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Forward, March! (Oct.

8,9, 2007)

Forward, march! – Army of God, advance!
Forward, march! – This is your second chance
Forward, march! – Family, this is your dance
Forward, march! – It may be their last chance

You’ve been My chosen ones for nearly 40 years

You’re the work of My hands, My blood, My sweat & My tears
Out of America, to the ends of the earth
I’ve called you out & now again I send you forth


On February 18, 2008 I’ll send My signal shot

The world must no longer wait
I’m calling you to march, move forward & advance
Take the offensive – this is your chance


You can do what’s been unheard of, do what’s never been seen
You will lead My Endtime Army as you follow your queen
You will reap the mighty harvest, you will bring in My sheep
You will usher in My Kingdom, wake’em up from their sleep

(Chorus 3-4 times)