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Tony Q Rastafara__Don't Worry U Yeah..

Tony Q Rastafara__Don't Worry U Yeah..


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Published by: MusicVanka on Jun 10, 2009
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Judul : Don’t W orry U Yeah. .

Art is t : Tony Q Rastafara Albu m: Anak Ka mpung I n t ro : G B m Menta r i pag i ber i sa lam l ag i C D Suara burung ku sambut har i bergan t i G B m Bob mar ley mas ih bernyany i C D Don ’ t wor ry uyeah . . G B m J a l an i semua dengan apa adanya C D B ia r l ah waktu b ica ra bawa takd i rnya G B m Yo k i ta l apangkan dada C D Don ’ t wor ry uyeah…. G B m Buat lah h idup i n i se indah mungkn C D Gak per lu d i sesa l i b ik in sa ja happy G B m Menga l i r n ikmat i j angan beban d i hat i C D Yo k i ta nyany i bersama Don ’ t wor ry u yeah…. Don ’ t wor ry u yeah…. I n t ro : Over Tune Fo r more l y r i c s and gu i ta r chords , P lease v i s ihttp://thechords-lyrics.blogspot.com t:

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