shopping choices available on the web, we did some digging to help you put your best click forward!
By Aradhana Baruah

online Shopping!

The (Very) Best in

A select group of Indias fashion designers made accessible to everyone. It includes the most coveted designers as well as bright, upcoming young talents whose collections will make you want to update your wardrobe every week.

1. Sheer detail dress, Morphe by Shenali Sema, `13,500 2. Wrap dress, Gaurav Gupta, `20,900 3. Tree print dress, Hemant & Nandita, `12,500 4. Embellished cuff, Amrapali, `14,200 5.Sphinx necklace, Outhouse, `9,200 000 6. Silk shirt, Atsu, `15,000

One of the first online shopping websites in India, it still boasts of the largest number of high-street brands available on the web. The flapper top from UCB is our absolute favourite!

1. Bow detail pumps, Clarks, `3,449 2. Chain detail bag, Kiara, `750 3. Flapper top, United Colors Of Benetton, `2,299 4. Polka-dot dress, ONLY, `1,550 5. Giraffe t-shirt, United Colors Of Benetton, `899




Not only does the website have the coolest clothing and home decor styles on offer, its popular Instagram page #UOONYOU gives you a chance to be featured on their website! Their floral bikini briefs and striped monotone shorts are already on express delivery for us.
3 2

1. T-shirt, Worland at Urban Outfitters, `2,057 2. Boho rucksack, `4,526 3. Diana Mini camera, Lomography, `8,148 (approx) 4. Leather sandals, `6,996 5. Striped shorts, `3,292 6. Full bikini set, `2,633

1 2 3

One of Indias premer online stores, it offers a wide variety of formal and casual wear from a host of highstreet Indian brands. Their no-fuss 30 day return policy makes it a customer friendly shopping experience.

1. Floral maxi dress, Avirate, `2,738 2. Striped maxi dress, Uni Style Image, `1,920 3. Cross-body bag, David Jones, `2,399 4. Belt, Miss Bennett, `349 5. Shopping bag, Logi, `550 6. Printed bag, Satya Paul, `4,995


COSMOPOLITAN february2012


ASOS is our bookmarked page for everything thats trendy and so-this-season! From lust-worthy loafers to gutsy eyewear, you can find almost everything thats on the international runway (at a steal deal budget!) With its host of fabulous pieces, its hard to keep our finances in check!

4 1

2 3 7 3

According to a Cosmo poll, men like when women invest in sexy lingerie. Thats where Zivame comes to the rescue. Its Indias largest express delivery website for lingerie and shapewear. Get clicking, now!

1. Light push-up bra, `1,150 2. Sculpt-me bodysuit, `3,999 3. Bikini Brief, `1,299 4. Ultimo full cup bra, `1,799

1. Metallic loafers, `2,304 2. Striped midi-skirt, `3,292 3. Baseball shorts, `2,633 4. Colour block top, `3,292 5. Lizard cat eye glasses, ASOS premium, `2,057 6. Leather and wooden clog heels, `3,703 7. Skater tube dress, `4,526




upgrade your wardrobe with ShopperS Stop

head turnerS
Everything that you need for the coming seasonall under one roof.
Elliza Donatein, `1,099

The latest Spring Summer collection will get you in sync with all the new trends.

Let your accessories do all the talking with these fashforward pieces.
Life, price on request

head turnerS

Life, price on request

Elliza Donatein, `1,099

Life, price on request

Step in style with the latest range of stylish footwear from Shoppers Stop. Life, `1,199 Elliza Donatein, `1,099

Elliza Donatein, `1,599

Elliza Donatein, `1,399

Haute Curry, `1,599

Elliza Donatein, `699 Haute Curry, `1,999

Haute Curry, `1,299

all the above styles available at

Life, `1,399


If customised, unique jewellery and trendy clutches are what you dig, then Boticca is the website you need to visit. Its designer collection is sure to keep you hooked.

