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Alignment Chart Template

Training Aim: ESOL teachers in grades K-12 will be required to participate in the training. Due to the large number of participants, the delivery method for this professional development will be face-to-face in-class instruction. This delivery method will allow learners several opportunities to practice, apply, and discuss the strategy with other educators, as they will be required to implement the technique with students upon completing the training. Terminal Objective: The learner will determine which Thinking Map to use. Enabling Objectives Assessment Idea Absorb Activity identify the Group Facilitator correct thought discussion presentation process related to each map Self-Assessment Slideshow Quiz #1: A presentation multiple choice quiz asking the learner to identify the correct thought of each map. match the correct Card Set Match Slideshow map to the given Activity: presentation academic Participants will standard be required to Reading from match the Participants correct name, Handbook pg. thought process, 77

Do Activity Connect Activity Participants will play a PowerPoint Game called Name the Map!, and discuss the strategies used to identify key word in the standard that helped to identify which map to use.

Participants will complete a card set activity matching the correct map to a given standard.

Participants will select one grade-level standard, decide what map should be used to teach the

visual for, and guiding questions of each map.

standard, and discuss with a partner, the rationale for choosing the map.

Terminal Objective: The learner will draw and use the maps in a variety of curriculum areas. Enabling Objectives Assessment Idea Absorb Activity Do Activity Connect Activity describe the Self-Assessment Slideshow Participants will Participants will function of each Quiz #1: A presentation complete a discuss in map multiple choice group jigsaw groups some quiz asking the activity, which cautions for Reading from learner to they will using the map in Participants identify the become an instruction. Handbook pgs. correct thought expert and learn 24-71 of each map. the functions of one map. draw each map Group Facilitator Participants will Participants will correctly labeling discussion demonstration complete a discuss in its corresponding group jigsaw groups how parts activity, which they could use Jigsaw Activity: Reading from they will the map to teach Participants will Participants become an in their specific complete a selfHandbook pgs. expert and learn content areas. assed Note24-71 to draw one of Taking Guide. the maps. demonstrate how Group Facilitator Participants will chose one map and to use an discussion demonstration demonstrate how to use the map to teach assigned map in, skills in at least two content areas. at least, two Jigsaw Activity: Slideshow

curriculum areas

Participants will complete a selfassed NoteTaking Guide.