1 2

6 3 3

4 1. Coral reff necklace, Lamprini, `11,029 2. Studded crystal bag, Poupee, `18,683 3. Nuage lace earring, Tita Bijoux, `3,840 4. Stegosaurus necklace, EA Burns, `10,699 5. Block & roll bracelet, Zelia Horsley Jewellery, `11,440 6. Soft clutch, Medusa, `5,185

1. Beach bag, Shivan & Narresh Fashion Freedom project, price ranges from `2,499 to `3,999 2. Super skinny denims, `1,699 3. Coloured jeggings, `1,699 4. Loafers, `1,499 5. Swimsuit, Shivan & Narresh Fashion Freedom Project, price ranges from `2,499 to `3,999

We love the easy style vibe on this portal. Their latest offering is the new and super affordable Shivan and Narresh and Lecoanet Hemant rage. The rainbow coloured leggings are highly recommended.




Affordable yet stylish, the website has a loyal, ever-growing fan following. Visit for form-flattering dresses, striking accessories and trendy shoes!

1. Snake printed jumper, `3,105 2. Leather cuff, `2,860 3. Front knot dress, Rihanna for River Island, `3,269 4. Embroidered denim shorts, `2,451 5. Buckle belt shoe, `12,257 6. Collar, Isabelle, `2,043 7. Striped bra top, Rihanna for River Island, `2,451

1 2

3 3

4 5 6

7 6
1. Gladiator flats, `899 2. Collar necklace, `699 3. Animal print pants, `499 4. Peplum dress, `999 5. Army styled jacket, `899 6. Box clutch, `1,199

Ladies, welcome to shopping heaven! With fresh-off-the-runway pieces, fabulous style tips and year round sales, this website is bookmarked in our list of favourites!

Log on to cosmo. to find out the Cosmo teams fave picks!




Can #Facebook Help You Choose Your Hairstyle?

r! Winneo 1 #Lo k
We got starlet, Zoa Morani, to upload pictures of herself working different hair trends and guess what? Your likes and comments helped her pick the top looks that shell be wearing this summer. Your turn to try it next!
Cosmopolitan India
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Do you like this sleek side pony, as shown by Zoa?
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Mariana Gedia love it
25 February at 20:23 . Like 27 February at 19:00 . Like
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Kamlesh Shukla Very nice!!!

Cosmopolitan India
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Like us, shes a big fan of big, voluminous hairso she makes mega waves look easy.
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Aparajita Gidwani The best one!
26 February at 18:09 . Like

the idea of big, beachy hair! 27 February at 19:07 . Like

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Koshita Vallecha This ones super coollove

r Up Runne 2 #Look



Styling:ArAdhANA BAruAh;Photographer:JeevANANTh;hair&make-up:MehAk OBerOI

r Up Runnek 3 # Lo o

Cosmopolitan India
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Braids are all the rage right now, so Zoa has tried a hot messy braid with loads of volume up top!
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Sanjana Ghai This hairstyle goes with any kind of look ! 1 of my fav <3 27 February at 19:37 . Like Sana Kapoor Teased hair has always been a fave...this look is stylish as well as practical. 27 February at 20:08 . Like
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r Up Runnek 4 #Lo o

r Up Runne 5 # Lo o k

Cosmopolitan India
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Cosmopolitan India
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A big hit on-and-off the runway, Zoa gathered her hair into a trendy top knot.
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A popular trend on the runway and among celebrities, Zoa tried using a scarf as a cute hair accessorytotal retro throwback!
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Akshita Sekhri work that scarf ! 27 February at 19:17 . Like Isha Tikku Loving the headband x 27 February at 19:23 . Like
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Kajal Sinha love it!

Rahul Vijay Love the top knot! Super chic! 27 February at 18:07 . Like
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For more deets on her looks, log on to




We sent five digital specialists samples of the most exciting beauty launches right nowand heres your access to unbiased, honest reviews. PS they do this for a living, so take notes! By Meher Bajwa

Beauty Bloggers #TesT-iT!

Mehak Sagar Tanveer Parmar Ankita Chaturvedi Anamika Surekha Pooja Yadav

OriflaMe pure skin hide & treat, `279 Though it contains salicylic acid which may help in treating breakouts, its more of a tinted moisturiser than anything else. Mehak Its unique colour (a mix of peach, yellow and salmon pink) helps cover up acne and redness quite well. Tanveer This blemish-busting concealer provides spot treatment if you suffer from frequent breakouts. Ankita The product is easily absorbed and colour corrects, making it suitable for most skin types. Itll keep your skin refreshingly hydrated! Anamika I love its soothing fragrance and the calming effect it has on my skin. The lightly tinted gel texture blends easily. Pooja

sephOra Blush Me! Blush, `800 You can build up the pigmentation, and it blends really well. It could improve in the lasting dept.only got 3 hours of wear. Mehak Its neither chalky nor dusty and the colours are perfect; they wont clash with dark or brighter lipsticks. Tanveer It has a mattebut not dry finish. Best of all, it doesnt enhance the natural redness/ blemishes on your cheeksa common problem with pink blushes. Ankita Despite the shimmer, it blends beautifully so you dont risk looking like disco Barbie. Its the perfect blush for an evening out. Anamika The satin-like texture and microscopic specks of silver shimmer=a happy glow! Pooja



revlOn lash fantasy tOtal definitiOn Mascara, `750 Primer-and-mascara-in-one is a cool concept and the product does add lots of length, but it did clump on my lashes. Mehak The bendy brush and short bristles helps place the product right from the roots till the ends. But watch outits not waterproof! Tanveer There is hardly any volume or lift but it does give lots of length, so if youve got short lashes, youll like this one. Ankita The primer is supposed to separate your lashes effectively adding volume and definitionbut the results are not too dramatic and there were a few clumps. Anamika You may need to use a lash curler first, but the primer is amazing for lasting length and curly lashes. Pooja lOtus herBals naturalBlend swift Make-up stick with spf 15, `325 This sheer coverage foundations texture is a little too creamy. Wouldnt recommend it for oily skin can feel heavy. Mehak Its creamy and easy to blend around the eye area without creasing or settling into lines. Set with a matte powder for longer lasting effect. Tanveer While it gives decent foundation coverage, it doesnt work for the under-eye area or spots/blemishes. It is incredibly easy to use, though! Ankita The yellow undertones suit Indian skin tones but it can get greasy on oily skin. Anamika The stick format makes it easy to apply and gives a nice, dewy finish. Youll need to use a buffer brush for an even finish. Pooja

deBOrah MilanO 5 in 1 BB creaM with spf 20, `350 It evens out the skin tone (like it claims) and even though its thick, it has a nice texture that blends easilycovering up open pores. Mehak It offers good coverage which is rare for BB creams. It dries to a light powdery finish, perfect for women with oily skin. Tanveer It evens out the skin quite well and lasts throughout the day. But it doesnt really brighten your complexion or diminish imperfections. Ankita For me, this one was perfect to the T. It gives great coverage, and the treatment foundation is hydrating and nourishing. I have sensitive skin, and didnt breakout with this. Yay! Anamika This cream failed to live up to its claims. Its more of a tinted moisturiser with SPF, than a foundation. It left an ash-grey cast on my skin. Pooja

lOral paris super liner Black lacquer, `725 Its easy to apply thanks to the felt tip, which is the best thing about it. Also gives a nice, glossy black sheen to the eye. Mehak You get a shiny line in the first stroke. On the downside, the felt tip loads very little product, so you have to keep dipping. Tanveer There is very little to not love about this liner! The felt tip gives better precision and control over the regular brush (its great for beginners!). I wish it was waterproof, though! Ankita Want the perfect cat eye? Get this liner. It doesnt flake or smudge and gives a super-glossy finish Anamika Its good on all levels application, intensity and to know the Cosmo staying power, but a little pricey. Pooja n teams picks, log on to




We rounded up your biggest cut, colour, and hair-care concernsthe hottest beauty topics on Twitterthen answered them in modern-day Morse code (aka 140 characters or less). #YoureWelcome

I cant try on clothes without looking like I rubbed a balloon on top of my head. Help!
Dry, dehydrating air ups hairs positive charge, creating static. A light oil (1) keeps ions balanced. To calm static, use a dryer sheet.

Wella Professionals Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray, `525

Toni & Guy Refreshing Dry Shampoo, `2,000


Is there any way to let thick, wavy hair air-dry without using crunchy mousse?
Combine a puff of mousse with a coin-size drop of styling cream (2) for definition and a touchable texture.
Kerastase Elixir Ultime in Rose Millenaire, `2,200

LOral Professionnel art Full Volume Mousse, `550



ByMARTA TOPRAN;BeautyEditor:IVO PARAC;Photographer:MLADEN ARIC;makeup:SaaJOKOVIcforVrban&Jokovic;model:TamaraNIKOLIc@cOLOrS; Styling:VaNJaLJUBIc;assistantmake-up:PETraBOGOVIc;hair:mILENamarIc@Glamour;manicure:JagodaSarajlic

Y our Most Tweeted Hair Questions Solved!


How to make dark hair hues stay vibrant longer?

Heat from water and styling tools swells the cuticle, letting colour escape. Lower the temp, and always use a heat protecting spray (3).


Can you train hair to produce less oil by not washing it as often?
Yes. Washing strips your scalp of oils, causing follicles to make more. Skip a wash or two; in between, use dry shampoo (4).


How do I keep my bleached hair from looking brassy?

Three words: violet coloured conditioner. Leave it on for two minutes to neutralise orange tones.

s e newe sessed Meet th currently ob e r e w

enu nds fi Manet, hM h hair igh-tec with.

Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Sparkler Finish Shine Spray, price on request

Bonacure Hair Therapy Oil Miracle Shampoo, price on request

Sebastian Professional Shine Define, `1,500

Prep strands with volumiser, blow-dry, then spritz small sections with aerosol hair spray before and after curling.

Is there an easy way to make loose curls last all day?



How often should I get my hair cut if Im trying to grow it out?

You can get away with a dusting (a light removal of split ends) every four to six months if you use a strengthening protein mask weekly.


How can I go darker without looking pale?

If your skin is warmer golden-toned, try an all over caramel brown. If youre cooler, go for a chestnut hue.
Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray, `1,800




Is it okay to stick to one brand of shampoo and conditioner forever?

Yes (its a myth that hair becomes immune to them). Unless you change your hue or texture, stick with a routine that works.


How can I get rid of frizz without overdoing it on products and heat?
Try a keratin treatment (at the salon or with a DIY kit). The proteins block moisture, so you can style with fewer products and even air-dry.


How do you deal with a cowlick?

Apply a tiny drop of gel to the spot, then blow-dry, brushing it in the opposite direction of its natural pattern.


Whats the best way to sleep with wet hair so I wake up with a style?
Wait until hair is damp (not wet). Then create a few braids for nextday beachy waves, or a loose, high bun for a smooth, blownout look.


Will getting layers in my fine hair make it thicker?

Layers thin out your texture. So go for a straight-across blunt or graduated cut to create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

Blow-dry hair until its 90 percent dry, then use a hotair styler (a round brush that blows heat) to add lift to roots and smooth ends.

Whats the easiest, quickest way to do a home blowout?



How do I fix and prevent split ends?

Regular trims are key. Also, use a split-end mender (try Jafra Spliy-End Repair Capsules, `750) to fuse tips so they dont get worse.


How do you tame baby hairs that wont stay put?

Spray a new toothbrush or brow brush with firmhold hair spray, then run it over hairs to smooth.
Divo Radial Brush, `465




These state-of-the-art products are the next generation in skincare and cosmetics, guaranteed to change the way you look, and feel, this year...
By Meher Bajwa 1 Prevage Face Advanced Anti Ageing Serum (`10,310) The light-weight
formula is packed with powerful anitoxidant Idobenone, the only one to receive an EPF (Environment Protection Factor) rating of 95 out of 100, that effectively reduces age spots, fine lines and discolourations.

Meet the
1 2 3 4

of Beauty!

Clarins Double Serum (`4,500) Based on 27 years

of ingredient research, this serum contains 20 of the most potent botanicals that, according to a clinial study, were found to perform on-par with prescription Retin-A (a proven collagen booster, wrinkle smoother, and spot fader)!

Keraskin DermaMorphose (`5,200) Its

patented ingredient, the hormone of youth Jasmonic acid activates selfregeneration of skin cells in just one cell cyclethats 28 days(!) reversing pigmentation, smoothing skin texture and clarifying complexion super fast.

Givenchy Smile N Repair Correction Cream (`6,495) With every

movement of your face, the MotionCorrect Complex stimulates production of protein HSP 27 to reactivate the cellular repair processgiving you fuller, radiant skin everytime you smile!




5 6 7 8 9

L Oral Paris Color Riche Le Nail Art (`299) 5

These 3D nail art stickers, available in 8 designs, are a revolution in manicureszero drying time, no remover required, they last upto 10 days and theres no nail damage!

Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Concentrate (`12,100) Dior 7 6

Science has identified and cultivated a new population of stem cells called hypodermals, which are present in Capture Totale, that allow for the production of re-structured, replumped and enhanced skin.

Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Rough Rubber Paste (price on request) The first-of-

its-kind, this rubbery hair paste has a micro punching technology that gives your hair a rugged, and malleable textureall day long! Perfect for lastminute, structured updos.

Clinique Repair Wear Laser Focus*, (`2,500)

Think of this to replace in-clinic proceduresinstead of paralysing the muscles, it uses proteins and algae extracts to boost collagen. At 12 weeks, the wrinkle reduction is remarkably close to a laser procedure!

Lancme Rnergie Nuit Multi-Lift Night Cream (`6,000) This rose-essence cream
is packed with a first-of-its-kind multi-tension technology that acts on five layers of skin, tightening it at each level. The magical result? Your face, especially the eye-area, is crease-free instantly!



Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara (`445)

Terrified of mascara clumps? Yeah, we can live without em too. A by-product of volume-building ingredients like waxes and clays, the average clump measures 325 microns, something Rimmel kept in mind while creating this mascarathe bristles are so tightly packed they wont let clumps form, let n alone end up on your lashes!





Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil, `645. The organically grown coconuts come from Samoa

Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder Foundation Brush, `1,195. Part of the Extra Virgin Minerals range, the Marula oil used here is sourced from a womens cooperative in Namibia

Footsie Roller, `360 made at Teddy Exports, India



By PrIyAM ChATurvedI; Pictures courtesy The bOdy ShOP

nother reason to love The Body Shopnot only do their products feel (and look) good, the brand does good, too. Their Community Fair Trade (CFT) Programme fosters strong ethics, sustainable practices, and conducts trade at fair prices with producers in developing countries. And for the 25th anniversary of CFT, Cosmo went to Thirumangalam, Tamil Nadu to meet Amanda Murphy, founder of Teddy Exports, The Body Shops first fair trade partner. Teddy Exports produces massage rollers, made from a local wood, cotton bags, cosmetic and shopping bags, etc, all supplied to The Body Shop in exchange for fair trading practices. It all began many years ago when Amanda Murphy arrived at The Body Shop office in Britain and refused to leave until The Body Shop founder, Dame Anita Roddick, saw her wooden massagers (Anita ordered 10,000!) We have always focused on profit from waste. An environment-friendly attitude to manufacturing was adopted from day one, says Amanda, who also runs the Teddy Trust, which includes a school, a crche and free health clinics for people.

Cosmo travelled to Tamil Nadu to celebrate 25 years of The Body Shops Community Fair Trade Programme, and came back smiling...
Anita Roddick with Amanda Murphy at Teddy Exports

Years 25 of #FairTrade!
ade r T r i a F es... Fav

Aloe Protective Serum, `1,195. The aloe for this comes from Guatemala

Camomile Eye Make-up Remover, `695, contains soothing camomile water produced by a farmers in England

Shea Body Butter, `995. The shea butter is sourced from an association in Ghana

Tea Tree Oil, `465. Sourced from a cooperative in Kenya that has a 50% female work force

The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB Serum, `2,095,

is a multi-tasking musthave! Not only does it brighten, correct and protect skin like a regular BB, its special Shiso serum ensures your skin is moisturised and glowing in three minutes flat!

Colorbar Good-to-Go Nail Buffer and Shinner set, `350,

comes with three supercute little buffers and shiners (perfect size for your make-up kit!) that will take your digits from blah to beautiful in no time!

floral-fruity scent with notes of apple and rose sitting on a musk base, thats perfect for warm weather!

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Eau So Intense, `5,308/100ml, is a delicious

Pretty stuff weve got our eyes on this month!
Chanel Rouge Allure Lipsticks, `2,100 each.
Weve always loved Chanels Rouge Allure Lipstickstheyre creamy and highly pigmented, which is perfect. Now the Summer 2013 range features absolutely gorgeous new colours! Our favourite is La Favorite, a pretty pink-coral (second from left).

Lotus Herbals NutraGlow Daily Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 25, `475.
Its a light-weight moisturiser and is great to even out blotchy skin. It gave me a soft glow throughout the day without getting cakey.

Sonia Kapoor


its ts our job to keep you inspired
Blogs at mademoisellechou-fleur.
i chose to blog about food because...I was tired of reading good reviews of bad food. My top tip for cooking at home is...feel at home. Also. throw in some wine and music. My cooking style is...indulgent.

anisa nariman

Chocolate French Toast

Ingredients (serves 3) 6 slices of baguette 2 egg yolks 1tsp vanilla essence 200ml fresh and whipped cream 100ml milk 40gms sugar 1 bar of chocolate Brandy soaked strawberries Butter and maple syrup. Method Warm milk, cream and vanilla essence in a saucepan. Keep aside. In a separate bowl, whisk eggs and sugar, adding a spoon of the cream mix. Repeat thrice. Transfer the egg mix to the rest of the cream mix and cook on low heat. Keep stirring gently till custard becomes thick. Coat the bread in the mix. Melt 3/4 bar of the chocolate with 2tbsp of milk, and grate the remaining bar. In a non-stick pan, melt butter and add bread, cover. Cook for a minute on each side. Remove from pan. Top three slices with melted chocolate, and fruits. Use the remaining three french toasts to sandwich. Top each with whipped cream, strawberry and grated chocolate. Drizzle with maple syrup.

chocolateFrenchToastpicturecourtesy: SAChIN SONI

The big #FOOD

Three bloggers were asked to create easy dishes, using chocolate. The result begins with D, ends with S, with eliciou in the middle! by priyam Chaturvedi





Monika Manchanda

Blogs at
My cooking style is...intuitive and experimental. My top tip for cooking at home is... follow your gut and experiment with local ingredients. A secret ingredient that works every time is...garlic and parsley for savoury food, and chocolate for desserts.

White Chocolate and Nutella Truffles

Ingredients (makes 12 truffles) 100gms dark chocolate, chopped 1/2tbsp butter 2tbsp cream 1/4 cup Nutella 1 cup white chocolate chips 1tsp oil; chocolate sprinkles and cocoa powder. Method Melt dark chocolate, butter, cream

and nutella in a microwave. Stir every 20 seconds. Bring it out and let it chill for 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Use a scoop spoon to make small balls of the mix. Dust with cocoa powder for easy handling. Refrigerate in the freezer for 5 minutes. Melt white chocolate chips and oil together. Dip each truffle in the melted chocolate to coat it, then place on a sheet of wax paper. Decorate with sprinkles and white chocolate.



Kajal Tejsinghani

Blogs at
My cooking style is...comforting, home style food. the one secret ingredient that works everytime...chicken powder. My top tip for cooking at home is... always plan your steps before; it saves a tonne of time.

Chocolate bark
Ingredients (makes an 8X10 bar) 400gms dark chocolate 100gms each of cashew nuts, salted pistachios, roasted almonds, sliced dried apricots, and white chocolate chips 50gms each of pecan nuts, macademia nuts, and cranberries. Method Line a rectangular tin with parchment paper. Chop the chocolate into little pieces and put in a microwave-safe bowl. Heat for 2-3 minutes, stopping at every 30 seconds to stir them. Once melted, pour out into the tin, and quickly spread out the nuts and dry fruits on it. Press them a little to make sure they get into the chocolate. Freeze for about 10-15 minutes till set. Remove gently, place on a chopping board, and cut into slices.



With The Front Row wrapping up a successful season next month, we asked the charismatic film critic to give us the scoop on the movies that top her list.
SholAy (1975) My favourite Hindi film, Sholay is the apotheosis of the Hindi film form. It seamlessly blends drama, comedy, romance, action. I still tear up when Jai dies! SullivAnS TRAvelS (1941) It teaches us the value of comedy. At the end, Sullivan, a film director says, there is a lot to be said for making people laugh. Did you know that's all some people have. It isn't much but it's better than nothing in this cock eyed caravan.' Absolutely.

All thats buzzing this month!


March 2013
Tv host and film critic, Anupama Chopra

Anupama Chopra: My #Top5Films Of All Time

CineMA PARADiSo (1988) Its a poignant, beautifully wrought love letter to the movies, to the pleasures that cinema gives us.

The Shining (1980) This film disturbs me profoundly. Stanley Kubrick took a pulpy horror novel and created high art.

Annie hAll (1977) This is one of my favourite love stories. I dont know many romances that can make you laugh out loud and also, ache so much.




Whts In 2013, the much anticipated fashion fair, guarantees one-onone interactions with designers, stylist-to-the-stars and beauty experts!
Mark your calendars for March 22-24, as The Kila, New Delhi plays host to exhibits and personalised consultations by Manish Arora, Shantanu & Nikhil, JJ Valaya, Anamika Khanna and many more fabulous labels! You could also sign up for styling and beauty workshops by experts. Were so excited!

The #FashExhibit You Wont Want to Miss!

sHAnTAnu & nikHil

E-books Youll Love!

how i got lucky by Farhad J Dadyburjour (`150) Raman, a junior journalist at a weekly magazine, is assigned to the Bollywood beat. Throw into the mix an overpowering lesbian photographer and a dirt-swapping PR queen, and youve got yourself one hell of a story!

Fresh-off-the-press, these must-reads are available online, too.

Cool Search Engines You Should Use


The worlds first human-powered search engine is organised, comprehensive, and spam-free. They even have a side bar with fast facts related to your search term.


lose A Kilo A Week by Nishi Grover (`250) Pretty self-explanatory, this ones all about intelligent eating vs emotional eating as the diet guru gives you the low-down on what to do to get rid of those last few kilos. Get your weight-loss tips on-the-go! Best Kept Secret by Jeffrey Archer (`350) The third book in the Clifton Chronicles series, Best Kept Secret follows Harry Cliftons travels in war-ridden 1940s America. Hes promoting his latest novel, while his lover Emma goes in search for an abandoned girl.

They catalog products used in Hollywood filmsfrom what shoes the heroine is wearing, to what car shes driving.


It helps you locate and buy candy that was popular years ago like wax lips and hot dog bubble gumvintage style.


Their tagline is rare sodas for sale. They custom-hunt and deliver soda bottles, as collectors items, to your doorstep!




bedside astrologer

Get a sneak peek at what to look forward to...and what to watch out for.
By Stacey Wolf

Cosmo #Astro
(APRIL 21MAY 21) Everyone is turning to you for answers near the 8th. Be a leader. Enjoy your status, but use your powers wisely.

Stellar Gifts: Youre compassionate, Blind Spots:You can be evasive and impractical. Fashion Vibe:A mix of tough details and soft
alluring, romantic, and generous.

(FEB. 19-Mar. 20)


goddess. Try out a new recipe around the 6th, and share it with your guy and some friends. They may need your care more than you realise.

touches. (MAY 22JUNE 20) Indulgence:Time alone in your dream world. Seduction Style:Your charismatic charm makes Your confidence is a major turn-on for your guy, so take charge in the your guy feel like the centre of your world. bedroom. Praise his efforts too! This Month:All eyes are on you and youre having a blast. Admirers and associates are like putty in your hands, so be specific about what you want and watch your (JUNE 21JULY 22) dreams materialize one Get out of town. Allow the spirit of by one. adventure to guide you into unknown


Capricorn Aquarius

(DEC. 22JAN. 19) Be more connected. Re-establish old bonds that may have fizzled, and be generous with your friendships. Dont underestimate your role in a community.


(MARCH 21APRIL 20) Focus on your creativity. After the new Moon on the 11th, use your vivid imagination to turn a project into a cant-miss attraction.


territory around the 11th. Grab your passport, or plan a day trip.


(JULY 23AUG. 22) Less is more. Clean out your closets and declutter your life. Steer your laser-beam energy to your goals for the future.

(JAN. 20FEB. 18) Get your sh*t together. Make a budget, update your calendar, and initiate a conversation with a mentor. Remember to reward your diligence with a small splurge! Invest in some new lingerie or sheets and let the fireworks explode in the bedroom...

(AUG. 23SEPT. 22) Focus on your love life. A super-social month means being open to meeting someone newor letting your love know youre game to hit the town.


Shahrukh Khan

Chace Crawford


(SEPT. 23OCT. 22) Dont ignore your health. Schedule an overdue doctors appointment. Taking care of business is a great step toward controlling your own destiny.

Best Love Matches


(Bday girls, clockwise from left) Reese Witherspoon, Keira Knightely, Jessica Szohr, Drew Barrymore, Kangna Ranaut and Carrie Underwood

(NOV. 22DEC. 21) Unleash your domestic

Chace Crawford, July 18, 1985 Hes a gentleman and knows exactly how to make you smile. Romantic nights at home are in store.

(Kangna) Yogen Shah

(OCT. 23NOV. 21) Have fun! Youre brimming with charm, so bring your quick wit to that party youve been looking forward to. But dont bother trying to please everyone on the 26th. It will only dull your sparkle.


Scorpio Cancer

Shahrukh Khan, November 2, 1965 His intensity draws you in. Your sexual chemistry is palpable, and you stimulate each other creatively, as well as physically.

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FORM IV Place of Publication : New Delhi Periodicity of its Publication Printers Name Nationality Address : Monthly : Mala Sekhri : Indian : K9, Connaught Circus, New Delhi110 001. : Mala Sekhri : Indian : K9, Connaught Circus, New Delhi110 001. : Nandini Bhalla : Indian : K9, Connaught Circus, New Delhi110 001.


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Names and Addresses of individuals who own the newspaper and partners or shareholders holding more than one percent of the total capital: Owner: M/s. Living Media India Limited, K9, Connaught Circus, New Delhi110 001. Shareholders holding more than one percent of the total capital of the owner company: 1. Mr. Aroon Purie, 6, Palam Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110 057. 2. Mrs. Rekha Purie, 6, Palam Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110 057. 3. Mr. Ankoor Purie, 6, Palam Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110 057. 4. Mrs. Mandira Purie, (Fawcett), 5, Carlow Avenue, Napean, Ontario, K 2 GOP 9, Canada. 5. Mrs. Madhu Trehan, B-4, Maharani Bagh, New Delhi 6. The All India Investment Corporation Private Limited, K 9, Connaught Circus, New Delhi 110 001. 7. World Media Private Limited, K - 9, Connaught Circus, New Delhi 110 001. 8. IGH Holdings Private Limited, 1stFloor,Industry House, 159 Churchgate Reclamation,Mumbai400020 I, Mala Sekhri, hereby declare that the particulars given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Dt: 01.03.13 Sd/Mala Sekhri Signature of Publisher



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@PurrfectTheCat; Owner: Cee Lo Green; Followers: 60,540 Purrfect first became famous on TV; she was a permanent fixture at the judges panel on The Voice. Her Twitter bio states, Location: @ ceelogreens lap. How cute!

@Maggiemay_hem; Owner: Andy Murray; Followers: 16,005 The tennis champs Border Terrier, Maggie is super witty and always around to back him up on tour, and online. @HannahSpears; Owner: Britney Spears; Followers: 40,730 This adorable Yorkie pup calls herself Britneys B*tch, and was rescued by the singer last year.

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@MeredithKitty; Owned: Taylor Swift; Followers: 6,834 Named after Greys Anatomys lead character, this kittys Twitter feed is packed with personality as she talks about her red carpet appearances and favourite TV shows.

@ChoupettesDiary; Owner: Karl Lagerfeld; Followers: 25,575 She tweets about front rows, her favourite fashion stars, and general musings. She has even modelled for a few magazines!

@OprahTheDog; Owner: 50 Cent; Followers: 12,819 The mini schnauzer discusses staying at the studio all night, spending her time with rap stars and selecting agents to represent her. This is one puppy with power!